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Women of St Marks Cathe
dral Guild Offer Season
able Goods for Sale
Vfie annual Christmas baxar of St
C ns cathedral guild of which Mrs
C P Moore is president will open at
f oclock this afternoon with an
elaborate turkey dinner at which the
flwaiian troubadours will play a pro
gram of inutic The bazar will con
niie from f3O p m today and close i
jriilay afternoon as the regular pray
er > Hriees will be held < n the cathe
lrl FrIday night A feature of the
bazar will be the buslb cs mens lunch
10 he sered from 12 10 OHOIK 111
slay durjUig which the bale will con I
tinue i
Probably the most Interesting fea
tuie of the affair is JW country store
wmj Mrfr J J Brouxiiall assisted by I
M P H Hpklns Miss Bessie Niles
Ms Louis Mrs George Mavor and
Mr and Mrs Davis in charge In
luiicd in tile stock of lint booth is
an assortment of household goods that
Is S much larger than that Carried by
many stoics All of these goods have
been donated by the manufacturers
nut merchants of Salt Lake and Mrs
Jiroughall has arranged a sample table
in charge of her sixyearold daugh
tr Katherine and Miss Mary Hop
kins another miss of six suiumeis iu
advertise the good of the diferent i
Merchants donating articles to the ba
ZarThe I
s The menu for the opening dinner is I
as follows Cream tomato oup celery i
nd relish roast turkey with dressing
unshed potatoes with giblet brown I
gravy peas cabbage slaw olives Ice I
i ream cake and mince and pumpKiu I
pie When it is considered that the
jirjce of tIe meal is to be 75 cents n
lirge number probably Will par
tike Mrs E M Allison is to be in
tlidige of the dinner
Other features of the affair are to
iTKludo a fancy table where fancy arti
h I dolls etc will be on sale tn
t of the east end auxiliary to the
i athedral guild of which Mrs George
M Bacon is president Fortune tell I
ing anJ palmistry booth in charge of i
MJS i Lucile Francke a calendar table
In harge of Mrs Cook of the St
Ittrs mission one of the feature cal
endars of this booth to be a calendar
rowned with the picture of Presiding
Bishop Tuttle Mrs R C Woodruff
will have charge of the cake table
The domestic table has not been as
The purpose of the baxar this year
Is to pay the expense of the recent
renovating of the deanery which cost I
The Century imprint on your printing
I its like the sterling mark on sliverit
means the best Century Printing com
pany 5557 Postofflca IJIaoe
On Hands and FaceTorment Pre
vented Sleep Sufferer Had to
Give Up His WorkSpecialists
and Cures Utterly Failed
II Three years ago while a conductor
I was poisoned from the brass railings
on the cars I contracted
saltrheum or eocema on
my hand In wiping the
perspiration from my
face I poisoned my nose
and chin and was unable
to shave I had to give
sup my position and was
treated by specialists but
to no avail I tried every
w remedy I was told of and
took so much medicine
I that I felt like a walking drug shop
The doctors could only relieve me for a
little while
One day I chanced to see a Cuticura
advertisement and thought I wou < d try
the Cuticura Remedies but I had no
faith at the time as I had been deceived
by so many socalled cures After
three applications of CuUcura Oint
ment the itching ceased and after using
two boxes I was completely cured and
shaving does not interfere with it what
soever My nose is as clear as ever and
I am now a well man both in body and
mind I consider the Cuticura Rem
edies to be the best in the world and I
trust some poor sufferer will see this
and be benefited thereby
I ued Cuticura Soap Ointment and
Pills I can also say the suffering was
intense It itched and burned so that
it was impossible to sleep but thanks
to the wonderful Cutkmra Remedies I
am now well I enclose my photo
graph which you may publish Harold
Ayers 783 Jafferaon Ave Brooklyn
N Y Dec 7 and 19 1003
For eogemas rashee or kchlngs irrita I
tion inflammations and other unwhole
some conditions of the kin and scalp I
and for the prevention of the same as
well as for the sanative antueptio
cleansing of ulcerated inflamed mucous
surfaces and other uses which readily
suggest themselves to women Cuticura
Soap and Cuticura Ointment assisted I
when neceasaiy by Cuticura Resolvent
are indispensable I
Sold thrradxMt tbt world Putter Drug 4 rhem I
Com Pole l > rnm Boston ii ais
03Cuticura Book mailed frw Wlte all Mfferws
Bf f d to know about tmtmrnt and wire of hundred 1
el duoaiti of thc kiD tcalp and ttlr
r 9 1
Christmas Pictures
Nothing more suitable for Christmas
presents than pictures Hundreds of
good subjects at prices that you can
afford Buy early while the selection
is largest
MidgleyBodel Co 33 E First South
Clothing sale at Deskys
This treatment Is said to have
acquired a wonderful reputation
throughout the east owing to Its
peculiar propensity to fortify the
nerve force and generate health
and a consequent personal mag
netism so essential to the happi
ness of every normal human be
ing It is claimed to be a bless
ing to those who are physically
impaired gloomy despondent
nervous and who have trembling
of the limbs dizziness heart pal
pitation cold hands and feet In
somnia fear without cause tim
idity in venturing and general in
ability to act rationally as others
do Also of vast benefit to
writers professional men office
workers and the victims of societys
late hours and overindulgence in
wines liquors etc
By preparing the treatment at
home secretly no one need know
of anothers trouble while the in
gredients are much used in fill
ips various prescriptions so that
even the purchase of them sep
arately need occasion no timidity
If the reader decides to try it
get three ounces of ordinary syrup
sarsaparllla compound and one
ounce compound fluid balmwort
mix and let stand two hours then
get one ounce compound essence
cardiol and one ounce tincture cado
mene compound not cardamom
mix all together shake well and
take a teaspoonful after each meal
and one at night
This contains no opiates whatever
and may also be used by women who
suffer with their nerves with abso
lute certainty of prompt and last
ing benefits
Dont Wear
A Truss
After Thirty Years Experience I Have
Produced an Appliancefor Men
Women or Children That
Cures Rupture
I Send It on Trial
it you have tried most everything
else come to me Where others full
is where I have my greatest success
Send attached coupon today and I will
send you free my illustrated book on
The nliove in C K Drool of Mnmhall
Mlrli who has been curing Rup
ture for lIter 30 years If Rup
tured 11 rite him today
Rupture and its cure showing my Ap
pliance and giving you prices and
names of man ptople who have tried
it and were cured It is instant re
lief when all others fail Remember
1 use no salves no barness no lies
I send on trial to prove what I say
Is true You are the judge and once
haying seen my illustrated book and
read it you will be as enthusiastic as
my hundreds of patients whose letters
you can also read Fill out free coupon
below and mall today Its well worth
your time whether you try my Appli
ance or not
C E Brooks S67 Brooks Bldg
Marshall Mich
Please send me by mall in plain
wrapper your illustrated book and
full information about your Appli
ance for the cure of rupture
City State
No great and lasting success was ever attained unless values and good store service were back
of it Folks soon find out where they are given genuine values and having found it out keep corn
ing and in their satisfaction lies every great S success This store has always striven to give the very
best possible values the very best possible assortments and uniform and unfailing courtesy that
makes shopping a pleasure This store proudly claims one of the biggest and best popular priced
shoe stocks in the middle west Its range of choice includes a shoe to suit every purse with the pro
tection of long experience to back every purchase No shoe enters this store but that is of a thor
oughly dependable nature and every pair is absolutely guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
Handling goods as we do in large quantities places us on a buying parity with the very largest
concerns enables us to do business direct with the very best manufacturers and figures in every
possible value at the minimum price Couple those facts with the added advantage that we take
lessened profits which enables us to sell increased numbers of pairs and you have the reason why
we can effect you such splendid savings as these Every line quoted is complete and assortments
are but hinted at
From the Childrens Corner High Top Shoes
Presents Free For the Children For Every Member of the Family
Including a wide variety of toys among which we mention toy We are recognized as headquarters for high top shoe and
automobiles and engines jingle bells swords rattles rubber balls
originating many of our own patterns We wish to make particular
beads and for the larger children boys or girls knives and other
useful gifts This is done to popularize the childrens department mention of high tops with buckles and straps that we carry for
We know we sell the best shoes made for children and in gaining boys and girls This is a pattern that we have exclusively and earry
their friendship cause you to come to us and once having tested down to the very smallest sizes for the little children Our high top
the merits of our childrens shoes we know you will keep on com shoes are made especially for rough usage We use leather suited
ing Brief mention is made of a few specials for rough wear The soles are of the very best selection and the
uppers are treated by a viscolizing waterproof process We also
SPECIAL NO 1 have high tops of lighter grade suitable to wear with rubbers All
in all we show a splendid satisfying assortment of which we invite
Infants shoes genuine dongola uppers with brown tops fancy your inspection See revolving window display or better still come
brown inserts or all black neat round toe shapes with patent tip in the store and let us show you the assortment
turn soles with spring heels Special at The the pair Same shoe
as above sizes 6 to S special at 98c the pair
Our Double Wear shoes for girls of all ages or small boys This Felt Slippers and Warm Lined Shoes For
shoe represents the very best value of any shoe ever made Plump t
dongola uppers or extra quality of calfskin selected oak sole uppers Every Member of the Famiiy
fitted with the best silk linen
are or thread Soles are fastened with
the new process that makes them rip proof and altogether make a
The construction of our felt slippers and Juliets insures their
splendid special and we recommend it to shoes
can reco
anyone wanting
giving the very best of service Many goods of this class are made
for style and service It in both and
serVl comes ill high
top regular tops
by the turn sole which makes them very liable to rip but
and is priced as follows Sizes 5 to 8 lar
pr regular height 145 high
by the special process uSEtl in our goods belting leather is used and
top 175 sizes SVz to 11 regular height 175 high top 200 sixes
the soles are fastened in a way that makes them rip proof The
11V2 to 2 regular height 200 high top 245 big misses or large
difference in the quality in our felt Juliets is made up by the weight
sizes 2x2 6
girls stzeS to regular height 245 high 285
2 top of the felt used and the difference in the ornaments but every line
represents the extreme in value giving at its respective price
Womens felt Juliets fur trimmed in a variety of pretty colors
7 150 quality for 115
Our Mens Department Has Shown
Wowens felt Juliets heavy weight felt belting leather soles
a Most Gratifying Increase I fancy ornament standard 175 values for 145
Childrens felt slippers with belting leather soles cardinal red
In fact in no part of the store has the improvement been so
felt attractive style Sizes 5 fo 8 at SOc 8 to 11
uppers very
marked We are certainly giving the big values in mens shoes along lr C = r
Me 111 to S at 100
with the exceptional style and men folks have been appreciative of
the fact Here are instances
A splendid value in an all felt slipper at ISo for women and
lens Shoes at 285 100 for men This is made of a very heavy felt and is very warm
and comfy
Suitable for dress or service Here is an exceptional special
when one considers the steady advance of raw material and manu Kens felt slippers with belting leather soles sorts that will
facturing and we are offering this shoe as the wonder of the age stand you for several seasons of home wear These are made of
It is all solid and sightly and comes in a variety of good styles and the very best quality wool felt uppers and come in medium weight
equals in style fit and service the average 350 shoe at 145 and extra heavy weight at 175
Our 335 Special For Men Ladies fleece lined shoes made in styles that are suitable for
street home wear These shoes look as neat as an leather shoe
or any
lias been a wonder of a seller Large reorders making lines
you can buy with the added advantage of warmth Made with soft
complete in styles to suit the who
are now 8 man wants plenty
fluffy lining that is lasted under and made part of the shoe Just
of dash to them more conservative styles a plenty all of the wanted
as smooth inside as any shoe can be made
leathers and toe shapes shoes that you will find it hard to match
short of 4 or more as to points of style fit wear and goodness
Our 195 Special
Fleeced lined shoe for women comes in round toe shape and
comfy last Made in all leathers in fleeced lining or heaver top
Womens Department Offering These shoes rob cold days of their terrors
Exceptional Savings Our 385 Special
4 The Hirschman shoe store originated and has made famous the Fleeced lined shoes for women made with best pure wool
following specials 19 r 245 285 am I this I with its 335 and fleeced lining Hand turn soles on the medium round comfy but or
flexible sewed soles on the round toe shape with patent tip a shoe
886 specials have made them justly famous Each one ia in a that will please you extra well in style fit and service
class by itself representing the supreme in values Here follows
brief mention of some of these splendid specials
I 195 Special For Women None Too Early to Think of the
Shoes of known worth and goodness For years we hare sold Xmas Slippers For the Men
this line with one unfailing SATISFACTION This year
we have eight new styles all good ones button or blucher patterns Folks and the Boys
of the higher grade sorts Uppers are of nice soft kid skin neat
toe shapes splendid in style and fit We have taken the special agency for the L B Evans mens
slippers of Wakefield Mass This firm has made slippers for a
c century and certainly knows how to make them good They are
285 Special I For Women
tJ peCla or omen the best slippers we have ever shown and the prices are moderate
We also carry the good old standbys Hirschmans specials in the
We have scored a hit with these splendid specials in fact we medium grades and offer as usual the best values
have been hurrying the factory the entire season to keep up assort
ments Complete reorders have just arrived including gun metal L B Evans Co mens slippers high grade styles and patterns
hand soles nice soft kid skin in black or colon made
patent or kid skin uppers in button or blucher patterns There are turn ramps
some 46 styles in the lot including the smart styles shown in the fancy or plain with a variety of pretty patterns Extra
higher grade models the toe shapes range from the cob short special at 195
vamp high heel patterns with all the conservative styles between Our special 146 mens slippers come in black or wine kid
up to the very mannish styles Cloth tops are shown in some very patent trimnfcd or plain has good firm sole and it a slipper that
pretty models in either the straight or shield tip Button styles so we have sold for years with the very best sneeaas I standard
very popular are shown in the widest variety 175 values
Come expecting to see a dandy assortment and your fondest
expectations will be realized
Our 98c Special
335 Special For Women Slipper for men made of good dongola goat upper in tan or
black neatly trimmed with patent leather a standard 186 value
A startling value in the very heart of the season including our
very swell novelty colored tons in velvet and suede with patent Our 68c Special
leather and buttons the bronze calf well
vamps fancy new 1lZe as as
a large variety of the plainer sorts values range from 4 to 5 the Slippers for men or boys velvet or imitation alligator swry
pair A chance to match your gown at a splendid saving in the very good style a slipper that has pleased thousands in the past tad
highest grade merchandise will please you standard 100 value
Yours JiRSCHPAN Shoe
Shoely People
118 SOUTH MAIN See Revolving Window Display
w t
1 CJ
An amendment to the articles of the
RookhdgeGilmer Realty company was
filed in the county clerks office yester
day changing the name to the L J
Gilmer company of which L J Gllmer is
president and C M Sullivan secretary
The Ora M Bra here company of Salt
f Lake filed articles of incorporation with
the county clerk yesterday placing the
apital stock at 10000 in dollar shares
of which 4426 are held in the treasury
The officers are Ora M Brashere 5149
shares president and treasurer and the
ether directors are W N Irvin 250
shares W B Martin 26 shares C G
Plummer 100 shares and W M HcCrea
50 shares McCrea Is vice president and
Frank F Brashere is secretary Ma
chines contracts and supplies owned by
Mrs Brashere are taken by the company
for 5150 share of stock
The Cravens Percolating Pipe Line
Waterworks of PHyson Utah county
filed articles of Incorporation with the
secretary of state yesterday The capi
tal stock is placed at 3000 in shares of
e AJ j each Officers are Thomas Reece
president Jesse S Taylor vice president
L N Ellsworth secretary George A
Peer treasurer and Frank Tervoirt the
additional director Each director holds
4 shares of stock
The Times Publishing company of Salt
Lake organised by about X local Demo
crats for the purpose of publishing a
newspaper filed articles with the county
irerk yesterday The capital stock is
j 10000 in dollar shares of which 7660
are in the treasury The officers are
Simon Bamberger president Frank K
Nebeker vice president Richard P Mor
ris treasurer M F Cunningham secre
rtary and these are directors with John
Bern James H Moyle and Noble War
rum Besides the directors the rest of
tho storkholders includes the names of
Samuel Nrwhouse William H King B
H Roberts O W Powers John F To
hin and several others
Salvation Army Workers Pre
paring to Gladden Many
Poor Children
Active preparations for the Christ
mas dinners and assistance to the
needy poor were started yesterday by
the Salvation Army All the business
men not visited before the Thanksgiv
ing work will be asked for aid and
the kettles have been put out on the
street corners The public seems to be
coming to the aid of the army as strong
as ever this year and from all appear
ances the record of needy families sup
plied with a good meal clothing and
made generally happier on Christmas
day this yea will equal and perhaps
surpass the record of last year
The efforts of the army this year j
will be specially directed in aiding
children of poor families Mrs Thomas
Pitt the wife of Ensign Pitt says the
army has a list comprising practically
all the poor families of the city Though
it is not generally known each basket
bent out by the Salvation Army on
Thanksgiving day contained sufficient
food for two meals for a family 01 rive
persons Baskets will also be sent out
for Christmas but the main worK ot
the army will be to provide a good
time a Christmas tree presents of
candy and toys not forgetting sub
stantial presents such as shoes cloth
ing and mittens to the poor children
of the city
Mrs Pitt said last night that the
system of giving a ticket to each child
for admission was found to be neces I
sary as the army officials have found
that children who are not neeay and
whose parents do not keep them in on
Christmas day will attend every af
fair of this kind they can possibly
After the children are attended to
this year the army will direct their
efforts to the sick families the city
and Mrs Pitt said last night that a
list of families in quarantine will be
especially taken care of The army
officials suggest that any not on their
list at present come In and make them
selves known at once as several fami
lies who are really needy and worthy
of help failed to get It on Thanksgiv
Ing day by delaying until the last day
before making their wants known The
army investigates each case which
comes under Its notice
According to Mrs Pitt the Salvation
Army last Christmas spent over 700
in the work Among the poor and it is
expected that this amount will be ex
ceeded this year Mr Pitt further said
that 400 had been expended inanKa
giving day
The children affair on Christmas
day Is to be held in the Salvation Army
Only uniformed members of the Sal
vation Army will be sent out as solic
itors and the army officer wish to
warn every one not to subscribe un
less to a uniformed member as im
postors have been around collecting
Auerbaohs let Contract for Refurn
ishing Hostelry to local Fur
niture Dealer
Following the purchase of the Maul
tou hotel east of the Knutaford in
Third South street the Auerbachs have
awarded a contract to the Freed Fur
niture and Carpet company to refur
nish the hotel throughout at a cost
of 30000 All the old furniture has
been sold at auction and the new fur
niture will be in mission mahogany
golden oak and birdseye maple mak
ing it one of the most attractive in the
Mrs Ida M Godman at present man
aging the Touraine hotel will have
the management of the Manitou and
with her experience and the financial
backing of the Manitou that hotel is
expected to become one of the best
known and most popular in the city
When Samuel H Auerbach bought
the Knutsford hotel ana otiier proper
ties in that vicinity he included the
Manitou in Ms purchases with the in
tention of making it one of the most
attractive hotels in Salt Lake as the
other Auerbach hotel the Touraine
has been The Manitou has never been
a paying proposition and the Auer
bachs intend to lift It out of that rut
Besiaes refurnishing the building the
new owners will remodel It and reno
vate it completely closing it for a gen
eral overhauling until it is again ready
for occupancy A feature of the build
ing will be the rearrangement of the
lobby It will be furnished in Spanish
leathermaking an attractive sight at
the entrance As soon as the remodel
ing is i completed Lester Freed says the
new furniture will be ready
Paswy Shoe Company Affairs Aired
Iri Federal Court Petition
Walter Wright of Salt Lake
> was ap
pointed receiver yesterday for George
Passey Co shoe dealers at Provo on
a petition filed by the Sharwood Shoe
company of St Paul Carson Pine Scott
A Co of Chicago and John Kelley of
Rochester who have bills against the
Provo firm aggregating 3040 The credi
tors say the Provo company has com
mitted acts of bankruptcy within the last
few weeks by preferring the Provo Com
mercial and Savings bank with a pay
ment of 100 and paying the Mills
Gibbs company of New York 400 The
petition further alleges that the Provo
company has sold large quantities of mer
chandise and used the proceeds to pay
the personal indebtedness of Joseph
Broadbent a member of the George Pas
se y company
The receiver qualified yesterday by fur
nishing bond of 8000 and papers were
served on the Provo men by Lucian
Smyth deputy United States marshal
Judge Page Morris sitting in the i
Federal court surprised some corpora
tion attorneys and others yesterday by I
sending the case of I E Freeman
against the Oregon Short Line Railroad I
company back to the state courts after
it had been transferred to the federal I
court at the request of the railroad
attorneys The case is one in which I
damages are asked of the railroad com
pany on account of losses caused by
delay In the shipment of sheep Judge
Morris held that the federal court had I
no jurisdiction
Another Application for White
Coal Filed With State Engineer
Applications were filed yesterday
with the state engineer by the Utah
Fuel company for the right to appro
priate the waters of Range creek In
Carbon count for the purpose of mo
tive power in the companys mine and
the supply of a water system for the
town of Sunnyside For the town 193
second feet or 47acre feet is applied
for and SISsecond feet will be used
in the mine
Clinton H Carey of Fruitland Wa
sauli county ttali also filed an ap
iihriiini for water rights yesterday
sfevkins tu appropriate fourteen tul
feet of water from Red creek for the
purpose of irrigating 4960 acres
Flocks of Utah and Idaho in Good
Condition and Market Looks
Conditions and the outlook were
never mere encouraging for the sheep
men af Utah and Idaho than at pres
ent said C F fork at the Guile
hotel yesterday Mr Rork known
among the sbeepmen of the two states
as Doc Rork until recently held the
ptositiou of government stock Inspector
with headquarters in Pocatello A few
months ago he left the government
service to identify himself with the
PaxtonKckman Chemical company of
Mr Rork arrived in Salt Lake yes
terday after an extensive tour among
the sheepmen of Utah and Idaho
Speaking of the observations of his
trip he said
The flocks of Utah and Idaho ire
remarkably free from the scab In
fact that disease seems to have been
almost entirely eradicated In a few
districts the lip and leg disease has
broken out but the flockmasters eem
to have the trouble checked and well
under control The flocks generally
throughout both states are In good
shape and with the prospect for high
prices for wool and mutton the sheep
men seem to be assured of a success
ful year
Mrs Griffin and Her Son Take 500
for Death of Husband and Father
Judgment by stipulation was entered
yesterday by Judge M L Ritchie of the
district court for 50050 In favor of Mary
A Griffin and John Griffin her son i
year old against the Consolidated Mer
cur Cold Mines company Damages for
10900 were brought for the death of
Thomas J Griffin in the mine at Mercur
on May 3 1909 The compromise of 0059
was accepted
A gardener doesnt kill weed by cut
ting their tops He attacks the root
Just so with piles the cause is With
in entirely out of reach of surgical in
struments ointments or suppositories
The only cure for piles is internal and
the only guaranteed internal remedy
is Dr Leonhardts HemRold It has
cured S8 per cent of cases and 24 days
treatment is sold for 1 at Schramm
John on Drugs 80 South Main street
Salt Lake City under positive guaran
I tee Or mailed by Dr Leonhardt Co
Station B Buffalo N Y Write for
I booklet

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