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The Salt Lake herald-Republican. [volume] (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1909-1918, November 26, 1909, Image 11

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i Annual Holiday IJIscoU t Sale
As a preface to this array of really wonderful bargains we wish to announce to our thousands of satisfied
patrons that beginning Saturday November 27th we will positively mark down from 10 to 50 per cent off our
regular prices every article in this great store This means that you can purchase good goods here at lower
prices than ever before and one dollar properly expended here will bring you more returns than you have
ever had from a like investment elsewhere WHY ARE WE SO BUSY ALL THE TIME Because
our popularpriced merchandise and businesslike courtesy to our patrons simply draw them back to us
Dont Forget This Genuine and Greatest of All Sales
PERNearly FANCY CREPE all colors PA Mechanics Tools I NOTI Sma II H ar d ware 5c size Sale price
full 10ft rolls The 10c Sargents Celebrated Levels 15c to 200 each 1 p
Ruhhcr nail 5c and 10e lumlnull1 Tidrohlrs le Conner Wardrobe Hooks le Nickel Tack lIammers lSe cen
sizt Sale
price Screw DrIvers 5c to 75c Jionth Organs3c 10e and 15c Lare Curlhg Iron re Ilb Shoe XnllH 5c Wood lIundle Knives nnd
liens Leather Wallets25c 1 doz IUd Curle orks Ie
3 cents Sargents I Iron PI anes 20 c to 3 50 SIll HuhlJr Comh tOe lJalehnIlH re 00 steel Carpet Tacks iJe Saw Flea 1 sc OUNCE BOTTLES
Sla Bather Comb Lit Elastletnn Bands lie pair hirers picture hooks 1c
Wood Bottom Planes 20c to 250 tiintluuinum ComhtOc lrllltlll g Outfit ic Iot Cover lillob 3 for rc SIo Pint Files 10e GOO D VASELINE
Toilet lIrrorli 10e 15c 1 Dover ERg Beater lOc
I 35c doz Collar lr
5e 1in I Pit Iirush ie
LADIES MISSES HIgh Grade Hatchets 35c 50c 75c Irl1ltle Tooth Brushes 1tOe I doz School Crayon 5c D CnlIcT Ilp for roe The IDe size Sale
bIn Cloth Dnlh tile JOOyd Sllool Linen r JIn Cule 1lIrller ie n In l alnt Brush 2e
Linen Thread rc
I AND C H I L DENS Small Axes 50e rJtle hair rJMlIe 135e PIn cnfier d rC ie toIn betoN lIltH roc Ift Steel Ruler 35c price
I I laIn Cards puck 10e 2Sn Wire Hair Ilnll lie Poll Iron JIaIllUH ie GraHN Shears e
LONG AND SHORT Bt Braces 15c to 250 Eyeglasses 75e Lend Pencils te 10e Turing linhcs ie hickory IInmnler IInnllle de
t OA 1 IL 111 phi I S h 1 a nl I Nail Hammers 15c to 75 C Coats Mcns Garters Dnrning Cotton 1e e Hell nllcllne Ink + re ie ClloPllln Mouse TrnIIS linhcH 3 for ie ie Fiber 1010 Scrub Nail Ilrusu I Sc 4 cents
I = d ° z Safety Pln ie loHt Cards Ie SIJlfDracketpalrie Cne lo111eTraps 10e
I fancy weavessVortli HI Carpenters Hammers 25c to 200 4lneh Strap hinges ic Ift Folding Rule re
I t Or I 00 Sale l lice 100ft Tape LInes 75c 4ln lied Caster Door DolfH set of 4 1e ie Iatent Iooc Pin Iron Door lIandleH IIluJtell pro Hie ie
25c 100 Drawer 11111 pair ie Hickory hatchet HandJesl0c OUNCE BOTTLES
Machinists Wrenches to S100 0O
98 25c M he GOO D V SELINE
r Plastering en s UrnlS lOgS I
j MENS TROUSERS Wood Handle Chisels 30c to 100 The 5c size Sale I
I Bench VIses 15c to 5350 1cu heavy fleece IIncd UNDIIIS111tTS 50c GI assware p rice I
Ortnd and faIlY AD D i llR1RS 1 e arilcle I the gnrlDcn
I Door Locks 35c to 75c
Worth to S4 s 111 kinds 01 GIOES AXD JIIITEXS
I I tripeH up IOc 1 to S 1 15
lined and unlined pair Co 3 t
I Sale 1 3oz lead blown Whisky Glasses the 7c kind for Cell s
1r50 1 to 2 98
650 dozen men s ladles and children the pair 0 I
j 84 Cents Handkerchiefs worth up to 10c choice 4 C JEXS OVERALLS 1 5oc GOe 75e 3 C eats 10000 yards SILK
300 dozen men Handkerchiefs worth JIEXS g rndlH WOOL of cloth SHIRTS In three orIwr 98 C to 250 Table Tumblers BABY RIBBON Th
MENS FANCY 9c Fancy pressed glass 3c and 5c kind Sale
up to 20cJ choIce Tle JeHt lIne of Goon WORK GOc
25c to the 5c kind for
HIIlTS In the elt 1
RED city
LAUNDERED About 85 dozen fancy embroidered HandkerchiefsHIIlTS price a yd
SHIRTS with and for ladies 1 The 25c and 35c kind SILK BOW TIES tbe 2e 3 C ents
wIthout cuffs Easel 1 Y Choice of the lot 14 C kind Special 3 for254 1 cent
worth 100 to 150 Childrens Hose 15c and 20c Lead blown Table Tumblers a really 10c glass for
Sale price Ladies Fleece Hose 15c 20c and 30c 200 PAGE RULED
33 cents Mens Cotton Sox lOc and 15c Muslin U ndetwear 5 C en t S TALLY BOOKS Fancy
Men s wool Sox 15c and 25c stiff covers The IOc
30 ft FANCY LACE 50 dozen ladies sIlk and cotton gloves kind Sale Price
25 Ladies Gowns embroidery yokes a 150
C gown
EDGE SHELF PAPER worth up to S100 Choice of the lot for 85c Te ware
all colors I rlle 1 5c kind 4 cents
Hale priee Lace Yoke Gowns Job lot price 100 w at Covered Dread Ralll 3qt Retloned Preerrlnr
S HOE S SIC t oe
2 cents Fancy Serviceable GownS 50c 60c 85c Oineh Fry1nR Pao 5c 0tit R etlnned Presen9 r g 240 PAGE 6 x 10
I battle Oc
I Infants SoftSoled Shoes10c and 25c paIr Fancy Corset Covers 35c 50c 60c 85c 8lnchITin 10lnch FI1inlo laas fans llie Oc WIre SJnk Strrnner 10e PENCIL TABLETS
20 doz MEN S Shoes sizes 2 to 5 50c to 5100 1inch Frying Ians Ja Sbole Muffin Pane 1Gc worth lOco Sale price I
Children Pair Fanc Y Lace Corset Covers 25c O lanI17lnebPlePallll3e 1lloleJlufllnlllnllOo
HEAVY WORK Boys School 1 Shoes good serviceable stock Ladies 0 Drawers lace 50c and 75c D and 10inch I Pie Tana iJe lilncb GltoJe Muffin Japnnned Pans Tray1e 110e
SHIRTS TIe 1 3tJc and e s Open w err e dging50c c Ipint nrlnking Cups Ie 17ln Retlnnell Dlllh lanll3l1c 3 Cell t 5
125 200
to Fire Shovels 1S In lonlo ic Ycetnble Grater Ge 10e 1ic
40e kind Sale price Ladies Emb FInIshed Drawers worth 100 Job Fire Shovel 2 4 In longloc Fruit Presser pie
Ladies Shoes common styles for home wear
lot prices 45c 60c 6 INCH ARAF
19 cents 75c to 5150
I Men and Work Shoes125 to 350 Ladies Plain Finished Drawers good full sizes FINE CANDLE S
STYLISH HAIR s hemmed and tucked 25c to 45c Miliinery Department the 3c kind Sale price
Men Fancy and Work Shoes a fine stock to se
RATS 12 and 15ll1ch tact from SL25 to 5350 pair Hundreds of numbers in this department all 1 t
Itngth good colors About 100 Trimmed Hats stylIsh and worth early cen
he 2Jc kind Sale W handle the celebrated Hub Shoe and are at job lot prices in the season 400 to 800
I sole agents for thIS shoe in Utah These shoes are Choice of the lot 89 C
lllce l
better made and WIll wear longer and sell for less
i 10 cents than other make of shoes About 75 Trimmed Hats the kind that usually re NETS containing 80
i Heel any Plates 3 pairs for 5c Crockery D ep arm en t tail for 800 to 1000 To clean 1 98 WIre nets haIrpll1S 2 cabl
CARPENTER S Black and Tan Polish 5c and 10c up the bunch choice
I White Crockery Cups and Fancy Decorated Sauce
I CHALKRegular size SancerH 1 10a nhhlH Be Choice of all Fall and Winter Trimmings and shapes 5 cents
I 1111 1 qua Jt y VC It J lid E I Ware Inner Sauce Dishes Pillte iC7e Se e Fancy Fane Decorated Decorated epics Mush oe a fine aso rt men t
8e aney
i name are pent later and UI
M Laeh Jlllk lUcherlll 111e and up BOWl JOc
Fancy lJecorntel Cup and Fancy Decorated IJatter ff th BEST U A LIT Y
50 I QUA
cent t
Suucers 1e i5e and cen 0 e ar
1 cent 4 qt S Rue Ian 15C qt nOIlJcookcrll4Se e e up per regu price I
oqt mace J anH III zql Milk I Rnll tOe SEWING SILK in aU
I 2qt Ireserving KettlIH a 4qt Jlllk panH 1c
t IrenIn itcltie5c 5 1 ilk ImIH 1c colors
IIqt C qt 35yard Spools
DROP FORGED 8lt reserving ICettles30c Ilit 311Ik PIIIlH 20e
i j FLYERS combination 1 J 4lt 0qt to Water Bred SmlCe Pails40c lan3 Sqt 4llt ludIUa Pudding C D Sheets and The spool J
030 handbers48c 3 qt Sauce Carpet Department ee S an
ulustahle t the 50cNo 3 t
kind Sale price I cen s
29 cents T Oy Department Fin heavy floor Oilcloth the 5100 quality 41z feet Comfortables
WIde the tanning yard 48 EBONY STOCKING
I Xmas toys are now on sale Really the best only of 0 0 0 C DARNERS with han
MENS 25c AND 35c Fine 72x90 Sheets worth
display of popular prIced gift goods for chIldren In onepIece 98c dIes The DC kindSale
SILK FOURINHAND About 1000 Yards fancy Ingrain Carpets 1 Yard S 150 S peCIa 1 at C rico
tIns price
TIES Hale price CIty wide the 30c grade Sale Price 23 5 100 Sewed Sheets p
to 100 ench RockloIIotJlell8t48 er yard C 85 C
per y
1 cents to 3ic each Doll Furniture + c to 3 each full SIZe 2 cents
II a II e to Oe eneh Iron TIH e to 1100 ellcla 3ply all wool Carpets worth 90c An extra good 72x90 Sewed Sheet sells
le Tool ChestsIOC to 300 n per 65
The bemUlle Lau C at t H Doll T k n rt SOl 00 Sale the 5 4c regularly at 90c SpecIal C liO1 LEAD
ermine WROIlH Sc 35c Cloth B oand 11ge oi yard prIce yard
2BLADE JACK Doll Dugglcs5Oc and 75e at lOc Full size CRIMP TOP
rnt heavy LAMP
KNIFE Ile wood 100 Tapestry Brussels Carpets 27 inches Comfortables 1 25 CffiMNEYS r
lJpple S P E C I A L 59 C The di
WIde Sale prIce the yard
Coco bolo handles Heavy Fancy Silkoline Comfortables kind
30c knife Sale rice bout 300 toys all kinds slightly damaged in 250
a prIce well made 575 5200 and
Lace Curtains while the Y last
15 cents transIt but are really good presents for little folks the paIr 0 as48c to 2 35 PILLOW CASES 15c to 25c 3 cents
all jard TABLE colors 19 OIL cents but CLOTH white a STATE STREET DEPARTMENT STORE CHIMNEYS kind 7 each cents The 10c
xxx WHITE EN 114116118120 1 S State StreetT eets Old Stand GOOD LAUNDRY
VELOPES 3 sizes 25 SOAP 11 BARS
in pack cents 2 packs for The Largest General Merchandise Store West of the Mississippi River 25 cents
q y 2

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