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I The Best Christmas I Have Spent John Stone Harmon
What is the best Christmas I ever
bitnt Hm that is a queer question I
to ask me in a place like this said
John Harmon Stone In the city Jail
last night Vnd my young man you
are making me think of some awful
fcood times He turned his face away
and though tears didnt roll down his
heeks they were about to
My name is Stone he continued
Jnhn Harmon Stone I suppose tnat I
IM in her tor vagrancy
I am giving you my name right be
said in a whimper Theyve got me
booked nut there in the desk sergeants
office as John Smith or John Doe or
something like that I dont remember
just now but I was at one Une a mem
tpr of a wealthy family back in New
ark N J Intil my sixteenth year I
never failed to have my fill of plum
pudding and goose and all those good
things Oh yes they were happy
hristmases But let me tell you they
wtre by no means my happiest
Since I was sixteen he continued
I have done little but hit the rods loll
in sidedoor Pullmans and chase over
the country quite as happy as the man
who telephones to the Pullman agent
in a railway station
It was ten years ago he added
meditatively and his face lit up with
pleasant collections I had been rid
ing the rods over the big Arizona desert
and they wt re Santa Fe rods mind you
I liumnit a lump at some little dub
tation back in California and hadnt
had anything to eat for more than for
tyeight hour It was Christmas eve
and my mind drifted back to the days
when I was a boy and when I had eaten
plum pudding and goose My hunger
was simply awful
I began getting weak and so I
dropped off at a water tank near the
switching point that takes a block of
trains for sightseers up to the Grand
Canoo hotel
I was staggering along the switches
when it occurred to me that there was i
something wrong I had seen a light in
a section house and was naturally aim
ing that way and concocting the worst
tale of woe to tell the section men that
a human being ever framed up But
something told me that I had a duty to
perform and it kept saying to me to
go ahead and look at the switch before
I did anything else
It is nearly thirty years that I have
been on the railroads and should I be
charged fare for the miles that I have
raveled free of charge the bill would
stagger old John D Rockefeller And
I C want to tell you one thing kid t know
about as much about railroads as the
hest railroad man that ever drew
breath It didnt take two looks for me
to come to the conclusion that there was
something wrong with the switch
though my eyes were hungerblurred
And I also knew that a train was due
very soon
I gave a yell and then stumbled in
the direction of the little depot near the
section house Oh yes they came out
alright and say talk about a thankful
bunch There was something wrong
with the switch alright
But never mind that I became a
guest of honor in a very few minutes
They had turkey and they had old Eng
lish ale and all they wanted me to do
was to eat Talk about Christmas
Well that was certainly a Christmas to
be enjoyed It was certainly my best
Christmas Some of the big ones with
the railroad heard about what I had
done and I was given a ticket Into Den
ver free of charge and I rode right on
the plush cushions all the way
Physician Enters Plaintive
Protest Against New Gowns
These tightfitting dresses the women I
arc wearing nowadays dont make a hit
with me said a physician in the Boston
h > Iding yesterday If I had thought
t hat styles in womens dress would ever
beiome what they are today I think 1
should hay > > adopted some other profess
iou Sin these tightfitting onepiece
gowns came inn effect it is nearly im
post ble tii a doctor to conduct an
examination These new gowns are put
on with hydraulic pressure then riveted
ip the luck with several thousand but
tons What is a physician who is no
ut than mere man at best supposed
to durant
Cant you use the Xray was sug
Tm s rios about this thing When
a woman rom s into my office and wants
Tiii to ex mm her neck or her arm or
hI should i 1 must assist her in loosen
ing the top of the drew to reach the af
fli ted spot If she explains the mysteri
i is 1 aperture through which she entered
t h garment and I succeed after great
lat i ncv in following directions then
Ww1 I am through I must go through
l task of putting the dress back the
v i v 1 found it so as to make her pre
lien table for the street In the meantime
all the other patients in the reception
room have either grown disgusted or
hunted up a new doctor
Only the other day a young girl came
to me and explained that she had been
scratched by a cat and that the wound
had become Infected and was quite sore
It happened to be on the arm and when
I asked her to roll up the sleeve she
said she couldnt It fitted almost like
wall paper In fact her gown a one
piece affair seemed to have been painted
on I didnt know what to do to reach
the afflicted ann but just then my wife
came in and she assisted me The wound
was dressed and the apparel returned to
its proper aspect But there had been
nearly an hour of valuable time wasted
and others had been waiting to see me
What do you think is the remedy for
I think the physicians ought to get
together and demand a change of wear
ing apparel at least an alteration of
style that will give us something besides
skinfitting garments to deal with he
replied and with a sigh went back to
the office to wait for the long line of wo
men to pass from the reception room un
der his watchful eye into the street
Sensational Scene on the New
York ExchangeCrop of
1909 Said to Be Short
N tw York Dec 10Not since the
fully i boom of 1904 has the New York
t hange witnessed a more sensational
s < in or a more spectacular rise in
1 rt i < s than occurred today with the an
uouncemt nt of the government crop re
With it It urs crowded with visitors
from tli south augmented by friends
and relatives of operators and other in
terested spectators the market soared
t < > a new high record for the season
s + itlt gains of more than 2 a bale over
i < sterda Both the May and the July
options tout hed the high mark of 1580
both > gaining approximately 42 points
otr yesterdays close
Rull brokErs prevented a more vio
lrnt advance as they had distributed
nay ci liiig orders every 5 points up
from SF j for May and July They I
sold enormously supplying the demand
c > f short and also the inrush of buy I
Ing orders from Wall street Chicago
and soUthern operators and local and i
Nt vv England dry goods interests The i
market continued in an excited state up
t i the close with estimates that 600000
1u1 had changed hands in the last
hi in
Iay dosed at 15 67 and Jult at 1774
It was exactly 2 oclock when news
came from Washington that the gov i
ernment estimate was only 10088999
balesthe smallest crop since 1903 Im
mediately there was a tremendous rush
of buying Orders poured in from the
world over and prices jumped from 20
to 30 points in the first transactions
Last trades made just before the re
port was announced were on the basis
of 1550 for May delivery the next sales
were made at 1570 an advance of 1 a
bale This was followed by tremendous
trading both ways and by rapid fluc
tuations A break to 1565 followed
then came the rise to 1580 July cot
ton fluctuated along the same lines
while March reached 1580 as Its high
point and closed at 1540
The government estimate is about
200000 bales below predictions of the
most sanguine of the bulls and the ac
tion of the market naturally followed
Sixteencent cotton so much talked
about was not realized but the market
came near it It now remains to be de
termined whether estimaters have un
derestimated the yield as has been the
case for the last ten years During the
time the crop has been underestimated
each year from 500000 to 600000 bales
French Method of
Developing the Bust
Mdme BaBarrie Explains How the
Bust May Be Developed 2 to
8 Inches in 30 Bays
1 am explaining for the first time to
the ladies of America says Madame Du
Barrie the French method of develop
Ing the bust It Is much more effective
tilt results appeal nun li more quickly
the breasts become ii jr firm plump and
symmetrical the method is more simple
the effects more lasting and altogether
byond comparison with the results pro
duced hut
You know the French people have the
development of the bust and form down
u a fm < point
bv t ii Kr ni h method the breasts
lIla be tIHeoIIf t from 2 to 8 inches in
30 Jays TlIS I applies to women of almost
any age irom young girls to elderly ma
trons whether the bust is ahsoiutel not
nevelopul at all or has grown weak and
flabby and hangs no rlalkl mini what
It is beaut of form tat itn ut much
more than the feature y1 will al
ways fiiil it so with both XoS
I will he i only too glad to tell any
woman who is interested what this sim
ple Fren b method is if sho will enclose
d 2cent tamp > to pay for the postage I
will send an illustrated booklet in a plain
sealed w nilp t l I > r I that will explain it all
We a ca t i to I > ui lady readers that
11 i y wi i i Misdoing Du Parii for par
M ilars nitrtrkable i French meth
d onclbmr LII s rutons fur tht il
i trated booklet and address it to Ma
i t mr Du Barrie suite lis l + Quinlan
BJdint ChicalS Q ill i
1 J i
fr IA MI < O
rY t 7 t
fV a > yi4I tt
1 < Is
ji f L t JI
1 < r JIIi
Xi h tj < f III I I I +
< c > A L
5 10 tI 1
Ii 0 rL
IWJ f 4 4 I r i I It I A I tvrr I 10 < I l S
S 1 f J T I i l
I f i g I 11
I I 1 1 i < 5 J r rt f < O jJ C
k t I i fIt
L >
I q j w f j f i 4t
S E I Jr A1i fA 1
< c
tt c > 1 lWJ Tiir1 f 1 a
t r
J > I J < > Ic i J 0
t f > IottW r
< i p r
f I 1
r d I L I 1 V c v
< < c W 3 a
< c
> J c > > < t WIJ > P 1 1 < P
> l
Y r >
t t zi 1
I I c 1 is I
4 I 11 I t
1 I 11 L I i
c s t iitW
< > > V I 1
c e < If j
To and Doll
Y clay a
t ri k
b > i II < x k the f1 0 1 J
° t
l t i > > Ii t t e great gl
i A iPU
h ip > t t r < m 4 < < t < F c octf tf < St ore were the I < s ii
r Q 714 1 I tlih i < < ilH l t i t r Christmas tide Pour in c f cW I
i I i if Where the Christmas <
wt J f < c i spirit t
1D b j i 0 i Dwellsand good cheer JlI r
fft I < < c r < 3 ff cH we san goo e eer row r
f = 7t 1
Crests each receding
10 1T YJ j lot rests cae r ecealng 7
i t JtiJ > tIc i i J 4 i f1 waveof h opper <
wv A S1 I > tJt tJ 7 ftr ¼ J 4 i r
> r 1 1 7
1 qJ cr fi N KEITHOBRIEN 9
f Ii i > I t tp l
z 1 LL r
t Ji fl yl
t 7 l if < 4 P
c 1 JI f jffjI < I Jctl
U1 t n0t < t j t K
1 1 r r I r
r1 H E w < r 1 r i h t ic 1 I <
I I I1 m < l rIJ J I 4 t
> if R r 1
+ Il I I ri1 p
I I J t i Y f t i jt 9 i A d I Ii raa I > i1 0 l P
r > f
1 4 1 OJ 7 s j S f > > r
< 9
Q vt r >
S I J < < I i JI ° o a o r t n
q i 5 lit rTltTT 1T
I l 1 7 f J io J +
f h r1 f l
it t1l f
flX f t fI
J1 I
IR 1 j r
v I 1ft H n jl 1
o w
Constipation paralyzes the blood ves
sels of the lower bowel and often cause
piles Women and all other indoor
workers are the most frequent suffer
ers But curing constipation alom
wont cure piles A special medicine is
neededInternal treatment to strength
en the flabby veins arid start pure blood
Dr Leonhardts HemRoid is the only
internal pile cure Sold under guaran
tee 1 at SchrammJohnson Drugs 80
South Main street Salt Lake City or
Dr Leonhardt To Station B Buffalo
N Y Write for booklet
lit if
How They Have Sold
Gordon Plat Home Sites
All Fifth East Frontage GoneOnly 22 Fourth East Lots Left and
Denver Street East or West Fronts
At old prices 500 although worth much more cash or very easy terms
if desired5900 down 1000 per month NewLiberty ward church now
being used
REMEMBER this 500 price includes City Water Mains Cement Walk
Graded Streets and this years taxes 16 1 = 2foot alleys etc
For those who havent investigated will state These lots are situated just west
of Liberty park one block below Ninth Southground lays beautiful and
sightly Prices are absolutely too low but eastern owner says sell at once
so we give you the benefit of same One man who bought one lot on Fifth
East was qffered 250 profit for his bargainget in at once
Tuttle Brothers Co
153 Main Street Both Phones 72
lqTl T r
New Chinese Minister Who Suc
ceeds Mr Wu Arrives in
San Francisco
San Francisco Dec lOChan Yin
Tang successor to Wu Ting Fang as
minister from China to the toted
States accompanied by members of hie
family and a party of about forty sec
retaries and Chinese students arrived
here at 8 p m on the liner Mongolia
The vessel lay in the stream all after
noon unable to dock because of loy
water and the official welcome was ex
tended by federal officials on board
Yung Qui first secretary of the legation
at Washington who arrived here yes
terday from the capital to arrange for
the ministers welcome and Hsu Ping
Chen consul general in this city also
greeted him in his state room
When the vessel docked the visitors
were received by officials of the Chi
nese Six Companies the Chinese cham
ber of commerce a company of Chinese
cadets and a brass band
After a brief ceremony Chan Yin
Tans and his party were driven to their
hotel in automobiles after which they
crossed the bay to Oakland where the
new minister was the guest of honor
at a banquet at the home of the consul
He declined to discuss international
policies merely announcing that he was
glad to return once more to the city
where he had been consul general ten
years before and to the country which
had been so generous jn its dealings
with China He said he was especially
pleased by the impression made in
China in favor of this country with the
return of the Boxer indemnity and
pointed to the fifteen Chinese youths of
his party who were en route to eastern
colleges at the expense of the returned
indemnity fund as an evidence of his
governments gratitude
His family which accompanied him
consists of his wife two daughters and
a son
i i
Chaplain Clemens of Fort Douglas was
a visitor at the university assembly Fri
day After the address by Professor True
blood iiapiain Clemens made a short ad
dress in which he invited all of the uni
versity students to attend the lecture
I which will be delivered by Chaplain Ax
i tun who tvcenth returned from the Phil
ip > n t tn < Tuesday night the chaplain
will aUdieds the people from Fort Douglas
and on Wednesday night the university
students Onehalf of the receipts from
the lectures will be given to the university
students The Fort Douglas band will be
present at the Wednesday lecture
The university seniors will be given a
reception tonight at the Alpha Pi fra
ternity house by President A A Ander
son The evening will be spent in playing
games The program will be concluded
by refreshments and music
The girls of the Gamma Phi sororiety
will give a rummage sale at Unity hall to
day The purpose of the sale is to give the
girls some additional money with which
they can build a sororiety house on the
campus At the present time they have I
almost enough to build o
Announcement Made by Gompers
After Conference With Presi
dent Hawley
Cincinnati Dec lOThe American
Federation of Labor will support the
railroad switchmen on strike in the
northwest to the extent of Its powers
This announcement was made today
by Samuel Gompers president of the I
federation after an extended confer
ence with Frank Hawley president cf
the American Switchmens union
It is understood to mean that if rail
roal officials do not concede demands of
the strikers trouble may spread until
it involves other great labor organiza I
tions in the railway field
We will support the switchmen to
the extent of our ability both financial
ly and morally
Such was the declaration of Mr Gom
pers at the close of his conference with
Mr Hawley The labor leader refused
to state whether this meant an exten
sion of the strike but he asserted that
after a full Investigation he was sat
isfied that the demands of the striker
were just and that they merited and
would receive the support of all unions
Mr Hawley was Jubilant over the de
cision of Mr Gompers He ridiculed
published assertions of railroad offi
cials that the strike was practically
ended and said
They cannot beat us now that the
Federation of Labor is behind us
According to Mr Hawley a shortage
in the coal supply in the northwest it i
imminent on account of the strike Hf
said such a shortage already was
apparent in Minneapolis where he said
public schools are suffering from a lack
of fuel
I am sorry said the switchmen
chief that a tieup in business must re
suit but when we are fighting for oui
rights we cannot afford to consider
these things

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