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Wonderful Results Claimed for
New Preparation Owned
by Easterner I
Can an Individual who has been dear
for a number ot years be made to hear
again In three minutes
The answer to the above Question
would seem to be N1 emphatic No
yet the Cooper stomach man who Is
now In Salt Lake introducing the prep
arations which have made him famous
throughout the United States says
tnder certain conditions yes
Reports from eastern cities state that
Cooper gave demonstrations In which
he agreed to make deaf people hear
again In three minutes with one ot his
preparations and It Is claimed he was
successful In many cases
When asked about these seeming mir
acles yesterday the stomach man
In cases where deafness has been
produced by catarrhal trouble I have a I
reparatIon that vlll bring relief in a
few moments time but only in cases of
this character In the east I have
given public demonstrations with my
medicine that were really astonishing
but the reports ot what I accomplished
became greatly exaggerated and it was
claimed I could restore the healing ot
any dear person In a few moments time
This is not true by any means and
these false reports caused many people
great disappointment For Instance
one man came all the way from Omaha
to New York when I was there last
year who had been stone deaf from
birth He was almost brokenhearted
when I refused to even try to help him
Such an experience as this makes ml
very cautious as it Is n terrible thing
to witness the despair ot an Individual
such as this man who had been led to I
believe there was hope for him
I shall give some ot these demon
strations in Salt Lake City and will
attempt to relieve sufferers from ca
tarrhal deafness in three minutes If I
am successful I will be more ready to
discuss I of course charge nothing
for these demonstrations
I shall be at Smiths Busy Corner
drug store Main and Second South
streets tram 10 oclock In the morning
to 6 in the evening each day during my
stay here Saturday night the hour will
b0 extended to 9 oclock I came
here to convince the half sick people of
this city that the only thing the matter
with them was an overworked worn
out stomach I have convInced thou
sands ot persons here already and
shall convert many more to my new
health theorIes before I leave
Escape of Bicyclist From In
jury Appears Almost Like
a Miracle
Crashing Into a speeding automobile
with such force as to wreck his bicycle
and break the fender ot the car William
Alleoate a messenger boy In the service
ot the Independent Messenger company
last night escaped serious or what might
have been fatal Injury as It by a mir
arle and cam out ot the accklent with
out even a bruise
The accident occurred shortly after I
oclolt on East Second South street op
posite Edison street The car contain
ing T G Odell county physician and
II P Kirtle assistant county physician
was running east on Second South street
Allroate came out ot Edison street and
Whether in a moment ot contusion or
unaware ot his danger collided wfh the
front ot the automobile before warning
could be given
The car was brought to a stop within
tWC1tyf1e feet and the two physicians
sprang to the prostrate form In the
street Allcoate was placed in the motor
car and thE chauffeur was Instructed to
hasten to the hospital Before a lock
had been covered however AlicoAte re
vived and Insisting that he was unhurt
a < kd that he be taken to the messenger
o flC e When taken there Dr OdeIl and
Dr Kirtley made a careful examination
and found the bo
boy uninjured After recov
ering from the shock ot the accident AlI
coate resumed his work Speaking of the
at dent Dr Oiled said
It was one of those almost unavoidable
affairs We had fire lights on our car
tut apparently the boy dldnt see us or
wasnt watching his direction lIe had
no light on his bicycle and we did not
see 111m until he plunged almost In front
ot our car It seems almost miraculous
that he was not killed outright
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Fighting Is In Progress and Assault
on Capital Will Follow
Washington Nov 28Nlcaraguan In
surgents are now engaged In what Is ex
pected to be the final grapple with the
Zelaan forces according to unofficial
advices tonight reaching Salator Cas
trlllo representative ot the Nicaraguan
insurrectionaI forces here
The advices indicate that fighting Is
In progress at Rama and Grey town and
that a general assault on Managua the
capital will follow
Arms and ammunition landed early this
week from the Norwegian steamer Utstcln
are believed to be In the hands ot the
Insurrectionists and prompt usa ot them
by Estradas forces Is expected
Men Engaged in Heavy Specu
lation Were Frightened
for a Time
New York Nov 28Nearly the whole
thought ot persons interested In the stock
market was given up last week to the
court decision against the legality ot the
Standard Oil company The effect ot this
was greater on account ot the active
speculation that had been going on be
cause of reported plans for the consoli
dation ot the principal copper producers
and the passing ot control ot the West
ern Union Telegraph company to the
American Telegraph Telephone com
Fears arose that these transactions
would be nullified by the new decision
The passing ot anxiety over the Immedi
ate money situation lacked the power to
help the market In the face ot the un
settlement caused by the Standard Oil
Some recovery ensued as apprehensIon
subsided Returning confidence was based
mostly on precedents ot similar decisions
to which readjustments had been suc
cessfully made There remains however
an undercurrent ot apprehension as was
shown by the weak ending ot the stock
The relaxation ot the money market
owed something to stock market liquida
tion and quieting down ot speculation fol
lowing the Standard Oil decision
The increasing strength condition ot the
Bank of England and the easing ot the
London discount market were influences
In this direction Gold has continued to
go out tram the city but the crop move
ment in this country is waning and a
return flow of currency to New York is
the consequence
Confidence was maintained that the ef
frts toward a combination ot copper In
terests had not been abandoned
Iron and Steel
A revival In structural steel building
work recordbreaklng specifications and
orders for sheets and tin plates and con
tinued heavy business in wire products
were leading features In the steel In
dustry last week Orders for railroad
equipment Including cars locomotives
and rails hare been less heavy but Im
Contracts for fabricated steel have ag
gregated roOOo tons ot which 31000 tons
were for New York subways
From Indications total contracts for
structural work In November will be 100
000 tons
Rail contracts last week aggregated 31
000 tons the largest order being 14000
tons for the Lehigh Valley
Contracts for cars have been only 1SCO
but for the month car shops have booked
orders for 31000 cars while locomotive
work have entered orders for 340 en
gines only 20 ot which were placed lark
week Railroads also have ordered 60000
more steel wheels and some important
orders for track supplies have been
Dullness has been the principal feature
In pig Iron
It is estimated that contracts In all
sections In November were OOOOO tons a
sharp contraction compared with record
breaking orders In October when 12QOOOO
tons were sold
Mexico City Nov 28Klng Victor Em
manuel III ot Italy will act as arbitra
tor for France and Mexico In the dispute
between thos countries over the posses
sion ot Clipperton island The Mexican
government has been officially notified
that the king had accepted the Invitation
to net
American Affairs Likely to Be
Touched Upon by Ger
man Body
Berlin Nov 2SThe relchstag will re
convene Tuesday the emperor returning
to Berlin to open the session personally
The speech from the throne Is expected
to contain Interesting forecasts ot the
Imperial policy The session will be com
paratively quiet It 15 believed although
the embitterment between the various
parties Is still Intense
The Socialists are the only party satls +
fled with the course of events since the
finance bills were passed The recent
byeelections for the reichstag and the
state and municipal elections show a drift
ot politics tendencies strongly toward the
The deliberations In the relchstag are
expected to touch American affairs Va
rious points ot the American tariff wlll
be discussed in some Corm even It no
treaty or tariff agreement is presented
for ratiflcatltll The American exhibi
tion In Berlin also wlll be threshed out
The panGerman members are likely to
crlticlse the recent declaration or Count
Bernstorrt the German ambassador at
Washington of the alms oC German pot
Icy which amounted to renunciation ot
further colonial ambitions
American trade affairs probably will be
brought up lin the dscusslon over the blll
taxing potash exports below syndicate
TRIPPIn this city November 28 1009
Mrs Frances Ann Brown Tripp aged
24 years ot scarlet fever and other com
Funeral will be held at 2 p m today
from the family residence In Keysor
DERSENIn this city November 28
1909 Maren Bang Andersen aged 7G
Funeral Tuesday November SO at the
residence ot her daughter 1107 South 7th
East Interment will be at FaIr View
HALSTONIn this city November 28
1900 at the residence ot her daughter
Mrs Joseph F Bell 11 Goodhue avenue
ot heart disease Ann HaIsten aged 80
years a native ot England beloved
mother of Mrs Joseph F Bell and Mr
Ada Crumble ot this city
Funeral notice later
MATTSONIn this city November 28
1m John 1Iattson aged SO years resi
dent of Bingham Canyon
Funeral services will be held from
ODonnell Cos chapel on Tuesday No
vember 30nt 12 oclock noon Interment
at Mt OUvet i
St Louis Man Is Taken Into Custody
on Charge of Bigamy Prefers
Missouri Wife
St Louis Nov 2SSamuel H Busch
mann is In Jail on a warrant Issued In
Milwaukee at the instance ot Mrs Ber
tha Llersch Buschmann ot Milwaukee
charging blgamny He was taken from
his home last night where he was living
with Mrs Annie Juergens Buschmann
whom he married In 1ro2
Bmchmann docs not deny the charge
Last June his St Louis wife confronted
him In Milwaukee where he had been
living with his other wife As neither
wlfo would prosecute they decided to
abide by his choice
Buschmann chose his 81 Louis wife and
came here to live The Milwaukee wIre
stipulated that she should be these 16 II
month and It Is said that thesa pay
ments were made Buschmann told De
tective Louis Krause ot Milwaukee that
his St Louis wltes boast to his Milwau
kee wife caused his arrest
Omaha Neb Nov 23The condition ot
former United States Senator Dietrich has
shown no change In the last 24 hours The
attending physician Dr Bridges does
not consider the case serious In Its pres
ent stage Senator Dietrich was brought
to this city yesterday from his nome at
Hastings for treatment for heart trouble
Southern California
Roundtrip excursions via Salt Lake
Route Choice or three dally trams
after December 1 Golf boating dee
sea fishing bathing Xmas mid tt
orange groves Phone 44 IN Ind 1
South Main st Here todathCt t

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