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I Whats All the Time or1s I UTAH EXPECTS NQ CINCH WITH AGGIES tTheSportjrg L of Salt + Lake i ori j
Issues Liberal Challenge for
Wrestling BoutTwo
Good Men
1 hereby wish to extend my challenge
to Mike Yokel for a wrestling match to
be held In Salt Lake City or elsewhere
at weIghts from 115 to 155 pounds as Yo
kel may dictate catchascatchcan or
any other style best two In three tails
pIn falls or flying falls to count gate re
ceipts divided as Yokel may wish This
challenge goes for anyone In the country
between the weights namell but Yokel
prtferred Stanley Karp
The above challenge was Issued by Stan
ley Karp the wellknown wrestler last
night Karp stated that for more than
three months he lus been In Salt Lake
with the hopes of a match with Yokel I
and that as his challenge Indicated tie
was willing to agree to any reasonable
terms Yokel may wish
1 am sure I can throw Yokel Karp
continued I do not underestimate his
ability for a minute and I know that It
wlll take some time Just how much I
t dont know but I wlll go on the mat
prepared to stay ten hours If necessary
One thing I am sure of add that Is Yo
kel cannot throw me I want this match
especially to show the people of Salt
Lake that I can wrestle under proper
Karp admitted to be one of the first
four welterweights In the country today
has appeared once In Salt Lakeat th
time of the unsatisfactory match with
Julius Johnson It wlll be remembered
that after an hours wrestling Karp
stopped the match a fact that Johnson
sons grepced body a fact that Johnson
himself Jmltted At the time a large
per cent of the house thought Karp w
In the wrong but since that time as he I
has made friends In Salt Lake the fans I
say that they had theIr moneys worth I
and Karp was not to blame
One thing Is assured a YokelKarp
match at 145 or 148 pounds would be a
rattling fast exhIbition and a packed
house could be counted on Yokel Is
known to want a match with Karp P C
Gee is Karps manager
New York Nov 23John H Heydler
president of the National league Is ot
the opInion that a solution has not yet
ben reached In regard to the spIkes
worn by baseball players ThIs will be
one of the most Important matters to be
considered by the joint commission Qn
rule at the meeting here next month
For a fast game of ball Heydler declares
spikes are necessary He also believes
the provision prohibiting players from I
slidIng Into a base fectflrst Is Impracti
Some other solution Is necessary
saId President Heydler If we do away
1 Ith spikes the game will necessarily be
slow and If we make players slide head
first Into a base more of them will be In
jured than If they slide feetfirst But
the many injuries through spIking looe5
reached sltates a solution and I believe it will be I
II T B club of Salt Lake is sched
uled to meet the School for the Deaf
ihanksglvlng evenIng In a game of bas
ket ball at Ogden It will be the open
ing game of tte season to be played in
th gymnasium of the School for the
Deaf and will start at 730 p m The
II T B team Is one of the fastest ju
nior teams In Salt Lake Although the
I team Is not representing any school sev
eral of Its members are High school stu
dlnts and many of Its supporters are
among the Salt Lake HIgh school pu
The lineup will be as follows
H T B Club School for Deaf
C HawleyL FFarley Savage
G ThomasR FVenger Wild
Rltlardson and
Romney GKel1y White
Wenger Dranly
W KlmballCPreooe Farly
Salt Lake reservesG Romney H
Snow D Itomney V Theriot
As one ot the headliners in the Riley
boxing benefit to be given Monday nIght
b the new Manhattan Athletic oJub
Bird Legs Collins the lightweIght matjhed
to fIght Peter Sullivan before the wool
growers at Ogden will go on with his
sparrIng partner Kid Ross In some fast
exhibition work Manager Downing of
the club will announce today the full
card whIch Is promised to please the
Collins Is drawing a bIg crowd to his
trainIng qUarters 56 Orpheum avenue
every afternoon and Is showing much
speed Yesterday Joe Burns his man
ager telegrarhfd to Denver for Bob I
Watkins the llknown trainer who I
will put Collins in shape for Sulllvan
Granite Eleven Leaves to Tackle Mon
tana ChampionsHard
Game Expected
With a rousIng sendoff from the stu
dents of the school the Granite High
school football eleven and Coach Mauss
left yesterday afternoon for Butte where
on Thursday afternoon Granite meets the
crack Butte HIgh school eleven Coach
Mauss announced before leaving that his
men were In the best of shape and that
Granite would do Its best to return with
a vIctory over the Montana scholasUo
The team is much weakened however
by the absence from the back field ot
Ashton a HIgh school veteran who
stands easily as good as any backfield
In the state Ashton was injured In the
Salt Lake HIgh school game and has not
been able to get In the play agaIn
Butte Is known to have a heavy eleven I
and also a lack of eligibility rulesa fact
that called off negotlaUons betweerl the
Salt Lake High school and Butte Gran
Ite however figures to even up with
fast open play and some trick forma
tions on which much work has been put
In during the past two weeks
Queenstown Nov 23When the Lusoi
tania arrIved this morning Sir Thomas
I LIpton was pleased to talk about lift
ing the Americas cup He says he will
build two boats with Fife the prIncipal
I designer The Shamrock IV wlll be a
190footer with about the same sail arta
as prevIous challengers modeled accora
Ing to the condItions ot the universal
rule and the challenge to be sent In
March next
Sir Thomas has the tacit assurance that
a challenge will be accepted HIs chal
Ilenge will be for the largest type under
the rules of the Stars and StrIpes
CIncinnati Nov 23Prlnce Gal won the
feature event at LatonIa this afternoon
from a good fIeld defeating Center Shot
in a driving fInish Tom Hayward was
third while the second choice T 1L
Green was last Three favorites won
The surprise of the day carne In the last
race when of the four horses that faced
the barrIer San Prime a 15 to 1 rank
outsider beat Lady Vie by a neck
FIrst race five and onehalf furlongs
Olivia 1Ielkle 9 to 6 won Cambronne
7 to 2 second Jack finns 8 to I thIrd
Second race sIx furlongs IelllngChe
pontuc Ii to 1 won Otillo S to I sec
ond Casso way 10 to 1 third TIme
116 45
ThIrd race six furlongsBelle Clem 1
to 6 won Cogen 15 to 1 second KlIne
8 to 1 thIrd Tlmel2l Hi
Fourth race six furlongsPrince Gal 6
to 1 won Centre Shot 2 to 1 second
Torn Hayward 4 to 1 third Time
115 35
FIfth race one mile sellingPolar Star
S to 1 won Margaret L S to 1 second
NIght lIst 1 to 1 third TIrne145 35
Sixth race one mlle selUngSan Primo
15 to I won Lady VIe 3 to 1 second Ma
mie Algol 9 to 10 thIrd TlmetS 15
LatonIa Nov 22Todays entries
Firet race mile sellingTo M Irvin 97
I mbronne 91 Lady 1IcNallY 91 Uneda
1111I Samarla 103 Claudia llXJ
Seccnd race mile and onesixteenth
seIllngSalnlster lW Mlque OBrien lO
Lady Hill 105 Nettle Travers 105 Itter
Pender 108 George Bailey 114 Agnes
Wood 114 Red Huuar U7 El Dorado
U7 King Guinea ll1
ThIrd race threefourths mile purse
Ned Cormack 96 Lawrence P Dale
101 MaId Militant 106 Miss Popular 105
John Garner 111
Fourth race threefourths mile purse
Ethel W 99 Duquesne 102 Handzarret
ta 106 Laveno 108 Belle Clem 10S
Fifth race mile selllngSt Aulalre 95
Splendida 91 Minot 102 Katie Powers
10 Bone Brake 102
Sixth race mile sellingEarl Rogers
98 LIght Blue 98 Earl of RIchmond
101 Ceremonious 101 BonnIe Kelso 104
Lad of Langdon 106
The second game of the season between
the Stars and the West Side eleven
played yesterday returned the Stars
again the vIctors by the score of 2l to O
The Stars played snappy football agaInst
a team that was consIderably heavier
The fIrst game went to the Stars 43 to O
The lineup
Stars West Side
Levier L E Merrill
IcCallop L T Purtrnan
Brown L Glarple SInes
Mann C Alltree
Smith CaseyR G Helnzeman
Carroll R TCanow C Ash
Bibb R E Burdette
Harris VardQ B White
Brinkley L II B Bridewell
Heusser R H B Carstonse
Fuccy GrayF BR Ash Grlemes
Chicago Nov 23WlIllam Crawley of
Pasadena Ca was today elected cap
taIn of the 1910 fOIball team of the
University of ChIcago Crawley plaYed
rIght halfback on the team for two years
U of U Faculty and Injuries
Cause Worry in Utah
Yesterday the chances for Utah to wIn
the ThanksgiVIng game from the Agricul
tural college received another body blow
when word from the faculty said that
SChweitzer the crack freshman halfback
would not be allowed to play This
coupled with the Injury which will ke p
Loell out ot the game gives the student
bOdy ground for worry
The Aggies arrive In town today and
all advance Information carrIes the report
that the Logan crowd is In the best of
condItion That Logan may sprIng a sur
prise and that Utahs hancllcap will make
the game a tough one Is realized by the
football followers In general
After the fIrst defeat the game was
looked upon as easy for the University
but now a fair day will see beyond doubt
the real thIng in ThanksgivIng football
SchweItzers case came under the rul
Ing that students not up In their work I
Nov 6 would not be allowed to play foot
ball until the work was made up
Monday afternoon SchweItzer received
a statement from all of hIs professors to
the effect that he was up n all his
Faculty Says No
At the meeting ot the University fac
ulty held Monday nIght the question as
to whether or not he would be allowed
to IIIay was brought up for considera
tion At thIs time some of the profes
sors stated that SchweItzer was a tramp
athlete and that he Intended to quIt the
UnIversIty dIrectly after the close of the
football season They argued that such
a man should not be allowed to play As
Schweitzer was not present to defend
himself he was declared ineligible and
will not be permitted to play in the I
ThanksgIving game Tuesday afternomf i
Sweitzer stated that he fully intended to
stay with the University ot Utah until
the end ot the present year and also to
complete his work here
Coach Joe Maddock stated Tuesday that
ho could see no good reason why SchweIt
zer should not be allowed to play but
that since the faculty had ruled as It had
he guessed that the ruling would have
to stand
Jack Loell will not be able to play
Tuesday night his knee was somewhat Im
proved but his condition was such that
he will not be able to get into the game
With SchweItzer and Loell out the UnI
versity has a hard struggle before It to
carry away first honors In the fInal game
John Dern John C Sharp and Matthew
Thomas have arrangel to entertaIn the
Logan team at luncheon at the Commer
cial club
San FrancIsco Nov 23Eddie Graney
the prize fIght referee left for New York
tOday with a check for 5000 which he
intends to place as a forfeit for a bid
he will make for the JeffriesJohnson
bout Graney would not say what the
amount of his bid would be but Inti
mated that It would be at least 100
Graney plans to obtaIn a permIt to hold
the tight withIn the city limIts here and
claims that It he is successful he can
afford to bid more than James Cottroth
whose arena Is in an adjoinIng county
Graney declares that he Is not worry
Ing as to whether he will make any
money out of the affaIr should he get
it and that he is willing to offer 100000
It necessary to brIng the battle of the
heavyweIghts to this vicinIty
I have fIxed no amount In my mind as
yet saId the promoter when asked how
much he would offer I am going there
to ovrbld anybody elsa who wants the
fIght I expect to hold It In this city If
I secure It and It will be the biggest
thIng of the kind ever seen
Graney says he fells safe In preparIng
to hold the fIght withIn the city limIts
but should he tall In thIs he has options
on sites In San Mateo and Alameda coun
New York Nov 23Amerlcan nomIna
tions for EnglIsh turf fixtures for the
year 1912 nave been made by many rep
resentatlvo owners In the 2OOOgulnea
stake August Belmont Vllllam Astor
Chanler Wllliam Hall Walker and
Charles Carroll have each entered two
horses Richard Croker has entered two
and Harry Payne WhItney four i
For the 1000 guIneas which is a filly
stake fessrs Belmont Carroll Chanler
and Croker have each entered one candi
date and Mr Whitney has four
New York Nov IHad It not been
for the recent troubles In SpaIn King
Alfonso would have been a challenger
next year for the Americas cup accord
Ing to a report pUblished here The
threatening troubles at home prevented
the Issuance of a challenge
None too soon to 1 v
k f l >
i1juw < < < < = f f <
think about these rlV > < t = t f P J Y
I k s < < ft < i
t t r i
Time now to begin Planning and look t < tXtit
ing aroundbetter be too soon than too 4 < > < ib 1fJ w
h < ro Cj
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Jackets bath and loungIng robes zDIll < > i s j V
prove of vItal Interest to everyone in < lit < i i
terested in what to give to a man j lt < ti = < < 0 > V ytP
< S r
Never before have we offered such a vast selectionnever has any lt
store iii L city handled such a it stock of highclass t tS i i
house garments for menand early selection from this unlimited
stock will give satisfaction not to be obtained elsewhere except inthe largest shops of the metropolitan cities
Especially pleasing is the line of Turkish Bath Robes and Blanket Bath and Lounging Robes
every colorevery pattern thats new and appropriate
Smoking Jackets in all grades and stylesfrom the most stylish extreme effects to the quietest
affairs for the man who prefers
Call nowif not to select to look well be pleased to show them
4 I
228230 Main
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New Millinery Monday
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409 Judge BuildiIg
Take Elevator to 4th Floor
Second Door to Right
New York Nov 23Two out of three
heats will hereafter constitute a victory
In trotting races recognized by the Amer
ican AssocIation of Trotting Horse Breed
ers according to an announcement made
at the annual meeting of the association
In a vote by mail opposition to the
three In five races was 305 to 38
The proposal made last year for the
establishment of a national stake for the
trotting championshIp of the United
States was renewed today by Frank J
Kilpatrick of Santa Rosa Ca and by
W E Stokes of Kentucky Mr Kil
patrick urged that PacIfic coast trotters
should have inducement to meet win
ners In estern events He would have
a series of three races representing the
east central and west and PacifIc coast
districts with a final contest for the
American championshIp The contests
he suggested should be at Boston In
dIanapolIs and San FrancIsco wIth Lex
ington Ky for the championship meet
United States Senator Bailey of Texas
president of the assocIation said that the
national champIonship Idea had the ap
proval of the assocIation and that the
plan would be taken up for action when
stakes of 20000 were guaranteed
Senator Bailey was reelected presIdent
and all other officers were reelected
Say That Big Fellow Is in Fine Shape
and Has Right to Easy
New York Nov 23out west they are
sAttlng up an awful roar about Jeff and
his theatricals The main cause of the
commotion is that Jeff ordered from his
offIcIal glovemaker Sol Levinson of San
Francisco a complete set of stage maul
ers together with bags and other ap
paratus Levinson has made all the
gloves Jeff has used In his career with a
few exceptions He knows all of Jeff
whIms and Jeff Is a crank when It comes
to his band upholster Jeff In his latest
order was particular about getting the
gloves bIg enough and Le1nson set about
makIng twelveouncers
The sporting writers do not fancy Teffs
sudden desIre to occupy the limelight
They are sayIng as many unkInd things
about big Jim as they did when he fIrst
started from California with his Walt
a month or so and Ill tell you whether
I am fIt to fIght or not They say that
Jet cant be on the level with the public
If he continues to strut before the foot
lights telllng people what he Intends
to do
It Is almost certain that If Jeff hIked
away to the hills now hed just natur
ally work his big woolly head off The
westerners havent the faIntest Idea of
the great physical change that has como
over Jeff Hes not the rotund pub
keeper that left the Golden Gate a few
months ago He drew himself up to his
full heIght In the dressing room of the
Plaza a few nIghts ago and remarked
Some change In thIs condition boys
Just a few more months and Ill be like
my old self
Outwardly all that Jeff claImed
seemed to be true There was just the
faInt sign of a stomach The muscles of
hIs shoulders were bunched and hIs eye
sparkled wIth health and strength Jeff
seemed quietly determIned and anxIous
to have the time of battle near There
Is a long gap before the two great
heavIes of the ring and certaInly Jeff
shouldnt be censured for making hay
while the sun shInes
New York NOV 23Jln1my Moran who
won the sIxday bicycle race last year
with Floyd lcFarland will not be among
those present when the pIstol Is fired at
midnIght December 5 Moran was ready
to undertake the long grInd another year
but he had such exalted Ideas of hIs
worth that Promoter Pat Powers was not
willing to accept IcFarland and Jackie
Clarke have been teamed to make up the
loss of Moran Eddie Root who kicked
himself out of the race by similar meth
ods two years ago Is slated to make an
other try with hIs old partner Joe Fog
icr as a mate
The odd part of the situation Is that
Moran became a promoter hImself at the
Vallsburg course during the summer The
change from rIder to capitalist worked a
remarkable metamorphosIs Jimmy was
all austerity and sternness personified
Riders got short shrift from him on all
questions in dispute
New York Nov 23The casualty rec
ord for football this season includes 26
deaths and ro players Injured with the
ThanksgIving day games yet to be ac
counted for Of the 26 dead 10 were col
lege players 9 were hIgh school play
ers and 7 belonged to teams not affili
ated with schools according to statistics
published here
The same ratio applies to the Injured
Last year only 13 were recorded as killed
In playing the game and In 1001 there
were H
EIghtyfour were Injured In 1908 and
In 1007
Adolph Wolgast of Milwaukee is traIn
Ing for hIs twenty rounds with Low
Powell as he never traIned before It
has been gossip In sportIng circles that
Volgast Is a poor trainer but If he puts
In a few mor days like he spent yes
terday he wlll rout all such talk to
To begin with Ad was on the road be
fore the fog had lifted from the Ocean
boulevard and covered five or six miles
He entered the Seal Rock pavilion for
a little gym work about 200 p m and
from that time till 33 he was boxIng
or wrestling All told he boxed eight
rounds three with Tommy Gary of Chi
cago and five with Hobo Dougherty
He also wrestled with Gary
Powell Is just as confident as Wofgast
Is as to how the bout between them will
end There Is thIs difference though
Powell thInks that Powell will bo the vic
tory and In short order too Powell Is
weIghing 134 pounds He says he Is In
good condition and Is keeping himself so
go doing light work dally When he
goes on the road In the morning Lew
doesnt show up in the gm and vIce
New York Nov 23James P Sullivan
who won the fIrst mile race at the
Olympic games In London and who Is
one of the fastest distance runners In thIs
country has probably run his last race
In the threemlle race at the Canadian
champIonships In Montreal last Septem
ber Sullivan turned his ankle and strained
a tendon The Injury has been getting
worse and now he Is In Bellevue hospital
undergoing treatment The doctors say
he will not be able to run again
Among Sulllvans teats are the AmerI
can onemUe and the Canadian threemtre
records With Melvin Sheppard George
Bonhag and Harvey Cohen he broke the
fourmile relay race record
+ The bIg Thanksgiving game be
4 tween the UnIversity of Utah and
i the Agricultural college will be i
+ started at 230 p no Instead of 3 p
+ m all has been the custom In the
+ other games of the season The
+ hour was deemed by the manage
i ment to be the one to conflict the I
+ least with the turkey dinner
I t t t t t t t t t t t t t + tt + + t
Lexington Trainers Believe Two Fast
Ones Have Changed
Lexington Ky Nov 21Horsemen
here are greatly Interested In the efforts I
beIng made to properly Identify the two
horses In Oklahoma that are believed to
be fingers and sInce the pacing mare
Symbol MaId was Identified recently by
MIke Bowerman as Mary LaIdley it Is the
consensus of opinion among the local
horsemen that the bay beldlng that has
been trotting under the name of New
State Is none other than the noted geld
Ing Rush 214 ½ who was raced by Torn
I Price of this city during the season of
1307 with much success he having taken
hIs record at Nashville Tenn on Sep
tember 24 of that year
The fact that both horses were pur
chased by the same parties at the ChI
cago sale and that one of them has been
positively Identified by her former owner
and trainer as Mary LaIdley has led the
horsemen to the belief that Rush is the
other horse suspected of beIng a rInger
At the close of the campaIgn of 1907 PrIce
sold Rush to Robert S Strader of this
city and the latter consigned hIm to too
Chicago sales and while neither Price nor
Strader has been called on to go to Pauls
Valley Ok to try and Identify the geld
Ing both are of the opInIon that New
State and Rush are one and the sam
horse frQm the published description of
the horse
Trainers Are Surprised
In speakIng of the matter here thIs
week many promInent traIners expressed
surprise that anyone would endeavor to
race Rush under any but hIs right name
as the horse was ot such peculiar con
formation that anyone who had ever
seen hIm would be likely to Identify hIm
under any circumstances But as the con
ditions concerning the conformation and
marks of Mary LaIdley are practically the
same as regarded Rush and as Symbol
Maid has positively been identified by
Bowerman as Mary Laidley with a rec
ord of 207 It Is the general opInIon
among local horsemen that the person
who would attEmpt to use one of them js
a ringer would be just as likely to at
tempt the same wIth the other Both
Mary LaIdley and Rush were raIsed and
trained over the Lexington track and
most any horseman here could Identify
either or both of them
One Newspaper However Thought
Webster Had the Best of
Monte AtteII
Los Angeles Nov 23The tenround
contest tonight at McCarys pavilion be
tween Monte AtteH of San Fraucleco and
Danny Webster ot Los Angeles still leaves
the bantamweight champIonshIp In abey
ance the fight havIng been declared a
draw by two of the newspaper men while
one gave the decision to Webster
The contest tonight was much faster
than that between the same boys sIx
weeks ago both showing more speed
throughout The early rounds were very
The fighters probably will be matched
to tight a thIrd battle In the noor future
at the same welghtlI5 pounds
Plttsburg Nov 23PIttsburg wants the
bIg JeffrtesJohnson fight and wlll put
up 100000 for the same
In addItion to this a certaIn coterie of
sports and politicIans have about decIded
that they can assure the big fellows that
they can pun the fIght off in the Pitts
burg distrIct even though there Is a
penal law agaInst prize fIghting not even
permItting a decIsion In a sixround bout
to say nothng ot not permitting a finIsh
The politicians and sports headed by
lL J Connolley known better as Buck
Cornelius throughout the sporting world
have sdected an Island In the middle Of
the OhIo river about fifty miles below
Plttsburg which Is admittedly the prop
erty of neIther Pennsylvania Ohio or
West VIrginia though the three states
meet at thIs poInt on the river There
have been many finish fIghts pulled off
there In the past ten years and at no
time have the government authorIties In
terfered It being understood that an
opInIon from WashIngton gleaned some
years ago was In effect that the govern
ment had nothIng to do with this Island
and that the three states should get to
gether and decide who owned it
Newark Nov 23Newark N J is go
Ing to have a slxday bicycle race It
will be the first In the hIstory ot the
sport there but as Newark Is a great
cycle racing city which Is evidenced by
the crowds that tUIl out for the summer
sprint meets It will very likely prove a
huge success The race will be held In
the Essex Toop armory Rosevllle ave
nue January S to 30 InclusIve This will
provIde for Sunday racing as the open
Ing will be on Tuesday and the finIsh on
Sunday nIght The scheme Is a departure
In the line ot slxday races but as New
ark Is a great city for Sunday sport a
is likely to meet wIth mcuh popularity
All soccer enthusIasts In the city are
asked to attend the game to be played
Thanksgiving afternoon at 3 p m at the
Eighteenth ward square between First
and Second avenue on A street between
two picked teams The Invitation Is Is
sued by H W Ansell secretary of the
EnsIgn club The two teams wm be cap
tamed by Adamson and Umpleby and a I
good game expected
Kansas City Nov 23Vhen Cyclone
Johnny Thompon and Fighting DIck
Hland meet in a tonround bout here
Dec 13 It will be at the legitimate light
weight limit according to arrangements
made today When the match was ar
ranged it was agreed that the men should
weIgh In at 133 pounds rIngsIde
Annapolis Md Nov 23There is It
Ifllslblllty that the mIdshipmen football
team and substitutes may be allowed to
go to Philadelphia to witness the big
astern season closIng game between Cor
nell and PennsylvanIa on ThanksgivIng
Cline of Philadelphia Ousts Favorite
by Big MarginCutter Loses
to Frenchman
New York Nov 3Flrrnln Casslgnole
French billiard champion and Harry
Cline ot Philadelphia won the two
games played today in the 182 balk line
tournament for the championship of the
Casslgnole defeated Albert Cutter of I
Boston 500 to 412 and Cline defeated
George F Slosson the New York veteran
500 to 332
In the CasslgnoleCutter game the Bos
ton player In his nInth InnIng made the
hIghest run of the tournament thus far
153 points Then he failed to get either
object ball out of balk space The
Frenchman was deliberate and delicate
In hIs cue work getting on even terms
wIth hIs opponent wIth a run of 97 In
the fourteenth InnIng
The score by Innings
Cassignole23784148031143 407 670
3001625 611116 6017 58 2 42 0 10 018
High runs91 78 58 Avorage18 1937
Cutter6003181692153226 1 0 4 II 0
202017151320060210 G 3 0 21 2 4412
High runsl53 69 25 Averagell 1636
George F Slosson a favorite in the
tournament was defeated by Harry Cline
of PhiladelphIa this afternoon by a score
of 500 to 112
The PhiladelphIan gave a splendid ex
hIbItion ot open table and nursIng plays
In his twentYfirst Inning whIch netted
him 45 caroms 10 resulting from three
cushIon shots With a carefully played
run of 120 In his thIrtyfIrst Inning whIch
was full of brillIant open table work
Cline overtook Slosson and with an un
finished run of 31 ran out the game In
the thlrtyfUth InnIng
The score by innIngs
Cline1001718016 11725100233740
5 2i 45 12213 16 2 7123012016242634400
I HIgh runsl2O 45 31 AverageIt 103
Slosson3 22211100093543721271
50 0 67 8 2 36 0 4 20 06034030155362
HIgh runsti7 roo 48 verageU 73f
Tomorrow Cutler will meet Demarest of
Chicago and Cline will meet George B
Sutton also of Chicago
Final Act of Scholastic Football Play
at Ogden With Rivalry Very
Tomorrow afternoon the Ogden HIgh
school football team full of confidence
and In the best of condition lines up
upon Its own football grounds agaInst the
Salt Lake High school leader of the In
terscholastic football race It is need
less to say that the battle between the
rIvals will be about the flreest of the
Although the Salt Lake High school bas
plenty of confidence she Is not in the
condItion that she mIght be for the hard
struggle The Ogden team on the other
hand has not had so much as even n
scrImmage for the past eIght days and
have been devoting long and steady hours I
to practice with the sole vIew of defe t
in 1alt Lake
Altnougn tn Hed and Black warrlots
have already cInched the championship I
they feel the Importance of tomorrow
struggle and would prefer to hand over
the pennant than to be defeated In the
closIng contest Last night the squad I
held a strenuous workout under the In
struction of Coach Convlll D A Calla t
han and Fred Fennesy
It Is expected that at least 500 rooters I I
will accompany the team to Ogden At I
the close of the game the boys are to be I
banqueted at whIch time the captain and i
manager for next year will be chosen
In the evening the lads will be the guests
of Manager Burlock at the performance
of Lo
New Cafeteria Open
See the food and let your appetite de
termine the price The Annex Cafe
terIa Deseret News Annex Bldg 11 W
South Temple will be open to the
public Wednesday from 1130 to 2
and from 5 to 730 You can also eat
your Thanksgiving dinner in the new
BOISE BIDS 12 1 25000
Salt Lakes Offer Impr sses Murphy
More Favorably TlBn Any
Special to The HeraldIRepubUcan
New York Nov Although Rob t
Murphy has receIved mai y bids for the
JeffriesJohnson chazupic ibip fight h
and every one else reelllli s that some f
the offers are made by CUu that wait
notoriety rather than the fight Itself n
attle Spokane and Butte Ire so regard
because theIr otters lack definite asUIli
tlon of responsIbility I
Among the offers whIch It Is quIte pia
are not made from mere Umbaat are th >
proposItions from BoIse J 3ait Lake Si
Fnmclsoo and Los Ange1ett These latt r
offers are couched in definite terms and
are receIvIng serious conllderatlon
Thus far only Boise has outbIdden Bait
Lake A delegation fromr BoIse Is hff
and It Is saId they have aicerUfi che k
tor 50000 as a guaranty i that they c J i
pay 116000 for the fighti They adm L
quIte frankly they do not expect to take 1
that much but believe thb advertisenint
the city will get will be worth the def1ct
and more
Salt Lakes offer of 100iG I has been put
In sucha way that Mr Murphy tully un
derstands It will be tortbjomlng and nt
the present moment he Is believed to be 1n
favor of the Utah metropo
PItt8burg Nov 2IPollce tonig t
stopped the boxing contes between Sam
Langford negro middleweIght and Mlh
Schreck after half a minutes flghtjn
because of Schnooks apparent poor cc
dltton Langford knocked Schreck doan
twIce and pummeled him at will
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Logan Nov aThe five high schJOIS
of thIs county have forme a basketball
league and the following schedule f
games hu been adopted
Smithfield V8 Hyrum at Hyrum N
vember at Smithfield January U bot
Logan February 16
Lewiston va Richmond at Richmond
November 2 at Lewiston January H t
Logan February It
Smithfield vs Lewtston at SmithfIeld
December 3 at Lewiston January 28 at
Logan larch l2
Richmond VB Hyrum at Iohmond D
cember 3 at Hyrum January S8 at L
gan March 12
Lewlston vs Hyrum at Lewiston D
cember 4 at IIyrum February ll at I J
gan M8Ifh 26
Richmond VB Smlthf1eJd at Richmond
December 17 at Smithfield February 11
at Logan March 3L
Boston Nov SThe ablllty of Ra1p
Calloway a negro of Dclnnatl fi
stand terrific punishment enabled 11
to last nIne rounds again Jim BaIT r
Chicago tonIght Calloway was knockd
out In the tenth round

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