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Oontinuod from page one
d twy come and we are moving a large
amount of package freight In a week
the public will not know that there Is a
Men Being Imported
Between 2Du and 300 men arrived today
fiom Chicago and were distributed in
tit Paul Minneapolis and Duluth
Railway managers claim they caa get
plenty of nun to take the places of
awitchmen aid that some maw oa hand
are experienced in the work Some will
b placed at work in the yards aDd others
will act as guards
Five switch engines were working in the
Union depot yards early today and others
were xpcted to be put in commission
when needed According to a statement
ued by Third Vice President Sla < le of
the Northern Pacific two coa trains
were moving today between Duluth and
St Paul and four trains of grain and
miscellaneous freight Yo ere moved into
Wtc frg v
1F en
k j
practically all lines
Some St Paul wholesale grocers report
td today that shipping conditions were
improved but coal dealers and produce
nen said that conditions were unchanged
Claim ef Strikers
p s against optimistic statements of the
lailic d iranagtrs strike leaders say they
re to a stronger position today than
ver They refer to the fact that the
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen and
tile Order of Kailw y Conductors in Mel
rose Minn yesterday adopted a resolu
tion t stand neutral and refuse to do
IJlhI than the work done prior to the
ndl trouble
th iReMis that trainmen and conduc
tors WIll refuite to do lilly swfWfetaK ex
cpt nt those staUpi4 ere ttjwd been
i s oinary for traia WWTS to switch their
Factory farces are being reduced be
cause Jf the shortage of supplies caused
bv the freight tieup and the two big
shop of the Greet Northern employing
108 rnl failed J open yesterday
All eept one of the twentthre big
lion mills n Minneapolis are idle al
though milhr ay they will know in 24
hours whether they will open their mlus
Imported strik breakers wearing spe
cial poit badges were reported on duty
at the Union station yards today by strike
lUtkctK and when President Hawley
learned that these men had been import
til 1 he call d the attention ot the state i
labor commissioner to the matter
Labor Commissioner McEwen said that
were not
wuung police badges
I men
residents of Minnesota they and those
jespuasib1 fur their presence in the
state were violating the state law
McEwen is i investigating the report and
said this uternoon if he fin s nonresl
clcnts of Minnesota le wearing special
vobce badges he wltt at once order their
arrest as well as the arreFt of those who
breugflt them here if they appear liable
untler the law
Officers Must Be Voters
The law makes it illegal for any one
not a local voter of the state to Mt as
Fpicial police officer detective constable
militiaman or patrolman If they
liable to Impris
been swnn in they are
onment tor one year
Mayor Javier has been retained as legal
He addressed
cal counsil for the switqhmen
dressed a meeting pf strikers in Minne
apolis ls > t night and said
Some of the newspaper give the em
iloxers side only and state that the rail
were not notified until too
inad manage
1 jIt < of the oHtmaplato action of the
tchnien Hut I state hre and now
that they knew to a ana when the strike
ai ou a ana hat tne > made no
sctthHOsnt to avert the im
LL r of a
pt mliog trouble
When president Hawiejr ° f the
p ewitchmena union was shown the
statement of the general managers re
garding the refusal of the men to ar
bitrate their differences he said
I do not care to make a formal an
swer to that until I consult with Mayor
Layler Mr Lawler however has an
swered every point raised by the gen
erl managers committee In hUt state
ment which was made public here to
Statement of Mayor Lawler
Mayor Lawler Ibis gflerpO 1 uied
p statement defining the potatUoft of
the men and the refusal to arbitrate
under the Erdman law
The mayor says that the railroad
d action
managers making cjptMted
through the press ta Sa public
opinion lu their favmrjMJot in a
position to charge the Bisjsi with un
fairness in refusing to arbitrate under
tnit law for the reason that from
the beginning ef the dispute the man
agers refused to consider a suggestion
relative to an increase in wages for
the men
Mayor Lawler says the Erdman law
Is so hedged that shoKld the switch
men agree to arbitrate under It they
would be stripped of all legal power
legitimately to press their claims and
it would put them completely In the
power Of the railroads
Mayor Lawler say that admitting
alat Afc decision Wer favorable to the
fwitchnen the mUd mifthtfappeal
to the courts and wSKiy a final de
ctbion for one or two years in which
event the men would be compelled to
work under the old schedule at wages
and it would be illegal for them to
strike or in any way aiu in r strike
Managers Issue Statement
The joint committee of railway man
a gcrs late today issued the following
The millions of people who will suf
i > i bv reason of the growing paralysis
1 t traffli of thirteen railways enter
ing St Paul and Minneapolis and by
tie throwing out of employment of
thousands of men engaged in mining
manufacturing and commercial busi
ma requiring railroad facilities should
know that this situation is due to the
refusal of the membership of the
Switchmens Union of North America
to abide by the propos arbitration of
Calling of this strike notwithstan4
ing the managers offer to arbitrate
violates the spirit of fair play which
every citizen must regard as a funda
mental principle as between employer
aiul employe The proposal that the
question involved should b arbitrated
was acQUi eed in tor this committee
which assumed that the switchmen
shared the desire for an amicable ad
justment of questions under consid
eration and would not willingly bring
upon the public the paralysis of busi
ness the immense monetary loss and
the actual hardship which a strike
Notwithstanding that President
Hawley of the switchmens union Jelli
ed with this committee in the telegram
sent November 23 to Maitin A Knapp
chairman of the interstate commerce
commission and to Charles P Nelll
United States commissioner of labor
Inviting thair good offices vs mediat
ors under the Erdman act tne strike
order was issued without the know
ledge of the managers committee or
of the switchmen to cease work in
event that their full demands had not
been conceded a violation of good
faith which led to the present condi
tionThe transportation of perishable
freight baa become practically impos
sible and the result cannot tall to be
actual hardship to the public Every
effort will be made to restore trans
portation conditions to the normal at
the earliest possible moment
Violence at Duluth I
Duluth Dec IThe first violence
In the strike was reported in Duluth
today when Superintendent Nicholas
of the Northern Pacific road applied to
Mayor Haven for police protection
claiming several train crews had been
attacked by strikers
The strikers posted themselves on
the viaducts crossing the railroad
tracks and threw stones The windows
in one engine were shattered and the
engineer was badly cut by the glass
Other men were also slightly Injured
The chief of police sent a detail of
special officers to guard the nonunion
More Mines Closed
Helena Mom Dee 2Laok of coal
due to the switchmens strike farced
the Parrot mine of the Amalgamated
Copper compary at Butte to close to
night The Moonlight another Arcal
tramited property will shut aown to
m 11 ow l it two mines employ 400
ih I olg as tm Ortgon Short
Line continues to operate Butte will
be supplied with fuel and other neces
itn aid tic rfpt i of tlK minps < in
kfep pen
The Little
About a Jewelry store are often
sadly neglected when they are real
ly the most important We give
particular attention to small mat
ters uch as the proper wrapping
of pack tges neat jewelry boxes or
the manner in which your selection
is engraved These are sums of the
little things that mak a Christmas
present appreciatfd or otherwise
Come in now and avoid the nub
which comes with the but few
weeks Give us a chance to please
you and we will make good
Kiibbard = Denn Co
S9 East Third South I
A private safe may be rented In the
tire and burglar proof vault of the Salt
Lake Security Trust Co 88 up Main
street 200 per year and upwards
The Plan Upon Which Coffee Operates
Coffee is such a secret worker that
it is not suspected as the cause ot sick
ness or disease but there Is a very sure
way to find out the truth
A lady in Memphis gives an interest
ing experience her husband had with
coffee It seems that he had been us
ing it for some time and was an in
The physician in charge shrewdly
suspected that coffee was the Worm
at the root of tile tree and ordered
it discontinued with instructions to use
Postum regularly In its place
The wife says We found that was
the true remedy for his stomaoh and
heart trouble and we would have glad
ly paid a hundred times the amount
ef the doctors charge lien we found
how wise his judgment was
The use of Postum instead of coffee
was begun about a yea ago and it baa
made my husband a strong well man
He has gained thirtyfive pounds in
that time and his stomach and heart
trouble have all disappeared
The arM time I prepared it I did
not boll it long enough and he said
there was something wrone with It
Sure enough it did taste very Hat but
the next morning I followed directions
carefully bolllrtg it for fifteen min
utes anti he remarked this is better
than any or the old coffee
W e use Postum regularly and never
tire of telling our friends of the benefit
ve have received leaving off cof
fee Look for the little book The Road
to Wllville in pkgs Theres a
Ever read the above letter A new
one appears from time to time They
are genuine true and full of human
interest II I I
Por Infants and Child jn
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of c2 4f I
S 4
I 0
I 0
Down in the Subway you will find
the bargain lovers right at home
Glance over these specials and see
what you want
3 Big Specials for Friday and
i Saturday
150 dozen fourinhand neckties 4 for
95c regular price 50c each
500 pairs of men fs buckskin and woolen
gloves and mittens at 4Sc a pair reg
ular price 75c to 125
200 men s and youths overcoats and
suits at 875 regular price 12 to 18
Muttett Clothing Company
I i
Mrs Winslows Soothing Syrup
bas been used for YEARS by MILLlov
best remedy for DIARRHOEA Sold by
Druggists In every part of the world Ito
sure and ask for Mrs Winslows vootfc
leg Syrup and take no other kind
Twntyflv cents a bottle GUARAN
at a meeting of the board of director
of the Gordon Mining and Milling com
pany held at Salt Lake City Utah on
Friday the 12tn day of November 1M1
an assessment of two dollars per thou
sand shares was levied on the capitrl i
stock of said corporation issued and out
standing payable in two installments
namely Onehalf of said assessment pay
able on or before toe 20th day of De
cember 190B and the remaining portion
of said assessment payable on or before
the 16th day of January 1910 to A g
Fowler secretary of said corporation at
his office No 2tf South Main street
Salt Lake City Utah Any stock upon
which said assessment or any portion
thereof shall remain unpaid on the 1Mb
day ef January mOo will become delin
quent and unless payment is nude be
fore will be advertised for sale and so
many shares of each parcel of such stock
as may be necessary will be sold oa Sat
urday the 4th day of February mOo at
3 oclock p m of said day at the office
of the secretary No 218 South Main
street Salt Lake City Utah to pay the
said assessment costs of advertising and
expsis of sale A S FOWLER
Secretary of the said Gordon Mining and
Milling Company
Notice of Application to DkIneerp
Third Judicial district in and for Bait
take county stale of Utah In the mat
ter of the application of the Hero Ne
vada Mines company to Ds disincorpor
ated Notice of application to disincor
Notice is hereby given that the Hero
Nevada Mines company a corporation
formed under the laws of the state of
Utah hag presents to the Third District
court of Salt Lake eounty Utah a pe
tition praying to be allowed to disincor
porate and dissolve and that Friday the
fiat 4ay of December A D 190s at 10
siclook a m or as soon thereafter as
counsel can be heard has been appointed
as the time and the court room of the I
Honorable C W Morse city and county I I
building Salt Lake City Utah as the 1
place at which said application will be
Witness the clerk of said court with I I
the seal affixed this Mth day of Novem
ber A D 1909
Sea Clerk
By Fred C Bassett Deputy Clerk I
ITansoB II Cart Attorneys for Peti
at a meeting of the board of directors
of the Seven Brothers Pioche Mining
company held at Salt Lake City Utah
on Friday the Uth day of November
1001I an assessment of two dollars per
thousand shares was levied on the capi
tal stock of std corporation issued and
utatandtng payable hi two installments
namely Onehalf of said assessment pay
able on or before the Iota day of Decem I
ber 19W and the remaining portion of
said assessment payable on or before the
ith day of January M10 to A a Fow I
ler secretary of said corporation at his
ffte8 No 218 South Main street Salt I
Lake City Utah Any stock upon which I
said assessment or any portion thereof i
hall remain unpaid on the loth day ot
January DIg will become delinquent and I I
Rtess payment is made before will be I
advertised for sale and so many shares
of each parcel of such stock as may be
necessary will be sold on Saturday the I
4th day of February 1910 at 3 oclock
p m of Bald day at the office ot the
secretary No 218 South Main stet Salt i
Lake City Utah to pay the said assess I
ment costs of advertising and expense of
Secretary of the 811f Sewn Brothers Pi 1
oche Mining Company
We are convert
ing a lot of people
to tkt Blue Wagon
System of treating
stoves and furnaces
Its Better Coal
Western Fuel Co i
CritchJow Richer Kittle
Cable Awn Wetfnco
PJaouI 711 71 Main Street
Streetf f
A guaranteed cure for the Liquor
and Tobacco Habits
PRICE 1250
sars What a Oat Stop
Me Aftaey I
When You Move
Do It Quickly
Our facilities are eomplete in de
tail Service is prompt and satis
factory a trial will convince you
lG J WltSon Trllsfr CO
IKD IMS am 343
Be a Traveling Salesman
Increase your power to convince
others earn from 1200 to 10 f < K > a
year W R Trotter is the only man
teaching salesmanship who s sjlt
manager of a great wholesale roubt
and an official of the U C T Our
graduates hold paying i > siUjiis ajj
we can assist YOU to profitable em
ployment Ours is the most pllfcticol
and moat highly endorsed course In the
The Trotter School of les
E B Houts Local Mgr
617 Atlas Bock
Salt Lake City
Notice of Sale of Real and Personal
court Salt Lake county State oi I ra
In the matter of the estate of Cl I
tian Rohrbach deceased N t
hereby given that the undeisigned In
juant to an order of the above iai
court in the matter of said Hate m
and entered on November 2t 6 19u9 w
jell at private sale the following 1
scubed real and personal estate o
longing to said estate and situated
Salt Lake City Salt Lake county Stat
of Utal tlwit The persona effe > u <
said decedsed appraised ia ii j
if I 20 > A < u > tsage upon real l pro
eny ioi j iLL um of 135000 li 1
May 9 ISIi dtaw log 6 per cent Inttrt v
per nlltiUj i Ul of lot 11 I Mock I
now > I d i tjion of lut I i and i r In t
ot 6 block t 9 plat C halt I ike Cn
Survey Said sale will take ph
I he office of G H Backman haseinr
1 J South Main stuet I 1 Jt La I
City Itah Monday the Hti tby of r j >
piliF Jio l at lOoVIoLk TEIn
it sale cash and tibjcct l I 1 canfirm
tin i li 1 sid 1 i our
A UMMMi I It Mi EYIn i i
under laat L v Ill aiil I tt Ma ifat of
tian Rohrbach deceased
n H Backman Attorney fo t t
h > L
Bftemer Tells How to Train
the Digestive Organs in
Sensible Way i
KilWcatc your utoinnch You eai
train It to digest anything you train
to eat If the discipline Is not lax Mat
regularly Sleep enoush but not tot
ratterf Rxerclse lie cheerful Do thU
and east iron nails will utmost agree
with you
The Cooper stomach man vas em
phatic yesterday in his discussion of
nealth low to lose it and how to re
gain it He was meeting callers all day
at Smiths Busy Corner drug store
Main and Second South streets He
said Most people would treat a dog bet
ter than they do their own stomachs
They cram all kinds of food into it with
no regard for what It should have and
then they wonder why they do not feel
the bounding glow of perfect health
There ia no reason why a man should
lint eat almost anything he wants if he
only uses his brains But he can eat
hardly anything and stay healthy un
less h does The stomach must be edu
cated Train it to expect its food n > g
ularlv Give it about the same quan
tity at every meal than sleep regularly
and exercise
The trouble with thousands qf peo
ple in Salt Lake is that they cannot
follow this advice with advantage now
because they have ruined their stom
achs by their careless habits of life
They should call a halt and get their
stomachs working propjrtv or they are
on the way to lifelong suffering No one
endures such agony as tho chronic dys
peptic The chances are ten to one also
that the man with stomach trouble has
some other disease with it For stom
ach trouble is the root cause nf 9G per
cent of all ill health All t this tired
droopy halfsickness with which so
many Salt Lakers are afflicted is di
itxtly traceable to stomach trouble
Catarrh of the stomach is the com
monest form Few people who have It
know that they have it The rtiscase is
a simple congestion and inflammation
of the delicate mucous membrane that
lines the walls of the stomach Hut it
prevents digestion and the food rots
and turns to poison I1 forms > md the
stomach and bowels are distended with
bitter oily and foul eruettun The
tongue is coated the bowels are irreg
ular and ti ere is depression anxiety
despondency and lassitude DizxiJc
headache cramps water brash con
stipation diarrhoea and other compli
cations follow
Tone up the stomach and you turn
the poisonous blood Into pure blood
and all the other diseases which in
reality are only symptoms of stomach
trouble disappear This I believe I
know how to do At any rate there are
hundreds of people living right here In
Salt Lake who have taken the remedy
I have been introducing here and have
been telling their friends that they tire
cured Ask any one of them The
names and addresses of hundreds have
been published in the daily papers and
the truth of their statements can be
easily verified
Policeman Loses Thirty Cents and
Neglects to Arrest Men Who
Won the Chips
It cost Patrolman James Eckstein fif
teen days suspension from service In the
police department toplay 90 cents In chips
Into a poker game at James Sullivans
saloon in West Temple street Patrolman
Ecksted was suspended yesterday after
noon by Chief of Police S M Barlow
who says that Eckstads offense was ful
ly as grave as though he had actually
sat ins a poker game and played I
instead of 90 cents
It is a rigid rule of the police depart
ment that no patrolman on duty shall
engage in any sort of a game and Pa
trolman Ecksted violated the rule by
standing at a poker table in the Sullivan
saloon and playing 30 cents into the game
Eckstsjd was in uniform and on duty at
the time
Wheeling W Va Dec 2i8hoU were
exchanged today between strikers and
the men who yesterday voluntarily re
turned to work in the mills of the
American Sheet Tin Plate company
a subsidiary of the United States Steel
corporation One man employed in a
factory adjoining the mills was slight
ly wounded Extra deputies have been
Continued from Page One
battalions of marines and enough im
plements of war to conduct a vigorous
campaign against the turbulent Cen
tral American republic of Nicaragua
he auxiliary cruiser Prairie ran
agrauttd on the soft mud of the Dela
ware river tonight a few hours after
weighing anchor at the Philadelphia
navy yard bound for the Caribbean sea
TugS were hastily summoned from this
city and it is hoped to release the ves
sel so that it may proceed early tomor
row morning
It Is not belteved that the vessel sus
tained any injury but if necessary the
cargo caR be transferred to the cruiser
Dixie which lies in readiness at the
Philadelphia navy yard The Prairie i
te aground thirtyfive Grilles below the
Information that the Prairie had run
aground came in a wireless message
from Admiral Kimball to the Red Star
line asMng that two powerful tugs be
sent to the assistance of the stranded
The tugs were sent at once It te ex
pected the Prairie will be floated at high
tide at 4 oclock tomorrow morning The
cruleer hi aground between Newcastle
and Delaware City
Stern Measures Expected
Reports that stern measures would be
adopted against Nicaragua were given
added weight today when Rear Admiral
William M Kimball reached here from
Washington and boarded the Prairie as
a passenger bound for the turbulent
zone In addition to the battalion ar
400 marines under the command of Ma
jor S B Butler which has already
been t slted to go to Panama a seeend
Battalion commanded by Major P A
Bannon sailed on the vessel The com
bined force is under the command of
Colonel Mahoney
Two pieces of field artillery and a
machine gun were added to the muni
tions on board the Prairie today in ad
dition to the two threeinch field pieces
placed on board yesterday There are
on board 800000 rounds of ammunition
cook stoves tents spades and wheel
barrows for building entrenchments
and other supplies of various descrip
tion Besides the S730 marines there
are 13 bluejackets In the crew of the
More Marines Assembling
No additional marines reached the
navy yard after the departure of the
Prairie this afternoon but detachments
are expected from several parties of the
country to make up the complement sIn
Joned at this yard and to provide a
force for the cruiser Dixie In ease it is
decided Prairij to send that veeeel to join the
Bifere sailing Admiral Kimball was
asked as to his destination
11 am going to take a saIl with Cap
tain Kellogg he said Im going
down to look things over my papers
say Colon
Major Butler in command of the bat
talion from this city said
11 firmly believe we are bound to
Nicaragua In fact there IB not a
board doubt of it in th minds qf anyone on
Trying to Buy Schooner
Panama Dec 2Tho Nicaraguan
consul general here is negotiating for
the purchase of a schooner named Her
purek nam
ski for the use of the government ot
ai f us o 1ernt o
Nicaragua I is planned to equip th
vessel with rapidfire guns obtained
front th government of Panama
The deal I hardly possible of consum
mation as the Herald 1 American
owned an the republic of Panama hi
not likely to furnish artillery to a coon
try that is not on friendly terms with
the United States
The only schooner Herald reported as
in u vicinity of Panama sailed from
Philadelphia on November 3T for St
Thomas D W I This vessel IMS not
been reported from Panama She to of
475 to with a length of 144 feet She
i8 owned in Maine
Zelaya Surprised
Managua Nicaragua Dec 3 The ac
ton of Secretary Knox in i dismissing
Senor Felipe Rodriguez Nicaraguan
charge daffaires at Washington h
greatly surprised President Zelaya who
reiterated today his belief that the
Nicaraguan government was justified in
executing the Americans Groc and
Zelaya will take no action until he b
received further information on the sub
ject and learned definitely the Intentions
of the United States
The American vice consul Mr C
dcis a Nicaraguan by birth but a nat
uralized American is still at the consulate
late In the opinion of President Z
lay Caldera sympathizes with the op
position party and a close watch has
been kept on him although there has
been no attempt at restraint
Zelaya expresses the belief that In all
probability Consul Calderas reports
have been partial to the governments
Three Tugs at Work
Delaware City Del De 2 Three
powerful tug two from the Red Star
line aDd the government tug o
are lying alongside the Prairie Haw
sers are being attached to the stranded
cruiser and an effort will be made to
t t > her about 4 oclock
Several Doses Will Regulate Your
Out oforder Kidneys Making
Backache Vanish
Hundreds o k here are needless
ly miserable and worried because of
oatoforder kidneys backache or bad
dec trouble
I you will take several doses of
Papas Diuretic aH misery from a lame
back rheumatism painful stitches
Inflamed o swollen eyelids nervous
headache irritability dlzelnws worn
out sick feeling and other symptom
of overworked o deranged kidneys
will vanish
Uncontrollable smarting frequent
urination especially at night and
all bladder misery ends
This unusual preparation goes at
once to the disordered kidneys blad
der and urinary system and distrib
utes its healing cleansing and VItalizj
ing influence directly upon the organs
i and glands affected and completes th
cure before you realise It
The moment kidney
you suspect aay
or urinary disorder or feel rheuma
tism coming begin taxing this harm
less medicine with the knowledge that
there I no other remedy at any price
made anywhere else in the world
which will effect so thorough and
prompt a cure as a Mcent treatment
of Pages Diuretic which any druggist
can supply
Your physicfan pharmacist banker
or any mercantile agency will tell you
that Pap Thompson A Pape o Cin
cinnati Is a large and responsible medicine
loins concern thoroughly worthy 0
your confidence
Only curative results can come fl
taking Panes Diuretic and a few dMff
treatment meane clean active healthy
kidneys bladder and urinary orgn
and you feel fine
Accept only Papes Diuretic 80
cent treatment from any drug stor
anywhere in the world I
Also Gives Reward to Heroine
Who Helped Save Life of
City Employe
During tb few minutes devoted to gen
eral council business last night before
the city salons took up the claim of P
J Moran and tuned I over to a spe
cial board of arbitration I was decided
to pay C J McNulty 9120 as a result of
injuries received while working at th
intercepting newer pumping plant o June
9 last and 25 each t Mrs Matt Lang
ton and Roy Richmond These two ran
to the pumping plant and turned off the
snitches saving the life of McNulty and
preventing damage t U city
The city payrolls fo the last half of
November amounting t 1421497 were
ordered paid Chief of Police S X Bar
low sent in another communication regarding
garding the drain pipe to be built in the
jail yard to carry off water and keep it
from running into the jail He said r
would cost 1309 instead j 10 and the
council appropriated this amount for th
work the Utah Independent TelephoK
company t pay half
Charles W Pike referee appointed by
Judge C W Morse of the Third district
court to take testimony in the suit o
Salt Lake against the Pleasant View Ir
rigation work company was paid lO9 to the
P J Moran did not lose
oran 10 out entirely
for the council approved hie final esti
mate for paving in extension No 61 on
First West street amounting to IK71S10
T script h been negotiated and Mr
Moran will get his money at once
Councilman W Mont Ferry I that
th county officers ha treated tie city
very nicely in regard te the collection
of taxes and asked that WWM be paid
by the city to th county for th countys
work in collecting taxes between June 1
and November 39 last He explained that
in doing this at once th city will receive
about in taxes from
all th quicker abut 1309660 I txe fm
th county S the solons hurriedly ap
propriated the money as it bas been quite
a time since they had any real money
to juggle around
Lund detention home at Murray were
given a treat yesterday when they
were taken to the Salt Lake theatre to
witness th performance of In Old
Kentucky They were accompanied by
Superintendent Arthuf Welling
A D WARNER who delivered the lecture
ture at the Y M C A last Sunday
has consented to deliver i again in th
First Methodist church Sunday fore
noon Monday night In th same church
the lecturer will speak in answer to
Mayor Rose of Milwaukee who lectured
in Salt Lake recently opposing prohibition
THE W C T U will hold a meeting
which is described as an echo o the
national convention in th home of Dr
Silver 902 East Second South street this
evening Kvery member of the W C
T U and all ministers and their wives
al mniter
are invited an wns
L O HILLYARD and F D Rafortb
doing business a th Burglar Proof
Lock company filed suit in the district
court yesterday against E N Rite for
I618M 1968 with InteNt sihee August t
TEACHERS of the city schools will b
paid today fo work during November
T payroll to last month amounts to
3M7 U3
NIC will b given by the elders quorum
of the Waterloo ward tonight at 8
oclock T receipts will go t the
mission fund Extraordinary prepara
tions have been made to insure every
one a good time and a general invita
come tion is extended to aH who desire to
ATURE will meet in the city and county
building this afternoon at 43 oclock
The claw is open to new members
hold its 1 regular Friday evening services
vices at S pckwk Rabbi Joseph Heveeh
will preach on the text I seek my
AN APPLICATION for water rights was
filed with tb stat engineer yesterday
by Kumer I Jones of Cedar City Utah
asking for 1 secondfeet of water from
Coal creek in Iron county t Irrigate
1200 acres The water will b carried
a distance of 9100 feet
A MEETING is to b held at the Y M
C A this evening at 8 oclock to or
ganise a Direct Legislation league for
Utah An explanation will be made of
the working of this new political insti
tution in Oregon Missouri and else
where Every one Interested will be
heartily welcome
ple Bmil Israel at S oclock this evening
R3bbl Freund will deliver an address
This Is the fifth anniversary his min
istry in Salt Lake
Jewish Relief society the following of
ficers were elected for the coming
year President Mrs S Woolf vice
president Mrs H E Schiller treas
urer Mrs Sig Simon secretary Mrs
Harry Ganc corresponding secretary
Mrs D L Fufop trustees Mrs Albert
Hen chairman Mrs Ben Davis Mrs
Adolf Beer Mrs Simon Bamberger
IN THE PARSONAGE of Phillips Con
gregational church last night Ernest
Downing and Miss Selma A Flnell were
married by the Rev P A Slippkln
Only the intimate friends of the happy
couple were present After December
15 the newly married pair will be at
home in 12 Iverson court
MRS J A EDSON will arrive In this
city on Saturday for a short visit with
her son and daughter Captain and Mrs
Kenneth P Williams at Fort Douglas
Mi H Edson and Mrs AVilllama and her j
little daughter will loavo here Monday
night ui then p 4tti tar Geraldyne
for California and southern points
where they will spend the winter Cap
tain Will ims will join them for a
months va ition after the holidays i
Miner Who Killed Two Fellow Be
ings in Los Angeles Will Be
Placed on Trial Monday
Los Angeles Dee Attorneys for
Albert Ryan organizer for the Western
Federation of Miners who will face two
murder charges in Judge Davis court
next Monday will ask that Ttyan be ex
amined as to his sanity before the
charges are heard The aSsdrtlon that
he is hopelessly insane will be backet
with depositions from Nevada Artsona
and other state describing Ryans con
dition previous to his arrival in Los
Ryan killed two men in the lobby of
a local hotel July 10 Shooting at Otto
Miller a porter he killed both Miller
and Harry Snyder a guest who was
seated nearby reading a newspaper
The motive for the crime has not been
learned but it is asserted that Ryan
and Miller were oldtime enemies
The Western Federation of Miners
will not provide counsel for his defense
Continued from Page One
discuss either its details or its possibili
The Harriman Incident
Mr Ryans holdings in the Equitable
were bought in large part from James
H Hyde although Edward H Harri
man had laid plans which as he sup
posed were to assure him the control
that went instead to Mr Ryan It was
at hearings of the Armstrong insurance
investigation that Mr Harriman when
questioned on this point coined what
subsequently became a national by
word He was asked if be had settled
scores with Mr Ryan and answered
Not yet 4
The pufelic added with ready intui
But soon
At the emcee of the Equitable socie
ty president Paul Morton profoMed ig
norance of the transfer and news of the
change of control seemed to cane as a
surprise to other officers It is known
however that directors of the society
and principals to the deal were in con
ference yesterday and until late today
and there is authority for the state
ment that the transfer met with their
Opinion of Trustee OBrien
Former Justice Morgan J OBrien
one of the surviving trustees said to
night Although Mr Morgan has become
by purchase the majority owner the
trustees retain the voting power of the
stock and for the present at least we
shall continue as trustees I know
nothing about the transaction beyond
the fact that Mr Morgan has bought a
majority interest What idea he had in
making his purchase I do not know but
from my acquaintance with him In
many other matters I am sure that the
transaction will result to the benefit of
all policyholders
> At77Pwest South Temple
street December 1 Elisabeth Hadffcld
wife of Joseph Hadfield born Novem
ber It lIiI in England
Funeral services today at 2 p m from
the Fifteenth ward meeting house
Friends are invited Interment in City
RICHARDS 821 East Eleventh South
street December 2 from the effects of
burns Helen M daughter of Stephen
L and Irene Merrill Richards born
August 24 1M
Funeral services Saturday at 1 p m
in the family residence Friends invited
Interment in City cemetery
CHEESMAN this city November 30
Morton Jewett Chessman in his fifty
third year
Funeral services will be held in the res
idence 75 West Fourth South street Sat
urday December 4 at 1030 a m inter
ment will be private at Mt Olivet
TTCKER In this city Decanter S
1909 Mrs Harriet S Tucker age 66
years Mother of Mrs F J Lucae
and H S Tucker
Notice of funeral later
Funeral services over the remuine of Sl
ate M FitsgwaU will take place from
ODonnell Companys chapel today at
2 p m Interment in Mt Olivet
Funeral services over the remains of
Arthur Bohm will take place from
ODonnell Companys chapel today at
4 p m Interment in City cemetery
Funeral services over the remains of W
A Johnson will take place from the Blks
club on Saturday Dec 4 at 230 p m
mends wishing to view remains may do
so at ODonnell Companys parlors up
to Saturday noon
The funeral of George W Reed will be
held Sunday at 2 oclock at 177 J street
Funeral services for James W Qlth
rle who met death at Ely Nev No
vember 2S will be held in the funeral
chapel of Eber W Hall 164 South West
Temple street at 2 oclock tomorrow In
terment in Mt Olivet cemetery
Funeral services for Charles a Epper
son aged 74 years will be held in Eber
AV Halls funeral chaptel today at 2
oclock Services will be conducted by the
Christian Science readers Interment in
Alt Olivet cemetery
New York Dec Professor Frank
lin H Giddings of Columbia university
sees danger lurking in the big corpora
tions and says they are raising the
question of where the sovereignty of
the republic lies
The corporations are defying the
law declared Professor Oiddings in a
speech today at the sociological confer
ence held under the auspices of the
Presbyterian church and I would con
fiscate their property to the state
Milwaukee Dec 2The Milwaukee
Press club today extended an Invitation
to Theodore Roosevelt to be the prin
cipal speaker during the silver jubilee
exercises next year following his re
turn from Africa the Bate to be se
lected by Mr Roosevelt Colonel Roose
velt has been a member of the Milwau
kee Press club for several years

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