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Just a Few Doses Regulate Outof
order Kidneys Ending the Most
Severe Backache
H you take several doses ot apes
Diuretic all backache and distress
from cut otorder kidneys or bladder
trCllble will vanish and ou will feel
Lame back painful stitcle rhouma
tIn1 Nervous headache dizzlness hil I
t ItlIty sleeplessness intlamed or
sWclien eyelids wornout Mlck feellng
and other symptoms ot sluggish inac
na kidneys disappear
Uncontrollable smarting frequent
bringtiott especially at night > hnd
all bladder misery end
Feeling miserable and worried is
neCuIES because this unvtsial prepara
tion goes at met to the disIJflftd kid
ney bladder tud urinary system and
I slrbates Its healing cleA e and
tn1i7lng influence dlreltly upon the
lrgalli and glands affected and com
pletes the cure before you realize it
The moment you suspect any kidney
or urinary disorder or feel rheumatism
pains begin taking this armless tllld
cine with the knowledge that there Is
no other remedy ut any price tuade
anywhere else In the world which will
ctIoct sq thorough and prompt a cure I
as a 50cent treatment of Papes JHu
rettc which any druggist can supply
Your physician pharmacist banker
or any mercantile agency will tell you
that Pape Thompson Pape ot Cin
cinnati is a large and responsible med
icine concern thoroughly worthy of
your confIdence
Only curative results can come from
taking Pape Diuretic and n few day
treatment means clean active health
kidneys bladder and urinary organs
and no backache
The Watch
A vise nlerchallt is honest for busi
ness sake if for no other reason
His first and most valuable asset is
his integrity uul his second his stock
of goolsthe latter of little value if
the first is ranting lhen if this be
true a luercballt serves himself first
in profit if he is honorable The
reasoning public knows this and be
cause they know it ve offer the Ley
son Special Vatch as thc watch that
emphasizes our integrity 10st bT
serving our patrons best The Ler
son Special first alH1 second grade
IllOYCments for iiieli cased ill 1Sk golt
open face or hunting cases cost front
12000 to 20000 each One of these
watches viII time accurately the af
fairs of luau not only for one but
ho gcnerations while 200 dollar
watches would not time accurately
onc ellClntion of a l11ushrooIll
Phone 65 for the
Correct Time ntuea
tI = S4 T 1
What the Governor of North Carolina
Really said was
e r
0 uaker tLANO d
C to
n3 C a
Maid NO D Q QlOy Dr V i
faR Q
Rye S04
St Loui Worlds Fair 19M Paris Pure Fo d aDd Indo i
tri1 Eaitioa 1005 Lewis ad Ork Eapolilioo f s y
Portld Ooa 1905 t + t
II The Whiskey with a Reputation tI I
If Your Dealer Cannot Supply
You Write U For Price yap J
Kansas City Mo
A guaranteed cure for the Liquor
and Tobacco Habits
PRICE 1250 I
Schramms Where the Cars Stop
Sole Agency
Notice to Water Users
State Engineers Office Salt Lake City
ltah September 10 1901
Notice is hereby given that W D Wit
co k whose postofflce address Is lsca
lante Utah has made application in ac
cordance with the requirements ot tilt
Complied Laws ot Utah 100 as amended
by the Session Laws ot Utah 1508 to ap
propriate one 1 cubIc toot per second
of water from Seepage Springs Garfield
county Ctah Said water will be divert
ed at It point which lies 743 feet east ot
the northwest corner ot the northwest
Quarter ot the southeast quarter ot sec
tion 34 township 35 south range 3 east
Salt Lake base and meridian from where
it will be conveyed by means ot a ditch
end a flume for a dIstance ot about 100
feet and there used from March 1 to Oc
tober 31 inclusive 01 each year to Irri
gate 10 acres ot land embraced In sec
tion 34 township 25 south range 3 east
Salt Lake base and meridIan This ap
plication is desIgnated In the State Engi
neers office as No 2t9
All protests against the granting of said
application stating the reasons theretor
must be made by affidavit In duplicate
and flied In this office within thirty 10
days after the completion ot the publica
tiOn ot this notice
State Engineer
Date of first publication October 13
1009 date ot completion of publication
November 12 19
I ad a general breakdown A
gentleman advised Dr Miles Neri
ine and I noted an improvement
after a few doses and two bottles
gave me entire relief
39 Rawling St Washington C 11 O
When the nervous system is weak
ened one after another of the organs
which they control become inactive
and a general breakdown eventually
follows It may be either the stom
ach heart lungs or kidneys that is
first affected
Dr Miles Nervine
makes weak nerves strong by its
soothing and strengthening influence
upon the nervous system
The first bottle will benefit If not the
druggist will return your money
Read Herald Republican Wants
Pains in the Back Chest or Limbs
It was the First and is the Only PAIN
REMEDY that Instantly stops the most
excruciating pains allays Inflamma
tion and Cures Congestion whether
J j ot the Lungs Stomach Bowels or
other glands or organs by one appli
J Sold by an DruggIsts
j 1 I The Red White
I And other constituents of your
blood arc powerfully enriched and
vitalized by Hoods Sarsaparilla
It increases the red corpuscles and
makes strong the white corpuscles and
thus protects and restores the health
It cures scrofula eczema eruptions
catarrh rheumatism anemia nervousness
ness that tired feeling dyspepsia loss
of appetite general debility and builds
I up the whole system
Get n today in the usual liquid form or In
I chocolated table farm caned Sarsatl1ba
A Reliable CATARHh
Remedy t
Elys Cream Balm fL1S
is quickly absorbed CqT f0 COLO
Rif tN
Gives Beliel at Once A Q
It cleanses soothe = v HRYFEV IR W
heals and protects
the diseased mem
Catarrh and drives
away a Cold in the mt + + x
Bead quickly ItoAY
stores the Senses of FEVER
Taste and Smell Full size 50 eta atDrug
gists or by mail In liquid form 75 cents
Ely Rnthnn CR Wnr n Stroot Nnn1nl
Red Cross stamps for uJ by the Chris
nine trade aite now do sale rthe drug
stores and dry gOOds stores of Salt Lake
The first supply was distributed yester
day It Is expected the pUblic will buy
In liberal quantities as the proceeds will
go toward the establishment 01 outdoor
camps for the eradication of tuberculosis
in Utah
The stamp makes a pretty seal for plac
Ing on Christmas gifts and In design car
ries the spirit ot the season An effort
will be made to have all business houses
and professional men as well take up the
work of increasing the sale
Pioneer Roofing
Furnished laid and guaranteed by
Royal Stale Bread Depot
Open 3 to 5 p m dally Entrance on
Tn1rtt South lined bread very cheap
You cant e xpe t your brain to be clear
I f
nd awe after the effects of toffee S
begin to be felt Drink I
IItj1tc ± cI s I I >
T i i i f a > I i
r >
The grain beverage II I
< I
The strength of the grains permeates
the system giving Strength where it is
most needed
Koffeet contains no Stimularlt Its
only ingredients are grains fruit and mo
lasses N o coffee no chicory or any
thing that is not beneficial
A threeweek test
will convince you that Koffeet is really what it is
claimed to ea strength builder Stop coffee to
day and in its place use Koffeet i I I
5 It builds you i up
It cures the coffee habit and satisfies a coffee appetite
Your grocer sells it 25c a package
t it w 5 5 v a7rs i9a it tiiai
4 1 4
t 1
Sj 4 t1
J t1tiit t 1 UHE LAD
< if j <
f f fi l > r iI
n Ve want you to be Introduced right away to Americas greatest ti
I household magazinethe one you cant keep house without J
i Over a half mIllIon bright Intelligent women buy It every month X
> >
now It vill become your best friend
a fr f r
i r i < Here is Our OfferI I
R 4 I
I On a postal card vriteonly these four words You my i introduce
N us Sign your name with address Vell know what you mean
xS I
On receipt of your card we will send you i r
a 1 I 3
w Free a copy of
i The Ladies 4 World v
s f 0
fJ z If you cant wait examine a copy of the NovembeJ number at r
I f t your nevsdealers nov 1
If you like It give him fifty cents the regular subscription price
f or send it to us direct and you will receive the magazine fora >
n full year from next January and in addition the two reat special i
thanksgIving and Christmas numbers absolutely free of cost i ti
I fourteen numbers for the price of twelve l
Take up this splendid offer now It closes Novemberltwentyfifth f
I i
fii i 1
r 1 I
nziiz xg i c
ftiP lM1t S t < c ifi
S fjf I J iW < i A r HMoORE COMB TV l 1 EWYORK < i
tt i j11Jir Fi
J < r1 t iJ i
M a 7 fo r FMTN i1ct a h I S itF 1
The most wintry storm this season Is
raging up and down the Mississippi val
ey causing heavy snowfall In the north
and wind and rain In the south Nebraska
ka the Dakotas Wisconsin and Minne
sota are In the grasp of winter At North
Platte Neb fifteen inches of snow has
fallen in the last twentyfour hours and
the storm Is still raging The storm cen
ter is preceded by exceedingly warm tem
peratures and followed by zero weather
Utahs weather is being generated by a
large batch of sunny conditions coverIng
the Pacific coast and plateau regions The
forecast Is tQr fall weather today with
normal temperatures
Arguments Begun in Murder Trial
and Jury Will Have Case
by Noon
By noon today the fate or John Kothl
arus will be In the hands 01 his peers By
that time all argument will have been
concluded and the Greek will have to look
to the Jury for punishment or release up
on the charge ot murder In the first de
gree for havhg killed Peter GeUs at
Bingham on Dec 23 last
All evidence was finished in the case
yesterday morning and the argument for
the state was started by Carl A Badger
who has been working with Assistant
District Attorney E O Leatherwood dur
Ing the trial Mr Badger made a strong
argument for the conviction ot Kothlaf
Us He was followed by Samuel A King
for the defense who argued for three
hours In the afternoon
This morning Russel Shulder will male
the closing argument for the defense fol
lowed by E O Leatherwood
JUdge T D Lewis who has been hear
ing the case has postponed his setting
at Coalvllt until Thursday
Father of Little Victim Demands
10115 Damages From Liv
ery Company
Otto Kappele ot Bingham yesterday
sued the Bingham Livery Transfer
company for the death ot his son two
years ago He demands 10115 damages
The livery company is under contract
with the school board ot Bingham to haul
children to and from the Central school
It is charged that on Nov 7 19Qi the
company employed Robert Taylor alleged I
to be halfwitted to rive the stage
Robert Kappele the 10earold son of
plaintiff was one of the children in the
stage on that day The driver permitted
Robert to get out of the wagon and run
down the canyon ahead When the boy
tried to get back again the father says
he was thrown Into the road and the rear
wheel of the wagon rolled over his body
Robert died two days later
Tests by City and State Officials
Prove Samples Above
Continued Improvement ot the milk sold
In Salt Lake Is shown by tests just com
pleted by the city dairy and food commis
sioner and by City Chemist Herman
Harms The city ordinance demands that
milk contain nt least 3 per cent ot but
ter fat and a total of 12 per cent ot
solids Every sample tested was above
the requirements
lu tilt score below the first figures In I
dicate the percentage of butter fats and I
the second figures the percentage of sol
Mountain dairy 41351 Intermountain
farm 401116 Parkin Bros Xo 1 48
140 Jensen Cream Co 81308 Paschal
Bros 45336 Clover Leaf I1132J
Farmers dairy 41418 Dahl Bros
4313i Parkin Bros No2 401326
Fitzgerald 39125 Salt Lake dairy
I +
j I
A meeting of the medical faculty has
been ailed for this morning for the
purpose of reviewing the work 01 thc
medical school for the year which has
just passed and for the remalhder ot
the term Theo medical students are
greatly crowded for time this year and
It Is probable that some arrangement
will be made for the students to be giv
en more time In their subjects
At the meeting of the girls of the uni
versity fInal arrangements were made
for the dance which they will give the
coming Friday night No boys will be
permlttect at the dance The girls par
ents are invited and will be admitted
fret of charge The girls have been
asked to wear light summer dresses so
that there will be no competition for
the best display of finery The mem
bers of the faculty and their wives will
be present as will also members of the
board of regents The proceeds from
the dance will go toward better fitting
up the girls rest room
A meeting of the juniors has been
aIled for this afternoon for the purpose
Jf completing arrangements for the
unior proI and arranging for dates
n which the decorations can be made
The university seniors have received
ermlsslon to erect an arch over the
tudents gateway to the athletic field
nice the arch will be permanent the
udents considering the question
1S to whether or not the arch shall be
IUt In in concrete and steel If It is de
ided to put up the concrete arch the
ophomore students will probably be
invited to join with the seniors and
have their numerals upon the gate with
the seniors
Articles ot Incorporation ot the White
Savage Real Estate company were filed
wIth the county clerk yesterday The
capital stock Is placed at 25OOO In dol
lar shares of which 10000 are held In the
treasury Officers are A E 1Chite presi
dent T P Freeze vice president A F
Savage secretary and treasurer These
officers wlthc L otzel M H Kriebel
and W A Shepherd comprise the direc
Government and State Officials Ex
amine Specimens from Abattlors
Dr T B Beattll secretary ot the state
board ot health Villard Hansen state
dairy and food commissioner Dr S D
Brimhall government dairy expert and
several other officials Inspected speci
mens of tuberculin in beef yesterday lhe
infected meat had been brought from
slaughter houses by J W Trenam city
The specimens show the growth 01 the
tubercular germ In the cattle To get
rid of tubercular cattle the government
sent Dr Brimhall to Utah to work with
the state boards inspecting every dairy
In the state
Tames Nesbitt et at to Rebecca R
Hughs lot 12 block 2 Archer
Kullaks subdivision i ooo
John Olsen et a1 to T T Olsen et at
part ot lots and 4 block 120
plat A 10
George H Sperry et al to Emma S
Sperry part of lot 6 block 24
plat A 182
Addison Cain et al to W G Weaver
part ot lot 6 block 1 Hunters sub
division 145
Joseph H Mitchell et al to Thomas
D Nesbet lot 2 block 1 five acre
plat A roo
Martha E Harvey to harry Shlpler
part ot lot 8 block 11 plat F 5
Eliza English to Albert Rosenhot
part of lot 3 block 150 plat D TuG
Porter W Price to T R Allen part
of section I township 4 south
range 1 west 4M
George W Biter to John T Don
nellan part of lot 2 block 36
plat B 348
Minnie Wolfe et aI to Vllllam W
Ross lots 1 and 2 Pendletons ad
dition 1000
Isabella C Rater ct al to John T
Donnlllan part ot lot 2 block 36
plat B i6i2
William Falrbourn et al to Niels
Erickson part ot section 25 town
ship 3 south range 1 west 2ZO
Learn to See With Fingers
in Workshop for the Blind
In a little room at the rear 01 the
Lion house nearly hidden to even the
searcher is a workshop as unique as It
Is secluded from the noise of the street
and Its traffic It is the workshop of
the adult blind tenanted by workmen
who to use the expression of one of
them have their eyes in the ends of
their fingers
Possibly for the reason that the
workshop Is an establishment of barely
a month old or perhaps because of Its
secluded location It Is comparatively
little known Only a small portion of
the public knows that with only their
cunning touch to guide them the sight
less experts weave the rattan Into the
recaning of chairs deftly and with
much precision Others who with that
same subtle touch and acute cars rival
the best piano tuners
The workshop Is the result of thr
efforts ot S W Jenkinson who him
self has been blind for twentythr
years With the thought that what the
blind need above all Is some sort ot
employment Mr Tenkinson set spout
to provide It Through the courtesy ot
the first presidency of the Mormon
church a room provided with heat
was given rent free for Mr Tenkln
sons purpose
The shQP was opened about a month
ago and today has Its small band of
workers At present the work Is con
fined to the reseating or recanlng of
chairs and piano tuning In the early
future however the work ot making
basket wicker work fine brushes and
cobbling will be taken up
The workers at present In the rattan
work are Miss Elsie Pelrath who is the
teacher Mrs Emma Richards G W
Timpson and John Nordstrom Of thes
Miss Pelrath Mrs Richards and Mr
Nordstrom are expert brush makers To
the visitor in the workshop after his
fIrst surprise at the adeptness of the
workers and convincing himself that
they are really blind the striking fea
ture is the cheerfulness of the work
ers Miss Pelrath has been blind since
the age 01 8 years when typhoid fever
destroyed her eyesight Mr Nordstrom
has been sightless for twenUtwo years
as the result of an accident In Sweden
and during that time has supported a
family of nine by means ot his handi
work Mrs Richards was an actress
until one day in a runaway accident
and smashup a piece of the flying glass
of the carriage window destroyed her
eyes She Is a graduate or the Bir
mingham England institute for the
The cheerfulness and ambition 01 the
workers Is Illustrated by the experience
01 G W Timpson formerly a salesman
In the shoe department of the Z C M
I stores and who has been blind two
years He Is a beginner In the work
shop and confessed yesterday that he
found it han to re with his fingers
Im going to do It It It takes till
Christmas was his cheery determined
declaration i
On the first Thursday 01 each month
the blind give an at home In their
room at the rear of the Lion hous
The program for the larger part Is
rendered by themselves including the
musical numbers and as a general in
vitation ia extended to the public It is
worth white for anyone to go

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