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Deals Directly With All Phases
of Human Sorrows and
In dealing with the practical problems
of no verty vice and crime the Mormon
church stands without a peer in this
agV declared Elder Ellas Conway Ash
ton at the regular monthly tourist service
at the Tabernacle yesterday afternooA
ihern were about 1000 persons present
1 he discussion t the doctrines of Mor
monism and the organ recital by Prof
J J MeOMlan were thoroughly enjoyed
Elder Ashtcn quoting from the seventh
Chapter of Matthew took for his text
15 v their fruits ye shall know them
In talk followed a prayer by F W
H trst rom
I know of no better criterion said
Elder Ashton referring to hia text by
which the devours and coreligionists of
ilorniouism want o be judgocl than by
thtir work I recently read in an en
cyclopedia that Mormonism was a sect
founded upon revelations to Joseph
Sniiih the prophet and certain records
thai were givii to him by angelic hands
TMi tin Mormon faith is not founded
a > ne upon the record of a people who
lived upon this continent long ago any
111Ir than the Methodist the Preaby
ttrian Congn rational or any other faith
Is founded upon the prayer books from
whiU I they derive some of their teach
Mormonism Is I History
Tim Book of Mormon is essentially a
lii I > of antecedents of the American
li ui upon this continentan enlighten
en f race that attained a high degree
01 ivilization It Is a record of the
IiiiiiHs who ministered to these people
of renaissance and re
J I af > tlu age
vvliKin followed the Elizabethan period
in Kimland so will this age be followed
I y a period of learning and conscience
v likening and the Mormon people be
1i It that thv will take a great part in
ft coming renaissance They believe that
t V re arc moro important things In life
ta1 nnre commercialism the dealing in
f ks and bonds and they feel there is
ii l higher endeavor
NO J monism attempts to explain the
jii V nom which mans spirit came the
riiiift of his life on earth and his dea
f y ill the hereafter Joseph Smith was
r t Mitly a prophet of events He made
1 > i > r pretensions than that and with
i i the vehemence of his nature he de
lj that there would be a new dls
jiisntlon lie parted company with the
tiodoxy of the century and with the
uii trine that hell was paved with the
jiuis if babes that had net been baptized
I i a ted company with the radicalism
i Luther and Calvin
tie j believed I that man and God are
t < riial tht we are what we are be
l of the innate quality of the mind
1a lififd by cyci s through which we pass
4 1 I that the enlargement of mental and
f itLwl horizons would come in other
c r to which we pass Mormonism ex
t ni hope to the living soul to the
t li t That have lived and to the souls
Jt shall live in the future and aJ l
I r > entitled to the sane degree of glory
Z I t i 1 Day Saints believe In the oppor
tu iv to grasp and grow and enlarge
Si 1 dually and mentally
God Reveals His Mind
rhe theme that distinguishes Mormon
f In from other faiths is the firm belief
h i ih > capacity and power of God to re
a Hi mind to His children of the
I till t He is anxious for the progress of
1 I children and he adds precept upon
1 it to help them We do not believe
T h Bible is the final word of God
v v that he reveals and will reveal
> U I j < hillrcn as the emergencies of the
b iviand If God is the same today
1 inuw i 1 and forever as the Bible says
1 11 i win wiU He not deal directly with
i is i pplt > and give them instructions
in the days of Moses Daniel Ezekiel
1 Jrmlah
Mormonism presents a logical basis of
li f it has solved for me many prob
1 us and It solves for others I see In
1 > < < l votees of the faith a kindliness
r y love for fellow men and a de
tin to God
Mormonism will take a leading part in
tH spiritual awakening of the world In
HIP revival and renaissance that shall
iIow this period of commercialism and
SHYnt in
Prof McClellan delighted the audience
tviih a rendition of Mascagnls Prelude
f r1 Cavalleria Rusticana Lemares
intrmpzzo I t and an old melody f
N il Thee Every Hour arranged by
lrns tf 1 as well as the famous Largo
from HandeL
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Stave Outlet Muddle at Lest Goes to
an Arbitration Board to Settle
Vexed Question
A F Doretnvw and J J Dagron rep
senting the city and P J Moran re
spectively as members of the special
arbitration board to settle the claim of
0 4C867 against he city for repairs on
the wooden stave outlet pipe will meet
tday and decide upon a third mem
her City Engineer Parker of Ogden
viil probably be chosen though ceveral
other engineers of abilty have been un
d consideration
It Is the purpose of both Mr Dore
rrus and Mr Dagron to complete the
work as soon as possible and send to
the council an estimate fqr a fair pay
ment to Moran
The city will pay the caim given ac
cording to the arbitration agreement
Which was signed Saturday by Frank
Oovana for P J Moran and T B
liark mayor pro tern representing Salt
The Rev Dr Short Cites Ex
amples of Geniuses Who
Were Abused
In the First Methodist EpeJcopal
church yesterday the Rev Dr FrancIs
Burgette Short preached on The Gen
LionesS of God His text wa II Sam
uel xxil36 Thy gentleness hath made
me great In the course or his ser
mon he said
We must keep in mind the text It
sounds rather unusual We are not ac
customed to hearing such a statement
dad at first observation it may seem un
tide And yet here it is and I present
it 0 you in neither a twisted nor dis
connected manner
The misconception of the old Greek
philosophers have been proved even
upon the people of this country in this
that God views with stoical indiffer
ence and unsympathetic concern the
sorrows and struggles of men Men
have thought about God and have
placed him upon a cold marble throne
somewhere in the vast universe and
have thought that from that throne he
directs the movements of men and
things without feeling without con
cern without compassion and without
love But my God is not so My God
is my Father He not only sits upon a
throne he smiles sympathetically upon
me at his footstool and points the way
for me to enjoy a seat at his right hand
He is not only the high and holy one
he is also the gentle one his heart
burns and beats with parental concern
for his every struggling child and needy
The Gentleness of God The Prophet
Isaiah had felt its touch and in por
traying7 the character of the Christ the
Son of God said A bruised reed shall
he not break and smoking flax shall
he not quench he shall bring forth
judgment unto truth The gentleness
of God Christ revealed it and de
clared he that hath seen me hath seen
the father The gentleness of Christ
was because the gentleness of God is
and the gentleness of Jesus was the
only perfect example of which history
speaks Won and Held People
Behold how he attracted held and
won the people unto him Some came
because of his miracles some because
of his wisdom Children climbed into
his bosom the sinner struggled to view
him and the brokenhearted cried unto
him because they discovered his gentle
ness He hugged the children to his
heart he spoke words of pardon to the
sinner he looked with compassion upon
the multitude and poured the balm of
consolation upon the sorrowing
How unlike this old world is this
gentleness of God How almost heart
lessly it has ever treated its benefac
tors Some one said the world will not
believe in Its real heroes until it has
crucified them Much truth here With u
what inconsideration and harshness it
passes upon the acts of mn How
it swings the lash of criticism and de
nunciation upon the motives of men
What havoc and destruction have been
wrought by the heartless harshness of
men upon their fellows
Columbus makes known his dream
of a shorter route to India and the peo
ple call him crazy Galileo says the
earth revolves and he is imprisoned
Burbank speaks of seedless fruit and
the community says send him to the
madhouse Pasteur and Hehnemann
advance their theories and some of
their own profession would expel them
Henry Drummond directs the thought
of the world into a new channel and
old school theologians brand him as
skeptic Some one seeks to discover the
north pole or to sail in the air and we
wise ones say Impossible And none
but heroes bighearted men could have
stemmed the tide of opposition while
many of the more gentlehearted have
fallen crushed by the harshness of the
times in which they lived
Dantes Cruel Fate
Do you recall what Italy gave Dante
for his immortal poem Exile Did not
England give the author of Pilgrims
Progress imprisonment Were not the
BrowMings ridiculed for years What
befellthe liberator of four millions of
slaves Somebody shot him and some
body is always ready to denounce and
nound and murder men of genius those
that live ahead of their time Joseph
William Turner ranking now as
among the best painters of modern
times who founded almshouses for un
fortunate artists and who gave to Eng
land almost one hundred of his best
paintings which now compose the
Turner room in the National Gallery
Londonthis man was for years the ob
ject of ridicule his paintings being
called mere color blotches until with
a wounded spirit he passed away His
critics are largely forgotten but the
name of Turner in the corner of a land
scape or upon The Wreck or Crossing
the Brook is worth thousands of dol
lars because they reveal the soul of
genius and gentleness
Look yet again at the son of the Uv
ery man He died while his star was yet
ruling and he died because of poor
health and the heartless criticisms
visited upon him John Keats is the
only pure Greek in all English litera
ture From him we learn that a thing
of beauty is a joy forever He brings
us In his Ode to a Nightingale that
charming picture Those lightwinged
Dryads of the trees A few days be
fore his death he said he felt the daisies
growing over him and for his own
epithaph wrote Here lies one whose
name was writ in water What hast
ened the end of such a genius The hoe
tile criticisms bitter acorn and unre
lenting jeers which were poured upon
him by two periodicals of his day
What awful havoc bitter grief and
untimely deaths this torrent of harsh
ness hath wrought How it obscures
the otherwise brilliant career of Car
lyle and how it has prevented the
arger and better Influence of both na
tions and men The truth should be
void but let it be told In a spirit of I
kindliness The achievements of men
should be criticised but let it be done
with an absence of personal animosity
let It be done because of a feeling of
kindliness and service and it will be
without hurt because gentleness will
take out of it the poison
This then is the message for you
and for me this morning more gentle
ness for this generation for gentleness
Is an imperative element for greatness
Diamonds valued at 4000 worn by
two women guests at the Belmont ho
tel aroused the cupidity of two men
whose effort to obtain possession of the
gems about 4 oclock Sunday morning
was frustrated by George Reeves of
Mueller Reeves proprietors of the
Belmont A policeman was summoned
but no arrests were made
The women had dined at the College
Inn cafe and were returning to the ho
tel when two men accosted them The
m n followed them to the hotel where
they were forbidden to enter The
women had entered the hotel office
when the men came in and Inquired for
rooms To escape them the women
went into the parlor but the men
promptly followed One of the women
had laid a valuable muff on the sofa
One of the men took it and went to the
St Cede lodging house where he put
it in the bottom of a trunk He then
returned to the Belmont By this time
the women missed the muff Their ac
cusations that the men had stolen the
muff were so vehement that George
Reeves was aroused The men started
to leave but Reeves detained them be
ing compelled to strike one of them
several times to prevent his going A
policeman was then called and after
some parleying the man who had the
muff went to the St Cecllo and re
turned with it
A short time before she laid the muff
down the owner had been carrying a
considerable sum of money and some
diamonds in the muff Both women
were confident that the men meant to
hold them up for the valuable gems they
wore but did not get the chance as the
hotel was so close to the heart of the
Mining Engineer Believes That a
Great Production Will Come
in Near Future
James W Abbott a wellknown raining
engineer of Pioche Nev arrived in the
city yesterday on a weeks business trip
Mr Abbott speaks optimistically of the
present conditions and future possibili
ties in the Ploche district and says that
big developments may be looked for in
the near future
Pioche I am sure said Mr Abbott
wilt be one of the greatest wealthpro
ducing districts in the world within two
years The recent strike at the Golden
Prince mine where work was begun on
seemingly barren ground but which de
veloped a vein on the 600foot level that
produced 100 feet of ore out of 126 feet
traversed shows the possibilities of the
At the Prince and the Golden Prince
the serious handicap lies in the trans
portation facilities It is expected that
a spur track will be extended from Pioche
to the mines The line has already been
The consolidation of the OhioKentucky
and the NevadaUtah interests into what
will be known as I understand the Con
solidated Pioche Mining company will re
sult in a big enterprise
Knights of Pythias Pay Last Tribute
to Well Known Restaurateur
Rocky Mountain lodge No 3 Knights
of Pythias paid the last sad tribute yes
terday to Joseph Sands the well known
restaurateur The casket was almost hid
den by the beautiful floral tributes The
services were begun by the Unity quar
tet Miss Gael Mills Mrs Pearl Jones
Joseph Pall and A G Mahan singing
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere The Rev
Dr McIntyre read the scriptural lesson
and offered prayer Joseph Pall sang
Sometimes We Understand While
friends viewed the remains the quartet
sang Nearer My God to Thee At
the cemetery the Pythian ritualistic serv
ices were held The active pall bearers
all past chancellors of the Rocky Moun
tain lodge were William Hefty J E
Funk J T McDonald William Klrkham
Samuel Randolph and Byron Jones Hon
orary pall bearers were Supreme Rep
resentative Charles Jennings Past Chan
cellor Beatty Grand Chancellor W P
Cooper Grand Master Thomas Hobday
Mark Reedall and J W Collins
Several petitions will come before the
council tonight The claim of P J Moran
has been disposed of by turning it over
to a special arbitration board T It
Black will be mayor for another day or
two but the signing of the arbitration
agreement between the council and P J
Moran will probably be the only thing of
importance that will come up to him
Walter Hearn British consulgeneral
at San Francisco accompanied by E
Curwen of Brighton England was a
visitor in Salt Lake yesterday He la
returning te his station after a leave
of absence spent In England
This was Mr Beams first visit to
the city but Mr Curwen found much
to observe in the past M years growth
of Salt Lake Mr Curwert whose sta
tion has been such as to give him full
opportunity to indulge in his hobby of
globe trotting first visited the west
in 1871 when be hunted big game in the
Rockies In 1874 he visited Salt Lake
Yesterday the new Salt Lake brought
Mr Curwen into a reminiscent mood
I expected to find a great change in
the city over the conditions of 34 years
ago but anticipated nothing so marvel
ous Compared to today Salt Lake in
1874 was a mere straggling village
There were only two hotels then as I
remember and there was more dignity
in the title hotel than in the structures
I recall the old Walker house and the
Townsend The temple waifs were then
only a few feet high The presence of
soldiers and the Emma mine trouble
were creating quite a stir at that time
Your buildings are magnificent and
your streets the equal of any In the
Mr Hearn and Mr Curwen visited
various points of interest including the
tabernacle Mr Curwen will spend a
few days In San Francisco before re
crossing the continent and will sail
from New York January 8 to pass the
winter in Egypt
Chicago lawyer Declined the Ap
pointment but Was Asked to
Washington Dec 5W J Calhoun
of Chicago it was innounoed here to
night has declined the appointment of
minister to China which was tendered
him by President Taft
Chicago Dec William J Calhoun
tonight denied a report from Washing
ton that he had declined to accept the
appointment as minister to China He
did decline about ten days ago but
since then had been induced to recon
sider the matter
Mr Calhoun explained that he had
been induced by Secretary of State
Knox to reconsider his determination
not to accept the appointment
Two weeks ago in Washington I dis
cussed with Secretary Knox the matter
of accepting the ministry to China
said Mr Calhoun The offer was made
to me and I asked for time in which to
consider it I came back to Chicago
and early last week I telegraphed Mr
Knox that I could not accept I re
ceived a reply urging me to reconsider
my decision Finally on Friday I wired
Secretary Knox stating that if my ac
ceptance were urgently desired by the
President I would consider the offer
Since my last communication to Mr
Knox I have heard nothing further In
the matter and do not wish to state at
this time what I shall do because the
post has not been formally tendered me
by the President President Taft was not
in Washington upon the occasion of my
visit there and I have had no direct
communication with him concerning
this matter
Mr Calhoun spent much of the day in
consultation with his law partners at
his office Among his friends the opinion
prevailed that he would go to China
Special to The HeraldRepublican
El Paso Tex Dec 5 John C
Harper and Helaman Pratt two of
the pioneers of the Mormon colo
ntea in Mexico and pioneers io the set
tlement of Utah died this week Mr
Harper was the proprietor of the hotel at
Cononia Dublin and was a veteran of
the Civil war Mr Harper broke up his
home in Payson Utah when the Mexican
9 Ionics were formed and had lived in
na republic since that time
Miss Ida Coombs a school teacher at
Provo Utah Is a sister of Mrs Harper
and was at the bedside of Mr Harper
when he died
Leslie Coombs of Canada a nephew
had been reared as an adopted son and
was also at the bedside when Mr Har
per died Mr Pratt was born in 183
at Mount Pisgah la He settled In the
Salt Lake valley in 47 with his parents
Indiais killed his father and he was the
sole support of his mother and brothers I
and sisters When twentyone years of
age he went to Muddy and helped to
build that settlement losing all his prop
erty when the Indians burned the town in
187Z At Muddy he was married to Victoria
Ballinger who died some years ago In
1875 Mr Pratt was sent to Mexico as a
missionary and returned to Utah four
years later but was sent back to Mexico
where he remained For years he was
a councilor of the Mexican Mormon mis
sion under President Ivans His son
Rey is a missionary at Mexico City
John H Coombs of Z74 Canyon road
principal of the Lafayette school ia a
brotherinlaw of Mr Harper
Mr Pratt is survived by a brother and
sister residing in Salt Lake Mathoni W
Pratt of No 778 Ashton avenue and
Mrs Royal B Young of No 2541 South
Fifth East street
China Resists Russias Claims to the
Eight of Administration Over
Railway Zones
Pekin Dec 5The Chinese govern
ment has sent a circular note to the
powers protesting Russias claims to
the right of administration over the
Manchurian railway sones
The protest deals lengthily with the
Russian communique which was sent
to the powers on October > and which
was formally handed to the Chinese
foreign board a month later by M Ko
kovsoff Russian minister of finance
The communique had to do with Rus
sian intentions regarding railway zones
in Manchuria and the protest declares
that It Is a violation of the Ports
mouth treaty as well as the Harbin
agreement of May 1909
New York DeC 5F S Selsons a
hunter who accompanied Colonel
Roosevelt to Africa was a passenger
on the steamor New York which ar
rived today He is en route for Cali
Silver Dick Warner Aidrewes a
Large Audience in First Metho
dist Chnrok
Adam Dixon Warner whose sobriquet
IB Silver Dick delivered an address
in the First Methodist church last
night Hill subject was The Curse of
the Modern Saloon but during his dis
course he ottered a remedy for lawless
ness In cities saying
I have been asked since I came here
my solution of gambling and street
walking I answer Hire a new chief
of police If that wont do hire a new
mayor All police power Is summary
power and if you let the law violator
the gambler the soiled woman and the
army of law violators that thrive off
the nonenforcement of the law under
stand that the police power is going to
be one enforced you will have to get I
a special train to take them out of I
town fast enough
IIIf you dont believe it take a trip I
to Los Angeles and ask the present i
mayor and chief of police We recalled
a mayor for his refusal to enforce the I
I law and hired a new chief of police
Now the dens of Infamy are closed and
I the saloonkeeper who violates the law
loses his license
I say official law violation is the
worst kind of law violation Malfeas
ance In law and nonenforcement of the
law are the two greatest evils in civic
government Official lawlessness is the
most intrigueing and Insidious evil in I
civil government It strikes at the
very foundation of the government and
is anarchy
Mr Warners address was heard by
a large audience who gave the closest
attention to all he had to say
Committee Will Confer With Man
agers of Nineteen Railways in
Chicago Today
Buffalo N Y Dec Authority to
call a strike of all union switchmen be
tween Buffalo and Chicago if such a
course is deemed necessary is vested in
a committee of the union which will go
to Chicago tomorrow to negotiate with
general managers of the nineteen rail
roads for a settlement of certain de
A referendum vote to obtain the sen
timent of the organization and to give
the committee a free hand was taken
some time ago according to Grand Vice
President Burt
The district east of Chicago Includes
not only Toledo Fort Wayne Detroit
and other important centers but also
takes in points as far south as Pitts
burg so that the ranks ot the strikers
will be Increased by between 12000 and
15000 men if negotiations at Chicago
fail The demands to be submitted at Chi
cago will be for a 6cent increase time
and a hah for overtime exceeding a ten
hour day double time for Sundays and
holidays and a modification of the phy
sical test xtouce 01 ineae ueumiiuo was
sent to general managers of the lines
in Chicago on November 6 so that the
thirtyday limit in which a reply must
be made expires tomorrow
Vice President Burt today received a
telegram from President Hawley that
the situation in the northwest is satis
factory to union officials
Cries of Child Bring to Light Mur
der and Suicide at Kansas
City Kan
Kansas City Dec 5For twelve
hours throughout the coldest night here
this season little Earl Campbell i years
old was locked in an apartment in
Kansas City Kan alone with the dead
bodies of his father and mother both
slain with the weapon found In the
dead mans hands
The ehilds plight was discovered to
day by neighbors who had been dis
turbed all night by his crying and final
ly investigated Forcing the door they
discovered that Joseph Campbell 33
years old had shot and llled his wife
Saturday night when neighbors were
at a theatre
The couple had quarreled frequently
The position of the bodies showed un
mistakably that It was a case of mur
der and suicide
Their one child Earl was the only
witness and stains on his dress and
hands indicated that he bad tried to
arouse his murdered mother
When found today he was almost ex
hausted from > old
Colorado Springs Colo Dec 5A full
grown male lion two lionesses two lion
cubs and a leopard were burned to death
today when cage in Gougllns SOD took
fire from an overheated stove
The keepers feared to open many of
the burning cages and liberate the beasts
as they had no means of preventing their
escape Queenle a lioness with cubs was
liberated but jumped back Into the cage
wben she heard the cries of her cubs
Her trainer attempted to drive her from
the cage but she refused to abandon
the cubs and died with them
Professor Scores Shutout in Warm
Debate at the Y M OA
Tn college professor overwhelmed
the attorney in the debate held at the
Y M C A yesterday afternoon James
Ingebretsen lawyer opposed F W
Reynolds associate professor of Eng
lish at the University of Utah in a
spirited debate upon the question of
life work The exact wording af the
question was Resolved That a young
man should select that hcporable life
work which will bring him the most
money The final vote of the audi
of the affirma
ence was 40 to 0 in favor
It Is very gratifying to note that S31
new names have been added since Au
gust t
At the 5 oclock vesper service In the
Brooks arcade yesterday C R Neel
spoke upon the subject The Power of
Unconscious Influence Mr Earl Kibby
sang a solo
The War of the Roses banquet will
be held in the Brooks arcade rooms on
Tuesday evening Any member who
brought In five points is eligible to at
tend There will be about 40 present
L E Driskell alleged to be the mur
derer of Policeman C C Riley will be
arraigned before Judge Lewis in the dis
trict court at 10 oclock this morning
DriskeU was arrested at Ogden about two
weeks after the murder of Policeman
Riley and was later confined in the
county jail The hearing today has been
awaited with interest
H H BATES a retired capitalist and
manufacturer of New Haven Conn
registered at the Kenyon hotel last
night Mr Bates Is e turn ing to his
home after two months vacation spent
In California
CHARLES KING an official In the com
missary department of the Rock Island
system with headquarters in Kansas
City arrived in the city last night reg
istering at the Kenyon I
A D SHEPARD president of the Pa
cific Improvement company registered
at the Knutsford hotel last night from
San Francisco
JA MILLYARD a prominent merchant I
of Twill Falls Idaho is registered at
the Wilson
I D JONES of Naiad Idaho is among
the outoftown merchants now in the
city preparing for the Christmas trade
He is registered at the Wilson
Los Angeles Cal Dec 5At least
four French aviators and four Ameri
can aeroplanlsta are definitely pledged
to appear in the aviation events in LOF
Angeles January 10 to 20 next while
others of prominence are seeking terms
Four dirigibles have been arranged for
and invitations have been nt to all of
the leading balloanisU nf th country
l to part
J P Gaskill who after two years
service as western manager of the
NevadaUtah Mines i Smelters corpo
ration severed his connection with the
company a few days ago arrived in the
city from Pioche Nev yesterday and
is registered at the Wilson hotel Mr
Gaskill whose plans for the future are
indefinite will remain in Salt Lake at
least 15 or 20 days
As western manager of the Nevada
Utah company Mr Gaskill had supervi
sion over the properties of the List
Chance at Bingham the Imperial Gold
en Copper at Frisco Utah the Pioche
Day at Pioche and in other districts

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