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I e 1
Annual Convention of National
Association of Railway
Washington Nov 16Because of the
contention of many members that an
attempt was being made to limit the
Ower of the state railway commls
slons an acrimonious discussion cha
ncterhed the opening of the annual
convention of the National Association
of Railway Commissioners today
The discussIon arose over the rec
ommendation of a committee that the
convention Indorse the proposed fed
eral law giving the Interstate com
mlrce commission authority to pre
scribe uniformity In classifIcation for
interstate traffic and urging state
ccmmls3ioners to make exceptions
sparingly Commissioner Gothling of
Ohio contended that those who voted
fuT the report bound themselves to
maintain the classification fixed bY the
commission on interstate shipments He
was supported by Commissioner Burr
ot Florida
Commissioner Clark of the inter
state commerce commission and chair
man of the committee that made the
report declared the Ohio commlsslOn
er was unfair in placing such an in
terpretation upon the report He said
the commission simply desired to can
attention to the necessity of excep
tions now being made
In the southern classification tOday
65 per cent are exceptions and 35 per
cent are the original declared Mr
The Ohio commissioner wanted the
convention to strike out a portion of
the report but he was voted down by
15 to 39 The recommendation of the
committee was then unanimously
Martin H Decker of the New York
public servIce commission and presi
dent of the association addressed the
convention and A H Smith vice pres
Ident of the New York Central rail
road spoke on the progress of safety
appliances In railroad operations Mr
Smith asked far pUblic cooperation to
reduce dangers from trespass upon
railroad property
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l J J
Germs in
Her System
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vice and the Generous Offer
That Goes With It
The number of diseases peculiar to
women is such that we believe this space
would hardly contain a mere mention of
their names and it is a fact that most
of these diseases are of a catarrhal na
ture A woman cannot be well it there
Is a trace of catarrh in her system
Some women think there is no help for
them We positively declare this to be
a mistaken idea We are so sure of this
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tarrh That way Ls I through the blood
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tarrh In genera is a diseased condition
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frequently In discharges from mucous
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assisted by Internal treatment for the
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cure is to be reached That Internal treat I
ment should be scientifically devised and
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Intestinal Indigestion
A Form of Dyspepsia Usually Result
ing from the Inability to
Digest Starchy Foods
There are a great many persons who
are victims of what is known as intes
tinal indigestion a disease which Is due
to the fact that the starchy foods are
either partially digested or not digested
at all and the rsult of this trouble may
be either an obstinate constipation or a
persistent diarrhoea
This Inability to digest starch Is called
amylaceous dyspepsia a disease which
is much in evidence Americans are no
toriously poor digesters ot starch and as
starchy foods such as potatoes rice
bread etc are digested entirely in the
small intestine and not in the stomach
proper as is generally supposed It can be
readily seen how intestinal indigestion
will usually produce diarrhoea
In the small intestine the pancreatic
juice acts upon the starches and ordi
narily in a state of health possesses the
power of converting them Into grape su
gar and dextrine Starch must be so
transformed before it can be of use to
the anima being Remaining as unchanged
starch It either passes through the ali
mentary canal and proves a useless bur
den to the system because it resists ab
sorption or it causes intestinal Indiges
tion the food products becoming acrid
through putrefaction which often sets up
a catarrhal Inflammation of the intestine
resulting in diarrhoea
In a complaint of this character many
perso1s use paregoric Squlbbs bismuth
and tannin to relIeve the diarrhoea all
of these remedies being powerfully as
tringent and they stop the trouble sud
denly locking up the morbid secre
tions throwing the toxic intestinal poison
back on the system and often causing
death through autoIntoxication
contain among other powerful digestives
a substance called DIASTASE which
thoroughly digests every particle of
starchy foods in the small Intestine and
prevents the possibility of intestinal in
digestion no matter hoW excessive may
be the amount ot food eaten
These tablets also contain CALCIUM
CARBONATE which is a mild though ef
fective subastringent and which relieves
and cures the diarrhoea by easy stages
It does not act with such suddenness as
would cause poisonIng of the system but
on the contrary by Its antIsptIc proper
ties aU toxins Intestinal gems and poi
sons always present in intestinal indiges
tion and diarrhoea are destroyed
Not only are the starches digested by
the uSe of Stuarts Dyspepsia TabletF
but through the action of other Ingredi
ents they onta1n albuminous foods lIke
meat and eggs are alllo dIgetqd Thus
they cure indigestion of any kind Buy
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It being somewhat out of the ordinary
let two men to be overloaded with shoes
shaving soap and cigars Patrolmen
harEs PiUs and James Radke demand
ed explanations from George Campbell
and Henry Tremayne at Fifth West an
Second South streets last night Answers
were so unsatisfactory that the paIr was
locked up on susplllon of burglary This
suspicIon was strengthened by a Greek
confectioner on West Second South
street who Identified a box of cigars as
having been stolen from his store The
pollee are trying to find the owner of
the shoes and shaving soap
Leaves for St Louis to Get Austrian
Wanted at Garfield
Through advices furnished by the 10
cal sheriffs Office Dana Dosan was
captured in St Louis yesterday morn
Ing and last night Sheriff Joseph C
Sharp left with a requisition signed
by Governor William Spry Dotan Is
wanted for the shooting of Tom Stark
ovich at Garfield on July 9 last The
charge against him Is assault with In
tent to kill
The shooting of StarkovIch occurred
in the evening at Garfield and was wit
nessed by a number of Austrians Do
ean was chased but escaped In the
hills Word came to Sheriff Sharp sev
eral days ago that Dosan had returned
to Garfield at night and had borrowed
money from his mother there to take
him to the old cOUntry
Monday night Sheriff Sharp wired
the police department of St LouIs that
Dosan living as StlHvich would be in
an Austrian rooming house over a cer
tain saloon This proved to be true
and word was received by telegraph
at G oclock yesterday morning that
Dosan had been captured and was be
ing held
Governor Spry was at Provo during
the day but signed the requisition pa
pers last night at his home and Sher
Iff Sharp started forSt Louis
A w Rayboud secretary of Salt
Lake lodge No 85 B P O E re
turned yesterday from Los Angeles
where he spent ten days in arranging
the program for the Elks annual ex
cursion to be held next February Secre
tary Raybould is wen pleased with
the results of his trIp and predicts that
the coming excursion win be the big
gest ever held The present indica
tions are that at least 1000 persons
will take advantage of the southern
Worthy Objects Presented by
Callers Result in Contri
butions and Dismay
Few people really apprecIate the pop
ularity of Mayor John S Bransford
In fact the mayor did not know how
POPular he is until here lately The best
way to get a line on this popularity is to
sit in the mayors office in the morning
and watch the men and women white
and black who extend the hand of
greeting ten the mayor what a
popular fellow he Is take him Into his
private office to continue the message
of good cheer and congratulations over
the recent victory and then proceed to
stick him up for some charity
Only a few days ago several women
went to the mayor with beaming fates
They came down simply to congratu
late him on his glorious victory
Come on int said the mayor who is
always at home and a little more eager
to tackle a knotty problem of city
business than hear garrulous praise
So the women aU well dressed and of
the best society circles went in and
sat down Pretty soon they pame out
and soon afterward the mayor ap
peared shaking his head
r guess Im getting to be a good
thing quoth the mayor It cost me
a hundred this time
Honestly I never heard of so many
places wanting money and all wor
thy continued Mayor Bransford If
it Isnt one thIng its another and the
way they are coming lately It will leave
me bankrupt the first thing
He was interrupted by two women
coming into the door
We would like to see Mayor Brans
ford said the spokeswoman
Im the mayor come right this way
please and he took them into the pri
vate office
Nothing but a beaming smile from
both women said anything like con
gratulations but after a minute or two
In the private office they came out still
smiling And then the mayor emerged
shakIng his head again
Come on up the street Sandy
gasped the mayor turning to his secre
tary Its nearly noon now and I
dont want to give another delegation
a chance
The Rev Louis S Bowerman pastor
of the Immanuel Baptist church brought
three converts to the altar in Tom Mac
keys little chapel In Commercial street
last night Mr Bowerman asked his au
dience a rough assortment of tender
lolners the famous question asked of Pi
late the Roman judgo at Jerusalem
What will you do with him who is
called Jesus Christ From this he
preached a stirring gospel sermon that
touched to the heart many of his listen
ers He told them that Christ alone had
the power to lead them from the evil
was and that he was their only hope
If they desired to be freed from the
shackles of vice and sin
No matter how good or determined
your intentions to climb out of your pres
ent mode of Jiving it you have not this
vltalfzing comforting power ot Christ
the force and strength otyour evil hab
its will conquer always In the struggle
he declared
A musical program consisting of vocal
and piano selections by members of the
mission was a feature of the evenings
The Manufacturers association went
into the third unit column of Its reg
istry roll yesterday when It entered
the J M Christensen Produce compa
ny as member o 100 The number
ing did not stop there however as the
Startup Candy company of Provo the
Cache Knitting works and the Cutler
BrOS company also enrolled The cam
paign for Utah Goods for Utah Peo
pe Is bearing its results in the con
stantly increasing membership of the
association and the active work of the
officers of the association in keeping
the subject befor the people
Jane Stringfellow yesterday filed suit
In the district court against George
StrIngfeUow and the Salt Lake Secur
Ity Trust company for the partition
of real estate left by Samuel StrIngfel
low who died Aug 30 1904 naming
her as executrIx Property to be divid
ed Is described as parts of Jot 6 block
20 lot G block 21 and Jot 6 block 69
aU In plat A Salt Lake City survey
The Salt Lake Security Trust com
pany holds a mortgage on the land for
6000 dated Oct I 1907 to run for
five years
The estate will be divIded among
Mrs Jane Stringfellow the widow and
the following children Samuel F
aged 35 Alfred A aged 33 Hannah
R aged 30 Eva L aged 27 and Al
bert Le Roy Stringfellow aged 17 and
Irs Dora May Stringfellow Taggart
aged 22
Warrant Issued for Mrs Ford
Said to Have Shared
in the Thefts
Cincinnati Nov 16Charles L Warn
ner former local treasurer of the Big
Four railroad is in jail tonight and a
warrant has been issued tar the arrest
of Mrs Jeanette StewartFord on a
charge of reeivh1g 1000 of the 61000
Varrlner Is accused of having embez7
The warrant against Mrs ForI was is
sued at 7tJ oclock tonlgt upon applica
tion of Prosecutor Hunt svho has been
closeted the greater part of the day with
arriner The former railroad official
Informed the prosecutor that he had given
part of the money he is alleged to have
taken to Mrs Ford and that the last pay
ment he had made was on Oct 7
The prosecutor acted on this informa
Varriner appeared this afternoon to
plead to indictments returned yesterday
charging him with embezzlement and
grand larceny He entered a formal plea
Of not guilty Hip bond was fixed at
20000 the same WI before his indictment
The four men however who had com
to his assistance when he was first ar
rested were not fa evidence to renew
their pledges
At 5 oclock nOlJe ot his friends had
appeared hnd War fn r wd taken to the
county jail
A dramatic sequel to the selsatlonal
turn In the case was enacted late tonight
when a half score of constables and depu
ties went to the handsomely furnished
apartments of Mrs StewartFord and
arrested her She was placed in jail In
default of ball
That a warrant charging a Chicago
man formerly In the employ of the Big
Four with being an accomplice in tim
alleged blackmailing of Warriner would
also be taken out In connection with the
arrest of Mrs StewartFord was report
ed tonight Prosecutor Hunt said that
no further arrests would be made tonight
and that he had not asked for additional
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r presume he said that following
the natura order of such consolidation
tile separate managements of the two
companies both In divisions and In
cities will be brought under one heal
That is natural as a matter of economy
1 can see where several benefits are
to be obtained through the consolida
tion of the telegraph and telephone TIre
principal benefit will be In the small
outside towns where there Is no rail
road station or telegraph but wher
there is a telephone To such places
the telegraph message would go
through just as if the town or vlllage
had a telegraph station Then too an
other advantage would be in the fact
that the message received by phone
would be handled as if it were a tele
gram that Is sent out by messenger
Under present conditions if a message
Is sent over the phone the party has
to be sent after and has to go to the
telephone station The phone message
handled in conjunction with the tele
graph would be delivered as a written
Franklin S Dalton Cowley Wyo
and Vllda Christensen Murray
James A Trottier and Eliza p Trot
tier Salt Lake
Nels Anderson and Sigrid Johanson
Salt Lake
Parley P Jensen Chesterfield Ida
and Florence Ruby Campbell River
dale Robert Walker Salisbury and Gene
vieve f McCornlck Salt Lake
Albert E Smith and Olive H Lit
tlewood Salt Lake
Ama G Stone Salem and Lucy T
McKell Spanish Fork
Richard G Powls and Ethel L Web
Icy Salt Lake
Lester E Kimball and Emma Chris
tensen Goshen
Hiram K Hansen and Esther Peter
son Goshen
John Connars Grand Junction Cob
and Beva Wyatt Durango Cole
A T Harwood and Inez Crabtre
Salt Lake
William T Weed Salt Lake and
I Alice Bird Sauna
Paul Barber has at last been ap
peased for the beating handed him by
IleIlks PlIpetar at Murray on May 5
1909 as shown by a stipulation filed
In the district court yesterday dismiss
ing the appealed case
Barber brought suit against PlUpe
tar before Justice of the Peace Charles
Hom In Murray and was awarded 283
damages 150 of which was for his
Injured feelings The case was then
appealed to the district court but was
ended yesterday with the filing C1f the
stipulation indicating that the two
combatants had agreed uln a settle
ment out of court
Chicago Nov IGA man believed to be
l Krelgh Collins for many years western
tennis champIon and prominent in na
tional tournaments was killed by a street
car here tonight
washington Nov litIt is rumored to
night that Gifford Plnehot government
forester has written to President Taft
expressing a desire to have his status in
the administration more clearly defined
5Q as to set at rest the socalled contro
versy between Secretary of the Interior
Ballinger and himself In regard to the
conservation policies
The report has it that in his letter to
the President Mr Plnchot requests Mr
Taft to declare himself emphatically eith
I er for Pinchot or for Ballinger
Former Employe of Sugar Company
Comes Forward With Claim
for 1000000
New York Nov 16A new figure was
introduced tonight In the investigation
of frauds charged to the American Sugar
Refining company when Edwin I Ander
son former superintendent of docks for
the company and a close personal friend
of the late Theodore O Havemeyer an
nounced through his attorneys that he
is the man referred to by James B Rey
nolds former assistant secretary of the
treasury as the one who gave the de
partment the first specific information
concerning the frauds
Anderson has filed claims with the cus
toms authorities for compensation which
he estimates will reach lOOOW For the
last two years he says he has been fur
nishing evidence to the government and
it was through him he asserts that Rich
ard Parr gained his Information
Anderson says that the American Sugar
Refining company requested his resigna
tion after Mr Havemeyers death In 19OJ
on the theory that he knew too much
He had then been In the compans em
ploy for thlrttwo years
News to President McNeil of One of
the Companies Mentioned
Globe Ariz Nov ISThe Utah
Copper company has not been advised
of the rumored popper corporation I
can say nothing about the reported or
This was the statement made here
yesterday by C M rIcNeU ot Colorado
SprIngs president of the Utah Copper
company one of the companies men
tioned as in the organIzation
New York Nov l6Representatives
of the Amalgamated Copper company
the ColeRyan properties and the Gug
genheim Interests conferred today to
discuss the proposed copper merger
which should it not take definite form
Is expected to result in a community
ot Interest agreement to control the
produMlon of the metal zo statement
was forthcoming after the conference
New York Ice DealerfOreates Sensa
tion in Court While Testifying
Against the Trust
New York Nov IGJohn M Briggs a
Ice dealer of Cocmans N Y created a
sensation in court today when he test
fled in answer to the questions of counSt j
for the American Ice company that h
had felt so bitterly towards Charles V
Morse former head of the company th
he at one time chased him Morse fob
two weeks with a gun
The witne68 testifying at todays seSSIl
of the companys trial for alleged viola
tion of the state antimonopoly Jaw sal
he went to see Mr Morse In 1000 at i
office to protest against the Amen
I Ice companys action In sending bH
up the Hudson to break up the ice T
I witness said he told Morse that I
Briggs ice In the river was rendered
secure by such work and asked him If
I was to continue
Mr Morse the witness said told hr
enough ice had been cut in the river a
I it he was short of a supply he would h
him have all the ice he wanted

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