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THE METALS OHANOES to find private Weather
14 Silver 51c pupils are offered to j
k those who can teach Today
Copper cathodes 13140
Pages through the use of the
f Lead 9 440 per 100 lbs want ads FairS
ferIuntaln Republican SALT LAKE CITY UTAU TUESDAY NOV 30 1909 ni 5 Cents The Salt Lake Herald
VoL Ie 103 Vol lIB No J
Suicide of the Murderer Be
fore He Could Be Captured
by a Large Posse Which
Had Surrounded the House
Albert Marclay a Farmer
Strikes His Mother Over the
Head With Iron Bar and It
Is Feared Woman Will Die
Gr nsvllle 0 Nov 29Cter murder
Ing his mother and a deputy sheri who
lad attempted to arrest him and probably
fatally Injuring another woman and her
husband Clolde Weaver 3t years old
cnmmitted suicide this afternoon
Weaver was ieclared by physicians to
b afflicted with exaggerated eg and
as under suspended sentence from the
probate court At 30 this afternoon I
sheriff John D Haber and Deputy Sherif
William II Farra went to Weavers house
t arrest him The appearance of the of
fkprs seemed to drive the man violently
Insane He opened fire upon them from
IJt1 upper window and Farra fell
A moment later Weavers mother ran
from the house crying Im snot and
fn dead at the feet of the sheriff
Finished the Officer
While Haber was trying to revive the
woman Weaver walked from the house
1rrying a revolver He went to the
wood shed where Farra had crawled and
tired twice at the wounded officer kill
InS him He then jumped into the buy
In which the officers had come to the
house and drove to the home of Levi
I1nnlch a neighbor from whom he de
manded protection When I1nnlch hesi
tated to allow him to enter the house
Weaer drew his revolver and shot I1n
nlch trougb the back Weaver then
turned on Mrs Minnich and shot her
twice S
A large pOSSe Qulckly aur bund I the
lose and two deput sheriffs broke
rough the door They dlscoeed the
body 01 Weaver underabed lIe had
itd his last bulltt to blowout his
own brains
lhe oondltlon of Mr and Mr I1nnlch
Is critical
Farmer Attacks His Mother
Aurora IlL Nov 9Albert Iarclar
a farmer was arrested today charged
with a murderous assault upon his
rnther Mrs Elizabeth Marcla Sun
day night at lIs home a few miles west
of town
Marc1ay Is I declared to have struck
Ilhlll1other on the head with an Iron bar
alter he had returned home late and
found her sitting up awaiting his ar
11 11 He tIed to this city where he was
rreted at a thfatre
When flumere heard that Marclay I
I ad been arrested at Aurora threats of
l1C1Jlng were made
Enmity it ls said arose between AI
1 crt Malclay and his mother over the
dipoition of property The widow
was sole bcnnficiar of a 12000 estate
It 19 felred the woman will die
e I
Both the United States and Chile i
Make Formal Request I
London Nov 9A request that
King Edward mediate The Alsop claim
dispute between the United States and
hilt was made by the United States
through the foreign office today
His majesty had been communicated
I ith informally on the subject before
but at that time gave a noncommittal
Later in the day a similar request Wa1
received from the Chilean government
In forwarding these requests to King
Edward It Is understood the foreign
office advised hid majesty that In view
of the fact that both parties d sired
him to act as arbitrator there was no
reason why he should not accept the
I Patricks Peculiar Plea 1 I
Convicted Murderer Says He Has
Undergone the Death
Penalty 1
New York Nov 29Albcrt T Pat
rIck whose sentence at death for the I
murder of Villiam Marsh Rice wa
commuted to life Imprisonment at Sing
Sing appeared today before the appel
late division of the supreme court Ir
Brooklyn to argue that wltliln the law
he had already suffered death and thus
had paid his debt to the state In tul
and should be set free
PJtrlck contends that the solitary
confinement preceding electrocution had
been held by the United States supreme
court to be part of the penalty decreea
in the death sentence He served that
time In full and now makes the point i
that when the court of appeals lcuf
firmed the decision of the court of con
viction and set a new date for execu
tion it transgres his constltutiona
right in ordering him to serve anothe
period of solitary confinement thereb
duplicating a punishment he had al
ready suffered The failure of the war
den to electrocute in compliance with I
the first order of the court argues Pat
rick constitutes an act of nonfeasance
PatrIck was not ready to proceed with
his argument today and at his request
the matter was adjourned to Thursday
of this week
> 1
i i i
Father J P Carrigan Excommuni
cated but His Sister Has Mort
gage on St latricks
Denver Nov IFor the first time since
the Inception of the trouble between
Dfshop N C Iatz and Father J P Car
I1gan of St Patricks church which re
suited In the rending of a formal letter
of excommupnlcatiol1 of Father Carrigan
In the churches of the diocese yesterday
Bishop Matz today made a public state
Th e letter from me read in the
churches pf Denver yla4oes nOf
SUm the sftufrb Father Chrrigan In any
vfty said BIshot3latz but It publicly
informs the communicants of the Catho
lie churches that he is outside the pulp
They have been able to make the ex
cuse that they had not been notified and
that all they knew they gleaned from the
newspapers But now they know it from
me and It Is a matter for their own con
In view or he difficulties betweel
BIShop Matz and FatherCarrigan whlcn
now appear to be approaching a climax
significance attache to the mortgage
which has been given Irs Ellen ONeU
on St Patrick church property Mrs
ONeil Is the sister of Father Carrigan
and from her he borrowed 2t600 at 6 per
cent Interest to pay cff the Indebtedness
on the new church building The trans
action ties up the property even If Bishop
Mat secures judgment at Rome against
the priest
House of Squirer Has Right to Butt
Into Street of Idaho Town
Washington Nov 29The supreme
court of the United States today upheld
the finding of the supreme court of
Idaho In a case Involving the Question
ft8 to whether a city has the right to
layout streets so as to encroach upon
private property
The action was sought to compel
Louis E Squier to remove buildings
which encroached four feet on a street
In the tdwn of Lewiston It was shown
that the property had been occupied by
Squier before the town was laid out
and the Idaho supreme court held that
under those conditions the streets
could not be so run by the surveyor as
to deprive the occupants of vested
New York Nov 29lrs Russell Colt
known to the theatre going pUblic as
Ethel Barr mre became the mother of a
son today at the home of August Bel
mont where the olts are staying
Rejection a Foregone Conclusion in I
Spite of Solemn Warnings
Uttered in Debate
London Nov 29Lord Morleys powerful speech was the absorbing
event of the budget debate today in the house of lords The secretary of
state for India dilated on the importance of the struggle as viewed at
home and abroad and he called attention to tIle fact that foreign nations I
were watching anxiously the outcome of the conflict to see whether there
would be any change in Englands fiscal policy
He Quoted Burke to the effect that the
house ot lords had no right In any sense
to the disposition of the pUblic purse
and contended that If there were one
thing that could not wisely bA
submitted to a referendum It wus the
budget with all Its complexltlef In ad
diLlon a referendum would weaken what
was most Important to maintaina sense
Of responsibility In the house of com
As to the lords contention that their
Uon would arrest the wave of socialism
he refused to believe that British artisans
were predator or socialistic but even
granting that the misery existing In some
dasses baa produced a movement akin
to socialism It vas hardly wIse of the
lords to tako up a position exposing them
to the charge of straining the copstltu
tlon as champions of the rich against
the poor
The more triumphant the majority for I
Lord Lansdownes amendrrcnt aid Lord
lIorley thc larger the disparity between J
the numbers of the government and the
numbers of the opposition the more fla
grant will be the political scandal
Lon Iorey concluded his speech with
an Impressive warning that when to
morrow the curtain fell on an empty
house they would know that the note
had been sounded for an angry and per
haps a prolonge1 battle Then the sec
retary resumed his seat the small mi
nority of Liberal peers broke into en
thusiastic cheers
Lord Rothschild Liberal Pnlonlst spoke
brlefl dwelling on the difficulty of rais
Ing capital even for the best English en
terprises while Russia and Japan found
it comparatively easy to borrow money
Lord James of Hereford quoted Pitt
Palmel3ton and Lord John Russell
ngnlrst the lords claim of power to re
jet the hudet Lord Sway thing de
fended thp budget He contended that
British credit was still the best In the
world pointing out that Japan was able
to borrow because It offered large inter
I eat S
Five Men From the Gunboat Marietta
Adrift in a Gig Off Costa Rica
Picked Up
Washington Nov 2JFhe of the mem
bers of the deck crew of the gunboat
Marietta who were adrIft in a gig off
Port Limon Costa Rica were picked up
by rescue party ot the Des Moines to
day according to n dispatch received at
the navy department The men had made
their way to the short at Coleta Point
about twenty miles from Port Limon The
gig was not recovered
lhe flvia lJeJuuldft pn theQalwoatol
t1t fditta have not been heard of but
It 15 thought their rescue will be reported
soon as searching parties have been sent
out for them
The men In the boats were missed Fri
day but as provisions are kept In the
boats It Is believed they have suffered
little from hunger or thirst
Supreme Court Says Second Copy
right Cannot Be Obtained
Washington Nov 291n an opinion
by Justice Day the supreme court of the
United States today affirmed the de
cision of the United States circuit court
of appeals for the seventh circuit In the
case of Isaac H CaUga vs the Chicago
InterOcean In which CaUga brought
suit to recover damages because ot the
papers alleged vIolation ot the copy
rIght of a painting by CaUga known as
the Guardian Angel
The copyright under which the suit
was brought was obtained In November
1901 and it being shown that a previous
copyright had been granted In October
of the same year the court of appeals
declared the second copyright to be In
valid and decided In favor of the news
Justice Day said a second copyright
could not be permitted under the law
any more than a second patent could be
Charge of Insubordination I Stands
Against Government Employe
Washington Nov 29The civil servIce
commission has summoned Public Printer
Donnell to appear before Iton Dec 15
to show cause why he placed a charge
of Insubordination against John W
Hodgers an employe of the government
prInting office who although told by his
foreman that he could not e spared
took leave with pay which was due him
he alleges and absented himself from his
work for three days In November last
to go home and vote
On his return to work he was notified
he was discharged and that a charge of
Insubordination md Men filed against
him with the civil service commission as
reason for such discharge
Later on an appeal to Representative
Bingham of whom he was a constituent
Mr Rodgers was reinstated but the
charge or Insubordination was not wnh
Mr Bingham maintained ia Is said that
Rodgers had a legal right to absent him
Coolie Crews on Steamships of Harri
man System and Thoseof Hill
New York Nov 29Coolie crews on Pa
cific Mall steamships controlled by the
Harriman system and on steamships run
ning from Puget Sound to China con
trolled by James J Hill will be de
nounced at the fourteenth annual f con
vention or the International Seamans
Union of America which opened In New
York today
Andrew FUTUseth of San FrancIsco the
president said the union was making a
great effort to foster legislation that
would prevent the hiring of cheap and
Inexperienced labor particularly coolie
lab r In the American merchant marine
Under existing conditions he said
American sailors on the Pacific coast
have to compete with the cheapest and
lowest type of sailors Chinese and coolie
laborers who receive from 5 to g a
month In wages This Is a peril to every
one who travels the ocean and lakes
lone 4
Washington Nov 9Presldent Taft
has begun dictating his annual message
to congress He expects to complete
the work and have it In the hands of the
public printer by the middle of the
I week
9 I
Parsons Ran Nov 2JA fireman was
killed and several passengers were In
jured In a collision at Olive near here
today between n northbound Missouri
Kansas Texas passenger train and an
engine sent out to flag the passenger
Show Your Christma8 Spirit
All of us have the opportunity right now
to show our Christmas spirit
There is no class of people in all Salt
Lale in which the Ohristn1as spirit pre
dominates to a greater degree than among
the salesmen and saleswomen of our retail
stores S
Theyre anxious to help you anxious to i
show you their stocks Theyre patient and i
painst king by naturethats why they I
have their positionsa little later theyll I
be nervous and harried by hurried shoppers
Yon can help thelnyou can show your
Christmas spiritby shopping nOT I
Investors Urged
To Go Southward
Samuel Newhouse Declares
That Commercial District of
Salt Lake Is Bound to Ex
tend in a Southern Direction
If I had any Idle money no one could
be so fleet as to beat me to South Main
street with It and I would buy comers
at FIfth and Sixth South and property
in State street too
Samuel Newhouse said this and some
other things yesterday In reviewing the
real estate srtuation all affected by the
recent Auerbach purchases and the sum
of his obseITation seems tc have
switched the dlrtctlon once pointed to
by Hor Gra1c when he advised jJUn
men to go wet Mr Newhouse not Only
Invites but urge investors to go south
so long as they dont go beyond the city
Salt Lake will soon be able to support
three streets as prominent as Main street
and I do not hesitate to say that five
years from today State street Main street
and Vest Temple street south of Third
South will be Important business thor
oughfares lark this Five years from
today Main and FIfth or Main and Sixth
South street corners will be just as Im
portant as Main and Second South street
Is today
Three years ago Mr Newhouse offered
the Walker estate 5000 a front foot for
the site of the Walker bank He was
turned down lIe went across the street
and offered M H Walker 000 a front
foot for the Smith Drug site Again ho
was refused He offered the Salisbury
Interests 6000 a front foot for the Ken
yon hotel corner anal was thrice refused
Absolutely no price would be seton any
of this property
Consequently Mr Xewhouse had to go
south In Main street to get a corner
and to get this corner he had to make a
new street He built two monuments and
surrounded them with other propositions
A Salt Lake banker who was a dear
friend of Mr Newhouse Implored him not
to go ahead on so gigantic a scale A
national magazine dubbed his new build
Ings Newhouse follies He was said
to be Irrational and shrewd Investors
In local read estate shook their heads
over what they termed the mad career
of Sam Newhouse
Three Years Later
Three years to the day after New
house made his big plunge there came
another and similar swoop to the south
and the first justification was at hazyI
Wealthy men who have lived all theIr
lives or most of them In Salt Lake have
gotten over the Idea that the business of
Salt Lake must be centered around Main
and First and Second South streets thinks
Mr Ncwhouse
If It were not for my knowledge of
Utahs natural resources and particularly
of the copper reserves over In those
hills continued llr Newhouse with a
sweep of the hand across the vista be
tween his eleventhstory wIndow and the
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Administration Decides Upon Re
vision of the Interstate
Commerce Law
Washington Nov 29Followlng a
lengthy conference at the White House
today It was announced tonight that
the administration will exert all its In
fluence toward securing a comprehen
sive revisIon of the Interstate com
merce law by the Incoming congress A
rough draft of the proposed amend
ments to the law was submitted by At
torney General Ylckersham
The president had as his advisers the
attornEY general Commissioner Lane of
the interstate commerce commission
and Senators Elkins and Cummine
Frank B Kellogg special trust bust
er of the department of justice and
Secretaries Wilson and Dickinson also
gave their views
While the president has not yet made
his selection of the men In congress who
wIll be entrusted with the task of put
ting the legislation through there are
said to be a large number of candidates
anxious for the honor of appearIng as
champions of the White House
Senator Elkins renewed his sugges
tIons that the best way to encourage
AmerIcan shipping would be to enact a
law l giving a reduction of 5 per cent In
cistoms dutIes on all Imported goods
brought Into the United States In
AmerIcan bottoms
This would not only build up Amen
can shipping but would be a reduction
downward in duties said Senator
Conspiracy to Aid Alien Contract La
borers to Come Here Punish
able Under the Law
Washington Nov BThat the govern
ment of the United States through crim
Inal proceeding should punish persons who
conspire to aid alien contract laborers to
come Into the United States contrary to
the immigratIOn law was held by the Su
preme count ot the United States today
In the prosecution of Tilden B Steven
son and Amede Dellalre
The men were Indicted In the United
Stats district court In that city on the
charge of aiding In thc Immigration of
aliens who were under contract to labor
In this country
At the trial of the men the court found
that while the law made a misdemeanor
of the offense it did not provide for any
punishment of It except by recovery for
damages through a civil suit Holding
that a civil action would be exclusive or
any other proceedings the court dismissed
the case
The government appealed to thj Su
preme court with the result that it sue
cooded In obtaining a reversal of the de
cision of the lower courts
Mrs Howard Chandler Christy Ready
to Jump Into Arms of Her
New York Nov 29U Howard wants
to make up all he has to do Is to take me
In his arms and I will forgive everything
and forget all our troubles said Mrs
Howard Chandler Christy wife of the ar
tist as she discussed the Christy family
differences today
She expressed this willingness when In
formed that Mr Christy had said In
Zanesville 0 where he Is contesting thc
habeas corpus proceedings brought by his
wife to recover their tenyearold daugh
ter Natalie that she must take the first
steps toward a reconciliation
Mrs Christy added that she was will
Ing to do almost anything to effect n rec
onciliation except go to Zanesville to
live I did not want any court proceedings
Irs Christy continued and the only rea
son I brought them was to get Natalie
I want our little girl but I want Howard
more We can all be happy together
again here In the east
If Howard will only see things In this
light we can have a happy Christmas to
Frank Duval of Port Costa Ca
Shoots Waitress and Then
Commits Suicide
Port Costa Cal Nov 29Frank Dual
a railroad switchman early today shot
Leona Edmuns a waitress In a local
hotel and turning the pistol upon him
self an hour later committed suicide by
shooting himself through the heart Al
though sUffering from two bullet wounds
and a possible fracture of the skull It Is
expected that the woman will recover
When A V Jones was attracted by the
screams of the woman and the sounds of
the shots he found Duval beating his
victim over the head with the revolver
As Jones dragged the wounded woman
from the room Duval attempted to fire
again but the hammlJr of the revolver
snapped on empty shells
Jones returned In time to see Duval fire
two shots Into his own body
The dead man left a sealed letter addressed
dressed to his brother In Sacramento
where Duval lived until four months ago
Jealousy Is said to have been the cause I
of the suicide and attempted murder I
1 I
Washington Nov 29The petition for
a writ of certiorari the contempt pro
ceedIngs against Samuel GomjJers John
Mitchell and Frank Morrison officers of
the American Federation of Labor In
connection with the Buck Stove
Range company litigation whiti It
granted would have the effect of
brInging up the whole case was today
presented to the federal supreme court
by Alton B Parker of New York The
court took the subject under advise
Ludlow lass Nov 29Raln today
adds to the miserY of the 300 persons
evicted Saturday rom tenements own
ed by the Ludlow manufacturing asso
ciation because of a strike In the mills
The household effects of the evIcted
persons were pliGt In a heap In the
The work of eviction was suspended
today but it was announced that on
Wednesday the occupants ot the other
houses owned by the company would
be ordered to leave
1 f A
f S S
j S
< tki
George L Von Meyer Secretary of the Navy who will Revolutionize hIs
Department to Be Put on a Busi
ness Basis Under the New
Wuhlngton Nov rlHeeding t J
cry for reform In naval ateaira e
tary MeyerOD edqefdaY win inaugn
ate the most sweeping changes In U
navy department since the estahli 1
Went Df the bureau system In 1l
Hinuelf a former director of ba I h
and manufacturing companies he hor i
to put the department on a bUlf 3
basis beyond the dream of hIs pnoj
Clftors The keynote of his reform Ji
the ordlnaUon of the bureau chief
Summarized essential changes In t1 I
Meyer plan are
The bel6ctlon of tour reeponsible
vJilfr on subjects within the tU11
groupS Into which duties ot the < 1
iartment fall to be known u the uteo
for material the aide for perBOnnel tl
aIde for operations of the Heat and tl e
aide for Inspections
Grouping of Bureaus
The grouping of the bureaus Into
I two divisions of material and pergOT
nel according to the nature of thlr
The establishment of a division o It
operation for the fleet
The establishment of a comprehelJS
lve Inspection system
The establishment ofa modern efll
clent COst keeplngsYlltem in the naiy
department and at navy yards
The separatlqn I ot lJayy yard work
Into two dlvllon of hulls and machin
ery The aboUldon of the burfau of con
The abolItion of the bureau of equip
ment S
Henceforth officers who fight tl 6
ships are to have more Influence in tl
navy department
Chosen tn Ifrpm among tjiem are
to be the official eyes and ears of t
seclethry laden with full respottslhllll
for their reports but not his hands
Secretary Will Be Chief
The secretary will retain his admin
Istrative and executive power for Ills
own exercle and that or the assistant
secretary of the neYy All reforms go
Into effect December 1 except the abo
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Many Bridges Carried Away and
Miles of Railroad Track
Under Water
Belhrfghm ov rwo steeT
railway and three wagon bridgeS ACr088
the looksack river hue been carried
away within the last twentYfo hours
entailing lOOOO 105s The Dellingham ay
British Columbia brIdge at Ever ole hi
said to bo undermined and swaying
When it goes out it will carry a wagon
bridge 250 feet down the river with it
A jam Is forming against tile Great
Northern railway bridge at Fernadaie
During the last 4S hours the rainfall has
been 281 Inches
Railway traffic Is almolt completely
blocked by slIdes and washouts Belling
ham has had but one train today that
from the south at noon The Northern
Pacific and Bellingham Bay British
Columbia roads are completely tied up
More than five miles of the Northern Pa
cific track Ie under water The Skagit
branch of the Great Northern Is ou of
commission I
WInkler Hamilton and Lman are un
der water Two miles ot track are gone I
The Puget Sound Baker River Railway
tracks are washed out
There Is no hope that the Skagit rher
dykes will hold If they break the Great
Northern main line will be covered and
the whole Skagit delta will be under
Chicago Nov 29Beslde the body of
her father James Howard formerly
secretary of the Washington Park club
and one ot the best known horsemen of
the country Miss Juanita C Howard
was married today to IrvIng Herriott
The last wish of AIr Howard who
Was fatally Injured by an automobile
last week was that his daughter 1hoJIld
be married in his presence DeCorethe
license could be obtained the man who
was known as the father of the Amer
ican derby died The funeral service
was set for this afternoon and before I
the last rites Miss Howard and Mr
HerrIott stood beside the open casket
and were married
Majority of 20000 Against Amend
mentMany Fights and
S Much Excitement
Birmingham Ala Nov 29All indications point to a majority of
between 18000 and 20000 in Alabama against the prohibition constitu
tional amendment today
Chairman J Lee Long who has been in charge of the fight against
the amendment claims that the majority against the amendment will be
fully 2ODqO Early returns indicated a landslide
Jefferson county In which is Birming
ham the largest cIty In the state in spite
of the fact that the tight has been con
centrated here gave a majority of more
than one thousand against the amend
ment Mobile Montgomery and CuUman
counties show the largest majorities 011
the victorious side and apparently the
amendment carrIed In only three counties
Talladega Macon and Sumter with Lee
In doubt
Todays election cannot be regarded as
a straight antiprohibition victory be
cause of personal politics Injected Into
the Issue Its association with the ad
minIstration of Governor Comer and his
reported ability to name a successor to
the governorship In Judge S N Kley
author ot the prohibition bills have fig
ured prominently In the result
A significant feature of the result Is
the fact that sentiment against the
amendment Is so widespread Rural pre
cincts small towns and ciUes fo the
most part returned substantial major
ities on the winning side
A filet of eapealal IntereH p toda s
election was that It was the first time 111
the history of the state that an exressinn
of the whole electorate had been obtain d
on prohibition
The statewide prohibition bill a 15
passed by a legislature elected on a 10 1
option platform
In Birmingham the election Was the
most exciting ever witnessed here HIlI
deds of people crowded around en1
poIUng place women and children sang
and brass bands stationed by the anti
mendment forces played patriotic air
Eaclf polling place was nllvened Iv
fllt fights there being toJ many that It
was ImpoSllblp toJ kp uvi 1 k of them
Feeling is so Jlgh t1 i pw aori
were suff t t t I j n 1 tow Pra
tical pry Lthcr I 5 q hallcngt
and rfcJlrl t U ar a1 t that ho
W3 a al rd r t a o Ilaypd tho >
sJng of Lads bt th ttll vote was

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