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Operations of Negroes Result
in Few Arrests and No
Reports of robberies by lightfingered
noRresses which have been coming into
pulice headquarters almost at the rate
of two or three every night has con
vinced the Salt Lake detective depart
ment that a squad of negro
marqueJf > aux masters of welltrained
women of their own color have begun
a systematic operation In the streets
nd hallways of the city of ridding
strangers and sightseers of money and
The operations have been confessedly
ative and though members of the de
tective department have descriptions
and clues leading to those who are at
the head of the colored pickpocket
movement few arrests have been made
it is the opinion of the police that they
have imposed upon the betjr class of
jKroes of Salt Lake representing
licmselvts as tourists and men of lets
Ieeently when negro women have
l M arr sted under suspicion their
uisters liive wulked haughtily up to
the desk sergeant in police headquar
ti is and procured the release of their
Mnves by putting up rash bonds In
< ery instance they have been well sup
plied with money producing rolls of
link noli and gold coin Investiga
te > n lias revealed that they are not ne
fci p > of congenial employment or that
they are favortd with legitimate in
I mts They are attired in clothes that
faultless in fashion and they are
keeping their damsels dressed In latest
A few nights ago one of the colored
strret walkers viciously assaulted a
man in an alley near Victoria avenue
uttempting to Htab him with a dirk
A 1 hen he refused to give attention to her
l i k On the same night a man whose
ii imp is withheld by the police was
leased iut > a hallway on Commercial
Ftreet by a negress and robbed of a
wallet saM to have contained a consid
erable sum of money
Favors Activity
< hief of Police S M Barlow was at
fiit inclined to drive them off the
tncts aiui out of town but their ar
rts have been accompanied by imme
iiatf production of cash bond which
th < polict court has seen fit to take as
a forfeiture upon their failure to ap i
pear and answer to the respective i
Jar es brought against them
The unfailing production of cash bail
liiid for rt letise which during the last
u iek has run up a total into hundreds
< itributes to the belief of the police
1 it the negro women street walkers
in a sept s of a powerful organization
i negro crooks Detective Howell has
k u at work on the case in conjunction
v h I ther members of the detective de
irtnient Larnirg that several ne
n os accompanied by women came to
Salt Lake from Kansas City about two
v ftks ago he thinks that he is in pos
sinn of a substantial clue which he
1 i will lead to early arrests
Wh n Ill negro women arrived in
Fait Take they immediately scattered
lit > rooirc where it was peen fit to ac
pt them and since them gaudily at
tired they have been at work on the
streets and have apparently found Salt
Lake a mca for their art
Tht polief of Kansas tity as has I
Tien learned by the detective depart
Tfii nt htvt been driven to their wits
t fl1 in attempts to run down the agile
TV HTO miiciuereaux Recently an order
as given by the chief of pollee of Kan
> oS City run colored women from
Mi = treet suiting in Immediate emi 1
M lion t other points And the police
11vo Salt Like has fallen a victim
i I largo portion of the Kansas City
A private safe may M rented In the
fire and burglar proof vault of the Salt
I Lake Security It Trust Co SI up Main
sttit 200 ppr v ar an < 1 inwards
I o I
Satisfactory Interest
The person who has idle funds
wishes to deposit the oaey
where it will earn a satisfac
tory rate of interest Our Se
cured Certificates yield 6 per
cent per annum payable semi
annually The safety of these
Certificate is doubly assured
by reason of the Capital and
surplus of the Salt lake Se
curity 4 Trust Company
amounting to 40000000 and
by First Mortgages on Salt
Lake real estate
Slt Lake
Security Trust
32 Up Main Sfrt
Capital 30000000
Surplus r U11LLU 510000000
For Sale I
Cigar store doing good business lease I
Owner leaving city Apply box H SO
Herald Republican
TribuneReporter Printing Co
M West Second South Phones 713
Plume cleaned and curled College
Millinery Parlori 801 Tribune bldg
Royal Stale Bread Depot
Open 2 to S p m dally Entrance on
Third South Good bread very cheap
If its a small matter a small
ad will attend to it
1thln ° In nt fl ICVR
Theres a most complete
assortment of mirrors to be
found at any of our four
A mirror is you know a
most acceptable gift for
either a man or woman
The man always needs one
when he shaves and our
shaving mirrors are the kind
that delight him most
Some of them are the mag I
nifying kind
porn sToniss WHERE THE
outs STOP
Do you kodak We finish and also sell
the gijppila Stilt Lake Photo Supply
o 177 Main street
I HiThr = t prjv jnirl for strictly fresh
2175 for3500 and 3000 I
Tailored sample suits no two alike
at the Sample Cloak A Suit Store 38
South Main St Opp the Z C M L
C1othln < nl nt nkvs
You Cant Pay
More Than a
Thing Is Worth
III Our Store
Consistency In one of the
most valuable Jewels in ear
collection We cant buy n
poer artlele for we eaat af
ford to guarantee peer stHff
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I 4
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The seasons snappiest styles and patterns to choose from
in great varieties
Xmas Goods in All Lines Are Ready
The Gentlemans Xmas Store
i J D OWEN Mgr 245 MAIN ST
j Kodak Finishing
i Salt Lake Photo Supply CQ1 171 Malt St
No matter what you
want it for there ig an
Acme Quality
for your purpose the best for
the purpose tO
XT mutt PIt S ntk
Removal Sale
Big reductions in wall paper and
framed pictures before moving to our
elegant new store
These are the days
that try mens coals
If youre tired of
yours try ours
Its Better Coal
and comes in
Blue Wagons
Western Fuel Co
Critchtow Fischer Kittle
Cable Addrew Wesfuco
Phones 719 73 Main Street
± < i
Surety Company Refuses to Pay
1000 on a Technicality
i in iroim < ls thit Salt Lake is a mu
ni ipui corporation officers of the Na
mal Surd Y company refuse to pay the
1 boml jiivtn for Simon Tevin and
Frank Smith the two newsboys who have
i iappcarxl 1 arid whose bonds of 500 each
t been crdrod forfeited by Judge J
A 1 Howniin
ili original honil was made out In fa
V of th Hjtt of Utah county of Salt
i ikf inhtul of Salt Lake rity whereas
M < e ivjis transferred t to the city court
tiiout hinging the reading of the bond
r i i 11011
i yin d Smith accompanied by Mike
s liiimackii a < nultPd Frederick J Foul
r NoveiniHr < j Schumacker was yes
I I y sttncol to serve im days by
1 IP I J M 1 Hnvman
Pupils of St Marys Academy Are
Provided a Treat
A litrari rtvital given yesterday after
Tui proviiUd I a rare treat for the pupils
St Marys aademy and a number
friends Mis > Maud May Babcock of
i r state iiiiixwsity appeared as the read
M ohoofm a > her topic The Modern
> frt Sttirv TIlt program of selections
is aril d I included short stories
fmni the wilting 1 of Mary E Wllkins
Tni MacL nol Giihcrt Parker and Thom
> Slson I Iigc
Rain Snow and Hail Play Hav
oc With All Transportation
Salt Lake received Its first touch
of winter high life yesterday at dusk
and one of the fiercest bltaards known
in year caught this l city In its twist
ing grip while the whole Intermoun
tain region was bathed in a shower of
hail and now delaying trains and
knocking street car schedules into
Shortly before 8 oclock the wind
veered from the east to the northeast
gathered in velocity and swooped down
upon Salt Lake with a blinding storm I
of hail and frozen snow
Just at the time when most good
people begin to think of home and sup
per this icy visitation was by no means
welcome Street cars became late and
when they did plough through the
snow they were packed to the guards
The sleet and frozen snow made go
ing bad and later when the wind be
came more docile the hail changed to
soft flakes that spread a mantle over
the earth some inches thick in a very
short space of time
In conseqaencfi whereof the weather
man who predicted rain or snow
got bothand one of them with a ven
The Denver Rio Grande reported
very little tardiness of trains al
though the storm swirled along the
line to the east for more than 100
The Oregon Short Line trains ex
perienced little delay on account of the
storm although the connections to the
north were late owing to belated trains
on the Butte line and the O R = N
East on the Union Pacific and west
on the Southern Pacific the storm cov
ered the tracks but trains operated
with slight delay
The local telephone companies re
port trivial line troubles here and
there but nothing out of the ordi
nary while the power circuits of the
Utah Light A Railway company were
barely affected
Street Cars Delayed
The only serious effect of the storm
was the impediment of street car traf
fic The sweepers were put out but
were no match for the downfall and
the cars fell behind time
Outside of that unpleasantness and
a falling off in attendance at the
theatres last night the combination
of hail frozen snow light snow and
wind didnt accomplish much of its
f r res worn purpose after all The
storm abated about S oclock and the
old resident began omparlng it with
the blizzard of 72 much to t > y dis
credit of this latter invasion
An hour later the second precipita
tion started and it snowed intermit
tently during the night until the ag I
gregate precipitation reached several
Inches The street car company had
a force of men at work all night clear
ing the tracks and keeping the switches
A H Thiessen weather man pleased
with the result of his prognostication
for Thursday has now devised a com
bination for Friday which means more
snow followed by much cold Pe
culiarly enough he must have left
the weather office early yesterday for
he reports that tbire was merely a
trace of precipitation up to 6 oclock
last night Those who were out on
Main street half an hour before that
will testify that the trace was almighty
Weather Forecaster Thiessen is still
of the opinion that more snow Is due
His forecast until 6 p m today says
that the northwest low pressure area
will continue to move to the east and
will cause snow in this vicinity and
colder weather today
The temperature report of Wednes
day shows the normal to have been
34 while the mean was St Only a
trace of precipitation is reported for
Salt Lake yesterday
Prof T C Trueblood to Address Uni
versity Students Today
Professor T C Trueblood of the Uni
versity of Michigan will speak today at
ll3u oclock at the university chapel on
Eloquence in Public Speaking
Professor Trueblood has charge of ora
tory and public speaking at Ann Arbor
and numbered among his old students are
many prominent attorneys in Salt Lake
He has a leave of absence for one year
and is now making a tour of the world
Through the efforts of Richard L Lyman
of the University of Utah Professor True
blood had been induced to remain over
in Salt Lake and speak today at the uni
Professor Trueblood took dinner last
night with James H Maya an attorney
of this city who was one of his star stu
dents at trie Ann Arbor institution from
which he was graduated
A general invitation to the affair of to
day is extended
Young People to Repeat Entertain
ment for Building Fund
Young people of the Tenth ward pre
sented a play called Tompkins Hired
Miin at the ward ball last night the en
tertainment being given to raise money
for the completion of the new 15080 meet
ing house which is nearly completed
There was a good attendance and the play
will be repeated tonight
The cast includes William Salt John
K Keilrtington Gordon Garrett Arthur
Hill Merle Savage Louise Braby Ethel
Symons and Alice Hlllam The play was
in charge of Mr and Mrs Charles Palm
Oregon Short Line Railroad Prepar
ing to Build In Adjoining State
According to David H Ashton engineer
in charge of construction work on the
line from Huntington to Lewiston for the
Oregon Short Line a line is to be com
menced in the near future from Vale to
Burns Harney county Mr Ashton says
the road is equipping the force of engi
neers at present and as soon as pre
liminaries are arranged work will be be
gun Mr Ashton says the tracks and
yards through Burns will be started with
in three months the only matter remain
ing to be settled being the right of way
through the townsite
Frank A Brinton a school teacher
of Murray filed a petition to be de
clared a bankrupt in the federal court
yesterday Brinton owes n871 in va
rious accounts most of which indebted
ness was incurred as partner with J
R Lamb in a store at Annie Idaho
The accounts were turned over to the
Utah Association of Credit Men Lamb
claims property to the value of 1 H
as exempt under the law
Diamonds claimed by J H Exander
which were found by Lon Whatcott Mon
day morning have been turned over TO
Chief of Police S M Barlow and the
charge oi grand larceny against What
cott who is only 14 years of age has
beon dropped
There will be a special meeting of
Lynds ohaper No 1 Order of the East
ern Star held at the Masonic temple
Friday oveninir Dc omber 10 at 730
< vioik Initiation All members of the
order cordially f
Speaking of boosters it occurs to many
people that there are several different i
classes with many different styles Some
people boost by investments others boost
by exploitation of one product or another I
again some people promulgate glowing
preachments in printand countless others i
boost in their one particular way with I
one ultimate end in view
Yet the cause of Salt Lake and Utah
has never found a more ardent champion
than Joseph U Eldredge Jr assayer in
charge of the United States assay office
in Salt Lake He may not have heralded
himself from the housetops as a booster
and perhaps his observuilons on Salt
Lake have not been thunderous intona
tions that reverberated throughout the
land but he boosts in an effectual way
among effective people
I believe in Salt Lake said Mr
Eldredge and I believe in Utah I dont
think that the story of the city or the
state has been half told to the nation
Tire narrative has hardly been started
And I dont mean to reflect upon the
unceasing energy of those who have been
spreading the gospel of Utah either I
merely wish to emphasize the fact that
the present is such a marvelous trans
formation of the past and that the fu
ture holds so much of brimming prom
ise that not even we who have liven
through the growth and development can
realize the magnitude of it
1 wish to call attention to one fact
that has been overlooked in tho recent
exploitation of Utah resources I was
talking to a prominent dry farmer who
told me that a million dollars worth uf
wheat had been grown on dry farms of
Utah during the past season Consider i
ing the infancy of the dry farm move
ment in this state and the wide areas
that are yet untouched or untilled I think
dry farming will produce a great por
tion of the states wealth within the next
few years Back of all our progress of
course is the wealth of resources Every
time I have discussed Utah as a coming
state with men from the east or west
the first question they ask is
What have you got to back you
One can look past the big buildings
in Salt Lake the new railroads and the 1
expansion of the old the growth in popu
lation and the increased prosperity to the
cause of It all For if there were not
some fundamental reason for the growth i
there would be no growth No one will
dispute that When you show an east
ern man that irrigation and dry farming
are being pushed to the limit and find
ing ready investors when you point to
the output of mines the resources that
are being developed and the reserves still
in the hills untouchedyou make an ar
gument for the state that sticks And
when you show that Salt Lake is the
natural center for a tremendous territory
c <
w i
which ftis tin > i ity t nnd I draws from it
the majority < > f the t supplies fur the inter
mountain country you need go no farther
to find < an excuse for the rafffil develop
ment and growth of this city
Members of the local Musical Or
ganization to Hold First Re
hearsal Next Sunday
The Symphony orchestra will begin
its seasons work next Sunday when
the members of the organization will
meet in the Oceon hall at 4 oclock
for the first rehearsal under the di
rection of Professor J J McClellan
At a meeting held yesterday afternoon
between Director McClellan and sev
eral members of the board a partial
reorganization of the orchestra was
decided upon For the purpose of
economy and the lessening of expense
several members who have been Identi
fied with the orchestra will be dropped
Announcement of the rehearsals will
be sent by Mr McClellan to those who
have been selected for the coming sea
son and only those receiving such no
tices are expected to attend Sundays
The first public concert of the Sym
phony orchestra will be given in Jan
Ludwig Vogel tein and the Scranton
Mining and Smelting company of North
Tlntic settled their differences out of
court yesterday and the case in which
Vogelstein was suing the company for
nondelivery of ore according to con
tract was dismissed Vogelstein in his
complaint said the company had agreed
to furnish 1000 tons of line ore each
month and he asked 41898 damages
W M McCrea assistant district at
torney appeared before Judge J A
Marshall yesterday and obtained an or
der for the removal of Howell Snow
den to Colorado Snowden will be
taken to Denver within the next few
days by the United States marshal
where he will be held for trial on a
charge of abstracting money from the
S 6
Ogden Woman Delivers Address Be
fore Social Science Club
A defense of the Socialist Labor party
and the socialistic principles upon which
the organisation is founded together with
a critical arraignment of the beliefs of
opposing forces marching under the ban
ner of Socialism was presented to the
members of the Social Science club at
Unity hall last night in a paper read
by Mrs Kate Hilliard of Ogden
Defining socialism as a working class
movement the speaker cautioned against
its confusion with reform movements and
reformers declaring that juvenile courts
reformatories charity associations with
their long train of relations serve to
bolster up the system which the Social
ist would remove to replace with a co
operative commonwealth
Nitroglycerine la Left on Safe Found
Open and Two Stores Are
Two more robberies were committed
in Salt Lake early yesterday morning
of a character which Indicates beyond
doubt that the city Is filled with yegg
menFuse caps and nitroglycerin were
found on the safe of Hendersons Com
mission company Sixth South and
State streets yesterday morning
Thieves secured valuable papers from
drawers in the strong box which the
proprietor J B Anderson had left
open not desiring to have the door of
his safe cracked The other burglary
was in Harry Coombs drug store
State and Fourth South streets where
burglars broke open the safe taking
60 in postoffice funds and 50 in cur
rency belonging to the store and two
checks one drawn on D H Christen
sen for 230 and the other in favor
of Harry Coombs for 30 on Walker
Brothers bank
In an inventory of missing articles
from the Henderson Commission com
pany It was also found that five 50
pound sacks of flour had been taken
by the burglars
Witness Resents Implied Accusation
With Plain Statement of Position
The case of Tom Cetina against the
Boston Consolidated Mining company
which is being tried before Judge Page
Morris in the federal court may go to
the jury today The serenity of the court
was jarred slightly yesterday when the
attorney for the defense addressed a wit
ness for the prosecution saying Now
just tell the truth Didnt you say yoil
would just come down here and testify
so you could help your friend Tom Cotina
get a good bunch of money 1
The witness assumed an expression of
extreme contempt as he said
I dont care whether he gets a cent
or not
Witness is excused said the attor
ney and everyone in the room excepting
Judge Horns and the lawyer joined in
the laugh and the judge himself did not
look bored
E C Ashton Delivers Address at the
Commercial Club
The Salt Lake Chapter of the American
Institute of Bankers held a special m t
ing last night at the Commercial club at
which Attorney E C Ashton gaye an
interesting address on Agency No
other business was transacted
The regular bimonthly meeting will be
held as usual on next Thursday night
This meeting with the special meeting
last night and the other regular meeting
will make three held at the Commercial
club this month
Lewis Stein Is I Painfully Bruised by
Fall to Street
While attempting to leave a moving
street car at Main and Second South
streets shortly before S oclock last night
Lewis Stein 875 West Eighth South street
was severely bruised about the head and
rendered unconscious He did not re
cover hie senses until he had been taken
to his home
Stein was accompanied by his son Lewis
Stein jr who says that his father was
anxious to transfer to another car whldh
had just come in sight when he slipped
from the vestibule step and fell heed fore
most to the paving He was taken into
Smiths drug store where he was given
medical attention
Lewis Stein Is one of the proprietors of
the Western Stove foundry and during
the afternoon had been engaged in re
modeling moulds for stove part castings
To Provo Dec 10 via D R G
Excursion to Provo under the au
spices of The Serenade opera compa
ny Special train leaves Salt Lake at
505 p m and returning leaves Provo
at 1145 p m Big time assured Every
body invited Fare 125
St Marks Cathedral Xmas Bazar
Will open Thursday evening Turkey
dinner served from 530 to S accompa
nied by music from Hawaiian Trouba
dours Bazar continued during Friday
with merchants luncheon Friday noon
Fancy wrk table with dolls domestic
table country store fortune telling de
licious oonroction rv and calendars
Furnished House for Rent
Sixroom brick bungalow with bath
on northeast bench Two car lines
Furnace hot water cement basement
and laundry with stationary tubs gas
electric lights AH modem Cheap rent
to right parties Address H t Herald
Grand River Valley Wants
Lower Charge for Coal Haul
to Salt Lake
Grand Junction Colo Dec tAU large
producing mines in Grand River valley
will participate in a suit to compel the
Denver Rio Grande railroad to grant
coal companies the name ton rate to
Salt Lake City that the Rio Grande gives
the Sunnyside mines in Utah according
to a statement made today by George
Smith of the P V mine
Present rates on coal from the Sunny
side mines to Salt Lake are approximately
175 a ton for lump coal but this rate
is only nominal inasmuch as the Utah
Fuel company is converting all of the
product of the Sunnyside mines into coke
which is marketed in Utah Nevada
Idaho and Montana The coal rate from
till of the mines in Carbon county varies
only a few cents from Castle Gate which
is about 110 miles away to Sunnyside
which is nearly 150 miles from Salt Lake
This rate is regarded as exorbitant from
every point of view and has been the
subject of ineffective protests from many
During the last session of the legisla
ture when some action towards lower
coal rates was asked the railroad rep
resentatives urged that Inasmuch as
Utah could not furnish coal enough for
home consumption the lowering of coal
rates would shut Wyoming coal out of
the local market and cause a famine
About three months later the Union Pa
cific and Oregon Short Line advanced
the rate on coal from Rock Springs
Wyo to Salt Lake 25 cents a ton using
as their argument the fact that Utah
was able to furnish all the coal the state
needed and there was no need for a low
rate from Wyoming
Years ago the rate on coal from the
Carbon county mines to Salt Lake and
Ogden was 73 cents a ton and during
this time an enormous tonnage was
handled and the old Rio Grande Western
paid the only dividend on its common
stock which has been paid since the or
ganizatlo 1 of the road
It Is reported on good authority that
the Gould and Harriman officials held
a conference over coal rates recently and
the question of reducing rates to Sail
Lake was discussed at length The of
ficials of the Union Pacific and Oregon
Short line however insisted that It Ltah
wanted reasonable rates the citizens of
the state must force them through the
interstate commerce commission
Farmers Killing Hogs for City JEar
ket Must BlUe CareaMes for
Continued telephone requests to visit
local meat markets to inspect hogs
which had been killed in the country
and brought here for sale brought out
the positive statement from J W Tre
man city veterinarian yesterday that
he would not inspect a single hog at
a meat market The veterinarian said I
farmer had the right to kill hogs I
themselves but that they would have
to take the carcasses to one of the
slaughter houses to be examined and
passed upon by one of the city meat
inspectors before placed on sale in
the city The inspection will cost noth
ing All of this he said must be
done at the slaughter houses where
city inspectors are working
Dr Treman also issued positive or
ders that the farmer must leave heart
liver lungs head and tongue on the
hog held by natural attachments or
the whole carcass will be kept off the
local market
Bird Takes an Appeal From Justice
Court In Contract Controversy
The question whether a man can go
back on a contract for the purchase of
books because he finds they are not what
he thought they would be will be decided i
in the district court through an appeal
filed yesterday by Frank A Bird In the
suit against him by the Scientific Ameri
can Bird was fined 396 before Justice
of the Peace Stanley A Hanks and has
It is asserted by Bird that when he
bought a set of books called the Ameri
cana that he was led to believe they
were the latest in every line but that
upon Investigation they proved unsatis
factory He had paid 36 on a 5amonth
proposition but refused to pay more The
company brought suit and the justice en
tered judgment for the publishers amount
ing to J I
State Association Discusses Annual
Exhibition at Monthly Meeting
At the regular monthly meeting of the
Utah State Poultry association held last
night in the Commercial club the feature
of interest was the talk by John W Has
lam on the scoring of White Wyandottes
The plans for the annual poultry show
to be held from January 10 to 15 inclu
sive were talked over The premium list
has been compiled and printed and copies
may be had upon application to the sec
retary of the association C J Sanders
of S33S South Seventh East street The
list of premiums for the coming show is
unusually large
C V Keeler of Winamac Ind will of
ficiate as Judge
At the next monthly meeting of the as
sociation the main topic will be the scor
ing of Silver Laced Wyandottes and
Rhode Island Reds
Somewhere in the classified columns of every issue of The Heraldit
publican will be found an order for t wo seats at the Orpheum theatre good
for either matinee or evening performs aee on date r f issue The person whose
of the ad to The Her
name appears ir this order will please present a copy
aldRepublican omce before 6 oclock today together with a positive Menu
ncatton your last subscription receipt will do Read the classified adver
Illitmfnt ii tu i = n ° T > r > hina v ° r i amp Is thr
Opening of St Marks Cathe
dral Bazar Sees Record I
Breaking Crowds
If the opening at 630 oclock yesterday
afternoon of the Christmas basar in the I
basenxmt of St Marks cathedral under
the auspices of the Ladies Guild is any
indication of success for today then the
ladies in charge of the affair will reckon
up the receipts of the baxar tonight hap
py in the knowledge that they have done
Crowds started to pour into the base
ment of the cathedral yesterday afternoon
about 2 oclock bJt it was not until about
5 oclock that those in charge began to
experience any difficulty in moving
around Although about IS ladies wer
working their hardest to take care of the
enormous crowds that appeared to par
take of the turkey supper the jam for a
few hours was almost too much for them
About threefourths of all the available
space in the basement was partitioned off
for the supper tables screens and potted
palms and plants being placed around
them The tables were tastefully deco
rated in English ivy and ferns and made
a most beautiful appearance even before
they were loaded to their utmost capacity
with turkey and cranberry sauce veget
ables and all kinds of good things to eat
No sooner had Mrs E M Allison jr in
charge of the dinner given the signtN
for the admission of the first batch of
people than a grand rush took place
Mrs Allison snatching a few minutes
between times said last night that more
than GOO tickets had been sold before the
opening Besides the turkeys donated
by poultry firms and others to the affair
300 pounds were purchased by the Ladies
Probably the greatest attraction after
the turkey dinner was the fancy work I
booth where Mrs George M Bacon Mrs
George Y Wallace Mrs Louis D Gor
don Mrs Morris L Ritchie Mrs E Van
Housen Mrs William C Jennings Miss I
Bancroft and Miss McGrath Mrs F B
Fisher Mrs A J Hoffman Mrs F A I
Pyke Mrs E Belden Mrs A E HuTbh
leon Mrs A E Kimball and Mrs M T
Bailey vainly tried to wait on the great i
crowd of buyers The crowd around this I
booth resembled the crowds to be seen I i
at a bargain sale in the large department
stores It looked last night as though an I
entirely new stock would have to be I
I laid in I
Among the other features of the af
fair are the country store under the di
rection of Mrs J L Broughall assisted
by Mrs George Mayor Mrs P H Hop
kins Miss Elisabeth Niles and the Misses
Lacy and Katherine Lewis At this stand I
almost anything in the line of household i
goods provisions etc can be purchased I
and large crowds surrounded the booths i
from the time of the opening until the i
baaar closed for the night i
The fortunetelling booths are another
feature in charge of Miss Luclle Francke I
assisted by Mrs David Gray Mrs Frank
Jennings and Miss Edith Thomas
The biggest attraction today will be trie I
business mens lunch to be served from i
II 1230 until 2 pm at which a large at
tendance is expected
I Governor Spry who was expected last
night was pilled out of town on busi
ness and could not attend hut the party
I of which he was to be one were present
and was entertained by Mrs Joe Young I
and Sirs E Bonnemort They were Mrs I
Spry Mr and Mrs N Dunyon Mr and
Mrs Joseph Young Mr and Mrs H A
McMillin Mr and Mrs M H Walter
I and Mr and Mrs WP Madson
Governor Names Representatives for
the Convention to Be Held
at Topeka
In a proclamation issued yesterday
Governor William Spry names nineteen
men as representatives from Utah to
attend the tenth annual congress of
the National Good Roads association
to be held in Topeka Kan December
14 and 15 The delegates named are
Henry Hail Beaver A W Valen
tine Brigham City A M Israelson
Logan B R McDonald Price John
W Thornley Kaysvllle George Jone
Nephi George W Nixon Fillmore J
R Porter Morgan Willard Snow Salt
Lake C M Madts n Manti H C Lar
sen Richfield Henry Hale Coalvllk >
Joseph G Brown Tooele A M Wal
ker Provo E J Cummings Heber
Oscar B Madsen Ogden O H Hew
lett James E Jennings and Robert
Skolton Salt Lake

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