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I r Wha All l the Time s POWELL STUMBLES IN CLIMB TO TITLE TheSportingAuthorii ofSaltLake j t
lavish Expenditures of the
Big Clubs Shows Desire
to Win
The Sporting Lire says The tall ot 1m
marked the highest advance In the history
of baseball In the matter ot drafting and
purchasing minor league plllers by ma
jor league clubs Never before were ma
jor league clubs so lavish In expenditure
and It Is probable that the highest water
mark has been reached Guesses were
made at one time that the minor leagues
would benefit to the extent of 260000 by
the sale ot their players to the American
and National loaues this tall This sum
will not cover It According to the rec
ords ot the national commission the two
big organizations by purchase or draft
have taken S3b3JO werth ot talent from
t the smaller leagues Ot this sum 299550
1ms been paid The balance Is to go to the
minor league clubs It certain men make
good The American league clubs have
spent more coin for new material than the
National league clubs Charley Comlske
owner of the White Sox Bets the pace
for all the magnates He wants a good
team next season and has spent for new
material 5500 Blackburn the Provi
dence shortstop cost Commy about 8000
He Is the highest priced capture from the
minors All the club owners have proved
good spenders except the men at the head
ot the Washington club The Washington
outlay for new material Is only 2500 The
demUn spendthrift of the National league
Is Garry Hermann His scouts have
rounded up 36800 worth ot talent for tim
Reds ot 110 Charley Ebbetts runs Garry
a close second The Brooklyn president
purchased 27900 worth ot new timber
This Is a correct and official list ot the
cash expenditures of the major league
clubs for neW athletes
American League
Purchased Drafted
Players Players Total
Chicago S U300 U350 ooO < YI
Jfoston 32900 02O 3910
Cleveland 30400 7100 37500
New York 22000 4500 26500
St Louis 190 4100 23350
Detroit 12150 10350 2500
Philadelphia 4950 8000 13sm
Washington 200 2500
Totals 168450 5250 20700
National League
Purchased Drafted
Players Players Total
Cincinnati 315iO 250 3Groo
BrookbD 17ffiO 10850 27900
8t Louis 10500 6550 17050 I
Plttsburb 11000 5850 168iiO
Chicago 1850 13900 1500
New york 6500 3900 10450
Boston 6650 3250 9900
PhiladelphIa 500 ZOO 7600
Totals 9370 t3550 142300 I I
Stockton Cal Nov 9The Athletics
Were defeated by the AilNationals 4 to 1
In a fast game here this afternoon Wil
11s or the San Francisco team was Invin
cible until the ninth inning when three
hits saved a shut out Catcher Bliss ot
the Nationals broke his right leg slid
lag to second Score
AilNationals 4 7 2
Athletic 1 4 1
BatterlesWllllp and Meers Plank ans
4 Thomas
Tamp FIn Nov 29The largest crowd
since the opening ot the race meeting here
i was In attendne today Three favorlts
and two wtlll sustained second choices
won The upset ot the day was when
Hyperlon II ran rings around Lens In the
fourth event Hyperlon was backed from
4 to 2 and Lena receded from 1 to 3 to
1 to 2 Davenport waited too long tor
his bid for the lead The summaries
First race five and a haIr furlongs
I seUingEva Tanguay 6 to 5 won Ame
I tus 20 to 1 second Warden 3 to 1 third
TlmelU 15
I Second race five and a halt furlongs
Ananl 10 to 1 won Howdy Howdy 6 to
6 second Kid 7 to 10 third Time
I Third race six furlongs eelllngVir
glnla Maid 9 to 6 won Conville 5 to 1
I second A Muskoda 6 to 1 third Time
Fourth race six furlongs selllngHy
perlon II 2 to 1 won Lens 1 to 2 Bee
ond Alice 4 to 1 third Ttmel18
Fifth race mile seUingMoseley 9 to
10 won Ctromeland even second Eel
Strome 4 to 2 third Tlmel4125
Sixth race mile and an eighth selling
Maximum 4 to 6 won Huerfan 3 to 2
second Great Jubilee 2 to I tlll11 Time
Danrer Nov t9P R Burke halt
owner ot the Denver franchise In the
Western bllSebaU league bas given an
option on his stock to ames McGill of
Denver for twenty days Mr Burke It is
said baa an opportunity to Invest In a
franchise In the American association
but conditional on his disposing of his In
tereets In the Western league
Utah Eleven However Will Accept
None but Chance With
Now that the football season for the
University of Utah Is over It seems that
applications In general for football games
are coming In Loss than one week ago
the Denver University expressed herself
I as anxious for a game This was denied
because ot earlier advances on the part
of Utah which were turned down
Only reterday came two offers of
games one from the University of Mon
tana the Montana eleven claiming a right
to meet Utah on account of her victory
15 to 5 over the Montana Agricultural
Another offer of a game also reached
the University board yesterday from St
Vincents college of Los Angeles the elev
en that won from Utah 10 to O last year
Both apPlications were turned down
however as to both elevens arrangements
for a game earlier In the season had been
tendered and had been refused
At present it seems that the Utah foot
ball season Is over after the Branch Nor
mal game at Cedar City Saturday un
less the Invitation to the University or
Michigan team is accepted
Coach Maddock said last night that the
elevens now offering to play Utah were
showing poor excuses for games Inas
much as each had been given games
earlier In the season and In each case
the offers had bfen turned down
As It appears that the Michigan eleven
has small hopes of a western trip this
year It Is about definite that the Utah
football schedulE will end Saturday with
the game at Cedar City
Helena Nov IThe state authorities
will not allow thc JeffriesJohnson fight
to be pulled off in this state according
to a statement made today by Attorney
General A J GalEn when shown the
offer of the Great Falls Athletic club ot
l15000 I for the mill
The Montana statutes are very severe
In regard to prize fighting It Is a felony
to promote a fight or engage In It as
principal second or referee It Is a mis
demeanor to witness a prize fight or box
Ing contest or to rent a hall or grounds
for such a purpose
The attorney general denied that he
had been requested to guarante protc
tlon to the Great Falls club and said
that If any effort was made to pull off
the fight In this state he would enforce
the law The statutes give the attorney
general attorneys supervisory control over county I
Lexington Ky Nov 29Four hundred
and seventy horses representing 108 sta
bles have been catalogued for the tenth
annual sale of Kentucky thoroughbreds
which opens here Tuesday The list In
cludes seven stallions ot note tit brood
mndes and 172 yearlings
The stallions entered are Ioharlb SII
verdale Lconldas Mexican Six Shooter
St Avonlc8s and Ornus
The mares to go under the hammer as
a whole are nothing to enthuse over but
a strong demand promises a larger sale
than In former years
San Francisco Nov 29Judge Dc Ha
ven of the United States district court to
day Issued an order sending R B Her
riman F W Brown and E C Moore
three members of the Iaybray gang of
alleged racing and prize fight swindlers
arrested a few weeks ago at San Jose to
the Omaha district ot the United States
court for trial
The attorney for the accused men main
tamed that the preliminary hearing did
not specify that the acts complained of
were committed In the Omaha district
and JUdge De Haven In Issuing the svar
rants granted a three days stay of exe
cuton In order that habeas corpus pro
ceedings might be brought
At the meeting ot the captns and man
agers of the class basketball teams at th
university Monday afternoon a schedule
was arranged for the coming season The
schedule as arranged permits of two games
between each class team and It also al
lows the games to bo played In time so
that they will not interfere WIth the In
tercollegiate schedule
The schedule as arranged Is Seniors
vs juniors December 6 Sophomores VS
freshmen December 7 Seniors vs sophomores
omore December 8 Juniors vs fresh
men December 9 Sophomores vs juniors
December 10 Seniors vs freshmen Dp
cember 13 Juniors VB sophomores D
cember 14
The classes aro all practicing hard for
th coming contests The freshmen on
account of such an abundance ot newly
arrived material are conceded a fine
chanCe to carry off first honors
I Be11enoiesStetsons
35 The first represents InOle
style more quality and more comfort
0 than any 400 hat on the market
the second everyone knows and many
prefer to all others We have them in
all staple blocksstiff soft
The Store with the Overo oat Stock
f I
o I
ti I j
Mrs Winslows SoothIng Syrup
has been used for YEARS by IILrTff t
best remedy for DIARRHOEA Bold by
Druggists In every part or the world BEl
sure and ask for Mrs Wlnslows Sooth
Ing Syrup and take no other kind
Twertyflve cents a bottle GUARAN
ACT June 30 1906 SERIAL oU llJ
Go with HShout
Thats what we can say for
For value in wear in style in fit no other clothes
jfz r i will give you better service or moro satisfaction
than will SteinBloch Smart Clothes
I They arc not cheap clothesthey are clothes that
1 M 1 place a man in his proper niche before the world
b J Their materials high class Their workman
fpi r ship style and fit arc recognized in America and
J Y1 England as the highest development that can bo
° ° found today
i We have these clothes at your disposal and ask
ii j you only to try onleave the selling to UB
f i
i Suits or Overcoats15 to 40 Theyre
J 1 1 Orabbes Clever Clothes
I 4
A H CRABBE CO 220 Down Main
I San Francisco Nov 29Ad Wolgast of Milwaukee was given the de
cision tonight over LeV Powell at the end of twenty rounds of fast and at
times bloody fighting Wolgast had the better of the contest from start
to finish and the whirlwind rushes and aggressive infighting proved a
combination that the local fighter was unable to meet
Powell Was the favorite at odds of
10 to 8 and he was backed for thou
sands It now is conceded by all that
Volgast after his showing against the
Californian Is the legitimate opponent
of Champion Nelson
The fight tonight was remarkable for
the terrific clip the fighters maintained
and the disinclination at any time to
break ground or shirk punishment
Wolgast Set the Pace
Wolgast opened the battle as If he
Intended to make a runaway fight of
It He fairly dazzled Powell with his
speed and his aggressive fighting at
close range was a revelation Time
and again he drove right and left short
arm blows to the body and jaw and
kept his arms going with such piston
like regularity that PoWell was aU at
sea Try as he might he could not elude
the Illwaukeeans determined rushes
and the best he could do was to pro
tect himself let alone administer any
punishment Wolgast devoted his early
attacks to Uw kidneys and soon great
r red blotches bedecked Powells back
The men fought almost constantly at
close rangE throughout the entire bat
tle and while In this position Wolgast
sent In smash after smash on the Call
fornlans jaw and face and soon the
blood was spouting In streams from his
mouth and nose One round was a rep I
etition of the other with olgast In
variably holding the upper hand
In the twelfth round Powell made his
only showing It was the most vicious
round of the fight and for a moment It
looked as It Powell might turn the ta
bles He sent In several ponderous right
smashes as the easterner rushed In and
forced him to stall most of the round
out Toward the close of the round
however Wolgast cut loose again and
after administering a fearful beating to
the Californian the latter went to his
corner In a semigroggy condition
Wolgast again took the lead and held
It to the end all the time punishing
Powell severely about the face and
bringing fresh blood In almost every
round Old rIng followers said after the
fight that not since the days ot George
Kid Lavigne has a tighter created the
Impression left by Wolgast His speed
and endurance and aggressive qualities
were marvelous Powells punches had
little It any effect on him
Stood the Gaff
He also showed himself to be the pos
sessor or a powerful punch and It was
only Powells wonderful ability to ab
sorb punishment that prevented a 1
Powell although beaten was not dis I
graced He fought a stubborn game
fight but lost to a better man
Powells face was badly disfigured at
the end ot the contest and his body
also shoWGd evidence of Volgasts
punches Wolgast did not go scotfree
his left ee being badly swollen his lips
split and his nose somewhat lacerated
Track Still Slow Causes Upsets in
FormOne Layer Escapes
Toils of Law
Oaltlllnd Cn Nov 29D1nocular a 2
earold quoted at 25 to 1 scored a clever
victory in the Antioch handicap at Em
ervllle today Some ot the cleverest
sprlnterJ at the track faced the barrier
with Early Tide an even money favorite
Early Tide raced out with Cloudllght and
the lace told on both of them ney Hln
doe assumed command In the stretch but
Binocular came with a rush and beAt him
a length Favorites did not fare well in
some of the other events The track was
still somewhat slow
Bookmaker Charles Brown arrested
with E D Martin on a charge of violating
Ing the antigambling law on November
27 by taking a bet for 2 at the Emery
> tlle race track was held today to an
swer before the superior court Ball was
fixed at 1000 The case against Martin
has been dismissed on the ground ot In
sUfficient evidence
The Results
First race five and a half furlongs
Roy T 101 Sullivan 1 to 2 won Sir
Barry 110 Baird 4 to 1 second Louis
Etreuber 107 Callaghan 8 to 1 third
nmeIRi Sb liOla LOOKoUt 1188 Na
omi I1caela Coriell Schmooser and EI
Paso finished as named
Second race six furlongsJudge Quinn
101 Archibald 2 to 1 won Helen Carroll
100 0155 7 to 1 second Alder Gulch 90
Kederls 8 to I third TlmelI5 Bal
ronla Ieltondale Redeem Aide Falrle
Rabble and Mrs Dot finished as named
Third race one mlleIerchant Ill
Leeds 6 to 1 won John Louis 100 Van
Dusen 16 to 5 second Boggs 109 Archi
bald 13 to 10 third TimeI 41 Follie
L Beau Man Round and Round Edwin
T Fryer and Belle Furrow finished as
Fourth race futurity course Antioch
handicapBinocular S8 Kederis 25 to 1
won Rey Hlndoo lOG Cavanaugh 10 to 1
second Early Tide 110 Archibald oven I
third TlmelIO 15 Cloudllght Preju
dice Nagazam F Xeugent and Cymbal
also ran
Fifth race five and a half furlongs
Salnest 107 Walsh Ii to I won Inclem
ent 110 Archibald 2 to 1 second Phillis
tina 107 King 7 to 1 tllld Time
10815 Lena Leech Birth Ybor Argo
naut and Allness finished as named
Sixth race seven furlongs Duckthorrf
lOG Cavanaugh 12 to 1 wor Yoloskl iso
Walsh 11 to 5 second Mairctania lO
Archibald 9 to 5 tI1rd Time12725
FordeUo Heather Scot Cartcl1on Grace
G and Bellsllcker fInished as named
Mr Taft Asked to Take Up Several
I Matters in His Annual
Washington Nov 29Recommenda
tlons looking toward the Improvement
of the condition of the laboring man
which it Is desired the President Inc > r
porate In his annual message to con
gress were urge upon thp President by
the labor leaders headed by Samuel
Gompers president of the American
Federation of Labor
John Mitchell second vicepresident
James OConnell third vice president
and Frank Morrison secretary of the
federation accompanied Mr Gompers
to the White House President Gompers
submitted a number of matters Fore
most was one concerning the Issuance
ot injunctions by federal judges par
ticularly as they apply to personal lib
erty and their use In thc settlement of
disputes between employers and em
The exemption of labor organization I
from certain provisions of the Sherman
antitrust act was discussed
Mutual Mining Company Forced Into
Hands of Receiver
Cincinnati Nov 29Alleglng a con
dition of virtual insolvency William S
Kissinger today sued in the Kenton
county Kentucky circuit court for the
appointment of a receiver for the Mu
tual Mining company of which Charles
L Varrlner former treasurer of the
BIg Four railroad Was secretary and
Varriner has been charged with em
bezzling 643000 from tim BIg Four
Kissinger president or the Mutual
Mining company capitalized at 60000
claims that 1Varrlner recently trans
erred all his stock In the company and
declares that the presIdent is the only
officer left lie also asked the court t01
the restoration of the companys books
said to be In the hands ot the Bib Four
John Rich was appointed receiVer
Californians Fight Hard but Are
Nosed Out in Three
Trying Sets
Sydney N s IV Nov IThe Aus
tralian defenders of the Dwight F Davis
challenge cup defeated the Ame1lcans In
straight sets In the doubles of the Inter
national tennis tournament today
The Australasians showed the better
judgment and won by magnificent volley
lug and prompt rallying at critical mo
Score International doublesNorman
E Brooke Victoria and A E Wilding
New Zealand defeated Maurice E M
Loughlin and lelvllIe H Lens United
States 1210 97 63
The Callfornlanp made a splendid fight
though IcLoughlin was erratic Longs I
service was masttrly
The wltther was bright and warm and I
the court fast The attendance was ex
Memphis Tenn Nov 29Amerlca Is
good enough for me Idont thInk those
foreigners are any too fond of us any
how and I will stick to racing In this
country as long as I live
This statement was made by the vet
eran Ed Geers YEsterday In denial of a
t > abled report that he intended taking the
cream of the pacing and trotting material
in several American millionaires strings
to compete next season In Berlin Vienna
and Russian tracks Geers believes Amer
ican harness racing wlll receive Its great
est boom In the next few years
He has gone Into winter quarters with I
his string Including the unbeaten The
Harvester and will not tour Europe he
says unless on a sightseeing trip
Sight of Sleeping Children Causes a
Chicago Burglar to Restore
Money to Parents
Chicago Nov 29Two children sleeping
In unconsciousness of danger today proved
more effectual In disposing ot a robber
than all the bolts and bars on the en
trances to the home of Adolph Huber
The Influence of the sleeping children
daughters of Huber caused a burglar to
repent his crime and return to the chll
drens parents money which he had just
taken at the point of a revolver
Huber according to the police was
awakened by some one walking In his
room just before daylight and his ques
tion Who Is there brought a threat
to kill him It he did not give up his
money The burglar then searched the
garments of the father and also took all
the money In Mrs Hubers purse
He then went Into the room where the
children were sleeping and tiptoeing out
gave back to UtE astonished parents the
money which he had taken a small sum
and added a sliver coin saying Those
are great kids I havent got much coin
but you give them this from me
The police arE looking for the kind
hearted burglar
Arrest of the Bork Murderers Likely
to Be Made at Any TimeState
Offers Reward
Frontenac Kan Nov 29Pollce ot
ficers said tonight that an arrest In the
mystery of the murder of William Bork
his wife and child last Friday night
might be made at any time
Until late today It was feared the
mystery would never be solved Then
word reached the police that two men
known to have been bitter enemies ot
Bork suddenly reappeared In the neigh
borhood before the murders Detectives
have been shadowIng them
Topeka Kap Nov 29Goernor
Stubbs this afternoon offered a reward
ot 250 for the capture of the murderer
of the William Dark family at Fron
Omaha Neb Nov 29Former Sen
ator Charles H Dietrich of Hastings
Neb who Is here under treatment for
heart trouble was Improved today
Plttsburg Nov 29WlllIam C Lilley
former treasurer ot the Plttsburb presb
tery who disappeared on Sept 29 Is
short to the amount ot 2103i In his church
accounts according to a statement given
out today The trustees would not say
whether or not they would prosecute
COach J II Maddock and Manager Har
old Robinson of the university have pre
pared a schedule for the blsketball series
In the Intercollegiate class which has been
sent to the other three colleges in thc
state for ratification
The schedule as prepared Is
January 14B Y U vs B Y C at Lo
January 16B Y U vs A C at Logan
L D S U vs U of U at Salt Lake
January 2OA C U vs B Y U at
January 21A C U vs U of U at
university gymnasium
January 23A C U vs L D S U In
Salt Lake
January 29A C U vs B Y C at B
Y C college Logan
February IL D S U vs B Y U at
Provo U ot U vs B Y C at Logan
February 5U ot U vs A C U at Lo
ban February l1B Y U vs U of U at
university gymnasium A C U vs B Y
C at Logan
February 12B Y U vs L D S U
at Salt Lake
February 17B Y C vs L D S U
at Snit Lake
February ISB Y C vs C ot U at
university gymnasium
February 19B Y C vs B Y U at
February 25U ot U vs B Y U at
Provo L D S vs B Y C at Logan
February 26L D S vs A C U at
With this schedule Coach lInddock
hopes to get the Utah games art so that
If any of the schools In the Utah league
succeed In getting a game with teams
outside ot the statE they can be pulled off
In time so that they will not Interfere
with the track season
Detroit l1lch Nov 29Dr B F
Roller wrestllllg champion ot the Pa
clCic coast held Frank Gotch worlds
heavyweight wrestling champion 15
minutes without a fall tonight at an
exhibition here
The men sparred rive minutes before
going to the mat and at the end of
thirteen minutes Roller regained his
Gotch had Roller twice In close quar
ters but the westerner worked him
self out of danger each time by a su
preme effort In the last two min
utes Roller Iroke nearly all ot Gotchs
favorite holds
Gotch threw Jack Asman ot Kansas
City twice In seven minutes
First race five and a haIr furlongs all
ages selllnbBeaver Dam Lad 128 Ejta
Yon 12S Burleigh 115 Plcketway 125
Pretension 125 John H Sheehan 100
Creston 120 lnnedocla 107 Eel 101
SIIlt 102 Inclement 101 Rezon 106
Second race fIve furlongs 2earolds
purseNapa Nick 118 Gilbert Rose 110
Sancntta 110 Old Mexico 109 Miss Pic
nic 106 Tom OMalle 100 Sweet Basil
99 J H Barr 104 Terns Trick 96 Babe
eely 96 Zinkand 96
Third race six furlongs all ages sell
IngJim Gaffney 112 Nagazam iso
Beauman 108 Fernando 100 Elmdale 107
Ocean Queen 106 Good ShIP 81
Fourth race one mile Fresno handicap
all agesBo 107 Fantastic 107 John
Lewis 101 Bubbling Water 101 Silver
Knight 98
Firth race one mile and twenty yards
3yearokls and upwards ellingCharley
Paine 108 Rubric 07 Cadlchon 106 Mv
I Pal lOt Roseale 103 RaleIgh 103 Whki
I den 103 Duckthorne 1011 Mossback 99
olvale 99
Sixth race futurity courSi 3yenrolds
and up fillies and mares semn Anna
May 112 D1skra 100 Velma C 107 Doro
thy Ledgett 100 Rosslar 101 Mollie
Montrose 102 Emma G 102 Belle Kin
nEY 102 Lena Leech 99 JllIett 97 ThIs
tic Belle 101
Ann Arbor Nov IJoy Miller of De
troit was today elected captain or the
University ot Michigan football eleven
for next year Miller played quarterback
In the Minnesota and Pennsylvania games
Stockton Cal Nov 29Catcher Bliss
of the AIIAmlrJcan baseball team broke
his right lg In an exhibition game with
the Philadelphia team here today The
bone was broken just above the ankle and
the ligaments In the foot were torn Bliss
was formerly with the St Louis team
Washington Nor 29Followlnb a
fleeting visit here of Frederick A De
lano president ot the Wabash rail
road the report spread In diplomatic
circles today that the railroad man has
been asked to consider his refusal of
the post of minister to China which lit
said to have been proffered him just
before it was offered to John Hays
Hammond who also declined It
Mr DtJlano slipped quietly Into the
capital last night and left as quietly
this afternoon So far as anyone was
able to discover he did hut visit the
executive offices today and the state
department maintained that it knew
nothing ot Mr Delanos movements
Savannah Ga Nov IThat he would
not fight James J Jetrles south or the
Mason and Dixon line was the statement
made today In a telegram to Manager
Nick Aprea of a Savannah Athletic club
by Jack Johnson heavyweight pugilist In
answer to the latters offer ot a purse
for the battle
Jacksonville Fla Nov 29Todas
crowd at Moncrief was even larger than
that of Saturday and the large gather
ing witnessed an afternoon of fine sport
The fourth race furnished the most ex
citement and was won by P A P Ran
dolphs Patsy J Bulwell up Arondack
and Gretnn Green were heavily played
In this race the best price ot the race
being offered on Patsy who opened at 4
to 1 and closed at 8 to 1 Summaries
First race five and onehal furlongs
Amoret 7 to 5 won Miss Sly 10 to 1
second lIorlcon 10 to 1 thlru lime
108 35
Second race selling rive and onehalf
furlongsLucetta 3 to 5 won Gemndo
8 to 1 second Harvey F 3 to 1 third
Third race six furlongsRoseboro 10 to
1 won Tom IcGrath 3 to 1 second
Grande Dame 12 to 1 third Time
116 35
Fourth race handicap milePatsy S
to 1 won Gretna Green S to 5 second
Hill Top 3 to 1 third TlmelU 45
Fifth race mile sellingCablegram 2
to 1 won Campaigner 11 to 5 second
Court Lady 9 to 5 third TlmeIt3 Hi
Sixth race mile and a sixteenth sell
InTho Minks 7 to 2 won Heart of
Hyacinth 4 to 1 second 8t Elmwood 6
to 5 third Tlmel 45
Albany Nov 29Governor Hughes has
written Attorney Sanford and Sheriff
Besch or Albany count that having
received Information that the Knicker
bocker Athletic club or Albany had i
planned a twentyround prize tight to
take place at Bulls Had Tavern on the
Troy road on Dec 2 he would hold the
authorities responsible for any violation
of the law
Basketball Is now booming at the Gran
Ite High school This year there Is a
large number of old players back and a
very good crowd ot likely recruits Is al
ready working out for places Coach
Moss will coach the basketball five this
season and will make a hard fight for
the state championship
The first call for cmdldates for places
was made last night and about twenty
five responded
This season Granite will play In the
northern division of the state league
which will comprise the Salt Lake High
school Deaf and Blind ot Ogden Weber
Stake academy Brigham High school and
the Cache ally team
In a fast and hardplaed game at
basketball played last night at the Na
tional Guard armory H company Fif
teenth Infantry defeated the five of the
First batter National Guard to the tune
of 37 to 6 The regulars were In much
tho faster shape and played around their
opponents who were on the floor for the
first time In a regular game Lieutenant
Elliott and Johnson or the Post team
were responsible for the greater part of
the soldier scores
Lieutenant Elliott captain of the H
company team has arranged games with
the signal corps and University fives this
I The regulars lined up Lieutenant El
liott r f Johnson 1 t Gorman c
Harker Hudson Wesson and Dougherty
Iatanzas Nov 29The Detroit Ameri
cans defeated the Matanzastaseball team
today It to 7
Chicago Nov 29Johnny Thomp
sons challenge to Packey McFarland
In which the farmertlgllter declared
he would give up the entire purse If
he failed to stop the latter within
twenty rounds did not go unanswered
long Packey this morning through
his cousin Johnny accepted Thomp
sons terms and declared that he would
bet 10000 on the side
Thompson has been making all
sorts ot excuses ever since he lost to
me and keeps making one proposition
after another said Packey I told
him soon after his first challenge to
show me a suitable purse and I would
fight but he Insists on hurling chal
lenge after challenge He has spoken
once too often now and he will have to
go through with It or back down
Cline Sutton and Demarest
Must Meet Again to Set
tie Title
New York Nov 29A triple tie for the
worlds professional 18 btllkJtne blOiar
championship resulted from toda3os play
in the tournament
at adl80lSquare gar
den In the afternoon Georf9 Sutton at
Chicago defeated Firmin assignol
French champion and tonight Calvin De
marest of Chicago won from George Slo
son the New York player
The two winners of tody therefore are
tied with Ham Cline ot Philadelphia
each ha1nlr completed his SChedule with
four games won and one lost The
standing or the six contestanta for the
champlonhlp follows
on IAHlt Pl
Cline 4 1 1
Sutton 4 1 001
Dell1llrest 4 1
SloesoD 1 3 J
Caselgnol 1 4 20
Cutler 0 4 JO
One game Is still to be played In the rEg
ular series between SIOfNIOfI and utkr
This will be decided Thursday afternoon
while the triple tie for first place will be
played out In three games Demarst
meeting Cline Wednesday the loser o
that match playing Sutton Thursday and
the winners of the two matches playing
on Friday
The DemarstSIOI8On match tonight
was a clOBe argument for the first half
of the game but In the latter half Dema
est scored heavily going out In thE 3d
Inning with a brilliant unflnished run ot
82 winning by a score of OO I to 34
Makes Big Run
Slo son made a remarkable run ot 123
in his eleventh finally missing a thro
cushion try by the narrowest margm
This sent the Slouon score up to 191
against 115 for Demarelllt but the Cli
cago plaer overcame ttzls lead with
a series of two figure runs and kept his
lead for the rest or the contest
Demartst played rapidly and brllllanUv
throughout the contest making his final
run of 82 In less than eight minutes
Score DemarestI 1 3 6 44 I 23 25
6 O 11 JO H 42 21 It 25 1 10 10 1 1
28 S L 6 49 1 O J 2 82603 Average
16 O3Z high runs 82 JI 41
Sloeeonl Q 14 O 0 o 1 to 21 21 2 111
1 10 6 O 26 1 D 2 O 9 7 10 9 3 35
12 1 1 73JJ Average 1141 high run
13 5 33
Frenchman Loses
Sutton detested Casaignol at the after
noon game by a score of roo to 467 The
French champion began his game bril
liantly gaining a heavy lead on Suttn
In th fourth inning by a run of 125 f il
lowed up tn the fifth by a run of 15 St
ton added only i points to his score In
the next five Innings but began a srks
of tvofiKure tallies In the elevtonth tak
Ing the lead from Caseignol In the flf
Sutton held his advantage until the
twenteth when Casslgnoi made a run of
9t and took the front for a single Inning
until Sutton regained his place with 0
tally of 4i The game ended In dull fash
Ion In the twentyfifth inning Score
SuttonG 2 26 67 Ii 1 O 2 3 1 61
4 46 76 34 3 U Ii 2 25 41 O 1 5 9lY3
high runs 16 i4 61 average 31
Casslgnol3 9 Ii 125 76 34 1 1 2 O Z
64 O 1 2 1 H 3 H 11 1 1 4 2467
high runs 125 91 75 average 181125
Philadelphia Nov 9Tha collegiate
basketball rules committee will hold feir
meetings In as many different sections tiP
of the country next Saturday to diSCllsJ
basketball rules for the coming season
The eastern meeting will be held In
New York One meeting will be at Chi
cago for the western conference one at
Lawrence Ken for the south and middle
west and one at Portland Ore for the
Pacific coast colleges The rules com
mittee will be represented at each meet
San Francisco Nor 2Fighting Dick
Hland and his manager Billy Mccar
ney will leave Wednesday night for Kan
sas City Mo where Hyland Is schedul d
to fight Cyclole Johnny Thompson on
December 13
A difference ot opinion on the Wpig11t
question threateneJ to cancel this hint
Thompson demanding catchwelghts whll
Hyland held out for 133 pounds at 3 p Pl
Thompson finally yielded and the mr1
have posted WJO each as a weight gUJr

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