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Congressional Library Now Contains
a Total of 1712685
Washington Do liAcpesaIons of
almost prJeetaM value form s part of
the 167077 volumes Which were added
during Uw last year to the library of
congresa making the total number of
volumes In that great library 1702W5
according to the report of the librarian
of congress made public today
The valuable additions Include a set
of the great Chinese encyclopedia given < <
by the Chinese government China alone
among nations has attempted to embody
In a single library record the entire
knowledge qf an epoch The edition
seams to have been a very small one A
copy obtained in 1877 forms a prized
possession of the British museum
Valuable manuscripts transferred to
the library from various departments
of the government include all the ap
plications for omce during Washing
tons administration the original vouch
ers and accounts of Washingtons ex
penses during the revolution and his
torical documents regarding revolution
ary pension claims
Other valuable manuscripts acquired
include originals of speeches by Luther
Martin and James McHenry to the
Maryland legislature relating to pro
ceedings in the constitutional conven
tion of 1787 The McHenry document
has special significance from the fact
that it was hitherto unknown to his
Officers ReelectedDate and Place
for Next Convention Was
Not Decided
Washington Dec 10 What is de
clared by its omcers to have been the
most successful convention of its kind
ever held came to an end today when
the national rivers and harbors congress
adjourned after a three days session
Representative Joseph E BanadeU of
Louisiana was reelected pre k1ent at
the morning session and Captain J F
Ellison of Cincinnati was reelected sec
retarytreasurer Vice presidents to represent
resent states also were named
The new board of directors met imme
diately after adjournment and took up
the question of the date and place for
the next convention Toledo 0 and
one or two other cities sought to have
the delegates meet elsewhere than In
WiBhington in 1910 but the directors
pointed out the most suitable place is
the national capital and that the con
vention should be held coincident with
the convening of congress The matter
was put over after much discussion It
was declared at the close of the meet
ing however that a majority of the
hoard is opposed to any change in time
and place for holding the convention
Alleged Intention of the Corporations
to Attempt to Influenee Congress
This Winter
Washington Dec 10A report has
gained currency that it was the purpose
of the railways of the country to estitb
I Ish in Washington in the present session
I of congress a poMrful lobby to influence
isilroad leghlation The report is denied
by important railroad officials
This rvk to a nityage of inquiry was
received totv from Vice President Mil
l > r of the hiCfcgu Burlington Quincy
This company is net a party to any
fmangeanent to maintain a bureau for
lObby work or any other pwrtmee and
onldaot be and does not believe any
other railroad would enter into any such
angemeni I have made inquiry and
in unable to gt any information that
nm such arrangements exist by other
lines I am certain there is no founda
tion for the report
Mr Millers reply is of the same tenor
as telegrams from other railroad official
c r
sr h ti
A a
Atw 3a
k > r
3 < i
Z t
Mrs William Hayes Chapman the
tlG000000 widow who fled from I
Europe to escape an army of
titled suitors was followed to
Xw York by two of them while others
continued to plead by letter for her hand
and fooled them all by going to Con
necticut whe e she was quietly married
to Philip Von Valkenburg a wealthy
N w York lawyer descendant of an old
Inith family General Spirtdovttch of
Iusill followed her all over Europe and
d ird her return to America until the
sailing list of a vessel showed no trav
ptr who the general thought would de
V101 I > into suitors But on the boat was
V in alkenburg whom Mrs Chapman
knw lightly The little ocean voyages
s t tlr her fate and the marriage fol
Khet i
41 C
1 I
Y t i
i I I I
Continued from Page One
we have at this moment laid upon us a i
single taska task that dominates and
transcends because it embraces and in i
volves every great and beneficent social
and political change upon Which our
hearts are set That task is to vindicate
and establish upon an unshakable foun I
dation the principles of republican gov I
Referring to the education and licensing
bills the premier said that the govern
ment stood In the main upon principles I i
of the bills that the house of lords re
jected The franchise law he added was
still unem umbered with artificial distinc
lion and impediment for which there Was I
no justification
Ipon the topic of woman sunfageAir I
Asquith said his views were well Known
TJe had no reason to f Her them despite I
iue suicidal excesses of a small section I
of the advocates for such a change
Home Rule for Ireland
After referring to the action of the
house of lords on the matter of Welsh
religious equality and the fate of certain
Scottish land bllUv Mr Aaqulth turned
his attention to Ireland which he said
had been fortunate for once because the
measure sent up in her behalf did not
come violently athwart prejudices of the
house of lords
Speaking last year before my acces
sion to the premiership Mr Asqutth con
tinued I described the Irish policy as the
one undeniable failure of British states
manship I repeat tonight what I said
then and on behalf of my colleagues and
I believe on behalf of my party I reiter
ate that this is a problem to be solved
only in one wayby a policy which whiTa
explicitly safeguarding the supreme m
dicisible authority of the imperial parlia
ment can set up in Ireland a system of
full self government as regards purely
Irish affairs
There is not and cannot be any ques
tion of separation There is not and can I
not be any question of rivalry or compet I
ing for supremacy subject to these condi
tions That is the liberal policy For
reasons which we believe to have been
adequate the present parliament was dis
abled In advance from proposing any suctt
solution but In the house the liberal gov
ernment at the head of a liberal major
ity will be In this matter entirely free
Defense of the Budget
Mr Asquith defended the budget as nec
essary to social reform and in this respect
old age pensions were the first step The
budget he continued has been thrown out
by the house of lords after weeks of de
bate and the government as a result was
confronted with three constitutional inno
vations first the claim of the house of
lords to control in levying taxation sec
ond the claim of the same house to the
right to compel dissolution of the popular
chamber and third the assertion of the
house of lords of their power to make and
unmake the executive government of the
What has been ddne declared Mr
Abquith may be done again It becomes
our first duty to make its recurrence im
possible We shall therefore demand authority
hority frommetheMelec orate o awla ean
thority from the electorate to translate an
ancient unwritten usage into an act of
parliament and to place upon the statutd
book recognition explicit and complete of
the settled doctrine of our constitution
that it is beyond the province of the house
of lords to meddle with any law to any
degree or for any purpose of national
The Limit Reached
The premier said that neither he nor any
other liberal minister supported by a ma
jority in the house of commons was going
to submit against the rebuffs and hu
miliations of the last four years They
undoubtedly would not enter office unless
they could secure safeguards that experi
ence has shown to be necessary for the
legislative unity and honor of their party
The liberal party Mr Asquith declared
was not promoting the abolition of the
house of lords or the setting up of a single
chamber but it asked of the electorate
that the house of lords be confined to its
proper functions and that the absolute
veto must go He personally did not un
derestimate the odds against which he
had to contend but the government was
unanimous in demanding the absolute con
trol of the finances by the house of com
mons the maintenance of free trade and
an effective curtailment of the power of
the house of lords
Resolution of Confidence
The meeting carried a resolution declar
ing unabated confidence In Mr Asquiths
leadership David LloydGeorge chancel
lor of the exchequer who gamed the
budget rejected by the house of lords
moved a vote of thanks to the chairman
of the meeting He received an ovation
Mr Asquith was not alone In giving to
the people their first real touch of the
campaign for Arthur J Balfour leader
of the opposition in the house of com
mons made a simultaneous plea to them
in a quiet dignified election manifesto ad
dressed to the directors of the cm of
Ltlndtlll whu hh e chosen him as their
talldit1a it p
Was Mr at my house last Sunday
He is a luiS stout man wit a blonde
mustache He is sometimes referred to
as Coluni or Commodore Was Mr
there He is a mediumsteed man
i cleanshaven
Offers of Reconciliation
Overtures for a reconciliation with his
I I wife were tentatively made by Mr
J I Brokaw through his counsel today Aft
er a long conference with John F Mc
I I I Intyre his attorney the latter declared
that his client would welcome the re
sumption of amicable relations with Mrs
Mr BroUaw said Mr McIntyre
loves his wife dearly and is willing to
have the suit discontinued in spite of
all the charges she has made if herwill i
only return o him He believes his wife
has been wrongly advised and he is by
no means in fear of losing the suit
Such thing is beyond the range of pos
sbllity declared James A Blair Mrs
Brokaws father
Mrs Brokaw met the questions of her
husbands counsel in crossexamination
with quick answers and a show of spirit
She said seven ministers had refused to
marry her and Mr Brokaw because the
latter had been divorced
Once Smoked a Cigarette
Counsel asked if she ever smoked cig
Yes on one occasion I did replied
Mrs Brokaw I was with Mr Brokaws
sister at the time
Her husband had objected she said and
she did not smoke again
Mrs Brokaw admitted on the stand that
she could nut remember the name of the
clergyman who had married her Coun
sel for the defense subsequently intimated
to the newspapers that it might be shown
that no legal marriage had taken place
Mrs Brokaws father James A Blair
learning of this intimation pressed his
daughters lawyer to make an immediate
statement and Mr Baldwin addressed the
court as follows
It has been my desire to try this case
without the newspapers The clergyman
who performed the marriage was the Rev
Dr Spaulding of the First Presbyterian
church of Syracuse and be was retained
by Lieutenait Governor White for this
ceremony This will set the public and
I press right I hope
I o
lsP Pure Whiskey
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time by the judicious use of
T3 SunnyBmoSi
Wh key
As a healthful tonic or wholuome
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ate use is highly beneficial to those
r i S who are ailing and ill increase the
vigor of those who are well Genu
I ine SUNNY BROOK is U S Stand
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L 1 bottled under the direct supervision
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r T t
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iln > iHance over her was unbearable It
was in substantiation of these allegations
that the tehgrams were but in evidence
i His Suspicions Aroused
Mrs 1 Broki testified regarding the
visit to the house by an automobile party
of three men and three women the party
i being unexpectedly Increased later by the
arrival of another woman and man The
n xt day she said the estate manager
received a telegram from Mr Brokaw
which read
Why did you not tell me there was
a fourth gentleman in the party I want
you to start in right away and dismantle
all the rooms of my house except Mrs
I Brokaws and the maids rooms
Mrs Brokaw said she also received a
telegram from her husband asking for
the names of all the men who lunched
with her that day She said she gave
them to him in a message and later re
ceived a succession of messages asking
for the fourth mans initials and that
I the manager received another telegram
from Mr Broitaw which read
I Wire me a description of all the men
I who stopped at my house on Sunday
Cleveland Dec OThree men were
killed by an explosion in the press mill
of the Austin Powder companys plant
at Glen Willow near here today
Continued from Page One
house today by Congressman Bennett of
New York Champ Clark minority leader
objected to its being printed as a house
document but later withdrew his objec
The commission says that the effect of
the importation of Immoral women into
this country is one of increased degrada
tion and death for the women and of I
contamination by disease for those with i
whom they come in contact
Men and Boys Also i
The commission says the immoral traf
fic is not confined entirely to women but
it is clear there is a beginning at say
rate of a traffic in men and boys for
immoral purposes
The vilest practices the report con
I tinues are brought here from continen
tal Europe and beyond doubt there has
come from Imported women and their
men the most bestial refinements of de J
The commission in describing the man
ner of its Investigations recounts the ex
periences of many of its agents In some I
cases they were attacked and beaten and I
actual murder was narrowly averted
No statistics are given in the report
though the extent of the white slave
traffic is characterized as countrywide
Most of the women it is said come by
way of New York San Francisco and
Seattle although many are coming lately
by way of CanaJa Frequently they are
I brought into the United States as wives I
or sisters of their procurers In order to
pass the immigration officials I
The exploitation of these women after
their arrival in the United States II char I
acterized in the report as most pitiful
for the women and most brla cn the I
part of the men
Not only the innocent and betrayed
young girls but the more experienced
women are made the victims of virtual
slavery The importations come from all
countries France leading and the Chi
nese and Japanese matting up the major
I ity ot those coming in by the way of the
Pacific coast
I Most of the procurers are of foreign
birth The market price varies from
300 to 1000 for each alien woman Some
times they are sold outright but their
I 1rolI
procuress continue to live from their
i earnings after their arrival here
i The commission recommends that ef
forts he made through government agr
abroad and on board steamhiii to pre
vent the importation of WOW u > thi
countr that mere assiduous Itf rts b
made in the Imid States to < air it w
men known II > b engaged m rumor I
practices awl to deport all possible that
the limit of tune years after > indu 4
within which u < b persons may l > i > sue
cessfulH prosecuted be removed that any
deported i pt r ons returning to this coun
try be imprisoned that keeper of in
moral hoiM s in which alien women ar
found b > subject to deportation and tha
state and municipal government be urge l
to coop iati in stamping nut the evil

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