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i i
Stomach Man Indorsed by
Woman Who Says He Made
Her Well
A strong statement concerning the
Cooper stomach man was made yes
terday at the Smith drug store at the
Busy Corner by Mrs Richard Haw
ley of 458 South First West street She
declared she had been entirely cured
of stomach trouble of four years stand
Ing by the treatment of the young
easterner whose new theories have
stirred so much comment since his ar
rival here Coopers most radical theory
is that K per cent of all ill health Is
< aused by stomach trouble He has
an enthusiastic convert in Mrs Haw
ley She said
About four years ago I began to
puffer severely from stomach trouble
I doctored all the time and the pains I
suffered after eating finally grew so bad
I feared I had cancer Taking food
into my stoirfch became torture Ga
would form A would become nauseat
e ed and feel faint with diy spells
Then palpitation of the heart which
followed made me fear and almost
wish I was going to die
Those who know mo here in Salt
Lake know that I would not say this
for any one unless it were true but this
nan Coopers remedy certainly cured
UK I of all these sufferings I consulted
him in the east when I first heard of
him and when I knew he was here in
town I was glad to be able to coma in
and tell him what his remedy did for
me When I began taking his treat
ment I could not eat a particle of lOUd
food and now I can eat anything It
dirt not stop the pains suddenly but It
t cm > d the stomach trouble completely
and now I am perfectly well
The stomach man seemed one of
the busiest men in Salt Lake when IH
rviewed but though he cut his state
ment short it was charactertotkml
novel He said
Stomach trouble IB at the root of
roarly all the sickness and halfsick
ness you see here In Salt Lake Thou
sands of persona have come to see me
v ho have been suffering for years with
n hat they thought was every form of
disease In nine cases out of ten I
found the fault was stomach trouble
People eat unwisely for years and then
when disease overtakes them they
vonder why The stomach becomes
coated with a catarrhal substance and
food cannot digest Consequently it
literally rota and forms gas This
pumps poison into the blood upsets the
Kver and the kidneys and clogs the
b wets so they cannot work Remove
the cause the stomach troubleand all
the other diseases disappear with it
This is what my remedy does and that
Is why Mrs Hawley has just told you
what she has and why thousands of
people all over the country whose
names I can give you will tell you the
Fume thing
Dr A C Behle Buys Site for Three
Story Business Block
Dr A C Behle yesterday paid 12500
fr the old property owned and im
IlAed by Mr and Mrs John K Smith
at 244 West South Temple street The
< iii building will be torn down and a
threestory business structure will re
place it It Is expected to start work
oil the new building by spring The
talc was made through Kelly d Mont
Want ads help manage this
town I
A nnnm
s Cigars go with
Christmas as cran
berries go with
Packing cigars 25 in a
j box makes it easy to adjust
expenditures to holiday re
quirements Here is a list
of famous brands all in
boxes of 25evcry one a
1A quality number
U nialSise 100
Perfeclo Size 115
quel Size 125
Size 150
Size 200
ORLANDO AfeifoPerecto
Size 200
Size 250
Ambassador 250
16 Cast 2nd South St
A Leyson Watch is not good be
c ause out name is engraved on It but
rather our name Is engraved on It be
au e it Is good
Phone Ii for the correct time
IAU Ltou stn
One Ctough
A cough just a little cough It may
not amount to much Or it may
amount to everything I Some keep
coughing until the lung tissues are
seriously injured Others stop their
cough with Ayers Cherry Pectoral
Sold for seventy years How many
years have youjtnown it
All year detltr about Ayers Cherry Pec
toral If he say Take iithen take II
If he GJI We then dont Laell a O Aqer ea
< H
I i H Bc io
ci Yesterday afternoon at
KeithnQ rien j ompany was
like a day before Cnristmas
1 1
so great were the crowds
I I 1 + e o e a G
Not Cheaper but
It li not unreasonable for us to make
this claim about the goods at our
We are out of the bleb rent dis
trict and with expenses down to the
minimum we are enabled to quote
prices consistently lower than most
stores People visiting our store for
the first time are always surprised to
find one of the really fine stores on
East Third South street
Why not put this store on your list
of places to visit when you are down
town We think your visit will be
worth while Why not try it
G enn 0
CO East Third South Street
Out of the High Rent District
fL > T r r
Ira I BtLtii
1 q5s r t
Every person shouldhave
a bank account and have
that satisfied feeling of
money laid away
This is within the reach
of all by our system of
saving while spending
With your first ten
dollar purchase we start
your saving account with
one dollar drawing in
terest from November
1st and from then on
500 of every purchase
you make in our store is
added to your account
Try it and you will be
surprised at the rate
your savings will grow
Mullett Clothing
Half block West from Main
on Second South
iJ d If
r >
Hamilton s
Smart Shop Y r t
Some of the useful and appreciated gifts
A Smart Cloth Suit
Special 1500 to 4000
A handsome little Afternoon Dress in cloth or wool
Special 850 to S 5000
Beautiful Dancing and Dinner Drones in Ofclftoni
Crapes and Silks
Specials 2000 to 16000r <
r f
All Pattern Street Haft
I OneThird and Less
To Suffer is Folly
When Relief Is at Hand
R r
The folly of continued suffering
C might be made tile subject of a talk
° > right here that would be full of in
5 z terest and that would present facts
and figures that would make some
sufferers ashamed of their own neg
ligence More than half the suffer
ing in the world today is unnece
sary Many dozens of the socalled
incurable cases of female trouble
r kdney stomach and liver trouble
a nerve disorders etc right here in
Salt Lake could easily be cured if
Mrs Pickard were given an opportu
nity of treating the sufferers with
Chiropractic treatment
x Mrs Pickard has been established
in Salt Lake more than a year and
A 1 3s
< atr < the long list of cured and satisfied
Itt U patients should be evidence enough
z r < t11i iI > > 111 t of her kill and ability to cure by the
x rat i < 1 fJx + < < r aid of this wonderful science Wom
Y t8is < = ft JF < I en in all stages of discouragement
ii < X men with stomach trouble and rheu
matism have been cured permanently by Mrs Pickard Now the proposi
tion is presented to you be you male or f nfde Gp to Mra Ptekand and
ask for an examination and consultation both of which are free and do nut >
place you under any obligation whatever If your case is curable Mrs
Pickard will tell you so and there will be no charge whatever Now that
is a perfectly fair proposition It puts the matter right up to you to de
cide whether to go on suffering pain and torment or to go to Mrs Pickard
and he l cured
217218 Herald Building
Piece So of You Move
26 Quadruple Plate I When ou ove
Stratford Silverware I r Do It Quickly
Consisting of Our facilities are complete in de
li Knives 00 tail Service Is prompt and satis
6 Forks factory a trial will convince you
6 Teaspoons j 8
6 1 1 Butter Soup Sugar Spoons Shell Knife = = = j C I Watson t Transfer f Co
J H Knickerbocker i W C WATSON Mar
H3 < South Main LXD IMS ELL 14S8
Ikcntieth Centuryf fhods v Boys Shoes
Sixes I to 2
I = 100 =
Cut out this ad and brine to us with
100 You will save 2Sc
Wearing apparel for Men women
and Children at prices that command e
instant attention
Many special offerings this week In
the Lades suit section
s 120 South Main Street
T 2
eo f
Books of Treasurer Shown to Have
Balance of 65244945
With the closing of the books of State
Treasurer David Mattson on December 4
there was 65244945 cash on hand to the
i relit of the state as shown by an ex
amination of the treasurers book by the
stall board of examiners yesterday
The report of the board of examiners
FLowed the following Balance in funds
IwcembC r 1 JHO91294 receipts up to De
i ember 5 Pl66781 making a total of
S 7 K 580 75 Warrants paid between Decem
br 1 1 and 5 were 180131 30 leaving the
rt balance of 862 449 45 The board
j und that the cash and credits In sev
rra banks balanced with the cash state
1 r w p 8 I
A y
I ft
Leading characters in the great budget fight which has plunged
England into a political and financial chaos and which may ultimately
result in the elimination of the house of lords
In the upper row beginning at the left are Lloyd George chan
cellor of the exchequer and the author of the budget Lord Lansdowne
the leader of the opposition in the house of lords who offered the
amendment which provided for a referendum vote on the budget and
created the present crisis and Premier Asquith who defended the bud
get in the house of commons
In the lower row on the left is exPremier Balfour who led the op
ponents of the budget in the house of commons and on the right Lord
Rothschild whose speech was noncommittal but who was counted
among the opposition As one of the worlds leading bankers he will no
doubt reap a great harvest in the present crisis as the government will
have to borrow money to pay the running expenses until a finance bill
is passed
London Dec S England today stands
face to face with the gravest political
crisis In Its history slnc 1W2 as a re
sult of the rejection of the budget by the
house of lords but the outcome of the
present one promises to have more far
reaching effects than that of its prede
In that year the struggle between the
two bodies of the English parliament
arose over the reform bill which the lords
rejected New elections followed to
gether with the formation of a new cabi
net but the struggle still continued re
sulting in the second resignation of the
A new cabinet was again formed and
with the threat of increasing the num
bers in the cabinet the lords were fright
ened into withdrawing their opposition
and the great charter of 1832 received the
royal assent
In the minds of wellinformed states
men however the action of the house of
lords in the present crisis has sounded
their death knell as a law making body
and the ultimate result will mean it is
believed the elimination of that body
from parliament at least in its l present
Since the establishment of parliament
the people have had a voice in the elec
tion of members to the house of com
mons but the membership of the house of
lords Is composed of the whole peerage of
England and of the United Kingdom
The English members who composed
the large majority inherit their seats
with their titles The Scottish represen
tatives of whom there are rarely more
than a dosen are elected for each par
liament while the score or more Irish
members are elected for life
While the greater legislative power is
supposed to be vested fn the house of
commons the peers have always been in
a position to strangle any legislation in
imical to their interests which originated
in the lower body This they have done i
from time to time one of the most nota
ble Instances being the rejection of Glad I
stones measure for hone rule 16 years I
Serious This Time
Their present action however is far
more serious The budget is the govern
ment measure which provides for the
raising of funds by taxation to carry on
the work of the government It is the
duty of the house of commons to make
tins assessment
Fully aware of the serious situation
which would arise by rejection the bud
get outright the lords adopted the
amendment offered by Lord Lansdowne
which provided that this bill should first
be referred to the people for their judg
ment Thin move would practically make
it Illegal for the commons to collect
It Is now the common belief that an
other body will be established in parlia
ment In place of the house of lords its
members to be elected in a similar man
ner of those of the lower body thus mak
ing them responsible to their constitu
ents when the time for reelection comes
The present budget was prepared by
LloydGeorge chancellor of the exche
quer and was designed to make the
wealthy bear the chief burden of taxa
tion It was considered the most radi
cal finance bill ever introduced in the
British parliament Besides a large In
come and inheritance taxes it proposed a
revaluation of the land which should
vastly increase thE rat of taxation on
land and reduce the income of many
land holders by millions
As the majority of the members of the
house of lords are owners of vast estates
this portion of the measure was exceed
ingly obnoxious the only course left was
to reject it
The history of the budget covers a pe
riod of seven months during which the
opponents and supporters of the measure
Indulged In all sorts of vilifying speeches
creating such a serious situation that
King Edward was finally forced to take
a hand and compel them to desist
Deficit for Developments
When David JJntdGeorge began the
preparation of the nurigpt last spring he
had a defiur of J7810 < iu for Dread
noughts Sn > < ilatton was rife for many
days as to how this mildmannered gen
tleman was to solve this serious prob
On Ann 29 his budget was presented
to the house of commune and when Its
provisions wore puhlihhed It was de
nuuncfd icy 1 the wealthier classes as thf
mst UK tliati nif iMir < CT introduced
n t j oli i m rt
i iilth iiiil The TiaJt as the liquor I
business is popularly called were made
to bear the main burden of taxation Al
the necessities of life such as flour tea
sugar etc remained untaxed but the
duties on beer and whisky were unusu
ally heavy An income tax of 131 cent
was imposed on every 6 for incomes of
10000 which is equal to 1360 tax on
every one receiving 10000 a year It pro
vided for a super tax of 24 per cent
on all incomes over 125000 and an in
heritance tax running from 4 per cent
on 25000 estates to 15 per cent on 6000
000 estates An estate like Mr Harrl
mans which is estimated at 149000000
under such a law would pay 2500000 to
the state
It provided for a revaluation of land
which would vastly increase the rate of
taxation and many of its opponent
claimed that land owners would be taxed
two and three times for the same pieces
of property
A tax on automobiles ranging from 10
for C horsepower to 300 for 60 horsepower
cars was also included
The bill was printed on May 28 and on
June 7 underwent a second reading On
June 21 it reached the committee and it
was at this stage that the bitterest fight
was waged This resulted in several
changes in the measure but the main por
tions were left untouched
Balfour Led Fight
On October 19 it was reported back to
the house of commons and then fol
lowed the debate Mr Balfour led the
fight against the bill and despite his pre
dictions that the passage of the measure
would cause a social upheaval and stifle
all irude that body passed the third
reading November 4 by a vote of 379 to
149 On November 22 the second reading of
the bill was moved in the house of lords
Lord Lansdowne the leader of the oppo
sition then offered his amendment which
provided for a referendum vote and this
amendment was adopted by a large ma
jority on November 30 Killing the budget
by making any effective action upon it
in this parliament impossible
The chief argument used by the peers
in opposition was that the ministry had
offered not simply a finance bill but a
bill embodying many measures that the
house of lords had previously rejected
that In short the peers could not pass
the measure without practically resigning
all legislative functions
On the other hand advocates of the
budget and the great British public gen
erally Insist that the real reason for its
rejection by the peers is the fact that its
provisions place the burden of taxation
chiefly upon the very wealthy
Nine men in ten outside of parliament
regard LloydGeorge as the greatest and
most farseeing statesman In England
and denounce the action of the house of
lords as an arrogant defiance of the peo
ple by a purseproud and headstrong aMs
In all quarters the present crisis Is re
garded as the gravest that the nation
has faced ir a century and one that Is
likely to result in a radical change In
the British constitution
An important change based on the long
year rate for cattle baa been made in
the sheep grazing rate Where the long
year cattle rate ha been 40 cents the
sheep rate will be 12 tp 14 cants Where
the rate has been le than thto for cat
tle the beente will be onetenth of
the annual rate for cattle multiplied by
mvhstin pay
the number of months In the sheep pe
riod plus 20 per cent It Is said by vice
Ice Officials that this will effect a re
duction of 1 cent on the Wasatch forest
Member of Trio Who Assaulted F J
Foulger to Receive Sentence
Mike Schuinacker a Denver newsboy
was found guilty In police court yester
day of battery committed on F J Foul
ger November 3 together with Franlt
Smith and Simon Lvln Smith and Le
vin disappr IK d after they had been
placid under idf JVH each Ur
n h < cl 1 n ty Nil Yo k Surety com
nanv hIITDkr i > Iill IK st ntem ed this
afllIJuiJl1 L i Jude J M Liuurrun l
Campaign to Increase Mem
bership to One Thousand
on in Earnest
Six subcommittees all units of the gen
eral membership committee of the Com
mercial club each consisting of a chair
man and three members will begin the
active campaign today of bringing the to
tal membership of the club up to the
thousand mark by January 1
To accomplish the present ambition of
the club only 160 new business or profes
sional men are needed and these will be
found out of a total list of 300 of the
oughttobe That the thousand mark
will be reached by the first of the year
was the pledge of the membership com
mittee at its special meeting held yester
day noon
The club wants 1000 members With
the applications before the board of gov
ernors there is shy practically an even
160 To get these however there is to be
nt > ither the prod nor the persuasive rod
Those who ought to belong to Salt Lakes
leading commercial body are simply going
to have brought to their attention their
fwn laxity or perhaps careless over
There to however the chance that a
good many out of the 500 oughttobe
will find the door closed to the knocking
for admission after the first of the year
The sentiment of the club has developed
two Ideasone that the membership of
the club should be limited to 1000 with a
waiting list and the other that when the
1000 mark is reached the new member
ship should be made more difficult by in
creasing the admission fee to 100 Both
of these ideas have strong support with
the leaning towards the limitation of the
membership to 1000 It is the strong sen
timent that even with the new club build
ing a membership of 1008 would be ample
to support the Institution and without
any overcrowding If the roll was set at
1000 there would of course be a waiting
Ust and vacancies in the membership
either by death or removal would be
filled from that list
When the thousand mark Is reached
the question of further membership will
be presented to the board of governors
under the two propositions of limitation
or the increase of tbe initiatory fee
List of Eligibles
The membership committee special
meeting yesterday was well attended and
the matter of the best plan of increasing
the membership of the club up to the
1000 number fuily discussed Secretary
Joseph E Caine presented to the com
mittee a list containing 500 names of men
in the business trades and professional
walks of life who are nonmembers and
it is to these that the invitation to be
come a booster will be extended
The general committees discussion re
sulted in the selection of the following
six subcommittees with a division of
the 500 names among them
Committee No 1Charles A Quigley
chairman Joy H Johnson George E
Merrill F S Murphy
Committee No 2B F Redman chair
man Arthur Thomas J H Houston F
C Richmond
Committee No 3 George D Alder
chairman E S Spencer I A Clayton
W E Bailey
Committee No ofD G Bolton chair
man W J Blake A H Crabbe W A
Committee No 5A J Davis chairman
M H Desky Karl Scheid J II Garrett
Committee No 6J H Marriott chair
man F E Whitworth C F Kutnewsky
Leon Sweet
These committees will visit the eligi
bles in their lists and the enthusiastic
assurance of each committee led the chair
man of the meeting to pledge the 1000
membership by January 1
II W Ijohmann who represents the
James B Stewart company in the con
struction of the new Commercial Club
building informed Secretary Caine yes
terday that the contractors would turn
over the completed building to the club
by January 15 at the latest With the
contracts let for the interior decoration
and furnishings and the orders for thq
necessary materials already given It
seems certain that the club will open the
doors to its reception in the new home the
middle of Anril or Mayday at the latest
The furnishings committee will hold a
meeting today for tM purpose of select
ing table linen and tableware for the ban
fut and dining rooms of the new club
Charged with running a gambling
house over the Cliff house on Main sV et
Harry Keats was arrested late Tuesday
night upon a warrant served by Patrol
man Charles E Stains He was released
yesterday on presentation of 100 cash
Formal Deeds Conclude Two Million
Dollar Deal Made by Samuel
H AuerbAoh
Two deeds one a warranty and the
other a guardians deed were filed In the
county recorders office yesterday for
mally transferring the Knutsford hotel
corner at Third South and State streets
to Samuel H Auerbach and the Houston
Real Estate Investment company for XM
000 Title to fivesixths of the property
is held by Mr Auerbach and onesixth
by the real estate company The Knuts
ford property is one of the Items In the
2000000 realty deal concluded recently by
Mr Auerbach
A fivesixths interest is transferred by
Guy and Frances Cunningham William
T and Edith Cunningham Florence C
and Joseph O Proctor and Annie C
Thompson all of Gloucester Mass to
Samuel H Auerbach for 7166617 The
property is described as a part of lot 4
block 66 plat A Salt Lake City survey
It takes in 188 feet on State street and
165 on Third South street A mortgage
on the same property is filed by Mr
Auerbach to the Cunningham interests tot
20833333 showing a payment in cash
of 6333334 The mortgage runs for ten
The remaining onesixth interest in the
property is transferred by guardians deed
from Charlotte Thompson through her
guardian Annie C Thompson also of
Gloucester to the Houston Real Estate
Investment company for 5433333 of
which 1266 66 is paid in cash and the
balance covered by a fivyear mortgage
for 4166667 Both mortgages bear inter
est at 6 per cent

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