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Big List of Exhibitors Assures
Management of Many
Good Features
On Tuesday next November 23 there
111 be opened to the public an exhibit
that Is certain to be one of more than
passing Interest the display of pure
food gathered together rom the manu
lalturers at Salt Lake and utah and
other places and formed Into the Great
tr Salt Lake eood and Industrial x
hO far has the demand for space in
the exhibition exceeued former events
lor this nature that It was necet3sury to
SElUre the big Auditorium in Richards
trett for the exposition For the last
eek the building has been a bee hive I
of induStry with the constantly in
lrfasmg 10rces of carpenters electri i
Ians and decorators Yesterday the
tr1mework of the booths and stalls was
Ilradicall completed and the workers
1ll the decorative eifects well along in
tnlr part foday will see the booths
completd and by Monday night
twelve hours before the opening of hc
exposition al extlblts wilt be Install
Seine Idea of the magnitude of the
food show and industrial exposition can
bp gained trom the following list of ex
1lbltors I
Hrncgars business college repro
dultion of a modern business college
HEtall Merchants association oldfash
toned country store Superior Honey
tompafly honey and bee display Salt
Lake Jordan Milling company flour
display GermanAmerican Coffee com
pan coffee display Proctor Gamble
toap company Sunday Monday soap
display Cereo Manufacturing compa
fly cereal coffee Pacific Coast Cereal
lOiapany cereal pIoducts Abhanns
sullivan Interior building decoration i
display Kellogg company toasted corn
t1aKrS Cache Valley Condensed Milk
ompany honeysuckle cream Queen
of the Valley Milling company flour
Jtoal Baking Powder company baking
jdcr Qiaker Oats company puffed
rlCC Utah Canning company beans
an1 tomas Burroughs Adding Ma
hlne company adding machines Mur
pqy Bros Candy company candy
Christensen Sons company butter
Money Weight Scale company scales
stimpson company elect = ic coffee
mills Vienna Baker company bread
and cakes Utah Gas Coke company
11S stoves and sanitary cooking Utah
1lght Hallway company electric
lIghtlng display George l1eppe compll
113 candy moot market Jensen Cream
Cabin Maple
try company butter Log
tyrup company syrups Presto Prune
company prunes Pete Bros com pan
raptha soap Intermountain Packing
mpan meats Horllcks Malted IIIk
mpany malted milk Mount Pickle
mpan pickles Union Ianufactur
Ing Packing company Intermountain
Illlmg company ttour Hewlett Bros
spices and teas Sparks Candy eompa
ny candy McDonald Chocolate compa
ny 0008 Crescent Ice Cream compa
ialt com
ny Ice cream Inland Crystal
nay salt Koffect company Kofie
t PortorWalton company flour
Royal Baking company bread and
lakes Genesee Pure Food company
jllo Hygienic Pure Food company
mapleflakes Greenhalgh Remedy com
lan mCdlllnes InterMountain Elec
tric company electrical display Al
brs Bras Co violet oats Breeden
OffilC Supply company office supplies
Consolidated Music company pianos
and talking machines Yankee Cleaner
company Yankee cleaner State Dairy
FOJd Bureau pure and adulterated
food display The Ford company nay
lUes Auditorium Restaurant compa
fly pure food restaurant Elggren
Bros pure food products Fleischman
Ylast company yeast
The interior of the AuditorIum to
here the strings or colored street
lights will lead will be Ii scene at
blauty wIth its colored lights all blend
Ing into the artistic dressing ot the
The openIng ot the exposition Will be
made a special event Tuesday after
noon beginning at 1 odock when
Mayor John S Bransford will deliver
an address Several of the city officials
will be in attendance and the event will
be made something of Ii souvenir mat
nN as every woman attending will re
pln 11 handsome tray The various
das and nights durIng the exposition
art Tuesday Grocers and butchers
nIghtednesday afternoonShoppers aft
Wednesday nlglltSnt Lake nIght
Thursday afternoon ThanksgIving
Thursday nlgtltUtah manufactur
ers night One hundred prIzes will be
distributed free by the manufacturers
Friday afternoonBaby ahow three
gold nrlzes
Friday nightElks night WIves of I
mmbers of B P O E will be pre
pented with a souvenir emblematic of
the order
Saturday aftArnoonSpecial matinee
for children Special prizes
Saturday J1shtUnion u Ight
Wholesale Deliveries of Holi
day Merchandise to Stores
Is About Completed
dance showings in Christmas goods
are being made In a few of the local
retail stores and the wholesale trade in
holiday goods IHS been about complet
ed and deliveries made It Is predicted
In business circles that the retail deal
ers In SnIt Lake will open their full
display of holiday goods earlier than
usual this year In anticipation of an
unusually heavy demand
Along these lines ImportatI of OS
and fancy goods from Gemany and
England have been reeehed 1n Halt
Lake on a large scale within the last
two eeks and there remain only a
few delayed shipments
Dealers in clothing report ar un
Usually good demand for winter
weights considering the mild weather
so far but stocks in all lines are still
complete Demand for furs has net
reached its height for the season
In hardware lines continued open
weather and the great building activity I
bids fair to place the record of business
In sheet metal and building supplies fill
ahead of any previous year Lumber
Is in active demand and in some lines
there is a scarcity which is attributed
to slow delivery from the northwest
A rising market for cotton goods of
all classes has temporarily stimulated
the demand Prints are especially ac
tive Inasmuch as an advance of one
half cent 9 yard has been announced to
take effect tlllS week
Collections are reported as unusually
good for this season of the year al
though a slump is anticipated until
after the rush of Christmas buying is
over The extensive bulldlnF opera
tions have resulted in an Increased de
mand for loans on real estate and dur
Ing the last week there has been an
unusual can for small loans on resi
dence lots on the part of prospectivE
home builders
Big reductions In all millinery Spe
clal lIne or misses and childrens head
middleaged ladles
wear a fine line of
hats and bonnets Womans Coop 29
East First South
To Keep Our Name Famous
For good values in Furs and Millinery
we are making exceptional otters for
Mondays selllng
IEHESYS 156 Main Sf
Intestinal Indigestion
A Form of Dyspepsia Usually Result
ing from the Inability to
Digest Starchy Foods
There are a great many persons who
are victims of what is known as intes
tinal indigestion t disease whIch Is due
to the fact that the starchy foods are
either partially digested or not digested
at all and the result of this trouble may
be either an obstinate constipation or a
pP < dJltent diarrhoea
This Inablllt to digest starch Is called
amylarcous dyspepsia a disease which
Is much III evidence Americans are no
tortolsly poor digesters of starch and as
starchy foods such as potatoes rice
bread etc arc digested entirely in the
small Intestine and not In the stomach
proper as Is genernll supposed It can be
readily seen how Intestinal indigestion
will usuallY produce diarrhoea
In the small intestine the pancreatic
juice acts upon the starches and ordl
narllr In a state of health possesses the
ppwer of converting them into grape su
gar and dextrine Starch must be 50
transformed before it can be of use to
the animal being Remaining as unchanged
starch It either passes through the ali
mentary canal and proves a useless bur
den to the system because It resists ab
sorption or it causes intestinal indiges
tion the food prdJucts becoming acrid
through putrefaction which often sets up
a catarrhal inflammation of the Intestine
resulting In diarrhoea I
In a complaint of this character many
persons use paregoric Squlbbs
and tannin to relieve the diarrhoea all
of these remedies being powerfully as
tringent and they stop the trouble sud
denly lOCKing up the morbid secre
tions throwing the toxic Intestinal poIson
back on the system and often causing
death through autoIntoxication
contain among other powerful digestives
a substanco called DIASTASE which
thoroughly digest every particle of
starchy foods In the small Intestine and
prevents the possibility of intestinal In
digestion no matter how excessive may
be the amount of food eaten
These tablets also contain CALCIUM
CARBO ATE which is a mild though ef
fective subastringent and which relieves
and cures the diarrhoea by easy stages
It does not act with such suddenness as
would cause poisoning of the system but
on the contrary by its antiseptic proper
ties all toxins Intestinal germs and poi
sons always present In intestinal Indiges
tion and diarrhoea are destroyed
Not only are the starches digested by
the use of Stuarts Dyspepsia Tablets
but through the action of other Ingredi
ents they contain albuminous cods like
meat and eggs are also digested Thus
they cure Indigestion of any kind Buy
a package from your druggist today for
6 9 cents and send us your name and ad
drels forfree sample package Address
F A Stuart Co 150 Stuart Bldg Mar
hall M1ch
Eczema Broke Out on Babys Head
Causing All Her Hair to Fall Out
Could Not Sleep Spread of
Fearful Disease Averted and Easy
Economical Cure Effected for
II When my little girl was four months
old her head broke out with eczema I
tried everything but
nothins did her any
good She could not
sleep at night and
r she did nothing but
t scratch her head
which was like a raw
V piece of meat Alt
Il of her hair eU out
I I A Criend oC mine told
1 me about CutiCUrll
and the goed it did
for her little boy
After the first cake
= or Cuticura Soap and
7z = boxofCuticura Oint
ment I used I could see a change I
used just two cakes of Cuticura Soap
and two boxes of Cuticura Ointment
and my little girls head is cured Her
hair is growing fine and long and her
skin is like velvet Friends say that my
quick action in usIng the Cutlcura Rem
edies kept the ccema from spreading
allover her body
I still use the Cuticura Soap and I
always keep a box or Cuticura Oiptment
in the house I used them for my hands
which were so badly chapped that the
skin would crack and bleed I would
cry with pain 1Iy hands are entirely
cured now You certainly have my
permission to publish this letter in any
paper for I know how wonderful Cut
cura is Mrs F Davis 209 E Indian
St Chicago lit Jan 18 IJ09
14 Ie Are little patches of
Itchleng eczema 0 nth e skill
scalp or bonds which
De V S are and instantly speedily cured relieved in
the majority of cases
by warm baths with Cubcura Soap and
gentle anointingB of Cuticura Ointment
purest and sweetest or emollients
CUtieurs Soan C2Sc CI1t1eurt OIntment SOc
and CUtkurs RrlOlvent SOC or In the elm or
ChooIste Coated Pills 25e per vlJlI or 60 are IOI
throuobout the world lotter Drme k Cbem Corp
Bole Props 135 Corolllbu Ave Boston laos
ru3Zpsge CUtiCUlA Book m lIed tree ItlvlDlt d3
lCr1pUOIl untmeflt and cure oililiea5CS 01 tile Ala >
This Trade 111ark
on every package
The Leader for 129 Years
Reriltele I
1 h1 010
40000 FOR BOB
We collected 400 last week for
R W Sloan the Insurance man id
the McCornick Block Salt Lake
City Utah It was just like wIn I
ning money on a horse race It
took us about two weeks to land
this 400 but we are going to col
lect 100 more from the same source I
Turn in YOUIclal and we will eel
lect some for you There Is noth II
Ing so nice as getting your money
back Try it Red Streaks of Hon 8 I
esty Exist in Exerbody
Scientific Collectors ot Honest Debts
Rooms 7778828393919596979899100 Com merclal Block
Salt Lake City Utah Francis G Luke Genl Mgr
Some People Dont Like Us
Vte are giving away ABSOLUTELY
FREE OF CILItGB 0 regular full course
of our orlt1 fnm01HI treatment for the
heart Dritl XeneKJ ohIO our line IlIns
rated look telllo all about the causes P
of these 1IeoKell foil bon they can be
Iermnnently cured BOTh FUEEto ap o
who are troubled with Palpitation Flut 4
tering or SkippIng Beats of the Heart c 4
Headache Short Breath Dropsy Asthma
Stomach and Kidney Trouble often
caused by weak Heart Constipation c
Dizziness Nosebleed Numbness Sinking c t
Spells Pain In Heart Side or Shoude
Blade Nervousness Trembling Twitching
Nightmare or a general weak italless I
rundown condition
If you have any of these sure sYITP O j
toms sometlrhgs wrong with your Hrlrt 4 i
and tbls fine treatment Is Just Thnt you 1
cecil I 7
L 2t
Six out of every ten persons baTe
Heart Disenset Sixty thousand people die
of it every year They doctor the Stomach Stile
ach Kidneys or Female Organs when all
the tIme Its really the heart thnt tuna
Ing nil the trouble and thats dally get
ting worse though they dont even sus
pect It
Lots of people make this mistake they say It dont amount to anything
Its my stomach I guessit will go away of Itself and some day all of a
sudden they drop dead ot Heart Disease just as you read about every da
Dont take any more chances no matter what you may think your trouble
be cured be fair ti
Is I no matter if some common doctor has said you cant
yourself give us a chance and write tOllaT for this complete 10uIIIe of tree
treatment and book We will send both by mall In plain package securely
sealed post paId and there will be
for it In any way Please remember this Isnt just a little sample or triaL
neither 15 It patent medicine but a generous genuine course of treatment
and its yours gladly and freely just for the askingbecause we want to show
you wUhout Cost what It wIll do
lt has curedwe dont mean
just helped but curedthou FBi TItETUEXT COUPON
sands oC cases of Heart Disease Heart cure Co Associated Specialist iii
many or which had been pro Heart Disease 80 Masonic Building
nounced hopeless Hallowell Maine
Dont let this chance go by 1 have answered the questions below
accept our otter NOW Its made Please send me postpaid and entlrelt freE
in all sincerity and friendliness of charge your course of treatment for
from our true desire to send this mr case also your free oook
free help to every sufferer who What is your age
needs it HoW long have you bad Heart Troublei
Does your Heart palpItate t1tter or miss
Our offer Is absolutely corn
lleII1 hONEST as inc lUDllsn beats
er or this paper will gladly tell Can you Ill on your left side
Are you short of breath
ou Answer all our qUestions care Do your feet legs or ankles swell
being sure to Are you weak nervous irritable
ully or no
Then write your Do you feel all tired out and run down
nyc yotr age
1111 annie and address plainly In Have ou Dyspepsia Indigestion gas
the Coupon cut out on the heavy stomach
black lines and man to us fo ConstipatIon or Liver Trouble
lay If you wish to write a let Have you Rhltumatlsm
Trouble much pain incase
Have you Kidney
tel telling us more about your
case you may do so We will Kidneys
send you the full course nf free Have you any other troubles
Trentment and Rook ot once A IE
Address State plaint Mr Mrs Or Miss
Associate i Specialists In I Heart
Bldg 1I01l01ell
780 lahle C upon ISO Y 0
Walter T Coffman and Bertha C
Cecil Salt Lake
Patrick J Gorman and Christine
Lang Salt Lake
Leonard Plro and Antonltta Falvo
Pay 27500 for Desirable Location
Which They Expect to Improve
With Modern Building
Property in Third South street be
tween State and Second East streets
was sold yesterday for 27500 to W J
Halloran and A Fred Vey It will
soon be improved by the erection of a
business block although the plans for
provement are not yet completed This
property Is In the south side of Third
South street about midway between i
State and Second East streets a loca
tion which is regarded as especially de
sirable business property The lot has
a frontage of fifty feet on Third South
street and a depth of 132 feet
Values In this block have been Increas
ing rapidly and the sale completed yes
terday through the HalloranJudg
front foot
company was for 55U a
which is regarded as a fair price F T
Iorganson was the former owner of
the lot
This block bounded by State and Sec
and East and Third and Fourth South
streets will be bIsected each way by
cross streets running north and south
and east and west and real estate men
predict that It will be one of the corn
Ing business centers of the city within
the next few years
Realty Dealers Report Activity Espe
cially in Lots for Dwellings
and Stores
With real estate deals in business
property approximating 100000 for the
week real estate men report a corre
spondingly active demand for residence
property and building lots In all parts
of the city In the new residence addi
tions on the north and southeast
benches the demand has been particu
larly good
Cannon Cannon report the sale of
twelve lots in Hill Crest addition dur
ing the week at prices ranging from
225 upwards ThIs addition Is at
Thirteenth South and Tenth East
streets The same company also sold
a house and lot In Forest Dale to Sam
uel R Egbert for 1800 and a house
and lot in Olive street to Howard R
Davis for 2750
Ashton Jenkins report the sale of
another lot in Valley View addition to
JOhq T Thompson for 1000 Mr
Thompson has already broken ground
for a 3000 cottage to be erected on the
lot There are two other cottages near
ing complEtion in this addition and
another dwelling has been started Mr
ThompsJn being the fourth to break
ground In the new addition
i Residence Gives Way
I to Business Building
y m
< i r i
< tt Y I < t
It r f21 Ili < W41
F >
= y t
> t w i
tt 1 < 1
0 Wv S
t t
I j1i r i
ij S
f S
II W44cl
h Lff ov ttr > J d < +
Mission theatre building
On the site of the last residence In
Third South street between Main and
State streets the new Mission theatre
building Is nlw nearing completion and
In place of the old brick residence which
withstood tho advance of the business dis
trict fo many years there stands one
of the largest concrete buIIngs In the
west The building ereteu by J P
Iegeath is to contain besides the Mis
slon theatrE two store rooms on the
ground floor and a hotel of 75 to 100 rooms
and apartments
The framework ot the building has been
completed and roofed withIn the last few I
days and work on the theatre auditorium
is being rushed with a view to having
It read to open next month The remain
der of the building will not be ready for
occupancy until January
The building is unique In that the the
atre nt the rear which Is reached by a
lobby of 50 feet from the front of the
building is built entirely separate from
the rest of the building and the audi
torium Is as thoroughly fireproof as con
crete and steel construction can make
It The stage has a depth of 25 feet and
above it is a loft 45 feet high The box
for the moving picture machine Is at
steel and concrete with walls fIve Inches
thick Furnishings for the theatre wlll
be in mission style and It will seat Ill
I persons
Articles of IncorporaUon of the
Golden Llcm Mining company of Salt
Lake < vere rued with the county clerk
yesterday placing the capital stock
at 500000 In 50c shares of which
250000 are held as treajury stock The
officers are Leonard Hilpert president
C 14 Vesel vice president F L
Palmquist secretary and treasurer
and these with John H Hilpert and
A H Palmquist are the directors
The Silver Nugget Mining company
organized yesterday by filing articles
with the county clerk The capital
stock Is 26000 in 5c shares Officers
are J p Chrislopherscm president
Dave Borg secretary and treasurer
Jake Borg vice president Axel Jones
Is the additional dlrttor Devils
Dream 10 1 Lakevlew Nos 1 and 2 i
and Iron Queen Nos 1 2 and 3 are
taken by the company for 5000
The UtahIdaho Investment company
filed articles of Incorporation with the
county clerk yesterday placing the
capital stock at 50000 In dollar shares
or which only 8075 shares are sub
scribed and the balance is held as
treasury stock The officers are W
Eccles Baird president Robert E
Baird secretary and lreasurer and
those with A E Amundson Lucian A
Ray and Iemonl D Cal ire the direc
tors S D Young jr Is vice president
but not a director
Danley Johnson report the following
sales Lot on Eleventh South street to
Mrs K A Andrews from F 0 Miller
for 625 three lots in Emerson Heights
to W B Outcalt for 1000 two lots in
same addition to R T Davidson of Mon
tello Nov for 500 four lots In same ad
dition to F T Fremor of Montello 1000
three lots in same addition to VIlIam
Fisher sr of Iontello 1000 three lots
In same addition to A C Wallendezof
Iontello SSW two lots in same addition
to M Klahlda of 1onte11o 5OQ
Twenty Cows Executed and
Owner Has to Borrow to
Begin Again
Steady improvement of farm dairy con
ditions is shown in inspections Just com
pleled by the city food and dairy com
I missioner Must of the places inspected
were in the Centerville and Farmington
districts Scores showed marked tid
vanDlS over former records
The minimum score for l00J was 15
points but for 1910 It will be SO poInts
A score of SO points Is now required The
commissIoner has made the following
scores Crescent 505 per cent Star
Wi A Miller 315 A J Hill 411i Anc1y
Sorensen 306 In the following increases
are shown lrom records made
about two months ago Parley P Par I
rish 215 to 5l per cent C A Par
rish 29 tn S15 E B Parrish 43 to 51
H B Parrish 355 to 615 S J Par
rish 8 to 375 C H Streeper Zi5 to f 2
Joseph Ford 29 to 9 Hyrum Ford 311
to 315 J H Wilcox 33 to 33 MItchell
I Crdsa 52 to 52 Eugene Clark 15 to
15 C A Miller 185 to 33 A L Clark
306 to 305 D L Rice 4i to 44 JQseph
Clark 39 to 39 and Mrs E B Clark
from 36 at 546
In some of those it will be noted that
no Improvement Is shown and In some
cases prosecutions are promised Actions
will be started against Inferior dairies or
their milk condemned
Tuberculin cattle have been found to
some extent among the herds near Salt
i Lake and some dairymen have been sus
taining heavy losses In one instance
out of a herd of twentone cows twen
ty were Infected and the farmer did not
object when every one of the twenty
were killed although he was forced to
go in debt for more cattle
Next summer the city commissioner will
Insist that the temperature of the milk
must not go above 55 degrees and prose
cutions will follow violations of that role
The farmers are protesting that It will
cost them several hundred dollars to pack
their milk In ice They will have to put
up Ice this winter
ster whom she had attended for thirteen
Veber named George Muller husband
of Viola Muller as a defendant In the
counter claim He claims that in May
l00J Ruth Browster gave Mr and Mrs
Muller 2500 Itnd that early in August
during the last das of Mrs Brewster II I I
they obtained 2O0 more This Weber
claims they have refused to turn 0 cr
to him as admlnlBtrator Besides the
two claims of 2O0 each Weber 8S they
owe him 15 for three month rent of
the Brewster house
Administrator of Brewster Estate
Wants Money From Muliers
Claiming that 1045 Is owing him ns
administrator of the estate of Ruth Brew
ster who dIed on AUg 18 last Otto
Weber flied a demurrer answer and
counter claIm in the district court yes
terday to the suit of Viola Muller Mrs
Muller brought suit against Weber claim
ing all of the property left by Mrs Brew

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