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Unsatisfactory Conditions Un
der Which Oil Lands Have
to Be Entered
Washington D C Dec SIn con
nection with the recent action of the
administration in withdrawing from en
try over SOMOM acres of public pe
troleum lands in California Wyoming
Utah and Oregon the following state
ment IB given out by Dr C W Hayes
chief geologist of the United States geo
logical survey
To remedy the present unsatisfacto
ry conditions by which public oil lands
have to be entered under a law framed
primarily to provide for placer gold
mining entries It is generally admitted
by those Interested in the economical
development of oil lands that a radical
revision of the American mining law is
necessary Anticipating that congress
will cognize and meet this evident
need tu secretary of the interior has
withdrawn from all forma of entry all
vacant public lands designated by the
geological survey as probably contain
ing oil and gas This executive action
I < however only temporary and is in
tended to preserve the statue quo until
congress acta
When the present placer mining law
was enacted probably no one in con
gress or out had any idea that it would
ever be made to cover deposits so far
removed in every essential characteris
tic from goldbearing gravels as are oil
and gas Yet when oil was found on
the public lands no other law was on
the statue books except the placer law
under which title to it could be acquired
and this anomalous and wholly unsatis
factory condition still holds to the
great detriment both of the govern
ment and of the oil Industry
Where the Law Is Lame
The fundamental basis of a location
under the placer law is discovery and
the courts have held uniformaily that
there can be no legal location until
there has been a discovery But in the
nature of the case there can be no dis
covery of oil until a well has been
drilled at great expense sine ordinari
ly there are no surface indications of
the oil and the well must be drilled upon
purely geological inference It follows
therefore that the driller will be whony
unprotected against rival claimants to
the land until he has completed his first
well or he will be forced to make a
false claim to discovery on which to
base his location
One very common method of evad
ing the law is to locate oil under the
guise of a gypsum claim In many of
the California oil land fields the surface
soil contains a small amount of gypsum
although rarely in Sufficient quantity
or purity to be profitably mined even if
favorably located for transportation
and market It affords a pretext how
ever for a location under the placer law
and large numbers of claims have been
patented where it is a matter of com
mon knowledge that the real object is
to acquire title to the oil In this way
land I worth thousands of dollars an acre
has been acquired from the government
11 J360 an acre and this without oil
development Moreover it is not gen
erally the man of small means but
lather the wealthy corporation that re
I sorts to this subterfuge to secure title
Although many of the old fields in the
public land states and particularly
those in California are in regions whol
ly devoid of agricultural possibilities
no sooner is a successful well drilled
than the entire district is covered by
homestead and scrip entriesthe pur
pose of which is to secure title to the
oil under cover of the agricultural land
laws It is to meet those conditions that
a thorough revision of the law is need
Requirements to Be Met
Any law which will adequately meet
the requirements of the case must rec
ognise the fundamental difference be
tween oil and gas and other minerals
namely mobility Those elusive products
can be drawn from a distance under
ground across boundary lines and ex
clusive title to the product Is acquired
only after it reaches the surface It
follows therefore that oil can be dis
posed of by the government or other
owner of the land in which it occurs
only as a commodity and nqt in form of
acres like coal or other minerals occu
pying fixed locations This difference
is so well recognised that it has deter
mined the leasing system which is prac =
tically univesal all the oil fields where
the land is in private ownership The
government cannot do better than to
adopt the plan which has been worked
out through long experience and where
the holdings are sufficiently large found
thoroqghly satisfactory both to the oil
operator and to the private land owner
Why should not the government as a
land owner deal directly with the pro
ducer rather than through the inter
vention of a middle man to whom title
to the land has passed
Any ideal or practical law must fur
ther recognise the fact that the actual
discovery involves heavy expenditure
and considerable time and that the
prospector must be adequately protect
ed in his investment before as well as
after the discovery is made The area
to which he is given a preferred right
must therefore be sufficiently large to
justify his initial heavy investment
and in such compact shape as to protect
his discovery front encroachment by
drilling subsequent entries
A wellconsidered leasing law will
give certain incidental advantages of
great importance both to the govern
ment and to the oil operator It will
constitute the most effective means for
the conservation of the oil and gas re
sources of the country by enabling the
government to regulate developments so
as to prevent much of the criminal
waste now prevalent
Under the present system the owner
of a twentyacre placer claim is com
pelled to drill and pump the oil from his
land with all possible speed regardless
of transportation facilities or market
for otherwise his competitors on adjoin
ing claims will take a large share of it
away from him In the resulting fever
ish exploitation half a dozen or more
wells may be drilled when one would
have secured the same amount of ofle
serious economic waste to the nation
and a heavy tax on the ultimate con
sumer Also unrestricted drilling by
careless or ignorant operators may
ruin a valuable field by admitting water
to the oil sand from higher or lower
waterbearing stratum Many examples
of criminal waste resulting from the un
restricted exploitation of old fields
might be cited
Th government is not only the
largest owner of oil lands but it is like
ly to be the largest consumer The six
largest battleships in commission or un
der construction in the American navy
are equipped for the use of either oil or
coal and the fourteen largest destroyers
use oil exclusively The question of fuel
supply for these vessels is certain to be
come an exceedingly important one in
the near future and the law should pro
vide a means of perpetuating a supply
for this certain future need
The fact is gaining recognition that
the natural resources remaining in the
possession of the government are the
heritage of the whole people and the
idea that they should be economically
utilised for the general good rather than
exploited for the enrichment of a few in
dividuals is rapidly crystallising into
public opinion The enactment by con
gress of a law providing for the leasing
of oil lands will be a logical and much
needed action in the governments man
agement of its great petroleum proper
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Jefferson school West Temple near Ninth So uth street
The first real fireproof school building
in the westthe new Jefferson school in
West Temple between Ninth and
Tenth South streets will be dedicated
to public use shortly after tie Christ
mas holidays It is now practically
completed the board of education hav
ing spent 100000 in its erection
The new school which was designed
by R Kletting is really one wing of
the planned structure The school board
did not feel justified in building more
than one wing at this time but the
plans were so shaped that the second
wing may be built whenever the attend
ance demands more room and it will fit
well in connection with what has al
ready been built When the structure
is fully completed with the addition of
the second wing it will face West Tem
ple street with the manual training
school and the boiler house between the
old and the new wing The building is
of reinforced concrete
The new Jefferson school has eighteen
class rooms two recitation rooms one
book room one teachers room and a
manual training department which
with the lavatory and the boiler room
are connected with the main building
by corridors The ground upon which
the new school now stands was pur
chased two years ago The school Is
set among a fast growing section of the
city and has long been needed
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Gordon Plat Home bites
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i J
Clothes Ancient Man
The Evolution of Dress From the Classic Costumes
Andrew Lang in the London Poet
The study of the evolution of dress
above all of Greek dress might paralyze
the geniuo of a Darwin Just when a
man thinks that he is at least on the
level of scientific opinion Iw finds that
he has drifted leagues astern of it or
far away to the left or right The sub
ject is so difficult because naturally
we have no ancient costumes before us
in linen or wool while the early artists
who depict them are not always trust
worthy persons They have a trong
tendency from the dateless period of
the artists contemporary with the mam
moth and the reindeer in France to the
bushmen in South Africa to draw mn
with wasps waists and to represent
people as naked who were generally
clothed No one was likely to go naked
in a climate that suited the mammoth
and reindeer especially if he was well
supplied with bone needles to sew hut
raiment as he certainly was Yet
paleolithic man usually drew his species
without a stitch or a clout But yes
terday were his paintings on rock walls
discovered in which his women wear
skirts with a half moon cut out at the
lower end to give play to the ankles
It id difficult to say whether in warm
climates dress was invented for the
sake of decorum or decoration If we
take the case of Egypt the old Egyp
tian paintings show that for men the
ordinary loin cloth was usually sum
cient If we pass from Egypt to Crete
the art of the mysterious about 2600
1200 B C its civilisation shows in ear
ly periods men in loin cloths perhaps
first worn by them in northern Africa
The women in the opinion of Doctor
Mackenzie were originally no better
clad But on one side the ladles devel
oped the loin cloth into a belted pan
nler or polonaise without any skirt or
bodice as also did the men and then
the women went on lengthening the
pannier by overlapping additions till
they had a compound skirt like a
flounced skirt in outward appearance
and finally fashion reveled in skirts
with regular flounces and low bodices
Having perhaps two thousand years
to devote to costume and fashion these
ladies of Crete evolved almost every
sort of dress known to us in Western
Europe from the Elizabethan ruff and
puffed sleeve to the dress of England at
the end of the eighteenth century to
early Victorian to gaudily colored and
trimmed zouave Jackets with light
flounced skirts and even to the tamo
shanter cap tailormade coat fitting
tightly to the figure and tweed skirt
There is a bronze statuette of a Cretan
lady thus attired photographed in Doc
tor Mossos account of his Cretan tour
Ladies even forsook sandals and wore
bottines in fact some of them in the
ancient Cretan pictures are known as
lea Paristennes very gay little per
sons of about 1600 B C The men on
the other hand clung to their loin
cloths or to baggy short skirts like
loose knickerbockers or wore tight
brief bathing drawers embroidered or
embossed and wore only Iqng robes
on Sundays or at least when present
at religious functions The one fashion
that the ancient Cretan women never
adopted was the familiar Greek peplos
so graceful in its drapery which has
no body or bodice no separate skirt
but Is hi fact no more than a square
woolen blanket folded In a way which
I do not understand and taken up
round the waist by a girdle It was
pinned up by safety pins or fibulae over
each shoulder and as much of it was
pulled up through the girdle to fall
over it in graceful folds as the wearer
pleased The dress depended for its ef
fect and indeed for its permanence
above the shoulders on these safety
pins If one of them ceased to be
safe down came the dress When the
Tale of Troy was acted many years
ago by the ladles whoa Sir Frederick
Leighton directed the pins caused great
searchings of hearts However they
never failed to do their duty
This fashion alone the Cretan ladies
of 25001400 B C never evolved and no
safety pins are found in the older sites
of Cretan civilization They come in at
the end of that period As they are
also found far away in the north in
eastern central Europe it is probable
that they were brought south from
these quarters by prehistoric ancestors
of the Greeks the Achaeans Dorians
and so forth The women would wear
the peplos the men a belted smock or
chiton with a cloak over it also fast
ened with a safety pin in cold weather
We have in Homer a full description
of the smock cloak and elaborate gold
safety pin of Odysseus and his swine
herd belts his smock before he goes on
a journey This is the dress that Homer
describes In a war man put his
corselet on over his chiton of which
the tails must have hung down below
it Obviously the drESs Is that of a
I climate too cold to be content with the
southern loin cloth in fact It is very
like the smock and broached and belted
plaid of the Highlanders before the
philabeg or separate skirt cane into
use with the coat over which the plaid
is now worn
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t k D
ch l
Nicholas Tsehaikovsky the Russian
revolutionary leader who was recently re
ported to have been rearrested and
thrown Into the fortress of St Peter and
St Paul The report however prove
untrue He has been out an ball for some
time pending his trial on charges of
complicity with eats of terrorism act for
December H ill first b > arr f ilgned
under a civil COL t indictment ciiuiglny
him with conspiring to overthrow the
goeinni > nt Th maximum penalty is
exile or eight years penal servitude
Reno Nev Dec 3There Is absolute
ly no foundation for the report that the
Oregon Short Line U to relinquish con
trol of the Salt Lake division of the
Southern Pacific said President Lovett
of the Harriman system in Reno last
night I cannot imagine where or how
the rumor originated
President Lovett stopped but a few min
utes In Reno and continued east with
other officials
Denver Dec 3An estimate completed
today makes the income to Colorado
farmers from sugar beets this year 17
600000 an increase of a million dollars
over the product of last year This it is
claimed makes Colorado the leading state
in the Union in the production The acre
age it Is asserted has increased little
the Increase being due to larger crops
Fort Dodge la Dec 3Harry Adams
a vaudeville actor known on the stage
as F S William committed suicide in
the lobby of the Ward hotel here today
when he was refused permission to see
Miss Jennie Sagers Mbs Bagers had
been traveling with Adams as a mem
ber of a team but left him alleging
San Diego Cal Dec 38 L Waite
said to have been a near relative of for
mer Governor Waite of Denver was
found dead in bed today He was said
to possess a fortune of 175000 Heart
failure was given as the cause Waite
was an old Indian fighter and scout
Columbus Neb Dec IMrs L
Doxey left this afternoon for St I
to face the charge of murdering N
Brder She was accompanied by her h i
band Dr Doxey Dr W B Evans 1
Albert her counsel a nurse and Mars i
Matthews of Be Louis
It was not until today that Mrs Po <
was informed that a murder charge t i
been filed against her A pr hmir
hearing here on the original charg
bigamy was dismissed

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