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T Ogden News
Office336 Twentyfifth street
Circulation Department 336 twenty
firth street
Allegcts They Revoked 11111 LIcenSe 11
legally bT ot Ghlug Re
qulrell Notice
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov tAs a sequel to the cbs
trig of the Globe bar on Twentyfourth
street by the city council on Monday
night a suit was flIed In the district
court this afternoon by George Frye ask
lug for the issuance of a writ of certiorari
compelling the city officials to come Into I
court with a transcript of the proceed I
ings of the council on the revocation of
Pry s license
The complaint names George Frye as
plall1Urr and Sam Browning Joseph Dana
hrls FISare George Wilson T W Aus
tin Sam Thomas H T Powers C J
1hmphris H E Peery and G A Dick
son as city councilmen and A L Brewer
as mayor as the defendants
Frr allegeR that he was falsely
hrged with maintaining a gambling
I house and his license was revoked
late this afternoon the writ was grant
od and the sheriffs force met the police
olllclals on their way to the Globe saloon
and served notice on Chief Browning that
he must In no manner attempt to close the
GlobE bar or seek to harass those In
c hargl of the place
Th mayor and membrs of the city
eouucil I were oJdered to appear In court
on the mornlngof December 4 to explain
their sUMmary action of last Monday
Th mayor and city council In failing
to obey thp law have placed themselves
In a ruhiar position The statutes re
qilire that three days notice shall be
glvn whEn an attempt Is made to revoke
a saloon license and the licensee must
bl gisen a hearing This mandate thE
flty athtltles Ignored I
lollee Arrest Three Men for Breaking
IutoCnr of Met
Special to The HeraldTIepubllcan
Ogden Nov ICharles Riley was ar
rested this morning by local officers on
suspicion of having broken Into a railroad
I car last night taking several pairs of
shoes Riley was questioned closely dur
Ing th day and the officers were satis
fied that he was not connected with last
night s robber although he admitted
hning broken Into a car about a week
ago taking some shoes He Implicated
two othr men who were arrested to
night They are James Riley a cripple
and Iarles Shillings
They told where some of the shoEs
cmld be found and they were discovered
at an Italian pawn shop In Grant ave
vue lc twcpn Twentfourth and Twenty
fifth stlllts Th police believe they have
madl a good catch thinking that the
men tne beEn concerned In robberies at
oth r places
Creditors 1l1egl Young 3Ierehnnt
have Disappeared Without
Paying Bills
lrl Spec ial to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 24A L Cole and H B
WortlAer the young men who conducted
a fruit store on Washington avenue be
twe n Twentspcoml and Twentythird
stre ts have suddenly disappeared and
are bclng much sought after by creditors
IlcJrdlng to the Information that has
be n given out at the sheriffs office to
which appeals have been made by crld
1Iors oC the defunct store
This ftlrnoon I Ahord a secondhand
store Troprlptor appeared at the office
of the Ihrill and slated that the mls1jJn
young mn had sold him some personal
effects that It had been found did not be
IOJ1f t thrn and asked that they be ar
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov tIn the district court
before JUdge Howell today William Lind
say ctiargtd with the burglary of the
stor oC L H BlCralt entered a plea of
guilt Egbert Yaterson the youtlkul
robb r who attempted to hold up and rob
tJj store of Wilson Brothers on Vest
Twenbeghth street recently entered a
plea of gUilty of robbery
i Hotel Committee Prepares for Dig
Crowd at Wool Grow
en Meeting
Special to The HeraldRepublican
ogden Nov 24The hotel committee of
the Wool Growers convention which wIll
bit held llere In the early part pf January
Is busy these days making arrangements
for the visitors
I To accomplish this end circular letters
are being sent out to hotels lodging
houses boarding houses restaurants etc
asking the proprIetors to furnish the nec
essary Information immediately The com
mlttce Is also requesting all people in the
city who have accommodations to offer
for the occasion to communicate the same
to Vllliam L Russell at the mayors of
It Is known that there are a number
of large delegations coming to the con
vention and some of them have already
engaged entire floors at some of the hl1
tels As the time for the conentlon
draws near II greater demand will be
made on the hotels and the hotel commit
tee feels that It Is Imperative to know
where to find board and rooms
Chief of lolicc Visits Elep1annt and St
Ioulll houses
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 24Chlef of PoUce T E
Browning made two gambling raids to
day His first vIsit was to the Elephant
saloon where he arrested C S Rhlner
W S Holland Frank Parks and William
Orr They were booked for gambling
James Todd a youth from Chicago who
Is detained as a witness says that ho
was given an opportunity of playing
games for money He says that when po
entered the men afterward arrested and
some Japs were there but no game was
In progress The Elephant was raided
Saturday night but no games were found
Tonight the police made the second raid
They went to the St Louis saloon and
arrested C Creighton the alleged pro
prietor of a game there Creighton was
released on his own recognizance His
hearing comes up Friday
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 24Dald Woods the ne
gro charged with forgery was brought
Into court this morning and advised as to
his right to counsel The time of the pre
liminary hearing will be arranged by the
county attorney Woods Is alleged to
have said that he was an eye witness to
the killing of Officer Riley In Salt Lake
a few weeks ago Woods Is now In the
county Jail
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 24AlIeglng that her hus
band had struck her a number of times
has a mean Irritable and Incompatible
disposition and while sne was ill In bed
came to the house and took the 3year
old son away with him Nettle L
Stephens has brought suit for divorce In
the district court against Joseph F
Stephens The couple were married at
Salt Lake City November S 1905
YoungNter Will De Tried Before Jury
of Ills Peen
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 24hlle the attentfon of
his guard was tem orarlly relaxed yel
terday afternoon Amos Alfred 01 of the
boy Inmates of the State Industrial
school made his escape and was at lib
erty for several hours before he was fin
ally captured
The boy was engaged wIth several
others on some outside work Choosing
a time when the guard In charge of the
squad of youngsters was attending to
other duties Alfred slipped away to the
foothills east of the school where he
was later captured and returned to the
He will be tried before the boys court
which was recently established at the re
Tabernacle Choir Arranges Special
Thanksgiving Program
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 2tSpeclal Thanksgiving
services will be held In the tabernacle I
Thanksgiving morning at 11 oclock A
special musical program will be rendered
by the choir and Organist Sam Whltaker
Thc music will be appropriate
Elder Nephl L Morris of Salt Lake one
of the most prominent men In the Mor
mon church will be the principal speaker
His theme will be In harmony with the
day The general public Is Invited to be
r 1
Dayton Drug Company
At OUl
Cor 2d So and Slate Phonf1I 5 J Stores
Boxed Candies
Fresh pure wholesome candlesTaylors
Dolly Warden Philips Lowneys Sweets
and McDonaldsboxed In a great variety
of boxes and slzesdellcious flavors and
qualities most wanted Buy them for gift
favorsthell satisfy Delivered to any
part of the city S
Week Today 1 S GodbePitts D rug C o
I > 0 5 S Cor Main and tat So PhODf 140
lf J
Its a Way I Have
of Making Friends
1y great 1500 offer is making more friends for me every
day Every man who selects one Of my 1500 overcoats 01
suits goes away pleased And no wonderevery one is worth
2500 and my guarantee is on every garment
The Tailor
57 West 2d South
Distension Of The
Stomach By Air
And Eructations of Gas Rapidly Re
lieved by Stuarts Charcoal Lozenges
Willow charcoal Is the most Important
and the purest kind of charcoal obtain
able Wood consists of carbon hydrogd1
and oxygen and when heated In a room
where the supply of air is limited the
more volatile matters are burned away
and most ot the carbon remains
In a finely divided state cllllrcoal not
only condenses gases to a marvelous ex
tent but also has the power of absorbing
cOloring matters It It a very rapid ab
sorbent of gases of every kind and Is
much used In the dissecting rooms and
wards of hospitals for the removal of oC
fenslve odors
In rooms which have been recently or
freshly painted a pan or other receptacle
of charcoal allowed to remain therein
over night will completely absorb and
rmove all the disagreeable paintodor
Physicians frequently employ charcoal
for destroying the fetor ot wounds for
which purpose It Is applied In the form
of a powder or poultice to gangrenous
sores ulcers etc It is also largely used
In toothpowders as by Its mechanical
action It removes Incrustations of the
teetl1 while by Its chemical action It de I
stroys fetor or foulness of the breath
Tn Indigestion accompanied by Clatu
lence or gas on the stomach and belch
Ing and In the colic of Infants or older
persons as well as the socalIod lead
colic or painters colic charcoal Is by
Car the best and most powerful remedy
that can be used
Sttiarts Charcoal Lozenges should be
used frequently or constantly by painters
or workers In lead and all persons whose
occupations make them lIable to head
colic They should also be employed by
anyone who suffers from these annoy
Ing symptoms of Indigestion such as fer
mentation decomposition of food flatu
lence or gas on the stomach cOlicky
pains resulting from the overdistension
of the Intestines with gas and the rum
bling noiqes of the bowels with which so
many dspeptlcs suffer and which prove
so annoying and embarrassing when oc
curring while In company
Stuarts Charcoal Lozenges are com
posed of pure wlIow charcoal mixed with
honey and are capable of absorbing one
hundred times their own volume In gas
and by their rapid antlflrmentatlve anti
septic dlodorlzlng and absorbent action
prevent the possibility oC colic or Inter
nal rumblings of gaseous products They
are absolutEly harmless and may be given
freely to Infants suffering from colic and
used just as freely by older persons who
are annoyed by flatulence and gas eruc
tations In proof oC the harmlessness of
charcoal a French physician was In the
habit of taking fifteen ounces every day
of his life and recommended Its abundant
use to others
PurchasE a packge of Stuarts Char
coal Lozenges from your druggist today
for 25 cents and send us your name and
address for frEe sample package Ad
dress F A Stuart Co 200 Stuart Bldg
Marshall Mlch
iI I i
To the Pure Food Show I
and enjoy yourself
Hewletts young lady I
demonstrators will give
you a cordial welcome I
and a free cup of the
finest Tea and the most
delicious Coffee that can
be made
If yoU are tired o the tax your
landlord 1mpoes upon you
watch the ads and MOVE
even out ot season
TA6LI5t1PD 1864 I
ON p TO 111 L NiV R
L i DI I P
iLft J
U S 4
raung Mms Kthrcosd
Ederheimer Stein Co
Bigger and Better Than Ever
The oldest foremost Mens Boys and Childrens Cloth
ing Furnishing Goods Hat and Shoe House in Salt Lake
Five Big Specials for Friday and Saturday in Hens and
Boys Shoes and Sweater Coats
1000 pairs of mens high and regu 600 pairs of boyS and chlldrens high
lar cut shoes your choice at 196 val and egJar cut shoes at L4i values
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l1ullett Clothing Coo
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r a r
i w
On Buying or
Selling a Stove
In many of the large cities there are those who make a living merely by
the Buying and Selling of Stoves through little Want Ads Maybe this does not
appeal to you as a business but it shows how money can be made or saved if you
need a Stove or have an old one to Sell Our little Want Ads go into thousands
M homes These people must have Stoves Maybe they want a new one
maybe a secondhand one Perhaps you have a Stove you want to Sell No
matterwhether to Buy or ellour little Want Ads will do the business A
few pennies invested on our classified page will convince you
Read and Answer
Todays Want Ads I
are read In the hOMes or Salt Lake City
than any other paper
I c
I rs i S
14J r t 4
11tM i III
vILi ifiVii
4 I I I
1SS A j
Si rL S
Marquis de Charette and his bride who was Miss Susanne HennIng daughter
of Tames V Henning a rich New York banker formerly from Kentucky When
the marquis told Mr Henning a y ar ago that he sought the hand oC his daugh
ter he was turned down but he asserted that he would marry her In spite of
the opposition Two das later the marquis with Miss Henning In the care of
a chaperon were on their way to paris where they remained until the father
consented to the announcement oQ their engagement They then returned to
America where the marriage was solemnized In St Patricks cathedral and was
an Imposing society affair The above photograph was taken when the couple
were out for a walk the day before the marriage
Preliminary Hearing Given on
Three Cases of Alleged
Cattle Stealing
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Richfield Nov 24Prellminary hearings
in three cases against Daniel Hansen for
grand larceny were completed yesterday
and he was held to the district court In
the bonds which lie secured prior to his
hearing In the second cafe W II
Brown of Salina was the complaining
witness and he testified to receiving an
animal with his brand from 1IIagnus Niel
sen of the Standard meat market Mr
Nielsen testIfied to purchasing the ant
mal from Dan hansen In September
along with several other animals some
of which had James Colbs brand
The last of the three cases was heard
by Judge Jensen of the city court W F
Cowley oC Venice was the complaining
witness and he told oC the ownership of
a certain red heifer which he had turned
out on the range last spring bearing hiS
brand and having an ear tag with hi9
name and address Subsequently he f5und
the hide oC this animal In the possession
of Johnson Bros ot Elsinore who are con
ducting a meat market there A hide was
shown him which he Identified as belong
Ing to the animal In question
The two Johnson brothers told of the
purchase of the animal from Dan Han
sen together with four other beeves for
G arid the ilc1ng of the ear tags and
the brand as lcrlbed by Mr Cowley
The defense did not offer any evidence
In either case and the defendant will be
required to appear In the district court
for trial District Attorney Erickson ap
peared at the hearings with County At
torney Jorgenson and E E Hoffman was
retained by Salina men to assist In the
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ephraim Nov 21The teachers and
pupils of the Centerfield schools have ar
ranged to give the parents and all cltl
Zeus of that place a free concert Thanks I
giving night The opera house has been
secured and an excelllnt program has
been arranged for the occasion which Is
as follows
Opening chorus
Primary department
Recitation What Am I to be Thank
fir For Ruby Roylance
Exercise Girls Improvement club
Filth grade
Recitation Puritan Maid
Edna Jensen
Paper The Pilgrims
Truman Sorensen
Exercise Little Puritans
Beginners grade
Recitation Hol Jimmy Tended the
Baby Vernal Ro lance
Exercise The PUgrlmsThlrd grade
Recitation Five Fat Turkeys
Beginners grade
Song For the Jack 0 Lantern
r First grthle
Recitation Why Mayo Sorensen
Thanksgiving exerciseFourth grade
Recitation Pilgrim BoyIadeline
Madeline adsen
Song Harvest TimeEighth grade
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Park City Nov 4L Brondenburglr
representative of the Telluride Pow r
company oC Provo met with the special
committee of the city council TUesday
evening and the light franchise was
thoroughly discussed A satisfactory un
derstanding was reached The features of
the franchise are That the franchise Is
granted for a period of twentyfive years
the company agrees to supply the city
with power 50 per cent cheaper than they
are paying the Park City Heat Light
Power company and will supply the resl
dents with current for twothirds what
they are now paying
Special to The Hcra1c1Republlcan
Richfield Nov 2tSherlfl Abbott re
ceived a telegram from W E White of
Marysvale yesterday morning asking him
to arrest n man named Dubois who had
lift an unpaid bill at Malvale Deputy
Engar found the man on the train from
the south The man was Induced to settle
the bill with costs attached amounting
In all to about 50 The fellow was then
allowed to go
Dismal Outlook for Southern Section
of New England
Boston Nov 24The northeast storm
of snow and sleet which set In last
night changed tonight to a downpour
of rain In the southern section of New
England making Thanksgiving eve a
dismal one
Vessels were forced by a fiftyknot
gale to hug sheltered harbors At Vine
yard Haven the schooner Nat Ayer was
driven ashore at Plymouth the schoon
er Alice Turner was forced on a fiat
and at Provincetown the Boston fish
Ing schooner Buena dragged ashore and
fined The crews of all escaped
The Inhabitants of Block Island and
Nantucket were Isolated from the main
land by the Interruption of the steam
boat servIce and tomorrow will have to
forego turkey dinners as their ship
ments of the national bird are held up
at mainland ports
New York Nov 24The resignation
of Mrs Augusta E Stetson from mem
bership In the First Church of Christ
Scientist of which she was the former
leader was accepted by the special
committee tonight This action was
taken by her request as expressed In a
letter With the acceptance of her res
Ignation Mrs Stetson loses an annual
salary of 5000 The board adopted a
resolution declaring we accept with
unfeigned regret and only at her urgent
request the resignation of Mrs Stet
A glowing tribute Is paid to her work
and to her examjilof unswerving
loyalty to our beldved lebller Mary
Baker Eddy and to her teachings
Portrayal of Fronticr Events by
School Pupils Pleases
Special to The HeraldRepublican
ManU Nov 2tConcludlng with a dra
matization of early pioneer liCe by pupils
of the Iantl schools this afternoon the
sixtieth anniversary of the settlement of
llantl will go Into history as one of the
most successful celebrations held In the
Temple city I I
The meeting yesterday forenoon was de
voted to talks songs recitations and In
teresting reminiscences principally by the
veterans In the afternoon the spacious
opera house was beautifully decorated
with the national colors and four tables
the length of the building were laden with
the good things prepared by the daughters
of the pioneers Nearly three hundred
of the pioneers and their companions
were seated around these tables Judge
A H Christensen toastmaster called the
attention of the guests to some of the I
early history of the Temple city and
asked them to respond to thc call for
toasts JUdge John E Booth of Prove
who Is holding court In Mantl at present I
was the first to respond and related a
number oC amusing Incidents that hap
pened In this county some fortythrec
years ago Hamilton 11 Garrick of Cen
terfield an oldtime theatrical man told I
some of the preparations which were
made more than fifty years ago when u
performance was billed John Lowry oC I
Sprlngvllle told of the Indian troubles
and B W Driggs of Pleasant Grove and
William B Richey of ManU gave Inter
esting early experiences
State Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion A C Nelson of Salt Lake spoke
touchingly of the privations and difficul
ties of the ManU pioneers and also re
lated some of the amusing Incidents
The program last evening In the taber
nacle was attended by more than one
thousand pepple Alexander Tennant
president oC the Commercial club pre
Idld A A Bradley of Moroni spoke for
the Bradley Camlly who were among the
earl pioneers An original poem com
posed by Irs L L Dalton ot this city
was read by Miss Marion Tennant A se
lect reading by Irs All 11 a B Slllwell on
Courtship of Chief Walker amused
everybody Samuel Warner of Eureka
sang a comic song Another original
poem by Joel Childs was read by Attor
ney V D Livingston An autobiograph
lea sketch was given by Mrs EunicE
Snow oC Provo a song by L A Lauber
and music by the band concluded yester
days entertainment
Thursday afternoon the school children
will entertain the pioneers In the opera
7 j1
< t
Mae Wood who was reported by her
lawyer to be ill on a ranch In Colorado i
when the case In which she Is charged
with forgery and perjury was caned for
trial in New York The charges grew I
out of a recent suit whleh she brought I
against former United States Senatr
Platt for divorce The senator swore
that he never had married her and said
that the letter which the woman pro I
duced to support her claims was a
forgery The jury returned a verdict In I
his favor Miss Woods case was put
over for a few days and unless a satis
factory explanation of her absence Is
vouched for the bond furnIshed by the I
surety company will be forfeited
Day Will Be Clear and Crisp in Most
Sections of the Country
Washington Nov 24Thanksgivlng
day promises to be crisp and clear In
most sections of the countrytypical
Thanksgiving weather According to
weather forecasts the temperature gen
erally will be a little above the season
able average except In the lower lake
region and the Atlantlc and gulf states
There Is a promise of snows and rains
over the Michigan peninsula but fur
ther west there will be declines In tem
peratures Wyoming Montana ancI the
Dakotas are promised snow and falls In
the mercury
Clearing weather has followed the At
lantll coast storm In the coast sates but
a disturbance Is expected In the upper
Mississippi valley Elsewhere In the
eastern half of the country the weather
will be generally fall on Thanksiving I
Call me not dead when I Indeed have
Into the cO1lpnny Of the everliving
High and most glorious poets Let
Rather be made Say He atlast hath
Rest and release converse supreme and
Music and song and light of Immortal
Today perhaps wandering In starry
He hath met Keats and know him by
his eyes
Tomorrow who can say Shakespeare
may pass
And our lost friend JUllt catch UiHt syl 1
Of that threeeaturid wit that kept
so well
Or Milton or Dante looking on th6
Thinking of Beatrice and lIstfnln stn
To chanted hymns that sound from the 1
heavenly hUlRichard
Richard Watson Gitr

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