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Issued by United States Geo
logical Survey for Use of
Washington Dec 5In furtherance
of its efforts to reduce the number of
fatalities in American coal mines the
Vnitert States geological survey has
just issued a primer on explosives for
the benefit of miners and all others who
have anything to do with explosives
The primer which is written in plain
nontechnical language describes how
and of what explosives are made the
dangers in their use and how these
may be avoided or reduced to a mini
The assertion Is made by Director
H orge Otis Smith of the United States
geological survey that the improper
use of explosives and the use of im
proper explosives are responsible for a
onslderabte number of the deaths In
the coal mines many of which are
often credited to other causes
Vigorous objection is made to the use
of black powder in any mine where there
Is danger of a gas o coal dust explo
sion In such mines the operators and
miners are urged to use the explosives
that have been tested at the mine acci
Ufnts station at Pittsburg Pa as be
ing much leas dangerous in their action
Investigations at this station have
proved that the flames from the ex
plosion of black powder lasts from
1000 t to 4009 times as long as the flame
from the newer explosives and Is there
fore more likely to Ignite the gas or
dust in these mines
Use of Explosives Increasing
The use of explosives is increasing
both in quantity and in the variety of
purposes to which they are applied
says Mr Smith They are now made
at 150 plants in different parts of the
ountrj and the product of a single
year now approaches 600000000 pounds
of all this material there is no melt
thing as a safe or safety explosive when
in the hands of a careless or ignorant
person This statement is true whether
considered in connection with the traiw
iiortatlon or use of these explosives in
mining In addition to the large
losses of life and property resulting
irom an improper use of explosives in
iiiig the recent statistics of tht
railway bureau for the safe transporta
tion of explosives have shown more
than 400 persons killed and injured from
this source The fact that through co
operative effort under the wise super
islou of this bureau during the three
years of its existence these losses have
been reduced to almost nothing should
encourage the hope that similar coop
erative effort may likewise greatly re
duce losses of life and property from the
use of explosives in mining
Log Death Roll
The large death roll of American
mines is an oft recurring appeal to the
miner and the management that they
tooperate in every possible effort for
greater safety It may never be possi
ble under conditions such as exist to
day to prevent mine accidents Little
may be accomplished in that direction
by either the operators or miners work
ing alone but experience in all coun
tries shows that through hearty deter
mined cooperation of the two these ac
cidents may be greatly reduced This
will require wise laws and regulations
based on fad and experience and the
strl test possible discipline
The authors of the bulletin are
Charles E Munroe explosives expert
and Clarence Hall explosives engineer
nf the technologic branch of the
Initod States geological survey
John Kowotitich Receives Serious
Wound in the Shoulder at Hands
of Tom Mascolin
Because he had differed with him in
an argument concerning national af
fairs in a saloon at Garfield last even
ing Tom Mascolln a Greek shot John
K otitich a fellow countryman
through the right shoulder inflicting
a wound which is considered serious
It occurred in one of the corporation
houses of the Garfield smelter las
colui was immediately placed under ar
r > st hy Deputy Sheriffs Jim Williams
and Ed Parkins
Mascolln Is tald to have made threats
during a drunken quarrel to the effect
that he had been In the habit of deal
ing severely with such as disagree
with him And in keeping with his
threat he walked to the side of the
wooden sleeping quarters of Kowotitioh
and fired a revolver through a parti
tion In line with the center of his
countrymans body had he been asleep
The first shot took effect and when
Mascolin heard groans from Kowotltich
he attempted to escape
Deputy Sheriff Williams happened to
be in the neighborhood and Mascolin
practically ran into his arms Though
he still had a smoking revolver in his
hands he made no effort at resistance
lie was locked up in the county jail
by Sheriff Sharp who had been at
tracted by the shooting assisted by
iHputy Sheriff Seager Kowotltich was
also taken to the county jail where
he was given medical attention Wit
nesses who are said to have been im
plicated In the shooting being held un
der 500 ball are Tom Osllch Nick
Zunlch and Nick Tomonovlck all of
whom are employed in the smelter
The Little
About a Jewelry store are often
sadly neglected when they are real
ly the most important We give
particular attention to small mat
ters such as the proper wrapping
of packages neat jewelry boxes or
the manner in which your selection
Is engraved These are some of the
little thing that make a Christmas
present appreciated or otherwise
come In now and avoid the rush
which comes with the last few
weeks Give us a chance to please
you and we will make good
Hubbard = Denu Co
CO Host Third South
1 < U t C t r J L l ri i j
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i 7 7
i I
< II I
If 0 I
I d jt X r
Ii I
> > r Xx
It r I Ii i I I
r II I
4 v x j i I
4 cs
R oo I
Jf I
a II
k I
r xye
j d
I Yt 4 i 3
Who recently made her Englishspeaking debut in liOn the Evet from
the German of Leopold Kempf
4 Salt Lake Theatre Victor +
+ Moore in The Talk of New +
+ + York 815 p m + +
+ Orpheum TheatreVaudeville +
A 215 p m and 816 p m +
+ Colonial Theatie Frederick V +
f Bowers In Commencement Days +
+ 815 V m h
+ +
f Bungalow TheatrePantages +
+ vaudeville 330 p m and S30 +
+ P1O +
HT + + 44 M + 4 + + + + + + + + 41f + +
A musical comedy that is good en
tertainment from curtain to curtain is
The Talk of New York seen at the
Salt Lake theatre last night Victor
Moore it starring in this one of George
M Cohans plays and as Kid Burns he
made a tremendous hit His songs and
his slang took BO well with the audi
ence that he was called back again
and again and at the end of the third
act he made a speech in the true Cohan
Kid Burns is the character that is
so well remembered in FortyFive
Minutes From Broadway and the
present play is In a sense a sequel to
that one The scenes are laid In New
York and in New Rochelle There is
II coherent plot that smacks a little of
melodrama The story goes that Kid
falls in love with the daughter of a
millionaire who is his best friend
The parents object though they know
the man is a good fellow but he is not
of their world He does the family a
great service and they come to see
things in a different light To the
audience however that Is the one weak
point in the production for though the
character is idealised Kid Burns is no
more than a race track tout However
the denouement is not to be taken
seriously for the fun of the perform
ance Is too thoroughly good for any
criticism to be entertained on the point
of inconsistency
The Talk of New York which
means a certain rumor reported there
might easily refer to the newest
Broadway slang with which the play
Is filled The lines made a hit every i
time especially the remarks about
women In such an affair where a
woman Is concerned the best a man
ever gets is the worst of it I
warned you on your wedding day that
when you took my name you took my
opinions and What do I care for a
womans opinion of a man Id as soon
take a Democratic ward heelers
opinion of a Republican candidate for
alderman are some that will be re
Aside from the music and this play
has some of the best of Cohans song
successes and the clever lines there
is the typical dash and spirit of a
Cohan production For some theatre
goers they are about the only shows
that really go fast enough The great
number of players and the continual
hurry of the performance give a i
kaleidoscopic effect that is a great
merit of the production Swift and
smooth and well drilled every song and
chorus Is a prime favorite Two of
those sung by Mr Moore that should
be mentioned are When a Fellows on
the Level With a Girl Thats on the
Square and Under Any Old Flag at
The company is I a large one and the
principal are nearly all capable actors
Mae Phelps has a difficult role which
she handle in a creditable manner
and she rags charmingly The chorus
girls are fine looking and well gowned
and the men can sing The production
III thoroughly Colanesque which means
about the best there Is in acting and
singing and in good staging The
Talk of New York may be seen at
three more performances Tuesday and
Wednesday nights and Wednesday
The sate of seats opened yesterday for I
mbrich the great prima donna so
prano who appears at the Salt Lake the
atre next Thursday When littt Mar
ella Kochanska went tremblingly before
the great Papa Liszt to let him judge
of her talents the old man put his hand
on the childs head when she had finIshed
Ished and drawing her to him said
You have three pairs of wings little
one on which to fly to fame You can
become t a great pianist a great violinist
or a great singer It was the latter
profession that she chose and as Mar
iella Sembrlch she has made her name
great throughout the musical world
Announcement was made yesterday that
Wednesday of this week will close the
engagement of the Pantages audeville
circuit at the Bungalow theatre With
three or four plans for the future of the
Bungalow under consideration it will not
be known definitely for at least the next
lay or two just who will occupy the
State street cozy playhouse Indications
however point to a stock musical ex
travaganza company
Unprofitableness Is given as the reason
for closing the Bungalow to vaudeville
Despite the steady patronage given the
Pantages offerings in Salt Lake the cost
of the acts presented in the weekly bills
was too excessive to make this end of
thE circuit profitable
R A < rant resident tiiinaser f1 John
rurt Will cuuuuls UK liungdlutt lust
night confirmed the report that the vau
deville season at the theatre would close
Wednesday but could say nothing definite I
as to the future of the house There are
several proposition being considered Mr
Grant said and the definite selection
will be made and announced within the
next few das One of the most favor
able propositions under consideration is
that of a stock company which will pre
sent the latest musical extravaganza and
light comic operas It will be something
after the style of the San Francisco Opera
company which has made such a succ s
in Portland and Seattle Should this
proposition not carry the house may In
given over to road companies or be ocr u
pied by a stock company The matter
will not be definitely decided however
for a day or two
Two big audiences laughed through the
performances at the Orphenm yesterday
Howard and Howard could If they had
desired have been singing and joking yet
Neither audience seemed to be able to get
enough of the clever fun and singing in
their sketch The Messenger Boy and
the Thespian Bloomquests play Bal
lerinis dogs and Martlnettle and Sylvester
also appealed strongly to the risibilities I
while Rosa Romas violin playing proved
as strong a feature of the bill as on the
opening night
A hit emphatic has been made at
the Colonial this week by Frederick V
Bowers and his superior company in
John Corts new production Com
mencement Days Large houses so
far this week have placed their stamp
of enthusiastic endorsement on the en
tertainment which is properly billed as
a college play with music The mat
inee tomorrow will be a souvenir mat
inee when every woman in the audi
ence will oe presented with a copy of
one of Mr Bowers latest song suc
The domestic melodrama Human
Hearts will be presented by a good
company and with elaborate scenic en
vironment at the Colonial next week
Its pathos is said to be effective Its
mirth irresistible and Its dramatic
situations strong and sterling It will
be presented faithfully both in Its set
ting and in the action which will re
veal with marked clearness and force
Its very remarkable plot
Mr Hopkinson a comedy that has
set New York London and the leading
cities of five continents laughing will
be seen at the Shubert theatre on De
cember IS with Dallas Welferd and
allstar English company of society
comedy players and the original pro
duption The management of the Mr
Hokplnson which will be presented at
the coming engagement has spared no
effort in making the cast conform with
the thoroughly English atmosphere
that the characters demand and in
order to obtain these results has im
ported each individual member from
the leading theatres of London Those
prominently known in London theatri
cals who will be seen in Mr Hopkin
son are Dallas Wei ford the original
from the Avenue theatre London and
Royal theatre Edinburgh Scotland
Barbara Clement Comedy and Hay
market theatres London Ina Rorke
Lyceum and St James London May
Mllloy Adelphi and Gaiety theatres
London and Galeway Herbert Fred
erick Powell Charles Wellesly Edwin
Cushman Alf Holton and Patrick Wal
lace of the Imperial Avenue Comedy
Wyndham and Garrick theatres Lon
Capt Nat Ressler who comes to the
Mission for one week commencing to
morrow evening needs no Introduction
to the American public having been I
I actively identified with the sporting
game for many years In the east he I
is very popular and there is an old
saying that a shoot was not a shoot
unless Ressler was in attendance or j
managing the same Up till a year I
or so age he was an active member of
the Lancaster County Pa Game Protective
tective association Pennsylvania state
game warden and secretary of various
shooting associations He makes a spe i
clalty of double shooting such as hit
ting the head a match and cutting the
wick of a lighted candle crossing arms
and hitting two objects at once These
are some of his rare bits of pistol prac
tice In addition to Captain Resslers
act then are seen others
Among the popular winter amuse
ments In Salt Lake is roller skating
and devotees of the game will have
plenty of the healthful exercise for the
next two months The Auditorium
rink where the big pure food show has
been going on for the past two weeks
will be open again this evening and
the whirr of the little wheels will bo
I heard once more TilE management jf i
planning to give a number of special I
roller skating parties and there will
also be speed contests competitions In
fancy skating and other interesting
events There will be only one mat I
inee eiiii week and the season will
continue uiitil the automobile show
curie in Feliriar There are a mum
ter I df in f 11 si inn features srhedul > i i
fur tf I i j enin5 lid = iv < ntng
I t
Davy looked wistfully at the road
which passed its aunts house He knew I
that it led to the village for he had been
there and he could see it on the hill in I
the distance He wondered if it ended
there or if It kept on and on Perhaps
if he should follow it a long way It
would take him where his pretty mama
was His aunt Kate wasnt pretty and
though she took good care of him he
didnt like her a bit And there was his
papa who was a doctor and knew a
whole lot but a papa isnt like a mama
somehow Boys always thought more of
their mamasat least boys of 7 did It
was hard enough for a little boy not to
have a mania but It was lots harder
to have one and not know where she was
For two years Davy had not seen his
pretty mama He remembered vaguely
that one morning he had asked for her
and his father with a grave face had told
him that he could not see her any more
He knew that she wasnt dead for he had
heard his papa say once to Aunt Kate
It would not have been so hard If sht
had died He had decided then that his
mama had gone a long way off and left
him and his papa At that time they lived
in the city but the next summer his papa
had sent him to see his Aunt Kate and
somehow he had stayed with her ever
since This year his father had moved
into the country and now had a large
Davy was not happy His aunt wouldnt
let him do what he wanted to It was a
fancy of his that some time he should
find his pretty mama if only Aunt Kate
would allow him to look for her and it I
seemed to him that If he should follow
the road over the hill that she would
be waiting for him somewhere But he
had never had a chance to try until to
day when his Aunt Kate was called out
to see a sick neighbor
Then Davy quickly decided that he
would follow the white road over the hill
until he haj found his mama
It was the hottest day of the season
and the sun beat mercilessly down on the
little figure as it trudged bravely along
After a while Davy grew very tired but
he still kept on When he reached the
steep hill which he had so often looked at
from the distance he was nearly ex
hausted but he only stopped to rest for
a moment Then he started to climb It
It was hard work for the little chap but
finally he stood on the summit Just a
little way in the distance was a summer
hotel As he drew near ha could see ladles
in white linen flitting about and gentle
men In flannels
Days face was flushed and his throat
parched and although he was usually
timid with strangers he determined he
would ask the lady who was sitting under
a tree with c tall dark man bending ovfV
her for a drink of water They were
talking in low tones and did not see Davy
s IIf appro lied He would wait a min
ute lie thought before he spoke for he
did not want to interrupt them The
little boy had not seen the man who had
ascended th hill a little way behind him
and who now stood only a few feet away
Why do you follow me from place to
place I the lady was saying Davy
could not see her lace but somehow he
was sure ho would like her He did not
lik tl look of th > tall dark man at
You know Ibegan the man but
the lady to silence him put out her hand
and it looked so soft nd white that Davy I
wished i that the would rest it just one
minute o > i his cheeks which were burning I
1 thfy had never burned before
1 on spoilt rm who life she went
on Js I tli it n it nouarh Yon made m ni v
LchIJlll 1 ltii vc that < 1 was false lu him
I tried to explain but he would not listcm
to me I had to leave my homemy little
child I came here so I could be near
him so that I might see him perhaps
sometimesand now you follow me Why
do you persecute me so You know 1 de
spise you
There was a silence and Davy stepped
forward with uncertain steps What made
his head feel queer The lady rose sud
denly to her feet and as she saw Davy
she gave a glad little cry He took an
other step then with a smile he fell un
conscious Into her outstretched arms
Pretty mama he had murmured
When Davy awoke to consciousness he
was lying with his head on his mamas
lap and his papa was there too The I
tall dark man had gone away
How do you feel now asked his papa
I guess the heat was too much for you I
Oh Tm all right said Davy He
would show his pretty mama how brave
he was and he struggled to his feet but
as he tottered a little hfe papa took him
up in his arms For a moment he felt
ashamed that his mama should see this
but when she smiled reassuringly and said
that It was the best way he felt at ease
Well son I guess wed better be starl
ing for home now said papa
An Icy fear clutched the boys heart
What if he and his papa were going alone
He couldnt bear that
Yyoure coming aint you pretty
mama he faltered
His papa answered the question Why
son he said in a glad voice of course
shes coming Boston Post
Unknown Negress Tries to Kill N
D Laubaok Who Refused to Go
to Her Room
N D Laubach employed at the Bel
mont hotel living at 233 Eos son street
was stabbed in the back by a negress at
145 oclock this morning on Floral ave
nue near East Second South street Lau
bach claims that the negress accosted
him with invitations to come to her room
Refusing he says she drew a long
knife and chased vim He sUpped on a
strip of ice The negress then plunged
the knife into his back and disappeared
Laubach was taken to police headquar
ters where he was given surgical atten
tion Following one of the upper ribs im
mediately over the heart the knife wound
is not considered serious
Because he would not give him
money enough for lodging George
Lawson colored stabbed Charles Wil
liams also colored in the right side
of the neck at 150 oclock this morn
Ing while In a Japanese pool room at
43 Commercial street Though the
wound Is less than half an Inch from
the jugular vein It is i not considered

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