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Session of the Cabinet in WMoh the
Matter Was Thoroughly I
w ington Xo OThe financial
Ij i iiin of the pi evident s message has
h i fT < < mni > leted It was taken up at
4 It JiRth at todays session of the
lion < Thf Panama canal bond aitu
1 11 nd other features engaged close
4 I t n
< I4y4 official figures show an actual
v UIMK Miami in the treasury of
u > MI though the total balance in
f c gfli1 i ii fun which include this
v ikmp 1 balaive the balance tit bank
fJ 1 lit I liilanct in the treaiun of the
i nrrse islaJds is placed at S2itf
dLy > excess if all disburse U
V > ail receipts is 252747 and the
of all diuursementB otr all
iTi so far this fiscal year IH 41
i us agauiM 4772399 for the
r Ion Mod In tilt > pi vlous fiscal year
i tiri reveiiUs receipts are boom
Lih j Mwif than JJoitOOOOO for the
i i > IK Iiai yar is expected from the
r jn ition tax Estimates for the
i n departments have been cut
AH 1 10 ne 2 u569000 of Panama
ilJf i luthuiiaei hut i not issued The
F i f 97I9149 represents the bal
rn i pmded out of the general fuad
r t treasury reimbursable from pro
t i f bonds not sold While exist
in PaD
lg Ufts authorize 375200980
t uJ Lndb only 84631980 have been
is il
H Emelme Pankhurst the English
r it safragette who spys the suf
J 2iioi intrnt in America is only a fad
pxesent time She told an audi
t y X w York that the movement had
r e t bvond the talking stage here i
put that the opportunities were won
Via D R G Dee 2
V uinen excursion Everybody in
rr The Woodmen special leaves Salt
I tL at 7 p m Returning leaves Ogden
w t mi night
A For Sale ad is a salesman
net an assistant to the junk maR
Is it Wornan9s Immodest Dress Malls 1m
moral Thought or What is it that Causes
ost I > ivorcesJ
One marriage in every twelve in this country ends in divorce
Pastors are beseeching a moral uptising Some blame the
women Some put it up to the men All agree that it is
morals Newspaper editors are becoming excited over the
thing Some of them accuse too much prosperityothers
increased cost of living and still others the growing inde
pendence of women Certainly something is playing hob
with American homes but it is none of these That some
thing is explained in an article based on governmental inves
tigation in Pearsons Magazine for Decembera plain logical
commonsense explanation of the cause of American home
troublesa cause that every man can remove from his own
homea cause that some folks will consider immoral but it is
the real cause No story was ever fuller of meaning and in
formation to all who think the home circle the basis of Ameri
can institutions and it is particularly important to folks who
are married or about to get married
The reel meaning of the Cinaea roles it st forth m the swne issue by a nun xvha bis spent Jean is the
Conxretcion > l pros gallery John B Stanton explain the investment qualities of railroad bonds
Sloane Gordon writes of Hughes the Rocky Mountain Paradox Edmund Vance Cooke and Frank
Ver Beck contribute six pares of childs verse and pictures tbat wll delight the heart of all who love
babies and there are seven short stones of the sea romance mystery and adventure
D e a r a ii
I Magazineor December
The Sleepless GOOD CHANGE
Coffee to Poadiui
The large army of persons who have
found relief from many chronic ail
ments by changing from coffee to Post
I experienced um day as a daily beverage is growing each
0 It Is only a simple question of trying
Before giving up It for oneself in order to know the Joy
of returning health as realized by an
Uls young lady She writes
Coffee for I had been a coffee drinker nearly all
my life and It affected my stomach
> reused iBNoiiiniR and I was seldom
os HIll without a headache I bed heard about
Postum and how beneficial it was eo
I did not concluded I to quit coffee and try It
was dollghted with the change
I eRR now Heel well and seldom ever
Understand to foe have headache My stomach has gotten I
strong and I can eat without suffering
afterwards I think my whole system
Directly due greatly benefltted by Pi stum
My brother alo suffered from stom
ach trouble while he drank coffee but
To coffee until since
now using Postum he feels so
much better he would not go back to
r coffee for anything
1 CrVarhS
Read The Road to Wellville In
Ever read the above letter A new
P 0 S T U M
one appears from time to time They
are genuine true and full of human
told and i 4 interest
Theres a Reason
Poatuin Cereal Co Ltd Battle Creek Midi
The SEVEN shorthand in
six weeks against six
months in any other sys
tem t YHS
The SEVEN Institute pu
pils get the highest
Sgesg f YBS I
The shorthand is accurate i
without guesswork f YBS
Easily learned and read like
print a new A B C t Y K S I
Will FOUR LESSONS enable
me to make private
notes f Y M S
Busy Business Men and
Women come any hour of
the day f Y M S
All private lessons and no >
class t YJBS I
Home study Call for PRI
ready t Y K S
Can I make money whilst a I
pupil and can I make
plenty when through the
course f Y B S
Can I get through with lit
tle money and will you
help me f Y S
It I enroll now and work
hard can I get through in
lanuai y r TICS
Will you lend mr a visible
typewriting machine at
my own home for speed
practice f TICS
You teach AD writing and
get me a New York or
rhirago diploma and
guarantee me a good po
sition when through f Y E 5
Teach by Mall Yes Guar
antee Success by Mail
The Seven Institute 35 Mercan
tile block Salt Lake City Bell lo
cal or long 3177 I
When You Move
Do It Quickly
Our facilities are complete In de
tail Service Is prompt and satis
factory a trial will convince you
J Os Watson Transfer Co
ID 15OS UEII 3468
Mullett Clothing
Bigger and Better Than
A Savings
Bank Account
for You
The idea of presenting each
customer with a savings
bank deposit book with a
deposit of 1 or more in
augurated by the Mullett
Clothing Company is meet
ing with popular approval
If an account has not al
ready been opened for you
you should make your next
purchase of 10 at the
Mullett Clothing Store If
one has already been opened
f9r you you should take ad
vantage of their method of
increasiug the same Depos
its are given with each pur
chase in the Bargain Sub
way Basement as well as
those made on the main
1ullett Cothing
Half block west from
Main on Second South
OutofOrder Kidneys Are Regulated made anywhere else in the world
I which will effect and
Bladder I so thorough
Making Baokache or er
prompt a cure as a 10cent treatment of
Trouble Vanish I Papes Diuretic hich any druggist
can supply
A real surprise await every sufferer It Is needless to feel miserable i > rd
from kidney or bladder trouble who worried because this unusual prepara
takes several doses of Fapes Diuretic tion goes at once to the outoford
kidneys and urinary system distribut
Misery in the back sides or loins sick ing its cleansing healing and atrengti
headache nervousness rheumatism ening Imiuenic directly upon tbeJr
pains heart palpitations dizziness gans and gland affected and com
sleeplessness inflamed or swollen eye pletes the cure before you realise it
lids lack of energy and all symp Your phycisian pharmacist bank > r
toms of outoforder Kidneys simply or any mercantile agency will tell you
vanish that Pape Thompson A Pape ot Cin
Uncontrollable urination especially cinnati is i large and responsible
at night smarting offensive and dis medicine concern thoroughly worthy d
colored water and other bladder mis II your confidence
ery ends Only curative results can com from
The moment you suspect kidney or taking Papes Diuretic and a few days
urinary disorder or feel any rheu treatment will l make any one feel fine
matism begin taking this harmless Accept only Pap s Diuretic 50
medicine with the knowledge taat I cent treatmentany drug store anv
there is no other remedy at any price re In the world
is ofttimes the road to fortunepSc a
line Why pay more
The Little
About a jewelry store are often
sadly neglected when they are real
ly the most important We give
particular attention to small mat
tere such as the proper wrapping
Of packages neat Jewelry boxes or
the manner in which your selection
Is engraved These are some of the
little things that make a Christmas
present appreciated or otherwise
Come in now and avoid the rush
which comes with the last few
weeks Give us a chance to please
you and we will make good
HubbardBenn Co
SO Eallt Third St
This great sale comes to an end next Saturday un
less all the pianos are taken in the meantime
The very best bargains are left and
must be sold I
You can pay the balance at 5 6 7 to 10 monthly Cora and
choose from the very best makes on those term and
at the same time save 125 to 200 in your
purchase Time flies Only four days
left Dont wait Come to
day sure Open
The sale comes to a prompt ending
next Saturday night unless all of the
pianos are taken In the meantime
Do you realize what it means to you
Mr Piano Buyer Do you realize the
opportunity to save piano money that
you are allowing to get away from
Now see here You need a piano
you are going to buy one some day
why not get it now while price are
down and the terms of payment never
before so easy Why delay Why pro
crastinate when you have choice of the
very best makes at 15 to 200 dis
count and on terms of 6 up per month
or 1 weekly up If you prefer to pay
that way
You may want a Knabe a Ilallet It
Davis Kranlch Bach Ivers A Pond
l yon Healy Haines Bros Conway
Marshall Everett Vose gchaeffer Win
ter Rudolf Stanley Stelnway or a
AVe have a tine assortment of these
fine makes left that go In this sale
You will admit these makes are tho
best You want to buy your piano at
the lowest possible price Then why
dillydally Why procrastinate when
the opportunity the opportunity yoU
have been looking for is right before
Listen As we stated above we have
a nice assortment of these fine makes I
that must go by next Saturday night
Did you catch our meaning THEY I
Mrsr 00
And If you are wise you will see that
one of them goes to your home If you
are alive to your interests you will let I
nothing keep you away nom trif
DaynesBeebe store you will get bore
at the earliest moment and secure tnc
very piano you have been wanting and
at a wonderful saving in the price
When getting ready to come to the
store and you should get ready just
as soon AS you finish reading this Just
slip a 1000 bill In your pocket Tfcwts
nil the oath that IN reatilrcil to secure
choice of any of these great make
For luntance
Ileniitlful ncv upright IH fine IHS
liOKimj Dud link fluUli 1110 styles
choice of several niakoit m oniy in
niul SlIJ Hint Mill Cost jou at leant
tlij to S150 more nt any other piano
At 8177 187 9100 R20S anti 8218
you hate choice of five of the intuit pop
ular nmkcM InteNt KtrloM niHluigcuiO
EiliRliHb oak French vtulnuti Flemlnh
oak and curly walnut beautiful illation
pood pintiOH they arc mid > ou rant
duplicate them in ritzy store nt Irs
tlinii 130 nbovc the price vtc ask for
At PMa IIttw
Nf fetr high grods mekes lit plla ur
IRaq mrve t ensoo Na better pluses
made than these Flmmt ve Mm IH nil
the H l HlHr W MHM sad > OM save fnM
slag to 9183 OM year eb4 le >
Just one left of threw special liar
HiB In H high grade MMike the 45O
style We bed live of them hey nil
went nt 8357 each Thi ceo In a Co
laBial tiexIgB Camp and get It at S257
If you want the very beat use of the
old mnkeit the kind that are priced > nd
sell at M50 S475 HW IB 5M yea lire
indeed fortunate in having well a good
selection Mt thIs Inte day We have n
number of them left ohelee of Soar
makes large medium or HNUMI Mice
NtalR Nr lMH 8 mel > carved In Nnrxt
WHhtHrMHy MlnM HMh0KHMr doll anlwh
IHtrttHY Flemlnh oak AmerleMit wal
nut etc CfMt e sad set four tavwrlte
make Mt ashy SW7 90M 991S 4MB etc
You can save just 3000 additional
on any price Dont overlook tble fea
ture 1000 is all that Is required to
secure any piano In this Club Bale but
If you desire to pay more cash down
we will make It worth your while as
we will credit you ZOO for every dol
lar paid in excess of fiove at tune < > t
purchase and up to 460e
We have sold more Player Piano In
this sale than most houses will sell in
a yar which shows that here to a real
money saving opportunity Tea have
several of the best makes to choose
from The savings are so pronounced
Y01 can scarcely overlook the chance
Here they are
1 WA Jiaeloolla 0 U
i Harm
1 dd
13O I
Term BK low us SWJW NMtttblr OH
above lMnjerlM s
Hont say I cant afford a piano
Tiiio sole op < ns the way it make it
easy for every home to have an instru
ment head about these good used
100 hirkerlnu nt W7K
ee Kiueraou at 110
i4t Cmever at SUM
f40ft Emerson S7
Terms nt Jo m SS montal >
He sure to attend tie saio t > I
ifnihpr n y fiir days m >
Cl < ifx
General S P Jennison
tt Angeles Cal Nov SO Brigadier
to i amuel > P Jennison died at his
I ra ranch tonight after a brief
c 0 which had Its origin in a se
Reforms in Navy Department Go In I
to Full Force and Effect
Washington Nov 30By inaugurat
ing his comprehensive plan of reform
in the navy department tomorrow Sec
I retary Meyer will forestall probably
all attempts at congressional reforma
tion of the department for the present
I At this time he will ask only that the
I bureau of equipment be abolished
which can be accomplished by con
gress alone
A year hence If his reforms are
found to be as satisfactory in practice
us they appear on paper he will ask
congress to make them permanent by
enacting them into laws
Authority is particularly desired In
order to allow the secretary to name
any officers he may desire as his four
aides one for operations of the fleet
a second for material a third for per
sonnel and a fourth for Inspection
At present he is limited to the higher
ranking officers A law is desired to
permit the secretary to detail any of
ficers to this duty who may show un
usual fitness for the place
Little else than the effect of the re
forms was discussed at the navy de
partment today They are regarded as
a striking victory for the line officers
Secretary Meyer intends to appoint
younger men to the positions of com
mandants and captains in the navy
yards Their tenure of office will be
three years at least and Instead of
making it an easy snap for officers
who want to round out their careers
the commandants in the future will be
men who will later out in
I go com I
mand of ship I
Bishop T A Hendricks
Manila Nov 30Bishop T A Hend
ricks of the Diocese of Cebu died today
of cholera The bishop had been gravely
ill for several months There has been
a number of cases of cholera at Cebu
Policeman Discovers Diminutive
Desperado Hiding Under a Bench
t sjing the role of a burglar bold
d tKei inspired by tales of blood
f at dime novel heroes who hurled
tc hlI ledsklns from beetling preci
Harrv Decker 12 years old small
1 kit faced the son of Mr and
M i FItSt Decker living at No baa I
t Lt i I atnue aimed himself with a
fller i revolver and sallied forth
s V before the midnight hour last
t 10 become a heavybrowed bad I
y j
j the gun vsaon t loaded and when
C i ii bundle of shivering childhood
s igged froiu under a bench on the
t jnnch ot the Temple fiats In
i t i Tt mple Meet his courage had
17 t jto the package of Sweet Caporttl
irrtirs whloi i the youth had evi
01 tl U ousideiid the proper sort of
J 1 r to further t is desperate dare
u s i home of robbery and badman
1 j
l1fr > man E W Price was called to
t T tuple flats at midnight it being
lHt d that a burglar was trying to
t t ill entrance When Price arrived
J i > nlv the small boy and a big
f iiiniPineath the bench on the front
veranda and the capture of the diminut
ive outlaw was anything but a glorious
one The surrender bore none ot tht
fight to the last ditch effect that the
boy had pictured when he chose his
career of bad man
Taken to the police station the boy
was found to have in his possession a
fine gold watch cigarettes and the gun
He was exceedingly tame and not in
the least heroic There was as suspicion
of tears in his eyes as he toiu ser
geant X A Spears how he had taken
the gun and watch from his father and
started out for himself
The boy said he left home at 4 oclock
yesterday afternoon He would give no
reason for thus facing the world on his
own account and said he guessed his
mother would be worried when he
dldn t come home at bedtime He re
fused to state what he Intendeu aomg
with the gun and said he guessed he
didnt want to be a bad man
The boy was locked up In the city
jail and his parents will be notified of
Ills arrest this morning The case will
come before the juvenile court be
cause of the boys tender years
n n
Many New Wrinkles to Be Ex
hibited in Madison Square
As the winter appears to be the sea
son in which the thoughts of men turn
to the choice of cars for the coming
spring and summer the fitness of things
is met in the date set for the Tenth
National Automobile show in Madison
Square Garden which is to be held dur
ing the week of January 815 At this
show is afforded always the best op
portunity to inspect the product of the
representative American makers who
comprise the Association of License
Automobile Manufacturers and under i
whose auspices the show is held There J
is promise of many interesting things
in the 1910 models and the exhibition
will bring out some new wrinkles n
construction and design which will as
tonish those who arc aware of the
progress being made toward standard
isation That the modern everyday
motor car generally known as a stock
car has left the misty zone of experi
ment and is now in the height of its
practicability and usefulness is strong
ly emphasized by the many perform
ances in hillclimbing touring speed
and racing contests for this class of
car that have peppered the automo
bile sporting calendar of the year 1109
There will be comprehensive display at
the Garden show of duplicate models
of the stock cars that competed suc
cessfully in the various sporting events
of the year and some of the original
cars will be shown Thanks to the
adoption of certain standards by the
members of the A L A M the new
model of a licensed maker does not
have to be put through years of prepa
ration before It is entered in competition
with other cars Recently there have
been victories won by certain makes of
cars that had scarcely competed in
previous events and this condition of
affairs is thoroughly inspiring to the
Something new either great or small
will be found in nearly every one of
the models to be exhibited and as some
exhibitors cling to the old habit of
keeping something up the sleeve until
show tim there is no telling what sur
prises may be in store It is certain
that some of the new points of inter
est will be found in axles transmissions
and in lubricating systems In bodies
a type that seems to be gaining favor
is the fourpassenger surrey which is
but a tonneau without doors built low
in the back and sides yet providing
plenty of seating space The cars at the
Garden show will range from the cost
liest on the market down to the little
runabout that is cheap enough for the
bakers boy almost
The lage number of accessory ex
hibitors entered makes it certain that
the display of the component parts and
fittings that go to make the motor car
a vehicle of luxury will be very exten
sive and interesting There will be
every conceivable sort of accessory on
view with the newest in wearing ap
parel the latest in ignition devices
selfsUer8 etc and an endless va
I riety in tops tires horns lamps etc
Convicted Briber Petitions Superior
Court for Relief on Bail Pend
ing Appeal I
San Francisco Nov 30Abraham
Ruef the former political boss of
this city through his attorney today
petitioned the superior court for re
lease on ball on the ground that his
continued confinement pending an ap
peal which he has made to the appel
late court has greatly impaired his
The petition is based on the state
ment of twenty physicians who after
examining Ruef today announced that
his Incarceration in the branch county
jail where he nad been confined for
several months was undermining his
They asserted that the heart lungs
and eyesight of the prisoner had been
greatly artocted by his confinement
The petition further stated tlfcit Mrs
Altman sister of Ruef was dangerous
ly ill and that his presence at her
bedside was imperative Judge Cab
anise set tomorrow morning for a for
mal hearing of the matter
flue is under sentence of fourteen
years in the penitentiary lie was con
victed of bribery in connection With
the granting of an overhead trolley
franchise to the Vnited Railroads
Everybodys Magazine
i Please Mumsey just 5 cents
begged Johnny
But Johnny it was only this morn
ing that I guvt you five cents
I know Muwfv but putting hi
arm dToupl litj nnkTm so lard on
t t
r I
4 Li
Baroness lk T itKrhf who was the
first woman to a end in an aeroplane
alone and duect its flight She Is a
Frenchwoman who has become a devotee
of the aeroplane which she says is pre I
ferable to the automobile
Rogers the poet used to relate that
Samuel Foote the dramatist being one
day taken into Whites by a friend who
wanted to write a note and being left
standing in a room full of persons of
quality who were strangers to him
might be supposed to feel not quite at
hit ease Lord Carmarthen wishing to
relieve the actors presumed embarrass
ment came up to speak to him but be
ing himself rather shy could think of
nothing better to say than Mr Foote
your handkerchief is hanging out of
your pocket upon which Foote look
ing suspiciously around and hurriedly
thrusting the handkerchief back into
his pocket gravely replied Thank
you my lord you know the company
better than I do
+ Salt Lake TheatreIn Old Ken +
f tucky 215 p m and 815 p m +
+ Orpheum Theatre Vaudeville
1 + 215 r m and 810 p m t
+ Colonial Theatre In Wyom 4
+ Ing 215 pm and 815 pm 4
r + Bungalow Theatre Consul jr +
f and Pantages Vaudeville 215 p m 4
1 + and 815 p m +
I t + + t + H t f t t 0 tH t t t t t t
1 Tle pioneer of melodramas In Old
Kentucky although not in the first
olusto of youth any more has little rea
son to fear for its laurels for its record
r achieved years ago has been upheld con
i sistently by It season after season until
it has now reached the seventeenth year
of its phenomenal success and bids fair
to run oa for as many more years Pro
duced originally in 1892 it has been pre
sented each season since then and 1U
away over the playgoer Is as complete
today as ever before Lilt A Dlngwali
I the managers of In Old Kentucky
have always maintained a nigh standard
I of excellence in cast and production and
I have never offered an unworthy or indif
ferent performance of the play
I A popular matinee will be given today
at I JO to accommodate the school chil
dren and the play runs tonight and to
morrow night
The Tuscany Troubadours who are
staging their way into the hearts of
Orpheum patrons this week utilize the
thinnest little thread of plot imaginable
In order to string togeiner tnelr pro
gram of songs The selections in order
are O Marie a Neapolitan song
quartette from Rigoletto drinking
song from Traviata toreadors song
from Carmen flower song from Faust
duet from II Trovatore sextette and
march from Tannhauaer Henry Lodge
the conductor of the Troubadours la
the composer of the march which Wil
lard Weihe has selected for next weeks
I 4 Pantages vaudeville continues to amuse
I patrons at the Bungalow theatre Con
sul Jr the mananimal is proving a Mg
drawing card the house being fined at
every performance The bill this week
is an excellent one throughout
Western plays have a fascination for
a great many people that few other
plays possess Every one when peak
ing of a western play naturally thinks
that there will be some shooting In
the course of the evening True there Is
shooting in The Virginian The
Squaw Man and Arisona but the
exception proves the rule because In
Wyoming now playing at the Co
lonial is a western play wiinout one
gun shot and still the interest Is main
I tained as though there were forty
bloody battles
The attraction at the Colonial all
next week will be John Corts produc
tion of the new college girl comedy
Commencement Days by Virginia
Frame and Margaret Mayo Proof is
cumulative that Commencement Days
is one of the seasons successes many
of the critics writing In the most ap
proving vein of its merits while re
porting audiences of capacity size That
something new which the public
ever demands seems in this play to
have been supplied in liberal measure
Mr Cort has given it the advantage of
a strong company and an expensive
scenic environment The original com
pany numbering fifty people headed by
Frederick V Bowers the celebrated
singer comedian and song writer will
he seen in this city Women at the
Wednesday matinee will be presented
with a copy of Mr Bowers latest gong
success Love Me Dreamy Eyes
Sembrichs appearance next week at the
Salt Lake theatre is creating much in
terest In society circles and music stu
The Salt Lake theatre will house a Co
han musical comedy The Talk of New
York next Monday Tuesday and Wed
nesday with Victor Moore in his original
role of Kid Burns under Cohan Sc Har
ris management
The production is promised with all the
lavish expenditure which marked its New
York and Chicago runs The song hits
are many and include I Want You
Thats Some Love Follow Your Un
do Dudley Gee Aint I Glad to Be
Home Again and When We Are MA
Double RIED The advance sale be
gins Friday morning
Isadore Newman
New Orleans Nov 30 Isador Newman
one of the best known capitalists of the
south died today
Dr E D Leavitt
Butte Nov 3ODr B D Leavitt a pio
neer physician who came to Montana
In 1M2 died today aged M year He
served In the constitutional convention
Charles Stewart Smith
New York Nov aCharles Stewart
Smith aged 77 one of the last of the old
line merchant princes who laid the foun
dations of their fortunes before the Civil
war died at his home today of pleu
Duke of Bavaria
Beyreuth Bavaria Nov JODuke Karl
Theodor of Bavaria died today from kid
ney trouble
Duke Karl never figured prominently
in military or political affairs but stud
ied medicine and became a famous eye
specialist He maintained several private
hospitals where the poor were treated
free and did much to Introduce some
sort of sanitation In the homes of the
mountaineers I
Success Magazine
During one of his presidential trips
Mr Cleveland accompanied by Secre
taify Olney arrived at a town in a
heavy storm and they were driven from
the station with hailstones rattling on
the roof of their carriage A brass
band undismayed by the weathei
bravely stuck to its post and played the
welcoming airs
That Is the most realistic music I 1
have ever heard remarked Mr Cleve
What are they playing asked the
secretary of state
4 Hail to the Chief with reel hqll

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