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National COin Exhibition to
Open in Omaha on 6th of
Omaha Nov 27In Chicago In 93 the
World celebrated the anniversary of the
discovery ot America in St Louis the
Louisiana purchase was the reason why
10 Portland It was the trail to em
pire blazed by LewIs and Clark In
Jamestown it was the first settlement
on these wldflung shores ot ours Ever
xposltion that has been held since Phll
addphlas centennIal has been n celebra
tIon ot something bIg that has gone be
f re
reBut In Omaha next monthtrom Dee
Ii to Dec 1San exposItion will open which
will celebrate the future It Is not to
be for the day that was but for the day
that Is to be
lt will mark the formal opening ot a
new era In agriculture in which the man
who tills the soil will hold the same place
1n the commercial world as the manu
facturer who has developed the mechani
cal art
The exposition at Omaha will show
what science has accomplished in produc
Ing farm crops It will also show the
possibilities In a graphic way and dis
seminate among 2COO farmers the
knowledge that the government and
tWEntyfive states have gained by years
ot hard experImental work to Improve
farm crops and Increase the yIelds
Will Show the Best
Known as the National Corn exposi
tion the two weeks show at Omaha Is
broader than the name oorn usually
implies lt Is used by the exposition In
n continental sense moaning all grains
and grasS38
The National Com exposition shows the
best ot every cereal the best of every
furage crop grown in America the ex
hibIts being brought together to compete
for prizes amounting to 50000 and a
nore at gold and silver trophies worth
from iiOO to 1500 each These are ot
fered for such exhibits as the best ten
ears of corn In the world the best sin
Gle ear another for the best peck of
JoltS while another goes flr the best
slmple ot barley
Theses IndIvIdual exhibits mad by
farmers from almost every state in the
t on by senool children who are study
hg agricultural science in the country
s hools and by owners ot vallt tracts
C t wheat and hay lands will form but
an Incidental part ot the National Corn
C xpositlon
The real exposition shows the results
ot the spending ot tens ot millions ot
dollars by the government and the stat s
In bUilding up the practice and science at
agTlIulture They show the Infinite pos
tllties of Increasing the yield per acre
and the profit per worker when the en
l rgv of heredity in plant life comes like
elcticlty Into mans hand and is Intel
ligently directed
The government Is installing an exhibit
which will show that its department ot
ngrlulture working with the states has
ben able to secure varieties and suggest
meUods ot handling the lands of the
1 nit d States whIch Increase the produc
tIon a billion dollars annually
This exhblt ha4 been prepared by the
bureaus and offices ot the department
Till experiment stations have sent grains
trd grasses at Alaska tropical products
and food plants from HawaII corn grown
on swamp lands at the south which three
Ears ago were covered with four feet of
wter and produced only swamp grass
flit t n to twenty feet in h i t1t h at
cnd barley from the famous dry
farmed regions as well as from lands
hieit must have water applied artIfkaI
ly to produce crops at a profit
Animal Industry
From the bureau ot animal Industry a
dSplay will be Installed coving the I
Whole wide range of handling commer
cil animals model and full size milk
LiJss sanitary dluy barns models at
cattle and sheep dipping plants sixty
slmplcs ot diseased animal tissue am
ax models showing the effects that
Texas fever and other diseases have on
farm animals
The bureau ot entomology shows many
cas s of injurious and beneficial insects
Ub specimens Illustrating their habit
chlfly Insects Injurious to grah fruit
trees and forest Umbers
Twentyfive state which are the lead
ers In agricultural experiment work have
reserved space for displays These have
bEn arranged at a cost exceeding 50000
Take the exhibit ot Indianaa state
that has won twice the grand champion
sweepstakes on dent varieties ot corn
Hrrc wIll be shown sixty varieties at corn
fifty varieties of oats and twenty vane
ties at cow peas For fIve years Indi
ana experiment stations have been work
Ing with the corn crop They have solved
problems which It would take an 1001
1aual R score at years to solve It 1n
dcta one man could ever work them out
They show the results at using various
types ot cultivators and methods at cut
tivation I
Wisconsin knows more about barley
than any other state In the Union and
is willing to Impart It all to visitors at
th corn show
Wyoming 18 solving the problem ot c11
mtizlns corn and making it grow in
high altitudes
Montana shows dry farming methods
and products Colorado a miniature land
acape with irrIgation ditches and methods
ct applying water
Illinois Is mastering soil culture MIs
sOJrl abolishing hog cholera
Ncrth Dakota hlWs the world how to
avoid agricultural bankruptcy retaining
the fertility ot the soil
Nebraskas farm management exhibits
have attracted International attention
Women Not Forgotten
The women of the farms have not been
forgotten a large department being de
voted to domestic science and art The
children also have their part in the ju
nior dIvision where the schools make ex
hlblts When it is known that no less
than 50000 school districts In the middle
west are holding corn contests this fall
some idea at the result ot the work which
will be shown in Omaha may be ob
While all these exhibit are to see
the entertainment features ot a great ag
ricultural show have not boon neglected
A program has been arranged Including
addresses by such men as James J Hill
builder ot the northwest Governor He
bert Hadley ot Missouri Judge J M
Carey former senator from Wyoming and
author ot the Carey reclamation act
John H Worst president ot the North
Dakota Agricultural college and Willet
M Has assistant serretary ot agricul
ture By specIal permission of President Diaz
the exposItion has secured the services ot
the Mexican National band which wilt
appear daily In a great audience room
some 10000 feet ot special moving picture
films will be shown besides the stere
opticon views and transparencies of the
United States reclamation service
The exposition is to be held In the
Omaha Auditorium and its annex which
have a combined floor space ot 214000
SQuare feet
In the audience room the American
I Beet Producers association will have one
feature given dally on the use ot meats
I A full steer will be cut up by expert
butchers under the glare ot the spot light
I while a lecturer tells at the value of I
cheap cuts and how to prepare them to I
make them palatable
I During the exposition the American
Breeders association will hold a three
das session In Omaha December S 9
I and 10
Direct from Piver the
Paris manufacturer Del
icate odors that are pleas
ant and refreshing
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are especially attractive
and appreciated gifts
The Pure Drug
f Dispensary
South Main
to J fEf fi f VVI
i Weallier Forecast for Todnyz Generally fair
SS lIyThe
S The i
Parihard S
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some model
i I One of the many styles We
j I
i ore showing In MODERN
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Tailored by skilled
I II men under the most favored 5
Select fabrIcs InsIde and 5
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a I Modern Overcoats S
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t c U LlTY5T
4vJI yJI W
Distension Of The
Stomach By Air
And Eructations of Gas Rapidly Re
lieved by Stuarts Charcoal Lozenges
Willow charcoal Is the most Important
and the purest kind ot charcoal obtain
able Wood consists ot carbon hydrogen
and oxygen and when heated In a room
where the supply ot air Is limited the
mora volatile matters are burned away
and most at the carbon remains
In a fInely divided state charcoal not
only condenses gases to a marvelous ex
tent but also has the power of absorbing
coloring matters 1t Is a very rapid ab
sorbent or gases of every kind and Is
much used In the dissecting rooms and
wards or hospitals for the removal ot of
fensive odors
In rooms which have been recently or
freshly painted a pan or other receptacle
of charcoal allowed to remain therein
over night will completely absorb and
remove all the disagreeable paintodor
Physicians frequently employ charcoal
for destroying the fetor or wounds for
which purpose It Is applied In the form
ot a powder or poultice to gangrenous
sores ulcers etc It Is also largely used
In toothpowders as by its mechanical
action It removes Incrustations ot the
teeth while by Its chemical action It de
stroys fetor or foulness ot the breath
In Indigestion accompanied by flatu
lence or gas on the stomach and belch
Ing and In the colic of infants or older
persons as well as the socalled lead
colic or palnters colic charcoal Is by
far the best and most powerful remedy
that can be used
Stuarts Charcoal Lozenges should be
used frequently or constantly by painters
or workers In lead and all persons whose
occupations make them lIable to lead
colic They should also be employed by
anyone who suffers from these annoy
Ing symptoms ot Indigestion such as fer
mentation decomposition or food flatu
lence or gas on the stomach colicky
pains resulting from the overdistension
ot the Intestines with gas and the rum
bling noises ot the bowels wIth whIch 50
many dyspeptics suffer and which prove
so annoying and embarrassing when oc
currlng while In company
Stuarts Charcoal Lozenges are com
posed ot pure wlllow charcoal mixed with
honey and are capable ot absorbing one
hundred tImes their 00 volume In gas
and by their rapid antltermentatlve anti
septic deodorizing and absorbent action
prevent the possibility ot colic or inter
nal rumblings of gaseous products They
are absolutely harmless and may be given
freely to Infants suffering from colic and
used just as freely by older persons who
are annoyed by flatulence and gas eruc
tations In proof ot the harmlessness of
Charcoal a French physicIan was in the
habit of taking fifteen ounces every day
of his life and recommended Its abundant
use to others
Purchase a package ot Stuarts Char
coal Lozenges from your druggist today
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I have In my possession a prescription
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right in their own homeswithout any
additional help or medicinethat I think
1 ILIIUL vu WI5nC8 to regaIn nls
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determined to end 11 copy ot the pro
scrIption free of charge In a plain ordi
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sician who has made a special study ot
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ficient manhood and vigor failure ever
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scription like thisbut I send it entirely
After reaching the age ot forty the
human system gradually declines The
I accumulated poisons In the blood cause
rheumatic jains In the joints muscles
I and bacle These warnings should be
I promptly relieved and Jerlous Illness
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scription which shows wonderful re
sults even after the first few doses It
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time The bottle to be shaken each
time Any druggist has these Ingre
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Continued from Page 1
fed Chief or Detectives George Sheets
and Detective Edward Janney begun a
rapidfre Investigation 1n the hope or
heading off any attempt to make away
with the necklace
Returned to Work
Lawrence had returned to his work
and wal found at the Western Union
office He was taken into custody and
In a short time convinced that the case
against him was complete Realizing
there was no escaping the forged name
In his book and the fact that he had
received the package from the jewelry
store Lawrence broke down and con
fessed to the theft ot the diamonds
He told the detectives where they were I
Two hOr had elapsed from the time
the jewels were takeu until Detectives
Sheets and Janne arrived In the Van
NI apartments But the necklace had
passed unnoticed although the gleam
of the stones cOld be seen in the hal
Wi l
The Jltklace had been sUpped under
the edge ot the carpet next jo the hal
way and several yuests had passed
through the hal without noticing It
protruding from is hiding place The
necklace was restored to its overjoyed
owner who had given up all hopes ot
sEelng It again
Lawrence has been In the employ
at the Western Union company for sev
eral months and has always been re
garded as one of the companyS most
rellbe messengers He admitted that
the sight ot such a fortune In so small
a package was too much for him and
he coulunt resist the temptation to
hIde It He also admitted that he had
no clear idea of how he would get
awn with the jewels and was trying
to think ot some scheme to get out ot
the city with them
Los Angeles Nov 2iThe coroners
jury investigating the automobile and
trolley car collision on Thanksgiving
night which resulted in tho death of
Nicholas Jacobs n wellknown contrac
tor his two sons and two daughters and
the Injury ot five other members at the
family returned a verdict today exonerat
ing the crew ot the electrIc car from
Horrible Crime Is Committed
rear r Frontenac KanNo
Clue to Perpetrator
Frontanac Kas Nov 27A lonely
road a mile north at here was the
scene at a trIple murder and an as
sault on a woman some time last night
The dead are Mr and Mrs William
Bork Germans ot Frontenac and their
son 2 years old
The attack on Mrs Bark is the sup
posed motive of the crime Mr Bork
presumably was Idled while trying
to defend his wife
The child was slaln because the mur
derer wished to silence him or feared
he one had been recognized by the little
Mr and Mrs Bork and their child
were last seen alive late last night
when they started to drive home to
Frontenac from the hume 01 Mrs
Borks mother at a point two miles In
the country This morning the Borks
horse and buggy were found standing
in the roadway at a deserted spot
In the bottom ot the buggy was dis
covered the body ot the child with a
bullet wound in Its head
Hastily pursuing their Investigations
the searchers care across the boy ot
Bork lying In the middle ot the road
some distance away Bork had been
shot once In the head and twice In the
body A tri through the dust plainly
lead the searchers to a cornfield a
hundred feet away There they rouna
the bOdy of the woman An assault
had been committed upon her and she
had then been shot through the heart
Irs Bork had fought hard Along the
trail to the cornfield were found both
the slippers she had worn rIbbons
from her hair and her cloak There I
had been a desperate struggle In the I
feldI Is supposed that Bork was the
first to be killed The Indications were
that he had been shot as he sat in
the buggy and that he fell from his
seat to the road Two bullets evidently
were fired Into his body after he fell
Another bullet then ended the life at
the child lte
Coroner DUdiey Sheriff Ierrlweather
and County Attorney Vooley reached
here from Pltsburg the bodes were
brought Into town and an Inquest held
this afternoon Bloodhounds were sent
for and will be used In an effort to
trace the slayer He left no clue
Continued from page 1
ceeded In convincing him that such a
plot existed
Personally I dont know the pres
ent whereabouts or Dr Cook
The puzzle of Dr Cooks disappear
ance began about 3 oclock this after
noon At noon Charles W Wack his
personal counsel issued a formal
statement explaining that Dr Cook had
sailed this morning on the Cunard
liner Carnla Three hours later he
withdrew the first statement and ex
plained he had been Informed by John
n Bradley that the doctor had not
sailed on the Caronla Coincident
with this reports were circulated that
Dr Cook had sailed on the steamship
Havana for Havana
Not Aboard Either Vessel
Neither so tar af can be learned
tonight was correct
Captain John Knight of the Havana
responded to a wireless message after
his vessel had left port as follows
No one on board resembling Dr
Cook Name not on passenger list
J A 1cCubln purser ot the Caronia
also replied to a wireless message as
follows Unable to find Dr Cook on
board the Caronla
From other sources it was Intimated
Dr Cook might be at the Hotel Chal
fonte Atlantic City as a guest ot his
friend C F Tckof The hotel man
agement said neither Mr Wckot nor
Dr Cook was registered there but Mr
Wyckof was found a the hotel subse
quently He said he knew nothing ot
Dr Cooks whereabouts
Still another suggestion was that
Dr Cook might be with Captain George
I Comer a friend at Mount Parnassus
East Haddan Conn but word came
back from East Hadden that Captain
Comer said he had not seen or heard
from Dr Cook
Mr Vack In admitting he knows
where Dr Cook Is deuned to give his
address or to account In any way for
the doctors sudden and mysterious
Said 1tr Wack
In the circumstances he is at per
feet liberty to make what plans he
choose9 In due time he will give an
account ot himself and until then I
hope he gets the rest he thoroughly
deserves The children are thoroughl
and Irs Cook has left thc Gramatan
Inn and come to the house at a friend
In thIs cIty trlenC
John R Bradley Sore
John R Bradley who is thoroughly
exasperated with the whole situation
said sItuaton
I am heartily sCl ot all the mys
tery Dr Cook is under no contract
to me He can come and go as he
chooses without seeking my advice or
consent but I did say today tu Mr
Wack when I read In the papers that
Dr Cool had sailed I should feel prop
erly sore and that I should think I had
a ri h to feel sore i the doctor had
left for an extended trIp without say
Ing goodbye to me I dont know
where he is any more than you do
l he i In this country its all rIght
But why didnt he say outright where
he was going
I still believe In him My stand to
night Is just what It was the day he
landed He has my allegiance until the
University ot Copenhagen has disproved
his claim
At the Gramatan Inn It was said Dr
Cook departed on Wednesday last Mrs
Cook left this afternoon No one at the
hotel would admit they knew of Dr
Cooks whereabouts although several
telegrams addressed to him were j e
celved at the hotel with the remark
that they would be forwarded
Land Office People Though With the
Cunningham Coal Land Inquiry
at Seattle
Seattle Nov 27The land office In
quiry into the Validity of the Cunning
ham coal land claIms valued at 50
000000 In the Katala district ot
Alaska was adjourned today until next
Thursday morning at 10 oclock In
Spokane after the testimony ot Squire
C Chesum who was foreman or work
on the Cunningham claims for three
years had been taken Chesum who is
the locator of the eleven coal land
claims known as the Cesum group
north of the Cunningham group is a
practical miner He testified that the
work done by hIs men mostly Indians
was prospecting to make known the
extent at the coal deposits Much work
had been done on trails to enable the
men to reach their camps and carry I
On crossexamlnaton Chesum tetl
fled that the long tunnel on the test
claim whIch government witnesses had
said was apparently built for the
apparenty buit pur
pose ot mining coal from several
claims was made for the sole purpose
ot Investigating the coal veIn which
was thick at this point
L Junta Cob Nov 2Her throat
cut and bearing many knife wounds the
body tt Mrs Andel Ayurrdi a Mexican
woman was found In her hut at Ayers
25 miles south ot Rocky Ford last night
A MexIcan who Is suspected ot having
committed the crime Is said to have fled
to the hills toward Walsenburg fed
Savannah Ga Nov 27Forest fires
are doIng heavy damage throughout the
naval stores belt according to reports reo
calved here today
Kin Edward Will Not Be Asked t
Arbitrate Claim Until
Abitte Asop Caim Unti
Protocol Is
Valparaiso Chile Nov 27There Is
general satisfaction here at the pros
pects at an amicable settlement of the
Alsop claim dispute with the United
States This feeling Is pronounced
among Americans here The press Is
inclined to give much credit to Great
Britain and today lauds that country
for its intervention whIch It thinks
proves Its frIendship for the disputants
London Nov 27The British for
eign office In reply to a question today
reiterated the statement made yester
day that King Edward had not yet
been Invited to mediate in the Alsop
claim between the United States and
Chile The latest official Information
receive In London was to the effect
that the protocol between the two
countries had not been finally agreed
upon and until this wag accomplished
I Is held here that to formally invite
anyone be premature to arbitrate tie UIIH wOUla
Midshipman Roesch Won National
Indvdual Ric1atch Against
62 Contestants
Washington Nov 27 President
Taft tOday sent letters of congratula
ton to Midshipman H O Roesch win
ner of the national individual rifle
match against 624 contestants to
Midshipman Andrew D Denny winner
ot the presidents match and to Major
W B Martin of the Second New Jorsy
Infantry at Elabeth N J winner ot
the title of military rife champion of
the United States for 1909 by securing
the highest aggregate score in the na
tonal Individual and the presidents
match at the national rifle tournament
To the young men at the naval acad
emy the president said
You are ot the nay and are nut
supposed to specialize on rifle practice
but what you gain In skill In the use
ot the small arm will be of estimable
benefit to you In dIrecting the fire of
great guns
While upon the face at things it
may appear that a sailor has little use
for ski with the rile yet outside of
the actual value of
such skill as a
military accomplishment the records
ot the navy show that ability to use
the eaU arm always makes the pos
sessor better able to direct effective
lire from the big guns aooard ship
Denver Nov 27BenjamIn B Laska
a Denver attorney left tOday for New
York where I is said he has inherited
A large fortune by the death ot his fa
ther The elder Laska was a Russian
Jew who is asserted to have made a vast
fortune In Nw York
Outof Town Visitors Drop
Half a Billion Each Year
Seeing the Elephant
New York Nov 27The amount ot
money spent in this city by outottow
visitors every year has now reached a
point where it surpasses the estimated
cost of the Panama canal While an an
nual outcry is raised over the fact that
UOOO ot American money Is spent
each year by tourIsts In Europe the
amount which goes 1Ito the coffers ot
hotelkeepers theatre managers and shop
owners In this city from the purses at
vIsitors from the rest ot the country now
amounts I Is estimated on a conserva
tive basis to 0000 DurIng the
month of November Father Knickerbock
er has entertained nearly 20000 outot
town VIsitors which practically doubles
the monthly figure for last year As
nearly as can be computed the average
visitor here spends t least 5 for accom
modations food entertainment and gen
eral shopping purchases which figured
on the basIs ot November figures
amounts to 10000 a month Naturally
the expenditure Is less during the sum
mer though even then the city Is a
Mecca to outortown residents Ayerag
Ing up for the whole year however the
amount of outttown money spent here
annually is not less than hal a billion
dollars and by many experts is estimated
to be much more The hotels are now
crowded far beyond their limit and are
tding more than 2000 visitors daily
white boarding houses are caring for at
least 100000 persons At the Hotel Astor
recently 229 people ordered meals dur
Ing a single day and in various other ho
tels the number was almost as large
With 20000 vIsitors coming to New
York every year I Is now figured that
on an average every man woman and
child In the United States visits this city
once every three year
Human Coat Rack
Of the many strange occupations which
the struggle for a livelihood In this city
has developed one which came to light
this week as a result at the first cold
snap Is perhaps the most noveL The dis
coverer ot the new job Is Monk Thomp
son a well known character along the
Battery sea wall where he spends most
ot his time smoking and sunning himself i
He now styles himself the only walk
Ing human coat rack and in the pur
suit of his new profession Is making a
bit ot money When Monk appeared
on the Battery wall the other day wear
ing a siklined overcoat many were the
expressions ot astonishment among his
acqualntanos Then they demanded an
explanation Monk replied that the
coat was not his but that It belonged to
his dIstrIct leader who was paying him
to wear Ito act as a perambulating
coat rack The fIrst cold weather coming
on top ot warm Indian summer found
many winter overcoats still packed away
In moth balls strongly impregnated with
their scent The ordinary procedure on
taking out such garments Is to hang them
out In the back yard to air But In New
York back yards are rare and sneak
thieves many so that many persons are
obliged to wear their coat before the
odor ot camphor has disappeared This
however the district leader did not wish
to do because of the comment It cre
ated so he hit upon the Idea of hiring
Ionk whose honesty is unquestioned to
wear the coat for a couple ot das He
even told a few friends about I and as
a result Monk ot late has worn the fin
est at overcoats much to the envy at his
friends who watch the human coat rack
striding up and down the sea wail with
the deodorizing breezes blowing away the
odor ot camphor
A Canadian Trust
Trust kings here he enjoyed a quiet
chuckle at late over the report emanating
from Canada that a cement trust Is being
formed across the border The merI
meat Is not due to pleasure over an addi
tion to the ranks but rather to the con
viction that If the cement merger be
cited as an example our neighbors across
the line do not know a trust when they
see one Although the Canadian organ
ization Is a thirtmliondolar affair ac
cording to reports I falls except In size
to qualify with a single characteristic ot
trusts as they have been developed In
this country In ever detail I presents
the antithesis of AmerIcan trust methods
as Is shown by the fact that Its net earn
Ings amount to more than six times the
interest on the bond Issue and to hal a
million dollars moro than the Interest on
all its obligations Furthermore al
though the consumption ot cement in
Canada has doubled In the last four
years the price Is now ten per cent lower
than the average for the last five years
In thee two essential features the Can
adian combination Is about as far re
moved from the Ideas of a trust In thIs
country as can well be Imagined I this
be a trust let Canada make the most of
It Is the sentiment expressed by men
who are busy with the rumored billion
dollar copper combine the telephone and
telegraph merger and other almost equal
ly large deals While from the Wall
street point ot view Canada Is hopelessly
behind the times In being without a trust
she Is not likely to get out ot the old
fashioned cas In this respect I the so
called pie cement merger be taken as a sam
Bet Not Decided
Fate always has In store some partic
ularly hard knock for the man who tries
to get more than his share else why
should John D Rockefeller have Indiges
tion and Andrew Carnegie find It so dif
ficult to die poor One humble but prom
Ising Imitator has received the jolt early
In his career however and It ought to
rene as a warning The story Is this
There Is a famous cafe In Gothams all
night district whose proprietor Inspired
by the prlfchlngs of a certpln distin
guished Individual to an trace sui
cide campaign a year or two ago of
fered a prize ot 0 to every one ot his
employee who should marry Later on
the scheme seemed Incomplete and a
supplementary prIze o 2 each was of
fered for babies So far i has been ex
pensive but the proprietor has stuck to
it heroically animated by the profound
Interest In the welfare of the race and
sustained by the advertising value ot the
frhlme The cafe has a chef who by
joining hands with another emploe
about n year ago succeeded In dragging
down double prize money but this was
held to be strict legitimate with a
profit left over for extra advertising
value A little whIle ago however the
chef figuring that he would lled a little
extra money about this time thought he
saw a chance to make i on the sIde So
to the chef ot n rival lobster palace he
offered to bet a substantial sum that It
would be n boy His friend after look
ing up a few statistic was n little more
than willing to bet even money that It
would be 0 girl I isnt Its twIns a
boy and a girl The chef gets double
prize money again and his employer
promises to throw In an extra 2 for
good measure But the bet I still undecided
decldecChurch Services of Mutes
The most remarkable week ot church
services ever held in this city has just
come to a closea week at services In
which though sermons were preached
and hymns Bung not a word was spoken
not a sound heard The congregations
were composed entirely of deatmutes to
whom Father Tom Galvin talked with his
fingers and the varying expressions ot
his mobile features With hIm they joined
In singing the hymns still in the silent
finger language The service which was
as simple as It could be made began with
a hymn which was perfecty well known
It seemed to all the silent people Father
Tom lined It out with his brIsk fingers
and as he thus sang swiftly with rapid
fingers the congregation followed him
word for word sign for sign The church
was so still that the swishing of serge
somewhere away back in the glom as a
priest passed along the aisle struck hard
upon the ear Some ot the congregation
were mufh more adept than others In
keeping pace with Father Tom for some
were gesticulating a full line behind hIm
struggling hard to catch up Their eyes
ware glonmln with interest and tfV
were smiling with pleasure After the
hymn came a thirtymInute sermon and
with another
then the service concluded wih
hymn More than 2 deafmutes from
markable aU parts services ot the city attended these re
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the state department Is relying for re
ports of any 1treatment to Americans
In Nicaragua or damage to American In
terests there
United States Minister G Knowles ac
credited to Nicaragua Jose de Olvares
consul at Managua and James W John
son consul at Corlnto are In the United
States on leave ot absence
Arms for Insurgent
New Orleans Nov 2A rumor that his
purpose in coming to New Orleans was
to institute action In the federal courts
to prevent further shipments ot arms and
ammunition to the revolutionists in Nic
aragua from this port was denied tonight
by Luis F Corea former Nicaraguan
minister at WashIngton
Although It was currently rumored that
a large quantity ot arms for the incur
gents would be shipped on the steamer
Marietta dl Giorgio which sailed for Blue
fields late tonight its manifest showed no
such articles
Caldera at Liberty
Managua Nicaragua Nov 27There Is
absolutely no truth In the report circu
lated in the United States today and ca
bled here for confirmation that Mr Cal
dera the American vice consul at Man
agua has been Imprisoned by President
Zelaya Mr Caldera Is at liberty and Is
attending to the duties at his office
Will Sail This MornIng
Seattle Wash Nov ZThe gunboat
Princeton tonight completed taking on
equipmEnt at the Puget Sound navy yard
and at 630 oclock tomorrow morning will
sail Francisco for Corlnto Nicaragua via San
Only Three Lives Lost In the Wreck
of the Steamer Argo
Astoria Ore Nov 2The lifeboat
Captain Snyder one passenger and nIne
members of the crew ot the steamer Argo
which put off from that vessel when the
craft was about to founder oft Tllmaook
bay Friday reached the Columbia river
lightship at 4 a m today The eleven
occupants were taken aboard the light
ship and will be sent into Astoria as son
as the present southwest storm abates
sufficiently to permit a transfer being
made to some other craft
mare news of the safety at the missing
boat which had practically been given
up for lost was brought here by the bar
tug Valula which arrive late today
The Tallula was able to get close enough
to the lightship to talk with persons
aboard ot that vessel through 8 mega
phone but the sea was too rough to per
mit the all1a to take off the ship
reckc men

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