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I 1
Robber Pretends to Be in Pain
and Dispels Clerks
I intf into the Brlghamatnet phar
r l and South Temple streets at
oclock last night with arms
v IIHd about his stomach aa though
ting t intens pain a young highway
d Htilenly thanked his pod and with
kilning speU pointed a revolver In the
of R H Niliien prescription clerk
LI ring him to throw up hi > hand
Hn 1 ritrk lit tin soda fountain L H
i il 1g ir attemptil to dash nn of the
iimncy but the holdup man quickly
i 1 > i l1t d him ami after explaining that be
u taking OIK hitnces walked to the
tia fountain rasli register lUll tried to
> i 1 tilt till
I failed td pen at first Then he
1 I r JH i his fisi down on all the keys and
1 1 tin cash drawer optii Finding
t it Iontaiiird hut a few dollars he
Lan to show signs of rervouwuess and
aavS > stumblu to the floor ItS he dashed
ti i the cash Kisier near the i > i < i cription
r > n I a t That too offered trouble but
lv Emn manag U to force it open
H tiled to jii1uc < the prescription clerk
to tel where th < rst of the money could
r foiiiul Ai this juncture the excite
flit which huI I hn l noticeable all along
Almost I I I overcame him and his voice dwln
cii d down into a stuttering and nearly
1 iiiitHHgtble I expression
With blt l J10 aa his loot he ordered the
j s ription clerk and sod fountain at
TIflit to walk to the rear of the phar
nIY when he ran out of the door and
Describes the Robber
ViljMi the prescription clerk aa near
n u i an remember saya that the holdup
v us slight of build about 5 feet 4 inches
lviijlit wearing a black slouch hat a
k muffler about his throat and a gray
I i r clothes He had no overcoat
Tr jerk believes that he had been cut
ifirii t from colil as his fingers fumbled
TI kys of he cash register aDd the
< i T1
liu i the police i had been notified prac
tl 11 I in the litart of the city Lieutenant
i trd Shannon detailed a squad of nine
Titrimen to aeuivh for the robber The
Ibl tt squad was given a description aa
It Vinr < on duty
Tiaiduaa of the silk muffler and other
ti I rails of the description coincide with
tttire worn by a young man who
1 is been seen about town for the past
t or three days the policemen are al
t certain that they will have him
L Ht up in the city jail before the close
ci th day
T the I search for the 1i bber patrol
r 11 t some of whom were in plain clothes
< rrd dives known to bave been fre
> I Tiled of recent date by a gang whose
j v rirnta have aroused suspicion The
T iji am convinced that the recent hold
i a > under the direction of a clever
r < g I thieves who have come into Salt
ld f recent date
A private safe may be rented In the
I f r and burglar proof vault of the Salt
I LakE Security A Trust Co 32 up Main
Il Etreet 200 per year and upwards
w Royal Stale Bread Depot
lpPI 3 to 5 p m dally Entrance OR
rfio l rd South Good bread very cheap
rrffls cleaned and curled College
1 n iry Parlors SOI Tribune bIde
The Safest Way
The safest way to invest
money is to deposit it with a
sound financial institution pay
ing liberal rates of interest
where its safety is assured be
yond question This Company
issues Secured Certificates in I
denominations of 100 or more I
guaranteed by its Capital and
Surplus of 40000000 and se
cured by First Mortgages on im
proved real estate located in
Salt Lake City Interest at the
rate of 6 per cent per annum
payable semiannually
Salt Lake
Security Trust
32 Up Main Stroat j I j
Capital 30000000
Surplus 910000000
Desk Sets
Blotter ink wells and pen
holders tnake most desirable
presents for men Theyre
done in silver and leather by
the Mark Cross people
We re showing the complete
line at our No 4 store
Knights of Pythias
ThE funeral of Brother Joseph Sands
will lie held at Castle hall Sunday 2 p
m All Knights are earnestly request
ed to be present
ftfXARKor ff AOO RAWf
Seldom is there any new
jewelry for men If there
is we show it
A watch chain fob studs
links buttons a ring and
a few tie pins are about
We have the latest in
mannish designs
tIJ ria
pLAt 1
Xmus Goods Are Issd
Dress the boy
A in warm J clothes
M Winter is here in earnest
7I and the boys must be proper
II ly dressed
MAt ± t I Properly dressed mean
I 1 warmly dressed stylishly
liii dressedyes and fiere it
Ii means economically dressed
I I Suite 350 to 10
00tI U to 14
Hole Proof Stocking
For Boys
are now 35c a pair They
1 wear 6 month without holes
r i
6fT or new sox free
C pairs in a box 200
The Gentlemans Xmas Store 245 South Main
Kodak Finishing
Salt Lake Photo Supply Co 177 Mate It
Do you kodak We finish and also sill
the supplies Salt Lake Photo Supply
Co 177 Main streeti
Removal Sale
i I
Big reductions In Wall Paper and j
Framed Pictures Will move Jan 1st i
i Ii doors north of present location to our
j new 4Story building
I 1 57 Main I
No matter what you
want it for there ia an
Acme Quality
for your purpose tlw beat for
the purpose too
31 Lest First 5wtk
Advance Holiday Sal
Qur sale will be continued Honday
Tuesday and Wednesday Discount
price on all our fine China Glassware
and Christmas Novelties Bring your
Christmas list with you We can help
you save money
t > Main Street
2175 for 3500 and 1000
Tailored sample suite no two alike
at the Sample CJoak A Suit Store 3S
South Main St Opp the Z C M I
Highest price paid for strictly fresh
TribuneReporter Prlntlhf Co
C6 West Second South PbOII4V13
2250 Coats at 1f0f
Of good quality broajeloth M inche
long satin Mned threjOMeu lack an < l
all colon At the Sample Cloak ft Suit
Store 38 South Main St Opp the Z
c at i
A reliable party to represent the
highest candlepoww electric lamp
made for the exclusive territory of
Utah Must give flfstclass referenc
Apply Hotel Kmitrford
Royal Stale Bread Depot
Open S to 5 p m daily Entrance on
I Third South Good bread very cheap
for men and women at
3 to 6
Keep your feet dry
214 Main
P Edward Connor Camp Number 1
Again Honor Their Present
I tffi > frs were elected last night by P
T 1 1 Connor camp No1 Sons of
tHan and the secretary of the camp
authorised to Invite the Daughters
trans to Install their officers at
> nne meeting to be held the ftr t
i Y in January The Sons of Vet
v iii 1 havf also applied for a charter for
US auxiliary and in case the char
a i i rituals reach Salt Lake in time
nation of officers of the new aux
S will also be held at the same time
S K Ionnor was reelected com
5r last night the other officers be
i ilury E Corser senior vice com
tTiikr W R Graham Junior vice
mil mder and J G Cecil E M Qual
1 II and S W Patterson members
i camp council I
Meeting Listens to Extracts From
Papers Read at the National
Ft ports on the national convention < f
tf Womans Christian Temperan
1 im i were presented to the Salt Lak
iiiliprs of the union by Mrs E K
fiHira and Mrs Tom D Pitt th
t ttk dolegates to the convention at t
< it given to Mrs Shepard ainl I
In Pitt at the home of Dr and Mrs
i V Silver last night
311 l outlining the work of the convou
t rt IK id at Omaha last month Mrs
S ianl spoke of the increasing
H itnuth I l and influence of the organiza
t which was placing It In the front
TI k among the influential womens or
mcationf of the world
Mrs Pitt spoke briefly on the wIrk
0 ii iiHTcy department of the union
v huh she is particularly interested
fl H v C R Neal pastor of the First
ristian church poke of the growth
l tir union in numbers and influence
Fifteen Hundred of Salt Lakes Society People Grace r I
Annual Charity Ball Making It a Tremendous Success
t S
l p S
4 S
1 k
t I 4 t ft
r i
It 2
2 +
0 5
4 S
1 s
A member of the ticket committee for the annual charity ball
With sweet chariy as the underlying
motive about fifteen hundred of Salt I
Lakes wealthiest patrons and patron
esses graced the annual charity ball at
Odeon hall last night assuring a ftnanr
cial success for the annual venture ae
well as a tremendous social triumph
Society in ultragay bedirenment
spent hours in fullest enjoyment of an
affair for which the fair sex had spent
weeks of preparation Gowns of costly
fabric and richest hue draped the forms
of Utahs fairest women diadems in
waving coiffure or encircling fair
throats sparkled a radiance across an
everhanging vista of color iridescent
lights cast a soft glow from the great
dome upon a moving throng while the
strains of sweet music lulled the danc
ers in the waltz or quickflied them in
the twostep this was the spectacle of
the charity ball at its height
This picture with a background of
stars and stripes festoons of greens and
drapings of color set here and there
with clusters of roses showed the
artists touch The gayest throng that
ever attended a charity ball made that
affair a wholesome success last night
Coming from all directions through
the snow autos and cabs and other ve
hicles brought hundreds to the door of
the great hall With the arch of lights
set against a background of windowed
color it presented a pretty sight The
chill of winter dissipated m the warmth
of the hall and inside the very limit of
enjoyment was reached
Cause Not Forgotten
To one who passed from the garish
light of the street into the charming
circle of merrymakers the thought
that these people came together to do
homage to charity seemed to rise far
above the thought that they consid
ered the affair a medium for the display
of costly garments and to compete for
highet honors Jr dress The great heart
of humanity I > tit a rhythmic accompa
A former president of St Marks hos
pital association who had charge
of one of the tables last night at
the annual charity ball
niment to it all And out of it came a
fund which will enable St Marks hos
pital to carry on its charity work for
another year
Aside from the decorations about the
ballroom the lower rooms of the
building were adorned with cut flowers
and in the supper room scores of tables
were set for the dancers and here too
the women who arranged the affair
lavished roses carnari ns and chrys
The great floor was filled with danc
ers and above in the balcony hun
dred of persons were content to watch
without participating The orchestra
enlarged for the occasion kept the in
terest of dancers at Its height and yet
there was diversion aplenty for those
who did not dance Below the ladies
had considerately arranged one of the
rooms for card games and again a
room for conversation and informal
gatherings Everything that came with
in the purview of prearrangement
seemed to have been thought of In time
and no detail was lacking in any of the
Those who enjoyed the affair but
who had little to do with Its prepara
tion were loud in their praise of the
fair manager To tio executive com
mittee is du < > a gnat deal of credit
and they In turn shown praise and
commendation ut > on all of the ladies
who served upon other committees
right up to the hour of the close of the
affair last night
The grand march was started prompt
Iv at > 30 < > VKik led 1 1 by Governor Wil
HOlm t Spry nil Mr William C Ten
ninas 11 i n Mint i of St Marks hospital
I IH ition iMidfi1 whose auspices the
Charity bait was held Following them I
were Robert J Glendcnnins and Mrs
Windsor V Rice Bishop Franklin S
Spalding and Mrs William Spry
George Y Wallace and Miss Spalding
and then came the nurses from St
Marks training school headed by their
superintendents Miss Lees and Miss
Beyond came a representation of wealth
and society leadership the fashionable
set of Salt Lake paying homage to the
cause of charity
The Grand March
The grand march brought forth a pro
cession of men and women who have
been prominent in the social life of the
citymen who are linked with the growth
and development of the city women who
endured the hardships of pioneer life or
younger men anj younger women who arc
carving their way into the new west and
building fortunes for themselves
Following the grand march came the
program of dances and through the even
ing a whirling gliding throng forgot all
cares and entered into the spirit Of the
occasion with unbounded enthusiasm For
the Charity ball comes only once a year
When the gay crowd began to arrive
they met at the door Mrs Warren Ben
jamin and Mrs J A Reeves who
handled hundreds of tickets Flanking
both sides of the entrance and lining the
stairs as well as moving about among
the growing throng was the reception
committee composed of Bishop Franklin
S Spalding and Miss Spalding Mrs Wil
liam C Jennings Mrs George Y Wal
lace Mrs Morris L Ritchie Mrs Clif
ford R Pearsall Mrs William Igleheart
Mrs Samuel Paul Mrs Windsor V Rice
Mrs F L Oswald and Miss Howat
The other committees which did yeo
men service and to whose efforts col
lectively and Individually much of the
success of the ball Is due were as fol I
Supper committeeMrs Edwin IClmball
Mrs J K Oalllglier Mrs G G Hall
Mrs E V Silver Mrs J A Reeves
Mrs C R Pearsali Mrs W W Arm
strong Mrs F L Oswald
Program Mrs T B Beatty awl Mrs
George Y Wallace
Punch Mrs William P Kieer assisted
by a number of young society girls
Decorating Mrs Henry Stimson Mrs
K M Allison jr Mrs Russell G Schul
der Mills Minette Baer Miss Loreen
Iary Miss Marie Bancroft Mrs W P
Kiser Mrs M B Whitney
Tables Mrs C R PeArsall Mrs Yo
W Armstrong Mrs A J Gorham Ira
n t Gemmell Mrs C II McMahon
Mrs F L Oswald Miss Spaldlng Mrs
K I O Keyes Mrs G G Verbryck Mrs
1 1 F Cowan Mrs F W Francis Mrs
II V Ott Mrs R E McConaughy Miss
Fox Mrs A S Bower Mrs F A Stark
Floor managers George Y Wallace Jr
Harry Shearman Robert J Glendlnnmg
and George Lawrence
Ticket selling Miss Hague
Tickets Mrs Warren Benjamin and
Mrs J A Reeves
Advertising Mrs Don R Coray and
Mrs F A Starkweather
A happy feature of the Charity ball
was the punch table on the ballroom
floor just out of the circle of dancers
The table was decorated with bowls of
violets and was presided over by Mrs W
P Killer who was assisted by Mrs L
D Gordon Miss Lena Hague Miss Mc
Grath and Misb Hazel Oswald
Among the many handsome gowns word
on the occasion were noted the following
Mrs William C Jennings Black even
ins gown of net over satin spangled in
jet <
iftMrs Windsor V Rice Blue satin even
ing gown trimmed in Maltese lace with
diamond ornaments
Mrs Morris L Ritchie Black lace and
embroidered chiffon gown
Mrs Clifford R Pearsali Evening gown
of yellow satin
Mrs Warren BenjaminSoft white
satin gown trimmed in princesoe lace and
silver embroidery
Mrs J A Reeves Costume of white
messaline satin picture hat with white
plumes and pink roses
Mrs F L Owwald Black chantilly lace
over white silk trimmed in Richeese lace
f f
> < L
r I
S 4
0 >
tLr lT i
Chairman of the committee on decorations for the annual charity ball
ermine furs and large hat with white
Mrs William McGrathEcru silk tissue
gown with ornaments of jet
Mrs E M Allison jrBlack band em
broidered Paquin gown of chiffon cloth
large black picture hat with lavender
ostrich feathers
Miss Spaldlng Evening costume of pale
blue silk and lace
Miss Colburne White lace evening
Mrs David KeithHandsome white sat
in evening gown trimmed in pearls with
pearl necklace
Mrs Kdward S FerryEvening gown
of Irish green crepe with trimmings of
jet Mrs John C Cutler Imported gowa of
blue mesMallne with overdress of Mack
chiffon heavily embroidered in gold pas
sament rle
Miss Hasel cutlerPink chiffon over
pink silk
Mrs Louis D Gordon Costume of pale
blue crepe de chine
Mrs E Bonnemort Imported gown
blue and old satin with lace overdress
with erm j hat and plumes
Mrs eph Young Brown spangled
net black picture hat and Battenberg lace
coat Mrs William C AlexanderHandsome
white lace evening gown
Mrs William SpryBlack net over satin
with jet trimmings
Mrs John C Cutler jrPearl colored
liberty satin over taffeta trimmed in
Valenciennes lace
Mrs P S Keogh Lvender cashmere
de sole gown trimmed in cream lace
Mrs N M Hamilton Costume of black
velvet with large black hat
Mrs E L Sheets Evening gown of
pale blue chiffon
Mrs E A WallGown of white Irish
lace black picture hat and diamonds
Miss Selma WallImported gown of
cloth of gold and jet over embroidered
Miss Alice WallGold colored satin and
jeweled trimming
Miss Mary WallWhite crepe de chine
evening gown
Mrs Melvin H Sowles Lavender silk
and lace
Mrs T S HarlanWhite satin evening
gown with lace trimming with picture I
bAtYIII Willard F SnyderWhite me
line satin gown with picture hat
Mr J H WitbeckChampagne maw
line satin gown trimmed in lace
Mrs B O Mecklenburg Copper colored
net over gray satin trimmed in lace black
picture hat with ostrich plumes
Miss Kathryn Wall Yellow satin gown
trinkmed with gold lace black picture hat
with yellow plumes
Mrs JT e RossPale blue silk and lace
evening gown
Mrs Don R Coray Evening gown of
yellow messaline
Mrs Fauntleroy Dodge Gown of pink
brocade satin
Mrs James E Jennings Handsome
black silk and net gown embroidered fn
jet with large black and white hat
Mrs George T BadgerWhite satin
evening gown and pear trimming
Mrs H M Dlnwoodey Imported even
ing gown of peach blow satin with lace
overdress ermine fun
Mrs W A Cavenaugh Pink broadcloth
gown large pink hat with long white
Mrs W E Fife Blue crepe evening
gownrs R W Hill Black crepe de chine
trimmed with Venetian lace black pic
ture hat
Mrs Margaret Zane Witcher Pink chif
fon and lace evening gown
Mrs Ledyard M Bailey Black chiffon
velvet evening gown over cherry colored
Mrs Kenneth C KerrBlue crepe even
ing gown i
Mrs William Reid White crepe sown
with trimmings In sliver
Mrs William D Foster White chiffon
over taffeta With bertha and sleeves of
real lace
Miss Barbara Kinnersley White meteor
crepe evening gown with lace yoe over
Miss Atton YoungrWhlte crepe de chine
gown with large whit hat
Mrs K E Jenkins Parisian gown of
pink chiffon and Valenciennes lace com
bined with red messaline
Mrs W D Donoher Mulberry satin
evening gown with lace trimming
Mrs J J Campbell Evening grown of
white satin with iridescent trinunlsg i
Mrs RenoM M Breeden Apricot satin
gown trimmed in sable with white Gains
borough hat
Mrs J T Keith Black embroidered net
robe and American beauty roses
Mrs T G Webber Gray satin dress
with duchesse lace yoke and sleeves
Mrs John M Branaford Black and
white silk with lace trimmings
Mrs George M BaconGown of dotted
net and white lace
Mrs E J Chambers Black lace and
Mrs Karl A ScheidPale blue satin
and lace with black hatand white plume
Mrs Russell Woodruff Black net em
broidered In jet
Mrs J C HooperJetted net over white
Mrs H c Hoffman Black net over
pale blue silk
Mrs H E Booth Brocade chiffon with
black velvet trimming
Mrs W W Armstrong Evening gown
of pale blue satin with black picture bat
Mrs Fred Hontung Draped gown of
light blue mescaline
Mrs P J FergusonBlack satin and
Mrs Howard S StowePeacock blue
mesMline satin with hat to match
Mrs R C GemmellWhite satin
gown with Duohesse lace scarf
Mrs A L Hoppaugh Blue velvet
combined with satin
Mrs R H Officer White satin even
ing gown and picture hat
Mrs Joel Nibley Black net gown
with scarf of gold lace
Mils Hempstead Pale blue chiffon
and white lace with black hat
Mrs L B McCornick Lavender satin
with silver trimmings and Violets
Mrs G F Stiehl Pearl gray satin
with peorl passementerie and large hat
Mrs John T White Black net with
Jt over satin
Mrs J M CallowWhite lace and
j chiffon robe
Mrs Isabella PittBlack velvet and
Satin with black and white hat
Mrs M E LipmanApricot meteor
crepe evening gown with pearl trim
Mrs M H WalkerWhite embroid
ered silk evening gown with panels of
Irish crochet lace
Miss Lena HagueFrench gown or
blue chiffon over rose satin trimmed
in silver i
Mrs T Roy Brown White satin ana
lace evening gown
Mrs T B Beatty Pale blue meteor
crepe over satin
Mrs J F CritchlowEvening gown
of black Mexican drawn work trimmed
in jet black picture hat with boquet
of deep red rose
Mrs T J WycheBlack crepeau
Mr S D Evans Black satin gowa
trimmed in seal skin
Mrs A C Behle Gown of pink
crepedechine with white lace yoke
Mrs Russell G Schulder Pale blue
gauze and silver evening BVW
Miss McGrathPink crepeaaentnn
evening gown trimmed in silver lace
Miss Carrie Sappington Pink antis
with gold trimmings
Miss Maine Sappington White chIN
ron over pink silk
Miss Isabel borneYellow crepe
dechine combined with blue
Mis Hazel Sappington White irilk
gown with gold trimmings
Miss Mildred McMillan Yellow em
broidered chiffon evening gown
Miss Lucille FrankePale blue mes
saline embroidered in satin roses yoke
of gold lace
Mrs Loren Sebry White satin with
gold trimmings
Miss Elinor StewartDraped yellow
satin empire gown
Miss Edna DunnWhite embroidered
Miss Aline McMillanYellow em
broidered chiffon
Miss Joy De CampRed crepe even
Ing gown over taffeta
Miss BakerPink chiffon over satin
Miss BanksWhite satin gown with
pearl trimming
evening gown and pearl necklace
eveneing gown and pearl necklace
Miss Bella Blyth Imported gown of
pink meteor crepe and pearls
Miss Homola King Evening gown of
pale blue embroidered cashmere de sole
with jeweled trimmings
Miss Oilman Orange crepe de chine
over satin
Miss Florence HallFigured chiffon
over taffeta
Miss Amy OsbornePale pink even
ing gown with touches of black
Miss Helen EvansPink messaline
and chiffon
Miss Rose Evans Dancing gown of
peachblow messallne with pearl trim
Miss Kate GrooGreen chiffon cloth
over green satin
Miss Edna FarnsworthBlue chiffon
over silk
Miss Virginia Beatty Light blue
chiffon gown over silk
Miss Hazel Oswald Brussels net and
baby Irish dancing gown
Miss Edna Ballet White net even
Ing gown over silk with satin ribbon
trimming and sash
Miss Minette BaerEmpire gown of
white satin with hand embroidery
Miss Lucille ClarkIrish lace gown
over pale blue silk
Miss Estelle ClintonPale blue silk
and white lace evening gown
Miss Gertrude Romney Canary col
ored silk with lace trimmings
Miss Pearl Savage Pale green silk
I trimmed with gold medallion embroid
ery Miss Esther Allen Salmon pink mes
sails with pearl passamenterle trim
Miss Lillian Stevens of OgdenBat
tenberg gown over chiffon with pearl
trimmings bouQUet of pink roses
Miss Ada Johnson Spring City
Shaded chiffon embroidered in gold
bouquet of wjitte chrysanthemums
MIss Alice Lund of Ephraim Pink
cliffom over messaline embroidered In
gold bouquet of pink roses
Somewliere In the classified columns of every issue of The HeraldRe
Publican will be found an order for two seats at the Orpheum theatre good
for either matinee or evening performance on date of issue The person whose
name appears in this order will please present a copy of the ad to The Her
aldRepublican office before 6 oclock today together with a positive identi
fication your last subscription receipt will Jo Read the classified advar
tisements tnthjf 111P P rhon vnttr amP I there
State Officials Will Take a Three
Days Trip to Meet Wool
On Sunday evening C B Stewart
secretary of the Utah Wool Growers
association Dr A C Young state vet
erinarian and A H CaW ter secre
tary of the Utah state board of sheep
commissioners will leave for a three
days trip through Juab and Sanpete
counties for the purpose of conferring
with the sheepmen on matters pertain
ing to the local sheep industry Public
meetings will be held as follows Nephi
Monday 9 a m Fountain Green Mon
day 130 p m Mt Pleasant Monday
830 p ms Spring City Tuesday 9 a
m Manti Tuesday 3 p m Ephraim
On their tour the officials will discuss
with the wool growers and sheepmen
matters of general interest such as the
forest reserves the lip and leg disease
etc In Juab county the matter of the
county commissioners objection to the
trailing of sheep on the public highways
will be gone into
The basar of St Marys cathedral con
tinued Us success yesterday over 200
persons partaking of the dinner served
and all the booths being well patron
ised Today a luncheon will be served
from 1130 a m to 11 p m
At night all the remaining articles in
the booths will be sold at auction an
event that is certain to be exciting and
interesting The promoters of the basar
are well satisfied with Its results the
receipts having thus far exceeded those
of any former affair of the kind
Banquet in Honor of Robert Bunts
Next Month
The annual election of officers of the
Thistle club was held last night at
Knights of Columbus hall when the fol
lowing were chosen President William
Service vice president W A Gray sec
retary William Nesbitt treasurer Simon
Grieve chief conductor Robert Steven
son installing officer David Henderson
sergeantatarms Charles McPhee chap
lain Nicol Hood The club decided to
hold the annual banquet in honor of the
anniversary of Robert Burns on Janu
ary 25 and preliminary arrangements were
made At the meeting last night five
new members wen initiated
Ton pah and Tide Water Line It
Headed This Way Comiiif
From Ely Netmd
Los Angeles Dec 31t newly in
corporated project in Utah te carried
out Los Angeles will be connected with
Salt Lake City by another railroad al
most as direct as the Salt Lake Route
but opening an entirely new territory
It will be by way of OoWfleW and fay
The GoldfleldEly connection of the
Tonopah A Tidewater is to be con
structed as soon as the necessary rights
of way can be obtained and it is pro
posed to build an air line connectin
Ely with SjUt Lake 276 miles
Announcement of the intention 01 the
TonopaH Tidewater was made today
by W j Alberger traffic manager
The connecting line will cost about 1
The bio poratols of the proposed line
from Salt Lake City to Ely to be
known as the Utah A Nevada are I
W Ayers of Oakland Cal and C W
ScofleM J S Sterling and H Q Fricti
of New York
Kansas City Mo Doc SThe ten
round fight between Cyclone Johnny
Thompson and Fighting Dick Hy
land will take place here December 17
it was decided tonight The fight orig
inally was scheduled December U
Fred Christiansen Who Wu Terri
bly Burned at Felt loiUias
Will Recover
Fred Christiansen who was terribly
burned early yesterday morning white
working on the third floor of the Felt
building Main street near Exchange
Place is in a serious condition at St
Mark hospital suffering from burns
about the abdomen arms sad shoulders
He bed been building a fire in a sala
mander used to warm one of the room
in the building wlere mechanics are at
work when flames suddenly set his
clothes afire Alone and three stories
above any assistance he slid down a hoist
cable and rushed into the office of tin
construction company a veritable human
torch He was first taken to the emer
gency hospital and then to St Marks
In possession of unusual vitality it ia
expected that he will recover His right
arm however was so severely burned I
that attending surgeons fear that It wjll
be crippled for life Christiansen is about
24 years of age

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