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Little MargerieWeiler 19
Months Old Wins Prize
at Baby Show
The old nursery rhyme which tells
us and which we used to believe that
Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet was
relegated to the rear yesterday at the I
food and Industrial exposition when
daInty little MIss Margerle Weiler of
but 19 months of age reIgned queen In
true regal style she reigned during the
afternoon and evenIng and had for her
loyal subjects and received the proper
obeisance from the population of the
big auditorium
It was a great day at the food show
yesterday and the greatest event vas
the baby parade and show There were
babies and bableeand then some more
until the committee hardly realized the
task that was gladly accepted until It
sIghted the long rows of babIes each
pre ttier th811 the other and each the
prettiest Then the members found
themselves bewildered And lor once
too dId the infallIble Manager A A
Tremp run away He could gIve no help
to the committee even though an ad
mirer ot the little tots Mr Tromp
tried valiantly on behalf of the babies
He found them tempting fruits milk
even jiggled a few of them but when
he saw them all lined for thEJ decIsion
he flunked He lacked the nerve to say
just which one was the prettiest or best
There were close to 500 babies appear
ing for the fiIit prize and so close was
the race that the judges had to take
two chances They first by the process
of elimination brought the number
down to about thirty and then went
over the ask of jUdging again The
final result vas that little Margerie the
19monthsold daughter at Mr and Mrs
Roy Weiler of U East Twelfth South
street was declared to be the prettiest
9nd most winsome baby of the fair
She carried the handsome silver kv
fog cup in her arms as she was led to
a robed seat especially prepared fbr her
1n the central booth of the Kellogg com
p3l1y AT Lerch manager for the
Kellogg company had made special ar
nmgements for the reception and care
ot the little queen ot the fair and him
self had a specIal present for her She
occupied her throne durIng the evening
too and was the admired ot all
Eleven Other Winners
There were eleven others however
who shared cibse honors with little Mar
gene and were returned by the judges
1n the followlbg order
Alice daugbter of Mr and Mrs John
J Vernou 405 last Second South street
Alke aged 22 months daughter of SIr
and Mrs John DaYin 9S West Third
South street
Gladys aged 16 months daghtnr of
Mr and rrrs th A Hansen 61 East
First North street
Edna aged 2 years daughter of r
and Mrs John W Tackman 1329 South
Tenth East street
Thelma Marie aged 5 months daugh
ter of Mr and Mrs Dick Stump 164
East Second South street
Glen aged 17 mchs son of rIr and
Mrs Chris Anderson 631 North Second
Vest street
Bertha lged 24 months daughter ot
Mr and Yrs Edward McMznn
lIanrlne daughter of Mr and Mrs
Otto L Saal
Harold T aged 14 months son of P
E oulson 239 South State street Mur
ray Catherine aged 16 month daughter of
Mr and Mrs John Code th North Sec
ond West street
June goo 11 months daughter of Mr
and Mrs John Beck 312 South Twelfth
East street
The first five prize tuners were award
ed sliver cups donated by tM Retail Mer
chants associatIon and the Parks jew
elry store The others reeeived prizes
contributed by the exhibitors consisting
of candles soaps malted milk cakes etc
The committee upon which devolved The
task of deciding the best babies was com
posed of Mrs Edward E Kanfmann Mrs
B Baxter Mrs R Selpheird Miss M
Holt William PrIce and Walter O h
Un So successful was the eo1mt with its
congregation of the little babies each
dressed in its best and neatclSt that Man
ager Tremp was impelled to announce
hat another baby show would be held on
Friday Equally valuable presents will
be distributed and it was announced too
that the prize winners or yesterday would
not be eligible in the Friday contest
MeatCuttlng Contest
Vielng with the afternoon was the at
traction of the eenlngthe gold medal
meatcuttlng contest It proved all that
the visitors anticipated but held a little
more than war ever known At the last
mment one of the contestants suffered
horn a chill In the spine ani feet and for
a few minutes it looked as tt there would
be only one man contsting against him
self Joe Woo however without any
preparation even having to send out tb
borrow his tools showed gameness
and went into the contest and won by the
narrow margin at 2 points aver Clarence
The contestants were each provided with
the half of a beef and were to cut it into
threepound pieces trimming the bones
rolllng the roasts and rapping each
piece Peterson beat Wooc1 on time of
cuttIpg nd neatness at wrapping tied
him In trimming the meat 1it dropped
far behind in accuracy of weJg1Jt and lost
a poInt In the trimming of the bones
After the contest the parcels of meat were
distributed among the fair attendants the
lucky ones seucring the awards through
their numbered coupons
Before the contest Mr Stillwell chal
lenged the winner to compete In a simi
lar contest with a side wager of 50 as
the Incentive The 1dges at the meat
cutting contest were John H White L
S Dickinson and William Woods
The feature for this afternoon at the
exposition will be a breadcutting contest
in which housewives will be the contest
ants They will be provided with a loaf
of bread and the one who cuts the thIn
nest and neatest slice of bread will be
rewarded with a S5 gold piece The next
fire in the opinion ot the Judges will
each receive a silver dollar The con
testants will bo required to have theIr own
cutting knife
The evening will be known as Fraternal
Lodge night and a special prize will be
given to the best uniformed lodge man
From Kansas to Texas Come Stories
Widespread Extent of
Woodward Okla Nov 29Commun
lcatlon with Guymon Beaver and other
towns of the Panhandle ot Oklahoma
has been cut on and the extent of to
days storm cannot be learned Dis
patches from Amarillo state that six
inches of snow fell over the anhandle
of Texas today and that a bUzzard is
raging that will cause great loss of
livestock if It continues
A Rock Island train Is reported snow
bound In northwestern Oklahoma Rain
has been falling throughout that sec
I I tfon for twelve hours The tempera
turo Is rapIdly falling in Woodward to
Topeka Nov 29From a thousand
to 1500 telegraph poles and several
miles of telegraph wire are down on the
Western Kansas dIvisions at the Chi
cago Rock Island PacIfic and At
chison Topeka Santa Fe railroads as
the result of a storm which began Sat
urday lasted over Sunday and is now
I Rain sleet and snow feli Snow aL
sleet fell In the western part of the
I state but rain Was general over the
state Lack of detaIled reports pre
vent an estimate of the damage at this
time All traIns from the west are de
El Paso Texas Nov 29Tralns on
the Chicago Rock Island Pacific
railroad bound for El Paso are report
ed snowbound In Oklahoma Heavy
snow also has fallen at Dawson and
Duran N M and the temperature
dropped perceptibly at El Paso with the
promIse of snow
The snowstorm which appears to
have been general over the New Mex
Ican ranges will be Worth thousands
of dollars to shecpmen and cattlemen
In the hills the snowfall was very
heavy Lawson N M reporting seven
Jupiter Pluvlus Trying to Break the
Tacoma Wash Record
Tacoma Wash Nov 29Rallroad
traffic and business in general are suf
fering from a rainstorm that before
morning it is probable will have made
the total raUfall for this month great
er than in any month in Tacoma his
The rainfall for this month to date Is
1410 inches The heaviest precipitation
was recorded in December 1897 when
1448 Inches felL
Although the main lines of the North
I ern Pacific Great Northern and Chi
I cago Milwaukee Puget Sound rail
I roads are reported in operating condi
tion traffic over practically every
branch line in the mountain and rIver
countries is paralyzed Grays Harbor
is cut off from the world by rivers and
railroad tracks are under several feet
ot water In Place
No Jury Panel Present In Texas Court
to Try Oil Magnate
Austin Texas Nov 29The case of
State of Texas against H Clay Pierce
for alleged false swearing was delayed
today when it was discovered that
through an error no jury panel waS
present In court
The jury panel had been instructed
to report next Monday and to obtain
a new panel probably will require 24
Iu the absence ot the jury venire
Judge Calhoun ordered the case con
tinued until tomorrow
Three boys George Graham James
Delaney and James Sexton were ar
rested last night charged with bur
glarIzing a room In the Elks hotel
The boys formerly worked at the hotel
and a sum of money corresponding
with the amount taken from the room
was found upon their persons
I A private safe may De rented In tne
fire and burglar proof vault at the Salt
Lake Security Trust Co 32 up Main
street 200 per year and upwards
lets Druggists refund money it it fails
to cure E W GROVES signature is on
each box 25c
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24th a youths autoploblle One vote
given with every 25cent purchase Sale
or overcoats 13 off 3500 overcoats for
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overcoats for 1665 2000 overcoats for
1330 1800 overcoats for 1200 1500
overcoats for 1000 1250 overcoats for
330 1050 overcoats for 100 Best
knit goods at lowest prices Cutler
Bros 36 MaIn St
We areall resolvid that wwill drink only
Ilunyadi Janos
Best Natural Laxative Wafer
And 80 preserve our good hezltb and clear complC3ions
L 1
S j
Direct from Piver the
Paris manufacturer Del
icate odors that are pleas
ant and refreshing
In dainty packages they
are especially attractive
and appreciated gifts
The Pure Drug
South Main
I Your Holiday Shopping
will of course include
ct visit to the EmpireS
S wearables rivals
fJJThe display of elegant
vals anything youll find in the
c stores where cash is required with
fI t J Our showing of tailored suIts tin
braces every new idea by the
4 worlds greatest tailors
fdIThe long coats the evening wraps
t f i the military capes are here in all
t t i 11 i l I the beautiful designs known to the
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Fursbeautiful furs in sets and sm
I < + 4 Q J J j jJ gle pIeces for Christmas gifts
kKc < Skirts pettIcoats waIsts sweater
i V coats and trimmed hats in fetching
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f IN of hours of studyand
t i t the prlces will appeal to
everyone who knows
I fITThen too you can easily arrange to
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anything you want then we
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The Empire Credit Co
103 East 2nd So 3 doors from the Grand
New Formula Cares Coagk Colih
Bronchitis and Hoarseness
la 1lwe Hour
Much is being done In these days
to stop the ravages at consumption btt
probably nothing has been so effect1te
IlS teaching the pUblic how to break up a
cold Qnd cur coughs bronchitis tonslI
tie eCl with simple homemixed medicine
cine A laxative cough syrup free from
whiskey Is the prime need A cough
indicates inflammation and congestion
and these In turn are due to an excess
of waste and poisons in the system A
tonic laxative cough syrup ride the 8Y3
tem ot congestion while relIeving the
painful coughing Get the following and
mix at home Onehalf ounce fluid wild
cherry bark one OUnce compound essence
cardiol ana three ounces syrup white
pine compound Shake the bottle and take
twenty drops every half hour for four
hours Then onehalf to one teapoonful
three or four times dally Give children
less according to age Cut this out and
save it for some friend
JC OuV e
S 1130 A M2 P M iJ
soUP lJ
RI Philadelphia Clam Chowder t
i Balled Halibut Egg Sauce
Weiner Roast Braten With l1
Noodles I
S Minced Chicken Green Peppers J
Ii Corned Beet Hash Poached Egg
New Potatoes In Cream
Ill Buttered Beets
Ii 1s Cold Slaw
oJ Home Made Peach PIe
Tea Coffee Milk Beer
Venezia Orchestra From New
York Louis de Sanns Direotor
Boys Shoes
Cut out this ad and bring to us with
100 You will save 250
1ZO South Main Streit
ROC 1 1 J
SPRING Coal j i
25 a0r
I PerTon Telephones
t7Deivered 42511
Full MelUlureSoUd Meats
Always In Dew Canstrorn the
8hell to your table Bootha Guarall
teed Oysters carry the tempting
aroma of the Ilea the flavor ot
newlycaught the purity of deep
waters They are n delicate treat
for lovers ot good things to eat
At all ttrstclrss dealers or
so Wet 111t South
Salt Lake Theatre lJ
Bargain Matinee Sedues day
3130 p m
Children 25c Adults 600
The Most Popular American Play
MFrollcklDg P1cknnInnie6
6KentuelQ Thoroughbreds
The Famous PiekanJun7 Band
Evening Prices 250 to UOO Boxes
ComIng Dec 6 After Success In
New York Chicago oDd Frlaco
George M Cohaus Musical Riot
Seat sale Friday
Sslsted by
Carl IDcln Violinist
PrJces50c to 150 Seats In silo
at theatre
Fantagoes Unequalel VauderllJe
Just Three More Dan
Consul Jr
Night 1rlces lOc 290 30c Z0e
Mat Prices lOc 200 aee
Valerlf Dergtro James F Mac
oDd Her Co Donald
Tuscany Trouba CarU Clluk
dours Paul IOe1i1t
The Six GUusuet Florence Smn
tis DertOn eft Co
The Kinodrome Orpheum Orchestra
Matinee prices15c Sc roc
Nllht nrIIPIl2Ii 6of 75c
rho Breezy Western PIIIT
In Wyoming
Prices 260 50c 75c 100
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday
all seats reserved 25c and GOo
Next Week
East Third South St
the pictures at the great heavyweight championship fight In San Fran
cisco have been secured for Salt Lake at heavy expense and are being
shown at
every afternoon and evening aU this week
The best fight pictures ever shown to the AmerIcan public Fully cx
plalned and described by a prOfessional from the ringside
Commencing at 1 oclock and runnIng continuously until 11 p m every
f < f
Continued from Page One
Ition ot the bureau ot equipment which
congress alone can do
The aIde for operations from the fleet
will be Rear AdmIral Richard Wain
wright commander of the third divis
Ion of the Atlantic fleet
I The aide for personnel wlll be Rear
Admiral W P Potter nov chief ot the
bureau ot navigation
Tile aide for material wlll be Rear
Admiral William Swift commandant ot
the Boston navy yard
The aide for inspection will be cap
tain Aaon Ward recently supervisor
at the navy harbor who wIll become
a rear admiral on January 9
Captain Regiqald at tht Nicholson
a member of trio board of inspection
and survey will be made chief ot the
bureau of navigation vice Potter
Meyer Found Confusion
When Mr Meyer assumed office he
I found some confusIon in the depart
ment and in the navy yard due to
i changes instituted by Secretary New
berry a few weeks before the close of
i his ministration Steps were taken
to ascertain how far it was ueslrable
to follow reforms outlIned by Secre
tary Newberry
The Sperry board was created to re
port how the various conflicting or
der und regulations could best be rec
onciled Then came the Lutze board
which was asked tom ke recommenda
tions concerning the consolIdation of
the bureau ot steam engineering with
other bureaus a step uLdertaken by
Secretary Newberry
Firlally Secretary Meyer apPointed
the Swift board to consider reports of
i the other board and to make recom
rnendatlons for the improvement ot
business methods of the department
With thee reports as a basis Secre
tary Meyer has evolved his plan ot re
TIle secretary found that the bu
reaus ot the department were Independ
ent of one another and that he must
decide nIl difficulties between them
The aides are to advise him on these
Explanation by the Secretary
If the secretary seeks advice from
Individual officers In whom he has con
fidence but who have no definite rela
tion to the organization of the navy de
plJrtmfl1t said Meyer today in ex
plaining his reforms he gets advice
that may be good but that Is not re
sponsible Such recourse to Individuals
moreover gives no assurance of con
UnlIlt of policy nor of responsibility
According to the Meyer plan the
board of construction becomes useless
and therefore will be abolished
This board was created principally
to upervise ship designing and to de
cide questions in dispute betweel1 the
bureaus when their dutiee overlapped
or when one wished to obtain more
space or weight for Its purposes In a
ship design
Under the new plan the operating
branch which deals directly with the
military use of the fleet will originate
military features of a new construc
tion in consultation with the general
board of which the new aide for opera
tions will be a member Other officers
also will be called in for advice and
crIticism both before and after the
sketch plans have been prepared by
th technical lurEau
Will Get the Best Advice
These officers will be selected be
cause of pronounced success in ord
nance engineering or torpedo work
The bureaus will be called upon finally
to prbpare the actual plans and will
lie sponsible for their correctness
With the growth of the business ot
the department Secretary Meyer found
that duties similar to those of the
equipment bureau were performed by
the bureau of supplies and accounts
construction and repair and by steam
engineering In this connection It is
to be noted Rear Admiral W S Cowles
brotherInlaw of Former President
Roosevelt Is now the head ot the bu
At the navy yards 11r Meyer has de
cided to divide the single manufactur
Ing department established by Mr
Newberry Into two divisions one ot
machinery and the other of hullsac
cording to the general practice in ship
building establishments in this country
and with the naval dock yards of Eng
land and Germany Commandants and
captains at the yards will be kept there
long enough to insure continuity of
pOlicy and commandants will be tho
only representatives ot the department
at the yards
Change of Newberry Plan
The Newberry plan gave the senior
naval constructor at the yards power
that Secretary Meyer lOdges WIth the
Inefficient work or performance or
irregularities under the different bu
reaus Secretary Meyer found has been
inspected usually by officers of those
bureaus reporting directly to them No
machinery has exIsted by which inde
pendent inspections ot ships shore sta
tions and technical matters could be
had That Mr Meyer will provide by
his new divisIon of inspection
Extinguishing the bureau at yards
and docks the marine corps and cer
tain other branches ot the department
not logically Included in anyone of
the four divIsions ot duties will be
placed under the assistant secretary
Continued from Page One
Oquirrhs 1 would never have undertat2n
to extend the business section when I
did And I never wavered in my faith
that the city would grow and the busi
ness section expand to the southreally
the only natural direction to which it
could expand
I am free to confess that I helped the
Auerbachs all 1 could in consummating
their deal I would have helped them just
as much if they were trying to get a ma
jority of the property in the vicinity of
First South street but my prime reason
for helping them was to justify myself l
and to build up the part of Salt Lake that
will naturally become the new business
I dont know just what their plans
are regarding the property they have
bought excepting in a general way I do
know however that they are going ahead
on a tremendous scale and It means that
the whole citynot alone the southern
part of the business sectionwill be in
estimably benefited
Only recently I was talking with avery
very wealthy man and he said that he
had a mind to go south on Main street
and build a great emporium He said he
would set the people to coming in that
direction I believe that he is even now
buying property with the consummation
ot his scheme In view
The people are beginning to come to
the southern extremity of the business
district and crowds of people will be
seen on Fourth South on Fifth South afi tl
in 1Ialn and State streets a few years
hence for there will be business houses to
call them there
Has Great Faith
I have only to point to these two build
Ings to the new stock exchange to the
new Commercial club building and to the
other buildings that have gone up in theIr
vicinity and look at the people who crowd
the streets about these buildIngs I am
just as certain of the great future of this
part or Salt Lake as I am that thIs fall
ing darkness will soon envelop the city
That Is why I advise buying property
along MaIn and State and West Temple
streets even as far south as Sixth South
I believe that it will treble In value In a
few years Some of the property bought
by the Auerbachs close to Fourth South
street will be worth three or five times
as much in a few years but I want you
to mark what I say that in five yearn
from now the corner of Main and Fifth
South and Main and Sixth South will be
just as Important to the commercial ac
tivity at the city as Main and Second
South street Is today
Jr Newhouse believes that there will
be a great many mor movements in real
estate In a short time and he looks for
an era of continued confidence in Salt
Lake real estate When asked what was
the underlying motive of the comIng vIsit
of Henry La Rosenfeld assistant to Pres
ident Paul Morton ot the Equitable Life
Assurance society he said that he would
walt tor Mr Rosenfeld to talk for him
self Mr Newhouse and the Equitable are
allled financially in some of the deals that
have been consummated and it Is be
lIeed that the coming visit ot thiS shrewd
investor will have much to do with new
capital coming to Salt Lake to aid i1 its
+ Salt Lake TheatreIn Old Ken +
+ tucky 815 p m +
+ Orpheum TheatreVaudeville 215 +
+ p m and 815 p m +
+ Colonial TheatreIn Wyoming +
I 8l5pm +
4 Bungalow TheatreConsul jr and +
I + Paptages Vaudeville 215 p m and +
+ 815 p 1n +
tt t t t t t t t It It t t t
In Old KentuckY opening at the Salt
Lake theatre last night Is just what it is
intended to be a well staged melodrama
at the old south befo de wait and no
more It is well staged at that and
when the nerolne rides Queen Bess to
vIctory and saves home and fortune for
the man she loves tho realism i8 made
perfect by a flashing finish before a
packed grandstand
Clever staging ot the horse race scene
makes the play stand ahead of all others
of its class With a Kentucky colonel
who has the race dope at his finger tips
describing the race in which Queen
Bess runs for love as well as fortune
from a tree top on the outside of the
race track fence and a prim KentuckY
dame losing herself in the excitement ot
the moment to the extent of shinning
up the tree beside hIm the audlenclilo
is given all the real thrill before the fInal
windup Before there Is opportunity to
lose the enthusiasm gathered from the
descrIption the curtain swings up on the
wire finish and six horses gallop under
the wire with black Queen Boss lead
ing to the post
The plot gives opportunity for the de
velopment of a mountain feud which Is
dropped into the heart ot the blue grass
region and ends fittingly with the death
of the villain In this comes the art
umph ot a true womans heart over the
artificial refinement of a butterfly of
fashion The rescue of Queen Bess
from a burning stable by a single moun
tain girl who jes loves bosses is an
other of the good scenes an1I the staging
makes it realistic
Added to the play which carrIes the
characteristic plot ot melodrama a trifle
better enacted than the ordinary are de
lightfully entertaining bits furnished by
genuine southern plckaninnles The pad
dock scene is enlivened by their byplaY
sketches and they furnish really good
music with a sixteenpiece brass band
Their dancing and singing lightens the
picture and furnishes a pleasing feature
well worthy Of the repeated encores It
Whll the serious drama has become a
trifle too marked to arouse too great en
thusiasm It can be well said of the en
tire piece that It carries a splendid vein
of comedydoesnt drag enough to be
wearisome at any stage and creates inter
est In spite of Its stereotyped feattres
The situations are cleverly worked up and
the climax is the usual live happily ever
At th Shubert theatre last evening
lls Flora Wilson was heard in concert
assisted by Karl Klein violinist and
Harold Osborn Smith pianist A pro
gram ot varied and difficult music was
given which showed the artists to good
advantage and brought out the admirable
technique in which they are proficient
Miss Tisons voice 15 a high soprano
ot good range but purest In its upper
notes She shows careful training Her
songs included the welknown waltz
song Romeo and Juliet of Gounod
and the Chanson dAmour with violin
obigato of Hollman In par two she
was heard In a group on English songs
those which were best liked being the
oldtme favorites Robin Adair and
Edinborough Town The great aria
Ah fors e lul from La Taviata
was the principal song of the evening
and here Miss Wilson was heard to good
advantage especially in the allegro
Sempre lbera dfgg 10 It Is said that
it is in the role ot Violeta ot this opera
that Miss Wilson will make her debut at
the Metropolitan opera house in New
York when her concert tour Is ended
Harold Osborn Smith the pianist ren
dered two difficult numbers which were
enthusiastically received The Caprice
Espag01e of Moszkowski has not been
done better in this city As accompanist
Mr Smiths work 1 rarely sympathetic
and careful and much of the evenings
pleasure vas due to the piano and occa
sional violin companlments ot the
Karl Klein violinist was heard in four
numbers that admirably exhibited the
versatile talents of the artist His play
lug ot the unusual Hungarian Rhapsody
ot Hubay was a remarkable perfor
mance and won him immediate favor but
it was the Jota Navarra that was most
enthusiastically received He responded
to the applause with n charming bit of
melodY Miss lson gave as an encore
Winds That Blow From the South
The program as given was not the one
originally announced Several English
songs replaced a group of songs from the
German and the arrangement ot the
numbErs was altered I follows
Polonaise A flat majorChopIn
Mr Smith
Ave Maria SchubertWihelml
Hungarian Rhapsody Hubay
Mr Klein
Shadow Song DinorahuMeyerbeer
Miss Wilson
Caprice Espagnole Moszkowski
Mr Smith
Villanelo Chamade
In queue trine Manon Lescaut
quele Puccini i
Walt Song Romeo and JuletGounod
Chanson Amour wit violin obligate HoUman
Miss Wison
Winds in the TresA Goring Thomas
Lullaby Llza Lhmann
The Wood PigeonLisa Lehmann
Robin Adair Old Scotch
EdlnboroughTow Old Scotch
Miss Wilson
Nocturne Ms First Time
Bruno Oar Klein
Jota Navarra Barasate
Mr Klein
Ah for e lul TravatVeri
1ng to her large acquntance in the
city Miss Wisons concert was a society
as well as musical ev nt At n box party
Samuel Newhouse entertained Mr and
Mrs Louis McCorlck Mr and Mrs Jas
per McCaskell Mr and Mrs Joseph
Campbell and Mss Georgida Moore 1lr
and Mrs Thomas Kearns entertained Mr
and Mrs Frank Knox Mr and Mrs J
B Cosgrft had as their guests Mrs M
H Kerwin Mr and Mrs Edward Fife
Miss Miller at Fresno Ca Miss Gretta
Cosgif and T A Cosglft Among the
prominent people socially In the audi
ence were Jr and Mrs Benner X Smith
Mrs Mont Ferry Mrs Martha Royle
King Mr and Mrs George Jay Gibson
Mr and Mrs E O Howard Mr and Mrs
David Keith Mrs E A Val and daugh
ters the Misses elma Mary and Alice
Wall Dr and Mrs J T Keith Mrs H
G JcMlan and daughters the Misses
Mildred and Aieen McMilan Mr and
Idred McIfan
Mrs Rosco Breden Mr and Mrs Solon
Spiro Mrs J C LeaI and Miss Lreen
Leary Mrs T A Bailey and Miss Edna
Bailey and Mr and Irs John Linck
A new Richmond or rather two of them
have entered the theatrical field in Salt
Lake The men in question are Fred
Belaco and Oliver Morosco two rival
theatrical magnates of the coast who
have buried the hatchet and formed a
partnership Their plan is to include Salt
Lake in a strIng of western cities In which
they are tl establish real stock com
panies not imitations The other cities
in the circuit are Chicago Portland Seat
tie Kansas City and Denver
For the past twelve years Mr Belasco
and Mr Jorosco have been friendly rivals
in the western field but recognizing the
tact that only by working together could
thE carry out the hopes which both cher
ished of seeing a weldefned western
theatrIcal organization they have com
bined their interests and have in contem
plation a cirult of theatres extending
from Chicago to the Pacific Coast
Mr Belasco is owner of the Alcazar the
atre San Francisco and has already com
pleted plans for the erection of his new
theatre the Belasco In the same city Mr
MoroCco is lessee and manager of the Bur
bank and Majestic theatres Los Angeles
These theatres with the exception of the
Majestic which is devoted to Klaw and
Erlanger attractions together with new
houses which they hope to secure will be
devoted to stock work
At least four of the seven numbers on
the Orheum program this week have
been picked by discriminating regulars of
the house a entitled to headline honors
No bill recently has been so generally
commended Miss Swinnertons playlet
In the Stars Dressing Room went very
smoothly yesterday Mr Conway who
took the male part in the play lat Sat
urday afternoon is now getting every
thing possible out of it and the play Is
producing a very pleasing effect
Victor Moore who scored such a tre
mendous success in George 1r Cohans
musical play The Talk of New York
at the Knickerbocker theatre New York
City last season Is announced to appear
in this highly entertaining play at the
Salt Lake theatre next Monday I is
perhaps not too much to say that of all
the plays with musical trimmings given
over to the American stage by young Mr
Coha during his career The Talk ot
New York is one of the best I has
bright catchy lines fascinating and jing
ling music and will be presented by Vic
tor Moore supported by a very excellent
cast and chorus numbering seentYfve
Originally cradled in Chicago at the Co
lonial theatre The Talk at New York
ran half a year at that playhouse after
which it was sent to the KnIckerbocker
theatre on Broadway where it duplicated
in length of run the Chicago tie 1t
became a fad in New Xorl where Kid
Barns the day sayings are now popular slang nf
The mail order sale for Madam Sam
brich opened at the Salt Lake theatre
yesterday and a large number ot re
quests were received by Manager Per
Orders were received from many outside
patrons Mrs Ernest Bamberger and Dr
Woodruff secured good locations for their
parties The sale will continue by mal
only for the 1 inder of the ek
Commencement Days which is not
only a palpable success but Ceclared
by many to be preeminent among 1
the successes of the present theatrical
season will be the attraction at the
Colonial for one week starting next
Sunday The piece is by Virginia
Frame and Margaret Mayo and its pG
trayal of life in one of the girl col
leges of the present period 19 said to
be unusually faithful and realistic
John Cort offers the attraction with a
cast of excellent timber and a Jrouo
ton at exceptional attractiveness In
the large company are found the names
of Frederick V Bowers Grace Hop
kins Amy Dale Leila Smith iard
Luis L P OConnor H A Morey
Catherine Carter Eva Abbott Elizabeth
Van Sell Fp Smith Olvette Haines
etc and a chorus of thirty A sou
venir copy of Love Me Dreamy Eye
will be presented to every woman at
tending the Wednesday matinee
In Wyoming which is on vIew at
the Colonial this week is proving itself
a delightful comedy of western life and
is being thoroughly enjoyed by the
Colonial patrons who seem enthusi
astic in theIr praise
The moving pictures of the Johnson
Ketchel championship fight are being
shown at the Empire theatre this week
The entire twelve rounds are exhibited
and the action of the muscles of the two
men may be distinguished with ease
These pictures are said to be considered
encounter among the best ever taken ot a pugilistic
McIntyre Heath will play the Sal
Lake theatre later in the season with
their new show In Hayt
The Mission theatre will open on Wed
nesday evening Dec 8 announced Man
ager Clark last night Everything has
been arranged for our opening and the
show has been billed he said As to
the theatre It will be completed by Doc
1 and we will put the week between
that and our opening in decorating and
finishing the hundreds at little details
lte detais
that are bound to arise
This morning the scenery will be hung
and the curtains put in place Seat are
being Installed rapidly and by Wedes
day next the house will have been fin
ished as far as actual construction is
concerned The Mission will give two per
formances each evening and one In the
afternoon The fact that two shows a
night will be the policy does not neces
sarily mean that cheap shows will b the
result Nothing but the highest cass acts
will b shown together with excellent
music and beautiful scenery
Seven acts will be put on each week
the bill changing regularly on Wednes
days Seats can b reserved for the first
performance each evening a well as to
the matinees
The Mission is a regular circuit house
the acts being booked months in advance
Among the features that are to be seen
at the Mission this Winter are such acts
as Anna Keleran The Diving Venus
Mr and Mrs Gardner Crane Will Ros
siters Bunch of Kids a troupe of
performing pOlar bears etc Among the
list of features that Will appear at the
Mission next week in May Nannary
Co The in Hand the grat That dramatic Rules sketch entitled

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