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Mines and Mining Stocks
Large Interests Investigate the
Merits of New HighGrade
Bannock Nev Nov 25Bannock Is at
tracting more attention apparently
among Salt Lake mining men than among
the men ot similar calling In this state
Hardly a week has gone by but there Is
some one here from Salt Lake This week
three men well and favcrably known In
the Investment world went over Treasure
Hill made a careful stqdy or the situa
tion and the work carried on and as a
natural consequence were very favorably
Impressed They were Frank J Hagen
barth head of the Woods Investment
company extensively Interested In live
stock mining and other big business en
terprls W IL Felkler a capitalist
and Charles Gltsch wellknown mining
engineer They ware guests or George
w Abel of Battle Mountain and had
been with him In the Jersey valley Hum
boldt county where they are likely to
become Interested In a lead producing
property They were given every facility
for observing the promising conditions
here and promised another visit In the
near future
Simultaneous with their appearance In
camp came the news from the new find
of the Bannock Mining Leasing com
pany that more free gold had been encountered
countered In the ledge on which a depth
ot about five feet has been attained and
that the formation had changed In the
tunnel being run by the main holding
company This Indicates a near approach
to nn ore body and had a natural effect
on the C2mp which looks forward to big
things when the miners get beneath the
shaft In which the highgrade lies
Another gentleman of much Importance
in the mining world to visit Bannock this
week was F Wallace White of White
Co consulting engineers with main of
fices In Chicago although London is
Mr Whites home Mr White has a
worldwide experience In mining and his
individual interests are extensive He
ws on his way to Yerington and hear
Ing of Bannock and Its surprisingly rich
glory hole concluded to make a side
trip After a fourhour tramp over the
Fases on Treasure Hill under the guld
anco of Major Scharman the local rep
rrslntative of the main company he en
thusiastically said
10u have the goldbearing rock here
all right The formation Is for you up to
the present time Crosscut and sink
the free gold Is in the hard rock it Is In
the quartzite not the silicified rhyolite
and the expenditure will be Justified In
mary sections the presence of many veins
fA a good Indication but In this forma
tion that situation Is changed
MayerReber In HlghGrade
The condition In the layerReber shaft
on block 2 was more encouraging than
ever Tuesday night The men opened a
streak of quartz six Inches wide that
panned a value of iiOO This shaft Is now
within nine feet of being as deep as the
glory hole and as It lies within twenty
feet ot the latter there Is good founda
tion for the belief that a body of rich are
will soon be opened for sacking
J B Williams and George W Abel
two llknown Nevada stockmen It is
said are arranging to buy Into the lease
on block 12 held by C W Rolth and
Glorgf Halley At the bottom of a twelye
foot shaft the leasers have fIX Inches of
Clutz that assays t gold to the ton
and thIs they are saeking
The bullion shipped out by the Nevada
Omaha company lAst Friday weighed a
Jue of 1500 It was from 500 pounds
or quartz none of which showed free
San Francisco Quotations
Jam > s A Pollock Co bankers and
brokers 6 Weet Second South street fur
nish the following received over their
private WIre
Goldfield I Bid IAsked
Sandstorm 03 S
rolumbla Mountain 06 1
Jumbo Extension 11
Kendall 01
Booth 00 10
Blue Bull 0 01
Adams 01
Silver Pick 88 00
N Blue Bell re 03
St Ives 10
Lene Star 00 03
Oro < 8 94
Atlanta 10 1
Great Bend 02
Florence 211i 2IT
Goldfield Daisy OS 09
Combination Fraction 13 91
Xewanos 06 I 06
Red Hills OS 01
Yellow Tiger 1
Geldfleld Consolidated 817w 826
Ophlr ISS lfi
Mexkan 13IH 135
Gould Curry 35
Consolidated Virginia 91 93
Savage i1 62
Yellow Jacket 00
Belcher 100
Sierra Nevada 12
S Exchequer 21
1Tnion Ii 50
hollar f1 30
Tcnopah Nevada 660
fontana Tonopah 81
Tonopah Extension 43
facnamara 28 29
Midway 1S
Tonopah Belmont 1Ii 70
West End Consolidated l 26
JIm Butler 10 11
BonnIe Clare 11 14
Mayflower Consolidated 00 10
Montgomery Mountain 92
Tramp Consolidated 04 05
Manhattan Consolidated I 04
FairvieW Eagle 00
Nevada Hills 70 75
Round Mountain 56
Rawhide Coalition 19
Ore at Samplers
Ore receipts by carloads reported yes
I terday by the samplers TaylorBrun
tn1tah 24 Idaho 1 PioneerUtah 3
IlIfIt forlbeotflce
Breeden h53 it
leU S Sharpener
We want you to come to
the store today and see
the perfect work of a
flU S Pencil Sharpener
Gives a perfect point but
does not eat up the
pencil In the process The
saving In pencil expensl
and time of office help
will soon pay
The Price 350
r p 1ii
eeice gCl
Some merchant is advertising
to YOU today
2 Newhouse BoU 38e0 Bee 115Y
Notice to Water Users
Lake City Utah Oct 19 1909
NQtice Is hereby given that James
H Jensen whose pGstoftice address Is
Murray Utah has made application In
accordance with the requirements of
the compiled laws of Utah 19U7 as
amended by the session laws of Utah
1909 to appropriate onetenth 1 of
a cubic foot per second of water from
a spring In Salt Lake county Utah
Said spring Is situated at a point which
bears north 89 degrees 33 mInutes west
645742 feet from the southwest cor
ner of the northwest quarter of the
northwest Quarter of section 33 town
ship 2 south range 1 west Salt Lake
base and meridian Said water will be
dfverted at the place where It Issues
from saId spring and conveyed by
means of a pipe line for a distance or
18500 feet and there used from Janu
ary 1 to December 31 Inclusive of
each year for domestic purposes This
application Is designated In the state
engineers office as No 2477
All protests against the granting of
said application sthtlng the reasons
therefor must be made by affidavit In
duplicate and filet In this office with
In thirty 30 days after the comple
tion of the publication of this notice
State Engineer
Date ot first publication October 23
1909 date of completion of publication
November 22 1901l
at a meeting of the board ot directors
of the Seven Brothers Plocbe Mining
company held at Salt Lake City Utah
on Friday the lZth day of November
1900 an assessment of two dollars per
thousand shares was levied on the capi
tal stock of said corporation Issued and
outstanding payable In two installments
namely Onehalf of said assessment pay
able on or before tIe Oth day of Decem
ber 1909 and the remaining portion ot
said assessment payable on or before the
15th day of January 1916 to A S Fow
ler secretary of said corporation at his
office No 218 South Main street Salt
Lake City Utah Any stock upon which
said assessment or any portion thereof
shall remain unpaid on the 16th day of
January 1910 will become delinquent and
unless payment Is l1Jade before will be
advertised for sale and so many shares I
of each parcel of such stock as may be
necessary will be sold on Saturday the
4th day of Fcbruary 1910 at 3 oclock
p m of said day at the office of the
secretary Ko 218 South Main street Salt
Lake City Utah to pay the said assess
mont costs of advertising and expense of
Secretary of the said Seven Brothers PI
9Che Mining Company
tion of the Mahan Liquor company to
dissolve and disincorporate
Notice is hereby given that the Mahan
Liquor comp ny a corporation formed
under the laws of the state of Utah has
presented to the district court of the county
ty of Salt Lake a petition praying to be
allowed to disincorporate and dissolve
and that Saturday the eighteenth day of
December A D 1908 at 10 oclock In the
forenoon or as soon thereafter as coun
51 can be heard has been appointed as
the time and the court room of the dis
trict court in and for Salt Lake county
as the place at which said application 18
to be heard
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this 13th day of
November A D 1909
Seal Clerk
By Fred C Bassett Deputy Clerk
Dey Hoppaugh Attorneys for Petl
New York StOCiS
Boston Coppers
Chicago Grain
Utah Stocks
Badger Brothers
Branch Office BureKa Utah
Members Salt Lake Exchange
Direct Wires to all
Markets of the World
wm Sell
IS KaYlllvll1e Brick 95
4 Utah Max Rubber Cap 296
Will Buy
Elk Coal Shares
sil ni irr
DJmgbT i
Looking Backwards
Over years of our laundry business
there Is the atlefaetlon of knowing
that we have steadily progressed
This result attained by Quality We
use only Softened and Filtered Water
In the process
rhe Laundry ot Quality
Both phones 192 166 Main gtreqt
ealt Lake stOOl and Mining Exchange
Denver Consolidated Stock Exchange
RawhIde Mining Stoch Exchange
Throckmorton Company
Utah Savings Trnst Building
Government Railway and Munlc1al
Scads Bank and Investment Stocn
Ncw York ChicagO San FriIiclaco
RawhIde Tonopah GoldtJeld antS U
PrlnclplU Eabangu
1 > =
r = = 1 iIq
Go West
Young Man
Take a trip west of Main street on Second South
just a few steps west to No 15ad see the new
store for men the new tore with a new stock of mens
winter weaables run oy new shopkeepersnew i this
shop of their ow but not new to the business and
probably not new to you
Step in and see hats furnishings and
Clothes of the Better Sort
f Clothes so much better than you usually see that you
can buy a good a you ever had and save from 500 to
1500 on each suit or overcoat
VL =
40000 FOR BOB
We collected 400 last week for
R W Sloan the Insurance man in k
the lIcCornlck Block Salt Lake
City Utah I was just like win
ning money qn a hone race I
took us about two weeks to land
this 400 but 7e are going to col
lect 100 niore rom the same source
Turn In your Qlalms and we will col
lect Bore for you There Is noth
Ing so nice as getting your money
back Try I Red Streaks of Hon
esty Exist In Exerybody
Scientific Collectors of Honest Debts
Roogis 778S28293949596979S9100 Commercial BIOk
Ealt Lake City Utah Francis G Luke len 1 Mgr
Some People Don t Like Us
It Goes Up and Down as Bat
tie WagesSome Others
Sparing for Columbus continued yes
terday on the mining exchange with that
Issue strong enough to give the shorts
some uneasiness Starting at 15 I sold
as high as 16 on the morning call and
In the afternoon was forced as low as
147 ½ with the closing sale at 15 Lower
Mammoth was active and strong around
43 cents Grand Central held at 324234
and Colorado was In demand at 0 cents
to 8 cents Iron Blossom sold up to 74
cents In the forenoon but In the after
noon I weakened and went as low as 6
cents Sioux Consolidated was about nor
mal at 4614 to 45 cents and Uncle Sam
was firm at 6 cents
Total number at shares sold 84200
days value sales 16322 Closing quotations and the
I Forenoon I Afternoon
Bid IAsked Bid IAsked
Aax 2 2S
Alice IS
B Tunnel H 2 1
Big Hill O 0 02
Dng Amal 10 12 10 1
Black Jack 09 10
Boston Con 20 240
Bullock 010 01 03
Camp Bird 02 03
Cod Tails 0 05
Century 0
Cob Ming 5 6 8 S
Co1 Can 15 15734 15 151
Crown Point 063 0 0 0634
DalYJudge 55 52
Drag Iron 14
DroinHp e m
Ely Calumet4 46 45 45
EBB 70 70
Eagles Nest 06 06
B Cr Point O 0134 oni 0
E Tin Con 01 02 0t 0
E Tin Dev 0 083k 0S1 03 l
G Central 23 24 2 2i
Grt 0 03 0 01
mt P O 100 102 10 UY
Ind Queen 0H 0 0 01
Ingot 01 01
Inyo Gold 0 0 0 r
Iron BIos 7 7 6 6
Iron King 16 16 15 16
Joe Bowers Gl 02 01 0
Keystone 1 24
Lad King 0 01
Lhl Tlntc 02 OY
LI Lit Bell Chic 10 16 15 17
Lion Hill 0
L Mammoth 4 43 42Y 43
Mason Val 1924 19 19234 19
May Day H 17 144
11n Fat 0Y 003k 0 00
1t Lake 0334 0 0
Mt Lake E 01
Moscow 20 40
Nev British 3 6 M 5
Nev His m 74 72 74
Newouse 35 42 30
New York 10y 1 1 2
Ohio Cop 53 545 63 55
OpohonJ 20 2 2
Ploche Met c m 10
Plutus 0434 05 01 0
Prince Con 115 11i 11234 11734
Provo 0 0 0 0
Red Warrior 40 40 40 42
RAna 10
Sacramento 08
0 r
SEY Trou O 0y 01
Silver King 39 42 39
SI1 Shield 0 07
Sioux Con 44 46 443 4534
South Col 0Hl 0834 08 0
So Ir BIos O 01
Swan Con 0234 01 0
Swan Ext 0
Tntc Cent 0 0534 O 0534
Tin Comb p1y 0
Tin Emp o
Tin Humb 02
Uncle Sam 6 52 51 52
Utah Con C 07 06 e
Victor Con 0434 05 00
Victoria 1 0IO 15234 1621h
Westn Nev 2 2 20 2
W U Cop 2m 1
Yankee Con 10 12 10 12
Yer Cop 01
0 0
ZnoU t 10
Forenoon Sales
Bullock 45 at 2c
Colorado 10 at Sc 5 at SOc buyer
sixty days 5 at Se
Columbus 9 at 15 5 at 5 seller
seven days EJ at 10 seller sixty days
140 at 15734 5 at S161 seller seven
das 10 at 315234 seller sixty days 10
at 15 seller sixty days 10 at lSS
seller thirty days 10 at n6
Grand Central 200 at 2421
Int Pet on 20 at UO
Iron Blossom 6i1 at 3c 10 at 7c 5
at 71c seller thirty das 6 at 72c 10
at 7 seller sixty days 5 at 74c
Little Chief 1200 at SSc 10 at 56
Victor Con 100 at 5c
LwerMammoth 0 at 43c 200 at 44c
5 at 43c
Mason Valley 10 at 15
Nevada His 100 at 7c
Prince Con 10 at 17 2 at 15
Silver Klng 10 at 4
Sioux Con 5 at 4534c 10 at 45c
seller sixty days 16 at 46 5 at 46c
buyer sixty days 5 at 46c buyer sixty
das 210 at 45c seller sixty days
South Columbus on 10 at 83c
Tlntc Central IM at 534c
Uncle Sam 40 at 5c
Yerington 2000 at 4e
Open Board
Colorado 10 at SOc 110 at Se
Iron Blossom 20 at 7c
Lower Mammoth 500 at 2c
Sioux Can 2 at 4c
Shares sold 45
Selling value 2095
Afternoon Sales
Colorado 5 at Ode 26 at Se
Columbus 370 at 315234 3 at 15
seller sixty days 50 at 5 3 at 14
seller sixty days 10 at 15 seller thirty
days 400 at 16 seller ten days
Ely Calumet 10 at 45
Grand Central 100 at 22
Iron Blossom 10 at 7c 6 at 70c 5
at 7c buyer sixty days 50 at 60 10
at Ic seller thirty das 13 at 6c
Little Bell 100 nt 155
Lower Mammoth 5 at 4k
New York O at lie 5 at 1c
Prince Can 5 at nlS
Silver King 10 at 4
SIoux Con 10 at 44c 42 at 45c 10
at 44c seller sixty days 5 at 45c seller
ten days
Yerington 10 at 4c
Open Board
Ajax 7 at 25
Beck Tunnel 6 at 16e
Tunnel a S
Columbus 6 at 315234 10 at 5
buyer sixty days I
Dragon 6 at lOc 5 at 10yc buyer
sixty days
Iron King 10 at ISo
Sioux Con 9 at 43c seller sixty days
15 < at 43Yc seller sixty sit 10 atc
Shares sold 67i
Selling value32124250
Federal Ely was again the feature of
trading on the open board of the mining
stock exchange the total of 96 share
having changed hands at 2 a hare The
only other sale of an unlisted issue re
corded was that of 3 shares of McDonald
Ely at 30 Closing quotations
I Bid IAsked
McDonald Ely s s i
Federal Ely SAi
2 2
Golden Chain s so
2 3
Mammoth s 110
Utah Mine
Ohio Kentucky 9 70
Strike in Golden Prince Is Very I
Important Declares John
A Kirby
The strike In the Golden Prince property
Is regarded a John
regrded very important one by
A Kirby manager of the Ploche King
Mining company who has just returned
to the city aCer having made a careful
Investigation ot late developments on the
Prince zone As described by him the
porphyry dike itself emountered west
ot the shaft on the 5 level Is about 17
feet wide with 1 and 15 feet of manga
nese and lowgrade are lying next to it
Then about 20 feet further west has ben
cut a fissure six and seven feet wide
which has good are all through it
Contrary the Impression which hal
prevailed here the 6 level of the Golden
Prince Is not entirely In the shale In
which formation the best ore bodies are
made In that zone The 5foot station
was cut In shale but the west drift was
soon In limestone which has continued
to be the country rock on that level All
conditions favorhe encountering of largo
bodIes of rich are 10 feet deeper Mr
Kirby says where everything should be
In the shale The dike dips to the west
down to the 3 level from that point to
the 5 I Is nearly vertical
The strength of the fissure In the lime I
and of the dike itself which Is the source
of the great ore bodies on that zone
makes conditions exceptionally favorable
The dike has ben traced entirely through
the Golden Prince property the length of
three claims on through the Gold Sit
ver Prince and considerably further
while In the opposite direction It has ben
traced as unmistakably through nearly
two claimlengths of the Foche King its
proven length of two miles and more
makes unmistakable its Importance In the
physical structure of the country
King Crosscuts for Dike
The Ploche King company Is crosscutting
cutting on its 300level for the dike and
fissure opened In the Golden Prince The
crosscut is already cut 2 feet In that dh
rection two or three fissures remain to
be cut before the dike will be reached In
Its I west drift which is out 375 feet the
King has cut five fissures All are filled
with manganese and quartz but no high
grade are has ben encountered No drifting
Ing has yet ben done on any of the fls
suns That the King upon cutting the
Golden Prince dike and fissure and gain
Ing additional depth will have a big mine
Is about as well assured as could be asked
at the present stag of development
James A Pollock Co bankers and
brokers 6 Wet Second South street fur
nish the following received over theIr
private wire
Boston Copper Range
Boston Con 127 2 1 2134 2l
Butte Coarn 32 30W 3134 31 n
Butte Lon 2
Cal Ariz 2 10 10Y 10 10534
Can Iercr 16
Cop Range 6 S3 l 84 81 S34
Cum Ely 33 81 S 8Y 8
Daly West 3 9 9 8 83
Davis Daly 3 60 60 6 6 I
East Ely Con Butte 2 1234 l 1234 1 9
Groux Con 220 1 1 1 1
Granby Con 103 10 10 105
Greene C 310 1234 1l 1Y 12
Nev Con S 2 2 2
Nev Utah 10 106 11 1O 111
Niplsslng 3H 10 10 10 10
lO 16 10
North Butt 12 GY f j34 f1
Trinity 10 1 1 11 1
U S S Com 252 i b 5 5
Utah Preferred Con 4 52 5 5 W 47
Sup Bo 2 7 17 I6 I6
Ray Cent 5 2433k 2439k 243 43
La Rose 1750 4313 4Y 48 4
Boston Copper Close
J Bid tAsked
Adventure 3 55 3 60
Arizona Commercial 4G7 470
Calumet Hecla 6OO 600
Centennial 3r 400
Franklin 1650 1700
Frankln 165
Greene Cananel 12r 16
Massachusetts 70 71
Osola IIO 100
Quincy 80 800
Shannon 166y 167
Tennessee Copper 4 410
Victoria 350 400
Wolverine 1500 40
Zinc 365 3675
Corbin 37 25
Roale 2 2700
Iew 300 36
Arcadian 45 50
North Lake 100 1112
S P f6 176
Ahmeek 100 0
Gas 430 400
Black Mountain 7 0
Chomung 1700
Ely Central 15 16
First National 62 6i
Daisy 700 80
La Rose 418 46
National 540 500
Rawhide Coalition 19 20
Raven S 81
Seneca 750
Queen 28 30
Yukon 49 500
Chino 875 90
Inspiration 75 7S6
Alouez 60 50
Atlantic 115 100
Franklin 16W 170
La Sale 1600 162
Mexico Consolidated 56234 57
Mohawk 620 60
Old Dominion 50 500
Parrot 310 316
Santa Fe 20 Z
Tamarack 60 600
Utah Copper 600 65
VInona 811 8371
Vyandot 22 26
IIelvetia 075 700
Lake 610 62
Miami 172 175
Newhousc 33 4Q
Superior Boston 1500 160 I
Oil 300
Utah Apex 475 50 I
Begole 16 17 I
Boston Ely 30 31
Cobalt Central 270 200
Goldfield Consolidated 81234 82
Florence T 25634 27
South Lake 50 56
McKinley i 8 5
Oneco 13 16
Ray Consolidated 212 260
Leaf 1 15
Tonopah 66 66S
Yuma 12 15
Gia 82 900
Chief 15 1564
New York Listed Stocks
Utah Copper 2100 6 t 6 6
Tenn Cop G 4 40 4 4i
New York Curb Pnge
Boston Can 2W 22 24 214 21
Cobalt Cent 10 2 22 2 2
Ely Con12000 9 0 84 84
F N Copper W 634 6 634 634
Girou Con 30 1 1 1 1
Insp COP 23 7 7 78 734
King Edw f 5 6 5 6l
Miami Cop UO 1 171 17 174
Yon Shoo 1
Nev Con 90 2 2 2 211
Nev Utah 25 1S It 1 1
Ray Cent lr 2 234 24 2431
Ray Con 40 2 2 2134 2
Tlntc ln 2Z
Yukon Gold 2000 5 5 4 5
20 Hi I
Cum Ely 81 St 8 8 I
Gila Copper 16 SY 831 8 831
ChinoCopper S 831 9 831 9
Ohio Copper 59 54331 54334 53131 63134
La Rose 0 43134 43134 41834 1
Newhouse 20 3 3i 3 3f
Mine Reported Closed When
I It Is Ready to Increase
The cause at Daly West stock breaking
yesterday to 8 a share on the eastern
markets Broker William H Tibbals
I learned by win was a newspaper ac
count that tha companys mine had been
closed permanently and that no more dvi
dends would be paid Not only Is the report
port false but the truth 15 that the sec
ond shift will be put on at tis companys
mill next month to permit of largely In
creasing production Large reserves of
milling ore ot excellent grade have been
opened sInce the opening of the drain
tunnel enable development to be prose
cuted In the lower levels and the work
Is rapidly reaching a stage fror which
Idly the reserves will be augmented very ra
There has ben talk that the paying of
dividends might be fuspended for a time
since the cash surplus has been reduced
to not far bove the 100 mark This
matter says Manager Ernest Bamberger
I for the directors to determine The
consensus of opinion In the west Is that
I would be a wise business move While
the greater porto of the extraordinary
expense required to place the mine again
upon a paying basis has been met I Is
likely to be several months before that
will b fully accomplished and the treas
ury reserve Is considered not too great
I to provide for emergencies
Aluras Ground Near Big
Strike Is Taken Over by
Salt Lake Men
The Aluras group of claims In Ban
norJlwet of
nock district only 700 fet
the big strike of the Nevada Omaha com
pny and sidelining the Buzzard group
of the Iron Canyon Gold Mining company
has been taken over by Colonel George
W E Dorsy and associates of this city
who are preparing for active develop
menK C Wooley one of the new owners
of the Allures has just returned from
camp after having closed the deal for
the property nd performed prospecting
work which convinces him that It has
great merit aside from Its proximity to
the bonanza group of the Union Pacific
railway officials
A strong ledge has been traced all the
way through the four claims Mr Wooley
says and upon every claim pannlngs as
good as Z a ton have been obtained
From a hole six feet deep values a high
as 181 were taken The ledge increases
In width a well as in values as depth s
attained and conditions are In every way
Identical with those In the Omaha prop
erty with the exception that the phe
nomenal values have not yet ben en
Th NevadaOmaha companys shaft or
glory hole from which 110000 had been
taken at the depth of thirty feet Is down
now fItyone ft and a sample of ore
taken from the bottom which Mr Wool
ley brought with hIm is literally plastered
with gold Ilgde ore had been en
countered 1000 fet north of theblg strike
I Iby camp a lesser just before Mr Wooley left
San Francisco Mining Stocks
San FlanClsc Nov 6The official
closing quotations for mining stocks
today were as follows
Alta 3 10 IJustce 10
Alpha Con 10 Ken Cn 10
Andes 1 J w Con 16
Belcher L 1 00 Mexican 1371
Best ll 68 Dc Con 25
Bullion 1 Ophir 1 57
Caledonia 3 Oerman 64
Chal Con 28 Potosi 64
ChoIar 10 Savage 10
Confidence 90 crplon 10
C C Ya 90 Sag Belcher 1
Can Imperial 04 err Nov 54
Crown Pt 1to Silver Hi 06
Exchequer 1 Union Con 57
Gould Cur 27 Utu Con 10
Hale Nor GO iel Jacket 9
Julia 08
New York Mining Stocks
Alice 300 iLead Can 05
Bruns Con 05 Lite Chief 06
Com Tun 28 Mexlcan 130
do bonds 22 ontaro 2G
C C Va 85 Ophlr 145
Horn Silver 70 Stndard 50
Iron Silver 168 Yel Jacket 85
Boston Mining Stocks
Advnture 3 5iO Michigan 700
Alouez 5700 Mohawk 621
Amal 91 50 Nevada 2775
Aria Com 4676 Old Dom sno
Atlantic 1160 Oscela 16900
B Cad aoo Parrot 310Q
Cal Arlzl05 00 Quincy 8700
Cal He67000 Shannon 16621
Centennial 38GO Tamarack 6600
Cop Range 8325 ITrlnly 1 100
Daly West 800 U S Mln 533H
Franklin 3 1610 Utah 4700
Grnby 10200 Victoria 3050
G Can 160 Winona 812
Isle Royale 26621 Wolverine 1500
Mass Min 700 No Ilutte 6425
In driving its lower tunnel to open at
greater depth the are bodies from which
some 100 wero produce forty ears
ago the Rye Patch Consolidated Mining
company has cut a twofoot vein which
I evidently a feeder of the main body
and which Is being followed In the di
rection of the famous Borland stope The
vein carries average values In silver and
led or abut i a ton
The face of the tunnel Is yet from 20
to 3 fet from the main leg or the
Alpha fissure in which make great chain
hers of the rich ore which made the mine
famous In the early days but none of
which were mined below the upper aun
nel or 260foot level I was expected
that the lower tunnel would be driven
th entire distance to the fissure through
country rock but for the last 4 or 60
fet the limestone has been spotted with
galena even before the blind lead was
The new vein Is filled with quartz Ion
taming ome galena and the entire face
Is highly mIneralized The IndIcations
are all fOr finding the big ore bodies a
strong above at the lOer level as they were
The body of eighteen Inches of ore
which Is being followed southwest on the
250foot level of the Ely Consolidated
companys American shaft continues to
show Improvement Assay returns re
ceive yesterday gave the verge values
Of 26 a ton In gold and silver and 612
per cent lead The north drift on the 450
foot level of the Brilliant shaft showed
from the latest sampling values of 3jj
per In gold and silver and 42 per cent cop
The Frisco Consolidated MIning om
pany Is again In god financial dream
stance the eastern office of the com
pany reports an1 development work will
be pushed with considerable energy I
Is the intention to open up the boy of
shipping are recently encountered In new
workings as well as to continue pros
pecting In the deeper working where Indications
dications are favorable for finding a large
body of ore
Importance of Its Queen of the
West Group Is Not Un
John T Hodson who arrived home yes
terday from Ely is highly pleas not
only with The prosperous condition of tile
camp but with the situation at the prop
erties of the Federal Ely Copper company
of which he Is a large holder Few per
sons Mr Hodson says have appreciated
the Importance of the Federal Ely com
panys Queen of the West group which
lies between the main Cumberland Ely
group and the Turner Ely ground which
Was recnty sold for O The ore
bodies In Cumberland Ely have been
proven with drills right up to the Queen
of the West line and not only that but
the Federal Ely companys shaft at 10
feet depth Is In sUlphIde ore averaging 25
per cent copper
A hoist Is to be installed at once on
the Queen or the West shaft when sink
Ing will be resumed In the meantime
the tunnel in the large group of the Federal
eral Ely company Is being pushed ahead
with every prospect of soon encountering
large bodies of ore
Option for Old Producer Near
Battle Mountain Obtained
by Ray Harris
An option to purchase the estate of th
Giant Mining company eight mils south
of Battle Mountain Nev has been taken
by Rhy D Harris of Sal Lake Jesse
Qrn Is manager and a large owner of
the Giant Mining company WhO mine In
the early days Is said to have produced
So of rich silver ore from near the
surface The ore became bal at the
lower levels and production was disn
tnued because of the milling problem
which thirty year ago was regarded as
The later owners of the property shave
develop a large tonnage of mUlol ore
which Is susceptible of trltmnt at a
good profit by modern methods The orl
boy as far as devekp is from tree
and a hal fet to nlte fet In width and
it appears to b continuous fo 10 feet
In the property The values of th mill
ore run from 7 to 10 per cent lead 1 to
20 ounce In silver and 5 In god Con
siderable are of higher grade Is fond
with the mill ore the present company
having shipped twentyfive carloads
which brought good returns
The mine Is regarded as the making of
a large milling proposition and Mr Har
rs and associates are planning to pro
vide the needed mill
When the bottom of the Tlntlc Stand
ant cmpanys bhaft had reached the 70
foot point a change of formation was en
countered which led Manager E J Rad
datz to the decision to continue sink
Ing at let enough further to provide
a good sump At one corer of the shaft
had come Into th hard quartz a streak
of soft oxydlz material which looks
good enough to make Into ore at any
time The flow of gas greatly increased
when the softer stuff was encountered
and yesterday the g was s bad tat
th men could not work In the shaft at
allOnly a few fet of sinking has been
accomplished below th 7 level The
escaping g i of cure a good indi
cton that a body of lulphlde ore Is
near and with th formation entirely
favorable I Is believed to be a mater
only of keeping on the trail to unearth
something of great value
Th Jioche Metals Mining company has
encountered In the bttQm of its winze
at the depth of 2 feet from the surface
a twoinch streak oi ore which gives val
ue of 7 ounces In silver to the ton
and 3 per cent lead The streak of it
self Is of course of no considerable
value as a producing proposition but It
Is important a indicating the high min
erlzaton of the ground for I was only
a short distance from the winze on the
17foot level that the northwest drift
ran into a gsizd boy uf shipping
ore The work ot transforming the winze
Into a shaft by the raising to the sur
face started from the lofoot level has been
Smelter returns received ye4erday from
the first shipment of are from the new
ore body In the Columbus Consolidated
mine showed values of 4 ounces In silver
ver 214 per cent led 43 per cent cop
per and 1r in gold the gross value
being batter than 50 a ton Abut 70
tons a dayof the ore Is being taken out
In th course of developing the new fInd
Mining Notes I
S t Levy manager of the Ely Con I
sldate Copper company left yesterday I
for Ely district to look after late devel
opments In the min I
Colonel e E Loose was in the city yes
terday from Provo attending the special
meeting of stockholders of the Ajax In
Ing company
Lucien Ierrlt president ot the Red
Warrior Mining company left yesterday
for his home In Duluth after having had
his Utah visit extended for some time by
the encountering of a ffyfoot boy of
sand carbonate ore In his cmpanys
mine W J f rrlt the cmpanys man
ager left last night for the mine
Find Gold In Roosevelts Camp
Denver Nov 2ohn Shaffer and
Jack Williams prospectors arrived her
today with the announcement of a big
gold find In the new Goldstone camp near
New Castle Cob Goldstone Is In the
heart of the district where former Presi
dent Roosvel hunted bear
Ore and Bullion
+ Smelter settlements yesterday reported +
+ ported by McCornlck Co Ore +
+ 310000 bullion 00 gold 4O +
100 + t 4 + + 4 + 4 + 444 44 + 4 +
Consolidation Proposal Is Ac
cepted at Special Meeting
of Ajax
The special meeting of stockholders of
the Ajax Mining company held In this
city yesterday resulted In the accepting
of the proposal of the Golden Chain Un
Ing company for consolidation stockold
ers of the Ajax company to receive tr
their holding stock of the Golden Chain
company share for share The Ajax com
pny will then of course be dissolved
Consolidation upon that basis becomes
possible by reason of the Golden Chain
company being a mtionshr corpora
tion while the Ajax Is citll for
only 30 share with abut 50
share Issued
The consolidation makes the Golden
Chain a ftrog concern Developments in
neighborig groups with which thy are
familiar led C E Loose and associates to
acquire j ie original 0olden Chain group
which It Is believed without question con
tains important ore bodies The Ajax i
an old producer with the probability that
the big mine In its ground remains to be
opened at depth I has a shaft down
110 fet and its deep workings and good
equipment will enable the Golden Cain
to accomplish speedy development of Its
entire estate

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