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The Salt Lake herald-Republican. [volume] (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1909-1918, December 08, 1909, Real Estate, Classified, Mines, Markets, Image 15

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I L Financial and CoffimeCcidi 1 II
Little Business on New York I I
Stock Exchange With Prices
Nfw York Dw 7Tbe business done
at the stook exchange today dwindled to
email proixirtiotis and the constant fluc
tuations in prices argued an uncertain
Ijme of mind on the part of operators
In stock
Tho Presidents message was called
nrservatiVf hut as Its contents had been
Idlrattly known and acted upon In thj
markets its pullliatlon left little for the
speculators to do The rise in American
Sugar was Iwribed to the stand against
a congressional Investigation lest immun
li y should thus lo given to some of those
pio cuteil Pacific Mall rose on the ship
Giihuidy paragraph of the message
The belief that the Intense dullness of
tin early market was duo to the desire
t see the imwwge received slight con
tinuation from the growth In activity aft
ti its piiMVatlon The growing atten
tion given i > exports of gold had some
straining Influence on speculation More
goM was engaged here for Argentina and
R further rise in sterling exchange
Lr tight ratts nearer to the point at
aLu h shipments direct to London would
IrfM ome profitable
Htdy maturities seem to be falling
II i M of N w York Indebtedness to foreign
jpndVrs and the paying off of these ob
1gallons is believed to keep up the for
eign exchange rate The torpid state of
the bond market is attributable partly to
t < se conditions the effect being seen
in the scant issues of new securities dur
ing November The Journal of Commerce
stimates make these but 17465000 com
rared with PtiliOOO In November of last
> ear
Ther was a rise in the Berlin discount
lilo today and the London rate held
Mindy t The ill loan rate here was
rither flrmei the ruling rate being near
ci F 1 a per cent
Denials of the reports that a general
stuke of railroad employes was In con
templation gae some help to railroad
Ffoiks but the question of wage read
justment ji i Mill discussed with gravity
Till iner < aso in the dividend rate on St
lonw Southwestern preferred gave a
cheerful feeling to holders of other stocks
rentionett < i > likely to receive like favors
The ov enunents estimate of the very
large area planted In winter wheat and
tile high percentage of condition at which
that crop to entering the winter proved
a stimulating influence on the late mar
MnnrtK were irregular Total sales par
value 1064000 United States 4s de
clined U per cent on call
Stock Quotations
Sales High Low Close
AIIis Chalmers
Ie f erred 408 64 54 VI 5t1i
Ama Copper 26200 87 64 87
Am Agri SW 4S4 454 WA
Am Beet Sugar 200 WoW 41
Am Can pfd 401 88
Am C F 600 72 72 72
Am Cotton OU SOO 68 a 1iB4
An Hide A
An Ice Sees 1700 284 27 27
Am Linseed H
Am Locomotive 1200 11 60V 11
An S A R S800 M 11II4 1ST
Preferred 1114
Am Sugar Ref 4800 lZIrJ 119 1J214
Am T T 10 tOO 1ft 1M 130
Am Tob pfd 5fla N 98 97
Am Woolen 101 3f 33 I3t
Ana Mln Co 1200 4M 48 49
Athison 26400 121 110 lPAi
Preferred 400 104 104 104
Atlantic Coast
Line 2W 134 134 134
BaIt Ohio 2100 116 116 116
Preferred 91 4
Beth Steel 1300 34 33 w4
Brooklyn R T 34W 82 IlIJW 82
l n n pacific 2300 1114 179 181
lnt Loath 1800 451 1 45 45
Preferred 260 108 108 108
C at of N J 200 111i 311 310
Ches A Ohio 6600 gzi 85T4 87
fUi Alton 18 M Ifti 68
riu G W MO 19 lllfa 19
f N W 360 177 177 177
U M A St P 1J80 M5 154 1i41 1
tlo b F A I 308 51 49 50
llo A South 100 57 57 61
1st 1 preferred 81
Jrt preferred > 0
IMnsol Oas 8JO 151 149 150
rrn Products 300 116 21 I1Ji
Dei L Hudaon 2600 184 182 1J4IA
i R a TTT 8we IM 49 1 84
Prafprred 1009 IIJ 86 81
nl tillers Sees S6
Ll o 380 n 32 ars
1st preferred 100 47 IN 47
Jd preferred SII
C n Electric 500 189 lIP 160
W North pfd 4500 lQ 142 142
ct North ore
erts 1 10 11 IM
Illinois Cent Ill 1 114 14i14
Int Met 28800 24 25i
Preferred 174W 11 61IJ6 11
jot Harv SOS l4lIi 1GB MB
In Marine pfd WO ItIJ6 24 1
int Paper MO 24y 14 1411i
int Pump 1900 52 B 61
JIIWa Central 301 2M 2tJ4 29
K O Southern 43
Preferred 100 UK ftI4 TOt
Luis Nash lWO U1VL lWh 160
M St P ft S
Kie M tW 1C JJCi 134
Mo Pacific SJM 71 W 71
M K A T 2SW 48 4C 48
Preferred 1314
N ul I Biscuit UIi
National Lead 1700 Sft 87 11
N Rys of ex
t preferred 300 55 H 65
N Y Central 4480 1J7i 1JII4 127
N Y O ft W 300 47 4TU fl1J
Norfolk ft West 6190 96 IMIJ6 96
Nnitu = American 1700 iZ16 II1IJi 82
Northern Pacific 1900 144 143H 148
P a ific Mail 3100 45 44 44
IMuisylvanJa 215C9 139 l29Ti 130
iVupies las 3300 114 113S 114
j i C C A StL 100 Mi 94V4 fi
Tressed Steel Car 1400 L 51V 52
lull Pal Car 190
It x Steel Spring 100 60 5614 60
Heading 73300 171 110Jrj 171
vullic Steel tOO 414 45 l4 46
Preferred wIJ 106 106 106
Rock Island Co 1KM 40 39 40
Preferred 1600 59 < 59
Preferred 3000 It S7 4 88
St L A S F
M prefei > d 1100 tf 59 59
St L S W SJW 31 34
Preferred U800 8J 79 f 81
gloss SI field
Steel A Iron 88
Southern Pacific 780 UOtt 128 129 I
Southern K > 1509 11 30 i 31
Preferred 500 60 68 68
Tcnn Cop 39
Texas A Pacific 1400 15 34 35
T St L W LIJI O 11 5T i 63i
Preferred 300 69 60
Inion Pacific 22O0 201 1 99 201
preferred tOO lOBj 103 113
V S Realty 81
r S Rubber 300 63 5 1 62
r S Sten i 1C3HO SlL S9 90
Preferred 1A lt 124 134
Itah Copper 4300 i7 i S 58S I
Chemical 400 41 4S 48
Wabash JOO Ilt 7 I
Preferred 77W t7 > 4 Ii 57
West Md 300 4P 41 441 1
Vest Electric 1BOO S I c 3 I
Western Union esuo I
WIs Central 49
Total sides for the day 622300 shares
Metal Markets I
Nfl w Ivik lP > 7The market for I
fctandarn il 1 > r I c t1P Nw i lurk I
metal ec1 aUoe Vds dull tBd praiur 1
cally nominal No quotation was made I
I for spot on the call but subswquen
I bids and o ers established the market I
I at aboutJ1275 < TS 1300 December closed
at 1300 January at 1305 and Feb
ruary at 1310 the price being asked
In each case The London market was
steady with spot quoted HI l69 and fu
tures at 60 2s 6d Local dealers quote
lake copper at 132611350 electro
lytic at 13124 13871 and casting at
Tin was easier with spot closing at
S317S3190 December J 116213180
February and January 3162i3200
and March 3162i3212i The Lon
don market closed steady with spot
quoted at UHf 6s and futures at 145 I
17s 6d I
Lead was firmer with spot closing
at U371 bid New York and at 425
bid East St Louis The London mar
ket was unchanged at LIZ 17s 6d
Spotter wu dull with spot quoted
at 6158635 New York and at 620
I 625 bid East St Louis The Lon
don market was unchanged at UI
Iron was unchanged at SOs 7d for
i I Cleveland warrants In the English mar
I ket Locally the price was unchanged
with No 1 foundry northern quoted at
I U50 1900 No 2 do S26f 1375
No 1 southern and No 1 southern soft
I 185001925
Treasury Statement
Washington Dec 7Tbe condition
of the treasury at the beginning ol
business today was as follows
Trust funds
Gold coin 878059869
Silver dollars 4S7662000
Sliver dollars of utO 3979000
Silver certificates out
standing 487662000
General fund
Standard silver dollars in
general fund 2026341
Current liabilities 108103713
Wirking balance in treas
ury offices 2941S76S
In banks to credit of treas
urer of the United States 8609582S
Subsidiary silver coin 15778601
Minor coin 1140040
Total balance in general
fund SSSS7SJ7
Money Silver Etc
New York Dec 7Money on pall firm
44 per cent ruling rate and offered
at 44 closing bid 4
Time loans firm sixty days 45 per
cent ninety days 4j six months 44f
Prime mercantile paper 606tt per cant
sterling exchange firm with actual busi
ness in bankers bills at 4J42S494S430 for
sixtyday bills and at 1870 for demand
Commercial bills f8SK 4i4IIMi
Bar silver 614
Mexican dollars 43
Government bonds easy
Railroad bonds Irregular
Chicago Dec IThe government re
port which indicated the second largest
crop in the United States In the point
of acreage caused a severe slump In
wheat prices here today following a
sharp bulge due to confirmation of
injury by frost to the Argentine crop
At the close prices showed a net
loss of i to t Corn and oats closed
firm and provisions steady Decided
strength marked trading in the wheat
pit during the first part of the ses
sion commission houses and shorts
being active bidders The crop re
port caused a complete reversal of sen
timent many of the early buyers sell
Ing freely According to the official
statistics the acreage seeded to wheat
is 33483000 acres In the winter wheat
states an increase of 79 per cent
compared with the final estimate on
last years crop and the second larg
est on record The condition of the
prop Is placed at 958 as against S53
a year ago Much long wheat came out
in the final hour and prices declined
more than one cent Both May and
December sold off to 107 The close
was weak at almost the bottom May
closing at lon and December at
There was a big trade In corn and
the market was strong owing to the
severe storm which extended over the i
entire corn belt which will greatly
increase the amount of corn used for
feeding purposes An advance of 1 to
lie in the price of the cash grain also
helped the options The market closed
firm with prices 1 < > J to c higher
Continued light receipts prompted
fresh buying of oats resulting In a
strong market Cash interests led in
the buying but shorts also covered
freely Prices closed a shade to Ic
Provisions closed 5c lower to 2219
25 cents higher
The leading futures ranged as follows
I Open I High i Low LCkss I
Dec 1107 108U 107 107V
May M7 H 107 Q
July I 10 118 1
I Onen i High I Low i Close
D i580586 I I
May 111496168 1 f
July 61 4619I49611 a
I Open HlKh i Low I Close
D 140W41 ili 0U U4
May 42 43 I 43 42 IIU
July 40 041 40 M
I Open tHigh t t Low I Close
Ja 2140 II 8157 I 2140 I 2145
May 1065 8 I SO62 1965
LARD Per MO fcfk
t Open I i I Low I Close
3an 1237 L37 1215
May I11 t 4i I I 1 3 11
July I 1148 110 I 1 I lUr
I Open I High I Low I Close
Jan 113 t 1155 113 1145
May I MI 10i5 I U3 1 I M7S
Cash quotations were a follows
Flour Steady
Rye No 2 7
Barley Feed or mixing 646M9 fair to
choice malting 61668
Flax Seed No 1 southwestern 171 20
1 northwestern 183
Timothy Seed 373 II I
Clover950ei425 I
Mess PorkPer bbl 22506300
Lard Per 10 lbs 1337134t
Short Ribs Sides loose u n8 I
Sides Short clear boxed 120061225 I
Grain Statistic
Total clearances of wheat and flour
were equal to 376000 bushels Primacy receipts I
ceipts were 689000 bushels compared with
644000 bushels the corresponding day a
year ago T worlds visible supply as
shown by Bradstreets increased 5080600
bushels Estimated receipts fo tomor
row Wheat 1 cars com cars oats
490 cars hogs 30000 head
Kansas City Dec 7 Cattle Re
ceipts iSOOo steady Native 4750
360 native cows and heifers 2500
660 stackers and feeders 315525
bulls S3OOtM25 calves 375775
western sters 375550 western
cows 750UiO
HogsReceipt 10000 market
steady Bulk of sales 8000830
heavy 8104835 packers and butch
ers 8100335 U < < ht S775tjS05 pigs
6rff 750
Sheep Receitps 8000 market
strong Muttons S4250575 lambs
JbOotiSOo rrfnge wethers and year
lines I J4U041 6S5 range ewes JSrOS
o LTi
South Omaha Dec 7Cattle1e
e pU ttvuo market active and strong
er Native steers 40 e826 cows
and lieifersSS009500 western steers
350l625 cows and heifers 280
440 tanners 225f325 stockers and
feeders S3006526 calves 350700
bull stags etc275450
Hogs Receiptst 1800 market lOc
ligner i Heay SSlnSSSG mixed
s rfi > jc I light SRiOiiiL 2i pigs
J 76O776 bulk of le 176V82Z5
gheep Receipts 7000 market strong
er Yearlings 5756675 wethers
4so560 ewes 450520 lambs
J675 775
Cnlcafto Dec 7Catt leIlecel pts
fpthnated at > f > o market Itta 1
bte U iuig7 0 Texas steers 3Oj
470 western steers 42fg > 750 stock
ers and feeders 3150530 cows and
heifers 215570 calves 6500760
H ° K Receipts estimated at 23006
market 5c lower Light 6835
mixed 790C 850 heavy 800 855
rough 8006825 good to choice
heavy 8206855 Jigs 676i75
bulk of sales 20 id
Sheep Receipts estimated at 22000 I
market steady Native 00355
western 340350 yearlings 575 J
716 lambs native 62Se600 west I
I ern to2iiQi25
I Woof Market j
Boston Dec 7There has been a re
vival in the local wool market especially
epl ly
through the demand from woolen mills
Values are fully maintained and mit
saw that American growers are holding
for top prios of 109 for their 1910 clip
Biddin for the new clip h been r I
sumed in Utah Leading domestic quo
tations range as follows scoured values
Texas Fine 12 months 75C7S fine 6 to
8 months 68670 fine fall qm
CaliforniaNorthern 67970 middle
county K3665 fall free If
Oregon Eastern No 1 staple 7578
6J58 eastern clothing 7072 valley No 1 67
6J58TerritoryFine staple 7760 floe m
dium stapH 7072 fin clothing 7007
fine medium clothing 60846 halfblood
6i hlfbl
7376 threeeighthsblood 68070 quarter
blood 67W ft quarer
PulledExtA 72675 fine A 66 V A
supers 6
St Louts D WoolUnchanged
medium grades combing and clothing 24
630 light fine 22027 heavy fiue211
tub washed 2 fnetZ
New York Grain
New York D 7 Flour Receipts 4
X Steady with demand slow
Wheat Receipts 198000 bushels
VbatRelpt 10 bue8 exports
2B spot firm No2 red 138 nominal
elevator No 2 red 125 nominal f o b
afloat No1 northern Duluth 119 nom
inal f 0 b afloat No 2 hard winter
130 nominal f o b afloat Reports of
damage t the wheat crop in Argentina
sent prices up about a cent early In the
day but later the advance was lost tin
der selling on th government report
Exporters took 24 loads The market
closed generally unchanged December
117 May 114 July 10
Butter Cheese and Eggs
New York D 7 Butter Quiet held
creamery 2862
Cheese Firm unchanged
Eggs Firm western extras 3
Chicago D 7 Butter Strong cream
eries 26633 dairies 24629
Eggs Steady at mark receipts 3999
cases cases Included 2025 firsts
28 prime tlrg 30
2 3
Cheese Firm daisies 1816 twins
111 Young Americas 16 long horns
Evaporated Fruits
New York Dec Evaporated Apples
Quiet spot 7 for December and 7 for
January delivery New fancy 10 all >
choice 9 prime r old crop prime
767 common to fancy 607
Prunes Quiet California up to 3040s
269 Oregons 69 <
Apricots Firm choice lleil extra
choice 11612 fancy 12013
Peacttes Steady choice 67 extra
choice 76 fancy 7 f
Raisins Quiet loose Muscatek 45J
choice to fancy seeded 396t seedless
35 London layers 1176130
Coffee and Sugar I
New York Dec iCoffee futures I
closed steady net unchanged to 5
points higher Sales were reported of
14750 bags including December at
645 March at 655 May at 600
July 680 September675680
Coffee Spot quiet No 4 Santos
81 No 7 Rio 7 Cordova 9611
Sugar Raw quiet fair refining
3811 centrifugal 1 6 test 4311 mo
lasses sugar 3561 Refined steady
Flax Market
Minneapolis D 7Flax closed
i 183
H L W Snow and others to
George Romney Lumber
company lots 1 and 4 block
174 plat D 2004 00
John Robinson and others t
N Clawson lots 38 to 42
block 3 Eat Side addition 760H
Ruth A Beckstead and others
to William B Hughes part
lot 5 block 25 J plat f 100010
Ernest H Horton and others to
Elijah Horton part section
31 township 3 south range I
1 west 20000 1
Mary A Craig and others to
John F Mendenhall part lot I
4 block 97 plat A 3MOOO C
Thomas Jullasen and other to 1
Bodel I Jensen part lot 9 1
block 44 plat A 5MM C
Hyrum J Jensen and others to
Joseph P Newman part lot
9 block 44 plat A vrt UtM I
V A Bettilyon to James F I
Dunbar part lot 3 block 17
plat D 366000
LoU 1 West and others to j
8 I Allen and othan part
lot 8 block 85 plaf A 364775 I
Joseph W Thorn And oten J
to James D Jn Jb 19 I 1
and 20 Mock C Don sub 60000
Ellabeth M Adamson to Joseph
J Shields part section 29
prt seton J
township 1 south range J
west 150056
Emma M Porter and etlr I
to Thomas Dobson part let I
9 block 41 10acre plat A laO J
James Hepworth and others to J
Charles V Hepwortb part
lot 5 block 62 plat C rn 7WOO
United Realty company to G
G Gilbert lots 45 and 46 J
block 6 Union Heights sub 34004 J
Pioneer Roofing
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2 L England Tooele Utah
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< 1
Delinquent Notice
a corporation principal plo of busi
ness Salt Lake City Utah
Nolle There Is delinquent on the
following described stock on account
of assessment No1 levied on the list
day of October ISM the several I
amounts set opposite the names of the
respective shareholders as follows
No No Amt
Cert Naiie Shares Due
44 D N Straup 50 2500
52 Geo T Brlee 25 1250 I
68 Sam C Park 75 1760
56 Q H Backman J5 750 1
7 Oscar W Rawllngs 15 750
72 Geo L Linsley 25 1260
89 G H Backman 5 250
90 P I Candland 60 8000
92 I A Clayton 50 2500
97 Theo Peterson 20 1000
31 C M Hanson 64 1200
280 Mrs A J Scott 30 1500
297 G H Backman 20 1000
298 Sm C Park 25 1250
312 M H Krelbel 30 1600
315 J L May 178 StOO
314 A H Crabbe 10 600
315 A H Crabbe 1 750
316 A I Crabbe 25 1160
317 A H Crabbe 50 2500
319 J W Johnson 4 200
321 Lillian Slade 50 2500
322 Lillian Slade 32 1600
323 W J Lynch 64 3200 I
324 D A Hilton 6 3200
342 O B Chalmers 20 1000 I
343 0 B Chalmers JO 1000
344 O B Chalmers 10 500
345 O B Chalmers 20 1000
346 O B Chalmers 10 600
362 Job P Lyon 2 100
337 Lillian Slade 1 50
And in accordance with law and the
order of the Board of Directors made
on the 21st day of October 1908 10
many of the share of each parcel of
said stock as may be necessary will be
sold at the office of the Company
room No 223 Commercial Club build
ing Salt Lake City Utah on the llth
day of December 1909 at 430 oclock
p m to pay the delinquent assess
ments thereon together with the costs
of advertising and expenses of Ie
J L MAT Secretary
P C Lime Stone Co
For Supplies lor the Utah Industrial
School Year 1910
Sealed bids will be received at the
superintendents office until 3 p m
December 15 1909 for furnishing the
following supplies
24000 pounds High Patent flour
71 OIIIP nounds Straight Grade flour
60000 bran and shorts 1000 graham
four 1000 corn meal 1000 Oermade
all more or less
12000 pounds beef front and rear
quarters alternately 1000 pounds mut
ton front and rear quarter alternate
ly veal as needed for the year all
more or less
Seventyfive tons of nut coal BOO
tons mine slack more or less to be
delivered f o b Five Points
Twenty dosen pairs of boys shoes
6 dozen pairs girls shoes all more or
less Twentv barrels of syrup more or
less to be delivered at school
less Ten thousand pound sugar more or
Twentyfour cases Diamond C or
eaulvalent laundry soap more or less I
Twenty cases Hard Water Cur
soap more or lea
Eighteen bales white salt prk mo
or less
Eighteen sacks ham more or less
or Eighteen leSs sacks beakfast bacon more
One hundred and AOy undershirts
and 250 pairs undeHrmwers inure or
lessOne hundred house brooms more or
lessTwo hundred and fifty pairs overalls
and 200 black to shirts more or less
Drugs for medicinal and hospital
use Lists may b had at office of
Il DArt n tendet
Stationery typewriting paper pen
cils etc and all office supplies neces
1910 List be
sary for the year llt Lste nay
had at superintendents office
Hardware tub palls pasjs brooms
brushes etc etc Lists may b had
at office of superintendent
School supplies Pen points pen
holders imr tablets scratch tablets
etc etc Lists may be had at office
of superintendent
Groceries and provisions sufficient
for the year 1910 Lists may be had
at office of superintendent
Dry goods toweling sheeting
bleached and unbleached table cloth
napkins ginghams walstlng and uni
form goods Samples and lists may
be had at office of superintendent
Laundry supplies cnip soap ball
blueing liquid blueing and etc for
superintendent laundry Lists may be had at office of
All supplies to be delivered a re
quired and subject to the approval of 1
the superintendent 1
All bids will be submitted to the I
board of trustees and opened subse
quent to above date
The board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids or t accept any
proposition favorable to the state Bids
for supplies furnished will b paid
monthly The law requires that a cer
tified check for not less than 5 per
cent of the bM accomny same and
shall require of the successful bidder
a bond in onehalf the amount of the
bid conditioned that he will properly
perform contract For aj other in I
formation apply at office of the super
intendent Utah Industrial School
E J MIL Chief Clerk
Fountain Green City I
State of Utah office of the secretary
of tte SB
I Charles S Tin gey secretary of state
for the state of Utah do hereby certify
that there has been this day filed In my
office certified copies of papers filed in
the office of the county clerk of San
pete county state of Utah together with I
recordentries in aid office relating t I
the matter of the incorporation of Fountain
tin Green City certified by said county
clerk a being true copies of all papers
and record entries in said matter in his
office from which it appears that the
provisions of Sections 169 170 and 171 of
the Compiled Laws of Utah 1907 relating
t the incorporation of cities have been
compiled with that a majority of the le
gal voters residing within th territory to
b Incorporated into a city at the regu i
larly called election voted in rq
incorporating said city that the said city
class has been designated as a city of the third
Now therefore in compliance with the
requirements of Section in of the Com
piled Laws of Utah u notice is here
by given to all whom it may concern
that all that territory designated as fol
lows to wit
Lots 1 and 2 and the s of ne I i and
th se Vi of section 1 and the n Vj of ne H
of section 1 township 1 south range 2
east and lots I S 4 5 and 6 and the B
of nw t4 and e H of sw 1 of section 6
and lot 1 and the Me 4 o nw V4 of sec
tion 7 township 14 south range 3 east I
Salt Lake meridian la Sanpete county I
state of Utah h been incorporated into 1
a city under the name of Fountain Green I
ly and designated a city of the third
ciaIn testimony whereof I have hereunto I
set my hand and affixed the great seal I
of the state of U h this fourth day of
December A D u
Sea Secretary o State
Third judicial district of the state of
Utah county of Salt Lake W S Heri I
den plaintiff v Q W Whitehead I
defendant Summons
T state of Utah to the said defendant
You are hereby summoned to appear
within twenty days after the service n
this summons upon you If served with
in the county in which this action is
brought otherwise within thirty dabs aft
er service and defend the above entitled
action and in case of your failure e to
do judgment will b rendered against
you according to the demand of the com
plaint which has been filed with tip
clerk of said court This action is brought
to recover a judgment against yu tho
G W Whitehead
said for good and mr
chandise sold and deliver tu < m n tru >
sum of two hundred fifty liH d lan
fiftythree cents with interest thereon at
8 per cnt per annum from Sept 21st
1909 and costs of sut
Lee Wilkins plaintiffs attorneys
P 0 ArMtvFs 22 E 2d South Sir a Sdt
Lake City Ttah
Consult eotmty cleric or respective ssj >
H fo farther Information
bate division in an4 for Salt Lake coun
ty state of Utah In the matter of the
state of Harry M Layne deceased
The petition of Birdie Layne praying
for the Issuance to hwself of pry
administration in the estate of Harry M 1
Layne deceased has been set for near
Ing on Friday the 10th day of December
A D 9 at 2 oclock p m at the
county court house in the court room of
lid court In Salt Lake City Salt Lake
county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this 27th day of
November A D 1909
I Seal Clerk
BvL P Palmer Deputy Clerk
E O Leatherwood attorney for peti
bate Division in and for Salt Lam county
ty State of Utah
In the matter of the estate O David
Norris deceased Notice
The petition of Susan lah Nol ad
ministratrix of the estate of David Nor
rl deceased praying for an ord n of
bait of real property of said decient i
and that all persons interested attlear >
before the said court to show cause why
a I order should not b granted to sell
I much aa shall be necessary of tt < fol
lowing described real estate of said de
i cased towlt
The south half of lot seven m block
twentyeight 28i plat F Salt Lake
City survey with small aiderHje In fair
condition and that all of said property
Is community property has been set for
hearing on Friday the 17th day of De
cember A D 1909 at 2 oclock p III at
the county court house in the court room
of said court In Salt Lake City Salt
Lake county Utah
Witness the dell of said court wltlf
the seal thereof affixed this 4th day or
December A D 1991 cy
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Ck Ce
Alexander McMaster Attorney fo Pet
bate division in and for Bait Lake coup
ty state of Utah In th matter Cf > ths
estate and guardianship of Heber Smith
Stanley Smith and Alonco Skousen
Stey Alo Bon min
ors Notice The petition of H A Smith
praying for the issuance t hinlf of
letters of guardianship on th persons
and estates of Heber Smith Stanley
Smith and Alonso flkousen mon hd
been set for hearing on Friday tho 241 h
day of December A D 1 at 1 clock
p m at the county court house in th
court room o said court in Salt Lake
City Salt Lake county Uth
Witness the clerk of said court with
the M thereof affixed tb 7th Jay of
December A D U
Seal Clerk
B L P Painr Deputy C
Smith I Price Attorneys to Petitioner
Notice toCredltors
deceased Creditors will present claims
with vouchers to the undersigned at 4H
Boyd Park building Salt Lake City Utah
on 0 before the 10th day of April A l >
Executor of Caroline Brtggs Est De
Pat of first publication December I
A D 19W
Brigham Ctegg Attorney for Estate
Notice to Creditors I
ceased Creditors will present claims
with vouchers to th undersigned at
room 20 Latlmer building 63H West S <
ond South street Salt Lake Cq Utah
on or before the 10th day of October A
Administratrix Deceased o Estate of Joseph Bond
Date of first publication December 8
A D 1909
tate William R Hall Attorney for said es
Notice to Creditor
tn deceased Creditors will present
claims with vouchers t the undersigned
at the office of W R White I D F
Walker building In Salt Lake City Utah
on or before April 15 1910
Administratrix of th Estate of William
D Freckleton Deceased
Date of first publication December 8
A D 1909
W R White Attorney
Notice t Creditor
ceased Creditors will present claims
with vouchers t the undersigned at the
law office of C M Nielsen Constitution
buD Salt Lake City Utah o or b
fore the 28th day of March A D 1910
dmnlsra D of Estate of Otto Johnson
1909C Date of first publication NOT I A D
C M Nielsen Attorney fo Estate
Notice to Creditor
ceased Creditors will present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned at No 103
South Eighth East street Salt Lake Cit
Utah A D 1910 on or before the Mb day of April
Administratrix of Estate of William
James Deceased
Date of first publication December t
A D 1909
Stewart A Stewart Attorneys for Ad
Notice t Creditor
deceased Creditors will present claims
with vouchers to the undersigned at tin
office pf W R White SIS D V Walker
building In Salt Lake City Utah on or
before April 1 1910
Administrator of the Estate Of Louie F
Morford Deceased o
Date of first publication December 8
A D 1909
W R White Attorney
Notice to Creditors
lington deceased Creditors will present
their claims with vouchers t the under
ilgned at the office o Moyie Van Cot
r12 Deseret National Bank building Salt
Lake City Utah on or before the 30th I
lay of April A D 1910
administrator of the Estate of Ellen
Reading Allington Deaceeed o
Date of first publication Nov H A D
LS1 l Z
Moyle A Van Cott Attorneys
iv commissioners of BIt Lake county
Salt Lake City Utah D 7 1 No
tice Notice is hereby given that tin
board of county nmmiaBloners of Salr
Lake county intends to purchase foni
Peter Larson and wife fo the su ot
three hundred 8300 j dollars to u a
a gravel bed and for such other U ivi
purpose as may hereafter become i >
sary and advisable the following mi <
tate situated in Salt Lake county tiu
of rtah towlt
Commencing 1207 feet east and S ff
south from the
northwest corner of <
ton 2 T 2 S R 2 W Salt Lake ic
and meridian thence south 495 tet
thence west 4125 fvt thence BUt > 95
feet thence east 412J > feet thence an
f i feet thence east M2o < feet t n
north 16 feet thenc < west 40425 fl t t ti
pUce of beginning and that said i
of county commissioners will mot tc r >
minate said purchase on Muiuiiy t J
Jay of January 1MO at lu ocknk a
Hy order of the board of ouitv m
mi < Mi > nerB of Salt Lake county I a
ia Count ltk
Notice to Contractor
ceivd at the it ity clerks office until
12 oclk 1 on Mo tidy the 20th da > t
Deceml 199 jr tIle construction of a
sf eeI ba7y i i i t i larks offc PUtxs
and J 1 in i IT b examine at the
iltrk tr f I I right is resei ej to
reject any and i bids
rejct order of the board of county um
gal County Cenl
R iiHerald Republican Wants
< f
The Utah Ore Sampling company or
ganized in Salt Lake filed articles of
Incorporation with the county cjerk
yesterday with a capital stock of 200
000 In dollar shares Officers are Er
nest R Woolley 199996 shares presi
dent and general manager Jesse
Knight one share Ic president J
William Knight one share secretary
and treasurer These with W Lester
Mangum and F R Woolley holding
one share each comprise the directo
rate The company takes some min
Ins claims and properties in Salt Lake
and Juab county from Ernest R Wool
ey for 1200000
Articles of incorporation of Ham
mond I Sons of Moab Grand county
were filed with the secretary of state
yesterday The capital stock is 40
000 in shares of 100 ech Officers
are F B Hammond et with 170
shares president C A Hammond 100
shares vice president W D liainmono
100 shares secretary and treasurer
Boyd 8 and West Hammond holding
ten shares each are the additional di
rectors The store of Hammond I
Sons at Moab 2500 head of sheep 75
head of cattle 25 saddle and work
horses a tract of land of 280 acres
149 shares in the Mob Irrigation com
pany and a half Inter in the Tay
orShafer 40000 spring are all taken for the

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