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Give Him a Chance and a
Helping Hand Says East I
ern Stomach Expert
The Cooper stomach man who has
been meeting throngs of people In In
creasing numbers at Smiths Busy
Corner drug store Main and Seconu
South streets for several weeks had
the following to say when Interviewed
People all over the world are too
prone to use drugs for quick rellet
every time they feel an ache or a pain
This Is only temporary treatment and
15 very bad for the system generallY
If persisted In it will lead to scores of
ompalnts and even serious Illness that
might have been avoided Take the
ommon complaint of constlpatlon
every one knows or should know that
car h dose of a cathartic gives relief
only for the time being and that In
reality Is aggravates the trouble Pee
pie who take cathartics continually in
order to move their bowels become j
chronically constipated and finally
their bowels will become literally para
lyzed It is the same with stomach
trouble or headaches or dizziness or
kidney and liver disorders When a
person has gas on the stomach or pains
aftEr eating he takes a pepsin tablet
bicarbonate of soda charcoal or what
not or If It Is a headache a headache
ponder and so on The use of drugs In
this manner does not cure but only
temporarily relieves and the patient s
In a worse condition as soon as the
acute part of the attack Is over I
You cant cure any disease by doc
toring the spot where it pains Youve
got to go to the root of the trouble and
remove the cause Doctor Nature is the
best physician GIve him a chance and
a heipng hand and hell confound all
specIalIsts in the world with results
The reason that I have had so much
success In making sick people Into well
people in Salt Lake Is that my treat
ment makes Doctor Nature do the real
work My medicine Is a stomach medi
cine and Its only function Is to restore
the stomach to a normal condItion The
treatment Is slowit doesnt cure In
half an hour nor two dasbut It tones
up the system and then Doctor Nature
takes hold and all other diseases dis
tly medicine banishes constipation
because It is mllply laxative and re
moves the cauststomach trouble It
ends pain In the stomach and gas
belching because It drIves away the
Catarrhal inflammation which has
caused all the trouble It stops head
aches dizziness lcoves digestion and
tilE eyesight and makes away with kid
ney and liver troubles because It puts
the body in a healthy condition and
then Is no longer any cause for disease
One of Coopers callers yesterday was
Henry Pilger of 1305 Chicago avenue
Salt Lake City He said
1 had been suffering from stomach
trouble for fifteen or twenty years
Doctors pronounced It chronic Intlam
mation of the lining of the stomach I
also was greatly dIstressed by asthma
and hajd knew what D good nights
sleep meant I had gas on the stomach
w hen food I ate would ferment and I
suffered much from constltpatlon and
pains In my back and sides My wife
was suffering from a bad cough which
has lasted since June Ye tried every
thing without result untIl we took the
treatment of this Cooper stomach man
Now we both feel like different people
find cheerfully recommend his methods
to all who have suffered as we have
The Century Imprint on your punting
Is like the sterling mark on sIlverit
means the best Century PrInting com
ran 555 Postoffle place
Wanted sewers z CMI alteration dept
A Startling Statement
New York 3ledlenl Authorities Claim
Dyspepsia to lie a Ptedfsitaaiag
CRuse COIJlIUDJptloa
The post mortem statistics of the big
New York hospitals show that some cases
ot consumption are due at least Indi
rectly to unchecked dyspepsia especially
when the victim was predisposed to tu
Dyspepsia wears out the body and brain
The weakened irrItable stomach being
unable to digest food the body does not
receive the required nourishment and the
victim becomes thin weak and haggard
As a result the body becomes a fertile
field in which the germs of disease may
lodge and flourish
Therefore the person who permits dyspepsia
pepsi to progress unhindered Is guilty
of contributing toward the development
of one of the most Insidious and fatal
diseases known to mankind
Dyspepsia may be completely eradicated
If properly treated Ve sell a remedy
that we positively guarantee will com
pletely relieve Indigestion or dyspepsia
or the medIcine used during the trial will
cost the user nothing
This remedy has been named Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets Certainly no offer
could be more fair and our offer should
be proof positive that Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets are a dependable remedy
Inasmuch as the medicine will cost you
nothing If It does not benefit you we
urge you who are suffering with indi
gestion or dyspepsia to try Rexall Dys
pepsia Tablets A 25cent box contains
enough medicine for fifteen das treat
ment For chronic cases we have two
larger sizes ro cents and 100 Remem
ber you can obtaIn Rexall Remedies In
Salt Lake City only at our stores The
Rexall Stores Smith Drug Co Inc The
Busy Corner Smith Drug Co No 2 100
South Main street and Druehl R Frank
en m South Main
Royal Stale Bread Depot
Open 3 to 5 p m daily Entrance on
Third South Good bread very cheap
There is nothing that causes moro worry and discomfort than a chronic
festering ulcer As it lingers slowly eating into tho tissues and surrounding
flesh and by its tendency to grow worse in every way it suggests the possi
bility of being cancerous in its nature Efforts to heal the ulcer by means
of salves washes lotions etc always result in failure because such treat
blood where the impurities and
ment can have no possible effect on the
morbid matters form and are carried thorngh the circulation to the place
to keep it opn irritated and diseased The impurities in the blood must
be removed before the healing process can begin S S S goes to the
fountainhead of the trouble and drivos out the germproducing poisons and
morbid impurities which keep the ulcer open Then as this rich purified
blood is carried to the diseased place the healing commences the inflam
mation gradually leaves the discharge ceases new tissue and healthy flesh
cured because the source has
are formed and soon the sore is permanently
been destroyed S S S does not make a surface cure but by supplying
the blood with healthful tissuebuilding properties it begins at the bottom
and causes the flesh at the diseased spot to firmly and permanently knit
together and the place is left sound and well Book on Sores and Ulcers
and any medical advice free to all who write
Boston Dental Parlors
1500 set of teeth 750 Goid crowns 500 f
No better made at any price BrIdgework per taoth 300
Porcelain gold and sliver fillings at reasonable prices for honest work
10 students employed Painless extracting a specialty Office open
evenings and Sundays All work guaranteed
End Tel 1219 DR BOYD Mgr
What You Are
Speaks so loud that I cant hear what you say It
you waItt your bills collected send them to some one
who dos thlngsnot says them Let us send you
our folder giving rates and references
John J Wallace Manager Phones 1063
3215 D F Walker Bldg Salt Lake Utah
I Wanted sewers z CMI alteration dept
oo + oooeooaoeoooo eo
It e
i Save this Recipe for oo
t o Cough Syrup Its i
Splendid o
You can make this unequaled
1 + cough syrup at home in five min I
t utes and you will find It a very
handy h9usehold remedy A few
I doses usually conquer a deep8Cated
tough ThIs recipe makes a full
Y plHt for only 54 cents and lasts a
e whole famIly a long time Tastes b
good too There Is nothing better
at any price
e Take a pint of granulated sugar
n add halt a pint of warm water and
stir for about two minutes Put
23 ounces Pinex In a pint bottle 0
o and till up with the sugar syrup
+ Take a teaspoonful everyone two G
e or three hours o
9You will also find this simple o
remedy excellent for whooping
t cough bronchItis hoarseness chest t
paIns etc
S This recIpe will not work with
any of the weaker pine prepara < >
tions Use the real Plnex itself
i which 1s the most valuable concen
trated compound of Norway White p
Pine Extract Your druggist has It
or can easily get It for you
Strained honey can be used In p
0 stead of the syrup and makes a p
0 very tine honey and pine tar COUgh o
syrup O
You Can Safely Eat One if You Take
Two Miona Tablets Afterwards
F C Schramm Guarantees
It Is really a pItiful sight to see so
many thousands of people worrying
about what they can eat and what they
cant eat
Dyspeptics they call themselves bu
they stretch the Imagination when they
do It
All these people need to make then
healthy cheerful and of sound appetite
Is a box of Iiona tablets
Tte stomach of a dyspeptic Is over
worked and run down It needs help io
digest the food but more than that It
needs a prescription that will cleans
renovate strengthen and put elasticity
into the stomach walls
11Iona is the prescription that wn
do this and do It so promptly that youll
I wonder why you didnt try it before
It stops belching of gas and distress
I after eating In five minutes It Is un
doubtedly the greatest stomaCh tonic
vcr given to the public by a specialist
In stomach dIseases
Leading druggists everywhere sc i
I1ona F C Schramm sills It Ir
Salt Lake City for 50 cents a large bo
on the moneybak plan Test samplE
free from Booths I1ona Buffale >
I flYOM Wf l 1
Cme catarrh or money bark Just
breathe it in Complettontfit including
inhaler 1 Extra bottles 50c Druggists I
Dont send me to jail judge 11
got three little children depending upon
me for support and although I am not
living with theh mother they have none
one else to provide for them If I un
ocke up pleaded Henry TremnL
In POhltJ court yesterday vfterpoon
aft radmlttingd1 w uigufityo f1i tea °
fug a li6rOf cig firs from ill ft st r
R lara in West Second South street
Tuesday afternoon lremayne was ar
rested in company with George Camp
bell the men being caught with a
quantity of sha ng soap a pair of
shoes and other stolen articles Camp
bell pleaded not Fuilty4to the charge ot
petit larceny and will be tried Nov 2
Tremayne pleaded guilty and then Ir
a husky voice begged for mercy saying
that his three babies would starve If
he was put In jail The children art
aged 11 months 3 and 5 years and an
living with their mother at No 662
South Fourth East street Friends of
Tremayne said that he was telling the
truth and the case was continued until
today for Investigation
I wouldnt have stolen the cigars If
I hadnt been drinking said Tr
mavne I cant live with my former
wIte and couldnt get along with her
when I did but I have been taking car
of my children and they need me now
with winter coming on more than any
other time
Judge J M Bowman said he would
find out If the case was worthy of clem
ency Campbell was charged with
stealing a paIr Gf shoes from P Sulli
van No 12 West Fpronrl South street
Charcoal the
jreat Absorbent
Absorbs and Removes Stomach and
Intestinal Gases and Makes the
Breath Pure
the able researches of Dr Stenhouse
published about the middle ot the last
century excited considerable Interest In
charcoal and Its wonderful absorbing
powers His experiments were directed
to the deodorizing as well as the ab
sorbIng qualities ot charcoal and he suc
ceeded In proving beyond all question or
doubt that Its properties of destroying
thE offensive odors of putrid vegetable
and animal matter depended not alone
upon Its antiseptic power as had been
generally supposed theretofore but also
on its quality ot absorbing and oxIdIzing
effluvia or noxious exhalations from the
putrefying matters
Many other noted physicians have since
that time investigated this absorbent and
oxidizing action and one or them Dr
Hunter has also published an account of
his experiments showing the relative
amount of the various gases taken up
by the different kinds of charcoal
Both Stenhouse and Hunter experi
mented with charcoal made from poplar
boxwood cocoanut shells wlllow wood
and various other woods and they found
that charcoal made from willow wood
possessed by far the most power of ab
sorbing deodorizing oxidizing and de
stroying foul gases It may be added
here that animal charcoal whIch Is em
ployed so extensively as a decolorlzing
agent Is very Inferior to wood charcoal
as an absorbent and deodorant
Stuarts Charcoal Lozenges are com
posed of charcoal made from the finest
willow wood the very best at an woods
that can be used for this purpose The
addition of pure honey to these lozenges
renders them so palatable that no one
can possIbly object to theIr taste
When they are taken Into the stomach
they do not lie inert and inactive but
get busy at once In tho good work of
absorbing and oxidizing all foul gases
destroying disEase germs preventing the
further formation of gases stop log fer
mentation flatulence and decomposition
of food and cleansing the stomach walls
of catarrhal mucus
Stuarts Charcoal Lozenges are Intro
duced Into the system by being allowed to
dissolve slowly In the mouth where their
cleansing action begIns rendering the
breath pure and sweet destroying any
germs existing In the mouth and re
moving tartar from the teeth I
Call up Jour druggist over the phone
and ask him his opinIon ot the power of
charcoal as a stomach cleanser gas ab
sorbent and breath purifier then request
him to send you a box of Stuarts Char
coal Lozenges for 25 cents Also send us
your name and address and we will send
you a trial sample tree of charge Ad
dress F A Stuart Company 200 Stuart
Buildij Marshall Mich
Basement Salesroom
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The home of the workingman
is now open Merchandise at
< i l a price withn reach of your
c r
I 1 v u pocketbook The opening of
s 1 1 l 1 i i
i f the Subway is an evolution in
< < i i r < Salt Lake merchandising The
Subway is for the people who
Is want face value for every dollar
iTt IR1D v expended
1 Specials in the
1iIiL Ia I 1 I I
a ii1LZI Subway Today
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409 Judge Building
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T Gives intense heat
PERFEC1ION without smoke
smell because SKill UII BEFORIII M8V1NG tabUbed 1841 111 Offices
It IJTt1D equipped wHit I The Oldest JI4 Largest
OIL HEATER smokeless 8aslly leaderita I is C Watson Transfer Co i R Gs DUN a CO
< aqipy + EwltYAeMebu pede + fade iii two 11nlstoe I
aidel and jllTan Barna nine none ETrrp heater Tu Peepla Wile ToTeM Yes Itzw J GEORGE RUST General Kan = ft
warrauted It yon cannot get heater or information Utah Idaho Wyoming and Nevada
from yourdea1er wrIte to lleArnt jteDCY tor deacr W C Watson Manager I
an tnu1ar tat lMI Bell US Offices to ProeI8 Bundtas Halt Lake
UroratclU I 1
Caroline Cain filed suit in the district
court yesterday against Michael Fitz
gerald for the collection of a note for
600 dated Sept I 1903 and another
from Fitzgerald to Addison Cain for
47 which has been assigned to her To
secure the note for 600 a mortgage was
given and the court Is asked to order
1 salE
Youths Accused of Assaulting Frede
rick Foulger Leave City Be
fore Trial
Simon Levin alias Short Bern
stein Mike Shoemaker alias Yonkel
and Frank Smith alias ToUs have dis
appeared from Salt Lake and the Na
tional Surety company of New York
City stands to lose 1500 bail money
while it Is likely that the trIo will
never be prosecuted for the brutal as
sault upon Frederick Foulger who Is
In a critical condition at his parents
home No 1020 Jefferson street as the
result of injuries inflicted by the news
Levin Shoemaker and Smith were to
have been tried Nov 26 on charges of
assault and battery and the police had I
kept them under close surveillance un
til Monday They had been released 1 I
on 500 ball each furnished by the Na I
tional Surety company but Inquiries
yesterday showed that the boys had
left the city and had gone presumably
to Mexico for the purpose of following
the races Chief of Police S M Barlow
notified all cities east and south yes
terday to look out for the trio and ar
rest them on charges of jumping surety
Foulger was assaulted about two
weeks ago He Is still In a serious con
dition both jaws being fractured and
his eyesight impaired by the fracture
of the bone containing the optical cavi
ty It has been necessary to feed the
young man through a small glass tube
and Dr W F Beer said yesterday that
It would be at least two months before
the final effect of his Injuries could be
determined It Is feared that Foulger
will never again have the normal use of
his jaws
The assault upon Foulger took place
Nov 2 Foulger who was employed as
a window dresser at Talker Brothers
store was attacked on the street and
beaten and kicked Into Insensibility by
the newsboys who were employed by
a Denver newspaper The boys plead
ed not guilty when arraigned In pocp
court and their trial was set for Nov
All of Wednesday In the United
States court before Judge Page Mor
ris was taken up In the hearing of tes
timony In the two damage cases against
the Boston Consolidated Mining com
pany to recover for the deaths of Seth
Taft and Clint B Leigh The cases arc
expected to take several days
One of the cases was brought by Mrs
O E Taft administratrix of the estate
of Seth Taft and the other by A
Richter administrator of the estate of
Mr Leigh each asking 35000 damages
Land Recently Sold for 150
an Acre Will Be Worth
A valley three miles wIde and sever
miles long forming an oasis of green In
an immense grayIsh waste Almost 6000
acres of land planted In peach and apple
trees which hill soon reach cropbaring
maturity A favored section which
when these trees aU come Into bearing
will yIeld hundreds of thousands oC dol
lars annually to the fortunate orchard
ists This Is what the party of Salt Lake
banking real estate and newspaper men
saw on a visit to Green River Utah dur
Ing tile fore part of the week
The trip was In the nature of a Get
Acquainted expedition under the direct
charge of Thomas G Vlmmer jr and
E T Ierritt who have both made for
tunes in Grten River land In the party
that left Salt Lake on Monday morning
were W N Griffin II S Schofield 1
G Wimmer jr J Louis Strohauer the
Re Dr F B Short E T Ierrltt E 0
Howard A E Kimball A H Birrell C
A Gray M L Cummings E D It
Thompson J B Cosgriff J O Young
H 1 Bowles and W M Hughes All but
four of the part left Tuesday afternoon
for a trip by gasoline launch down the
Green river to Its junction with the Grand
and thence up the Grand to Moab
Tributary to Salt Lake
Green River valley Is only 185 miles
southeast from Salt Lake on the main
line ot the Denver R Rio Grande railroad
and yet the boosters In that valley claim
that the people of Salt Lake know lesg
of this favored section than do the pep
ple in the far east These boosters at
Green River are always loaded wIth In
formation and primed for action and
the members of the vIsiting party had ut
been long In the valley until they were
made acquaInt with many Important
Green River Is situated on the banks of
the stream of that name and Is the lowest
point on the line of the Denver Rio
Grande between Deaver and Salt Lake
Its altitude being 4080 feet Extending
toward the west Is an irrigable pllteau
fifteen mIles wide Rising to a height
of about 2000 feet from the gentle incline
of the valley northwest north and north
east of the town an the famous Book
Cliffs named because of the similarity
In the stratification to the leaves of a
r nook
These cliffs whIch If In Colorado woud
be known as palisades stand like mighty
Titans guarding the little valley from the
cold wInds of the north Such excellent
sentinel duty do they perform that little
If any snow succeeds In getting beyond
their grlmIoolting battlements To these
cliffs Is due the remarkably mIld cli
mate of GrEen RIvEr Boosters there
claim that they have the finest want ° r
climate on the western slope with plenty
of sunshine and scarcely any wind or
snow In the summer It Is said that the
temperature occasionally reaches lOt gi
Ing the fruit a wonderful color and th
vor but owing to the absence of humid
ity the heat Is not oppressive
Settlers Practical Men
The community Is largely settled oy
former successful orchardists at Pali
sades Colo and by eastern people Those
who moved from Palisades say that the
Green River country will provethe equal I
It not the superior of the wonderfully
rich Palisades fruit belt where fruit
bearing land has been sold as high as
4000 an acre The soil Is a partfcularly
finq granitoid which seems to bqpee I
tally adapted by nature for < < groCltfgvfrult
to perfection ° V
Millions of acrefeet ot water are an
nually going to waste In this section or
country It Is estimated that Green River
will IrrIgate over 1000000 acres Jt llH1
If the water could be properly diverted
Getting this water out on the high lands
Is the problem that has confronted the
fruit grower In reclaiming this part of
the arid west
While everything looks rosy as a sum
mers morning for the residents oC Green
River at the present time It was not
always so The trials and the 9Ve1se
ot the people In the west who have tried
to conquer an apparently unyielding soil
have been theirs About two years ago
the great dam In the river went nut and
orchardists were compelled to haul water
In barrels to prevent their young trees
f om dying of cIouth III add + ton to this
setback by nature the financial strin
g ncy came on and the two coupled to
gether resulted in decidedly hard times
for the people With the dam out with
the value at collateral security gone the
local bank was compelled to close Its
door Everything looked black for
Green River at that time but with an al
most sublime faith in the greatness of
the fruit belt the orchardists held on to
their lands Outside banks that had col
lateral security for loans advanced to
the orchardists sent men to investlgat
onditlons Their report was FO favora
ble that the fruIt men were not unduly
pushed for payment When pumping
plants were Installed and water agaIn got
ten out of the river everything took a
brighter aspect
Good Times Again
The local bank again started In business
and paid of dollar for dollar securities
became almost as good as government
bonds and the town agaIn started on its
upgrade movement
At present two systems of IrrIgation are
In use the gravity and the pump lifting
The big gravity ditch is taken out at a
point about sIx miles above Green River
station Under this ditch there are about
2OCI acres ff as fine fruit land as the
sun ever shone on Another canal
known as the 4foot lift water being
forced In by a pumping plant Irrigates
about 200 acres The 9Ofoot lift will
water 1500 acres under the present
ditches On the east of the river 1000
acres are being Irrigated and additional I
ditches are being surveyed whIch wIll
reclaim much greater acreage To the
south 1000 acres are already under irtiI 1
In this section It is neeeSary to irri
gate about once In every six weeks This
depends to a certain extent however
upon the crop Boll and weather condi
All kinds of fruits peculiar to the tem
perate zone melons and vegetables are
raised In this valley Fruit ranches pay
such great profits that It Is economy to
shIp In grain from outside points the land
Is too valuable to sow It to graIn SWeet
potato ot very fine quality are also
being grown In thIs section During the
past year 2SO00J trees were planted
Land that sold ten years ago for 150
PEr acre Is now selling I1t from 100 to
000 an acre E T Bricker who quit
the practice of dent try to promote fruit
lands abd engage In fruit raising states
that within a few years developed or
chards wIll command as high a9 1000 an
acre the high price at which lands have
been sold at Palisades Colo
State Warden Has Plan to Increase
Hatchery Output
Three hundred thousand or 400000 fish
eggs have been placed In the state fish
hatchel at Murray according to Fred
w Chambers state fish and game com
missioner the total capacity of the hatch
ery being about 2000000 The work of
placing the eggs to b2 hatched next
month will eogtinue as long as they can
be secured by the state department
The eggs now being placed are those
of the eastern brook trout and these will
be followed by those of the rainbow trout
which are obtained later By the use of
the receiving troughs to receive the fr
after they are hatched the stat depart
ment could increase the size of the hatch
by sever J millions It It were pos
sible to get the eggs
Vlllle this may not be done this year
It Is expected to do It next year with the
Murray and Springvl11e hatcheries and
the building of the other new ones con
templated will still further Increase the

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