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34 ANSWEKINQ want adij I
Silver 5112c Today
WfflkecPyckm 1
cathodes 13o
ii Pages lead per 100 Ibs 440 RLTPUBLTNw I I Snow
InterMountain Republican SALT LAKE CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY DEC 8 1909 Fri 5 Cents The Salt Vol Lake 158 Herald No U
J Val IS No
Chairman of General Man
agers Association Says the
Roads Are FairMindod onj i
Question of Increase Asked
Demands of the Telegraphers
of the Illinois Central Have
Been Submitted to Media
tion of Knapp ard Neill
New York Dec 7 Railroad pres
idents just How many could not be
ascertained held a conference in
New York today concerning the at
titude of the trainmen and conduc
tors of the east in their proposal for
a ten per cent increase in wages
George F Baer president of the
Philadelphia A Reading railroad de
clined to make any statement
W IL Truesdale president of the
LackaAainia said he had not seen any
demands from the men but that he
was Inclined to think there was no
cause fur trouble
W t Busier chairman of the Gen
eral Managers association said
The railroads i I are fairminded on the
wage yustion and if that feeling Is
reciprocated by our men there will be
no ocvasiuii for trouble
Increases Granted
Deb01 Dec 7In regard to a re I
port Varane from Lansing Mich
that i tlit Mi nigan Central rallroadhad
increaj the wages of its trainmen
uml 1 tigraih operators
General Su
Tiint n nt w Brown of the Mich
Etn e ntiMi said
Th nJinnors anl Lrhkemen were
fxtn n increase 1 of approximately 15
Jj ecu Mveral weeks ago The ne
fitiatin extended till nearly the last
lt OetuIr but the increase was made
effective i tober 1
I The ojators were also offered an
ncrease that affect tifty offices on
tur iiiits 1 hut they qeclnHJiJJM offer
rj a tyIngto nfe MtervIew
Vith c > jttieral manger
At te ujties of the Pere MarqUette
i ulronl i was stated today that tele
praphrs reopived a 5 per cent Increase
Srpteiaie 1 that the firemen hive
rinsed mgrtiations for a 5 to 7 1 per
cent inroase effective December 1
S eni Lid the trainmenrswitchmen
> oileull < l kers machinists and engine
Then Lnl almost completed necotla
tions that look promising for air la
crease on January 1
Submitted to Mediation
nlciln Iec 7ThE demand of the
Iinoi iVntral telegraphers for an In
crease Mf in
per cent in wages was re
J ised i > re today by the officials of the
road At the request 01 the railroad
ifficlj5 it was agreed to submit the
matter to the mediation of Chairman
Knap tf the interstate commerce com
rtio and Federal Labor Commls
Shiner NtiI
Cincinnati Pee 7A hitch has arisen
In the ngotiatlons for a new ware
scale b I et vien the officials of the Big
Four rurMd and a committee of tel
egraph of the road and no confer I
ence ws odd today The Big Four
Ias definitely declined to grant to the
telegraphers it Is said the privilege
of eiirnihng on their scale of wages
and r s ine telephone operators
Lan + Mich DeC 7The Michi
gan C inal railroad today increased
tralnn i s wages 66 per cent and op
erator > > roximately 14 per cent
San V < iso Dec 7Walter Muir
n stock t 0 ktr was convicted today of
embezi i i K JtiO from J E Moulton a
client iora whom he accepted the sum
with orders to purchase certain stocks
Miir was tried and acquitted on a
Fimilar charge some time ago after an
alleged shortage of 20000 was found
in j his accounts and he was brought
iMk from Denver where his capture
s effected
< r
< i
< c
0 5 tft
1 t
Famous Actor Who Was Injured by a Fall From a Horse in New York
ew York Dec 7John Drew the
actor was thrown from his horse while
riding with his daughter en the bridle
path In Central park today and was
seriously injured The horse tramplea
on the actor as he lay on the ground
Mr Drew wae carried to the Presby
terian hospital The extent of his in
juries is not known Mise Draw wa
holding her fathers head in her lap
when an automobile party stopped and
I volunteered to take the actor to the
While the doctors were unable to de
termine the full extent of Mr Drews
Injuries they announced he had suf
fered a severe fracture of the left
I shoulder and it was feared he had
been Injured internally Mr Drew was
resting easily tonight His injuries
are serious but in all probability he
will be out in a week or two
Eight Hundred Miles Made by Salt
Lake Man In Less Than Eight
Hundred Minutes
New York Dec 7AU eastbound records between New York and
Oltieago on the New York Central railroad for trains carrying passengers
were broken today by the special carrying Samuel Newhouse of Salt Lake
hereon his trip to catch a steamer for Europe where a brotheris dying
Approximately the train traveled the distance in 17 hours and 30 min
uter as against 18 hours which the Twentieth Century limited makes
This record was made by the Newhouse
special in spite of the fact that it lost
fortyeight minutes by the disablement
of an engine at Hudson N Y Had net
this mishap occurred the train would
have probably made the run in ten or fif
teen minutes less than seventeen hours
The westbouru record is still held by the
Vanderlip special which made the run
to Chicago on March 28 last In sixteen
hours and eight minutes
The run of 842 miles from Chicago to
Albany was made today In 898 minutes
An especially fast bit of running was
that between Syracuse and Rochester
the eightyfive miles being covered in
seventyfive minutes
The special reached the Grand Central
station here at 319 p m The exact run
ning tim > between Chicago and New
York was 17 hours and K minutes thus
lowering the eastbound record by fourteen
Terrible Disaster at Hamburg Ger
I many Caused by Explosion
of Gas Tanks
Hamburg Dec 7The explosion of two gas tanks in the socalled
Kleiaos Grasbrock OR the Elbe front this forenoon was followed by an
extensive fire and the low of Many lives The explosion was due to a
leak in a new gas meter
1 Escg gs entered the retort
J house vi Itte it came in contact with
the fire i a using a terrible explosion
A largo number of workmen were en
gaged in rlmding and enlarging the
plant Twentyfive men were work
Ing Btar It t gasometer They disap
pearea > in u mass of thmrs which shot
up to ii Tat height Firemen ap
peared iuiky but Wfie unable to
I pT approve li in large fo Iause of the
Isolari > ititjii of i tMaMIshmeiit
Lal tuiiiKht ten n 1P reported
dead iiiil I I seventeen mi slng It Is al I
most naln that all of these are dead I
Foil lull I ere dangerously in
I jured H t rtI perhaps fatally
Tht 1 spitad rapidly and threat
I ened < lei I i asnneter containing
it 0011 > 1 > meters So intense was I
d the t = i iingerous their posi j I
tion it r < in > ii wre cuinpellcd
i < wit A t iirir oxploiiuii strua
i curred and the tower became a mass
if flames vlnch leaped hundreds of J
fecw in the uir seuding fragineuU of
glowing coke far over the city and
After strenuous efforts the fire was
got under control and rescue work
begun There is little hope of finding
the bodies of the missing as they
would undoubtedly hare been incin
I The new gasometer which exploded
was the largest in the world having
a capacity of 200000 cubic meters
The city appropriated 11000000 marks
3500000 for Its construction
New York Dec 7The recent federal
court Standard Oil dachsion Is said today
to have changed the plans of the pro
posd copper merger and there may be
som delay in effecting the combination
It was stated that the new plans pro
vid for sparat amalgamations which
will embrace the Jol Ryan and Arnalgit
mated properties on one hand and the
Guggenheim copper properties on the
Gompers to Meet Hawley of the
Switchmens Union at Cincin
nati on Friday
St Paul Minn Dec 7 President
Frank T Hawley of the switchmens
union of North America will leave to
morrow night to meet President Sam
uel Qompers of the American Ksdera
tlon of Labor at Cincinnati on Fri
day when the situation relative to the
switchmens strike In the northwest
will be discussed
Itlexaid that President Gtfmpers and
Secretary Morrison have pledged the
financial and moral supportof the fed
eration to the strikers It is not
thought at local strike headquarters
however that President Gompers will
order sympathetic strike of railway or
ganizations ten in number affiliated
with the American Federation of La
While In the east Mr Hawley will
attend a conference of the committee
of switchmen that will meet soon with
the general managers committee to
take up the wage question with all
eastern railroads
Strike leaders claim all reports re
ceived at headquarters are that the
men are standing firm and that rail
roads still are badly tied up I
Washington Dee 7Secretary Na
gel today directed the dismissal from
office of George E Baldwin a Chi
nese immlgrantion inspector at Balti
Baldwin has been under suspension
for a short time for alleged irregulari
ties into which a thorough investiga
tion was made by Commissioner Gen
eral Keefe of the immigration service
and by Chief Clerk Wood of the de
partment of commerce and labor It
was said at the department that Secre
tary Nagel had directed the dismissal
of Baldwin for the good of the serv
ice and that his action was not
taken on the charges made
Congress Will Be Asked to Grant
Charter to Proposed Institution
Washington Dec 7 Congress will be
asked to grant a national chrirtar to the
propesBdPmnATnertcfcnrliank hiCh New
York c capitalists propose toostabllsh with
headquarters > in New York and brancnes
throughout Central and South America
The reference ini e Presidents pipage
to such anInstitution IB said to have been
to pave the way for the application
The granting of a national charter
would Ie helpful to promoters of the
bank it is said In obtaining recognition
of the branches by the governments in
those territory they are established
Message Is Read
to Both Houses
Presidents Effort to Econo
mize in the Government Ex
penditures Approved Even
by the Democratic Members
President Tells Congress That
Country Is in High State of
Prosperity but the Cost of
Living Is Increased
+ H 344444 + 34 e + 4 14 + 4 + +
+ Washington Dec 7 Having
+ assembled and received the Pre t i
+ dents annual message congress
+ today found itself literally out f
+ of work and in consequence 4
4 both houses adjourned until Fri
+ day when if some of the various 4
4 committees fall to provide some
+ thing to do adjournment will be t
+ taken until Monday f
t H H H
The formality of reading the mes
sage aloud consumed an hour and a
half in each house When the conclu
sion was reached the house imme
diately adjourned but the senate want
into executive session Little fault was
found with the message among Repub
licans who seemed to agree that It was
as satisfactory a document as the Pres
ident could prepare and remain con
sistent with the party campaign
pledges The Democrats approved the
Presidents effort to economize but
deprecated his suggestion that the
Monroe doctrine had practically be
came obsolete
The message is written in the Presi
dents customry terse vigorous style
commented Representative Payne ma
jority leader in the house while Rep
resentative Clark minority leader
thought about all that could be said
about the message was that it was
comparatively brief HII discussion of
almost all Important matters Is rele
gated to special messages
In both houses the message was sub
jected to most careful scrutiny Follow
ing the custom the me M was re
ferred to the e mmitte of the whole
to be prepared tot vivisection by va
rious committees whose business is to
deal with subjects discussed by the
President in his message
PerhaDs the most Important question
oresented to this administration is that
of economy in expenditure and suffi
ciency of revenue says the President in
his message and ht discussed the meth
ods taken to meet the deficit The Presi
dent declares It unwise to attempt further
revision of the tariff until the facts are
at hand upon which such revision can
properly be undertaken
Speaking generally he says the coun
try Is in a high state of prosperity He
notes the increase in the cost of living
but says the tariff Is not the cause In
those oroduct of the factory and farm
there has been no increase In the
tariff and in many instance a very
considerable reduction the president
In beginning the president says
Zelaya Must
Be Punished
The relations of the United States
with all foreign governments have con
tinued the normal basis of amity and
good understanding and very gener
ally satisfactory
President Taft says the Zelaya gov
ernment of Nicaragua has kept Central
America in constant turmoil It Is
unnecessary he says to rehearse here
the sad tale of unspeakable barbari
ties and oppression alleged to have
been committed by the Zelayan gov
ernment Recently two Americans
were put to death by order of Presi
dent Zelaya himself They were re
ported to have been regularly com
missioned officers in the organled
forces of a revolution and as such
according to the modern enlightened
practices of drilled nations they
would be entitled to be dealt with as
prisoners of war
He continues
4 This government proceeded +
+ with deliberate circumspection f
4 to determine the exact truth
+ In relation to the reports
+ and upon the course In the 4
4 premises most consistent with its +
4 dignity Its duty to American in +
+ i terests and Its moral obligations +
+ to Central America and to civtli +
4 xatlon +
Concerning the far east the presi
dent says this government preserves
unchanged its policy of supporting the
open door and adds
Our traditional relations with the
Japanese empire continue cordial as
usual The arrangement of 1908 for a
cooperative control of the coming of
laborers to the United States has
proved to work satisfactorily
Reorganization of the department of
state upon modern lines In furtherance
of our foreign trade atiu 01 American
Interests abroad in recommended
Perhaps continues the message
the most important question presented
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St Paul Jobbers Advise Their Cus
tomers That the Railroads are
Handling Freight
St Pawl Dec 7 Fifteen prominent Job
bers and manufacturers constituting a
committee of the Jobbers Union and the
Manufacturers of St Paul today made
a personal inspection of the terminals and
transfer stations in the Twin Cities to as
certain actual traffic conditions as a re
sult of the switchmens strike
After a tour In a private car the com
mittee gave out a statement that the
freight is being moved in a satisfactory
manner and although normal conditions
do not prevail a volume of
busings above normal was being harldled
at some points The statement con
We feel justified therefore in an
nounciug tlJ our customers throughout the
entire northwest that they may order
goods freely I wlthput fear of any serious
Idaho Senator Proposes the Issuance i
of 3 Per Cent Bonds Amount
ing to 30000000
Washington Dec Prorlslon for a
30000000 revolving fund to be used I
in the completion of government irri
gation project is made in a bill in
troduced today by Senator Borah It
provide for the issuance of 3 per cent
bonds to the amount named payable
out of the reclamation funds at any
time not earlier than ten years from
date of issue and not later thau twenty
The Irrigation commission which
visited practically all of the projects
during the summer and fall has not
indorsed the Borah plan and a sharp
controversy is anticipated in the ef
forts to have it enacted
Senator Borah declares that the pub
lic land fund aggregating revenues of
about 1000000 a year is insufficient i
to complete within a reasonable time j
the many projects under construction i
The Borah bill does not contemplate
any appropriation from the treasury j
for the redemption of the bonds
Cody Wyo Dec 7F A Ash man
ager of the Western Drug company here
was slain last night by a trap gun set
in such a manner that it went offas he
entered his sleeping room The full load
of shot entered his abdomen Ash had no
enemies so far as known
Rob Saloon and Street Car
and Suspect is Placed
Under Arrest
After a pause of about 36 hours holdups resumed activity U Salt
lake kit night and within an hour had succeeded in robblaf a saloon
and a street car They showed themselves to be experts at the art and
were but little exerciser when they quietly teak flflnsv out of a auk
drawer pMedacondnctors change bank
Eeing outside the city limits the case fell on the sheriffs ofce for
attention and in less than thirty minutes after the first holdup a young
man who gives his name as J W Head and who carried a heavy revolver
had been placed under arrest
Now dont do anything foolish
ust behave yourself You wont be a
bit sorry If you do just what I tell I
you said a holdup last night at 830
oclock as he flashed a revolver in the I
face of the bartender at the George
Bess saloon Twelfth South and West
Temple streets ordering him to throw
up his hands Then he opened the cash
register took out 27 In change and
dashed out running up West Temple
streets in company with a comrade
There were no customers in the sa
loon at the time of the robbery Ac
cording to the bartender the two
holdups had been standing at the en I
trance tc his saloon nearly an hour
carefully watching customers as they
went out When a man who displayed
a piece of gold money over the bar as
he bought his drink left the saloon
they followed but returned shortly aft
erward and carefully eyed the bar
Draws Revolver on Bartender I
Finally the younger of the two wear
ing a black muffler about his neck
and who corresponds in description
with the man who a week ago held up
a saloon on West Second South street
entered apparently with the intention
of buying a drink The bartender was
about to walt on him when he pointed
a revolver iD his face
The sheriffs office immediately took
charge of the CIte scattering deputies
to watch street car lines coming In
from Twelfth South street About
thirty minutes after the robbery Dep
uty Sheriffs W B Booth and Peter
Johnson saw a young man on a car
answering the description of the one
who had held up the saloon placing
him under arrest
He at first said that he bad been
visiting relatives in the outlying sec
tion of the city But when searched
by Sheriff Joseph C Sharp a holster
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Political Crisi in Great Britain Will
Redound to Advantage of
London Dec 7John E Redmond
leader of the Irish party has forwarded
a manifesto to T P OConnor president
of the tfnited Irish league of Great Brit
am who is now In New York addressed
to the friends of Ireland in the United
State and dealing with the British po
litical crisis
Mr Redmond congratulates Mr OCon
nor on the success of his mission In
America and expresses the gratitude of
the Irish party at the warm response of
the American people to Irelands appeal
The manifesto says
Never has the situation confronting
Ireland been atthe same time more crit
ical and more hopeful
Then outlining the broad principles ol
the struggle that has arisen between the
house of lords and the house of com
mons it continues
As between the two great English par
ties in this contest the Irish party
stands absolutely independent Not fop
130 years has such an opportunity been
offered to Ireland The lords veto has
been recently described by Rosebery and
Lanadowne as the only remaining safe
guard against the granting of home rule
to Ireland All that is necessary to wr
acks Ireland to profit by this opportunity
IB that the unity discipline and efficiency
of the party be maintained
But the Irish party is threatened with
grave dangers Against it are arrayed
great and wealthy Interests and the
Unionists have declared their Intention
of naming candidates In very constitu
ency In Ireland with the avowed purpose
of exhausting the partys funds This
policy was tried against Parnell In IWs
and failed ignomlnlously thanks to
Americas generosity 90 far asvotjnz
is concerned it will fail more ignomini
ously now than In 1886 but the extra ex
penditure Involved will severely tax the
partys resources We therefore wouiu
welcome the evergenerous support of ouV
friends In America and trust it will no
fail us until victory has been won
Roumanian Scientist Uses Stovalne
and Patients Remain Conscious
New York Dec 7Before an audi
ence of distinguished surgeons Prof
Thomas Jonnesco the Roumanian sci
entist today demonstrated that pain
less operations could be performed OB
patients while they remained con
scious Prof Jonnesco hypodermic
ally injected stovaine in the spine at
the same time administering strych
nine to stregthen the heart
Three children and a woman were
operated on by local surgeons after
Dr Jonnesco had applied the stovaine
Dr William J Mayo of Rochester
Minn attended the demonstration as
the special guest of Prof Jonnesco
Dr Mayo was so impressed that he
invited the Roumanian dentist to
visit the West and demonstrate his
discovery and Dr Jonnesco accepted
Go r
Couer DAlene Ida Dec 7A man
supposed to be John H Billings was
murdered by footpads last night and
his body wag found by children to
day A letter from Mrs Emma Vyer
of Klngman Kans who is believed I
pocket to be his daughter was found In his
Leader of the unionists In the great
struggle now going on In Great
If Successful at the Poll the
Unions Will Endeavor to
Protect the Manufacturers
Against Foreign Competition
Cotton and Wool Will Be Free
but There Will Be a Tax on
Wheat Flour Bacon and
MaizeOther Features
London Dec 7The Birmingham
Daily Port tomorrow will publiah an
article from inspired sources outlin
ing the tariff reform proposals that
are likely to be made by the Union
ist government if the Unionists are
successful at the elections prefacing
it with the remark that the countrys
financial necessities are much great
er than they were in 1906 when
Joseph Chamberlain started the
The article continues It Is proposed
to establish a general tariff placing du
tIM on practically all goods that are not
id raw material with toe object
f of raising revenues second of as
toting the home producer against foreign
eIetiUon third of giving preference
to colonies fourth of securing better
Jsrms from foreign countries and fifth
of mitigating unemployment by encour
aging the home producer
Simple In Form
The tariff will be of the simplest pos
sible form not protective IB the sense
that that is understood in Germany an1 l
the United States There is no Inten
tion of having multifarious rates which
would throw open the door to parliamen
tary intrigues The plan favored is to
allow raw material duty free and to
impose a 5 per cent duty on partly manu
factured goods 13 per cent on alt C oII
nearly completed and 15 per cent on com
pletely manufactured goods There will
be no variations in this caJa unless in
exceptional cases There may possibly
be however a slightly lower duty in fa
vor of the colonies and a slightly higher
tariff against countries seeking unduly
to penalize British goods
Tax on Foreign Wht
Foreign wheat will be liaMe to a duty
of 2 shillings per quarter with preference
to the colonies but not the removal or
the whole duty
Flour will pay a higher rate to en
courage home grinding while bacon and
maize will also be excluded from the free
list Important raw materials such as
cotton and wool will enter free
A tariff framed thus it is estimated
would produce a revenue of from 16000
000 to 30000000 If the Union
ist are returned every possible effort
will be made to embody the new duties
in the budget of U10 or at the latest
1911 but the maximum duties will be with
held for two years to give time to ne
gotiate commercial agreements with for
eign countries
The Right Hon Oeor s Wyndham
member of the house of commons for
Dover speaking in London tonight also
intimated the Intention of the Unionist
to propose a 10 per cent duty on manu
factured articles and 2 shillings on wtieau
A Free Trad Advocate
Charles Wright Macara head of the
Cotton Federation Of Great Britain re
vealed himself as a strong advocate of
free trade
1 have been struck he said by tha
feeblenes of the argument by those who
would seriously endanger the cotton trade
by changing our fiscal policy In fifty
years Lancashire has doubled in popula
tion doubled its cotton spinning and
manufacturing machinery and built up
an export trade three times bigger than
its home trade This enormous growth
has been maintained by the cheapness
of production Tax food and mill requi
sites and our preeminence would be en
dangered Protected America where two
thirds of the worlds cotton crop grows
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George P Sheldon Deposed Pres
ident of the Concern Sick
Unto Death
New York Bee 7Actinc upoa the recommendation of H 0 Retch
kiss state superintendent of nuromnce whose preliminary report yester
day disclosed suoh alleged extraordinary irregularities in the manage
ment of the Phoenix fire Insurance company of Brooklyn the district
attorneys office began investigation before the grand jury toe y
Four witnesses were examined by
Assistant District Attorney Nott all
former business associate of George
P Sheldon deposed president of the
company Lawyers following the case
point out that the first matter to be
investigated will be in connection
with alleged specific irregularities in
the use of the companys funds by its
former president And if any indict
ment is found it is said it will be
upon a charge of larceny
Edwin A Carter connected with a
brokerage firm with which Sheldon is
said to have dealt was a wintess be
fore the grand Jury today R T Dor
emus receiving and note teller of a
bank Charles F Coster secretary of I
the Phenix Insurance company of i i
Brooklyn and Frederick T Cutter a I i
bookkeeper In the brokerage firm re i I
feried to also testified I
Harry Evans president of the Con
tinental Insurance company who was
elected chairman of the executive sum
mitte of the Phenix Insurance com
pany of Brooklyn today intimated
that other officials besides President
Sheldon may be deposed as a result
of the disclosures Mr Evans added
however that the Phenix Insurance
company of Brooklyn was sound and
that the stockholders need have no
fear Mr Sheldon is still In a critical con
dition at his home in Greenwich Conn
Greenwich lmn Dec 7 Communi
cation wiLl Ueorge P Sheldon former
ly I president of the Phenix Insurance
company of Brooklyn concerning the
affairs of that company is impossible
awing to his crlcical illnees
Mr Sheldon contracted ptomaine
poisoning six weeks ago This devel
oped into an inflammation o tL < mus
cular tissues of tLe heart and was
complicattd by an afferun of tte kid
neys Today his chances of recovery
were said to be slight
> t

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