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rrIE cpt xici n
Several Large Transactions
Are Made in Business and
Residence Property
Following fast upon the heels of Pat
Morans playful l coup In Main street
realty last week the operations of
covetous inv08tors this week have
heightened the Interest In the market
and there Is no indication that there
will be an abatement of activities de
Fplte the cold weather
Scores of small deals have been made
during the week evincing the confi
dence that Is still shown in resIdence
property and while these have been
playing an accompanIment to the larger
deals that have been transacted they
have stimulated Interest Generally
Fp3klng it has been a very good week
dosing as last week did with the an
nouncement of an Important deal that
seems to give the lie to any prediction
f a letup
The healthful tone of the real estate
market has not only accelerated the
activities of real estate mon but has
further opened the eyes of Investors
who have money at their finger tips
ready to drop it into Salt Lake dirt or
building construction just as ooon as
they are shown where to get away with
The United Cigar Stores company a
brand new Richmond In the real estate
field silently amI firmly consummated
a tremendous deal that had been hang
ing fire for some time while agents of
the syndicate were on the ground Ev
ry day these agent reporting to the
hal of the organization back east felt
more and more convinced in the safety
of an Investment comprising a fortune
end this feeling of confidence came at
the end of long st 1dy by experienced
mtr The company at whose head stands
a man who ten years ago was a clerk
In a Philadelphia cigar store has a sys
tm of scouting that cannot fail to ef
feCt the desired results Just as great
baseball organizations send out scouts
to watch promising young players so
does thIs company send out agents to
look overa clty Its prospeCts for hW
business and its chances for profit
Crowd Is Watched
It Is quite likely that strangers were
BEen lounging at various places In Salt
Lake noting the number of people WhO
pass what time of day they pass how
thy arc dre5lied at what speed they
wllk and how much leisure time they
sm to have With an accurate score
tlf passersby including their destina
tion the agent made his report Based
on these reIlOrts the lead of the organ
Ization picked out the Ken on corner
and the GoobePitts corner It is a
striking fact that the two places on the
cast sIde of Main street > were selected
hill aU locations on the opposite sIde
Ire passed up either for one reason
or another This is a striking fact be
cause only two years ago the stand on
the west side of Main street was re
garded as far superior to any on the
east side However thIs fallacy was
i1lnAtl whn lCltabllshed merchants
Jumped across the street and when the
sIdewalks on thE east side of Main be
tin to show as big a crowd as that on
the opposite side of the thoroughfare
The United Cigar Stores company do
Ing a tremendous business all over the
C untry picked the Kenyon corner and
took a lease that will not expire until
tht present generation Is supplanted by
a new Eight five years Is the life
of the franchise not only at that cor
ner but at the corner of First South
and Main streets where the GodbePltts
drug store now stands It is Said that
these two choice locations cost the syn
ctl < ate half a millIon dollars New and
Imposing bulidings will be erected on
these two corners while the new lease
sq still young The possibilities for
leaning up a huge fortune are IlIlmlta
hI I
Two Big Deals
F T and C C Roberts closed an ad
fI11rabie deal during the week when
they sold the property on First South
street at the corner of Broadway to
Young Young for 43000 They im
mediately pIcked up the strip of ground
ocupled by the Vincent Shoe company
o In Main treet nt to the Utah Na
tional bank paying UJOO for It ThIs
property is said to pay 6 per cent on the
hwstmftt It tal held purely for spec
uaive purposes The lot Is a little
more than fourteen feet wide and Is 13
feet deep
It has been announced that the Salt
Lake Security 8 Trust company will
build on the Utah National bank cor
ner but no definite steps have been
taken At any rate the banks lease
runs for eight more years Yet It is
said there 18 a sentiment among the dI
rectors of the Institution to move Into
temporary quarters it need be while a
new buId1ng is going up and then move i
baCk Ito brighter and more modem
rooms The growth of the bank it Is i
said warrants the acquisition of larger
Quarters and It Is not unlikely that a
skyscraper will wend its way toward
the heavens on that corner within a
comparatively short space of tIme This
would make the strip held by the Rob
erts brothers of inestimable value
and Jt Is likely that It too would be
acquired when the plans for the new
building are laid
New Apartment Houses
At least two new apartment houses
were started during the week and ar
chitects say they are rushed with orders
for more Mrs CarrIe Moore Gray will
build an apartment house at the corner
ot Gray and Hillside avenues on Capitol
hill as soon as the cIty council estab
lishes the proper grade at that poInt It
is said that the buildIng will cost 1
100 An architect Is even now 1Jrepar
Ipg plans and It Is Quite likely that the
qouncll will change the grade so as to
encourage thIs now building It is to be
I Contlnuect on Page 2
Practical Scribe Great Con I
trast From Confreres of
the Former Days
In these aggressIve jays the pipe
has been laid aside
The real estate reporter goIng along
the route that Is flagged Intermittently
by real estate offices stubs his toe on
the story of a skyscraper butts his
nose into a fortune that is being trans
ferred for a piece of business property
or finds himself In the midst of a gi
gantic deal that calculates to revamp
the map of the whole business district
or rearrange the topography of a wide
area of residential property
And he isnt surprised at the swift
change of events or the almost ilIhnlt
able extent of legitimate real estate
It used to be in the dull days before
Nfwhouse pulled off his famous coup
in Salt Lake realty that the real estate
reporter then a bare experiment found
a dizzy task In the preparation of copy
There wasnt much to write about Real
estate transfers comprised for the most
part the sale of a house and lot here
and there and when some enterprising
and daring InveltOIs started to Improve
a whole subdivision It was an epoch
That was a little ever three years ago
Competition on Paper
There was competition In those Jays
The real estate reporter ashamed of
the few notes that represented a days
work became possessed of a pipe It
may have been a cob always a capItal
producer of dreams nut It was a pipe
He built skyscrapers with the reckless
abandon of a youth spending his dads
money When space was plenty and
news scarce he erected a gun factor
or a new interurban terminal station
It grew monotonous to wall In the main
street with windowed monoliths and by
way of diversion there arose day after
day in the pipe dreams of the eager
writer other structures that swelled
the building activity to feverish height
In those days too the real estate
reporter on the opposition paper tak
ing the pipe scoops of hIs rival serious
ly tore down each t1 ceedlIg structure
with a ruthless hand picturing each
new advance in municipaL upbul1dlng
with vicious vindictive force And dur
ing the wholesale transfer and Improve
ment of busIness and residential prop
erty the public had something to read
about and no harm was done
Yet out ot those dreams there has
come something tangible Some of
them with no more nucleus than an
Idea have materialized and become real
By the same token that the real estate
reporter no longer has to take he no
longer despairs of finding legitimate
news The lewhous movement opened
eyes that are still seeing and started
a growth that Is unabated If Mr S ev
house had not done It someone else
would for the opportunity only awaited
the grasping Now the skyscrapers
the warehouses the homes and count
less buildings are scattered with the
prodigal fantasy ot the stars of heav
en In Salt Lnk and the dream of the
earnest writer Is being unfolded In real
Skyscrapers of New York
And speaking of the skyscrapers that
have been built together with those
that are on the wayPat Iorans the
Salt Lake Security and Trusts to sat
nothing of the Newhouse and Utah
hotelsshre Investors In Salt Lake
realty do not figure that even new
ainstreet building must reach Into
the clouds Alongside of the lewhou
buildings he Salisbury interests have
constructed a less towering edifice
Under the eaves of the lcCornlck and
McIntyre buildings Callaway Hoock
Francis erected a modest building
An authority taking a Gotham view
point Says that there are ten acres of I
vacant offices In the skyscrapers of
lower Manhattan And skyscrapers are
still boring their way heavenward It
18 further argued that If the whole of
lower New Yorl were occupied by sky
scrapers twnty stories or more In
height and all of the offices were
filled U would require seven times the
present street room for people to get
to and from these offices Street
would have to be built In stories to at
commodate the throng
It is figured that Vtere Is use for only
one building of fourteen stories on ach
block in New York nut then It must
be remembered Salt Lake block are
twice as big as those In New York
Judge C W Morse of the dIstrict
court yesterday granted a temporary
restraining order against John G
Pierce on motion ot Charles H Lonzi
to keep Pierce from disposing of any
1t the 261000 shares ot the capital
stock of the Pierce Bread Cutting De
vice company which were received by
Pierce lor his patert bread cutter when
the articles of Incorporation were flied
Lenzi claims he and Pierce were to re
ceive halt each for the patent upon
which they both worked But Pierce
he olalmed received the patent and
then organized a compruy without let
ting Lenzi In at all
It I stole that money I was too
drunk to know what I was doing said
J A McDonald when brought from
Ogden yesterday afternoon by Police
man Dan Grundvlg to answer to the
charge 0f stealing 30 from the trunk
of E E Waite a former roommate at
No 353 West North Temple street Mc
Donald was arrested In Ogden Friday
night two hours after the robbery was
reported to the pollee In Salt Lake
2250 Coats at 1500
Of good quality broadcloth 56 Inches
long satin lined throughout black and
aU colors At the Sample Cloak Suit
Store 38 South Main St Opp the Z
I O O F Attention
An members of Salt Lake lodge No
2 I O O F and BlISter lodges are re
quested to meet at Ebir W Halls
funeral parlors No 114 South West
Temple at 2Z0 p m Monday Novem
ber 29 1909 to attend the funeral of our
brother Charles K McGregor at S p m
A J WILSON Seoretary
r ut I Th
Pfi4 5 jrM4W j
I 41 4r y
41 V 4 U J
b r 1
Denver Rio GrandeWestern Pacific depot in course of construction
The new Denver Rio Grande estern
Pacific depot now nearing completion
will be one of the finest In the west and
whIle It may not rise to Imposing heights
It wHl have the length and Interior dl
mensons to accommodate a large amount
ot business and handle augmented traf
Work has been progressing rapidly and
a visit to Third South and Fourth West
streets Is a revelation While the main
part and center of the building Is not yet
under roof the two wings to the north
and south are practically completed on
the outside The tracks running paral
lel with the building on the west have
been laid and the efforts of local work
men have kept the building abreast of
the arrival of rtJatrlal
It Is a striking fact that all of the
work in that neighborhood Is centered on
the new depot Along Third South street
as well as along Fourth West In the
neighborhood of the depot not a sIngh
new building has ben erected The ont
homes a few small stores and vacant
lots lie untouched awaiting the trafisi I
tlon that Is to come Those who recall
the upbulldlng of West Second Soulll
street the activity about the new Short
Line depot and the traffic that always fol
lows In the wake ot a commercial mag
net look to the neighborhood or the new
Rio Grande depot for a great building
boom In the near future
The street is not yet paved although
the work under the guidance ot P J
I Moran has been fairly started The two
comers facing the main entrance 01 the I
building are very desirable locations
while on either side of them along both
streets a general erection of store bull
lags Is expected as soon as the traffic
begins to change from the old depot to
the new
This change In the appearance of that
ancient neighborhood will encompass th
wiping out of adobe homesteads that have
stood the test ot forty years or more
Little gardens sandwiched between mod
est homes or small stores will be hidden
by structures of brick and stone And
as the small merchant fInds good bust
ness In that locality so will the real es
tate man and the larger merchant profit
Warehouses wHl soon go up one sale
ot property for that purpose havIng been
reported during the week The Influx 01
new business Into that section will have
the effect of creating better business pro
positions all along Third South street
stretching clear to the business center
Starting from Main street there are few
desirable opportunities that have not al
ready been taken up The grasping of
others west of WTest Temple and clear
to Foprth West will come as a matter
of course
Real estate men report some activity
along the street and they know the effect
of the changing of the depot well enough
to see ahead a swiftchangIng series 01
events that will mean Increased busIness
activity along a street that has been
heretofore purely residential DurIng the
coming year there should be marked ac
tivity In that section and the opening of
negotiations cannot be far off
Belated Arrival of structural
Steel Results in Slow
Because of the belated arrival of con
signments of steel for the new build
Ings now under construction work on
at least one site has been suspended and
will probably be suspended for several
months In making the excavation for
the new Daly building at Fourth South
and Main streets water was struck at
the same level that found water in the
ewhouse excavations two or three
years ago This made It necessary to
use pumps and delayed the work A
further delay has been occasIoned by
the absence of the foundation steel and
until this material arrives there will be
very little activity on that corner mak
Ing it an almost certainty that the
building will no be completed until next
fall at least
The builders of the ewhouse hotel
diagonally across from the new Daly
site or old KImball corner have cxpe
rlenced an inability to get material
and a delay in construction is the result
A like experience has befallen the con
tractors of the Kearns building farther
up Main street and while work is go
ing along at this place as well as at the
new hotel at the head ot the street
It cannot be pushed to the utmost
because of the allure to receive ship
ments of metal It secms that after
some delay the new RIo Grande depot
Is the only place to which regular ship
ments are coming now and the work
is not retarded In the least
Shipments of steel have always been
slow It being understood that the fac
tory Is behind In orders and this to
gether with the time consumed in tran
sit causes some embarrassment to local
Local Architects Have Many
Orders and Are Optimistic
Over Future
Building operations In the coming
year will be tar more extensive than
they have been in the year nearing Its
end according to Cahoon Hansen
architects who are now preparing plans
for 168000 worth of apartment houses
and more than 50000 worth of small
residences The work on these new
structure will be started before the
opening of spring
Here is the view taken by Galleon
When we stop to think of the build
Ings erected within the last two years
and the dozen other business buildings
erected within the last few months they
would seem enough to make even a
born pessimist change his views in re
gard to the advancement of our town
The plans are now well under way
for several new structures of the sky
scraper type the new Kearns office
building the Moran building the new
Auerbach department store which
when completed will be one of the fin
est department stores in the west the
new buildIngs contemplated by the
United Cigar Stores company and the
numerous other busIness buildIngs
either contemplated or under construe
Ion give some Idea of what Salt Lake
Is bound to become
According to all real estate dealers
the business district is entirely inade
quate for the actual needs of the city
and as a result high premIums are of
fered every day for desirable locations
on MaIn street and State street as well
as Vest Temple street which are re
ceiving their portions of the expansion
of the business district
The building activity Is not alone
confined to business blocks but In the
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Costliest ThreeStory Struc
ture in Salt Lake Will Be
Finished Soon
When It is finIshed the now Groshan
buIling at 247 State street will ge the
mosh expensive threestory structure In
Salt Lake Realty men are unanimous In
the oplnibn that such stability and lax
try In building Is typIcal of the faith In
presentday investments
han completed the building will house
the finest cash register store between
Chicago and the coast with the one ex
ception of the Denver establishment Os
car Gr05hel1 who bought the property on
State street four years ago with the
present building In view will move from
his Main street business home and pre
side over the new establishment The
National Cash Register company which
he represents will occupy the north halt
of the lower floor and the south half
will be used by the Fred Bramm Auto
Supply company
The two upstairs stores of the build
Ing will be known as the Hotel Clarence
and the plans contemplate a modern ho
tel of thirtslx rooms with every upto
date appointment
The building to be known as the Gro
shellForshee will represent an outlay of
60000 It is built of the finest material
with concrete foundation steel beams
throughout and all other materials ot
stablllt that go to make It just what
tho owners claim for Itthe finest and
most expensive threestory building in
Salt Lake
Twenty years ago Oscar Grosne11 was
running a ticketscalping office at his
present location In Main street Fifteen
years ago he assumed control of the Salt
Lake agency of cash registers and made
money Four years ago he used some of
his accumulations to Invest In State street
property and therefore showed faith in
the spread of the business center His
lease on the Main street store run for
another ten months but he will be doing
business over in State street within a few
l 7rrTr r r
0 4c < 4 4 t M
7 t
rl 2L J1iJii ft I I
N t I J1
Looking west In Exchange Place
The transition from a vacant lot Into
a veritable little city tells the story of
Exchange place where It Intersects
wIth Cactus street Forming a gate
way for the street as one enters from
Main street the Newhouse and Boston
buildIngs stand like huge sentinels
against the Intrusion of anyother build
Ing not Quite up to the standard as set
by the twins
The buildIng at the left of the picture
and In the foreground Is the new home
of the Commercial club soon to be oc
cupied The tlqlshlnK touches have
been put to the exterIor and the InterIor I
work is being rushed so that the Com
mercial club may have a still fuller
realization of the dream of a new home
Its outward appearance Is decidedly In
contrast to the adjacent buildings and
yet the appearance Is not Inharmonious
Across the street from the Commer
clal club building and to the right of
the picture stands the Stock Exchange
a rare testimonIal to the minIng Inter
cots represented in Salt Lake This
building Is now In full operation and is
an ornament to the general spectacle
In the distance the Newhouse bulfd
Ings loom up and througb the gateway
that they make the federal building
forms the bottom nIche in the skyline
Exchange place whIch runs from
MaIn to State streets Is paved with as
phalt and lined with cement sidewalks
Midway between Main and State streets
Cactus street intercepts Exchange
place running to Fourth South street
This street likewise Is paved with as
phalt and cement sidewalks adorn
either side In the Interior of the square
other buildings are being planned and
when thE general scheme works out
there will be a vast difference between I
the spectacle three years ago and that
ot the present dart I
Advance Sales Are Good and
Indicate Much Heavier
Buying Later
The question put up to the retail par
I chaser as to whether he wanted to do
his holiday shoppIng leIsurely or during
the frantic rush at the finish ot the
buying season before Christmas was
answered this week and answered in
way that brought hope to the heart ot
the storekeepers and the army of
The stocking ot stores for tIe hol1dDy
trade must have been accepted as e
challenge for ready money came pour
ing In and scores and scores of families
have already purchased the grate
portion of things for Christmas leaving
the few odds and ends to the final spurt
a few week from now That luere is
widespread prosperity was shown by
the eariy and rather unstlnted buying
The sermons to get in early proache 4
year after year are having their effect
and so long as good times continue the
buying public will doubtless do the bull
of the Christmas shopping before the
last night ot grace
The feature of the retail trade thIs
week has been the dIsplay of holiday
goods the demand for novelties and
the movement In accepted commodities
that have always f und a ready market
The department stores have put un a
more showy appearance than ever be
fore and the variety seems unlimited
The stores will see a busy rush through
out the season Prices are higher than
aver If possible but wages are lie
wise higher and work has peen plenU
ful all year so that one i8 an offset
against the other
While there is increased activity in
the retail trade he wholesale houses in
Salt Lake Ogden and other parts oJ
the state have been running to capacity
the forces working overtime to send out
shipments to the territories which they
supply Activity in the jobbing and
shipping lines seems to be reaching a
faster pace than ever while the manu
factories of various commoditleJJ have
about them the air of Incessant wok
The last week his seen the start ot a
new bank at Bingham in which Salt
Lake capital Is interested It will be
called the Citizens State bank and
will have a capItalization of 20000
with Rodney T Badger as presIdent
Jerome Bourgard as vice president and
William Buchholz as cashier and loal
manager The fact that the Utah Na
tl nal bank lends the name or one or
its ablest officers to the new Instltu
tlon should be 8 mark of security 11114
Business DIstrIct Expands
A general review of the weeks busi
ness shows that there has been a wid
ening of the retail district and that
business men have cut about for other
places than Main street as substantial
ltands for the operation of their own
particular lines The announcement
that a new department store will be
erected on State street to house an
old firm means more steps for the
shopper in making the rounds but it
also indicates n healthful condition at
commercial life
Eastern confidence In western eaun
ties remains unshaken money can be
obtained at easier conditions oJ Inter
est new capital Is ready to step In
when anything Interesting Is shown
and the building operations ip I railroad
ing have merely aCcentuated the seour
ity of the situation All of these con
ditions have laid a foundation for the
betterment ot conditions among tbe
hous older or tenant the shopper of
small things and the purohaaer ot
Radiating from Salt Lake are beams
ot confidence that strike other parts o
the state with reassuring welcome
Governor Spry returned during the
week from Dixie where be found bust
ness good the country on the boom
and a general appearance ot satlsfao
tlon and confidence
Another feature of the state ot sat
fsfactlon In Salt Lake Is the tact that
work has been plenty Any ablebotiled
man need not be out or employment
even now although buildIng operations
have slackened a bIt owing to the
nange In weather During the week
tt a meeting of retail merchants an un
erturrent of satisfaction was shown
St the manner In whIch grocery and
butcher bills are paid up The pet
ntalfe of delinquents Is not so great
It WR a year a o
Advent of Bad Weather Does
Not Check Salt Lakes
Great Boom
At some future time when the history
ot the building of Grater Salt Lake shall
have been written It will be found that
separate chapters were devoted to hotels
theatres and aprtment houses Attention
has been turned from one to the other
class of building construction In a way
that one fad follows another This Is a
lighter way of regarding the advance and
yet the Inadequate description doesnt Im
ply a falling off In demand
Apartment houses have sprung up
mostly east of Main street at Intervals
ot walking distance until it would ap
pear that the supply was greater than the
demand Yet they are all full and there
is still a demand for more People have
moved from IndivIdual homes Into the
cosy apartments of modern buildings
new families have arrived from other
places and have taken apartments or
moved into the homes vacated by those
who sighed for the flat until the apart
ment housEs are filled and rented houses
are as scarce as they ever were
Downtown rooming houses and small
hotels that have been built within the
last two or three years are In as great
demand as over and as soon as the new
est Is thrown open for occupancy It Is
filled The smaller hotels all ot modern
construction are doing business in their
proportion the same as the largest ho
tels of longer establishment and It there
was no demand for new hotels It 15 likely
they wouldnt be built at all It all goes
to emphasize the unflagging growth of
Salt Lake
Men familiar with the trend of construc
tion believe that Vest Temple street and
First Vest street below Second and
Third South streets will undergo a re
vision shortly and that the coming year
will see many hotels like the Ioxum the
Raymond the Sty Coeds and others of
their class going up along those streets
State street becamE an attractive thor
oughfare for the smaller hotels but that
street has no monopoly on the traffic by
any means and It 1s expected that west
Of Main street there will be great opera
tions In the hotel building line
There Is plenty of vacant property and
no end ot opportunities In discussing
this feature with a promInent real estate
man It was learned that few of the rich
opportunIties had not been grasped and
that lines are now out and have been out
for some time for pieces of ground along
Third South street and along West Tem
ple stret The advance In values has
come steadily and the advantage of loca
tion Is being realized With the openIng
of the DfW Rio Grande depot the invest
ment calcium will be turned on the west
side with mora searching glare than is
now being directed to the east sIde of
Bad weather and the approach of win
ter usually set the brakes upon rapid ex
chang of property but the coming of
spring opens the market again Still the
bad wlther hasnt had a deteriorating
Influen J for recently some of the bIg
gest deals In realty have been pulled oft
and more are looked for before the roses
bloom again
The chapter devoted to theatres will be
gIn no doubt with the construction ot
three new playhouses at one time In Salt
Lake The Colonial was under construc
tion when the Bungalow was built and
before either was completed ground was
broken for the Mission theatre which Is
nearing completion Rumors of yet an
other theatre are flying about and soon
an announcement Is expected Yet ru
mors of skyscrapers and theatres and new
hotels are common and no one who has
watched the remarkable growth 01 Salt
Lake will he at all surprised at any time
to learn that definite steps have been
taken to construct almost anything that
would add to the metropolitan appearance
of the city
Report Shows Steady Growth in Vol
ume of Their Business
and Deposits
SIxtyfour banksthree of them pri
ate and the rest stateshow steady
advance In business according to the
consolidated bank statement complIed
at the office of the secretary of state
The report shows the condition of busI
ness at the close of work October 15
While on June 8 the date of compiling
the last report there was 81137541 1n
undIvided profits that account shows
In Ue middle of October 102325326
There Is also a marked advance In
the account under the head ot all other
resources In June there was In this
fund 22014991 while In October It
reached 1681881 ThIs amount includes
The failure ot the JapaneseAmerican
bank at Ogden Is responsible for ade
crease In the aggregate of capital stck
reducing the total to at least 200000
The total resources 01 the sixtytour
banks as reflected by the report make
atal of U2560Sg4J
Some Danger Caused by Action of
Property Owners
The main danger with the situation
now Is with the property owners ob
serve Stowe Palmer In their weekly
real estate review The fact there Is I
a good market Is arousing the cupidity
of some so that they are seeking to
advance prices away ahead ot the lo
cal market thus Itllling the goose that
las the golden egg If the mass of
property owners will content them
selves with fair profits and sell when
they have an opportunity to get prices
giving them reasonable advances the
market Is bound to be active and
The principal Interest continues to
be In busIness property especially that I
near the edge of the princIpal business
distrIct The city is growing so rapidly
that an enlargement of the business din
trlco Is being forced The announce
ment by the Walkers that they will put
a large building on their property just
south of the Newhouse hotel Is signIfi
cant of thIs tact Other large deals of
similar Import are likely to bt an
nouncc4 1129E I
Ernest R Woolley In his answer
filed yesterday to the suit 01 Robert
1urdock claims that MunJock signed I
five 690 notes to him for 8 just Ln
sideratlon and that Murdock Is It
entitled to the 3000 for which he I
brought suit in the district curt Mal
dock claimed be gave the notes t
oolley to negotiate for him but thd
Weol1ey kept the money after dlspus
lag at the notes Woolley in the an
swer sayS the notes were turned over
to him by F 0 Mohll and that hO
dId not dispose ot them and keep the I
money wrongfullY
Three rings valued at 60 were
stolen from a trunk in the residence
of Mrs Agnes Welsh No 715 West
Eighth South street some time Friday
night and the trunk key was alo I
taken The theft has been reported
to the police together with the name
of a man who Is suspected

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