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Whats What in Sports
All the Time
Coburn on Bubbling Water Eased Up
and Bosevale Wins by
Head I
Oakland Dec 8 Thank to overcon
IiJt nee on the part of Jockey Coburn
Ilosevale won the San Mateo handicap at
Lmeryvillf today f om Bubbling Water
thv tavorite Bubbling Water was in
hunt and Cuburn thought he waa Win
ning He stopped riding and Rosevale
< uming with a rush beat him a head
nit weather was rainy and the track
s jppy Meripul known as > Young Wol
gait owing to his enthusiasm for the box
el of that name rode for the first time
In a race and won with St Avon
f First ra < five and onehalf furlongs
0 Belling Dax id arfield 10 > McBride 20
ti 1 won Lena Leech 109 Mentrv 11 to
t swiond Ineleimnt i2 E Smith 7 to
third ThnellO 35 Bishop W
J tthiT Stafford Marburg Chitterlings
find Baleri finished as named
N ond rat fle furlongs purse Bal
rnia 106 efper 5 to 1 won Lady
Elizabeth 101 Anderson 9 to 2 second
nr Bought its E Martin 15 to 1
third TlIIIP1 45 Miss Picnic Saln
OWl Old Mixito Miles Terns Trick
loan > View Arthur Rouse and Sal At
IKiiiii finished as named
Third race six furlongs Belling Bisk
fa 1 J9 Cotton 8 to 1 won Burleigh 109
Sltntrv 3 to 1 second Ooastper II 108
an Dusen to I third Time 118 45
Emma G Halnade Novgorod Hamper I
1 hor and Billy Myer finished as named
Fourth race one mile San Mateo han
lapR08eale 94 Caiden 5 to 2 won
Bubbling Water even second Edwin
i I Fryer W Martin 30 to 1 third Time
le 15 Mainline Musgrave Silver
lmght and Fullett finished as named
Fifth rao m le and seventy yards sell
Ir g Rubrk lu Mentry 3 to 1 won
M > i lingo 100 Walsh 4 to 5 second
Whktden lib Coburn 6 to 1 third Time
14 15 hi nk Spring Raleigh Sea Lad
arid Wolf ille 1ni hed
Sixth rac > six furlongs selling Stavon
1i > 7 Merlpole 15 to 1 won Curriculum
li Walsh 7 to 2 second No Quarter
1r t Smith 7 to 5 third Time 118 15
Spatial Delivery Lord of the Forest Ar
gniut Lady Rensselaer and Duke of
Milan finished as named
Interest is daily increasing in the
first big basketball game of the sea
Eon to be played at the Young Mens
tristiau association Saturday night
t iween 1 the Y team and the Unl
NeiMtv of Utah This openlt the ached
vk fr both teams and the coaches
ine ben working very hard to get
ti i ir organizations into shape for a
I < 111 game Both the um rr ity men
end the tivtoclation squad have tried
V or metal it dlMt U votlttna teams
c f the fort duel as far an comparative
FJres go the contending teams seem
t he on an < qual basis
a piduiliiarv to the big game
t i second tams of the two Institu I
t IT which are also very closely
IP tched will meet Freeman Bassett
will refer and Dad Stewart will
i m > ire The first game between the
B > ond teams will begin at 73O Sat
tToIay night
i 11 ago Dec gSilvie Ferretti man
ngi r of Hugo KeRr received word from
T < ton je < = t rdav that Fred Klaus the
IMiUarfc uihlkweight had backed out
c t hi matil with Kelly net for Deoem
ln H at the Armor Athletic club of
Boston itiietti received an offer from
M itchmak r Dime of Pittsburg for a six i
i ml noII l 111011 bout between Kelly and I
Kl ins at iutburg on December 14 and I
wrd his atanct
lie I also u u td an offer from Tommy
talh whu i managing the New Orleans
llII i for > m ith btween Kelly and Bil
ly Papke u Ni w Years afternoon
ri 1 the 1 HI r Frntti wired saying Kel
h vas rll1d ID meet any middleweight
11 the wmo and that it Papke would
c msint the match was on
special to The HeraldRepublican
Ihi 1 Dec 8hat promises to be one
CI th < most interesting games of basket
171 in local CT les during the season
h me gan heduled for Friday night
h < useen th last 1 quintet from the State
Sd1 for th < Deaf and the local High
iILlol fh Jti ncipal Hopkins ha been
t ing fo r ItIFct tdrs to land a game
wlIh the ifl J > troni Ogden because of the
dmaud or loal 1 fans to see how the deaf
1 y s Pill ali the fact that a game Is
3i W assurj I nuius as welcome news to
U n itopfc of Lehi
toHih anssifaard has finally picked
Ii tam t to xi itsent th Lehi High during
t present < ann With the ee > ter po
i on fllU tl Ioy l Southwick who was out
i a tin III September with typhoid
Jdd And Dorton at guard and Walker
nn1 Goodvdi 1 at forward lehi will make
mth < r suing hid for the state cham
onhp it hITI 1 the opinion of many
l al fun that this lineup will be even
Eilngrr than last years championship
t iiago IVc S IJack Gleason who
vtii Tex H ktid landed the Johnson
J fines uiijjionsliip fight with a bid
ol J101000 and a guarantee of twothirds
rf the mo ing i u lure money arrived in
Chi ago from New York yesterday after
Iicon and stopped off here two hours
T > < fore boarding thc Overland Limited for
Su n i ramIo i
4c com < 1111 glad we landed the
lo it aid 1h2 tihfotnian but I am sor
r s > man naiinfill tumors have been
bi read around since the matter was
i ° loved Theid i < no secret agreement
nong U4 and tin report that it was
FI out and dried before we reached New
York ire absurd
ifliicago Dec BThe list of the avail
able teams for games on tli I niversitv
cf l Chicago schedule was ul < irgui yeis
t > r < iav by Director Stagg naming the
N ivy as a possible football opponent next
talL He wnl so far as to say that the
A mapolis auihitis art distinctly in the
inning afJi n i the bidders for on test
V S a ret 1 j this i chang gridiron fol
Jwers I ar junking < rr a s > iak < up in the
t hedule r i li nt at the same time
hianv fee hd m ago Michigan garni
Is not as lik > a ± u wa thought to be
+ Z
4J v t r
alI ii
From left to right the riders are AI Halstiud Fred West Percy Lawrence George Stein and George Cameron
Who came from Europe to take part
in the sixday bicycle race in Madi
son Square Garden With John Stoll
as his teammate Rutt won second
prize in last years race
New York Dec 8A Killing pace Is gradually pushing the weaker teams Into
the rear In the sixday bicycle race at Madison Square Garden
Just before 7 oclock tonight Clark the Australian sprinter climbed high up
on the outer edge of one of turns and shot down into the saucer again at the
top of his speed Before the field could get under way he had opened up a I
lead of a quarter of a lap and a desperate scramble followed
Trainers swarmed around the railing pushing out fresh partners and for a I
time it seemed that all the riders were on the track at once For twenty minutes
the furious drive held unslackened among such confusion that the scorers had I
difficulty in reckoning the distance i
When the men grouped themselves in
some semblance of order again it was
announced tha Cannon and Krebs Mit
ten and West Anderson and Vanoni
Hill and Stein Galvin and Keegan and
the two George had lost a lap and that
the leaders were fourteen miles and four
laps ahead of the record Demara fell
exhausted from his wheel just after he
was relieved
At 10 oclock the men had gained an
other mile and three laps on the record
with positions unchanged
At 11 oclock they had pined again
and the figures stood 141 M miles for the
seigpsit > first hour a fed of sixteen
miles three laps over the mark of 14023
made last year by Hill and Demara
The score at 11 oclock was PyeHehlr
MacFarlandClark RuttStol RootFog
ler LawsonDemara WalthourCoHins
HalsteadI awrence 1 41S miles 6 laps
AndersonVanonl MittenWest Came
ronKrebs HillStem 1418 miles 5 laps
QalvmKeegan GeorgetGeorget 1418
miles 4 laps GermainCarapezsi 1332
miles 6 laps
Between 11 aixl 12 oclock last night one
of the best sprints ever seen in the gar
den took place All the teams were in it
and the riders tore around the track at a
terrific pace while thousands of onlook
ers cheered frantically The sprint lasted
twelve minutes and when the riders
stopped speeding the score showed that 1
Galvin and Keegan had lost a lap in the
wild scramble This team entered a pro I
test At midnight those in the van were
credited with 14398 miles a lead of
206 miles on last years record and a
gain of 43 miles on the lead of the
previous hour
At 1 oclock however the pace had
slacked the lead over the former rec
ord showing a loss of 15 miles from
the hour previous
The score McFarland and Clark
Rutt and Stoll Root and Fogler Law
son and Demara Walthour and Collins
Halstead and Lawrence Pye and He
hir 1457 miles 7 laps Anderson and
Vanoni Mitten and West Cameron and I
Krebs Hill and Stein 1457 miles 6
laps Galvin and Keegan Georget and
Qeorget 1457 miles 6 laps Germain
and Carapezzi 1371 miles 7 laps
I A 138 this morning the management
announced the withdrawal of Patrick
Keegan of Lowell Mass from the
I IrishAmerican team of Keegan and
Galvin Physicians say that Keegan
I has congestion of the lungs with a I
I temperature of 104 Galvin has four
i hours to find another partner
1 Efforts are being made to Induce
I Floyd Krebs of Newark N J to with
draw and thus give his teammate
i I Cameron a chance to double up with
i Galvin
The pace grew brisker in the early
morning hours and at 2 oclock the
I men were 213 miles ahead of the rec
ord of last year
The nine leading teams are tied with
1477 miles Anderson and Vanoni
Mitten and West Cameron and Krebs
Hill and Stein 14771 Galvin and Kee
gan withdrawn Georget and Georget I
1477 Germain and Carapezzi 13912
Dallas Tex Dec SWith his face wrapped in woolen bandages and
wearing heavy fur gloves and fur overcoat Barney Oldfield drove his
120horsepower Benz racer in the teeth of a Texas norther this after
noon and broke the fiftymile worlds circular track record which has
stood for over five years He covered the half century in 4718 as
against the old mark of 48 40 15 made by himself at Fresno Gal in
1904 Oldfield got inside the previous record at 30 miles and broke
everv mark from 30 to 50
Oldfield drive was most spectacular as
the track was frozen in places and the
radiator of his car was filled with alcohol
to prevent freezing At the finish of the
drive Old fields hands had to be pulled
loose from the steering wheel by his as
sistants having been affected by the In
tense cold at such a high speed
E H Green member of the American
Automobile association board acted as
referee As the meeting was sanctioned
the race will be accepted aa official
Here are the articles of agreement I I
for the championship prize fight be I I
tween James J Jeffries and JacK jonn j I
sonThis agreement tride and entered I
Into third day of December nineteen I
hundred and nine at the city of Hu
boken state of New Jersey by and
between Jack Jjhnson of the city of
Galveston state of Texas and James
J Jeffries of the city of Los Angeles
state of California both parties of
the first part and O L Rickard of
th > city of Ely sate of Nevada and
J < hn J Gleason of the city and
iojnt > of San Francisco state ot
California parties of the second part
Whereas said aforementioned con
testants towit The parties of the
first part herein must commence ac
tive training for a fortyfiveround
boxing contest not less than ninety
days before the date of contest and
said aforementioned contestants do
hereby agree not to encage in any
boxing contest or exhibition in any I
part of the civilised world between I
the date of these presents add the
fourth day of July 1910 when the
contest herein before and after re I
ferred to shall take place
Whereas The contestants herein
are to mutally agree upon and se
lf t a suitable reliable responsible
and satisfactory person competent to
act as referee of said contest which
peleition must be made at least sixty
layg before the date of the contest
and In the event of the failure of the
parties of the first part as and be
tween themselves to agree and se
lect l a referee then the parties of the
first part herein each and every one
of them are to name two reliable
and responsible men and to submit
same to the parties of the second
part and said parties of the second
part will then select a reliable re
sponsible and competent person out
of the four names submitted by the
parties of the first pot it
The parties if the second part t
hereby agree tc pay to the parties of
the first part fr the privilege of pro
moting and conducting said contest
und r their exclusive supervision
control and management the sum of
one hundred and one thousand dol
Ian to be divided ns follows A sum
equal to seventyfive per centum to I
be paid to the winner of the contest
and twentyfi per centum to the
loser thereof
Moving pictues cf said contest are
to be taken and the profits divided as
folows A sum equal to alxtyflve
and twothirds per centum to the
said parties of the first part and the
balance or a sum equal to thirty
three and onethird per centum to
the parties of the second part here
in said moving picture receipts and
revenue to be accounted for to the
said parties of the first part by the
said parties of the second part
It is mutually understood and
agreed by and between the within
named parties that the said parties
of the second part are to deposit
with a suitable reliable and respon
sible Individual firm bank or trust
company of the United States at or
before the execution and delivery of
this agreement the sum of 20060 in
lawful money of the United States as
a binder and earnest money of the
faithful performance of the conditions
to this agreement to be performed by
The sum of Slooao In cash lawful
money of the United State to be de
posited by the said parties of the
second part with the same person
firm bank or trust company as se
lected by mutual consent on or be
fore sixty days prior to the day set
for the contest and afurther sum of
51 00ft to be deposited as afore de
scribed within fortyeight hours of the
date set for the contest
The following men signed the arti
cles in the order named Jeffries Ber i
ber Johnson Richard Gleason Little
Cans Vernon Houseman Hart Fraaee
and Murphy
The Signal Corps basketball team of
the National Guard defeated the Cres
cents last night In the Rational Guard
armory by a score of 32 to U In the third
game of the season for the slgnalltes
The guard team showed better form than
in the game with Company H of Fort
Douglas last Saturday night and has ar
ranged for another game with the regu
Tars in nn effort to wipe out the 14tO12
defeat w ich stands against the team thus
Chicago Dec 8Ted Sullivan the
veteran baseball man is to open a
bureau for the supply and demand
of players The institution to be es
tablished with headquarters in room
1001 Corn Exchange bank building IB
to be styled the American Baseball
agency and special attention will be
given the minor leagues Ball tower
reared In the smaller circuits need
entertain no fears In the future over
the whereabouts of their next meals
Sullivans agenc will cater particu
larly to the finding of jobs for the
good players who are running at
Heres the mode of procedure ac
cording to plans mapped out yester
day by Mr Sullivan Vacancies are
bound to arise among all ball clubs
during the heat of the pennant races
Players become ill many are released
outright others Jump their contracts
and in various ways the managers of
the various teams frequently find
themselves up an alley for material
Sullivans agency will do the worK
according to the veteran Ted
The clubs as weir eJt the players
will be protected said Sullivan and
while I expect most of the calls for
players will come from the minors
there doubtless will be many demands
from the majors By this means man
agers communicating with me can get
a good player on short notice Oft
times a catcher will break a finger and
the club of which he is a member will
need another backstop on a days no
tice It wont take a moment to
round up a good substitute for that
club The same applies to pitchers or
Chirago Dec 8The board of appeals
of the American Trotting association
closed Its annual session here today after I
disposing of nearly 200 appeals Dates
for the Grand Circuit were arranged but
they will not be made public until they
have been tabulated
In the cases of W B Snyder alias
William Tracy alias S M Row and
S M Snyder of Fresno Ca they were
ordered expelled Dutch alias Dee Dee
and Wanderer alias Denver Dick en
tered by them were also expelled
W D Rishel who with Tex Rickard handled the presentation of the
I successful bid for the JeffriesJohnson fight at New York and Hoboken
i returned to Salt Lake yesterday Big Bill as Rishel is widely known ia
I Utah sporting circles showed the effect of the hard trip he had had the
matter of beating the coast promoters out for the plum being no easy
I matter he said
When asked if the fight would come to Salt lake Rihel said
When I left New York after the bids had been opened and Rick
ards bid accepted Tex told me that he favored Salt Lake for the contest
and that this city would have first ohance to secure the big battle He
did not say however that he would attempt to pull the contest off here in
face of opposition but that the town could have it above all other cities
in the country if it wanted it
Asked about the fight situation at the
present time Rishel continued The I
whole east can talk of nothing else but
the fight In New York as well as in
Pittsburg Cleveland Chicago and the
other cities where we stopped it was
the sole topic of talk so far as anything
in sports was concerned And the best
part of the talk was that everywhere the
feeling was strong for Salt Lake
Salt Lake is being talked of more
than any other city in the country just
now The fans say that It is the logical
enter for the fight Business men say
that with the fight in Salt Lake instead
of on the coast it will save them three
days time and they want to come here
lou would be surprised to learn of the I
advertising Salt Lake is getting People
art asking about our city all the time
and especially what is it that is making i
It to the front fast I
come so They say
that a few years ago it was Chicago
Denver and the coast cities but now Salt
Lake is being added when the west is
talked of
If T had one I had a hundred say
I wish my town had gotten Into the
game and gone after the fight Salt Lake
certainly is a live one
The Best Bids
As to how Rickard came to get the
fight it was simply the question of the
best bid Both Jeffries and Johnson went
Into all the bids carefully and selected
Rickards because they thought it would
bring them the most money Aside from
the 101000 purse It was the picture clause
that got them Johnson has had experi
ence in a share in the pictures before I
and says that he has a lot of enoney
coming yet Now the three Rickard
Jeffries and Johnson have onethird in
the pictures which of course gives the
fighters the control The picture deal
started all the talk of private agreements
which aside from the division of the pic
ture receipts as I have stated had noth
ing further to do with the fight itself
or to change the articles as originally
drawn up
Gleasons name appears with Rick
ards but unless the fight goes to San
Francisco Oleason will have nothing 16
do with the bout Rickard bas the thing
himself and he is the man who will
name the place for the fight As I said
he wants to stage it in Salt Lake
Coast Fought Hard
One thing was heard on the streets
in New York above all others except
the main questions the efforts being
made by San Francisco and Los Angeles
to get Rickard to stage the fight with
them Rickard received all kinds of flat
tering offers petitions from bankers and
business men came tat by the hundreds
They said they must have the fight ap
a business investment and they were
willing to pay for it Nevada also got
in line with many of Rickards old min
ing friends there to land the go if pos
sible for a Nevada mining camp
In every city I stopped they said We
will have a special train for Salt Lake
sure Wherever the fight is held there
will be thousands of visitors from the
east and they plan to make a stay as
long as possible
I saw Jeffries in action with a spar
ring partner on two occasions and he
looks in good shape now While there
is yet some weight to come off he ap
pears In no different light than any
heavyweight training for a go I am
sure he will be in shape when the tinfo
Jeff himself says little Berger does
all the talking and all the work on the
business end On the other hand John
son is his own business manager and
keeps track of everything that goes on
He seemed afraid that they were going
to give him the worst of it in some way
and was very careful before he signed
his name He told me however that he
was sure of getting a square deal from
Salt Lake and Rickard
Rickard went to Boston after the ar
rangements were completed but will be
here within a short time He worked
hard for Salt Lake and with the excep
tion of the coast delegation the people
were glad that Salt Lake von out
New Orleans Dec 8LoOlI stockhold
ers of the New Orleans Jockey club
owners of the City Park racing plant
met yesterday but only routine business
was transacted Incidentally Corrigan
bankruptcy wu Informally discussed as
he was a heavy stockholder The asso
ciations quandary is what they will do
with the people into whose hands the
stock falls
Local business men want ratting but
want to run It themselves They are wor
ried as to how Corrigans large block of
stock will be disposed of It was an
nounced the association would hold Its
annual meeting in March or shortly be
fore the legislature convenes
A movement has been started by local
merchants and interests from Louisville
to take over the holdings of Louis Cella
In the Crescent City Jockey club The
syndicate is to be headed by P A Re
naud former stockholder of the Fair
grounds track
New York Dec 8Mis Elsie Palmer
of Pimllco Md was expelled from mem
bership in the National Trotting associa
tion at a meeting of the associations
board of review here today
The charge against her was that she
started her pacer George Berlin out of
his class and under the name of Aristo
crat at the state fair at Timonium Md
last fall
Denver De 8 Denver university has
decided that for the hest intsts of all
concerned It will not meet the football
team of Marquette university as had
been planned for Christmas day The past
season has been unusually long and hard
and the players have requested that they
be allowed to give their entire attention
to their studies Then thy injury of
Schroeder In Saturday game at Spokane
and the poor ondltion generally of in
men as a result of their lng 1 trip tu
the norths t caused the IJeal manage
ment to decide against playing the game
Minneapolis Minn Dec STed Coy
captain of the Yale footbal eleven
this season probably will coach the
Minnesota eleven next fall as it Is
considered certain that Dr William
will be ousted when the board of ath
letic control meets on Saturday
Tom Shevlin also of Ylie and Ro
per a couple of years ago a gridiron
star at Princeton
nceton are also being con
sidered but it generally is believed
that Coy will be the next Gopher
The board of cont1 met Thursday
to consider the matter of a coach bbt
postponed definite action until tomor
row There Is much opposition to the
retention of Dr Williams among Mm i
nesota alumni in Minneapolis and St I
Paul and a number of aumni have
endeavored to secure installation of
the graduate coaching system for the i
Gopher institution The board does i
not look with a great deal of favor Ion I
on this plan but at least five of the
ten members are advocating openly a I
change In the coach
William contract expires January
1 This means that he will be either
retained or bounced when the case I
comes I
up I
A report from the manager of ath
letics showed the football season had > i
netted Minnesota a profit of S jj uOO in I
round numbers
Grand Rapids Mich Dec SAt the I
coming meeting of the stewards of the i
grand circuit to be held in Detio next i
J month representatives of the turniure i
City Driving club will be present to ask
for admission to the circuit This fact
has been definitely settled bv the offi
cials of the local club Ir S
F Pod >
son secretary of the club la bn
in active correspondence wt < U W 1
Collier president of the i < uit fr I
some month md has tatd Hat h 1
L i hE et u assund that the appJiitII
will not be turned duwn at the
meeting In Detroit
I The Sporting Authority
L of Salt Lake 1
few York City School Bond Bars
Football Says Dngerooi
Features Will Exist
Mew York Dec 8After January 1
IttD football Is barred from the publlo
schools of Greater New York This was
decided by resolutions at a meeting of
the board of education today over the
protest of Jams E Sullivan a member
ot the board und former president ant
now secretary of the Amateur Athlet
union This l > o ird wont trust the rules
committee that is going to change lb >
ruts BO as to i lake i the game k S8 dan
gtrou said Mr I Sullivan with heat bi t
it b to accept u t recommendation of Inn
who do not etn know the game whu u
they want to abolish
Answering Mi Sullivan Frederick t
Coubert a m > mber of the board toi I
of tie fatalitii e to the players in tll <
games in the season just ended and ad It d
that Columbia university two years ago
abolished the game
The did not do It Without due con
sideration he said Experts wet
called and opinions were gathered After
careful consideration it was decided to
I abolish the game
White Sox Manager Has Two Dozen
Jten to Shuffle Off Before
Spring Trip
Chicago Dec Charles A Comtek
president of the White Sox baa arranged
to dispose of twentyfour of his surplus
baseball players at the srtnnal meeting
of the American league In New lork ci < u
December 15
The master of the White Box after
going over his books discovered that he
had sixty ball players under tontrair
while he would be able to take onl >
thirtysix men to California with him
He prepared to dispose of the wet
four at the annual league meeting
Catchers pitchers outfielders and i
fielders are numbered in the list and it
is expected that Comiskey will he tio
busiest man in New York about the tl i
that the meeting of the magnates of thu
two major leagues takes place Cnmlsky
is I in a position where he must dihu
of surplus material The chance are that
he will put the extra men up upon tI i
auction block and dispose of then to ta
highest bidder
New Yorkers may witness the tceie of
baseball players going upon the block
Here Is my position said Mr Cowls
key today I find upon going uci inv
books today that I have sixty men undci
contract I cannot take that number u
California with me I have made ar
rangements upon the special for thirty
six That means that twentyf ur l iil i
have to be disposed of between now and
the time to start the spring training
I will be at New York and willing toJ
negotiate for the trade of the surpUs
twentyfour to major or minor league
Atlanta Ga Dec IThe fair face of t
smiling miss at the ringside lost the figr l i
last evening for Buck Foster when V
Christensen put him to sleep
Just before the bout began there wi
ccnsiderable commotion created In the hail
by the entrance of a young lady wno
made her way to one of the ringside
boxes She was the guest of Christensen
and applauded everything he did
The battle was going on at a merry
clip when Christensen landed a blow on
the upper lip of Foster that brought the
Foster knew the young lady in the box
was pleased with the work of Christens
and when he got the wallop turned to
see what effect it had od her
Christensen saw Foster make the mo
ment although It was very slight lit
was quick to take advantage of the open
ing given him and put over the bit p
After the fight Foster laid It was Li 1 is
curiosity that caused him to lose
Why he was looking right at me
exclaimed the young woman as Fostf
Chicago Dec 8Gua Schoenlein it
Baltimore wrestler known on the mat c
Americus reached the city yesterday
to linish his training for his bout at thu r
Coliseum next Tuesday with Manmout
I weigh 193 pounds now or 21 pounrU
more than 1 did when I met kLhmu
a year ago in this city said Anerl >
It is my opinion that I am just l it <
much stronger and better and unless h
has improved immensely in the maL
time I Mn almost certain to thrw Lilli 1
It may surprise Chicago wrestling fd 1
lowers to know that I am out for a
match with Frank Gotch
Chicago Dec President Charles M
Murphy of the Chicago Nationals left t <
day for New York to launch his cam
paign to ekct John M Ward preaidti
of the National league Before leaving
Mr Murphy issued a signed statemert
that he would support Mr Ware or th
presidency and gave his reasons On
point in Mr Murphys platform Ws that
Mr Ward must give up his law prac
tice entirely if he accepted the presi
Mr Murphy fused to discuss the rp
port that Charles G Williams becretary
of the local National league club would I
be the next < < secretary of the Natloral
league if John > Heydler the im mbert
were not reelected
Calumet Mich Dec 8 Pmladelpl i i
Jar1 OBrien whose off the stag
name is Joseph F Hagan is the Al
Goodale of Chicago who is training i i
Calumet for a battie with Walter Whit
had colored of Duluth to tike plac
at Hancock Saturday night The discov
ery was made yesterday by a newspaper
reporter who wondered why the two men
trained in different towns and why White
fiu1 was not allowed to see Goodale
OLden is in good condition Whitehead
ia i tiaining at Hancock
New York I tee SJim Corbett has
pomisfd to si pnd i 1 two months with
Tin JttMu i n thc latter starts tj
trin i fr in IK i fight with Johnson
Jetfiittt i ii0uid that his enormous
strength Is still intact He Is 1 still
able he thinks to hurtle the strongest
man ilive but what he needs is siarp
cuing atti tuning lie ned pfd 1 and
he i gi I bering tigtt i th e < at est
btInhi of trainers aii figjlt > v r had
Jpffris nw htts I on hi i it lid jl Cor
tttt IM 1 M ci San Ut < < r ut i I Jack
I Twiii Hi t han Ct cf Liese Is
1 known as a remarkably clever fellow
PU I r i

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