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Whats All I What the Tinle in Sports SALT LAKE RIDERS SHOWING I IN FRONT TheSfxartraf of Salt Authority Lake
New York Dec 7Ten teams of the fourteen still remaining in the six
th v bicycle grind at the Madison Square Garden had covered 957 mile at 11
c < lock tonight the end of the fortyseventh hour Dr Hugh M Cox a
surgeon in attendance Issued a statement that all the riders were in first
class condition The score of the leaders is nearly three miles better than
the previous record made by loran and McFarland las year
The 11 oclock or fortyseventh hour
sore follow McFarland and Clark
Butt and Stoll Root and Fogler Law
Bon and Demara Walthour and Collins
Mitten and West Cameron and Krebs
lialstead and Lawrence Pye and He
Mr Galvin and Keegan 857 miles An I
derson and Van Oni Hill and Stein
Georget and Georget 956 miles 9 laps
Uermain and Carapesii 951 miles 4
laps Ahead of Record
At 11 oclock a m the leaders in the
sixday bicycle race at Madison square
Garden had pedaled 718 25 miles and
ivre still threefitths of a mile be
I Mnd the record The standing at that
liour was
McFarland and Clark Rutt and Stoll
KoO and Fog1er Lawson and Demara
Waltliour and Collins Mitten and West
ameron and Krebs naisxeau mm
Lawrence Pye and Hehir Calvin and
Keegan 718 miles 4 ittpa Anderson
find Vanoni Hill and Stein 71S miles
laps Germain and Carapeui 716
miles 3 laps
The record for the end of the thirty
fifth hour Ia 719 miles made by Hill
ithd Demara In IMS
At noon the cyclists were again ahead
If f the worlds record of 7S 710 miles
fi 1 thirtysix hours with Galvin forc
ing the pace the new figure of 739 15
miles was put up
The score at 2 oclock was Rutt
and Stoll McFarland and Clark Root
and Fogler Lawson and Demara Wal
thour and Collins Mitten and West
Cameron and Krebs Pye and Hehir
Halstead and Lawrence Galvin and
Keegan 7785 Anderson and Vanonl
Hill and Stein Georget and Georget
7794 Germain and Carapezsl 7772
Old record made by Demara and Hill
At 1 oclock this morning at the con
clusion of the fortyninth hour the posi
tion of the teams was unchanged The
ten leading teams had covered MS miles
7 laps and were three miles and four laps
ahead of the record
Just before 2 oclock there was a
tenminute sprint in which the Galvin
Keegan team lost one lap
The score at 2 oclock the ond of
the fiftieth hour was as follows
McFarlandClark RuttStol Root
Pogler LawsonDemara WalthourCol
lins MittenWest CameronKrebs
HolsteadLawrence PyeHehlr 10172
miles GalvinKeegan AndersonVano
nl HillStein Georget 1017 miles Ger
malnCarapazil 10038 miles
The previous record for fifty hours
was 1018 miles made by McFarland
and Moran in 1908
I Harry B Smith writing in the San
T aiiciscj Chronicle says
in spite of the story from New York
I taat Salt Lake might be selected as the
aukground 1 for the 45round fight be
n Jack Johnson and Jim Jeffrie
t i > is little occasion for worry Unques
tonably after the promoters have thor
hly canvassed the situation they will
tiize that Siit Lake is not to be con
shred as a competitor of San Francisco
i Itah city is not assured of the sup
jMii of the authorities and the men who
uii offering surh big money could not af
fljfj to take any chances
There is no city mor > poorly situated
f1 tli handling of a Ug championship
Jiyht than is Salt Lake City This fact
1s1 apparent to those who have studfcd
tin situation Salt Lake is some 24 hours
travel from D nver the first city of any
Importance to the east and 26 hours from
tn Francisco on the west To the Imme
iitte west is Nevada which will not be
atle to adS much in drawing power On
the south is Arizona on the east Colo
ridn with Denver far off and to the
r uii is Idaho Salt Lake although it
t 1jfl1S a population of 125000 is said to
have not more than 100000 residents and
of these many of the Mormon faith so
it is asserted would be opposed to the
boxing game Ogden with something like
15000 people is close at hand within 40
miles but while there are a number of
smaller towns no large centers of popu
lation from which to draw
The eastern man coming west to the
fight would travel almost as cheaply to
San Francisco and would doubtless
prefer to come direct to the coast San
Francisco would have its own large popu
lation as well as the cities in the imme
diate vicinity such as Oakland Sacra
mento Stockton San Jose Fresno and a
host of smaller places To the south
there is the Los Angeles country and to
the north Oregon and Washington
These facts will count when it comes
to drawing the crowd that will be neces
sary to make up a 100000 gate and un
questionably they will be taken into con
Just figure this out Within a radius
of three hours travel from San Fran
cisco there are 1600000 people The same
distance around Salt Lake there are not
to exceed 200000 people
In all the years that I have watched
t fighting game says Jo Humphreys
h richest thing I think that I ever
taw came off in Pittsburg some years
A husky young fellow < juite a glove
fghter and the bully of his ward hap
> en a to run counter to a copper and
tl op had to pinch him To be sure
CL > getting his man nice and quiet the
c rtr i broke a thick nightstick on the
tjgli guys oco In the station rub
1Ig i his head the tough young fellow
jarlfd Youre a big noaccount stiff
and a yellow coward If youd had the
E 111 to meet me without your club Id
i uv > > beat the head off you and Ill do it
tome day
The copper was furious I give you
t club 1 he roared because it was me
dy 1 to bring you in any way at all
1 < an lick you any old time fair and
luaiv If It wasnt that Id lose me job
< t lay me star on the bench shed me
v t and go at ye right now ye cheap
There was a pause while the desk
rgeant ordered them both to quiet
down Then the prisoner spoke up
See here you big A P A he
g owleJ heres a chance for you to show
whether youre a matt or a rabbit Theres
feoln to be a big boxin tourney next
v t k You and me are about of a weight
urs t enter It and see whos a fighter
t rU whos a stiff
Copper Accepts Defi i
Youre Oil howled the cop Youre
on if I lose me Job for U Ill give ye
a yc wont forget in a hurry
t e and dont ye overlook it
Chief of police in those days was
Roger OMara a real Irish sport and a
IOVIT ot be fighting game When he
hfrd of the affair he gave the copper a
I ivt of absence and told him to get into
raining for the battle of his life The
i n sent in their entries and maybe you
think Pittsbiirg wasnt excited about the
en uggle llore people turned out for
rat rinateur tournr > y than most profes
f1a1 shows rouid draw with Jeffries or
Joirisrn for one of the windup men
it was easy to Juggle the drawings so
t < the cop and the tough guy were
joiivd i and when tney came on youd
J 1 iv thought all Pittsburg was going up
to the roof with the applause Chief
OMara was sitting by the coppers cor
ner and was giving him all sorts of good
advice before the gong Three other cop
pers were seconding the bull while the
tough man had three of his own breed
behind him Hard to say which corner
looked the more dangerous for a lonely
man tomeet on a dark evening
Time and they rushed together The
cop swung wild forgetting that his reach
was shortened by the absence of the club
Bing and the tough guy drove an awful
right to the coppers nose Break a
nightstick on me will you you son of
mudhen be hissed and crossed his left
to the eye
Public Screams
He had all the round giving the cop
a frightful trimming while the public
screamed for Joy and Roger OMara
raved in the corner The second round
was the same Biff Jab swing hook
jolt crossthe tough guy never missed
and the copper looked like 8 cents worth
of cats meat with tabasco poured on it
Do this do that roared OMara and
the copper heeding his chief managed to
weather the storm He was nearly
through though and when the gong rang
i for the third round OMara told him to
make a last rush carry the tough guy
to the ropes and win or lose In a hurry
The copper plunged In and forced the
tough citizen to the ropes He swung and
missed his left and then as the other fel
low tried to sidestepjgaashed the right
like a pile driver on CHpaw The tough
man fell with heavy IBma
Now ye fourflraffln fardown
shrieked the cop did rBck ye Can 1
lick ye without a club I want to know
OMara was frantic with delight but
he never lost his head About six of the
other entries in the tourney figured on
getting a whack at the cop on the next
night of the affair and the cop was all
set for more glory But OMara got to
him the next day Ye will do no fightin
tonight said OMara Ye will put on
your little uniform and take up your
little stick an go back to poundin the
beat TU nothln remarkable ye have
done and if I hadnt coached ye yed
have been knocked silly and made a joke
of the whole department On yer way
now ye will do no fightin the night
But it was great fun while it lasted
European Crack Likes America and
Will Stay to Win Worlds
Wrestling Title
1 < ago Dec 7About his chances of
inning from Ootch Zbyuko the Eu
IOIMan wrestling champion says
I will not ay at this time in outright
fiion that 1 can beat Mr Gotch who
rally s a wonderful man at this time
Int J will say to my Polish friends and
E great AinfTiran public that I hope to
t > able to do so before I quit American
Eoil in the early part of next year
Naturally the question will come up
right and left How do I expect to do
this I mean to answer this question so
t iat all may know
Strict attention to the regime of train
HK that I Lave mapped out for myself
and the hardest Kind of grinding to get
myself in pirft physical condition will
to tlie trick That is what will do it
it may be egotistical but I believe I
Jae all the natural requirements to de
f at Gotch 1 have strength and knowl
edge of the game we are playing a good
t < ad am cool under fire and am not
afraid of a few rough knocks Why then
if 1 am down erfeetly j and get speed
sun itS Gotch boasts should I not take
Iuck the title with me I can see no
Ootch is a greet man He knows every
thing about the catchjtcatchcan style
everything lIe tried everything on me
aid could not get me in very tight He
tried trickery and strength and for the
former I matched him with cool sameness
cnil for the latter I pitted my own power
DIM found I lacked nothing 1 air greatly
< ouraged
I was far from right h i MU all it
in tins country when I first lnaed heiv
I was rushed into matches tj l tt thrimp i
i y failure to win easily I was classed
tow t < what I should liavt been Gradu
al l I got better 1 stuck to the routine
work I had bid down for myself and al
most before I knew it j I got results And
PO it will J n glitdllall 1 > working myself
Into perfect u < ti < if I I < nn gt an
tiler chsnc ul u uu I Will itv I tUlLe I
the winner
la 800 Games Blue Victorious in All
Imt Twelve in Quarter of
In the last twentyfive years 1S841909
Yale football teams have scored 893
points to her opponents 425 according to
the Yale Daily News Three hundred
games have been played of which Yale
has lost only twelve four to Harvard
six to Princeton one to Columbia and one
to West Point During these twentyfive
years Yale has played fortythree differ
ent institutions
A table showing her record with the
teams which have been her most frequent
opponents follows
Games Score
Wesleyan S7 1752 9
Princeton 26 JOOllg
Harvard 22 251 71
West Point 17 289
Brown 16 247 B
Pennsylvania 10 + 21
Dartmouth S 4 0
Syracuse 8 ll 9
Columbia 7 1 1
Carlisle Indians 4 I 14
The highest score that Yale has made
during these twentyfive years is 13
to o against Wesleyan This was th
s > coitd largest sore made up to that time
robil > ly the second arrest ever made by
a collfge team Princeton went four bet
ter a few years earlier tallying 140
agttiiUit LrtrTTigh
Yale h played CorD only tw
both times in the fall of 1889 She b
played the Navy only once In 18fl
Princeton has maintained th best aver
age score a game against Yale with ap
Iroximately I 45 points the Carlisle In
dians come next with an average of 3J
points a gamo out of iour games Har
vard i next with 82 and Wtst Point anl
Brown come fourth and fifth having
averaged 28 and 26 respectively
New York Dec 7The Nrw YorJc
American League club telav polo Cal <
ValUr Blair to h Rochester team of
t lst r ha1e J
With th big InterY M C A boys
relay race but one week off the in
terest in the event is increasing daily
James R Adslt assistant in
structor at the Y M C A has charge
of the local team and says from the
form now shown he will have 110 boys
who will well hold their own with the
teams of New York Cincinnati Fresno
and Cleveland
The association asks all its friends
to witness the race there being no
charge at the gate Last night Mr
Adsit gave out the Salt Lake team as
follows each boy to run onequarter
of a mile the total making up the
twentyfivemile Marathon distance
H Self W Enser O n Romney
L James W Jennings Jack Hall IL
Ertman W Newberry C GOBS 1
Stein N Peterson S Larson L Par
ker Paul Martin B Bigelow Ray
Green Paul Davenport Hutchinson
George Igleheart M Granmey n Mc
Clane C Cline G Thomas H Halton
L Young Russell Owens Willard
Smith R Wilson L Davenport Wen
dell Jones n Erickson n Shay E
Callahan A Cline Sidney Lockhart
Harry Everett H Price W Catto F
Oster F Witael E Francis Dennis
Ausherman P Kunkel Dan Ahern
Chester Carlson A Ciderquist J Cline
Fred Smith William Igleheart George
Berryman E Montague J Brouss D
Coray Raymond Rogers F Portor L
Spenser H Greenwood R Van Pelt
C Knipfinsr James Levitt L Cand
land Frank Davis N Godbe William
Smelson L Jarvis F Beer H Cronin
G Given F Chamberlain Jack Allen
D Gannett H Eckstein A Crmin D
Keith R Drumm H Brown W Stone
R Wheelhouse L Stern F Newell N
Neilson A Budd J Wolfe L Willis
n Brown Alfred Brown S Nichols L
Talbot G Hines L Cline O Parker
E Maack I Barker Bert Smith Ken
neth Humphrey C Sweeten A Cline
L Romney C Short G Maack A Dale
W Cline
Urbana I D 7East and west may
meet in track athletics this seas n if
arrangements are made for a dual meet
between Yale and Illinois a is hoped
earnestly here hop
I became known informally yesterday
that overtures to the New Haven Institu
tion had been made by the Illinois man
agers fo such a meet Yale is not averse
to the idea and is contemplating signing
a contract If satisfactory terms are ar
ranged The contest will likely b held
on the Ell field although there is D bare
chance that th easterners might consent
to come to Illinois
First race elevensixteenths of a mile
selling Bishop W 112 Sir Barry 112
Marburg 112 MI Derecho 112 Inclement
112 Father Stafford 10 Rosglare 109
Littleton 109 Balerian 109 Chitterlings
708 David Warfied 10 Lena Leach l
Second race fiveeighths of a mile
purse Miles 118 Old Mexico 109 7 Balro
nia l0j Sainotta 10 Miss Picnic 10
Ocean View 10 Calopus Ml Lady Eliza
beth 101 Dr Dougherty 9 Sal Attlcum
96 Terns Trick 9 Arthur Rouse 9
Third race threequarters of a mile
selling Balnade 10 Biskra 10 Emma
Q 10 Gossiper 10 Burleigh 109 Ham
per 10 ovegrod 10 Colbert 104 Billy
Myer 10 Ybor 10
Fourth race mile handicap Bubbling
Water 10 Fulletta 9 Silver Knight 9
Roaevale 9 Edward T Fryer 9 Mad
Musgrave 9 Palo Alto 8
Fifth race mile and 7 yards selling
Merlingo 10 Rubric 10 Whldden 108
Sink Spring 10 Raleigh 10 Wolfville
10 S L 96
Sixth race threequarters of a mile
selling No Quarter 10 Special Delivery
10 Lord of the Forest 109 Wap 168
Curriculum 10 Argonaut lO Duke of
l Mil 10 10 St Avon 10 Lady Reuses
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Logan D tThe high schools of this
county started their basketball season on
Friday evening The reports of these
games came in today and they show the
Richmond team to be in the lead
Richmond beat Lewiston 2 to 1 and
Hyrum J to 24 both games being at Rich
mend Smithfield beat Lewiston at Smith
field 30 to 11 and Hyrum beat the same
team at Lewiston 12 to 1 while in a
contest at Hyrum between that team and
the Smithfield five the score was 19 to 10
in favor of Hyrum This gives this stand
ing for the teams a gve Richmond
1000 ton 000 Hyrum 6 SmithfIeld BOO Lewis
West Jordan high school can boast
of a rather fast girls basketball team
Yesterday the West Jordan girls and
boys teams Journeyed to Bingham and
met the teams of that place The boys
won 37 to 4 and the girls 16 to 0
In the West Jordan girls team how
ever there were but four players one
of the team members missing the train
on the start for the mining camp
Next Saturday the Jordan teams play
for the championship of the Jordan
Pittsburg Dec 7Barney Droyfug
president of the Pittsburg baseball
club yesterday made the poaitlve an
nouncement that Fred Clark would di
rect the play of the Plttsburgs in 1910
When Clark and I parted last fall
said Dreyfus he told me he would be
back in the spring and thats enough
year for me He will lead the team next
Denver D lThe trial of Ernest L
Powers alias E L McCabe charged
with being a member of the Maybray
gang of alleged fake race swindlers b
gnu here today in the West Side court
Powers I accused of having induced J
C Bowman of Denver to bet 14000 on a
foot r c June 4 1
New York D 7Says John L Sul
livan Those of W who like Cassia
and Lon Whitman the former mayor
of Duluth have made a million easy
and lost I do not envy those who
have a million or so now We who
have lost know the worst The others
can merely console themselves with the
thought cheer up the worst is yet
to come
Ive earned a million in my time
but Ive got my moneys worth out of
it while it was going and nobody will
ever hear me crying orver spilt punch
I may not have anything but my
friends to show for the money Ive
put into circulation but all of them
who read these lines can take I from
John L and take I straight that lie
has never for a minute regretted the
price he paid for his old and true
friends They are well worth the
Theres an ad In this issue
which may be more important to
you than to the advertiser him
Rent payers have noticed that
the most desirable places to live
always happen to be adver
llvLbw ai at Deskys
Mens gifts at Siegels
There is no gift so acceptable t a man a a smoking jacket
or a bath robe so comfortable i slip o winter evening and i
chosen from the Siegel stock will pleaie t mart fartidbac of
your male relatives or friends
I our wide assortment of bath and lounging robes we are
showing all the new colors and styles in eiderdown aad all
wool blankets These are indeed beautiful and proud the m
Prices 500 to 1200
who wears one Prces 0 t 120
Our smoking jacket exhibit surpasses any like showing ever
made in the city There are golf cloths thibets and cheviots i
a the newest designs and models a perfectly tailored gar
ment and a very acceptable gift t any m Prices o these
start at 500 and range upward t 1500
We are making a great
hit with our custom
made shirt department
e i
St S
0 f
t 4
ti V
e = = W
Story About lixed Fight Stirs Big
One t Wrath Wants to
Fight Thaf All
Pittsburg D 7The story about
the coming fight with Johnson being tte
in advance is not only false but malici
ously 8 and I intend to hunt the fellow
who started I down and give him a good
thumping g said Jim Jeffries at the FoOt
Pitt hotel today reading in the Sunday
papers that there was a suspicion that
the big fellows had agreed to spilt up thi
purse ete
That 1 not right continued the big
fellow I have never faked the public
nor am I starting now I am sincere when
I say that I want to knock Johnsons
head off when we get in the ring and I
am going to do I too In e doing I ex
pect to pull down th big end of the
purse I he is the better man the big
en goes to him but I do not like stories
started about our faking it
Th Intimation is absurd a I is ma
licious continued Jeffries There is nO
reason why either Johnson or myself
should stoop to this sort of work No
matter who wine or gets beaten in the
coming tight he wU want to live after
that perhaps may want to make some
money but If I were proven that them
had been any sort of a frameup that
would certainly kill us both e far as
the public is concerned I should at
least No Johnson knows that I hate
the ground he walks on that I consider
him accident in the
an ac championship
class and that I purpose to give him the
worst beating ever given any man in the
Referring to the published interview
with Tex Rlckard that if the fight be
held in Nevada there will likely be reserved
said served seats for 5000 women Jeff rice
I dont think I would fancy that nor
do I think they mean to do this This is
going to b a fight and I dont think I
would want my wife mother or sister
there They wont b either nor do I
think those handling the fight will make
any special provision for women I cer
tainly wU not b a matinee performance
Let women who think they want tot see
the fight look at the pictures afterward
Whats the u of talking Nevada or Utah
anyway California I the place you will
see the fight held
Tampa Fla D 7The defeat of
John Griffin challenger of Tommy At
kin for a match race w the feature
of this afternoons card Hyperion I
outfooted the big gelding all the way
winning handily with Griffin ten length
back The talent did not have S very
good day
First race five and a half furlongs
selling Icarian I to I won Whim 6 to
1 second Colonel Ashmeade 1 to 1
third Timel12 1
Second race mile selling Bannock
Bob I to 2 won Great Jubilee 6 to 1
second Warden I to I third Tme
114 46
Third race five furlongs selling Hy
potion II 7 to 10 won John Griffin 2 to
1 second K 7 to 1 third Time
Fourth race s furlongs selling
Grenada 4 to 1 second L Salte t to S
second Deocomnets 3 to 2 third Tme
119 25
Fifth race selling mile Hans 9 to 10
won Otilo 5 to I second Osorine f to 1
third Time 147
Sixth race six furlongs Ben Hew 4
to 1 won Balshed I t 1 second Jupi
ter 15 to 1 third mel 1 W
Juares Mez D Favorites fared
badly at th races here today Four
long shots wo while th other two
events were divided by split first choices
Jimmy Blute won two races when Gold
finn and Banbury won both at good
prices The track was in better shape
and I rapidly getting fast Results
First race selling six furlongs Gibson
111 Strong 4 to 1 won Hands Around
los Molesworth 4 to 1 second John
Sparks 108 Rice S to 1 third Time
Spark IG
117 Deuce Sabado Henry of Shenna
more Hollow Dalesman and Chain Belle
also ran
Second race selling five and a half
furlongs Delf 10 Rice 7 to I won Lady
Panchita 9 Garner 10 to 1 second
Rustem 9 Creery 3 to 1 third Time
10945 Kyle Dave Montgomery Aunt
tan Nancy Miss Harmty and Maybride also
Third race selling six furlongs Gold
flnn 11 McCabey 6 to 1 won Hannah
Louise 100 Plckens U to 5 second
Gladys Louise 1 Molesworth 7 to 1
third Time 118 26 Tremargo Ethel
D Gemmell Gresham and Metange
also ran
Fourth race selling six furlongs Bon
Ton 10 Garner I to 1 won Execute
115 Small 7 to 1 second Hancock 115
Pickens I to 2 third Timel17 46 El
der Charlie Doherty Bill Bramble Ora
uddeth and Cull also ran
Fifth race five and a half furlongs
High Culture 106 Warn 8 to 1 won
Henry Mann 10 Austin 10 to 1 second
Gondola 105 Ramsey I to 1 third Tim
11 Henry Williams Wolloby Round
er Odd Pose Congo Corseo Jim Miller
and Red Campus also ran
Sixth race selling one mile Banbury
K Garner 2 to 1 won Dr Down ft
J Wilson 6 to 1 second Bonnie Prince
Charlie 107 Small 2 to 1 third Tme
144 15 Miss Lida Giles Mottere Dr
Nash and Wtneberry also ran
Jacksonville F D lOn of the
surprises of todays card at Monerif park
srrs Elmwoods victory In th fifth
race when she won from a smart field
at a closing price of S to 1 Her victory
was greatly due to 8 clever ride by But
well Furnace 8 heavily played favor
ite easily won the third race This horse
was heavily played at even money and
at the closing price had dropped to 4 to i
The weather was disagreeable
First race six furlongs selling Porto
nius 9 to 1 won Coonskin S to 1 sec
end O K Harndon 6 to 1 third Time
110 16
Second racett six and a half furlonp
Woodlane I to I won Bat Mastereon I
to 1 second L HiDe Hindoo 7 to i
third Time 11 35
Third race six furlongs selling Fur
a 4 to 5 won John A Munroe S to
I second Aunt Kate 1 to I third Time
Fourth race six furlongs Royal Cap
tive 5 to 1 won Cowen 1 to 1 second
Home Run 10 to 1 third Time ll s
Fifth race seven furlongs Iselwood S
to 1 won Rose bom6 t J second
Ethon even third Tme14
Sixth rac mile and a sixteenth selling
Heart of Hycenth 8 to 1 won Ro
burg 15 to 1 second Theori 1 to 10
11lr Time 151
Chicago Dec Declaring that his
schedule Is a yet in a chaotic condi
tion and that not one game of it will
be ready to announce before the end
of the week Director Stagg got back
yesterday after a two weeks sojourn
at Hot SprIng Ark
The veteran coach expressed the
hope that the Michigan authorities
would see their way clear to return
ing to the conference this year im
plying without actually saying it that
there is a good chance for a Chicago
Michigan game next fall He flatly
stated there was no chance for the
if 1 remains I
two toripw tn msft Michigan
outside tl1 ile i
New York Dee 7 Charles H Eb
bets president of the Brooklyn Na
tional league baseball club declared
today that at the annual meeting of
the National league in this city on
December 14 he would vote for John
M Ward for president as against John
A Heydler the present incumbent
Mr Kbbets says Heydlers decision
in disputed cases cost the Brooklyn
Club two games last season He said
however that he was > willing to vote
for Heydler for secretarytreasurer for
lifePresident Ebbets also declared him I
self against syndicate baseball and
in favor of a season of 106 games next
year beginning on April 11 and end
ing on October 1
Denver D 7The Denver Athletic
club announces a big smoker in honor
of the visiting delegates to the cattle
mens convention to b given in the gymnasium
nasium of the club on Glenarm street
Friday January 7 Among the features
of this smoker will b a tenround glove
contest between Howard Baker of Boul
der and Harry Lewis of Philadelphia
Har Lwl Philaelpha
welterweights Baker 1 the Colorado lad
who has been boxing In California for the
past two years with splendid success un
til fie is now ranked among the first four
men of the welterweight division
Lewis is well known to local lovers of
boxing through his bouts in this city
three years ago with Rube Smith Mike
Twin Sullivan and Jimmy Gardner
Spokane D 7John S Barnes for
merly manager of the Indians plan the
promotion of a state championship tug
of war tournament to be held at tb
Armory during the Christmas holidays
Barnes wants about twelve teams to com
pete and has seven of these in sight
Barnes will give 0 In cash prizes
to the first four teams 400 to the first
sao to the second 200 to the third and
10 to the fourth He proposes to stage
the events at the Armory during the
holidays taking four nights and possibly
four afternoons for Saturday Decem
ber 2 and Sunday December 28 and
Saturday January 1 and Sunday Janu
ary Z
The Salt Lake High school basketaball
team yesterday defeated a five picked
from Company I of Fort Douglas by
a score of t to 2 The game was played
In the Eaton gymnasium The soldiers
fought hard and at times played superior
Ball but the speed of the Red and Black
lads was too much for them
Coach D Convill lined up two dif
ferent teams against the soldiers the
first consisting of the new material while
the second comprised H winners from
last years squad The new men showed
up to good advantage leaving the floor
at the end of the first half 5 points in the
lead Score I t 0
The teams lined up as follows
High School Company I
Doran RomneyR F Rown
Hawley HurlburtL F Mack
Wallace McIntyre Gorman
Wilson GodbeL O Haynes C
Rydalch and
G Smith
Fitzpatrick R
The final tryout for positions on the
girls High school basketball teams was
held yesterday in the Eaton gymnasium
th teams being picked by K Ward
coach The work of selecting the High
school team will start at once A series
of games are to b played at the end of
which 18 Ward will announce the play
ers who will comprise the first team
One week from today the seniors are
scheduled to meet the Juniors and on this
same date the sophomores will line up
against th freshmen The class cham
pions are to b awarded a pennant to
5 prnt the evening that the ath
dance letic girls decide to give their annual
Following I the selection of the four
Seniors Misses Brown Wimmer Hutch
ineon Geary Thompson and Cannon
Juniors Misses Rouse Shields Gttson
Taft Hawley and Burrows
Sophomores Misses Bltner Burnstrom
Kimball Cowan Redman and Price
Freshmen Misses Brow Fox Hardy
Wilson Covey and I Wimmer
Cincinnati D 7The fight over the
coming election of a president of the Na
tional league may b settled b a com
promise according to a statement that
August Herrmann chairman of the Na
tional baseball commission gave out to
night on the eve of his departure for NeW
I have always been for Mr Heydler
said Mr Herrmann but if I find that
there is no chance for his election 1
will not vote for him I will vote for tIe
next best man sooner than cause a row
but that man will not be John M Ward
New Haven Conn Dec 7That there
should b a revision of the football rule
with a view of minimizing the chances of
serious accidents was declared here to
day by Walter Camp Yales graduate
I dont know that I a sufficiently
prepared to say Jnst what these rule
changes should b said Mr Camp but
I a collecting such facts as I can that
would lead to the knowledge of how t
effect the best results
New York Dee 7The JeffriesJohn
ecu fight will b absolutely cn the
square said Promoter Gleason yester
day The men are not under a pull t
guarantee a certain number of spectacu
lar rounds for the picture machine but
they will go into fight from ther
sound of the gong Jeffries is too bitter
towards Johnson to agree to prolong the
fight and Ill miss my guess if b does
not as possible try to knock out Johnson as quickly
Chicago Dec 7When Chicago p
lice < produce in court the horses
racing at different tracks in the coun
try and can show by pedigrees and the
owners records that the names they
bear are those printed on betting lists
they may achieve success in convict
ing handbook makers Until this Is
done the raids of clearing houses prom
ises to be work wasted This w
shown yesterday when Municipal Judge
Fake discharged Edward Waters agent
for Mont Tennea holding that the evi
dence introduced by the city was in
Boston Dec 7 President Dovey was
today reelected by the Boston Na
tional league club and John P Harris
tor of Plttshurg was chosen as a direc
President Tovev announciHi te fa
vored jHn i H idlr for prcBideut of
to National loalUa
Stops Over After Defeating Wa h
ington Gowk
igon CollegeCouh
Koehler Talks
The Denver university football team in
charge o Coach John P Kobe passed
through Salt Lake yesterday returning
from Spokane where the
fm Spk wher t Washington
State college was met and defeated by
a score of 11 to 0 December 1 About
the gm Coach Kohl said
As the Washington eleven is a very
strong O having won the championship
of th northwest an two years ago hav
ing defeated th Washington college of
St Louis we feel very Jubilant over the
victory Washington played the old game
while we were forced t offset this by
the new g We m a strong de
fense being held inside the Washington
16yard line three times I was a good
game and as the northwestern critics
admit we were entitled t the victory
In addition t several preliminary con
tests we had a very hard schedule this
year meeting the University of Wyoming
Washburn university South Dakota
Wab ulTt
Golden Miners Haakeil Indians Nebras
k Colorado College an Washington
meeting defeat only at the hands of the
Indians and Nebraska
The Nebraska game w lost by on
point and on a questionable decision at
that Upon appeal t th football au
thorities we found that the Nebraska
score was made after the ball was out
of play according to th rlM
As we are in the Colorado conference
we live up to the freshman rule which
bars freshmen Even in our outside
games we live up to this rule which
acts as a handicap
We would have liked to meet Utah
this year but a the first date advanced
by Utah November 13 was held by us
for Nebraska we could not then com
to terms After that when we found
that the Nebraska game was later we
could not arrange a date with Utah
Coach Koehler has been with Denver
university four years As to his contract
with had been Denver settled for 1910 he said that nothing
Washington Dec 7 James J Corbett
Is Jam Jeffriee choice for h spar
ring partner while h I training for h
battle with Jack Johnson He made this
announcement early today He declared
h was confident of victory
Why I will b easy said he All
this talk about my being in danger of
being whipped I fail to see
I could get ready in thirty days if it
h to b but there is time Johnson
has made a lot of talk but I notice that
he never indulges in any of it when Im
around He showed a disposition to b
very meek when we met to sign articles
though I a told that when I a not
about he I very frisky Since Johnson
started trying to get a match with me
we have met several times I have never
spoken to him or shaken his hands and
I never will
Some one wanted to know I he intend
ed camp to have Billy Delaney in his training
know the reply You
I dont knoW W t rply
see Bill wanted me to take Kaufman
with me when I started to get in shape
wth 1M fight but I oant u Kaufman
because h I 1 terribly stow
I red a good fast fellow around me
and Berger P o tba But when I
go into actual training I intend to get
10 bunch of fast fellows and It f no at
all unlikely I will have Jim Corbett
working with me Jim Is a good boxer
and will do me a world of good Then
there is Mike Sullivan Ill get him too
New York Dec 7 Jockey Eddie Du
gan the leading winning Jockey on U
Metropolitan tracks this season b been
engaged to ride th horses of August
Belmont next year Dugans retaining fe
being 12000 Send call o the Jockeys
services dreth ha been obtained by Sam Hil
Chicago D lam A Hart for
mer president of th Chicago National
Jet reported a resting comfortably
fortably at the German hospital last
night following an operation for appen
dicitis Saturday
Chicago Dec 7Tom McCarey of
Los Angeles who was one of the un
successful bidders for the big fight
and who has staged many a big fVtio
battle passed through Chicago rest r
day on hU way to the coast comrg
direct from New York couti
I consider Johnson one of the nnst
wonderful men who ever stepped into
a ring said M Carey and any ne
who thinks he is just going into tl e
arena to take the count may revise ins I
opinion Not that I say that Jtfiris
is going to lose and Johnson win I
am not picking the winner hut am
just giving my opinion of Jack as A
fighter Johnson has fought before
my club several tlinep and I amt
think I ever saw a shiftier man In the
ring He is simply a bigger ion
of Joe Gans He is the most wonder
ful blocker In the world and therein
lies his strength I is next to nnpos
sible to hit him Imp
Promoters Slow in Giving Ctatomcts
t American Kiden JCnuMr
Wont G
Newark N J Dee 7There is eoitid
erable uncertainty in cycling circles as to
what American riders will compete in thu
Berlin sixday rac which will he helii
during the last week of this month right
o the heels of the New York grind Ed
die Root and Joe Fogler is the < nlv
American team that has a contra and
the surface indications a that by Ihj
signing of Root and Fogler Jimmln
Moran and Floyd McFarland who won
the event last March have been frozen
out I I also said that neither Jdckl >
Clarke Iver Lawson nor Walter Dt
Mara will ride there either Root and
Fogler and the team to win the New York
race are the only ones who are believed
to have a chance among th Americans
Moran and MacFarland had Intend to
ride in Germany but their split oi the
New York race extended to the lierliu
grind and they dissolved partnership on
that also That occurred about thren
weeks ago and since then both Moran
and MacFarland have made proportion
to ride with other partners but as yec
the German promoters have not accepted
Moran b secured Frank Kramer as a
partner and they have submitted terms
to Berlin to ride but have not received
any answer to their cablegram The
same conditions rule with MacFarland
who picked Jackie Clarke a a t ani
mate While they were waiting a cable
gram came to Root and Fogler offering
terms which were accepted Now Moran
intends to go to Europe next week to en
deavor to get in
Frank Kramer said today that b did
not have any kind of a contract for an
European tour and that he d not ex
pect to go abroad H said that b and
Moran had submitted a proposition to thA
German promoters and if they accepted
he would ride in the Berlin r He had
nothing else under consideration a had
not booked passage to Europe
Toledo 0 Dec 7 Yussiff Mahmout
the Turk defeated Leo Pardello in
straight falls the first in 1 minutes and
match the second here in tonight 14 minutes in a wrestling
In the second game of the Icu
series te basketball played Tuesday af
ternoon between the freshmen and soph
omores the freshmen were vet by a
score omors 17 to 9 This afternoon the seni
ors will play th sophomores in the sec
ond game of th series for both teams
Detroit Mich D Outfielder Mc
Intyre and Catcher Beekendofft today
season signs with th Detroit club fo another
Lexington Ky D 7 August Bel
mont yesterday bought Retained U Pock
et Piece and Dissembler all daughters of
Hanover from Henry J 99eaer The
m to the nursery stud
New York Dee 7The Baseball
Writers association of America will
hold Us annual business meeting here
on December 15 An informal gather
ing will be held December 1 to dis
cuss matters to be presented to the
baseball magnates for consideration

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