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Stomach Man Makes Some
Telling Blows at Modern
Day Methods of Living
The theories of the Cooper stomach
man and his belief that the stomach
Is the keystone of health have aroused
Idespread comment In Salt Lake City
When Interviewed yesterday another
Cooper Idea was launched whIh no
doubt will result In still further dis
Lussion Said the stomach man
1 ha proved In Salt Lake my the
ory that 95 per cent of all chronic ill
health Is caused by stomach troubk
und nothing els People In all walks
of lfethe lawyer business man clerk
and the man who works with his hands
they have all come to me since I
have been meeting the people of this
city at SmIths Busy Corer drug store
MaIn and Second South street and In
practically every Instance nothing has
ben the mater with them but st m
ach trouble
What Is the cause Modern day
methods of living The prehistoric man
Lever had stomach trouble nor nerv
ous prostration nor kidney or liver
complaint constipation or rheumatism
Why not Because he lived simply He
a like an animal The relic of the
prehistoric man exists today In the
wild man the savage the cannibal
Physically they are exactly like ani
mals and they doctor themselves in
the same way as the beast I they
fed anything is wrong with their bodies
they do not dose themselves wih drugs
Nature great alwise Naturedrive6
them Into the fIelds to find healing
roots and barks Instinct watches over
the animals and they couldnt live the
life the civilized man of today lives
i they anted to
Th medicine which I have been
introducing here and which seems to
13 C become so popular Is prepared
on exactly that principle I contains
rothlng but roots barks and herbs and
i forces Nature to do the real work
Although my remedy Is primarily a
stomach treatment I Is n tonic and
general system health builder for the whole
Railway Business Association Fears
Adverse Legislation at Coming
Session of
Washington Nov 23Preldent Taft
today received a cal from a committee
representng the Railway BusIness as
socIaton a national organization with
headquarters at New York who came
t discuss railway legislation at the
approaching sessIon of congress
The committee consisted of Otis P
Cuter of New York president of the
American Brake Shoe and Foundry
lompanyj V H Marshal of New York
president of the American Locomotive
company and A H ulken of Chi
cago president of Pettbone Mulken
Co manufacturer of frogs and
s itches and all vice presIdents of the
ThE committee told the president they
He Interested in railroad legislation
bee use of its possible effect upon their
own business Representing as they
did five hundred million of capital and
and million and a hal emproes they
rt concerned over any acton that I
ould injuriously affect the credit of
the railroads
The president promised careful con I
sldtrUon of their representations
Continued from page 1
exhibit Is a complete lesson In pure food
and adulterants and the housewife II
t night by example the difference between
tIe pure and the Impure In even the most
cmmon of the cupboard articles There
art sugar and fake saccharines pure
flour In gluten and the spurious sam
f s on aniline dyes used to give the
r < 1r color to adulterate goods subst
t 1tes for flavoring extract and Quant
tl3 of other false products tending to
and prepared for the purpose of deceiving
te unsuspecting housewife An lour
Fpnt viewing this exhibit will teach the
prhaser several points In the value of
t Jods and their adulterants
From the states exhibit one may turn
tlr way to find something of Inter
est The Sal Lake and 1tah producers
at agents of eastern made gods have
la lhly displayed their offering and
s pplement the attractive sight with the
old dage that the prff of the pudding
Is n thE eating
Many feet away from Hewlets for In
FanCf You sCent the delicious aroma of
pure offt steaming its vapor almost
through tho entire building Hewlett has
made a coffee pot with a capacity ot 10
JllJs and there Is constantly emitted
from tit spout the rising stem of coffee
that In Its whole flavor attract one I
01 are fond of the breakfast cuP you
way gt one there and Husler to ber up
his reputation adds a biscuit cooked In
the adjoining booth and prove that his
rmr Is as god flour as Hewletts coffee
Is real coffee
Large Loaves Seen
Te Vienna bakery shows something In
P way of love six feet long and there
Is a display or cakes and sweet breads
under Hp brilliantly colored electric but
terfb to make the mouth water
t The various electrical fixture and ap
faanct companies vie with the gas corn
pany In the demonstration of the utility
or their methods of dispensing with coal
and there Is booth after booth that Is
prepared to convince you that food pre
pared for you Is better than tat which
I needs worK and attention on your part
F The whole scene Is attractive with Its
c myriad of lghs glinting and blinding
color effects of the booths and the or
thstrl strains constantly filling the hall
Tht attendance of yesterday was such
that the management was forced to
cange the schedule of open hours and
beginning today the exposition will be
open to the public continuously from 1
o dock to 1 oclock p m
ThIs afternoon is designated as shop
pers afternoon and the evening will be
known as Sal Lake night
Ont or the big events of the exposition
I will be thot of Thursday Manufacturers
I day Each visitor at the exposition on
that day wilt be given a chance In the
drawing of over 110 prizes donated by the
I manufacturers Friday afternoon Is go
Ing to be devoted to the babies and every
one of the tot will be given a present of
I some sort Another feature added by the
management yesterday Is the gift of a
souvenir every afternoon to the women
t attending S
Chicago Nov Wllam r Moxley
ReJ ublcnn was elected to congress In
the Sixth IlnoL dIstrict today to suc
ceed William Lorimer recently elected ti
the nled States senate In place of Al
bert J Hopkins Moxley who wa
backed by Senator LorImer was opposed
by Frank S Ryan Democrat and Carl L
Flames Independent Moxey received
14i34 votes Barnes S31i and Ran 641
I Cornerstone Is Laidfor the New Building of the
L I Orphans Home and Day Nursery Association
j Ji ht t i t t 1 >
I 4 I h S 1
1 1
i k
With impressive services approprIate to I
the event the cornerstone ot the new
home of the Orphans Home and Day I
Nursery assoolaton was laid at 4 oclock I
yesterday afternoon at the corer c
Twelfth East and Tenth South streets I
Fifty or more prominent men and women
were assembled including Mayor John S
Bransford who delivered a short ad I
dress I
The services began promptly at 2
ococlc with the entire assembly singing I
the Doxology The invocation was de I
livered by the Rev Samuel R COlada
dean of the St Marks cathedral In place
of the Rev P A Simpkin who was un
able to attend The opening address was
that of Mayor Bransford who said In
part I
I greet you on this auspicious occasion
The cause for the gathering Is to m
apart from the small service which I have
the honor of performing one of intense
gratification and I am certain that every
one here rejoices with me In what is
beIng done in view of the farreaching
and deep significance which this grand
structure wilt have upon the comninity
when completed and fully launch upon
its good work
When we come to study modern condi
tions of life and endeavor to seek
the contrast between these and the
conditions of past times no one
phase shows more clearly than this
the care which we exercise and
the regard with which we hold the little
one upon whom the storms of adversity
have 50 early fallen with cold pitiless
and desolating force And It appears to
me that in the construction of this building
constrcton buid
Ing and in the human and lofty feeling
which gave inspiration to the movement
We have concrete evidence of the mighty
altruistic force which Is molding the race
Into a form which will one darse man
kind transformed and living under the
vIne and fig tree of peace and right
I has been said and many times re
peate that the care of the child and his
proper education should be the paramount
duty of the state In this vIew I have
no doubt you all concur II
I trust and I am sure we all antici
pate that thIs structure wil be of tre
mendous import to the people of our city I
and state and In future times there will
come forth from its sheltering roof many
men and women whose lives will benefit
and bless the word
William H King was the second speak
er Mr King delivered an eloquent trib
ute to the uQtring zeal and courage of
the brave women who for S years have
carrIed forward the plans for an adequate
home for destitute children He painted
glowing word pictures of the men and
womens lives which would be benefited
by their endeavor
A concise history of the organization
from Its beginnIng 2 years ago was red
by Irs A J Gorham one of the prIme
mover In the work In part she said I i
TwentYfve years ago last month was I
take the frt formal step In the organi
zation of the work for the care of de
pendent and homeless children So far i
as preliminary cuss can be traced the
Idea seems to have originated wIth a
group of prominent women who one day I
were in social gathering at the home of I
Mrs Hannah P Travis Among other I
topics of discussion was the one relat
ing to the growing need of a day nursery
where children could be left when moth
ers were away from home earning money
for the family support
Though no formal acton was taker I
at that time the jda hud become firmly I i
fixed and was not to be forgotten t I
is unfortunate that we do not know the
names of all who were present that day I I
Some of them are with us today for t
was they who gradually formulated plan
for procedure and who had conslderab
for the car of the chidlren before the
formal organization In 1681 We should
pause here for a moment to do them
homage thos beginners whose example
we are hUQbly following today
The first roms occupied by the day
nursery were at the corner of Sixth East
and Third South street Later the Rev
Mr Putnam who was always actively In
terested In the work found quarters at
tho corner of Third East and First South
He procured a young man and his wife
to care for the home and Its Inmates
then consisting of three tiny babies Later
another location was found on lst 1mor
South near Eleventh East The work
and worry of occasional moving were ap
parent to all and i was with the greatest
joy that wih the opening of the year
18 the association was able to move Into
its own home on South State street
But we must KO back a little The
territorial legislature of 186 voted the
Day Nursery society an appropriation of
10 with the proviso that they formal
ly incorporate under the territorial laws
In June of that year lSS the society
vote to dissolve and to reorganize under
the name of the Orphans Home and Day
Nursery association The fifteen names
that an appended to the first constitu
tion after the incorporation are as fo
lows Elizabeth S Dickey Mary E Gi
mer Elza K Royle Sarah Ro Han
nah P TravIs Luaclne Hoge Emma L
lc llun Dora L Colon Mrs John J
Daly Ruth M Wood Het 31 Crichlow
Ella C Putnam Kate Heywood Kim
ball J Cameron Brown and Emma J
In the fail of 156 a building commit
tee had ben appointed and In January
18 they turned the State street home
over to the association In April of tat
year the 4 mortgage the only Indebt
edness on the property was canceled and
a neat sum put Into the treasury with
the proceeds and subscription concert
which netted the association nearly
Thus In April 18 we find the asso
ciation fully equipped out of debt its du
ties well defined and having the cnf I
denc of the community The work has
gone on without interruption following
the origInal plans for these twentthree
The direct management of the homo
continues as always to rest with a board
of teen directors women former fifteen and now thir
In February 19 the consolidation
was effected between the Orphans Home
and Day Nursery and the Infants Home
and Protective association By this step
the association acceded to a nlTular de
mand and at the same time Increased
greatly its scope of work
No children arc kept permanently In
the home that are eligible for adoption
and one of the most Important and most
meritorious phases of the work has been
the homefinding activity which has en
able the homeless child and the chill
less home to find each other
In the spring of 108 the crowded con
diton of the home had caused to be more
noticeable the lack of sanitary conditions
and of OdlnRlY convenience Many rad
Ical and expensive changes were an Im
mediate necessity so the board of dire
tors appointed a committee to discover
I possible a more slrable site for the
home In April 1919 the board appointed
another committee with power to act to
purchase a site In accordance with that
action the refusal of the present site
was obtained the purchase was ratfi
unanimously and the sum of 40 paid
for I The purchasing committee wa
requested by the board ot directors to
contn e as a building committee To this
committee plans were submitted and the
ones for the building of whIch we lay
the cornerstone today were accepted
The whole structure complete to cost ap
proximately O
The laying of the stone was done by
Mrs Elz K Royle a charter member
of the original organization With stir
ring fervor this gyhaired woman con
secrated the contents of the stone and
wielded the trowel for the cementing of
the stone The contents of the box was
copltes of the daIly papers copy of con ws
stiuton copies ard bylaws of the associa
tion names of member at times of In
corporation names of present board of di
rectors a copy of n history by Miss Gor
ham list of honors t dat
gram of exercises at the laying of the
stone and a picture of the old State street
The services concluded with the sing
Ing of America by the entire assem
blyNer the end of the ceremony the heavy
derrick from which was suspended the
stone broke and fell among the audience
Fortunately no one was struck
+ Sal Lake Theatrohn JS Young + I
4 In Lo 215 p m and 815 p m +
+ Orpheum TheatreVaudevle 215 +
+ p m and 815 p m +
+ Colonial Theatrehe Girl Ques +
+ tion 215 p m and 815 p m +
+ Bungalow TheatrePantages Vau +
t deville 216 p m and 816 p m +
+ Grand ThetreValer lIcCul +
+ Brown of Harvard 215 p m and +
+ lough and the stock company In +
+ Brown of Harvard 215 and 815 4
+ p m I
11 + + 4 + + + + t t t + + 1 + + + + +
The everwelome AmerIcan drama In
Old Kentucky now on its seventeenth
tour of the countrya record not sur
passed In the annals of the modern stage
of this countrywi shortly par another
visit to this city with Us merry little
pickaninnies its lovable mbuntaln heroine
its various realistic episodes and Its fund
of generous entertainment for everybody
Lft and Dingwal still control the dest
nice of In Old Kentucky and no more
capable company or more attractive 0
nle equipment leaves New York for the
road every fall than this organization
Miss Mildred Johnson Is announced as
this years Indgethe mountain he
rome of the play
Mary Norman and Ed P Renard are
demonstrating equal drawing powers at
the Orpheum this week Miss Norman
appears In a monologue Some Types of
Women and Mr Renard has a village
of manikins all of which move and seem
to talk and sing I Is irresistibly funny
An audience that nearly filled the Grand
theatre greeted Walter 1cCuloug
Blanche Douglas and the Grand players
at that popular playhouse last night
Brown of Harvard the greatest of col
I geatest
lege plays was the offering and It was
well received and the piece Is exception
aly veIl playe College life In all its
pranks and wildness is set forth and the
audience even seem to join In the enthu
siasm and demanded numerous curtain
calls There will be a matinee this af I
ternoon at 23 and a specIal matinee
Thanksgiving day I
One of the strongest dramas or the
western life produced In several seasons
Is In Wyoming which las enjoyed r
markable popularity cntour I come to
the Colonial on Sunday for one week
with the original cast and production Ce
ci Klrke one of the finest actors of dra
tic roles on the stage today appear In
the stellar role of Bob Rickards cow
boy and scout The play Is a highly ef
fective picture of life on a great cattle
ranch Ip the state ot Wyoming The
story deals with the love and regeneration
ton of Bob Rickards a rough and hard
ened cowboy through his love of Jennie
Summer a beautiful easter girl who Is
visiting on the Dalby ranch The stirring
Incident of the hunt for the cattle r
lers In the valley of the Big Horn told
in an intensely dramatic manner
John L Kearney who plays the par of
Con Ryan the manager of the restau
rant In The Girl Question at the Cob
nla this week has a flow of language
that would lead one to believe that rs
father had been an auctioneer In fact
he Is the original human phonograph The
usual matinee will be given this afternoon
noon and there will be a special matinee
tomorrow ThanksgivIng day at 2l
On Thanksgiving day In Ogden John E
Young the original Johnnie Hicks In
The Time the Place and the Girl will
play a matinee and night perforrce of
the musical comedy L In which lies
starring this year under what Is probably
the most unique and remarkable circum
stances In which a big musical star has
ever appear
Owing to the fact that ohn JCorts new
theatle In Ogden whih Mr Young was
scheduled to open Thanksgiving day Is
unfinished 1lr Youngs manager found
that there was no theatre for Mr Young
to play In Thanksgiving day
Inquiry develop the fact that the
enormous skating rink auditorium might
b lease for the day and an hour later
llr Burlok had signed a contract for
Its use Another twentyfour hours suf
ficed for the signing of contracts witl
electrIcians carpenters an orchestra
treasurers ushers stage hands blpost
ers and the hundred and one other men
Then the auditorium wa jammed with
gangs of mechanics working at break
neck sped transforming the barren hail
Into a warm comfortable perfectly ap
pointed theatre
Dressing roms were provIded for the
thirtytwo pretty girls the sixteen chorus
men and the dozen principals to make
their half score changes of costumes Six
teen hundrEd chairs were engaged and t
ThanskIgvlng eve every detail of a first
class uptoate theatre will be awaiting
1lr Youngs performance
Mr Young In The Time the Place and
the Girl his a most phenomenal record
In Ogden Abut a year and a hal ago
he played there on a Saturday night to
receipts of fl0i5 As the performance was
progsslng it was suggested that he play
there the following night as the company
had not ben scheduled to compny
where Mr Young announced the fact
upon the stage and G4 were the re
ceipts on Sunday night As the perform
ance was progressing Sunday his mt
ager was given a telegram announcing
that the theatre In the town where he
was to play Monday was burning up
Accordingly the third performance In
Ogden was announced for Monday and
the receipts were SS9 Four months
later he again played Ogden to the phe
nomenal receipts of 111 thus complet
lg the fourth of the most remarkable
performances ever recorded In a town of
O dens sizs
Wednesday night and Thursday morn
lag the auditorium will be open mor free
Inspection In order that attending patrons
may see for themselves that every detail I
Is complete for a perfect performance
Thee Wholesalers Plead Guilty to
Charge of Violating the Pure I
Food Law
San Francisco Nov 23Two wholesale
sale liquor companies In this city and
one at Oakland Ca pleaded gui to
day before Judge J Haven of the
United States district court of violation
of the pure food laws
The Chevalier company of this city
I confessed to having sold liquor labele
I apricot brandy to Reno New where
an Investigation revealed that no apri
cots had been used in its manuftcture
A second count charged the company
with having shipped peachless peach
brandy to Reno The BerUnle Lporlc
company admitted having sent olive oil
to Raton N r which contained
45 per cent colonized oil although the
label on the cans declared that the
contents was the pure product from
Italian groves
The Gordon Syrup company of Oak
land was charged with the sending of
several barrels of syrup labeled per
fection maple syrup to Phoenix In
vestigation proved It to be cane juice
maple slightly tree diluted with the sap of the
Plymouth Nov 23The new British
Dreadnaught Vanguard completed
Vanguar an
eighthour trial tonight In which she
attained 221 knots an hour a kriot in
excess of the ndmlrlys stipulation
Continued from page 1
tunnels the rescue work will be pushed
night and day w1
A diary was found today In the cloth
mg of one of the bodies taken from the
mine yesterday I was begun on the day
of the disaster and was written by Sam
uel D Howard 21 years old It descrIbes
the slow death of the men by encroaching
black damp and refers to Samuels efforts
to SaVe his brother Alfred 16 years old
who die by his side The diary follows
Alive at 102 oclock yet folows D
Howard brother Alfred Is with me yet A
goo many dead mules and men I tried
to save some but came almost iosing
myself I I am dead give my diamond
ring to Iamle Robinson The ring Is
coming at the postoffce Henry cnn have
the rIng I have In my good clothes The
only thing I regret Is that my brother
could not help my mother out after I am
dead and gone
I tried my best to get out but could
not I saw Jim amiesn and Steve
Tlmke lying along the road and could not
stand It any longer I Is five minutes
past 1 oclock and the air Is fine but
sometimes I Is 5 bad i almost puts a
fellows light out I Is something fierce
to see men and mules lyIng down all over
like that al
To keep me from thinking I thought I
would write these few minutes There Is
rOfk failing all over Ve have our buck
ets full of water sump water and we
drInk I and bathe our heads with it
10 to 1 oclock i after 1 oclock 2
oclock 3 oclock and poor air and black
damp 416 oclok change of place One
man tried to get out and could not get
back 75 ocllck tired hungry and
sleepy but I could stand quite a bit of this
I I could get out of this hole
76 ocloek In the morning This Is
Sunday There Is no air We fanned
ourselves with the lids of our bucket
25 after 9 and black damp coming both
ways 2 after 10 we gave up all hops
We have done all we could The fan had
better start above soon 2i after 10 a m
Sunday We are still alive The only
hope Is the fan
I think I wont have strength to write
pretty soon l after 12 p m Sunday
I they cant give us air we will make
fans ourselves We take our turn at the
fan Ve have three of them going 2
to 3 p m and the black damp Is corn
Ing on us Only for the fans we would
b dead 1 to 4 p m Dying for the want
of air We have six fans moving One
fan after another 1 fet apart 2 after
10 p m Sunday evening Ye all had to
come back We cant move front or back
wards Ve can stand It with our fans
until Monday morning
15 after 2 a m Monday morning Am
still ale We are cold hungry weak
sick ant everything else Alfred Howard
1 stIll alive 915 a m Monday morning
Still breathing Something better turn UP
or we will soon be gone 115 a m still
alive at this time 16 to 1 p m Mon
day The lives are going out I think
this Is our last Ve arc getting weak
Alfred Howard Is well as all of us
The diary was scribbled In lead pencil
book on loose leaves torn from an account
Directions for Colic ID IorCon
tents of small bottle Painkiller Perry
Davis In quart bottle add pint warm
or cold water sweeten with molasses
shake well until all mixed Give about
hal at onc then balance In fifteen
minutes If first dose Is not sufficient
ThIs will be fond a neverfaing
remedy 3c for a large bottle Also
In 25c and 50c sizes
GRAND BAL by Ladies Society
Brotherhood of Locomotive FIremen and
Enginemen Wednesday evening No
vember invited 24 at Conservatory p hal Public
New Los Angeles Train
Sal Lake Route Here today there
tomorrow Phone 49pr hId 1986 for
rates Mexico to California Arlzona Texas or
Delinquent Notice
a corporation principal place of busi
ness Sal Lake City Utah
NotceThere are delinquent on the
following described stock on account
of assessment No4 levied on the 7h
day of October 1909 the several
amounts set opposite the names of the
respective shareholders as follows
No cert No shr Amtdue
USRchard Mathews 19 49
13Rlchard Anderson 140 36
12Rlchard Anderson 5 12i
lOLeo Johnson o 50
92RicharI Mathews O3
9Rlchard f 12
91Rehard Mathews 30 Im
iORichard Mathews 3000 750
9Rlchard 30 76
S9Georg Nielson S 2i
8Gerge Nielson I50 38
j9R Mathews 300 70
7SHerman Brnner SOO 20
75R Mathews Jr1500 37i
73Fred Arbn f 12
7lar Arbon 45 12
71Mar Arbn 50 125
6W J Robinson 1500 35
5V J Robinson 2 500 62
4V J Robinson 30 875
42J C Crelght6n 16 4l
414 C Creighton 50 125
o C Creighton iO 125
3 C Creighton 50 125
And In accordance with law ana tnb
order of the board of directors made
on the 7th day of October 1909 s
many ot the shares of each parcel of
said stock as may be necessary will
be sold at the office of the company
Standard Laundry Sal Lake City
Utah on the 6th day of December 1909
at 1 oclook p m to pay the delinquent
assessments thereon together with the
costS sale of advertising and expenses of
FRANK E DOLE Secretary
Standard Laundry
Notice to Contractors
ceived at the county clerks office until
12 oclock m on Monday the 2th day of
December 19 for the construction of a
steel balcony In the clerks office Plans
and specifications can be examine at the
clerks office The right Is reserved to
reject any and all bids
By order of the board of county com
Seal County Clerk
execute government surveys Notice
No 2 Department of the Interior Of
flee of U S Surveyor General Salt Lake
City Utah Nov 16 l0Notce Is hereby
gwen that sale proposals either In per
son or by mal will be receive at this
office up to and including Dee 15 19 for
running measurIng and marking ac
cording to law and instructions the fol
lowing full and fractional townships vlz
In Vasatch and Ulntah counties town
ships I and 9 south ranges 15 16 17 and
18 eat township 9 south range 19 east
township 10 south ranges H Ii 16 1 1
and 19 east of the Saii Lake base and
meridian Utah estimated number of
miles secUn lines 540 township lines
10 meander lines 2 iso probable re
survey or retracement or 45 miles ot the
Ulntah Indian reservation boundary and
9 miles of standard lines I Is desIred
to let all of the above in one contract If
posible In Carbon county Township 1
south ranges 8 and 9 east and township
16 south range 9 cast and In Emory coun
ty townshIp 2 south ranges 7 and 8
east and township 2 south range 7 east
alt of the Salt Lake bas and meridian
Utah Estimated number of miles Sec
ton 200 j township 44 also probable re
tracement or resurvey of 6 miles stand
ard 26 mils township and 3 miles sec
ton lues Mileage bids must not exceed
statutory rates Per diem bids are
not limited Al comer of both surveys
and resurveys will be monumented by Iron
posts fled with cement and surmounted
by rvle brass caps All props ls must
be accompanied by a certified check rep
resenting 5 per cent of the estimated la
blty of the contract to b awarded I
will be required that the surveys hereIn
described be completed and returns made
to this office on or before Dec 31 1910
Full particulars upon application to this
office The right Is reserved by this of
fice to reject any and alt bids THOMAS
HULL U S Surveyor General
Sheriffs Sale
for Salt Lake county state of Utah
Utah Commercial Savings bank a
corporation plaintiff against Elza
beth Livingston defendant To be
sold at sheriffs sale at the west front
door of the count court house In the
city and count of Salt Lake state of
Utah on the 8th day ot iiecemuer A
D HI69 at 12 oclock noon of said
day all the right title claIm and In
terest of said defendant of In and to
the following described real estate to
The northeast hal and the cast 16
rods of the northwest Quarter of the
southeast quarter of section z town
ship meridian 2 south range 1 east Sal Lake
Also commencing at the northwest
corer of Jot 5 block 30 plat B Sal
Lake City survey running thence south
5 rods thence east 8 rods thence
north 6 rods thence west 8 rods to the
plnce of beginning
Purchase price payable In lawful
money or the United States
Dated at Salt Lake City Utah this
16th day of November 1909
Sheriff of Sal Lake County State of
By Alex uchnnan Jr Deputy
role Van Coto Attorneys for
17th Date 1909 of first plbUcaton November
Consult county clerk or the respective
w signers for further information
bate divIsion In and for Sal Lake county
state of Utah In the mater of the es
tate of John Johnson deceaedNotce
The petition of Anna 1 Johnson ad
ministratrix of the estate of John John
son deceased prayIng for an order ot
sale of real property of sid decedent and
that all persons Interested appear before
the said court to show cause why an or
der should not be granted to sell s much
as shall be necessary of the followIng de
scribed real estate of said deceased to
wit CommencIng at the northwest cor
ner of lot 5 block 26 plat northwest Lake
thence east 4 rods
City Survey running thenc ros
thenee south 701 feet thence east 4 feet
thence south 4 feet thence east 2 feet
thence south 51 feet thence west 3 feet
thence north 61 feet thence west 6 feet
thence north 7 feet to the place of be
ginning has been set for hearing on
Monday the 6th day of December A D
19 at 2 oclok p m at the county court
house In the court room of said court In
Sal Lake City Sal Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with the
Vlness cour
seal thereof aflzed this 23d day of No
vember A D 10
Seal Clerk
By 1 p Palmer Deputy Clerk
Stephens Smith Porter Attorneys for
bate division In and for Salt Lake county
state of Utah In the mater of the estate
of Ralph W Kidder deceaseNotce
The petition of Clara Kidder admlnls
tratrx of the estate of Ralph W Kidder
deceased pryIng for an order of sale of
real property of said decedent and that
all persons interested appear before the
saId court to show cale why an ore
should not be granted to sell 50 much as
shall be necessary of the following de
scribed real estate of said deceased to
wit Lot three tour twentynine and
thirty of block tentone Park City
Survey according to the amended plat
thereof on me In the office of the county
recorder of Summit county Utah and
that part of Lot No six block thirteen
plat B Salt Lake City Survey towl
rho north 3 feet of the west 10 Yeet of
the south half of said lot six also for
approval of annual account has been set
for hearing on Friday the lOth day of De
cember A D 19 at 2 oclock p m t
the county court house In the court room
of saId court In Sal Lake City Salt
Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the Seal thereof affixed this d day of
November A D 10
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
L B Tlght Attorney for Pet
vate division In and for Salt Lake count
state of Utah In the mater of the estate
of Elza Lester deceasedNotce
The petition of Iable Annie Lester
Spencer praying for the Issuance to her
self of letters of administration In the es
tate of Eliza Lester decease has ben
set for hearing on Friday the 10th day of
December A D 1909 at 2 oclock p m
at the county court house In the court
room of said court In Sal Lake City Sat
Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this 2d day of
November A D 199
Seal ClerIc
By L p Palmer Deputy Clerk
J L Brow Attorney for Pet
Notice to Creditors
ceased Creditors will present claims
with vouchers to the undersigned at the
law office of C 11 Nielsen Constitution
building Sal Lake City Consttuton
fore the 2th day of March A D uno
Administratrix ot Estate ot Otto Johnson
19 Date of first publication Nov 2t A D I
C 11 NIelsen Attorney for Estate
NotIce to Creditor
deceased Creditors will present claim
with vouchers to the undersigned at room
32 Boston building Sal Lake City Utah
on or before the 10th day of March A
Admx of Estate of Mark J Mitchell de
ceased llchel
G W Bartch and O A Murdock at
toreys for Admx rooms 319202 Boston
building Salt Lake City Utah
Date of first publication Nov 3 10
Notice to Creditors
lngton deceased Creditors will AL
their claims with vouchers to the under
signed at the office ot Moyle Van Cott
712 Deseret National Bank building Salt
Lake City Utah on or before the 30th
day of April A D 1910 3h
Administrator of the Estate of Ellen
Reading Alngton Deacesed Elen
Date of first publication Nov 24 A D
Moyle Van Cott Attorneys
Notice of Sale
decease The undersigned will sell at
private sale the west 33 fet of the south
17 fet of lot 2 3y Plat B Salt
Lake City Survey In Sal Lke City Sal Sal
Lake County Utah on or after Monday
December 6 19 and written bids will b
received at the drug store of Rier Broth
ers Drug company Logan Cache county
Utah Terms of sale Cash on delivery of
deed after confirmation of sale delvery
Dated Nov 2 10
Sale of County Property
I conferred by the board of county
commissioners of Salt Lake count Utah
and In accordance with the provisions of
subdivision 3 section 51 compiled laws
of Utah 107 the undersigned hereby
gives notice that at 12 ocock m Monday
December 2 199 from the front steps
of the west door of the joint city and I
count building Sal Lake City Salt Lake
county Utah there will be offered for
sale at public auction to the highest bid
der for cash the following describe real
property belonging to said Salt
proprt belongng Sal Lake
count the same being no longer required
for public use
CommencIng at the southwest corner of
block 46 tenacre plat A Big Fidid stir
Yey thence north 495 feet thence east
IO7 feet thence north 12 degrees 30
minutes west HOl9 feet to a point of be
ginning and running thence north 12 dl
gees 3 minutes west 512110 feet thence
north 19 degrees 30 minutes west 270 feet
thence west 3 feet thence south 20 de
grees west 70 fet thence south f de
Iees west 564 fet thence east 29i71o
feet to place of beginning
Said county reserves the right to reject
any and all bids
By order of the board or county com
missioners of Sal Lake county Utah cm No
vember 2 1909
Seal County Clerk
Dated November 2 19 Clerk
City county of Salt Lake state of
Utah Continental Lie Insurance and
Investment company a corporation
defendantSummons plaintiff versus Mrs Mary Weiand
The state cf Utah to said defendant
You are hereby summoned to appear
within ten days after service of this
summons upon you I served within
the count In which this acton Is
brought otherwise within tWenty days
after servIce and defend the above
entitled action and in case of your
failure so to do judgment will be ren
dered against you according tc the
demand of the complaint which has
been filed with the clerk of said court
This acton Is brought to recover a
judgment enforcing payment of your
bank check on Zions Savings Bank
Trust company of Salt Lake City
Utah payable to order of ee O
Thurber and by him duly erlorsed
transferred and delivered to this plain
tiff prior to the commencement of
this acton said bank check bearing
date March 16 1909 and amounting
to 21081 and Interest thereon from
said date at eight per cent per annum
moropartcularly set forth 1n said
complaint reference to which Js here
by made
Atornes for Pie intiff
Lake P O City afldress Utah McCcnlak Bdg Sal j
BEER W HALL Undertaker Embalm
er 164 So W Temple Both phones 1019
Funeral ww Notices
The funeral of lord Jone was hell
at 1 oclok yesterday at St Paulo
church the Rev C FL PerkIns offici
ating There was a beautiful array of
floral offerings and many friends Pt >
In attendance at the church and at the
burial In Mt Ohtvet cemetery
t Olvet c ter
Funeral services over th remains oP
Lawrence Burbidge age 7 years wmlf
be held Wednesday at 2 p m from th
Seventeenth ward chapel In place o at
the family residence as pac
Friends cemetery are invited IntermRt In llt
No 8 South Main with W eHome
Drug Co Leading Florsts on funeral
designs Phone 34
St Both Ihonls 9 Residence 17 In
diana avenue
2l E td Sout Phones 3 SReclalst on
funeral designs and everything floral
ALL KINDS scndhand clothIng
trunks valises best prices paid 28 Com
mercIa jt Send postal card Phone 31
Furs remodeled repaired redyd
State Bell phone i Ind 134
LININGS and grates supplied for all
makes G D Lvett Foundry 44 N 7th
Wet Bell mK Ind 218
MRS H F01N spiritual adviser and
trance medium 1 8 W Temple
C B COTTON successor to faln Cot
ton 3 SoW Temple In 11
private borne for confinement eases Bell
1mx lad 4T
worth manager clans toilets Isplg
and pones grease 169 vat Office S 3 E Both
STAR PRINTING CO bok and lob
printing bookbinding and pandr ruling 3
Postoffc place Telephone IT
OUT prices art right
Independent Phone r
Hiram E Booth E O Lee
Carl A Badger
Attorneys and Counselors 06 to 68
Boston Bldg TeJphon SOT
Practice In all the court Qf Utah
AtornfyatLw Roms 24Z0
2 New Herald Bldg Dell lSO
I Benjamin I Rich At Notar Public
WALTER W LITTLE 3 Commercial
clal building Deli phone 50
Ciiftr 7 Rotnn hnlllrl
u S Depository
Capital 50 surplus UC
L S His president John C Cutler
vice president I S Young cashier E S
Hills asstant cashier L Burton as
sistant cash lor Directors John R
Barnes A W Carlsn John C CuUf1
David BcleR L S Hills Francis M
TmRn W H McIntyre W W RIFf
George Romnty RH Smot John C
Sharp John R Winder H GiWhlney
W 1 HOLMES 35 JudgeBldg Ben
47 Systematizing and transfer of par t
nershlp to corporations
Salt Lake City Utah
Established 1872
bank Wm F Armnstron Pee flvrn
Groo cashier commrcial banking In all
Its branches 4 per cent on sa1ngs depcs
its accounts solicited satisfactory sr
vice guaranteed
H P Clark PresIdnt
John J Daly V P A H Peabody V P
w H Shearman Cahler
tIllh1 I
flardweil manager sasay and chemical
laboratory 158 So W Teiple Both
J v CURRIE 70 West d South St
Salt Lake City Samples bymall or ex
press receive prompt attention
chemists South West Tempbo Street
Salt Lake City
v H TREMAYNE assayer over
Main street Salt Lake City Utah Ma i
samples receive prompt atteitton
H OFFICER CO ssayers7
South West Temple St SaltLake Cit
West Temple street
160 So West Temple St Bell 4114
HAMLIN PAINTS incorporated F P
Keate manager Painting from A to Z
Phones 2021
E M WEST CO SL5k5 3fl D 1
Waiker Bik Both phones ofice and res
Names of Some of the Operating
Force Announced at San Fran
cisco Office
San Francisco Nov 23The follow
ing superintendents were announced
yesterday at the offices of the Western
C H Ketcham formerly superintend
eat of the New York division of the
Lackawanna railroad was made super
Intendent of the western division with
headquarters at Sacramento
B M Ogilvie formerly with the
Chicago Burlington Quincy was
made superintendent of the eastern di
vision with offices at Elke Nev
Mott Sawyer formerly construction
trainmaster of the Chicago Milwaukee
Puget Sound was appointed train
master at Sacramento
0 W Meadows formerly trainmas
ter of the Santa Fe at San Bernardino
is announced as chief dispatcher
C M Stansbury at one time con
neeted with the Southern Pacific at
Eiko Nev to be master mechanic at
that point
E WT Mason to be superintendent
of telegraph with offices in this city
T M Shumacher general traffic man
ager of the El Paso Sonthwestern
railroad who will become vice president
of the Western Pacific December 1 In
charge of traffic west of Denver ar
rived here last night ftir a conference
With officials of the new road
Policeman PreventedFrom Causing
a Panic In Theatre
Chicago Nor 23Fire in a hotel ad
jacent to the Grand opera house tonight
caused the audience to leave the thea
tre A panic in the theatre was averted
by attaches of the house stopping a po
hiceman who ran into the foyer shout
Fire Fire Theres a fire in the
House employes prevented him from
getting into the auditorium When the
facts were learned an announcement
was made from the stage that the hotel
adjoining the theatre was on fire and
that the audience would be temporarily
dismissed The theatre was emptied
quickly When the fire was discovered
to be inconsequential the performance
was resumed All except thirty persons
returned to their seats
SHIPTONIn this city Nov 3 Edgar
Arthur Shipton beloved son of Mr and
Mrs Thomas Shipton aged i months
and 2 days
Funeral will be hold in the fagilly resi
denee 926 South Third Voet street to
day at 10 a m Interment in It Ohivet
NELSONIn this city Novembtr 23 1009
AlvIn Nelson aged 3 years Remains
at the private reception room of Eber
Hall 164 Sotith West Temple street
Time and place of funeral will be an
flounced later
FINLAYIn this city Novamb4r 23 1909
Andrew Finlay of flinghamn Cnyon in
his fiftieth year Remains are at the
private reception room of Eber W Hail
161 South West Temple street
Time and place of funeral will be an
noureed hater
MGRE43ORIn this city on November 2
1909 Chariee K McGregor In his thir
tieth year by accident Remains at the
private reception room of Eber Vt
hall 161 South Vtest Temple Street
Time and place of funeral wilt be an
nounceti later

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