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i 1
nn n
Noted Mining Man Succumbs
to Strain of Financial
4 C + t 0
Financial reverses threatening
his ownership of a group of mines
at Yerington Nev which he had
partially developed caused Cap
tain v A Johnson to end his life
yesterday in an outoftheway
room at the Belmont hotel The
exact hour of the suicide is not <
known His dead body was dls
overed shortly before 3 oclock
yesterday afternoon by George
Kecves one of the rroprietors of
the hostelry Mr Johnson left his
apartments in the Cullen hotel ear 1
ly I Tuesday morning
4 V + A A
Absolute evMece of cyanide of potas
sium and a last letter to his bride of
i s than a year dispels doubt as to
UK t ide
Iignifled an1 a descendant of a dis
tnguished snuthern family Captain
J ihnson had not outwardly displayed
t idence of tinari ial difficulties Yet
0 ruins I the last veek he is said to have
v utihed the development of a prospec
tivc loan with nervous interest It wa
i plained by lose friends of Captain
Johnson i last night that this loan would
iiaw meant sitlvation from financial
i w I the first situation of the kind ever
> iiiive confronted him
Mrs Johnson widow of the dead rnai I
aid not permit the last message of
r nusband to leave her hinds But
ii p Mibstanee it is as follows I am not
j under this terrible strain I reel
tit I am slipping1 falling away The
rrssure is to great I cannot stand it
hy i I longer This was followed by an
iiT < tionate fartwell
Little is known of the movements of
Obtain Johnson since hi disappear
i I > up to 3 lock Tuesday afternoon
1 < actortling to Mr Reeves of the
I mont I hotI he registered under the
r me of Ja kson without initials and
VNtl fhown to room 83 A few minutes
jiffr he returned fo the office of the ho
t and informed the proprietor that he
VnisM keep the key to the room in his
T kf r not desiring certain effects dis
t r td
If was next seen at the Elks club at
ptriit 1 supper time remaining there un
ti about 7 o lock He had little to say
i v and i then t acting remarks about the
v iuther A iluud over his countenance
is dearly in evidence but he tried to
hije the depression He left the club
j IK Clerks at the Belmont hotel can
jot recall when he retired to the room
bur thy believe it was late at night
At noon yesterday one of the chamber
f tcmlant8 of the hotel rappea at tne
c r of room fcu but received no le
ise An hour later this was re
v ifd I I Then Mr Reeves summoned
S S of his sturdy porters and forced
I ves say he had experienced a
of premonition when he first saw
i oT Johnson that something was
Ig and was not surprised at find
is I body stretched out on the floort
1lIg the room as he had found It
iniinoned the police who had been
i filing for Johnson From descrlp
iis furnished by Mrs Johnson bride
dead man he was readily Identi
I I Pr S G Paul pronounced him
i 1 and E ODonnell undertaker
olio Ill rge of the body
M > Johnson bride of the dead min
L man made inquiries at police head
lers if there had been develop
1 in the search for her husband
a lew minutes before his body was
> eyed Returning to the Cullen
1 I where capt Johnson had made
home siiKe the latter part of Jan
w I Mrs Johnson is said to have
v into tan fearing that the de
Tisiion and strain under which he
1 I I labored niiKht have resulted serl
iv She had but recovered from
f > spell when Mrs Kent O Keyes
spying apartments at The Cullen
Ue the news of the suicide Yet in
i twenties and a handsome young
v Mian Mrs Johnson is all but over
i < s with grief
Iintain Johnson was probably known
ery mining man In the west and
tat all over the world having been
t llfl in consultation in the Central
rias South Amelca and many
MIS of hip life wer spent in South
rica I wher ho is said to have ex
need adventures such as have
hp to fw mining men He had
ny times traversed the globe yet he
is only 5Ti years of age well pre
rf i with a promise of at least
+ my t years more of life
I flU thf early developments of the
tt liuggenliftim combinations of mines
J mining interests Captain Johnson
i as general superintendent Because
master hand in dealing with mining
i i sts the tiuggenhein syndicate se
d I him to have entie charge of Its
iopmenth Tt is i said by mining men
n iliar with this big mining combination
iptain Johnson was largely respon
S e H > i 1 > for its jln noinenal success He was
1 one > time associated with John Hays
J nimnnd i known as the worlds greatest
attain Johnson cumulated several
iiiMs tliroiKh his knowledge of min
a but the possibilities of greater for
I i ansed him to dissipate these for
f r s in min Tfo was a rich man when
I irif in povsp inn of a grout of mires
Vnington Xev So confident wa
iliat thy wmiM produce his last great
ike I that h spnt thousands of dollars
i their i dovflopnifiit Hut it is said his
r st in them went beyond the limit
ill i kavtiiK him without means He
ned in Tfrincton whenJils hopes were
Ticit i but found it necessary to come to
S i 11 t Take City briefly afterward for the
v rpose of negotiating a loan which is
i d t have been of large proportions
The Safest Way
The safest way to invest
money is to deposit it with a I
sound financial institution pay
ing liberal rates of interest
where its safety is assured be
yond question This Company
issues Secured Certificates in
denominations of 100 or more
guaranteed by its Capital and
Surplus of 40000000 and se
cured by First Mortgages on im
proved real estate located in
Salt lake City Interest at the
rate of 6 per cent per annum
payable semiannually
Salt Lake
Security Trust
32 Up Main Street
Capital 30000000
Surplus 10000000
SchrammJohnson Drugs
If the breakfast doesnt I
start right its usually
the fault of the coffee
You cantt go wrong
if you use Electa Coffee
Its the kind we serve
Advance Holiday Sale
Our sale will he continued Monday
Tuesday and Wednesday Discount
price on all our fine China Glassware
and Christmas Novelties Bring your
Christmas list with you We can help
you save money
66 Main Street
2175 for 3500 and 3000
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South Main tit Opp the Z O M I I
Highest price paid for strictly fresh
p S
TribuneReporter Printing Co
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Do you kodak We finish and also Mil
the supplies Salt Lake Photo Supply
ro177 Ms4n street
Seldom is there any nsw
jewelry for men If there
is we show it
A watch chain fob studs
links buttons a ring and
a few tie pins are about
We have the latest in
mannish designs
Heres a Coat
for tin y
busIIN num
I Heres a coat with dignified
lines fall I of ntylc and com
fort The < ut is conserva
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ft superbly done that yen cant
help but Hk i Ji
i Its only one of i dozen
styles though io 7011 may
ret assured that we baa > suit
Coats 15 to UO
New Store 245 South Main
Somewhere In the classified columns of every issue of The HeraldRe
publican will be found an order for two seats at the Orpheum theatre good
for either matinee or evening performance on date of Issue The person whose
name appears In this order will please present a copy of the ad to The Her
aldRepublican office before 6 oclock today together with a positive identi
fication your last subscription receipt will do Read the classified adver
tisements in this issue Perhaps your name if there
Removal Sale
Big reduction in Wall Paper and
Framed Pictures Will move Jan l at
I doors north of prevent location to oar
new 4story building
57 Main
Former residents of the state of Georgia
met last night at the home of Mrs Clar
ance Smulfyan In the Bungalow apart
ments and discussed further plans for the
organhwtiOD of a TTtah Georgia society
This was the second of a series of meet
ings l in the Interest of the proposed soci
ety and several recruits to the movement
were added last night Another meeting
will be held within the next few days the
time to be announced later and all former
residents of Georgia who have adopted
Salt Lake as their home will be invited
Kodak Finishing
Salt Lake Photo Supnly Co 177 Main 81
Royal Stale Bread Depot
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p t
Plumes cleaned and curled College
Millinery Parlors at Tribune bldg
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long satin ined throughout black and
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want it for there is an
Acme Quality
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the purpose too
aT XMt First S Hrt i
Royal Stale Bread Depot
Open 8 to 6 p m daily entrance on
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give room for all five toes
No pinching no starting of
bunions or corns for future
And they wear as well as
the best
214 Main
Successors to
Romney Dependable Shoes
Daughter of Governor Spry to I
Christen the Battleship Utah
2 Ti
lk e
< 4
> S
1 5 I
5 I
4 Si 5 5 5
5 > 5
S k
Mary Alice Spry daughter of Gov
ernor William Spry will be sponsor for
Uncle Sams newest battleship Utah
when it is launched from the New York
Shipbuilding companys yards at Cam
den N J or or about December 23
This was the unanimous decision of
all of the state officials who met in the
office of Governor Spry yesterday
called together by the governor for the
purpose of giving this honor to some
fair daughter of Utah There was no
name other than that of Miss Spry sug
gested The vote of the state officials
was unanimous and Miss Spry will be
the young lady to christen the battle
The custom has been followed by
moat other states of the Union where
the governor has been fortunate
enough to possess a daughter who could
preside at a christening and the prece
dent of other states was followed in the
choice of a representative of Utah
Miss Mary Alice Spry is 18 years old
the eldest daughter of Governor Spry
and is a social favorite She Is a
charming young woman and has been
present at several functions given by
Governor Spry since his election to the
highest office in the state
Tne choice of a sponsor for the bat
tleship Utah came as a result of a let
ter from Beekman Winthrop assistant
secretary of the navy He informed
Governor Spry that the battleship Utah
would be ready for launching on or
about December 23 from the yards of
the New York Shipbuilding company at
Camden As there are onlythree weeks
left Governor Spry at once called the
state officials together and put the mat
ter of naming a sponsor up to them
Miss Spry was immediately selected
Governor Spry announced during the
afternoon that the official Utah party
would consist of himself the congres
sional delegates the state elective of
ficials the three supreme court justices
the governors official staff and the
president of the last state senate and
speaker of the last house of represent
A general invitation was issued by the
governor however for all Utahns to at
tend who cared to witness the impres
sive ceremony It had been expected
that the launching of the battleship
Utah would be some time next year but
the shipbuilding company is rushing
work to have it ready for the tests
within the required time It Is believed
there will be several hundred men and
women from Utah who will attend the
ceremony but the official party was
limited to this number
The exact date of the launching has
not been set but it will be known defi
nitely within a few days It will prob
ably be December 23 as that is the day
named by the shipbuilding company in
a letter to the navy department at
The shipbuilding company wired Gov
enor Spry yesterday to know the spon
sor and was Informed last night by tel
egraph following a telegram to Beck
man Winthrop assistant secretary of
the navy containing the same informa
Breaks Outof Jail and Asks
For Job on the Police Force
As a means of escaping arrest and re
turn to Pasco Washington on a charge
of grand Itrceny E P Kubrick made
the police of Salt Lake his friends during
his stay of several months in the city and
even went so far as to llle his application
with the chief of police for a place on
the force And all the while a reward df
J100 was hanging over his head offered
by Sheriff T V Davis of Pasco who is
now in Salt Lake waiting for extradition
papers to take Hubrick back to Pasco
with him
Hubrick admitted his intimacy with the
police officers when arrested by Deputy
Sheriffs John Corliss and R L Edding
ton He said he had made no secret about
hie name and had not tried to hide while
in Salt Lake
Why I thought they had dropped the
business at Pasco and I have applied for
a job on the Salt Lake police force he
told the deputy sheriffs
The Hubrick matter is a living issue in
Pasco Hjbrick ftole some rails from
a railroad company itis said and used
them for reinforcement in a5 building
This was learned and he was arrested
After being in jail a short time Hu
brick escaped Then the district attorney
enemy of Sheriff Davis brought pro
ceedings vgalnst the officer in an effort
to throw him out of office Davis him
self was arrested and is still under ar
Owing to the public interest aroused
Sheriff Davis offered a reward of 100 for
the capture of Hubrick and circulars were
scattered through the northwest Copies
were received by the sheriff and it Is be
lieved several were also received by the
police But Hubrick made friends with
the officers and detectives who hardly
looked for an alleged criminal around po
lice headquarters When Hubrick was
picked up by the two deputy sheriffs fie
said he had been in Salt Lake for several
months He escaped from the Pasco jail
on April 29 last
John D Rockefeller Not Afraid of
Killing or KidnapingArrives
in New York
New York Dec 1Oh pshaw oh
pahaw5 said John D Rockefeller smil
ingly today as he alighted from a train
from Cleveland and was told that he
had been marked for kidnaping or per
haps killing in his home city The pres
ident of the Standard Oil ompany was
accompanied here by his wife who la I
quite ill
Why theres nothing to that story
at all added Mr Rockefeller It all
seems to have been started because I
did not make a speech I had promised
at the Euclid Avenue Baptist church
in Cleveland The condition of my
wifes health prevented it thats all
My wife is very sick and I came
here at this time instead of earlier be
cause of her health Im not the least
bit worried about this story
Mr and Mrs Rockefeller were met at
the station by their son John D Rock
efeller jr and their daughter Mrs
Harold McCormick and her husband
Mrs Rockefeller was wheeled to an au
tomobile and then taken to the winter
home of the Rockefellers on West Ffty
fourth street
Harold S Smith of Minerva 0 told
the Cleveland police yesterday that he
had overheard a plot in Alliance 0 to
kidnap or kill Mr Rockefeller I
No meeting of the Retail Merchants as
sociation of this city was held last night
which was the regular meeting night of
the organization for the reason that it
had been decided at a meeting two weeks
before to postpone the sessions of the organization
anization until after the Food Show and
Exposition held under the auspices of
the association the desire being that the
members might give their whole attention
to boosting the exposition
S V Price president of the associ
ation said last night that a regular meet
ing will take Place next Wednesday night
at vliirh reports will Ie I made on the re
Fults t of the food exposition
Order Affecting Bureau and Division
Chiefs and Army and Navy
Washington Dec 1A gag order af
fecting the furnishing of information to
any committee of the house or senate
or any member of congress except as
authorized by the head of the department
in which such official serves hag been
promulgated by the president
Tbe order is directed at bureau officers
or division chiefs and officers of the
army navy and marine corps stationed
in Washington
In explanation it was stated that the
order had for Its object the centralisation
of authority
Trained in newspaper work for many
years and having had seven years ex
perience on local newspapers has made
Eugene B Palmer an enthusiastic
booster for Salt Lake by temperament
conviction and practice Mr Palmer
can back his convictions regarding the
bright future for the city by more log
ical reasons why Salt Lake le bound to
grow than almost any other business
As a member of the firm of Stowe
Palmer Mr Palmer is trying to forget
the slavery of news gathering He pre
fers selling real estate and insurance
Soon after I came to Salt Lake I
made a systematic study of the cities of
the west with the result that Salt Lake
showed up better than any other city
said Mr Palmer yesterday This in
vestigation made with a view to selc < t
Ing a permanent place of residence in
cluded existing conditions location with
regard to resources and trade and pros
pects for future growth and in com I
I parison with Denver Butte Spokane
Portland Seattle San Francisco and
Los Angeles Salt Lake stood alone a < =
without doubt the city of promise The
resources of Utah southern Idaho and
Nevada which are directly tributary
to Salt Lake are far in excess of the
foundation for business on which any
other western city can draw and these j
resources great as they have ben
shown are only at the beginning of
their development
Salt Lake has not been understood
by eastern investors and prospective j
settlers but the awakening in recent I
years has resulted in breaking the shell
as illustrated by the Newhouse and I
Auerbach real estate deals and Salt
Lake is coming to Its own It Is now I
simply a case of catching up with the
tributary resources and until this can
be don there can be no possibility of a
pause in the advancement of Salt Lake
ill every line of progress
Mr Palmer entered the real estate
I ir c I
If i
business with Howard S Htriwe in 1906
and one year iuicr tlity nought I I a i con
trolling interest in the Wilsontjiicrman
Insurance agency which is operated sep
arately and in which E W Wilson of
San Francisco and Hoyt Sherman still
retain an interest I
COLLEGE men throughout the coun
try have put their stamp of en
thusiastic endorsement upon Fred
erick V Bowers as the ideal stage col
lege boy Mr Bowers knows his college
man his is not the slang Illbred and
too often grotesque character frequent
ly seen upon the American stage but a
thoroughbred a college man as he is
known at Harvard at Yale at Prince
ton at Columbia and all other seats of
knowledge wherein are obtained those
degrees of higher education The result I
is that Mr Bowers at the present time
enjoys the reputation of being the most I
faithful portrayer of the college boy on j
the American stage
In Commencement Days which John I
Cort will present at the Colonial all
next week Mr Bowers plays a college
boy tbe scenes of the play all being
laid at a girls college Mr Bowers is
immaculately tailored by the niftiest
artists in mens clothes on Fifth ave
nue his Panama is the proper shape i
and his ribbon is Yales his alma ma I
ter his pipe is extremely varsity and
his gait is the typical gait of the Yale I
senior >
When he appeared in New Haven
last season In his oneact musical
sketch College Days the Yale men
who came to scoff and remained to
praise readily realized that in this lib I
able song writer singer and comedian
existed a personality that wine because j
of itll exactitude for in his portrayal of
these particular roles Mr Bowers does
not seem the actor but a real college
man Salt Lake theatregoers who have
seen Mr Bowers in college characters
will thoroughly enjoy his appearance in
Commencement Days which gives
him greater chance to display his
talents than anything he has ever done I
I t
I l
I d
Independent Telephone Companies
Fear Hindrance by the Bell
New York Dec Independent tele
phone interests have an available fight
ing fund of 100000 subscribed to do
battle against the Bell telephone inter
ests wherever tke latter attempts to
wipe out competition k
This was the gist of teTstirimny by D
A Wilson of New York prominently
identified with the independent inter
ests at the state investigation Of tele
phone and telegraph companies today
The disposition on the part of the
Bell company is to annihilate the in
dependent companies all over the coun
try said Mr Wilson The National
Association of Independent Telephone
Companies has created a fund of 100
000 to fight the Bell people wherever
they try to wipe out competition This
was formed three months ago The way
the Bell company deteriorates the inde
pendent companies is to buy a company
here and there thus breaking up the
chain There are three million tele
phones in New York New Jersey and
Connecticut that cannot enter New
York City because there is no Independ
ent company here
Well Dressed Young Woman Found
Unconscious in Lincoln Park
Chicago Dec IA well dressed young
womaii was found in Lincoln park here
today unconscious She was taken to a
hospital and revived when she said that
her name was Haael Elisabeth Robert
son Dillon of Holland Mich She told
the police that she had been injured in
jumping from a tree while escaping from
a convent in Tarrytown N Y some
days ago She declared that her father
was an official of the Oregon Short Line
railroad and lived at Glenns Ferry Ida
At a hotel last night she registered as
Hazel Robertson
Glenns Ferry Ida Dec IThe only
Dillon in Glenns Ferry is W F Dillon
formerly foreman in the Oregon Short
Line shops He disclaims all knowledge
of Elisabeth Robertson Dillon the name
given by a girl found unceoscfoue in a
Chicago park today His brother living
at Grand Rapids Mich has a daughter
but her name is not Elisabeth
One Man Dead and Two Fatally In
jured During the Desperate
Kiefes Okla Dec 1one man was
killed and two probably fatally we and
ed In a street fight with revolvers her
Dead Melvin Ooley
Fatally wounded Deputy Marshal
Gooch and Thomas Boxley a carpen
The shooting grew out of the killing
a month ago of Homer Ooley a gam
bler by Marshal R P Highnote
When Melvin Ooley Homers brother
met Marshal Highnote and Deputy
Marshal Gooch he took them to task
for the death of his brother The ar
gument waxed warm and finally Ooley
drew a revolver and shot Gooch in
flicting a fatal wound As Gooch
dropped to the ground Ooley struck
him about the head with a rifle stock
Highnote who had been taken by
surprise had by this time drawn a re
volver and began firing Ooley returned
the fire and in the exchange of shots
Ooley was killed and Bosley a by
stander was shot in the head and prob
ably fatally wounded
For a time following the affray a
pitched battle between the friends of
Ooley and the deputy sheriffs was
Plaintiff Avers Defendant Has
Been Taking Ore From
Amanda Mine
Charging that for the last four years
the Utah Copper company has been dig
ging ore out of the Amanda mine in the
West Mountain mining district at Bing
liam colonel E A Wall yesterday filed
suit in the Third district court against
the Utah Copper company and D C Jack
ing manager for 3870000 and for an in
junction to prohibit the Utah Copper com
pany from distributing any more divi
dends until the suit Is ended
It is charged by Colonel Wall that min
ers of the Utah Copper company have
sloped into the Amanda property which
adjoins the ground of the Utah Copper
company and that during the last four
years approximately 215000 tons of gold
silver and copper ores have been ex
tracted and kept by defendant Colonel
Wall places a value of 98 a ton on the
ore which he says has been taken from i
his mine The 215000 tons at 6 a ton
would bring the total ta 1290000 but
Colonel Wall claims three times this
amount under section 1536 of the compiled
laws 1907 which treble the price against
men or corporations found guilty of tak
ing ore from property belonging to oth
ers This would make the total claim
mount up to 3370000
Colonel Wall sets forth that it would
be impossible to determine accurately the I
amount of ore taken from the Amanda
unless his engineers could get into the
underground workings and compel the
Utah Copper company to remove obstruc
tions which he says block the s
and hide the amount of sloping done It
is asserted in the complaint that It was
only recently that It was learned that
defendant had been trespassing on the
property of Colonel Wall
Colonel Wall says that statements is
sued by the Utah Copper company show
that only 000080 tons of ore are known
to exist in its ground that D C Jack
ling as manager made a sworn state
ment to the state board of equalization
on February So 190 that 1881818 tons of
ore had been extracted from the mine of
the Ueah Copper company in 1908 at a
net profit of JSMS1IM or 30 cents a ton
In 1906 Colonel Wall says the Utah Cop
per paid two dividends for the last half
of the year amounting to J69S38750 or
3956840 more than the net earnings of
the company were shown to be
lt is claimed that the Utah Copper
mined 2JWWO tons of ore in 1909 up to
September 30 and that the ore ran four
pounds of copper less to the ton than
the ore of the year previous or a de
crease in the value of the ore of about SO
cents a ton If this keeps up Colonel
Wall asserts the mine will be exhausted
before the present suit is finally deter
Colonel Wall asks that the title to the
Amanda claim be quieted in his favor
that the Utah Copper company be or
dered to make an accounting to him for
the amount and value of the ore taken
from his mine and that the Utah Copper
be restrained from paying any more divi
dead until the settlement of the present
suit Plaintiff also asks the court for an
order permitting hta agents to investigate
the underground workings and to inspect
and survey the property in an effort to
discover the amount of ore extracted
Re eiv n Appointed by the Pederal
Owat for Tw Jif aIIip
Chicago Dec 1 Judge C C Kohl
saat in the United States circuit court
today appointed receivers for the Illi
nois Tunnel company and the Chicago
Warehouse it Terminal company com
panies held by the 160000000 Chicago
Subway company
David R Forgan president of the Na
tional City bank and Charles Q Dawes
president of the Central Trust company
of Illinois were named as receivers for
the tunnel company and Edwin A Pot
ter president of the American Trust
Savings bank for the other
The companies went into receivership
after two judgments had been rendered
against them in favor of the Corpora
tion Trust company The judgment
against the warehouse company was for
3046794 and that against the tunnel
company 1129428
The tunnel company includes In its
organisation the Illinois Telephone
Construction company which is als
affected by tbe receivership
The receivership is the initial step m
a plan to reorganize the two companies
under friendly terms A reorganization
committee will enter upon the task of
carrying to completion the tunnel ant
its connecting entrances
Reorganization was made necessary
because the bond limit for the tunnel I
company had been reached

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