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Judge Morse i Issues Order
That Books and Rec
ords Be Produced
hanes that books and Important pa
pers of the defunct Salt Lake Public Ser
vicc company are out of the city and
have been kept from the receiver W P
Albertson were virtually made before
Jtdge C W Morse In the district court
yesterday The court Issued nn orded
d rctlng Albertson to produce all books
and records for the purpose of taking de
positions In the suit of Dr J J Snider
agollnst Dages Andrews Co ot Co
lumbus 0 one of the largest corpora
tions interested In the local 2000000 cor
poration which went to the wall several
months ago By order of the court the
books of the Public Service company were
turned over to Received Albertson
Depositions are now being taken In Salt
Lake to be used In evidence In the suit
of Snider against the Columbus company
and the books cut an Important flgur
Icstcrday ooth J J Chambers former
president and promoter of the Public Ser
iee 1 company and Mr Albertson pro
led some records of the company and
i lamed they could not produce others on
account of the position of Mr Albertson
as reCIIver
Tin mttter was Immediately taken be
fore Judge Morse and an order for the
prod JctIon of books and records was ob
tained and served by the sheriff Dr
Snider and others who are suing for
m mey from the company claim Irregu
larities to thE early handling of finances
of the company and will demand an au
diting Of the accounts and an Investiga
tion Into the Important papers which
shouM bt on file they claim showing the
transactions from the Inception of the
company to the time of the appointment
of the receiver
P J Moran Gives Mortgage for
Part Payment for
ThE purchase of seventy feet of prop
erty on Main street by P J Moran
from Samuel H uerbach and wife of
New York was recorded In the county
recorders office yesterdq and with It
a mortgage from Moran to Mr Auer
bach on the same land The ground
vas purchased for 210000 or 3000 a
front foot The mortgage which runs
for tEn years at 5 per cent is for 110
000 Mr Moran paid 100000 cash for
thE land and the balance of 3110000
Is eov red by the mortgage
It is understood that Mr Moran will
begin within a short time the work of
razing the buildings now on the site
of his new property and will commence
the construction of a slxteenstor
store and office building as soon as pos
sible In the sprIng The deal was made
about ho weeks ago and marks an
ott of the large real estate transactions
tIons of the last month
General Manager Horace W Clarke
of the Denver Rio Grande railroad
with James F EnrIght the new super
Intend > nt of motive power spent yes
terday in Bingham Inspecting the prop
tits of the railroad Mr Clarke de
d the rumor that General Superln
tdent Daly would be transferred to
Judge R S Lovett on whom the man i
tIe of the late E J Harriman has fall
en Is expected to transfer the Oregon
Short Line division between Okden and
Sparks to the control of the Southern
Pacific This Is part of the policy of
segregation which is expected to be
f Ue wed out on the entire system
The Salt Lake Route has announced
thE appointment of Dolph Hellbro1ner
us trae ling passenger and frdight agent
with offices In Butte
A tdal train over the Salt Lake
Route to Ajax will be run Thursday
bit hurttrs
morning f r the anmmodation of rab
Whole Body Covered and Head So
Bad She Could Not Comb Hair
Sight AffectedNeighbor Beg
ged Her to Use Cuticura It
Cooled the Itching Flesh and
Words cannot express the awful skin
disease I suffered with My whole body
was covered with it My head broke
out so that I could not comb my hair
or It month or more I Buffered with a
terrible sort thl t When I should lie
down at night 11 r es would stick to
gether and I wm ye to bathe them
berore opening them each morning I
scarcely could see for my eyes had failed
me from the effect of the skin disease I
tried three doctors but they gave me no
relief and then I tried all kinds of things
that I thollght would do me good but I
could find nothing I was a pErfect
prisoner with the awful humor
One of my neighbors beggEd me to
try the uticura Remedies and I made
up my mind to try them but not think
In that I would ever be cured I would
tale a hot bath with Cuticnra Soap and
then apply the Cuticura Ointment I
round relief in a few days and in n
month you could scarcely see a spot on
lily face I Celt like a new person When
I first began tome the Cuticura Ream
dies they cooled the itching flesh and
brought me real good sleep and rest at
night I had suffered fully two years
with the skin disease but now I am n well
woman and in good hEalth I bEg every
skin sufferer to me the Cuticura Reme
dies I cannot praise Cuticura enough
because I thought that I would never
get well again Mrs Cordelia C Pitts
Newborn Ga Nov 24 and Dec 21 OS
Keeping the Hair
To prevent dry thin and falling hair
remove dandruff allay itching and irri
tation and promote the growth and
beauty ot the hair frequent shampoos
with Cuticum Soap and cccasional
dressings with Cuticura are usually etTee
ve when all other methods fail Spe
jcal and full directions accompany each
package of Cuticura
CUtItIa Soap 25c Cuueura 0latmeat foe
end CO1lcun RnIolnn Wc or In the form of
chocolate Coated Pills 9be per vIal of ec ere BOld
tttrouthout the world PoUr Drug Ie chem Corp
Sol Props 135 Iumbul Ave Boston Nam
e 32pae CUtlcura Book 111Jtd tree an author
It7 on the care gad trUtment ol be skin aad halt
A private safe may De rented In the
fire and burglar proof vault of the Salt
Lake Security Trust Co 32 up Main
street 200 per year and upwards
Between Salt Lake and Ogden
Only 110 round trip on Thanksgiving
day vIa Oregon Short Line Football
game Salt Lake High school VS Ogden
has actually been changed I
Th e and cultivated by needa
No longer are people satisfied
T aste t I
as e isfied with crackers taken
from the grocers box or
of the barelexpos to dust
mOIsture handlIng
They have learned that the
N a t Ion only crackers that are crisp
tender always fresh and
really good are those pro
tected by oa moistureproof
package These are the kind
they getas if just from the
oven when they ask for
e Uneeda
f l J
+ Biscuit
The Logical Way
to do combined writing and adding is on
a combined writing and adding machine z
The New Model 11
of the
0 It Writes Here
Remington It Adds Here
tith Vahl Adding and Subtract =
ing Attachment is the only general k
writing machine which adds It is =
the only adding and subtracting Lfry
machine which writes It is the
nly machine which affords the
maximum of laborsaving in com > > >
bined writing and adding work
Remington Typewriter Company emifi tin
172 Southwest Temple Street Salt Lake City
A private safe may be rented In the
are and burglar proof vault of the Salt
Lake Security Trust Co 32 up MaIn
street 200 per rand upwards
rL > do > > > 1I 1
cut = > u > I
r R >
> >
y r t e 1 S pot
< 3 r 6tf J tF
A lflfulIfiIk 0 VnIfi 0 lB1If 0 1fiIID
This beautiful modern twoapartment house of seven
rooms each with two halls two bath rooms hot water
heat two laundry rooms and large basement all for
The house itself cannot be built for the money alone which
means giving you the ground for nothing If you have not
all the money we can take care of you for the balance
C1nfi 0 IfIIDn1 IffilillIfi ° 1ll Co
3 > 3 JJ1i1Idge mncllgo I IDeHIT I IP lhIolI1le 3JtID Hnd n 4l
1 > o < r < = a J
A private safe may be rented In the
fire and burglar proof vault of the Salt
Lake Security Trust Co 32 up Main
street 200 per year and upwards
Be a Traveling Salesman
Increase your power to convince
others earn from 1200 to 10000 a
year W R Trotter Is the only man
teaching salesmanship who 6 sales
manager of a great wholesale house
and an official of the U C T Our
graduates hold paying positions alld
we can assist YOU to profitable em
ployment Ours Is the most plIctioal
and most highly endorsed course In the
The Trotter School of Sales
E B Houtz Local Mgr
517 Atlas Block
I Salt Lake City i
5 Money 5 Money
We will loan you money to buy build or improve
either business or residence property You need not own
property in order to obtain a loan
We secure ourselves by taking first mortgage against
the propedY 1Vhich we make loans Call and investi
w P MEDDERS Asst Gen Agent
No 403 D F Walker Bldg Salt Lake City Utah
NOW ns the tnme to IhHUlY
J O C W Spuian
Lo1ts9 535 to 660
EiaLsy 1ferms = = n 5 IDOWll1l9 n 5 MOll1ltIh1lly
While you are building your home and paying for
your lot the property is increasing in value every
day As an investment it is better than money in
the bank Real estate increases in value twice as
fast as the population in numbers Jackson Square
is in the path of Salt Lakes greatest immediate de
velopment Within one block of a twelveminuto
car service One of the best buys of the day You
can secure in lot now by paying 15 down and 15 a
month thereafter
lidea Spot if or 2l llom e 1
High class improvements all paid for
No special assessments weve paid all
Between 2d and 3d East on 9th South
See about it TODAT is good advice
K flUflNLL f o R1 R1 t
Land Merchants 30 Main
x sl t rum
a a f
i N
t j t b a
lr ff io SF I fi S fl 1 rlt Mf
Y rq 0Ymv f Tsvr i 9
+ w t a Y 3 y wF ar + 9
This Is a home that anyone can be proud to own It 16 located at 1m tcC1el
land avenue onehalf block south of Emerson school It has large reception hall
dInIng room with beamed ceiling waln coating In burlap and buIltIn chIna closet
parlor pantry kitchen bedroom and bath room downstairs and three large
t > drooms upstairs ThE lot Is SOxl50 to alley Walks fruit and shade trees OR Jot
Price Is 3650 and 1650 is all the cash required Be sure and see this then
see us
Other Bargains in All Parts of Town
No 73 Main St Phones 4891
40000 FOR BOB
We collected 400 last week for
R W Sloan the Insurance man In s
the McCormick Block Salt Lake
City Utah It was just lIke win t
ning money on B horse race It f t
took us about two weeks to land
this HOO but we are going to col
lect 100 more from the same source
Turn In OUr claims and we will col
lect some for you There is noth
Ing so nice as getting your money
back Try It Red Streaks of Hon
est Exist In Exerybod
Scientific Collectors of Honest Debts
Rooms 7778828393943596919899100 Commercial Bleck
Salt Lake City Utah Francis G Luke Gu1 Mgr
J t Some People Dont Like 111
Two Year Sentences for Men
Who Broke Into Room
I ing Houses
John Shay and T H Riley were sent
1M prIson yesterday by Judge T D
Lewis each on charges of burglary In
the third degree They pleaded guilty
of enterIng the room of Joe Ferrando itj
the Los Angeles rooming house 331
Vest South Temple street on Septem
ber 28 and went to prison for a year
Riley entered a plea of guilty to hav
ing entered the room of John Nevin
In the Hampton house on October 23
and was gIven two years In prison to
think It over
T Buell charged with burglary In
the second degree in that he stol a
suit case from the room of C M Mad
Ben in the Wilson hotel on November
5 was arraigned and entered a plea of
not guilty
Three forgery charges against Alex
ander Wanless the attempted robbery
charge against Luke Olson and the
robbery charges agaInst Earl Pace and
William A Green were practically drop
ped on the statement of District At
torney Fred C Loofbouroy that there
was not sufficient evIdence against
them upon which to Issue Information
Pace and Green were charged with rob
bing J H Severson of 13 on November
8 Luke Olson was charged with hav
Ing attempted to rob Winter Rousels
store at Vest Jordan on February 6
last Vanless passed three chEcks each
for 18 on J H KnIckerbocker A
Veschcr and Herman Nlepag last JUly
Charles Brown appeared In court to
answer to the charge of robbery His
case was called the day before with
Albert Reading and theIr bonds forfeit
Decision of the University of
Copenhagen Expected by
First of January
New York Nov tThc records
which Dr Cook the Arctic explorer
will submit to the University of Co
penhagen In proof of his claim that he
reached the north pole on April 21
urns are today in completed form
Walter Lonsdale secretary to Dr
Cook will sail tomorrow on the steamer
UnIted States for Copenhagen takIng
with him the records Mr Lonsdale
said today the task of arrangIng the
original records and compiling the re
port upon them has occupied several
weeks Dr Cooks report he said con
tained between 25000 and 60000 wctJs
I dont thInk the general public un
derstands the work we imve been do
lIng continued Mr Lonsdale It has
been said that we were preparing the
records Such a statement is Inaccu
rate The original records go to the
university just as they were made by
Dr Cook In the Arctic region What
we have been preparIng Is the report to
oIr Lonsdale said he expected to
reach Copenhagen December 7 and
would place the records in the hands
of the university officials
How long the unIversity will take
In examInIng them and In making
known its fIndings of course I cannot
tell he continued
I should assume that it would be
possible for the universitys announce
ment to be made by New Years
Peary Will Not Lecture
Washington Nov 2tCommander
Robert E Pear announced today that
he would not go on the lecture plat
form If I do any talking at all
said the north pole explorer I will
speak before one or two scientific so
cieties But I will not make a lecture
Commander Pearr called at the White
House today to pay hIs respects to the
president He said that In his opinIon
the conquest of the south pole would
be easier than that of the north be
cause at the south pole the conditions
were fixed
The pole Itself Is surrounded by a
continent or group of islands cement
ed together by ice and he said It
would be easy for expeditions to plant
caches each year and thus step by step
attain the pole
Too Much Hard Work Involved in the
Mayoralty of New York
New York Nov 2tTheodore Roose
velt In the latter part of hIs presiden
tial term flatly refused to consider run
ning for mayor of Greater New York
to aid the Republicans against Tam
many in the recent municipal election
This became known today through Her
bert Parsons presIdent of the Repub
lican county committee who said he
personally had made such a proposal
to Colonel Roosevelt
When olr Roosevelt was president
said Mr Parsons and again shortly
before he sailed away for AfrIca I
asked him if he would consent to be
come a candidate for mayor but he ab
solutely refused to have his name con
sidered for the office I never asked
him however If he would consent to
run for governor r
Asked why Colonel Roosevelt had re
fused to consIder the mayoralty nom
Ination Mr Parsons said
1 think he believed It was an office
that required a great deal of hard
work a great deal of attention to de
tails Ike had just finished seven years
of arduous work at the White House
and he dId not feel that we had the
right to draft him into public service
a gal n He felt that as a private citi
zen he could still be of service to the
state and nation
Mr Parsons said hewas sure Colonel
Roosevelt went away without any
thought of ever becoming United States
senator to succeed Chauncey 1L De
pew tn 1911
r I
Practice Regulations Amended and
Some Are Made ItIor
Rules of practice In the Third district
court were changed yesterday in an or
der signed by all four judges changIng
rules 15 and 21 Also rule 15 Is made
more explicit In that proof of service
must show the hour as well as the >
day of servIce Unless otherwise or
dered In a particular case ventyfoul
hours wlll be allowed to elapse after
such service before signing to enable
opposing counsel to propose amend
ments In wrIting to the Judge
Rule 21 dealing with trial calendars
states that settings for trial wlll be
made only on the first Saturday of each
month or on the second Saturday If
the first one Is a holiday No notice will
be gIven of settings on these days but
in special cases attorneys of record wlll
be notified of the date upon which set
tings will be made Without this noticE
a case cannot be brought to trial ex
cept by consent or by order on specIal I
application The new rules went into
effect yesterday
Itental Illusion Causes Moving Pic
ture Machinist to Summon
Other people cant see it but It Is
there There was fIre everywhere and it
was burnIng me up I had to can the fire
department to keep the city from being
destroyed said Charles Barnard when
brought Into the police station by Patrol
man J F Morris after he had turned In
a fire alarm at the corner of Fourth
South and Main streets yesterday after
Contained In the mans statement was
a warning for persons who have become
afflicted with the motion pIcture habit
Barnard really sees fire everywhere and
he says the movIng picture machine did
It He has been an operator of the ma
chIne for several years and Is at the
present time employed at the Isis thea
tre The constant glare of the light has
had Its effect and Barnard says he sees
Ire everywhere he goes At times the 11
iusion becomes so realistic that he can
not stand the train any longer then he
alls the fIre department
Barnard stood by the alarm box after
calling the fIre department and made no
resistance when arrested by Patrolman
Morris HI saId he was much surprised
that the fIremen could not find thE fire
Believing that the man was sUffering
from an optical illusion the police re
leased him
To hae yet not to have was the sit
uation that confronted H F Harrington
yesterday afternoon when he was In
formed by the police that although 37
and a watch of which he had been robbed
a few nights ago had been recovered It i
would be several weeks before he could i
set possession of them As a result of
his money being held for evidence Har
rington said he was without means to ob
taIn ethtr food or lodging
Harrington was robbed In Commercial
street last Sunday night and John Doe
Mex has been arrested on suspicion The
money and watch were found In hIs pos
sessIon Harrington Is wIlling that the
MexIcan should be prosecuted but In the
meantime he says he hasnt theprlce of
a meal and doesnt clearlY understand the
system of the police
One Hundred in a Row at Salvation
Army Hall Yesterday
One hundred baskets stood In rows In
the Salvation Army hall on East Second
South street yesterday afternoon In
th se 100 baskpts was represented a math
ematical problem that deals in human
happiness and gladness of heart for each
one of these baskets will convey this
morning the assurance to some one fam
Ily that Its Thanksgiving dinner will con
lIst of real holiday fare
Yesterday afternoon the workers or the
Salvation Army began the distrIbution of
enough groceries to fed at least 600 or
iOO persons and the baskets of good
things represented the Food feeling of the
citizens of Salt Lake who during the past
two weeks hay kept the Salvation Army
pots boiling merrily upon the corners
By careful planning the distribution or
the baskets has been so arranged that
none of the poorer families of the city
may be without a genuine Thanksgiving
dinner The system of Bending the din
ners Into the homes Is believed to be the
best as no ostentatious charity Is shown
and no publicity Is given to the recipients
of this charity

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