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1I +
l L Mines and Mining StocksI
oading and Hauling Systems
Are Tried Out With Good
Machinery or the first section of the
Ohio opper companys new 3000ton mill
Vas started yesterday for the purpose ot
gEtting the bearings oiled and the dif
terent parts in good working form Water
Was turned upon the tables and every
thin was found to run as smoothly as
posllble with entirely new machinery It
Is expected that some ore will be ground
today and from that time on Ohio Copper
will be rapidly assuming Its gait as the
third large lowcost copper ploducer to
be brought In in Utah v1thln the last two
The work ot tilling the ore bins In the
fasCottp tunnel was started last Friday
The loading apparatus and the electric
haulag system were tried out and were
found to give more rapid service than the
best estimates had called for By the
I a Ing system employed the are Is broken
1 about the fineness of nut coal so that
It slidEs down the chutes with no dlffl
Alty from clogging
There is not the slightest question Man
ager Colin McIntosh says that the mine
equIpment will be able to handle wlthease
the tonnge required by abe mm nor is
there doubt that the mill will do well
the work laid ut for k
Value Somewhat Less Than
Expected on Account of
Poor Sorting
I1e first carload of ore shipped by the
BIler Island Coalition Mines company
brought the net sum or approximately
or about f 65 a ton While that Is
highgrade are for a carload shipment the
returns were not so high as was antlci
ted One reason for it Is that on ac
count of unfamlllarit with the different
kinds of ore the miners were unable to
do close sorting
The second shipment which is to leave
w end over Thursday should run consid
erablY higherthis because not only ot
better sorting but for the reason that the
values are Increasing as the workings are
extrlded further into the mountains
The lower tunnel In the companys
bonded property has not yet reached the
oe shoot tram which at the surface the
owners last fall took out four carloads of
51X ore And yet in the tunnel Is a stope
which has opened a twofoot body of are
for < J feet on It strIke with Indications
that It will extend 60 feet further or near
ly to the larger shoot which was opened
on the surface
M E KIng president of the company
who returned yesterday from camp said
that the mine could not look better The
body ot highgrade silvercopper ore In
tho lower tunnel on the Emancipator
claim which is being driven on the Inter
sertlon of the fissure with the bedding
plane are Improving rapidly There is a
streak of 18 inches of lowgradc ore and
the remainder of the face Is shot full at
ACCompanylng the November dividend
checks of the Sioux Consolidated Mining
company Is a note from the management
explaining that the reason for the reduc
tion of the dividend rate from seven cents
to three cents a share was on account ot
the grade of the ore mined during Oc
tober having been lower than the pre
violS average The usual tonnage was
shipped it Is said but the net returns did
not jtstify a larger dividend than three
cents a share It has been and will be
the policy of the company to pay what
ever dividends the returns justify The
ore has lately ben running somewhat
better and the superintendent reports ore
m sight sufficient to pay dividends for
many more months the amount depend
Ing upon the value of the ore extracted
H also reports shipping ore on the 450
foot level I
Thp great body of sand carbonate ore In
the Red Warrior mine In Beaver county
has opened to fully 00 feet In width said
Manager Yo J IIerriU who arrived from
I amp yesterday and nothing further can
be ventured as to what the extent of it
v 11 be All Indications point to the Red
arrlnrs having resources which will
pJCl it In a class by itself among Utah
mines The large owners have for the
prcsnt set their stakes at 10 a share as
thp value of the companys stock In the
n ar future
Delamar Leaser Ships HighGrade
That the BambergtrDelamar company
ci 1 not take all of the ore from the fa
yrUS Dplamar mine Is shown by the re
prrt that George Banovttch who Is op
crating a lease on the property has In
transit several carloads of hlghgrade goli
Ores and Bullion I
+ Smelter settlements yesterday re 4 I
I + prtEd by McCornlck Co Ores +
4 f20OO bullion 80000 +
+ + + + t + + t + + + + I
Ores at Samplers
Ore rNpipts by carloads reported yes
I terday by the samplers TaylorBrunton
Vtah It Idaho 1 Nevada I Pioneer
Itah 4
New Millinery Monday
Onethird and halt price
IIEHFRYS 156 Main St
If its rortbe ofDar
Breeden hcs It
Note Book Cases
The proper system for fil
Ing notes bills or memo
randums For use in any
business office We hai
them In leather duck or
paper Almost any num
ber ot compartments
numbered or lettered
Bill Book Too
Of ceSmdgCo
f 2i1 Newhoulie Bell 3500 Bee U3Y
Thanksgiving Day Rates
Via Oregon Short LIne November 24 j
and 25 Limit November 29 City
Ticket Office 201 Main street
seeking the newest youll
find it at the H Quality store
Oleverest designs in volnens tailored suitstight
fitting long coats in black and colors capes in pas
j tel and street shades furs in single pieces and sets
rarest varieties sweaters in all styles and shades
1 petticoats to nlatchany suit skirts in latest models
and readytowear hats in exact copies of beautiful
imported models and domestic creations
w And the men tooweve not
neglected them
I The splendid stock of latest New York tailored models of
1 suits and overcoats shown indicate that we have just as care
fully planned to take care of the head of the family
t I Styles are attractive all through our stockqual
0 ities are better than same prices bring in cash
storeflbut the leading attraction at our store is
the generous and dignified plan of taking care of
1 our customers If you prefer you can have your
I purchases charged remitting to us weekly or
C monthly as you see fit Ve ask no questions and
ZA our usual rate is exceedingly low
100 a week400 ii month
pnyment The Wes te Ou tfit n our 0 Solicit neeount
WRY only III wny the es ern U Lo III your gooll credit
266 So State Opposite Knutsford
Stockholders Meeting I
Utah Ideal Mining company will be
held at 5 p m Monday evening Dec
6 1909 at 125 East First South street
WILL REES Secretary
We Want Our Regular Customers
To take specIal heed ot our great fur
offering for those who know the ME
HESY label will at once recognize the
advantage ot early buying
MEHESYS 156 Main St
To Keep Our Name Famous
For good values In Furs and Millinery
we are making exceptional offers for
Mondays selling
MEHES 156 MaIn St
3 3
i I Medicines Free I I
I To All Who Apply at OncE
For all catarrhal chronic diseases
I including Deafness Asthma Hay
I Fever and Lung Troubles until
A Special Offer This Week
I To Introduce their NEW trent
mont quickly ond prove Its HUP
I lor merit over all others Dr
Shore will thlll week trent nIl Ca
I tarrha IlIeaMell of every name and
unture for the Ion tee of 3 It
month medicines free
We maintain a
WE TREAT AND CURE Separate lnent for Depart all pri
DISEASES OF THE STOaBJH ate diseases ant
FISTULA AND ALL CrRABLB vantag You cannot secure else
NERVOUS CHRONIC AND PHI where The lowest possible cost
YATE DIEASES OF MEN WO for aCureabsolute Cures guar
MEN AND CHILDREN anteed respectable offices that you
need not be ashamed
All Examinations FREE Personai the utmost privacy s assured to visityet you
treatment by Dre
Office Uourstek days 9 a m no cheap hired doctors Sijores
to 5 p m evenings 7 to 8 p m
Sunday 10 a m to 12 noon ro STAY CUllED
for free symptom liNt ING DRAINS ETC and all pri
Drs SHORES SHORES vate diseasesand you pay in
small weekly or monthly install
EXPERT SPECIALISTS meets as the case progresse5
249 Jlaln Street OpPolllte Keith you may PAY WHEN CURED in
OUrlen Salt Lake City all private diseases
New York Stocks
Boston Coppers
Chicago Grain
Utah Stocks
Badger Brothers
Branch Office EureKa Utah
Members Salt Lake Exchange
Direct Wires to all
IarIets of the World I
Will Sell
18 Kasvllle Brick 9 I
4 Utah Mex Rubber Cap 295
Will Buy
Elk Coal Shares
Oares catarrh i money back Just
breathe ibiD Complete outfit includinl
inhaler 1 Extra bottles 50c Drnggistli
I Read HeraldRepublican Wants
I Iik14i FT
hITc Thf
L4 11
tJur i 1tii 3 I
F 4 S 1
Looking Backwards
Over years of our laundry business
there is the satisfaction of knowing
that we have steadily prore
This result attained by Quality Vip
use only Softened and Filtered Water
In the prooess
The Laundry ot Quality
Both phones 152 168 Main Stret
Salt Lake StOOl and Mining Excbanp
Denver Consolidated Stock Exohanga
Rawhide WJiDIr StOCk Exchange
Throckmorton Company
utah Savings Trust Bullding
Government Railway and Municipal
Bonds Bank and Investment Btoclu
New York Chicago San Francisco
Itawbida Tonopah Goldfiell1 and au
Principal Exchanges
a guaranteed cure for the Liquor
nnj Tobacco Habits
PRICE 1250
Schrnims Where the Cars Stop
Sole Agency
Be a Traveling Salesman
Increase your power to convince
ethers earn from l
1OO to H a
gear W R Trotter is the only man
teaching salesmanship who s sales
manager of a great wholesale house
and an official of the U C T Our
graduates hold paying poeltions alld
we can assist YOU to profitable em
ployment Ours Is the most practloal
and most highly endorsed course In the
The Trotter School of Sales
E B Houtz Local Mgr
517 Atlas Block
Salt Lake City
Stock Is Subjected to Severe
Pounding by Shorts
Others Strong
Columbus Consolidated continued the
big feature ot the mining stock market
yesterday with sales of about 22000
shares a large proportion of which were
on saHers of from ten to CO days Sel
dom has a stock been sUbjected to so se
vero pounding The short interest left
no stone unturned to bear the stock Even
the setldlng of telegrams to large holders
in the east advising them to sell was re
sorted to it is said
But withal the shorts bought heavily
With the great activity of the stock it I
was extremely sensitive within certain
limits A variation at ten cents a share
between sales was not uncommon The
cash stock was readily picked up at
the higher prices while the seller or
ders were permitted to go low The start
yesterday morning was at 160 compared
with l45 as the closing price Saturday
The high mark was S17 and the close was
at 150 seller 60 days
News from the mine was favorable and
the only hope ot the shorts In Columbus
Consolidated considerIng the limited
amount of the floating stock appears to
beto induce some large holder to part
with his stock Otherwise the price is
likely to steadily advance
The Columbus Consolidated movement
appeared to have a good effect upon the
market generally Colorado sold from
780 to 84c closing at S3c Red Warrior
went up to t05 Lower Mammoth sold
at 41c Tintic Central went from 5c
to 6c Iron Blossom held close to roc
and Sioux Consolidated was firm at Hc
to 45c
Conservative brokers contend that it
might be made the start of a strong buy
ing movement with upward tendency of
every meritorIous issue on the board it
only there were as many boosters as
there are knockers or If a noncombat
ant attitude were maintained
The total number of shares sold 106900
value 6635337 Closing quotations and
the days sales
I Forenoon Afternoon I
I Did lAsked I Did IAsked
Addle 1 01 02
Ajax 30 20 30
Beck Tun 13 H 17
Ding Amal 10Y 12 10w 1li
B Jack OS 00 OS 11
Boston Con 1700
Bullock OH 02
Carlsa 55 65
Cedar Ta Ot 05
Cent Iam 10
Century 10 07 OS
Cob lIn 79 SO 54 51
Colum Con 1G14 1G74 i624 100
Crn Point Oi Oiy OSIh
DalJudge 500
Drom Hump 07 07
Ely Calumet 45 46 45 46
E B Bell 7 70
Eagles Nest 06 06
E C Point O1 02 Ol 011h I
E Tintlc D r 08 OS 0S ½ I
Golden Reef OS
Gr Central 22 < 240 220 225
Grutll 02
Indian Qn 08Y < K 03 03
Ingot 01
1n0 Gold 06 07y 06 071h
Iron BIos 00 00 58 00
Iron KIng I53 16 15 161h
Int P Oil 100 102 100 102
Joe Bowers 01 01 ½ 01 01
Keystone 15 26 15 20
King Vm 30 I
Lead King OO1 re 02
LehiTintic 1 AYl Ih
untie 11611 l3J jj l > a
Little ChIef 00 00
L Mammoth 41 42 42 43
Maj Evans 01
Mason Val 1821h 1ST3 LSD 190
May Day H 17 14 17
lIn Flat 00 01 00 01
Men Lake O h 0Iiy
Mtn L Ext 01
Moscow 2i 35 25 3
Nev Brit 30 00
Nev Hills 70 SO
Newhouse 316 345 42ii
New York 18 12 10 12
Ohio Copper 516 5ro 635 550
Opohongo I 22
Ploche Met 03 W 10
Plutus 04 06
Prince Can 112Y 125 111h 15
Provo OS 00 071h
Red Warrior 400 420 400 410
Sacramento 03 I
Schwab oolh OO
S Troughs 10 11 I 10 U4 i
Silver King 391Yz tm 400
Sioux Con U 45 4ii 4iYz
South ColO7 OS 2 os OS
S Iron BIos OO4 00
Swansea C 02 OO 021h 05t
Swansea Ext 00
TlnUc Cent 054 07 06
Tlntlc Comb 02
T Empire 01 IXI Ol
T Humboldt 02
rncle Sam1 41 45 48
Ptah Con 00 07 07
Victor Con Ot 05 041h05
Victoria lro 157y 150 170
Wabash 07
W Nevada 18 1 20
Yankee Con 10 I 12 10 12
YerlnJ CoP t I OI4
Forenoon Sales
Ajax 100 at 3Oe
Bingham Amalgamated 1000 at lIe
Cedar Talisman 1000 at 4yc
Bullock 3000 at 30
Colorado 3200 at Sic 500 nt roc 2000 at
i9c 500 at 78e COO at 79c seller 00 days
Columbus 2200 at nGO 1900 at 16 200
at flOO 100at 16234 buyer 10 days 1300
at S153 00 at 166 buyer 10 days 1100
at 160 1000 at 152Yz seller 10 days 300
at 145 seller 60 days 200 at S1G 1000 at
IM seller 10 days ISOO at S162 300 at
1574 1100 at 14712 seller 60 das 1000 I
at 150 seller GO days 100 at SI57Ih 100
at S145 seller 30 days 300 at L671k
Ely Calumet 500 at 47c 1500 at 460
International Petroleum Oil 200 at Si
Iron Blossom 500 at GOc 4000 at 69c
Mason Valley 100 at S185 I
Mineral Flat 4000 at lc 1000 at 3e I
Nevada Hills 100 at 72c
Ohio Copper 100 at 56 200 at 550
Red Warrior 500 at 40 I
Sioux Consolidated 600 at 44e seller 60
days 700 at 440
South Columbus Consolidated 500 at 7c
2000 at 7Ytc 600 at 8e
Tlntlc Central IQOO at 5c 2000 at 6140
1000 at 6 ½ c seller GO days
Op n Board
Cedar Talisman 1000 at 4yc
Colorado 2Qi at SOc 300 at roc seller CO
days 200 at 79c
Columbus 400 at I62th 1500 at 165
1300 at S17O
East Crown Point 1000 at 1c
Indian Queen 2000 at 3lhc
Iron Blossom 1000 at 590
New York 1000 at lOc
Seven Troughs 100 at lie
Sioux Consolidated 500 at 41c 500 at 43c
seller 60 days
lnclp Sam 500 at 450
Shares sold 62550
Selling value 45829
Afternoon Sales
Beck Tunnel 100 at ISo
Century 1000 at 8c
Colorado 600 at SOc 200 at Sic 100 at 82c I
100 at 83c 100 at SIc I
Columbus 100 at 175 100 at SI72th 2 O
at S170 400 at S1G7 2235 at 165 400 at
1621fz 200 at I62Yt seller 30 days 100 at
nM seller 30 das 100 at 155 seller 60
days 100 at 100 seller 10 days 100 at
1621fz seller 6 days
East Tlntlc Development 4000 at So
4000 at 8Ao
Ely Calumet 200 at 460
Grand Central 100 at 2221h
Iron Blossom 500 at GOc ftOO at 69c
Lower Mammoth 200 at 42c
Red Warrior 100 at to
Silver King 100 at U
Sioux Consolidated 100 at 440 260 at
W4o fOO at 45c
South Columbus Consolidated 2000 at
Sc 950 at 8c
Open Board
Black Jack roo nt 9c
Bullock 600 at 2c
Colorado 1000 Dot s1c seller 0 days 1000
at SIc 100 at SSc seller 0 das 1000 at sac
Columbus Consolidated 5 at 155 buyer
5 days 52 at SI51 seller 10 days 1000
at l0 seller 0 days
Indian Queen 7000 at 3c
Iron Blossom 100 at o2c 1000 at Coo
Lower Mammoth 200 at 42c
Sioux Consolidated 100 at 45c
days Tintic Central 1000 at 61c seller 6
Shares sold 44410
Selling value 25247
New Resources Open Large at
Every Point of Attack Says
Word from the mine of the CQumbus
Consolidated company received yester
day by Manager Tony Jacobson was that
the new ore bOdy Is opening larger In
ever direction Drifts on the tunnel
level and thirty feet below the tunnel
level have opened the ore body 100 feet
on Its strike The drifts are entirely In
ore and the extreme face either way the
ore has been opened ten feet In width
without determining its extent Each
drift appears to have encountered a bed
in the limestone and each is being con
tnued In the ore
The raise from the level 100 feet below
the tunnel level Is eight feet by ten feet
and 45 feet high all in are The raise is
being driven to connect with the 9foot
winze from the tunnel level Drifts on the
3 and 4 levels are expected to cut the
new ore body within the next two weeks
Work In the mine is being largely con
centrated upon the work of opening the
new ore bOdy with the result that 70 tons
a day arc being taken out for shipment
The ore is said to average better than 140
a ton In this connection It is suggested
for the benefit of those who are short
Ing Columbus Consolidated stock on ac
count of the claim that the mine never
has paid that the difference between 1
ore and 15 ore Is considerable
Mr Jacobson said yesterday that he
had purposely refrained from giving out
much information concerning the new are
bOdy until I was pretty well proven to
avoid the charge being made that he was
attempting to boost the stok Anyone
who desires to see for himself the condi
tion of the mIne he declared will be
given every facility to examine I
Adopting the leasing system by the com
panies owning properties In the Search
light Mstrlct Is bringing quick result in
the way of meritorious mln showings
according to J W HUdgens and C J
Hudgens who are in the city from that
camp They believe that the new policy
is just what was needed In a district
whIch has long been dormant because
owners were unable to develop their hold
Ings and were backward about giving
leasers a chance
Roy Cook who Is operating a lease on
the Duplex property has opened about
four feet of ore which is said to run from
5 to t5 a ton He Is having a run
of 5 tom put through the Cyrus Noble
mill and it is believed that the returns
will average 0 a ton The are Is free
milling with values largely In gold
Joseph Spink John James and George
Morrison are prosecuting work upon va
rious leases with good prospects On
the same vein as that on which Is the
Cook lease they have from two and a
half to three feet at are which pans Ui
and 30 a ton They are taking out ore
at the rate ot a ton a day and have 25
tons on the dump
Several other leasers have good show
ings on the same properties
Boston Nov 2Afer an unsuccessful
effort to 1ecure control of Boston Con
solidated through merger with Utah
Copper on basis of three shares of Bos
tonfor one of Utah Copper the latter in
terests were informed that nothing bet
ter than 2 for 1 would be considered
We understand however a further of
fer of 23 for 1 was made and turned
Some large Boston Consolidated inter
ests have shown a willingness to convert
their holdings into Utah on a basis at 2
per share for Boston Consolidated and
it is not at all unlikely that such a trade
may be made and thereby get the Boston
Consolidated Into the proposed consolda
Discovery In the Hoosier mine at Good
Springs of a new body of hlghgrae
white zinc are characteristic ot the large
zinc mines of the camp is reported by
Manager J B Jenson Samples of the
ore have been sent to Kansas zinc smel
ters for analysis and for bids for the
product The new oe body has more con
clusIve indications of permanency than
any other encountered In the propertly It
is going down strong A now zinc mlo
the 1ford has been opened In the camp
and Mr Jenson regards it as a strong
Cristo rival of the Yellow Pine and the Monte
Federal Ely was a shade lower yester
day 20 shares havIng changed hands
at 19 cents McDonald Ely held strong
with sales of 16 shares at 5 cents
Other sales of unlisted stocks Bnghm cent
CentralStandard 2600 at 3 to 35 cents
Opex 5 at 20 cents Ulntah Treasure
Hill 5 at 1O4 cents Ely Witch was df
fered at 3 cent with 3 cents bid
San Francisco Mining Stocks
San Francisco Nov 2Tle official
quotations for mining stocks today were
as follows
Alto S 10 Julia 07
Alpha Con 0 Kentuck Con 10
Andes 16 Mexican 1271h
Belcher 0 N Y Con04
Best B 5S Occidental C 25
Bullion 17 Ophlr 14i
Caledonia 3 Overman 00
Challenge c 24 Potosi 45
Cholar 24 Savage 49
Confidence 8 Scorpion 00
C C Ca S9 S Belcher 1
Con Imp w Sierra Nevada r
Crown Point 8 Sliver Hill
Exchequer 2 Utah Con 9
Gould Cur 2 Yel Jacket 0
Hale Nor 4
New York Mining Stocks
Alice 200 L advle C r
Brun Con O Little Chief 06
Com T Stock 28 Mexican 12
C T Bonds 21 Ontario 225
C C Va 8 Ophlr 14
Horn Silver 70 Standard 12
Iron Sliver 16 Yel Jacket 9
Boston Mining Stocks
Adventure 57 Mohawk 600
Amalgamated 9175 Nevada 25
Ariz Com 455 No Butte 0000
Atlantic 115 Old Dom 66
Bute Coal 316 Osceola 1500
Cal Arlzl0 Parrot 300
Cal Hecla650 Quincy S65
Centennial 300 Shannon 16t
Cop Range S37 Tamarack 6700
Daly West 900 Trinity 150
Franklin 1650 U S Mining 556
Granb 1050 U S Oil 3725
Greene Can 102 Utah 470
Isle Royale 250 Victoria 375
Mass Mining 62 Winona
Michigan 65 Wolverine 73i
Owners of O K Expect to
Open Large Ore Body Un
der Caves
With a small body of ore giving values
of better than 40 a ton already opened at
water level the O K Mining Milling
company Is resuming active development
confIdent of soon disclosing large bodies
of shipping ore Its property consisting
of six full clam Is In the Wet Tlntc
district 15 miles west of Tlntc Junction
and It is I formation which affords ex
cellent reason for the belief that a big
mine Is to be opened
The contact In the quartzite Is more
than 5 feet wide It is said and experts
pronounce It the best looking Quartle
they have seen It is heavily ladened
with vein mate and Is dipping toward
a series of caves which has been en
countered in the workings Indicating
enormous bodies ot are underneath As
says from the outcroppings show good
values in silver and gold
Development costing 100 has already
been accomplished and some fine high
grade ore has been discovered The caves
are highly mineralized but everything
Indicates that the ore has been leached
the values going down I
The lowest workings are on the water I
level and crosscuts are being drIven un
del the caves In search of the ore But
I is regarded likely that the company
will have to sink a wlnze from 50 to 100
feet to get the best results
Large owners of the O K are pro
ceeding upon the conviction that they
will have a dlvldendpalng mine within
the next few months and they believe
that their success will attract a great
deal tion ot attention to the Vest Tintc sec
James A Polock Co banker and
brokers 6 West Second South street fur
nish the following received over their
private wire
Boston Copper Range
Boston Con 1f i7j 19 li 17
B Coaln 6595 3 3 3I 3H
BLon 2
C Arz 20 IOn 108 lO 107Y
Con Mercur 16
Cop Range 2200 8 84 8 81 I
Cum Ely 12 6 9 8 814
Daly West 14 10 10 10 10
Davis Daly 5 60614 60 60614 601
E Butte 545 12 13 121h 121
Ely Con 10614
Groux Con 4255 18 In 1 1A
Granby Con 10 10 103 103
Greene Can 90 13 13 1 13
Nev Con 345 2i 2 21 2S
Nay Utah 46 1 114 118 118
Nlplsslng 3 10 ½ 10 3 101h 10
No Butte 97 6 66 64 6
Trinity 12
U S S com 15 561 561 5 55
U S S pfd 231 52 52 ½ 52 521
Utah Con 18iO 471h 43 471 4714
Sup Bos oiO 11 Ii 11h 11h
Ray Cent 10 214 214 214 214
La Rose 80 4 40 4 4Y 45614
Boston Copper Close
I Bid tAsked
Gas 4 46
Back Mountain 70 75
Cobalt Central 29 3
First National 660 66
Daisy 07 12
Majestic 10 11 2
National 5 5
Oneco 17 20
Raven M 8
San Antonio 975
Leaf 1500 1600
Tonopah 65 68
Chino 862 8i
Gila 81 90
Chief Con 143 15
Begole 15 200
Boston Ely 30614 312 2
Chemung 170
Ely Central 131h 150
Gf Consolidated 800 811h
Florence 243 275
L Rose 450 462
McKinley 8 86
Rh Coalition 19 21
Ray Consolidated 20
Seneca 700
Queen 200 3000
yukon 500 512
Yuma 12 100
Inspiration 76 i 775
Cactus 300 30614
Adventure 675 62
Az Commercial 455 4ii75
C H 67 O 60
L Salle I li75 16121
Mocico Con A 65 6621
Mohawk 6375
llohawk 10 675
Osceola 15600 1600
Quincy 1 86 85
Shannon 1661h 167
Tennessee Copper 47i 412
utah Con 4700 4750
Victoria 375 400
Wolverine 1500 1100
Helveto 61 70
Lake 482 4S5
Miami 176 1762
Newhouse 361h 400
S B 147 1500
Oil 376 350
Utah Apex 47 487
Allouez 500
Atlantic 15 1200
Centennial 300 3900
Franklin 165 1700
Massachusetts 625 65
lIchlgan 650 70
G C 132 1331h
Old Dominion 65 55
Parrot 3100 312
Santa Fe 175 20
Tamarack 6700 600
Utah Copper Os 6L121
Winona 73 775
Wandot 22 27
Royale 265 200
Iew 281 32
Arcadian 45 65
North Lake 87 90
S P 168 i 1700
New York Listed Stocks
Sales OpenHigh Low do
Utah Cop 4800 6 6 0 6
Tenn Cop 3700 4114 42th 40l 4014
New York Curb Range
Boston Con 160 IH4 191 171 18
Cobalt CenU 1300 3 30 2 2
Ely Can 85 1 103 1 1
1st Nat Cop 6
Groux Con 75 In 1 10 1
Insp Cop 12 7 7 7 7
King Ew 2500 y 14 y
Miami Cop 585 18 1 18 18
Mont Sho 1
Ncr Con 150 2 2914 2 21
Nev Utah 10 18 1311 1164 18 4
Ray Cent 35 21 2 24 21
Ray Can 4000 2 23 21 21
Tlntc Ming 21
Yukon Gold 6 5 53114 5 50614
Cum Ely 8 S St S 8
Gila Cop 30 8 8 8 S
Chino Cop 1500 88 88 8 8
Ohio Cop 32 5 51h 5 6
La Rose 25 41 H 41h 456
New York Copper Close
I Bid IAskeI
Butte London 2 3
Cumberland Ely 875 90
Niplsslng 1031h 106
Newhouse 381 40
Davis Daly 60 612
Dominion Copper 02 0
Ely Central 13 15
Furnace Creek 08 12
G G S common 02 05
Mitchell 06 25
lltchel 0 2
Montgomery Shoshone 131 16
Nevada Smelting 81Yz 10
Silver Queen 2 2
Silver Leaf 16 18
King Edward 56 6 4
Foster Cobalt 4 45
McKlneyDaragh 80 85
Gibraltar 01 0
North Butte Extension 0 0
B S Gas 81h 1C
PennaWyoming 0
El Rayo 13 150
Braden Copper 45 4621
Incorporates the Golden Lon
Group With View of Extend
ing Operations
The strike made two weeks ago by
Leonard Hiopert in his Golden Lion group
at claims In Big Cottonwood district ad
joining the Vasatch Utah estate on the
north Is proving up so favorably that a
company has been incorporated with the
view ot undertaking a more extensive
campaign of development
Mr Hiopert has ben working his prop
perty singlehanded for a number of
years having drven a tunnel nearly 10
feet Recently he encountered 0 vein
from twelve Inches to eighteen inches
wide which carries ore running 2 a
ton in copper gold and silver Thirty
fet further along the tunnel cut the
contact where has ben opened from
two feet to six feet of ore which gives
values ranging from 2 to 13 a ton in
gold 5 to 2 ounces of silver and as high
as 10 per cent copper
Mr Hloper Is confident that develop
ment of that vein will produce a mine of
more than ordinary merit It Is the in
tention with the makIng ot all connec
tions and the building of a wagon road
to the property to push work to that
end as rapidly as possible
The new company is capitalized for
100 shares par value SOc a share It
Is called the Golden Lion Mining com
pany Officers and directors are Leonard
Hiopert president C L Vesely vice
president F L Palmquist secretary and
treasurer Joan Hiopert manager and
Alice Palmquist
San Francisco Quotations
ames AJ Polock Co bankers and
brokers 6 West Second South street fur
nish the following received over their
private wire
Sandstorm 01
Columbia IIountaln 07 OS
Jumbo Extension 1 13
Kendall 0
Booth 0 10
Blue Bull r 04
Adams 1 01
Silver Pick 0 0
Blue Bell r 0
St Ives 0
Lone Star
Oro 0
Atlanta 10 11
Great Bend r
Red Top Extension 01
Florence 471h
Dfeld B B Con 0
Goldfield Daisy 07 O
Combination Fraction 5 i
Great Bend Ext 01
Great Bend Annex 01
Kewitnos W C
Portland 01
Cradkerjack 01
F Mohawk m
Red Hills 0 M
Yellow Tiger 04
Goldfield Can 79 800
Dfleld Triangle 01
Florence Extension 01
Ophlr 14 147
Mexican 12
Consolidated Yirglnla 0 91
Savage 48 49
Hale Norcross 30 4
Yellow Jacket 0
Confidence 62
Sierra Nevada 46 50
Exchequer n 3
Union 5
Cholar 2 21
Potosi 41
Tonopah Nevada 650
Montana Tonopah 76
Tonopah Extension AS 49
IacNamarn 2 29
Midway 20
Jim Buter 11 12
Bonnie BULLFROG Clare I 14
Mayflower Con 08 10
Montgomery Mountain 0
Tramp Con I Ot f
Manhattan Con 1 I
Dexter 02
Pltsburg Silver Peak
Round Mountain I 5 I 6
Rawhide Colmon 19
I You Have I Read This Letter F
C Schm Guarantees Mona
I was taken lat August with a I
Vere stomach trouble The doctor saId
It was nervous dyspepsia He gave me
medicine for that I took his treat I
meat four weeks dldnt feel any
ter at the end ot tour weeks than I did
when I commenced taking his medicine I
I took everything I heard of The first
day ot December 1908 I got a box o I
lIna I took them that afternoon
and the next day an havent had one
bit ot pain in my stomach since the 2nd I
of December I took five boxes Feel
well now sleep goodtat is some
thing I havent done in a number ot
years Mrs M E Uafeld R F D
2 Avoc N Y June 9 199
Iona in the form ot n tablet Is the
best prescription for indigestion ever
I relieves after dinner distress
belching of ga foul breath heartburn
etc In five mlnut
I is guaranteed by F C Schramm to
permanently cur Indigestion acute or
chronic or any disease of the stomach
or money back
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F C Schram at 60 cent a large box
Test sample free from Booths lIona
Buffalo N Y

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