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Adam Dixon Warner Gives a
Forceful Lecture on Civic
Vice at Y M c A
For an hour yesterday afternoon Adam
Dixon Warner of Los Angeles held the
fiXfd attention of an audience that filled
the assembly room and crowded the cor
ridors at the Y M C A building Mr
Warner delivered his lecture on The
Modern City which was In effect an
arraignment ot the iniquities at the pres
ent day civic governments
Mr Warner Is an orator at unusual
magnetic force He Is ot the Bran and
La Follette type and combines with his
forceful and convincing manner at de
livery or his arguments a thorough grasp
at facts of existing conditions A lawyer
by profession he has made a study ot
civic governments for the last twenty
years His was a total ot comparisons
and holding to the light vivid word pic
tures at graft and municipal corruption
He Bald In part keep the modern city
lean A city will be good and clean
Just as Its men and womenIts society Is
good and clean and great By society I
mean each and every Individual and unit
It Is you and It Is I
To govern a modern city Is a very
different thing from governing the cities
ot the vast They were mere provinces
with a frugal population scattered over
great areas with diversified and fixed
places at abode while our modern cities
are the dumping grounds for the Slav
the Hindu Italian and Yiddish pauper
labor brought to this country by the
steamship lines owned and dominated by
the Interests In contrast to the splendid
type at Scandinavian Irish or German
who a few years ago came to acquire
CIty Will DomInate
The city ot today dominates the coun
try For the first time In the history ot
the country the next census will show 11 I
majority population In the cities III
them are the newspapers the colleges the
schools ot arts and sciences the great
teachers and preachers and the theatres
ot action and Inaction the places of
amusement and Instruction and the
places ot depredation and destruction
And they are fill dominated by one great
force one that steals through special
privileges and returns through colleges
universities and civic control Disguise
as we may such Is the character ot our
lUes today
I make the bold statement that there
Is not a city In the United States that Is
tree from graft In Its civic government
The promotion and overcapitalization ot
public service corporations Is graft
The court record at our cities disclose
lose not only the necessity ot absolute
rontrol ot public utilities but disclose the
necessity ot some control over the ordin
ary business transactions ot men to Insure
honest and square dealings Some men
ElY that you cannot make a man honest
by law That may be literally true but
you can prevent him from being too dis
honest You can scare dishonesty Into
honesty by law
1 say to you that you might as well
try to dam up Niagara without stopping
thE supply of water as to stop graft
without changing the conditions If the
city Is rotten then the majority ot Its
citizens are rotten or your government
Is a living lie
Must Make Changes
Until you remove the saloon from your
best business corners and best business
streets where your sons and daughters
are forced to run the gauntlet at moral
depravity and displace them with moral
Irluencls until you stop putting 60 to
N gin mills on your best business thor
oughfares until you stop masquerading
as a Christian gentleman on Sunday and
oUng for that Increased rent from the
1wdy house on Monday until you re
move the death houses tram the streets
end put a few places at pleasant recrea
tion and amusement for the young men
and young women In their stead until
Sou change that poker room or bridge
room Into a quiet devotional room where
oU can take that boyar girl and sit
down by his or her side like a brother
cnUl you quit ringing up that telephone
and asking Jack or Tom or Billy to
bring up a flask In the afternoon before
the old man comes home you will have
rotten cities and rotten government and
rotton homes
The rottenness at New York Chicago
San Francisco and a hundred other cities
of America is so appalling today that It is
n Wonder that the Indulgence and mercy
of Almighty God has not been withdrawn
long ago
Some of you young men are now and
within a very few years all ot you will
be shaping the destiny ot not only civic
but national government and the destiny
ff this republic Is In your keeping It
s a truism of history that civic virtue
fi d national citizenship Is no better nor
higher than the Individual citizenship of
the community or IIS each unit ot so
etv Is high or low
JeffrIesJohnson Fight
I see by your press that a number of
11 business men are reputed to have
rtsed 100000 to get a big doublefisted
Igro and a burly bruising boilermaker
f give an exhibition ot what they call
f fence to advertise your city It Is such
t Ings that have degraded the citizenship
of our cities until today the licentiousness
f t American cities Is as bad as that ot
the ancient cities at Sodom and Gemorrnh
Babylon Nlnevnh and Tyre Rome and
the modern ParIs I think I could show
au things In Iniquity In the cities of
San Francisco New York and Chicago
that they never even dreamed at In
Aden times
I want to make this suggestion to you
lung men what an advertisement It
Wuld be to the world It tomorrow morn
Ing the Associated Pres would announce
that 250 young men of the city ot Salt
Lake a garden spot at the world would
go as a committee to the Commercial
lab at Salt Lake and say Gentlemen
sme men have raised 100000 for a prize
fight Ye want you to raise 100000 for an
aviation week which would be truly a
scientific week and we want one slm
lar to that contemplated In New York
and Chicago Or we suggest that you give
looo to erect an observatory on Ensign
peak that could be an adjunct of the
university and Would rival even the lIt
f1n town ot Flagstaff Ariz That would
11 a true advertisement for your city
Mr Warners lecture was preceded by
the usual Sunday afternoon program
onslstlng ot musical selections and serlp
ttal lesson
Worthy of
An Offer Backed by One of
Our Most Reputable
Wo pay for all the medicine used dur
Ing the trial If our remedy fails to com
pletely relieve you ot constipation We
take all the risk Yu are not obligated
to us In any way whatever If you accept
our offer Thats a mighty broad state
ment but we mean every word at It
Could anything be more fall for you
A most scientific commonsense treat
ment Is Rexall Orderlies which are eat
en like candy Their active principIa Is
a recent scientific discovery that Is odor
less colorless and tasteless very pro
nounced gentle and pleasant In action
an able in every way
and partlcularl 3 agreeable In every way
This Ingredient does not cause diarrhoea
nausea flatulence griping or any mcon
whatever Rexal1 Orderlies are
enlence children
particularly hood for children aged and
delicate persons
It you Butrer from chronic or habitual
constipation or the assocIate or dep nd
ent chronic ailments we urge you to try
Rexall Orderlies at our risk Remember
can get them In Salt Lake City only
you stores 12 tablets 10 cents 36 tablets
at our
lets 1S cents The Rexall StoresSmith
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Fine Ending the Most Severe I
Bladder Truble 0
The most effective and harmless way
to cure backache and regulate outol
order kidneys 01 end bladder trouble
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You wlll distinctly feel that your
kidneys and urlnar organs are being
cleaned healed and vitalized and aU
the miserable symptoms such as back
ache headache nervousness rheuma
tism and darting pains inflamed or
swollen eyelids irritability sleepless
ness or suppressed painful or frequent
urination especially at night and
other dIstress leaving after taking the
first few doses
The moment you suspect any kidney
or urinary disorder or rheumatism
begin taking this harmless preparation
as dIrected with the knowledge that
Man Refuses to Die
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Both phones Elizabeth Child Mgr
Construction Is Advocated as Part of
Proposed System to De
The construction of a tourfoot con
crete storm sewer on Eleventh avenue
starting at 111 street and running west to
City creek Is beIng advocated by mem
bers of the city administration as one of
the most Importapt parts at the proposed
storm sewer system to be Installed by
the city during the next few years
Owing to the cost ot the concrete some
have taken a stand for a woodenstave
pipe but the city hal had a rather costly
experience with the outlet sewer under
the Campbell contract and It Is likely
there will be very little wooden stave pipe
In the future for any purpose
With a storm sewer on Eleventh avenue
much of the water from the hills will
be caught before It has an opportunIty
to do damage In the residence section to
the south The plan for the storm sewer
system at present proposes to establish
the first sewer to the north at Sixth ave
nut another on South Temple and another
on Third South
With all the water coming down from
the hill as far as Sixth avenue It Is be
lieved much damage to property will be
sustained especially during heavy storms
and gravel will be pUed high on the
streets before It reaches the first sewer
at Sixth avenue
The scheme Is to have the Eleventh ave
nue sewer take all the hill water and
carry It west along the boulevard to B
street then northwest Into City creek
and on down the City creek bed Into the
conduit coon to be constructed and on to
the Jordan
With the storm sewer as now proposed
Salt Lake City will spend about halt a
million dollar
there is no otler medicine at any
price made anywhere else in the
world whIch wm effect so thorough
and prompt a cure as a 50cent treat
ment of Papes Diuretic which any
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cinnati is a large and responsible med
Icine concern thoroughly worthy of
your confidence
Dont be miserable or worried an
c her moment with a lame back or
clogged inactive kidneys or bladder
mllery All this goes after you start
taking Pape Diuretic And In a few
days you feel l and know that your kid
neys laver and urinary system are
hEa1th clean and normal and all
danger passed
Accept only Papas Cturetk 50
cent treatmentfrom any > drug storc
avyw1 ere In the world
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Out of a Hundred
will ever change back to ordi
nary vanilla when be hu
once used
Thercs as much difference
in the strength and flavor of
BurneUs Vanilla and thc
cheap common kinds as there
is between pure rich ice cream
and the tine weak cornstarch
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Burnetts Vanilla
You qvil have better
desserts if you do
Pains In the Back Chest or Limbs
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Of course its
better coal
If it were not
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y ii + i o OBri en CdnTh r t
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Pui u 9
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Santa Claus J 2 St
doesnt love good
bad little little
boys 0 boys
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ULAR PRICES Thee arc the weaves that fashion has favored this season in plain and
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diagonals hantungs satin Duchesses messahne taffeta and other weaves etc
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tltul dye 175 quallty 125
will make Up as nicely I for dresses as for lining 36lnch Lining Satin warranted to wear two seasons Colors
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sss I
Unitarian Pastor Preaches on
the Significance of John
Taking as his text a quotation from
Lowell Truth forever on the scaffold
Wrong forever on the throne the Rev
William Thurston Brown spoke In the
Unitarian church Sunday morning on
The Moral Significance ot John Brown
He said In part
The fact at all others best worth
knowing Is that the same drama that was
on the stage fifty years ago In which
John Brown had the Immortal honor to
play a heros part Is still on the stage
Not for a moment has that act ceased
It was not John Brown that was on trial
In Virginia fifty years agoIt was what
he stood for that was on trial It was
truth love honor justice religion that
was on trial The Issue was between law
on the one side and love on the other
the nation on one side and justice to a
raco at men on the other custom on one
side and conscience on the other That
Is the perpetual drama at history the
only one It Is best Worth our while to
see It Is the one drama we shall see In
this world at ours If we have anything
or the spirit ot that old hero One kind I
ot slavery Is not better than another
This nation can no more escape moral
degradation while It maintains wage
slavery than It could Yhlle It maintained
chattel slavery It chattel slavery
though defended as the great
basis at our commercial system and as
ordained by God himself undermined the
foundations at justice dulled the moral
sense produced a state at things in
which It was possible for men and women
to call evil good and good evil sapPed
the moral vltalll and perverted the
moral judgment ot the nation and at
most men and women In It so must the
maintenance ot any sort ot human slavery
ery though It be the basis at our com
mercial system today be exactly as fatal
Many Are Heedless
And yet here you have a nation full
of men and women who have riot the
slightest care or concern whether right
or wrong prevails so long as they Indi
vidual secure a comfortable living The
same fruit must be gathered from this
form at slavery aI from the other In
deed the Industrial slavery at today Is
Incomparably more vicious and destruc
Think ot the vision ot John Brown at
Charleston fifty years ago this week
Foul mJIIIons ot blacks were In slavery In
the South The majority of the pulpits
were silent on the subject at slavery or
defending that Institution The wel1to
do would not tolerate the prophets at a
righteousness that touched the nerve ot
the pocketbook But there was one man
whose whole life and mind were absorbed
In one thought Remembering them that
are In bonds as bound with them This
man made the cause at the slave the one
burden and business ot his life For that
cause be lived and In Its behalf he died
I can think ot many men and women
who lived In this country fifty years ago
and have no feeling that life Is a divine
or sacred thing I cannot think of John
Brown without knowing I have experi
enced n theophany And It there Is ever
to dawn upon this old earth the advent
ot something worthy to be called man
or It the Bouts at men and women are
to be Inspired with the consciousness ot
a real religion It will be because the
Qualities of character and the standards
of moral measurement which appeared
In John Brown become the possession ot
beings like you and me
Herd of Cttttle Will Be gilled at the
State Prison and Sheep Will
De Inspected
Dr A C Young state veterinarian ex
pects to be kept Quite busy during the
week attending to the many duties which
have come to him In his department In
the way ot Inspection and other work
One ot the duties he will have will be to
dispose ot the herd of cattle at the state
prison which was found to be Infected
with tuberculosis when examined by one
of the government Inspectors and Dr
Young during the last week There are
twentytwo cattle to be killed nearly the
entire herd at the prison and the work
will be done early this week
Dr Young with the aid at the assist
ants whom he has been able to obtain
wlll continue his Inspections of the sheep
In the various districts as rapidly as he
has the opportunity Ike has to make a
trip to the Deep Creek country as soon
as possible to look Into some reports ot
Infection among animals which have
come from that neighborhood
Good use hal been made ot the funds
which were received by the Utah Wool
Growers association from sheep men ot
the state for the purpose ot fighting the
Up and leg disease among the sheep and
C B Stewart secretary at the associa
tion says conditions are reported to be
Improved The same kind ot reports have
come to Dr Young on the conditions
through the state

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