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Waterloo Petition Mysteriously
Missing but Council Re
convenes for It
AnnexatIon of a part Waterloo to
the city came near being defeated when
the city council last night adJourtd
WIthout reference to the petition When
the matter was callEd to the attentfon
of the council the fcsiilon was reCOll
Vened and the matter proved cond
tlonally to be taken up definitely next
Monday night
The petition from Sugar House was
bent bad to the petitioners for more
mpleto maps and more sihers When
hIs is done the council will agree to the
The Vaterlo petitions dilmppearance
wao a good deal tf a mystery lat night
The tbree petItions from Dr A Broth
beck for a land grant for airship ter
minals went to he committee
Curb and gutter extension No 15 on
Jefferson street between EIghth South
and Nlntl SJuthi sidewalk extensIon
No 148 on the south side of Second
South street between First West and
Second Vest pavIng extension No 65
on FIfth 10Ut1 street between Second
East and Foulth East paving extensftn
No 64 on Sixth South btreet between
FIrst West and State streets and curb
and gutter extension No U on Tenth
avenue between C and F streets were
all sent to the city engineer for eU
mates and ordinances This is dOIo f > 0
improvements will come next year and
no liability will be Incurred until then
when the city will have money
A new ordinance was read and re
ferred to to fire committee compelllng
property owners to cut all weeds and
dry grass withIn five days after receiv
ing orders from the street supervisor
Chief W H Glore Informed the coun
cil that fire station No 6 is now about
ready for occupancy that more equIp
ment woUld be needed and that ten
more firemen would be needed inereas
1ng the enrollment from 61 to 74 These
wEnt to the fire committee
The plat of Federal Heights was final
ly approved in fAce of the Denver Real
Estate syndicate asking that a new
street be opened
The resolution of Councilman T R
Black for the sale of all city land on
North State street tlJrth of FIrst North
street and on West Canyon rondo was
kIlled The city will keep the land for
a possible sale
The council refused to grant three ap
plications for gravel pits In the hill
back of Warm Snrings
The placIng of twentytwo new arc
lights In the FIrst precInct was approved
by the council The committee assured
councilmen from other districts that all
Would be treated alike
Dr F D Steele was again appointed
police surgeon at 75 a month because
of the opening of school
Councilman L E Hall wants the roll
changed EO that each member of the
council wIll be called upon to vote first
at least once In every sixteen roll call
votes and not according to the alpha
bet TIle resolution went to the rules
Removal Sale
BIg reductions in Wall Paper and
Primed PIctures VIII move Jan 1st
G doors north of present location to our
L rw 4story building
57 Main
Weak Lunq
Seventy years of exp rlencc with
Ayers Cherry Pectoral have given us
great confidence in it We strongly
recommend it for coughs colds bron
chitis weak throats and weak lungs
It prevents It protects It soothes
It heals Just the help nature needs
Keep a bottle of it in the house
Ak your dodor 10 name the hat JamlIII
mtdidne Jar coughs coM hronchil U1ak
lungs Follow hi advice J c A7er Co
Lowell M
The cause of piles is internal
Sluggish circulation in the lower
Piles cant be thoroughly cured by
outward treatment
An Internal remedy is needed to cure
the cause
Send for our booklet How Piles Can
Be Cured by Internal Medicine or talk
With SchrammJohnson Drugs SO South
Main street Salt Lake City who sells
Dr LeonhanWs HemRold at 1 per
bottle and guarantees It to cure
Dr Leonhardt Co Station D Buffalo
s YThe
The Night of Dread
by the crib of our sid and weakening
babe can never be forgotten
Neither can we forget our gratitude for
Graefenberg Childrens Panacea
for pulling the little one tluouh to
health and strength
Aoue booJd bin evetyhceewheethereiia
JiuJc we for the call may be guick and utllcnt
AllDruii Sail it
Sewing Machines
The Ideal tamUy Sawing machines Do more
kinds of cewing than Wly other mate do It eu1er
qtucker and betterand 1ut A lifetime We carry
ampete JtOCk U well u repairs for every
emergency Call and see the new btnger model
L lEI Srwa MAtlL1t CouAn 43 Zaire MAIl STEIl I
Every foitun
11 iDtcrcBted and ahould knOll
about tlle wonderful
AakyOtI drug ld lor
61 ic h cannot iUPP17 j
the ARVEL teUp e I
i thNJ bet lena tamp for m
trated bookeatdo n jim fill
Ifatlculara and direction Innlaable
Iladles MARVEL CO 44 L 23 II fttw Yell
F or sale by 8chrammJohnson drug stores
nd Van Djke Drug Co Salt Lake City
Ssy Dnngr Avoldea aa4 Cure
Co1lKU la IS nQur
A writer for the medIcal prvsi state
that coughing 1s ZGllponillble for the burst
ing of blood youel quite frequently A
cough or cold means Inflammation favor
and congestion and these In turn IndI
cate that the body il full ot pollons and
waste matter Simple relief fI found In
patent cough medicInes and whiskey of
ten result 1n more harm than good as
they cause more congetion A tonic
laxative cough syrup will work marvels
and here follows Q prescription which is
becomIng ramous for Its prompt relIef
and thorough cures It rIds the system of
the cause except It be consumption
Dont walt for consumption to grasp Its
victIm but begin this treatment whl h
cures some In fIve hours MIx In Q bottle
onehalf ounce fluid wild cherry bark
one ounce compound essence cardlol and
three ounces syrup white pIne compound
Take twenty drops every halt hour for
four hours Then onehalf to one tea
spoonful three or four times a day GIve
children less according to age
Real Estate values are IncreasIng In
Salt Lake City The
Classified pages and tell where you what to buy
Life Isnt
Worth Living
Wen This Statement Is Made
It May Be Generally Attrib
uted to the Lack of
Good Heath
We want t talk to people who are ner
vous who suffer frequent headaches
who dont enjoy the food who are ir
ritable quickly lose their temper who
aro so exhausted that they feel they
must give up and have become so de
I spondent that life dosnt seem worth liv
ing We bele we know what is the
matter with these people In this condi
tion and i they will follow our advice
we can tel tem how to regain good
health and that buoyancy of feeing
which makes life seem surrounded with
happiness and sunshine
Most of the above described conditions
are chiefly caused by what is commonly
called catarrh a below par condition
of mucous membranes This delicate Un
Ing of certain of the body cavities be
comes weakened inflamed and congested
until the whole system is weakened men
tal depression ensuing as one of the re
sults The wise way to overcome this
condition Is through a treatment of the
general Stem Ve have the treatment
and we are so positive it will produce
the results we claim for i that we will
supply i to anyone with the under
standing that we will return to them
every penny paid us i ever intance
where the treatment Is not in every way
satisfactory and beneficial to them
We want you to try Real MucuTone
which is a scientifically devised altera
tive tonIc and body builder its acton
being to aid the bOdy In Its effort to re
establish the natural and healthy func
tions of the mucous membranes
Rexl MucuTone thus act to expel
the catarrhal poison restore the mu
cous cells to good health ton up the
whole body allay inflammation remove
congestion and stimulate the system to
healthy activity I is splendid for aIdIng
in the building up of flesh and muscle
tissue and removing weaknesses
Come to our store and get a bottle of
MucuTone and after giving i a reason
able trial If yoU are not satisfied simply
tel us so and we will hand bak simpl
money without question
wihout queston Surely nothin
could be more fair than this Rexail
MucuTone comes in two sizes 50 cents
and 0 Remember you can obtain
Rexal Remedies in salt Lake CIt only
at our storesThe Rexal Stores Smith
Drug Co Inc The Busy SmI
Smith Drug Co No2 105 So Main street
I Druehl Franken 2 So Main
Beautful Mahogany Piano
Pianola to match 37E Removal sao
Carstensen Anson Co
p 0 p
Chicago Excursion
VIa Sal Lake Route Very low round
trIps rates in effect all sttons In Utah
Nov 16 and 17 God returning to Dee
15 Los Angeles Limited 2 days from
Juab or Milford to Chicago ElectrlJ
lighted steam heated Observation
agent buffet car Ask any Salt Lake Rote
Removal Sale
PIanos playerpinos Carstensen
Ansn Co 7571 W p 2nd p So street
Thanksgiving Day Rates
Via Oregon Short Line November 24
and 25 LImit November 29 CIty
TIcket Office 21 Main street
Removal Sale
Pianos playerpios Catensen a
Anson Co 757 W 2nd So street
Shipments Small Compared With
Those of Last Year
T J Keogh of the Raft River Land
Stock company of Ogden arrived In S3t
Lake last his return frem
lat night on h retur a
three weeks business tip to Chicago Mr
Keogh reports a scarcity of sheep on fd
and in the yards at Illinois pint 1 r
fO head were at Kirkland this time s
year there are less than 100 r
Rdhelle Ill has none on band
year pared t 50 at a similar period 1
Mr Keogh attributes the shortage to te
high prIce of corn the fear of west
shippers that on account of the lip 1
leg disease scare their shIpment ma
turned back He believes wool W I
high next season Several clips
been contracted for already at 3
many are holdIng back
VAir Ciieffe I
Are Be I
Because the mouthpiece affords the most enjoyable
economical and convenient form of
II liil cigarette
I IIll It cools the smoke prevents the fingers from being
I liii stained and tobacco from getting into the mouth
1 liii You smoke all the tobacco in a mouthpiece ciga
I 11111 rete You dont have to pay for a third more
I j Ill tobacco than you smoke as in the case of other
tan te oter
I j1I j1 I cigarettes Consequently you get a better grade of
tobacco for your money
t I IIl I
Mouthpiece Cirette
are an exceptional blend of fine imported tobacco thoroughly
mellowed and ripened They are rolled with rice or mais
papercrimpe not patednoter advantage over ordinary
r lOe for box of 10
THE JOHN BOLLM CO Manufacturers San Frac
The funeral of Wiord Jones will b
ljt at 1 ocock this afternoon at St
11rs church Burial will be in M
l vd cemetery One year ago Mr Jones
IS married t Miss Della Wilson a
3 dgter ot Mrs E H Mead who was
I omment In social clrcels In Sal Lake
h y lived In New York until about three
r nts ago when Mr and Mrs Jones
rbred to Sal Lake and Mr Jones be
Em business here as an architect His
fatal Illness of typhoid fever began
about three week ago Mr and Mrs A
Bruce an uncle and nut tom Elko
1H arrived yesterday t attend the fii
rf 11
George of SaxeMeiningen
Under the Ban of the
Emperor William
Berlin Nov 2The kaiser is by no
means on the bet of terms with all of
the German reigning houses His sudden
ness in arriving at conclusions and his
reluctance to admit the untenableness of
the same has frequently caused friction
between himself and the sovereigns of
various of the German minor states
This was notably the case when Prince
Lopold of Lpp ascended the throne of
Lippe Detmold which the kaiser was
pleased to think appertIned to his broth
erInlaw Prince Adolph of Schaumburg
LIppe For many years all relaUons be
tween th court ot Lfpe and the Prus
sian court were broken oft and i Is only
recently tat a kind of patchedup truce
has been brought about Of late years
however the emperor has been more con
ciliatory and the termination of the hos
tile feeling tat has prevailed between
him and old Duke George of Sae Mein
Ingen Is expected soon
Duke George in 183 married Frau von
Heldberg a prominent member of the
Meiningen court theatre The marriage
has been one of the happiest on record In
German court annals and the old duke
has sturdily upheld the right of his con
sort to b recognized as his equal
Despite the fact tat the oldest son of
the duke Crown Prince Bernhard Is mar
ned to Charlotte of Prussia the oldest
sister of the kaiser unfriendly relations
have existed between the two courts ever
since the duke contacted the marriage
Maters have gone so that the kaIser has
refrained from visiting elnlngn since
and Gret and Melnlngen are the only cap
Ials in the German empire thus neglected
On the 4th of January next year the
granddaughter of the duke PrIncess Feo
dora Is to be marred to the Grand Duke
Wlhelm Ernst of Sae elmar and on
that occasion the kaiser Is bound to met
the grand duke
Speculation Is rife as to the events that
will tae place then The chivalrous old
duke is stilt willing to break a lance for
the honor of hIs consort and the kaIser
still reluctant to go back on what he
has said and done I Is expected how
ever that the kaisers proverbIal gener
osIr will assert itself on the occasion
more especially as the due Is now 73
years of age and his marriage wIth Frau
lein Franz the operatic singer took place
as far back as l
Takes Interest In the Stage
The kaiser is evincing his interest In
the stage again The last time that he
took any active part In the organization
of the plays of the royal theatre In Ber
Un was on the occasion of the sting of
the grand opera Salamis which with
Its gorgeous costumes magnificent scen
ery and overwhelming barbaric music
has been the despair of all connected
with It
The kaIser Intended at that time to gIve
a representation of bygone eater
splendor such as had never ben realized
before and was successfuL Neverthe
less It is whispered that many a courtier
would willingly undergo may and vari
ous dIscomfort rater than be compelled
to sIt through the four hours of earsplt
ting and Imposes eyebewUderhg torture that Salamis
Now however the kaisers tat has
taken a quieter channel and he Is busily
superintending the rehearsals of the late
deceased Erst von Wldebrchs drama
Der Deutsche Konig The German
King Frau von Wldenbrush the wi
dow subservient to all the kaisers de
sires has shortened It omitted passages
and Inserted others until the piece has
assumed quite a different character to
that which I originally possessed
The other day an outbreak occurred
The kaiser Insisted on having a certain
passage left out But said Frau von
Widenbrch my husband particularly
prided himself on that part and it ought
to and must remaIn
I that Is really so said the emperor
feeling then he knew more about Gr
man kings than I do and it must natural
ly remain
The kaisers latest joke was perpetrated
at the famous Thlerpark zoological
gardens of Hagenback at Steln en
which he visited when the Hohenzoler
was In the North sea
On being Informed by Mr Hagenback
that hIs forty lions were washed weekly
all over the bodies he turned to hIs suite
ot offIcers and said Now gentlemen can
anyone tel me with what Mr Hagnback
washes his lions
One officer suggested soap another
scrubbIng brushes and another soda
No said the kaiser laughingly he
Labengafahr washes them with danger to himself mlt
Mono Railway System
The Englishman Brennans Idea of a
gyroscopic mono railway track and mono
wheel car has been characteristically
seIzed on by a watchful German engineer
and improved engneer
In a few days a fulsized car seven
teen feet long and capable of accommo
dating a dozen passengers will b run
ning on a tulsized track at the Berlin
zoological gardens In order to convince
the authorities and general public of the
practicability of the scheme
The German invention naturally shows
sufficIent alterations from its English
original to warrant the German and Eng
lsh patent offices issuIng special patents
under which it is protected but the man
ideas remain the same
The Invention Is the outcome as far as
Germany Is concerned of the praise
worthy enterprise of the proprIetor ot the
Beringer Lokal Azelger Her Schere
who has for the last few years ben
championing the introduction ot reforms
for general traffic
The adoption of electric traction urges
Herr Scherl Is not sufficient to cop with
the enormous Increase that has taken
place In traffIc In Germany of late years
and a uniform system of mono rails and
cars would greatly promote Germanys in
dustral and agricultural capabilities
Scientific men are already prophesying
as radical changes in the system of taf
fc as took placeon theappoarance of the
electric means or propulsion
Coupled with the new gyroscope mono
railway system Herr Augustus Scherl
has planned a central station for Berlin
Into whIch all mono railways from north
east south and west should run thus do
Ing away with the various terminals ex
isting at present
The mono railway would b an elevated
one traversing the tops of houses and
long lines of archc The plans for the
system have all been worked out in detail
and the most clebrated experts have
passed on them favorably
SnIt Lake Tboatooh B Youn
I L 86 D m
Orhoum atVaoYWe 2r15
P m and 815p I
Colonial Thtutehe Girl Quel
ton 815 p m
Bungalow Theatre Patags
Vaudeville 2i15 p m and 815 p m
Grad ThetreWatr tcCul
lough and the stock company in
Brown of Harvard 81 p m 4
t + + ffttf + 4 + ytttttttttt
If I could have a thousand years
Jut one little thousand yeamore of
life I might In that tie draw near
enough to true romance to touch the
hem of her robe This Is the lament of
O Henry in hIs story He Also
Serves upon which the musical com
edy Lo is based Whoever named
the play Lo killed Its chances as a
drawing card I Is the one false note
I this delightful production whIch by
any other name would attract the at
tention I deserves
The audience that greeted L at
the Salt Lake theatre last night was
not such as the merit of the perform
ance warranted perhaps for the afore
mentioned reason or because I comes
between a week of brilliant theatrical
events and the Thanksgiving holiday I
Is among the best musical comedies
seen I Salt Lake thTs season The
story upon which I Is based is one of
Mr Henrys best and for once the
promise of a real plot is sustained The
flavor of romance Is as acceptable as
are John E Youngs Broadway wIt
csms Combined they are irresistible
Act one shows the deck of the Dear
Maria at a North rIver pier An expedition
pedition to Yucatan in the interest of
ethnological reserch Is under way di
rected by Wiefeather an educated
Indian Johnny ODay goes along In
the Interest of the International Smelting
Ing Ice company Euphemia SImp
son is typewriter of the expedition
and the Countess Delia Plat hopes
to promote a revolution
The second act Is In two scenes the
home of the United States consul at
Yucatan and the Interior of an Aztec
temple NIcoya a Yucatan malden
sees In Vhleeather her lover of a
thousand years ago In the temple an
IndIan god is discovered whIch Is
Wlefeathers Image The god Is
removed and the Indian takes hIs place
In the get statue song Nicoya dis
closes her love for Whleeather and
her belief that he is the reincarnation
ot her dead lover Together they dIsap
pear In the forest and Euphemia con
soles Johnny for the loss of his
The musical numbers are the best fea
ture of the performance though saying
that Is not to complain of the lines the
acting or the way in which the piece is
staged But there are at lest two
beautiful voices and many of the
others have merit The second number
Good Morning Mr Sailor by Cherry
Kee and chorus shows Miss Halls ex
qusie soprano voice to advantage She
is one of the favorites of the evening
and make a great hit In LIttle
Things In which she Is ably seconded
by John Owen Dorothy Brenner In
her role of Euphemia Simpson Is de
lightful and was repeatMly encored In
her specialties Nicoya played by
JuUete Lange is a minor role which
comes out strong In the most beautiful
song of the play the Statue Song
I I delightfully featured In the dim light of
the ancient Aztec temple
With John E Young In the role of
Johnny ODay that part Is the im
portant one of the play and Mr Young
takes care of I in a most acceptable
manner His jokes are new and clever
and he has an inimitable way ot deliver
Ing them that adds much to theIr value
His best songs are Tammany on Pa
rade and You Can Always Be My
With the welrled and welgowned
choruses and an elaborate stage setting
Lo Is a finished production and de
serves well of thetregoers I may be
seen Tuesday and Wednesday nights
and Wednesday matinee
A performance to whIch very great In
terest attaches Is that of The Ian From
Home at the Subert theatre Nov 2
2 26 and 27 I Is a homemade product
of the middlE west by Booth Tarkington
and Hart Leon Wilson voicing the
loves hopes ambitions and asplratons of
life in the central states I illuminates
the burning question of international mar
riagesthis sacrIficing the flower of fash
Ionable American girlhood upon the burt
out altars of downattheheels outat
theelbows frayedInmorals and utterly
desttutelnprlnclple European nobility
Liebler Co will duplicate the produc
tion here as given during Its years stay
In Chicago and New York They have
but one company on the road and that
ts the organization with scenic and spe
cial stage environment booked here for
the above date
The sale of sat for the Salt Lakers
production of The Serenade Victor
Herorts great comIc opera will begin
at the Salt Lake theatre today
For Thanksgiving day net Thursday
the Bungalow theatre will offer one of
the strongest bills presented in tat not
popular playhouse and on that occasion
will give a continuous performance dur
fag the afternoon and evening
The Bungalow since its conversion into
a home of Pantages vaudeville has been
steadIly growing in popular favor with
increasing patronage The bill chosen for
the week beginning with Thanksgivtn
day has been selected with the discrm
nation that makes every act a feature
An unusually large audience witnessed
The Girl Question at the Colonial Mon
day night John Kearneys rapid firing
American patois and pigeon English found
response from the audIence who at times
applauded so vociferously that Con Ryan
Keareywas compelled to stop In his
lines to acknowledge the plaudIts HIs
lameness caused by blood poisoning has
entirely disappeared consequently hIs
dancing Is up to hIs standard and his
singing of Oh gee be good to me pal
goes well
In Wyoming that stirring play of
wester life will be on view at the Co
lonIal net week Some one has said that
the days of the western play are num
bared This may be true of the many so
called western plays wit the shooting
exaggerated character horse play and
nonsense but If the avidity wIth which
In Wyoming has been received in each
of the cites I has appeare d can be
accepted a any criterion i Is safe to say
the knell of the genuIne typical western
play will not sound for a long time yot
In addition to the sympathetic story It
details there is a spirit of naturalness
about the play which gives It an added
appeal The press In nearby cites say
the supporting company gives the piece a
very good presentation and brings out It
beauties In telling fashion
There are 50 many good thIngs at the
Orheum theatre that each act mIght be
called the feature act However any per
son who does not enjoy the bill as a
whole can not be sat led A Morning
In Hickvlc will cause anybody to
laugh and will mystify not a few
r Brow of Harvard is the attraction
at the Grand theatre all thIs week and
i Is one continuous laugh week rise
of the curtain until the finlhof the last
act The play has a love story combIned
with humerous situations makIng the pro
ducton one of merIt throughout Walter
IcCulough in the part of Tom Brow
made new friends and threw a great
deal of humor into the already funny situ
aUons The company Is well balanced
and gives a very fine presentation of the
piece Brown of Harvard will continue
for the remainder of the week
The Theatre Magazine this week con
tains the announcement that Willari
tat Wiard
Mack and his wife Maude Leone will ap
par at the Grand theatre the week > ap
ginning December 5 In Janice Meredith
I remains to be seen whether the man
agement of that plaYhouse will jiresume
further upon the publics forbearance and
attempt to cause i to bring money into
the coffers The theatregoing public bas
put up with much from Wiard Mack
and has forgiven some of his Insult Mack
apparently I must suffer again The
Grand theatre management has evidently
experienced a great change ot heart dur
ing the last few weeks as its members
a it
declared most emphatically but a short
time ago that they were through with
WUlard Mack forever and that he would
not b allowed to appear in that theatr
The historic Peoples Theatre of Chi
cago has just been purchased by Sullivan
van Considine as another house for
their Imperial Vaudeville This makes
I three houses In Chicago playing Sullivan
I Considine attractions Mr Considine
left Seattle lat week to attend the open
ing of the frs new theatre in Kansas
City and i Is expected that he will arivo
In Sal Lake about Jan a l
Convention Alleges Cattle Interests
Are Helped at Fockasters
Special to The HeraldRepublcan
Ephrim Nov Chargng forest of
ficials of district No 4 with fostering a
prejudice against the sheep industry of
the state and claiming that the proposed
reductions of 2 per cent in allotments of
grazing land on the forest reserves for
1910 would prove destructive tl the Indus
try a majority of the wool growers of
southern Utah met In convention here
passing strongly worded resolutions
against the reduction
I Is claimed by the sheepmen that the
proposed reduction i merely a pretext for
the furthering of cattle Interest at the
expense of the sheep interests Through
the resolutions the wool growers offer
to prove that the proper utilization of the
grazing facIties on present f rest service
allotments would not work
alotments only to the
interests of both warring factions but
would have no ill effect on the water
sheds as claimed by the forestry depart
ment I further stated that at present
certain extensive allotment to the cattle
raisers now go ungazed and might just
as well be used by the sheep interests
In view of this the sheep men not only
protest against the reduction of allotments
ment but maIntain that they should b
The convention also passed other vigor
ous protests against minor workings of
the forest service Among these was one
pertaining to the selection of forest
rangers for sheep districts The sheep
men request that experIence in handling
sheep be made one of the qualifications
The Rev Father D Kely of St Mars
cathedral has been informed that a
strange man who represents himself to
be a priest In hard luck has ben clrculat
tng among the residents of Brigham
street and elsewhere In the city soliciting
alms He wears the clothes of a Catholic
clergyman and is putting up a plausible
story but Father Kiely believes that the
mania an impostor He has not appeared
at the parsonage at the cathedral and
has not requested any assistance there
Several Impostor have appeared in the
city lately and have received conderable
money bIore beIng exposed
Former County Clerk Wants to Fol
low Precedents
The friendly suit of J U Eldredg jr
former county clerk against the boatd
of county commIssioners was heard by
the supreme court yesterday on appeal
from the decision of Judge C W More
Eldrdge during his four years as clerk
received more than 16 In fees as agent
of the government in naturalization mat
ters He brought suit to retain the
money following precedents
The commissioner hold that he is a sal
aried officer and could not accept the
fees from the government John M Zane
of ChIcago argued for Mr Eldredg
before the supreme court and the com
missioner were represented by Phio T
MIss Irene Kelly who was to have ap
penned in the Saturday matinee perfor
mance of the Serenade Opera company at
the Salt Lake theatre ha withdrawn from
the cast Greta Cardon of Logan
who takes the part for the other engage
ments has arranged to appear for the
matinee a well
One of the Greatest Political
Contests of History Now
on in England
London Nov The coming polItical
contest will b one 1n which more passion
ate conviction and feeling will display Itself
self on the two sides than has occurred
for many a long year
These prophetIc words were spoken by
Mr Balfour In a political speech i this
city a few weeks ago and they have al
ready begun to come true for the fIght
ostensibly over the budget but rally one
between the peers and the people will
decide whether a count resting upon
the franchise Is to continue to be ruled
by a body of titled Irresponsible legis
lator who have climbed into their pres
eat position either on the shoulder of
their ancestors or on top of their money
The present position has become utter
ly unbearable even to a people as pa
British tient and as conservatively inclined a the
I the house of lord had for members
men of wisdom and experience who re
garded great questions from a national
pint of vIew the present conditions
might continue Indefinitely but when
everyone knows that the majority of
peers are far more familiar with Monte
Carlo than with St Stephens and are
more at home with betting books than
with blue books the people do not see
why the time has not come to make the
change whIch Is bund to come some
That the lord are fully aware of their
unpopularity with the voters is evident
from the fact that i they do throw out
the bUdget as undoubtedly they will after
scoring the kings attempts at media
tion they will not dare put the land Is
the front rank of political issues but
will join hands with the liquor interests
which especially in England have a con
siderable popular force behInd them and
will fight the too democratic budget from
behind beer barrels
There are indications however that
even this holy alliance may come to grief
for among the better element of the
working classes the popularity of the sa
loon has greatly decreased and the old
cry about rObbing the poor man of his
beer has not the same effect as in olden
The workers know that in the first place
the lords do not care a continental wheth
er the workingman gets any beer or not
except just before an election and In
the second they have realized tat the
drink to progress evil is the greatest of all barriers
The lords are in a tight place and they
know It but they know to that they
are fighting for their very existence and
like drowning men they try to make every
straw a life belt
Remarkable Criminal
One of the most remarkable criminals
upon whom the law has laid it hand ap
peared in the dock at Middlesex sessions
yesterday in the person of Charles Wil
lams aged 64 He ha ben known and
feared by the police for many years A
long time ago he attracted the attention
of Dr Albert Wilson the eminent ape I
cialst who declared that Williams pos i
sensed a bran superior to that of the aver
age cabinet mInister
He Is so clever and intelligent that he
might well have ben prime minister
the specialist added yet a more expert
cracksman never lived
Williams would don evening dress to
perpetrate his crimes and passIng him
self off as a per would mix In the best
society He was such a daring criminal
that the home office gave orders that
he was never to b deal with single
handed Two policemen heavily armed
were always told off for the purpose
Thirty years ago Williams was sen
tenced to penal servitude for life Re
leased on license at the end of tent
years he became a suburban shopkeeper
and he spoke willingly and apparently
with regret of his darIng exploits
When I was a lad earning a few shil
lings a week he said something told
me I had big brain power I loved to
work out plans While my brain was
rusting for want ot something to grapple
with old burglar chance threw me in the pat of an
I sled the chance and it became
my delight to plot a big burglar I tri
umphed in the profession as Dr Wilson
told me I should have triumphed a a
profesional man In an honest path of
One Noted Exploit
One of Williams memorable exploits
was at a West End mansion which was
guarded with so may burglar proof ap
pliances that three other crcksmen had
given up the task I
Williams In faultless evening dress
walked to the rear of the mansion He I
made a risk climb to the roof and creep
ing along he dried holes In a door used
by the servants when cleaning skylights
until he exposed the electric wires These
he syringed with a powerful acid En
tering a small chamber he saw the bat
teries which operated the system of
alarms throughout the house He remove
the carbons and then his task of steal
lug the jewels from the dressing room
was easy
Making hIs way to the hal he lit a
cigar unbarred the front door and walked
out A servant who was returning late
had his suspicions aroused but Williams
wit complete presence of mind said
You are late they are jut going to
Then he entered a passing hansom and
drove away with his valuable haul of
The charge which brought Williams
agaIn to the criminal court was that of
burglary and receiving stolen property
Sentence of eighteen months Imprison
ment was passed
The London county council tram drv
er and conductors are up in arms against
a new regulation which says they must
not partake of food or drink while on
cars I motion
Mr Spakan distrIct secretary of the
Tram Workers union declares thatwhie
it may be true that frivolous complaints
have ben received from one or two fus
sy people that danger Is caused by men
neglecting their duties for their meals
neglectng teir dutes mes
thee Is no such danger The men can
not imperil their passengers without im
periling themselves
The meals referred to consist gen
erally of a sandwich wit a pull of co
coaa mere smack of refreshment A
meeting of he district council of the
union is to be held on Wednesday to dIs
cuss the order which In the meantime
the men are Ignoring Between 7 and 8
per cent of them belong to th union
Ate Forbidden Food
A remarkable stat of affairs was d
closed at a meeting of the Jewish Board
for the Affairs of Shechlta a body which
regulates tJe killing of meat for Jew
ish consumpton I has ben usual for
some time pat for officials of the board
to give theIr services at Jewish anquet
held at nonJewish hotels Their duties
are those of supervisors They must gar
antee the fitness of viand for Jewish
Despite these precautions I was stat
ed at the board by one speaker that he
attended a Jewish banquet which wa
said to be under supervision and shrimps
the most forbidden of forbidden foos
had ben served up wIth whitebait
He summoned the shomer super
visor and asked for an explanation and
the reply was that he had not time to
pick the shrimps out
I has been suggested that only men
of unimpeachable reliability should bi
selected for these occasional duties and
that a list of persons qualified a Ito
mrs should be ava11able t hotel kee
er when needed
The chef rabbi II particularly keen on
inquiring at public dinners whether the
supervisor can be rele upon
Indigestion and all Other Stom
ach Distress Goes After
Taking a Little Dapepsin
You can eat anything your stomach
craves without fear of Indigestion or
Dyspepsia or that your food will fer
ment or sour on your stomach if you
will tae a little Diapepsln occasion
You meals will taste good and any
thing yo eat will be digested nothIng
curt ferment or turn into acid or poison
O Joch g which causes Belching
DInnss a feeling a fullness after
eating Nausea Indigestion like a lump
of lead in stomach Biliousness Heart
burn Water brash PaIn in stomach and
intestines or other symptoms
Headaches from the stomach are ab
solutely unknown where this effective
remedy Is used Dlapepst really does
all the work ot a healthy stomach I
digests your meals when your stomach
cant A single dose will digest aU the
food you eat and leave nothing to fer
met or sour and upset the stomach
Get a large 50cent case of Papes Dia
pepsin from your druggist and start
taking now and In a little while you
wU actually brag about your healthy
strong Stomach for you then can eat
anything and everything you want
without the slightest discomfort or mis
er and ever particle of impurt and
Gas that is In your stomach and inte
tines Is going to be carried away with
out the use of laxatives or any other
Should you at this moment be suffer
ing from Indigestion or any stoma
disorder minutes you can get relief within five
A genera increase In deposits and other resources Is shown In th consl
dated bank statement compiled by Secretary of Stat C1arles S Tngy yester
day showing the resources and liabilities of the three private and sixtyone state
banks In Utah at the close of business Otober 15 19 as compared with the con
dition of these banks on June 8 1 The complete resources on October 15 were
200 5894 as compared to UO74761 on June 8 or an increase of nearly
A decrease is ehown In the capital stock of banks during the year tom
9162 to 76612 This is accounted for through the failure of the
JapaneseAmerican brach bank at Ogden which had pdup optal of about
20 The comparative statements are as follows
Oct 15 19 June 8 19
Loans discounts and overdrafts56965367J 3217445
Stocks bonds etc 3Ollm 3483 t
Banking house furniture and fixtures 6361 607 l
Real estate 3l617L 31108
Due from national banks 534 IOS3U11
Due from state bank and bankers 28812 2IH05U
Cash on hand 27141 211
All other resources 68O ml4l
Total t5S8494 474773 U
Capital stock paid 37562 s 8t162M
Surplus fund 84197 74MU
Undivided profits 12 8U3f 4
Due to national banks 818 8693
Due to state banks and banker 18l1 19117f
Commercial deposit 54 173185
Savings deposits 12910 n94721
All other liabilities 1O78767 18047747a
Al labiltes 1176 IS747S
Total sSt94 W7U73 11

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