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InferMountain Yo1 Hi No iOD Republican SALT LAKE CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY NOV 24 1909 Price 5 Cents The Salt Lake HeraH
VoL Iii No 81
David DeArmond Congress
man From Missouri Burned
to Death With His Grand
son a Child Six Years Old
Deceased One of the Best De
baters on the Floor of the
Lower House and a Man
41b Held in the Highest Esteem
Kansas City Nov 23It was il1 i a
vain effort to save the life of his it
tIe grandson that Congressman David
A DeAnnond of the Sixth Missouri
district perished in a fire that de
stroyed his home in Butler liro early
The heroism of the congressman waa
malIe known late this afternoon when
with his arms locked around the burned
body of the little boy DeArmonds body
was found He had caught up the six
parold boy DavId A DeArmond jr
and rushed with him through the flames
that filled hit room He fell with his un
conscious burden and both sank through
the floor to quick death
What makes th tragedy unusually pa
thetic Is the fact that the grandson was
the grandfathers Idol Last night the
boy went to his grandfathers home R3
usual and after a happy evening the two
reUnd The next the family heard ot
thEm was early today when from behind
the smoke and flames that enveloped the
house the boy screamed
Oh grandpa gct me out ot here Quick
Im burning to death
Yes son dont be afraid Grandpa
will take you out was the calm reply
Then both went down to their death
The rest ot the family sleeping In the
house at the timeMrs DeArmond her
daughter Irs Clark and MIss Nettie
Boleswere greatly shaken by their ex
per1nces Mrs DeArmond fainted and
wuuld have met death In the flames had
not her daughter dragged her out Into the
Sympathetic Message
MpsFages of condolence from all parts
ct the country were received by the De
Armonds this afternoon
Jolmes A DeArmond editor of the Bates
County Democrat son ot the congress
man and father of the boy who was
burned tried to rush Into the burning
house to save his father and son but
was prevented by others
Jt1gressn1an DeArmonds other sons are
Edward lL DeArmond an instructor at
cst Point and Lieutenant George W
Iu DeArmond now serving with the army
7 In the Philippines A brother ot the con
gressman VUlfam DeArmond lives In
Chicago A second brother J A DeAr
mond lives In DaveIOrt Ia
Mrs Hattie Clark the daughter Is the
Wlfr of Harvey Clark who Is In the em
rY vf the Missouri Pacific at Nevada
Double Funeral Friday
oligreesman DeArmond and his little
grandson will not be separated In death
1ilght It was decided to hold a double
I r ral for them Friday afternoon In
t rmfllt will be In Oak H1l cemetery
1 re
Word was received from Washington
t nIght that a congreselona committee
I old bpen appointed to attend the funeral
Among the messages ot condolence re
I Id was one from Speaker Cannon
From Washington PresIdent Tart sent
the following message to Mrs DeArmond
Mrs Taft and I are shocked to hear
th dreadful news We sympathize most
d ply with you In your sorrow Your
iLind and I were very intimate I val
J Ins friendship most highly He was
an honest able servant ot the public and
a rtr1ot lIy heart goes out to you in
r loss
Shock to Mr Bryan
fhfford Arizona Nov 23Yhen In
r rmtd by the Associated Press of the
o1th of Congressman DeArmond Wit
J lm J Bryan who Is on a lecture tour
I 1m shocked to hear ot Mr DeAr
mnus death and distressed that It came
in ih a way
HE was a really great man and an
i J congretlBman able fearless and
t v att Iful He wall a most faithful repre
s ntdtlVE of his people His death Is a
r n lose to our part In the state and
th west and his place will be hard to
1Liana Nov 23No tidings have
r 1 hEd here of the missing steamer
t rla Herrera of the Herrera line
V 11 h left Havana October 10 for Porto
rl In port She Is overdue on the re
t rn ve to Havana eight days
< w
< 7
I Ip
i Pl
f I
1L 2
New York Nov 23Profft sharing In
surance and welfare work for the employe
were discussed today by the National
Civic federation
George W Perkins chairman of the
finance committee of the International
Harvester company contributed a paper
on the working of the benefit and pensions
plan for emploes adopted by the har
vester company The benefits ot this plan
had been marked declared Mr Perkins
The federation unanimously reelected
aU its officers this afternoon among
them the foUowln
President Seth Low
Vice Presidents Samuel Gompers and
Benjamin Ide Wheeler president ot the
University of California
Treasurer Isaac N Seligman i
Chairman executive council Ralph 11
Capital and labor rubbed elbows at the
dinner tonight Seth Low former mayor
of this city former president of Colum
bia university and now president ot the
Federation presIded Near him sat Sen
ator Elihu Root Isaac N SeUgman
James Speyer Samuel Gompers William
R Wilcox Archbishop Ireland John
Mitchell and Mr Kingsley
Industrial Exposition Is Scene of
Animation and VisItors Find
Much of Interest
Greater Salt Lakes Pure Food Industrial exposition opened its doors
to the public atthe Auditorium on Richards street yesterday afternoon at
1 oclock and the interest in the fair and its merit was best attested in
the throngs that entered and lingered through the aisles and around the
display booths from the opening of the doors until after the closing time
11 1 1 oclock
That the fair even though not alto
gether unique In Its character Is yet one
ot the best and greatest displays of what
must be termed everyday food prod
ucts and especially ot home Industries Is
manifest on almost the first glimpse ot
the Interior ot the hal
Although the formal and official open
Ing ot the exposition scheduled for 130
ociock was necessarily postponed until
730 In the evening owing to the Inability
ot Mayor John S Bransford to be pres
ent until that time the crowds were not
deterred from satisfying their curiosity
during the afternoon
The exercises set for the afternoon were
carried out n the evening when Man
ager A A Tremp introduced Mayor
Bransford to the visitors In a brief ad
dress the mayor extolled the benefits ot
such an exhibition as was afforded the
people calling attention to the hOle prod
uots on rnspmay ana welcommg tne elUlt
era exhibitors as worthy competitors
The fair Itself and especially In the
night view Is a scene ot splendor with I i
Its brilliant lighting effects artistic
booths and tastefully arranged exhibits
of aU that Is tempting to the palate
Of course there are numerous exhibits of
the utility order but In their way they
bear their relation to the procuring or the
preparation of the food
Visitors Surprised
Entering the main doorway the visitor
Is almost at a loss In determining which
way to turn On both sides and in front
there Is the attractive array and to pick
out the special object of attraction Is to
rely a good deal on the flip ot the coin
or the individual taste
As If by chosen chance however one
of the most Interesting displays In the
entire exposition Is placed near the en
trancethe exhibit under the direction of
the statE dairy and fod commission This
ContInued on Page 8
One of Survivors of the Cherry Dis
I aster esRescuers Meet
With Obstacles
Cherry Nov 23lIope that there might still be alive some of the 189
men knowr to be entombed in the St Paul coal mine was practically
abandoned today An exploration into what is known as the second vein
were it wasthought probable many miners had barricaded themselves
and had managed to exist on oats and corn provided for the mules showed
that large portions of the tunnels had collapsed
TL IS believed many men were burlEd
t r jer the debris and it the obstruction
Is nat SOOn cleared at least 100 bodies
may never be dug up
lire W8 still raging In these tunnels
nd the back portions where Imprisoned
mnrs cotlld have found a retreat were
tald to be full of the fatal black damp
Vfl4t Hl hope we had was given up
cvlieii Wf penetrated to what Is known
as the qVilC8t said W W Taylor
gel ral manager of the mine In that
plaAI Jur mr would have been found It
It could haVe been found anywhere and
the miners 4ware of It would have rQ
reated there Vhen we got Into that
Iace we found 1t empty both of bodies
and ot live men Va listened In aln to
detect a signal or any other sign of life to
Cherry continues to be a village of
I1ournlng The death today of one of
the survivors brought to the surface lat
Saturday reduced the total number ot
those saved out ot the 110 lost In the dis
aster to 39 Almost all the 31 bodies I
taken out yesterday were Identified i
Rescuers met with great obstacles In
lone Instance fire broke out In a tunnel
temporarily cutting oft the escape at 2d
men who had ventured 400 feet from the
hoisting shaft The smell ot smoke gave
the warning above and the rescuers were
reached and brought to safety by another
rescue party
Following a telegram sent to Governor
Deneen by the executive board of the
miners organization asking that Bomc
one be designated by the slate to take
charge ot the mine Mine Inspect Hector
McAllister was placed In charge De
spite the fire and the falling In of the
Continued on Page 8
Only 50000 of the Animals Remain
in the Rookeries of Priby
loff Islands
Washington Nov 23To advise the
secretary of commerce and labor con
cerning methods for the preservation of
the Alaska fur seal herd a committee
appointed by Secretary Nagel met In
the office ot the fish commission today
Dr David Starr Jordan president ot
Leland Stanford university presIded
Those present Included EdwIn Sims
United States district attorney of Chi
cago Dr C Hart Icrrlman of the blo
logical survey Postmaster General
Hitchcock F A Lucas of the Brooklyn
Institute of Art and Sciences C H
Townsend Dr E Herrmann Walter I
Lembkey 11 C Marsh James Judge
and A B AJexanaer of the bureau of I
On account of pelagic sealing the
Prlbyon herd has been reduced to 50000
seals only onethirtieth of the number
that existed there somE years ago The
committee ill endeavor to recommend
a plan to stop pelagic sealing Only
preliminary work was done today
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Boston Mass Nov 231Irs Nellie
Moore the second cousin ot Abraham
Lincoln and one of the best known
woman In Ayer Mass Is dead at that
place Mrs Moore was born In 111 <
sourtJuiy 20 1846 and Is survived by a
halfsister living In Utah and by hr
husband Charles W Moore whom sht
marrIed In Cincinnati Ohio twenty
five years ago Mrs Moore had many
of the facial features ot Lincoln find
Was always fond ot telling her frlewls
about meeting the war president when
a little girl The deceased resided In
this section for many years and Is prob
ably the last relative ot Lincoln In this
Washington Nov 3Flvc miles ot I
the Panama canal have been opened to I
navigation This includes the channel
from the point in the Bay ot Panama
Steamships plying between San Fran
cisco and Panama and the west coast
of South America and Panama are using
this part ot the canal daily Should the
Buffalo go to Panama for marines to
be transported to Icaragua this part
of the canal would be utilized
Washington Nov 23Tho InterIor
department has withdrawn from dispo
sition as containing water power pos
sibilities about 9COt acres of land along
the Smtih rIver Montana This tract
will be held In reserve pending action
by congress which Is expected to enact
legislation governing the dIsposal of
power sites on the public domain A
portion of the lands withdrawn are un
Standard Oil Company Has No
Present Intention of Seeking
an Amendment to the Sher
man AntiTrust Law
Improbable That a Foreign
Holding Company Will Be
Organized Owing to Com
plexity of State Control
New York Nov 23The Stnndnrd Oil
company announced authoritatively to
day that It had no Intention ot seeking
an amendment to the Sherman antitrust
law but will proceed with the appeal to
the United States supreme court from
the decree of the United States circuit
court at St Paul Until the supreme
court has rendered a decision the com
pany will consider no other plan of doing
business than the methods now In use
Mortimer F Elliott genera solicitor of
the company Is authority for the fore
going He discussed the case with a rep
resentative of the Associated Press after
a conference with William Rockefeller
and John D Archbold
Awaiting Final Decision
There Is to be nD effort on the part
of the company to procure an amendment
to the Sherman antitrust law saId Mr
Elliott We shall await the verdict ot
the supreme court before we take any
steps looking either toward reorganiza
tion or a new statement of our case to
the public The court has first rights
It seems highly Improbable to me that
there will ever be a foreign holding com
pany organized as you tell me has been
suggested The complexity ot contra ex
ercised by the several states sets too
many difficulties In the way
Such comment on the case as I have
Seen misses the fact that the Standard
Oil company Is not a holding company
nure and simple as was the Northern Se
curities company For Instance It owns
outright at Bayonne N J the largest
refinery In the world There Is nothing
In the decree to prevent the company
from continuing to do business although
I admit that It makes doing business more
Individuals Can Act
Although the decree enjoins the Stan
dard on company from voting Its share
holdings In subsidiary companies or re
cehlng dividends from them there Is no
reason why the Individual holders among
whom such shares would be divided un
der the decree should not elect their own
officers Ip the sUbsidiary companies and
rq etvl thQlr own dividends from those
eOIJ1pattl i A l1r x Byatem among our
5000 shareholders would certainly be no
more unmanageable than the same SS
tem as now used by railroad and Indus
trial companies with say 60000 share
In brief there Is no cause for the mar
ket to fear a forced liquidation ot the
securities the Standard on company now
holds I disagree with the gentlemen who
think their distribution Is necessary oth
er than of the sort I outlined In my first
CircuIt Courts Order
Mr Elliott In that statement said he
understood the court to order that Stan
dard Oil company holdings In subsidiary
companies be apportioned among Stan
dard on company share owners In ratio
to their holdings In the parent company
An executive officer ot the company
aId today that no alarm was felt over
the possibility ot criminal prosecution un
der Section II ot the Sherman antitrust
act should the present decree In equity
be upheld In the supreme court
California Millionaire Afflicted With
CancerEnd Only a Mat
ter of Hours
New York Nov 23George Crocker
youngest son ot the late California mU
Jlonaire Charles C Croker Is slowly
dying at his home here from a malady
said to be cancer
It was reported earlier In the day that
1Ir Crocker had but a few hours to
live but his brother William H Crock
er said this afternoon that while the
patient was sinking each day he did
not believe death was Imminent
George Crocker who Inherited one
fifth of the 30000000 estate left by his
father has been III for a long time In
the spring ot 1908 he was operated on I
and while the progress of the malady
was stayed for a time the patient for
weeks has been gradually sinking
A week ago Mr Crockers relatives
were summoned from California when
it was apparent he could not live much
longer Mr Crocker Is about 54 years
old His wIfe dIed In 1904 from the
same malady with which Mr Crocker
Is said to be afflicted
London Nov 23That the Liberal
government Is done forever with the
present state of things and that the
constitution and character of the hO1se
of lords must be modified was the
warning to the peers by Lord Pentland
secretary for Scotland In the debate on
the budget In the upper chamber to
+ Special to The lIeraldRepubUcan +
+ Denver Nov 2A syndicate ot t
+ smelter and mm men has purChased +
+ over 7000 acres ot coal land In Routt +
+ county on the surveyed line of the +
+ Iotfat railroad to supply their +
+ smelters and mills In Utah and Coo 4
1 rado +
+ TIle land Is four miles south of 4
4 Hayden Routt count and was ex 4
4amined recently by experts repro +
+ sentlng John Has Hammond engi +
I neer for the Guggenheims contr1l +
4 hag the smelter situation and for
+ Charles M McNeUl and Spencer Pen 4
4 rose whose various reduction 4
1 plants In this state and In Utah 4
4 have been caned the mill trust 4
4 The Moffat road will run a spur +
4 from Hayden to the mines +
U t UJtttttlU ttt t tUU + t t
4 4 c
i t Sj
I4 i e i r i
m t4
4 c4
ti y
A f
I 4
4i i
f Zi
j2i 4 f
New York Nov 2A Quiet wedding
at the Hotel St Regis today united two
American fortujqsJhuated respective
ly at iooeo and SJ000000
The bride Is Mrs William Hayes Chap
man whom numerous foreign noblemen
sought to wed In vain and the bride
groom Is Philip VanVakenburgh ot this
city a descendant of an old Dutch fern
ny The pew Mrs VanYalkenburgh Is
the widow of a Brookl11 dry goods mer
At one time It was reported that she
was bethrothed to General Splrldovltch
of the Russian amy
Awful Condit ons Prevailing in the
Congo Related by Returned
I New York1iov 23HThere is no possible doubt that King Leopold is
responsible for the terrible conditions in the Congo His own commission
I corroborated stories of atrocities The Congo now is all under Leopold for
I although divided up and apportioned among different companies Leopold
retains than 50 cent of the tock of each
more per 5 One of these is an
American company
Dr William H Leslie accompanied by
his wife and 2earod son made tills
statement today on returning to this
country after spending seventeen years
In the Congo as a representative of the
American Baptist Missionary society
When a district proves refractory he
continued hands Df native soldiers are
sent to punish It These soldiers are can
nibals and they spare no one
As proof that they have done their
work and not wasted their bulles they
bring back the right hands of their vic
tims Sometimes thEY come In with huge
baskets fun of hands Bodlts of their
victims are cooked and eaten
Contr of Boston Consolidated Passes
to Utah Copper on Basis of
21h Shares for I
Special to The HeraldRepub1tcan
Boston Nov 23Contro ot Boston Con
solidated to Utah Copper has practical
ly been passed on the basis ot one share
ot Utah for two and onehalf shares ot
Boston Consolidated Attempts were
made to acquire Boston Consolidated con
trol on the basis ot three for one ot
Utah but holders ot the former secur
Ity were not willing to agree to these
terms A subsequent offer of two and
1reefourths for one was likewise turned
down by the Boston Consolidated Inter
ests Conferences on the matter have
been held during the Past few days and
today representatives of both Interests
were again In session In New York Dis
cussions now taking place arc relative
to minor matters and when these have
been cleaned up al the stockholders In
Boston Consolidated will be offered the
opportunity to exchmgt their shares for
those ot the Utah Copper company With
this consolidation completed the property
ot the Boston Consolidated vm It Utah
COpper goes Into the proposed copper
merger also be Included
a p
Buffalo N Y Nov 23Joseph H
Miller and his son HOIflce J Miller
today were convicted of using the mails
to defraud Sentence will be Imposed on
Monday The Millers conducted an In
vestment scheme under the name ot the
Amsterdam Diamond company some
what similar to the famous Frankyn
syndicate Investors being promised
enormous dividends Evidence showed
they had taken In nearly threequarters
ot a million dollars and paid out about
onethird ot It In socalled dividends
Denver Coo Nov 23Chares lL
Moyer president of the Western Feder
ation ot Miners Is not inclined to be
lieve the impending trouble at the
I Homestake mine at Lead S D will In
volve other districts In which the West
ern Federation Is organized according
to a statement made to the Associated
Press today
The Homestake mine Moyer said Is
owned by Mrs Phoebe Hearst mother
of William R Hearst
Rivers Creeks and Streams
Out of Their Banks Towns
Flooded and Mills Forced
to Suspend All Operations
Snow Melted by Chinook Wind
fn Mountains of Washingtc l
and Conditions in That State
Also Said to Be Deplorable
pirtlalld Ore Nov 23Practiial
ly every river stream and creek in
Oregon is out of its banks and from
all parts of the state come reports ot
damage In eastern Oregon the ram
was accompanied by a wind of almost
hurricane violence which has re
sulted in considerable destruction
In eastern Washington conditions ore
much the same though the rainfall Is r t
so heavy The greatest damage appa
entl has been don along the Vl1Iantta
river At Ros burg the water plant hs
heeL forced to shut down s
under two feet of water Near BrOyn1 f I
vile a Southern Pacific tlfUe on the
Voodburn station branch Las been car
ned out At Albany the tracks are mind r
wattr and tbe WfJlamette is teadlly ns
I Mills Shut Down
At Oregon City the water lia rpacirI
the grinders In the pUlp mill of th 1a
per works and the mills have shut dos j
The false work of the Southern PaltJ S
new bridge at Oswego ba been can I 1
out In this city the water bas cv rl
the Jower wharves and several Jog rlfts
have been torn trom
their mooring I ad
lost 1n the mass of debris which is pas
leg the city The 10I5B of lop will amlmt
to many thousands ot dollar
Communication with Hood River WUdl
had been cut off for two days as i r
suit of foods and
landslides was r
stoNd today and several bjldges aIng
the Hood river were repo gon
AI along both banks CnJumh
river between here and es lud
slldES have tied uv tra
Floods in WashIngton
Seattle Wash Nov AA1 a result rr
the recent rain and warm chinook winla
Whitik have melted the early snows In 3
mountains causing high water 10 all 0
streiin traffic on the Great Northerl1
raUJoad through tIN Cascades bas h r
tied j up and four pssenger tftUa 1noi h oj
lag the westbound Oriental limited I
the fas mali are marooned The f
traias which have not been heard tl o
within the last twelve hours are tlfd
beteen the east POrtal of the asfu
tunnel and Tonga small muntaln 0 L
Uoo ninety miles east or Sattlp 1 1 no
wasIouts and landslides han rut off t re
trains both from Seattle and pokan
As the damage between th1 Carade
tunnel and Spokane is
not as great dB
that on the west slope of the mountains
It ISI proposed to rush temporary rp re
on the east side of the
mountains ar I d
bact the trains Into Spokane They e l
be brought from there
to Seattle 01 t tH
line ot the Northern Pacific which tt s
far has not experienced any serious de
Corporation Counsel Is Returning
Prom Quest for Proofs
Scbtt Calhoun corporation oounsel at
Seaflle Wash was an overnight visit
or in Salt Lake last night while on
his leturn home from an eastern visIt
The object of Mr Calhouns visit in
the Istates of New York and ConnEctf
cut jls something of the unique in tile
Unej of civic duties
Three years ago James Osborne who
settied in Seattle In 1856 died and WIll d
his property to the city of Seattle t
be ilsed In the construction of a ity
hal Heirs not known in Osbornes
iIfetme bobbed up and contested the
will4 The case In courts W88 decided
in favor of the city but a second suit
was filed by the heirs
Mr Calhouns object In the east was
the obtaining of depositions to be USl 1
In 1he second suit As the estate ot
OsbtJrne involves upwards of sotJOO
the city of Seattle 18 with the usual
Seattle spirit anxious to get the
Administration at Washington Is
Awaiting News of Killing of
Groce and cannon
Washington Nov 23The delay on the part of the United States in
taking action with respect to the killing by order of President Zelaya of
Nicaragua of two Americans Groce and PalLlOn it developed today is oc
casioned by the inability of the government to fix the exact status in Nica
ragua of the slain men It was explaineil that every effort was being made
to determine whether these men were ii fact members of the revolution
ary army or whether they were acting on their own responsibility when
they were captured
I If It can be proven as seems doubtful
that they were really responsible for
placing mines to blow up the troopships
ot the Nicaraguan government and were
acting In this matter on their own re
sponsibility their status would be dif
ferent from what It would be were they
acting as a part of the revolutionary
forces It Is this point that the state
department Is trying to clear up before It
takes any aggressive action against Ze
The American vice consul at Managua
has been Instructed to obtain all possible
Information Until this Is secured It Is
doubtful It the United States will take
any steps looking to the chastlsem ot
Zelaya beyond puUingitelf in a pOst
tloni to act promptly should occasion re
It Is believed that plans for the on
centratlon of warships and marines on the
Nlcfraguan coast will continue and P
slbl4 this show ot force win stlmuJat
energies ot the revolutionists and result
In rge accessots to their army iron
disaffected pQrtlopS of the country now
hei < by Zelaa
Lndon Nov 3Dolly Parnen a
poalar musical comedy atress was
married today to Prince Nrs1r AU Khan
the son of onE of the mst powerful
nat ye rulers of India TtJ rmnce pre
sen ed his bride with jewels yaluqd at

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