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The Jn1er3Iountaln Republica
Est Feb 12 1906
The Snit Lake Herald
Est June 6 1870
Only Republican Dally Newspaper In
Ealt Lake City Utah
TerJIUI 01 Subscription
cents one year S800
SrNDAyono year 200
j SEMIWEEKLY In advance One
year 150 six montilll 75 cents
Subscribers wishing address at paper
chanted must give former as well as
resent address
All papers are continued until ez lieu
order Is received to discontinue All ar
rearages must be paid In every case
R 4 ti
One of the problems that have been
delayed In the solving Is that pertain
Ing to the destruction at property by
fire Every cIty In the world has been
laId under contribution by the fire
fiend That might be pardoned In the
benighted lands of the Orient but It Is
vastly more true In the United States
Here where the genIus ot the people
Is DO pretentiously regarded where there
should be an absolute control at fire
there Is mighty loss every year
Ont or the biggest firefighters ot the
country Chief Fitzgerald Is wrIting a
series ot articles for eastern publishers
In which he declares that nearly all the
city fires are preventable His claim
can be supported by a glance at the
materIal of the buildings that have been
destroyed For the very much larger
part they are not ot fireproof material
Construction Is careless To the amaze
ment or the reader we find that owners
themselves fight most stubbornly
against the enforcement ot regulations
that will most nearly Insure the preven
tion ot loss by fire
NothIng is more thrilling than the
sight ot a fire engine being hauled
swiftly through the streets at an Amer
ican city Yet no sight is more tamlllar
And every rung means the absolute
destruction ot property value to some
one No Insurance in the world can ob
literate the loss It It does not tall on
the putative owner In the first Instance
It tails on him and aU other owners at
property In the long run and In the
last event
The time will come when Americans
wlll InsIst on absolute protection from
fire when they wlll demand that s the
only sane course when they will look
with amazement on the former condI
f tIon when property stood at the mercy
ot fire every day and night ot the year
And In that day Insurance will be
chcaperalmost to the vanishing point i
Owners ot property will lend theIr best I
efforts to the authorIties who act for
the whole community and prevent in
ditldual rIsks in the Interest ot all
And In those days fire losses will be
Ao matter how bad a man may be
he ants his boys to do right There
arc very few exceptions to the rule
No matter how Iowa woman may
havE sunk she doesnt want her girls
to bo bad She Is proud ot nothing so
much as the fact that her daughters
are good women and respected by ev
erybody There are probably no ex
ceptkns at all to that rule
One ot the shrewdest observers of the
country says
Tike twelve professional thieves and
place them In the gallery at a play
Quse some evening where the superbl
tlely honest hero and the thoroughly
dishonest villaIn struggle upon the stage
fir supremacy and every one at the
thieving twelve will be tooth and nail
for the triumph at the honest man
Why Because the desire for the
right to triumph Is almost unIversal
There may be some exceptions to that
rule but they are rare indeed
It Is the evidence ot the upward trend
ot the race Mankind wants to be bet
ter to do right It has been no fall
from a perfect to a debased estate It
Is a gradual working up from the be
gInnings ot consciousness to the fullness
ot justice and joy
The scamps there In the audIence I
rooting for the hero want him to
wIn bEcause they want him to be hap
py They dont want the hero and the
heroine to be unhappy They them I
sEhes want to be happy They know
they are unhappiest when they go far
thest from the right They know they
come nearer being happy when they
deal fairly with everyone and with
And because all the world wants the
right to wIn the right will win all over
the worldIn time It may take years
But each one of us can help bring about
that better state We cant change the
play on the stage but We can help In
the molding ot that bigger drama whIch
Is made up ot the lives and the loves ot
our companions In the world
lne ot the biggest financiers In the
west asked 3 former secretary ot the
trEisury What he thought ot the bank
guaranty plan and received this reply
Well the government requires a
guaranty when It makes a deposit
Wbleb sounds like rather compclllnr
The biggest bank In Oklahoma re
cently went to the wall and all the oth
er banks ot the state had to pay their
assessments so that the depositors ot
the failed bank should lose nothing
They paid and the claIms were all met
Instantly It happens too that the
incident rather won friends for the
scheme Instead ot repelllng anyone
Because ot the organized action of all
the banks In the state the resources at i
the failed bank were worth more more
was realized th loss was tighter than
In cases where each bank stands by ft
Eeltor falls alone
The matter Is by no means settled It
fs not the solution ot the monetary
problem ot the nation but It Is an ele
ment In that puzzle and whether or not
Jt Is solved the future alone can tell
One ot the strongest arguments
against the guaranty plan Is that it I
makes the honest bankers stand the
losses ot the failed bank But that will
not lead a man to be careless or dishon
est No man wants to taIL Every man
will succeed It ha can
Most ot the newspapers and maga
zines at the country carry advertise
ments at the railroad trip through Ari
zona to the Grand Canyon ot the Colo
rado Text and illustration make the
Journey appear very attractive And
fifty thousand people go every year to
the Grand canyon by that southern
Presently men at means will wake up
to the tact that the handling ot fifty
thousand people a year Is worth the
construction ot a line ot road through
Utah to the canyon Every traveler
knows the northern is the better side ot
the canyon that It presents the scenic
features ot the marvel In a far more
Impressive order that the majesty and
the splendor ot the place Is really only
suggested until one has looked Inter the
canyon from the northern side
And when that time comes the fifty
thousand will go down from the north
tar the better manner of approach
Besides the railroad that penetrates
that southern country and carries tour
Ists to the Grand canyon will at the
same time penetrate a forest with tour
billion feet ot lumber and minerals ot
every desIrable kind
Utah Is coming Into her own and that
new railroad will be another step In the
right direction
In one at Ruth McEnery Stewarts re
cent stories Is the monologue ot a
southern man In which the following
sentiment Is expressed
He was a good man my father was
an his usual form at address to me was
my son these so unadorned an I
dont know but Its helped me all my
life It sort 0 challenges a boy to be
called my son by a good man
No father can read that without him
self feeling the challenge The little
fellow looking up at him has great
faith In the father He believes that
father to be the model ot all men He
loves the father with a passion and a
reverence which will permit no falter
Ing In faith Later he Is going to know
the truth And It the father Is not
right he better get rIght For the sad
dest thing In all the world Is the reflec
tion ot the old man when he sees one
ot his boys do wrong and defend It by
remembering the example at a father
who was not so good as he might have
It sets the father thinking to reflect
that no matter what he may do the boy
Is going to know It They arc very I
shrewd these boys And It It chal
lenges the boy to be called my son
by a good man make sure It challenges
the father who uses that salutation and
reflects that the child Is In very truth
his sonand will be to the end ot time
And that he must be a very good man
Indeed 01 that son wlll have warrant
for leas than the Ute ot rectitude that
the father will desire
Mrs Stewarts little story is a good
deal stronker than anything else she
has wrItten I I
Governor Spry seems to have won
frIends In St Georgeas Indeed he
does wherever he goes A private let
tor from a promInent Washington coun
ty man to a friend In Salt Lake con
taIns this passage
The governors address In the taber
nacle Sunday afternoon rang true as
steel and I can say from many remarks
that were made after that meeting that
there are not many people In St George
huwever they may differ In politics or
religion that do not feel In their hearts
that every action the governor has
taken In the past or will take In the
future will be from his sincere convic
tion of right
In another place speaking ot the gu
bernatorial visit the writer says
All party lines were thrown aside and
everyone worked with a wlll to make
the vIsit at our distinguished guests one
that they will remember with pleasure
If anythIng was omitted that would
have made the visit more pleasureable
to the governor and his friends I can
only say It was because we couldnt
thInk at it
But from all accounts nothing was
I omitted The entertainment was per
fect And the visiting party will by no
i means be lagged In the work at arous
ing that Interest which It Is to be hoped
will eventuate finally in 3 railroad
through the counties ot Washington
Kane and Garfield And the completion
ot that will Insure the building at rail
roads all over the state
In general it is believed that railroad
fare In Europe Is cheaper than in the
United States and that Is not true The
Railroad RevIew publishes a very in
teresting series of tables collated from
reports of railway operations In this and
other countries and presents the un
mistakable tact that the English rail
ways charge more per passenger mile
than do the railway companIes in the
Unlteq States
In most ot the continental countries
the rates are lower than In England In
Russia that especlplly is t rl e
But on the other hand f lie railways
of the United States give more for the
moneyin ser + aep In speed in cOnen
lence In connections over unrelated
linesthan can be secured In any land
of Europe
The ordInary traveler In this country
Is better provided than Is the highest
priced firstclass passenger service at
the old world And the only exceptIons
to that rule are declared to be the de
luxe traIns that are occasionally pro
vided for royalty or for those foolish
Americans who knoW little at their own
country and leave as much of their
money abroad as they can
It is statedwe believe on good au
thoritythat Dr Goshen and his bride
slightly revised the form ot the mar
riage ceremony on the recent occasIon
ot their weddIng Instead at pledgIng
themselves each to the other until
death do us part they vowed fidelity
and union throughout all our lives
The alteration seems to be an im
provement Until death may have
been a finality to those who devised the
customary form They couldnt see be
yond that
There Is a sublime and hopeful su
periority to the comIng ot the grim
reaper In this later bond that shall con
tinue to the end ot life It seems so
much more permanent than that rela
tion whIch contemplates only what law
yers formally call a Ute estate
Meantime the rest ot us can find a
suggestion for the term at our obliga
tion to each other It doesnt run Just
for a term at years Our service Is due
as long as It shall be needed And that
means we should so live as to exercise
a helpful influence even after tle bodily
presence shall have been dissolved
Possibly the dally consular and trade
reports from the department of com
merce and labor may be dry reading at
times As a rule however these bulle
tins are Worth perusal Now and then
they are Intensely interesting Here
Is one from W R Dorsey viceconsul
general at Shanghai In It he replies
to a Boston request for Information as
to the domestic fowls ot China their
feeding and the products of the busi
ness And tram these replies jhe fol
lowing data is collated
Perhaps there Is no country In the
world where there are 50 many domes
tic fowls as In ChIna and yet there are
no poultry farms where chickens are
narea In quantities A4Uost every fam
Ily in the towns and vIllages as well
as In the country keeps a few hens
Many of the birds are ot medium size
laying small eggs but some breeds such
as the Huai fowls and the Lanshan
are large and their eggs are almost If
not quite as large as those ot the Brah
mas or Plymouth Rocks It Is not un
common to find hens in the markets
weighing as much as eight pounds
Chickens are hatched in crude Incuba
tors When the chicks are a few days
old they are carried around In bas
kets and sold for about twice the mar
ket price for eggs When large enough
to forage for themselves they are al
lowed to roam over the fields to pIck
1lp what teed then can find At night
they are fed a little paddy or cooked
rIce left from the meals
Hens eggs are produced and sold In
large quantities at certain seasons
Many are exported annually to Japan
They are usually 50 cheap that few of
the Chinese are 30 poor as to be de
prived ot having some on their table
on special occasions A few years ago
the trice throughout the year at the
open ports On the Yangtze river aver
aged 4 to 6 cash each or 4 cents
Mexican currency equal at that time to
2 cents United States money per doz
en With the abolition ot the old cop
per cash and the substitution ot 10
cash pieces or cents for the same
the prIce at everything has advanced
Eggs arc now sold at 12 to 16 cent
Mexlcal currency per dozen equivalent
at the present rate of exchange to 5 to
623 cents United States money The
flavor ot Chinese egg does not differ
materially from that at eggs In the
United States
Ducks are reared In Immense numbers
particularly in the lowIing cIl1rs
around Hankow There are many per
sons who have what may bo appropri
ately called duck ranches The eggs are
hatched artificially and the ducklings
ue so fed and handled as to become ex
tremely tame They are drIven to their
I feeding grounds In the marshes and
herded like flocks ot sheepone man
looking alter several hundred At night
they are driven back to inclosure
There are literally millions at duck II
Iin the district around Hankow and
they produce enormous quantities at I
eggs throughout the entire year They
are Inexpensive to keep because they
find most at their food on their feed
ing grounds When they are brought
home at night they are fed a little salt
fish and this Imparts to the eggs a pe
culiar flavor which Is much prized by
the Chinese
Factories for preparing albumen and
egg yolks for export were established
at Wuhu In 189i and later at Chin
kiang and Hankow Those at the first
two named places have been abandoned
because the supply ot eggs was limited
and Irregular The only factories now
In operation are located at Hankow
and they are seven In number Most
at them are owned and operated by
Germans One belongs to a Chinese and
one to a Frenchman These factories
each use 60000 to 100000 duck eggs a
day These are preferred to hens egg
because they are bigger and the supply
is regular and unlimited throughout thE
entire year Hens eggs are only procur
able In quantities In March April and
May The Hankow market would per
haps supply during these months 100000
hen eggs per day to the factories Duck
eggs are used at the factorIes from Oc
tober to June the remaining months
of the year beIng so hot that the eggs
spoil too quickly for them to be pre
It the state mine Inspector Mr
Petit can prevent there will never be
a death In a coal mine of this state
And the operators are giving him every
help within their power By the exer
cIse ot similar care In Illlnols that dis
aster at Cherry and the loss of nearly
three hundred lives would have been
Here Is another honest man John
Hays Hammond voluntarily has asked
the tax assessors to increase his assess
ment from 100000 to a halt million dol
lars which Indicates that Mr Ham
mond has some right Ideas of citizenship
upon which to base an honorable ambi
tion In American politics
It Is believed that a very large ma
jority ot the people at Forestdale would
vote to come Into the city It reasonable
arrangements could be made In regard
to the water supply ot that district
And it Is easy to promise that such an
arrangement could be made
Uncle Jo Cannon may at times offend
with the plainness ot his speech But
he tells the truth when he says that In
all hIs Ute he never turned his back on
a frIend nor hIs face away from an
enemy And he Is almost eighty yeas
It might be a good Idea to appoint J
L Conklin at the Continental National
bank to a position on the detective force
ot the city He catches the thief when
he goes after him anyway Unless that
be regarded as an objection In a detec
Provo people have come to the con
clusion that they want a gymnasium
They already have a public library
7 j DCD44D
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