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± U i Iii
1II1IT f I 1
Oral Betting Goes Smoothly
Authorities May Take
After Club
Oakland CaL Nov OThe first race
me t In California since the ValkerOtls
antibettIng law went Into effect was
held at EmerysIlle track this afternoon
Despite adverse weather conditions a fair
crowd was In attendance Chief Interest
centered in the probable action of the au
thorities as the race track management
bad announced that the oral betting sys
tem would be Inaugur ted DistrIct At
tornoy Donahue of Alameda county and
Assemblyman Otis were interested spec
No arrests were mad although the dis
trict attorney informed the race track
management that if the practice of sell
Ing advance information to be used for
purposes of betting was kept up he would
bring It to the notice of the grand jury
and seek to hold the club officials re
sponsible fht > oral betting system was
used openly
The track was heavy but a faIr class of
raoes were run Fantastic winning th
opening handicap In clever style Sum
mary I
First race six furlongs seIllngMilI
tan 10 to I won Billy Myer 7 to 1 sec I
ond Burleigh 11 to 5 third Time
114 45
f3eoond race five furlongs purseNapa
Nick 11 to 5 won Gilbert Rose 9 to I I
second lies Picnic 7 to I third Time
101 SI
Third race five and a half furlongs
seJllngMauretama 7 to 1 1 won Hal
pass 8 to Ii second Phillis 3 to 1 thin
Tim1O7 46
Fourth race one mile opening handl 1
capFantastic 7 to 2 won FoIlle L 5
to I second Blackford 3 to 2 thIrd
Tlme14 Hi
fJfth race mile and seventy yards s11
lngMerchant even won Valosld 5 Co 2
second Convent 4 to I third Tim
Sixth race futurity courseDowe11 7 to
1 won Beaver Dam Lad 8 to 1 second
1121 Bubbling Water to 1 third Time
Some Great Thoroughbreds Came I
Near Killing Their 1fandlers
When Angered
St Louis Nov 20Famous rae
horae like famous people are often
very eccentric In theIr behavior and
there have been many cases of eelE
bnited animals that have turned SV
liS and had to be shot through try
ing to eat their jockeys
Otto Madden the famous jockey who
only a few seasons ago won the Derby
on the 100 to 1 chance Jeddah was via
lently attacked by a horse at the Brigh
ton races He was riding Centre down
to the post for the Vorthlng plate
when a horse called Marigold IV over
took him dragged him out of the sad
dle br the shoulder and seizing him
by the throat shook him as a terrier
hakes a rat The jockey of Marigold
IV who had himself been unseated
UfOO his whip freely on the brutes
head to make him release Madden and
otlir jockeys coming to his assistance
Marigold IV was eventually beaten on
Madden reurned to the paddock
bleeding from a woUnd on the throat
which bad to have several stitches put
into It and It was some time before he
was able to ride again
Sweet Sounds In spite of his name
wu an Irreclaimable savage One
morning at exercise his gIrths came un
done he got his boy off and rushed at
him like a lion the result to the un
lucky lad being a month in the hos
plteJ Good Morning was another of
the ugly tempered Ort Once he bit
his leading rein clean through wtli one
Icious nap caught hollI of his attend
Ant and shook him ferociously
Ladas another famous race horse
was frequently quiet under ordinary
circumstances but for some reason he
Imd a great dislike for ladles and would
go for them If any members of the
fair sex approached the paddock
Diamond Jubilee was another famous
lu rae that gave a good deal of trouble
to Its trainer owing to the violence of
il < t likes and dislikes He hated Morn
Ington Cannon the famous jockey and
on one occasion flew at him while ex
P1 islng on 1ewmarket heath knocking
him flying and Morny would moet
ertainIy have Been killed It assistance
had not been at hand
TAKING OUT 3000000
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Richfield Nov 30 The Central Utah
Trout company of this city Is at work
takIng the spawn from Its eastern brook
trout Its expected that 3000000 eggs
will be sold to a Provo canyon reeldent
who has started a fish hatchery The
company will begIn to take the spawn
from Its rainbow trout In a week or so
These will be hatched at Its own hatch
eey As Boon as the spawning season Is
over the company will place nOOO fine
k trout on the market
At a meeting ot enthusiastic soccer
tootball men held last night a Thanks
giving day game between picked teams
Vas arrangJd The game will be plaYed
OR the Eighteenth ward square The
kickoff will be at 3 J p m
i OLD CAsHMori i
for 350 per gallon charges pre
paid to your station Old Cashmon
is put tip in plain unmarked pack
ages in no way indicating its
contents You will pay 600 fur
ti Whiskey not so good Send express
or money order when you write
No goods sent C O D
p7 A
J 1 I I j PRE
i 1
ta JIftHl r
qu jjj vm
Wet wetter
w wettestI I I
I Positive comparative superlative
V if and tile superlative degree also applies
1 to our overcoat stocrits positively
l ISJj < v the best and broadest in titci city
j bc4 I r Overcoats in every length from the me
ni 1 k 4 r dium weight top coats to the fun length ulsters
t All fabrics and shades
K nr 4 Yt Cravenettes in new fabrics and patterns
t tL y all guaranteed waterproof and in seasons best
1 models
4 1 4 3 Our specialtythe Gaberdeen water
I t1 t proof cloth ooatthe lightest weight guaran
i < 7U ii teed waterproof rain coat on the market We
lii 1 iJii have a complete assortment
viia < 44 J 1
I 4 j Prices on every linethe Siegel way
We make shirts to order Be measured Monday
L E I i 1n < J i < L
ri iOJr llllr f I
MoneYMa g W YS of Using ant
To Push a Small
a 91
9 I
Great enterprises begin small To grow you must ca
advertise but it is not always necessary to use Display
advertising begin with Many a big Display adver
tiser began as a Classified advertiser Perhaps yours I
is just the business to be advertised in this way To be
convincedtry The cost each day is but a few cents
The profitmany dollars weekly Suppose you have a t
small Printing business or are a Tailor or a Barber or 4i
Jewelerit matters not what your business little Want
Ads inserted under the proper heading on our Classified I
page are sure to bring results Here are two examples I
and their cost in this paper Read themthen bring
in your Want Ad
cheap printers but do our wortour BESI what our clothes do And the I1t II always
wok at a rtuanlbl price Let us prove oar Jest rllht Our fabrics re uptodatenw
I rJAlms Write for our uraplta or ph011e liar Let VI talk with Jon We W1ll not urge J0I1 to
rison 361 Our repruentatlTe will calL The buy Special Spring bargain new rea4T ne
I i CentUry PrhltlDI Company Ml Durbornat Inet lUorln Senlee 42 Whltene
Classified Want Ads are always READ lfanypeoplewhodonot read news
read the little Want Ads Because there are BARGAINS thousands of then 1
during the course of months that EVERYBODY is interested in Get in the
habit of turning EACH DAY to our Classified pagean l READING every
Want Ad under the heading that may interest YOU po it right NOW
apyrtght 1903by George 1afthevLdme I i
4i I
I t kN J
I I jJ >
S I e J I
i i I
I i I
I I t45 1 I 1
kh t 4gJr4
I vjte 5 ½
r L
i S
Two meMbers ot the famous Pilgrim
football tcam ot England that just
closed a tour ot tle United States
playing what is known IIS the soccer
game The visitors lost only one out
ot the first twenty games played In
America that being ta the Hibernians
of Philadelphia Those In the pictures
from loft to right are T C Fitchle
and F T Hoare
Occidentals Meet Angels in a Big
Match Game TodayTozer
Will Pitch
Los Angeles Nov JOLlneup for Sun
days match game
Angels Occidentals
Tozer P Smith
OrendorffC Langley
B Middleton
Wheeler2 B Black
BernardS S Lane
B Hawkins
ROH L F Harrison
F Langford
CravathB F Hicks
The 9Vhite and Black match game to
be played Sunday at the Chutes between
the Angels and the Salt Lake negro club
known afl the Occidentals Is causing
more talk in baseball circles than has
been indulged in since the Dlllonltes
dropped out or the pennant race
The winning of the game means more
to the Angels than the winning ot the
side bet and the big cut of the gate re
ceipts It Is a matter or personal pride
with every man on the Los Angeles line
up They wouldnt be beaten by the
black men for all the money that rolls In
at the box office
The Occidentals are a real ball team
No hippodrome about these fellows
They play real ball and they play It all
the time A peep at the above lineup
shows that the colored captain has
strengthened his forces by the addition
of Lane at short Lane Is one of the
stars of the Lo Angeles Giants a local
negro nine
Let them strengthen up all they can
said Uncle Frank Dillon last night
Thats what we want them to do Vo
want to wallop these fellows good and
hard and we dont want to give them
any chance to come back with a holler
of any kind Bill rozer will pitch as he
never pitched before 1 think it would
break Bills heart to be beaten by these
blacks Bill Is a southerner you know
comes from the southern part ot Utah
Cincinnati Nov 2OLudhlana a rank
outsider In the betting won the handicap
at Latonia today Center Shot made the
pace to the last sixteenth when Ludhlana
came with a rush and won by a length
First race six furlongs sellingUneeda
7 to 1 won Judith Page 7 to 2 second
Polly Prim 2 to 1 third Tlmel16
Second race six furlongs sellingMiss
Popular 6 to 1 won Apologize 11 to 5
second Sorrel Top 11 to I third Time
Third race fIe and a half furlongs
purse fOOPrince Gal 6 to 6 won Law
rence Daly 5 to 1 second Selwick 2 to I
third Tlmel06 hi
Fourth race mile and seventy yards
Ludhlana 15 to 1 won Center Shot 11
to 5 second All Red 4 to I third Time
Fifth race mileMilton B 7 to I won
Claudia 3 to I second Long Hand 12 to
1 third Tlmel43 Hi
Sixth raC seven furlongs se11lngSlr
Walter RoUlns 9 to 6 won Peter Pen
der Iii to I second Barnsdale 6 to I
third Tlme1Z145
First race five and a half furlong
purse Ielbourne 102 Bonnie Bee 10
T 111 Irvin 107 Col Ashmeade 107
Sigo 107 Ethel W 107 Ferrand Ce
eillian 107 Unfleda 107 Lady WeHes
107 Dick Goodbar 107 Jack Binns
110 Caesar 110 Jack Hallo 1JO
Second race six furlongs purse
Lawrence P Daley 97 Dainty Dame
97 King Commoner 106 Selwlk 110
Icing Commoner and Selwik T M
Third race one mile pursePoly
pheno 105 ady lcNaUy 105 Long
Hand 105 Hatchicoon 108 G lI MIl
l r lIS
Fourth race mile and a sIxteenth
selllngSplepdlda 96 Light Blue 99
Ceremonlous100 Denver Girl 100 San
Prima 102 Bonnie Kelso 102 Lad of
Langdon 105
Fifth race six furlongs selllng
Plmpante 99 Dearly Belle 99 Chalice
99 Stowaway 99 Nettle Travers 99
Clllibournt 102 Mlque OBrien 102
Peter Ponder 102 Miss Popular 104
Sir Walter Rollins104 TaYJt14lrk 101
Agnes Wood 104 Night Mist 104
Bllrnsdale 107
Sixth race six furlongs selllng
Sister Phyllis 97 Salnlst 99 Lady
Hill 99 Moart 102 Fundamental 103
Margaret T 104 Mao Hamilton 101
Soprano 104 Pat Sharp 101 Kings
Guinea 107 Flirting 107 Sorrel Top
107 Voting 107 Deuce 110
Figures Show Great Percentage of
Victories During Fast Eight
That the University of Michigan athletic
followers have every reason to be proud
of the maize and blue on the various
athletic fields during the past eight years
is seen from the figures of Philip G Bar
telme graduate director ot athletics In
the Micnigan Alumnus the director says
Because we have suffered defeat in
our principal football games ot the past
few years wo are likely to feel that we
have been only moderately successful in
athletics overlookog our enviable record
of years in the principal branches ot col
lege sports For that reason I would like
to correct the erroneous impression which
is In evidence to some extent among
1Ilchlgans friends and supporters The
following statistics covering a period of
the last eight collegiate years up to the
fall of 1909 must certainly convince every
one that we have reason to Le justly
proud of Mlohlgans record
In football we have won 70 gameS tied
3 and lost 5 scoring 3128 to our oppon
ents 159 points
In baseball we have won 102 games
tied 3 and lost 35 scoring 003 to our op
ponents 003 runs
In indoor track meets we have won
without exception scoring 694 13 to our
opponents 29 23 points
We have won 7 outdoor meefs and
lost two scoring 720 56 to our opponents
001 16 points
In the six western intercollegiate
meets in which we have competed we took
first place in five and second In the re
maining one scoring 255 45 points to our
nearest competitors 193 36
In the three eastern Intercollegiate
meets In which we have entered we took
second seventh and fifth places respec
In seven years competition we have
won the fourmile championship relay
race of America six times and took sec
ond place In the remaining one and we
took first place In the onlY twomile
champlonlhlp relay and second In the only
onemile championship relay raC2S In
which we have entered
In tennis we have won both singles
and doubles In the four intercollegiate
tennis tournaments in which we were en
tered and have won SO per cent ofth
dual tournaments In which we have con
These records should arouse every la
tent germ of loyalty and enthusiasm in
Michigan men while the difficulties of the
stimulate us
past three years should only
to more vigorous efforts to retrieve the
prestige slightly bedimmed in the late
years by a few defeats
At MinneapollsMlchtgan 15 Minneso
ta 6
At AnnapollsXavy 45 Davidson 6
At PhiladelphiaTrInity 17 Haver
ford O
At ClevelandWestern Reserve 17 HI
ram O
At ChlcagoTisconsln 6 Chicago 6
At DenverNebraska 6 Denver U 5
At New YorkCarlisle S Brown 21
At VichltaKansas State Agricultural
college 71 Falrmount college O
At Syracuse N YIllinols 17 Syra
cuse S
At PlttsburbUnlversity ot Plttsburg
18 Mount Union 3
At Mount VernonCornell college 6
GrlnneIl O
At Laramie WyoColoradO School of
MInes 23 UniversitY of Wyoming 6
At New YorkFordham 9 Holy
At South Bethlehem PaLafayette 21
LehIgh O
At LanslngI1cblgan Agricultural col
lege 20 Olivet O
At SwaJthmoreSwarthmore 29
neIl O
At OberllnGberlln 26 Ohio State 6
At St LoWsVanderbilt 12 Washing
ton O
At New YorkNew York university 47
Union 0
At PortlandMaineEoWd0lfl 6 Tufts t
At South BendNotre Dame 38 Wa
bash o
At St LouisBarnes university 25 Rol
la School of nnes 6
At Lawrence KanKansas 20 < I Iowa 7
At BloomingtonIndiana 36 Purdue 3
At Green Castle IndEarlham 14 De
pauw U
At BaltlmoreJohns Hopkins 17 St
Johns college O
Chicago Nov 20There Is consider
able speculation in pugilistic circlE > as
to what club will succeed in landing
the JeffriesJohnson heavyweight bat
tle when the rlds are opened In New
York on December 1
Asid from the battleground und the
dab for tIle big chunpionsh dics
slon boxing followers are anxlJUs to
know hv much money the 51l1t2rs
will ba guaranteed before they put on
a glove
Its almost a certainty that the purse
offered the fighters will be a record one
1n Iugilhtl Jeffries never was a lIier
Il teok cnFtdtrable persuasIon tr in
duce tie big fellow to say tht he
wnuh1 reenter the ring again aiil it
eems he Is determined to make the
public Jay the price That being tho
case It would not surprise any one t
ee all Hcords go by the boards il the
coming heavyweight battle in the lOut
ter ot rhruomenal gate receipts from
the fighters end
qffers Pour In
Every day brings word that some
mining camp or center where there are
sporting men anxious to see the battle
settled has offered or is going to oftcr
the fighters purses of 100000 or some
such fabulous sum Before the battle
is finally awarded there will bo a hun
dred of these kind ot people who are
anxious to butt in for the publicity
When It comes to putting up 5000
forfeit with each bid It will be a vastly
different proposition
One thing JlOwover seems certain
the gate reeeits ot the big bout will
eclipse all others and make the fifth n
which Jeffries has broken the record
Stories of clubs offering purses of
100000 and 75000 for a heavyweight
battle appear like fairy tales
Would Lose Money
Never In the long history of fighting
has a promoter taken In at the gate for
a fight even as much as these sam
promoters are offering in cash for thf
contest now There never was a i5000
house excepting maybe that one in
Australia when Jack Johnson and
Tommy Burns taught The official gate
receipts were not made known but it
Is estimated that the amount was in
the neighborhood of 100000
Just to show what offering even 75
000 for the fight means to make a little
argument that boxIng must be stronger
today than ever before we print the
following table ot big gate receipt rec
ords made within thE last ten years
Contests Receipts
NelBonGans at GoldCleld 69715
JeffriesSharkey at Cone Island 67000
FilzsimmonsJctCries at Coney Is
land 63000
CorbettJetlri08 at Frisco 62310
CorbettMcCoy at New York 67orJO
JeftrIesCorbett 623t
BrittNelson 1kj 43311
GansBrltt 86COO
BrittCorbett 326
JeffrlesFitzslmmons 31800
frlesRuhlln 3O4S7
BnttNelBon 1004 26900
BurnsSquires 25251
OBrienFitzsimmons 164117
CorbettKelson lOOt 1420
CorbettNelson 1906 11363
BrlttVhlte 9180
OBrienIaufman 6419
NellTenny 6270
NellHyland 610
HartJohnson 61
JeffrlesSharke 67
JeffriesFitzsimmons 63000
CorbettMcCoy 7OOO
CorbettSharkey 48000
RuhllnFilzslmmons 45000
RuhllnSharkey 4OorJO
SharkeylcCoy 37600
JeffriesCorbett 35000
lIIcGovernErne 32000
SharkeyFitzsimmons 2IiOOO
McGovernDlxon 24000
ChoynskiMCC0Y 2JtO
NelsonMcGoveTl 23cOOO
NelsonGans C9 715
GansHerman 3176
The great games of the 1909 football
season are ovet In the east the blue
of Yale waves triumphant over all com
petitors the crimson of Harvard yielding
yesterday the last barrier in the march
to the championship
In the west the maize and blue ot
Michigan once more holds sway the great
victory over Minnesota yesterday giving
It noS precedence over the big western
colleges True It Is that Notre Dame
won from Michigan and all credit ts due
the Indiana school
However In vieW ot Michigans Icto
rics over Pennsylvania and Minnesota
the latter eleven haVing shown head and
shoulders ocr the other western con
ference teams there will be but little dis
pute over Uchlgans claim to the west
ern championship
The old cry fO an castwest game be
tween the chaMpion teams is again heard
but without much hope of realization
What a game Yale and Michigan would
offer within a week were they to meet
can best ho Imagined On comparative
scores as well as the showings of the
two teams It would be a memorable
struggle The time may come when such
a worlds championship game is on the
schedule each year The west has long
offered her challenge and slowly but
surely is Impressing on the east her right
to the meeting
At that It was Yale and Michigan night
last night and the rejoicings of the un
dergraduates and thousands of alumni
of each school throughout the country
must have presented scenes to be remem
bered The victorious teams both Invad
ed the enemys country but It Is safe
to say that both Boston and Minneapolis
knew that there was a football game
Brookline Mass Nov QLed by T S
Berna CorneUs team easily won the In
tercoUegiate crosscountry championship
from nine other colleges tOday Technol
ogy Wa second Michigan third and Yale
Bernas time was 33 minutes 515 sec
onds remarkable going for the broken
course of six mIles
Paris New 2OJlm Stewart of New
York and Sydney Russell of Australia
fought a fltteclround draw hers to
State Plant at Murray Laying GIonnd
for Fishermans Luck in
The state fish hatchery at the present
time Is a very busy place now that the
hatching season ig in full blast For the
past three weeKS Superintendent Jack
ling and his assistants have been taking
from the spa wnerS as high as 0000
eggs per day The season which began
somewhat earlier than usual this year
due to the warn weather promises to
be a most successful one
The German brown trout have been
spawning for at least three weeks and
there are still a large number yet to be
run through the trough The hatchery
which has lately been remodeled will have
n capacity of 2000000 This is said to be
ample room for the amount of spawn
that will be produced this season There
are about 2500 trout yet to spawn and
tn all probability they will continue to
spawn until late In March
The work of maturing the eggs is now
on Just as soon as the eggs am batched
they are put in large troughs and kept
there until they are sent through the
state to stock the streams
During the past Bummer one ot the
largest fry shipments in the history
of the plant has been distributed through
the stat At the present time there are
beween 300000 and 400000 fish eggs In
the state hatchery being matured By
the use of the receiving troughs to re
ceIve the fry after they are hatched
he state department could increase the
size of the hatch by several milflbns if
it were possible to get the eggs While
this may not be done this year it is
expected that it will be done next year
With the Murray and Sprlngy111e hatch
eries and the building of the other new
ones contemplated wm still further In
crease the capacity
Fred W Chambers state fish and game
commissioner Is confining his attention
to the hatcheries which are being con
structed In Ute state and investigating
Into conditions at the various lakes where
the work ot propagation ot the fish Is
being carried on I
Lexington Ky Nov aJThe ninth
game of thE American chess champion
ship series was won by Frank Marshall
tonight when be defeated J W Showal
ter of Georgetown In 42 mops
Who Is the best pitcher said Addle
Joss when asked for his opinion
There Isnt any best pitcher I never
have believed In such a beIng as the
best and I never shalL From time to
time one man or another wlll be hailed
as the kIng of them all and the tans
will amuse themselves discussing the
To my mind the fact that no mans
record Is consistently remarkable for a
term Of years precludes the possibility
ot picking the leader One season It
may be lIathewson who appears best
another Donovan and so on down the
lIst Then too there are a lot ot good
pitchers with poor clubs who dont
have the records of some others yet
pitch just as good ball as the leagues I
leading winners I
Take Walter Johnson for instance I
Put him on the Chicago National league
club with Its fine defensive work and
he wouldnt lose five games a season
provided the Cubs could get a couple
of runs a game for him Another good
man with a poor club Is Rucker the
Brooklyn star ono of the best left
handers who ever stepped In a pair ot
shoes Look at Mathewsons work this
year On a club that finished a poor
third he led the league
If there were any such thing as the
greatest pitcher our own Cy Young
would be about as close to the mark as
anyone When a man after pitching aU
these years can go In and show the kind
of ball that old Cy has shoD this sea
son he Is about as great as any man In
the world
Bill Donovan when he is right is
one of the hardest men to beat in the
world In fact ho Is almost inylnclble
wIth any kInd of support Nopltcher
over gave his club better service than
Mullin gave the Detroit people in 1909
He was In there pitching winning ball
day after day as steady as a rock
against all sorts of hitters
This fellow Adams ot Plttsburg
looked good In the final game at De
troit though he did not Impress me 60
strongly In his two earlier games He
had a nice curve ball good control and
plenty of nerve In that closing contest
of the worlds series 1 would like to
see him work when he had to go some
and pitch himself out of a few holEs
Thats the real test
I honestly believe that It a manager
had the preposition put up to him to
select the best pitcher from among the
ten lenders In either league he would
Me a hard time choosing And it is
a cinch that when he once had ohosen
he would kick hlm lf for not taking
someone else
But even if we dont get the lab C
I breeze here In New York contend
Bangs with spirit 4ont you think tlh
moist air of the sea gives New Yor
girls letter eomplexloDB7 Here was a
home thrust
Why said Adl with 0 laugh 30 fel
low witom I knew personally sent me a
scenario for a musical comedy once with
the first act laid in a dissecting room
The curtain goes up on an upemng chorus
ot goryaproned medical students each
carrying a handful ot saws and scalpel
all dancing gayly the while they sing
something like this
Hal Ha HRI Who are we We are
Ue merry outups bo
Where Is the stiff mlt bitt bitt
Its such a jolly life to be a outltpi t
Then at the close of the chorus up
speaks the tenor man saying
As I lire every table Is empty there
Isnt a corpse In Slghtl What shall we I
Ae what shall we doT growl the
Then they line up again and sing
4 Where Is the corpse that we were ex
How can we ever do our dissecting etc
Hold cries a chorus man when the
have finished I forgot to tell you thpt
Doctor Sawbones received a fresh cadaver
last night by express and has promised l
send t here this morning Hooray
Hooray shouts the chorus Noise off
stage They look out through the wingS
As I JIve cries the chief barlton
here It comes now and amid glad ac
claim four porters enter bearing a boar
on whIch reposes a figure shrouded i
sheeting They place the figure on do
To work To work they cry whet
ting their knives and advancing upon tis
sheeted figure
They tear away the ooverlnr when
10 Ins1ead ot a corpse the leading eom
dlan lilies to a sitting posture with do
What ho lads Safe again from m

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