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Auerbach Coup Started Things
and Values Have Advanced
at Rapid Pace
BE SOLD FOR 225000
Activity in the real estate market dur
ing the past week centered in State street
which has been the star performer
former from the time the Auerbacns com
pleted Ihir coup and Mr Newhouse an
theatre at
iounc d the erection of a new
Jxihaitt place and State street From
Third SiUth street to Ninth South prop
advanced at a
Values were
that were listed
and places
jatc aHl
i he tuckers for sale at nominal prices
5rp withdrawn J from tbe martaet alto
gtaU I L raised materially
The ln L st deal of the week was that
Doull drug store corner at
mvilvu ho
Main tttt t and Exchange place
bought by Samuel Newhouse
iropert Bambergers for 150000 three
iium i
Las beer practically sold for
> taI n o
j5000 with the restriction of course
That th proper kind of building be erect
insisted upon
> it on it Mr Newhouse
iLLS belure hi gave an option on it an
iiMviviil a check Thf deal will be con
iimmaud during the coming week It
and the names of those who
is thOU llt
have 0iu into possession of this choice
will be given out
Uep it d denials of the manager of the
Newluse Kialty company have not been
takn riuusiy by wellposted brokers
is out This
that an option
hi I
tact fcas rot b sn kept secret
have been
of the purchasers
tie mini
t loselj guarded and will not be generally
until the final detail Is ar
rally kuvn
Kiiigeu The deal is going through
Trouble in State Street
Real estate brokers who have been
deals in
Mirkli tir some time to close
tt property
Mate t r
trouble because of the tremen
flu one t
dous fcii ation caused by the Auerbachs
Tluy si > that while the big deal Is a
alt Lake 1 at the same
Irat ii I > t tor gait
nine ir makes the smaller property own
tideways to elevate prices and
ur Jump >
keeps Hie market in a turmoil
Pi 8um Slat street property that for
JJlltl L l s iven considered high at 100
a fooi has advanced as far as fl60 per
I Ld cirntrs command an even
sale of the
gnat figure than that The I
tuth t dintr of State and Seventh
llItt > Mt at 180 a toot a fortnight
ejnsidere to have been sod
i go i L i v
j < iod t When it was sold the buyers
thou t 1Y i i y were paying a heavy price
They t < 1 sell again now at an advance
over wnit they paid
Sty i i t iiigs transpire to cause a I
rapid 1 tt i L realty values instead of a
Mad > 1 but tin most natural ex
similar to the
cuse use is 4tii
NwI n1 i Auerbach deals Once in
whi romance or filial attachment
make for
illter i > h goiiatiins that
iln L I r nf proptrty In the melo
Iran tlj t t hero returning home in the
fHirtf with a barrel of money over
Vids r l illain and tty in the property
flat 1 i < ture fatherinlaw was about
t lo Iliin i he marries j the girl
th me recently a downtown bus >
1tss j I was fairly appraised at 80
S l ts ordered sold at auction aa
the r l i r a partition suit The proper
ts htt i h i left to a son and two daugh
tars > < 1 rif 1 1 suit gtartd b > the son was
IVill Miii 1 When the auction startfd
In b i the fir ire set The solic
Itors u daughters raised the ante
ilUll iiddiK came thick and fast un
m I tv in V tlnallv sold for 700000
The I ist hid was t4wM 0 and the
lltUg 1 id it in Ir I was a whole lot
iTt ire t tn Ii te propeny tas worth lint
the iw t rls haviinj promised thi
motfi r l 1 t tho prop rtv would never go
out t1 tmily Id knowing the
lrotl r wiiilil sell a > son as he came
into 1 > M r went th limit and kept
th i I LI I I th family i name
Invest I Anywhere
fcl I ut r 1 > yes it your finger on
a sit SiR Lak and then invest
1 our It > > ems to L e a rule by the
way i uneiits an bping made Yet
no 0 1L > iiis eye to t the possibilities
of Ssaie t 1 Mam st t business snap
It tl ie h t J snap i doesnt last long
hale 1 ownersh1 < l11Ig these two
thor i t < H have entile thick and fast
and Wiii Intituii to me so long as the
mark ovvs the healthy undertone of
the 1 = i t day
Th a IT t a > h of the holidays and tlie
prepir fir ih > fia season seem tu
be ej t filing a Htt upm the activity
in reil i uaLi elswl re in the city al
thou in < leal of importance was re
c id < 1 i whn Pr A BII acquired
n paiei of W est gVh T mple street
prop tv Acreage c s to be mov
ing the I chief diffi liing to find
enouuh of I it close in t ficuresj whi h in
Vat s Consider reahiable Agents re
port ivfnry i aetive IIIj i many ileals In a
state which renders it u > uasible to give
out riil 1 V tails now
Thriit th HalloranJudge company
theM iwet > rorrfr of State street and
KishMi Hth = street was Bold during the
week ii > i T front foot while on the
OfVfto j f the stret between Sixth
and i th i w itii 1 streets the Richtfr
agetJ t t s fr n little ps I than
Ccntintiad on Pane Twelve
Good Profits in Manufacturing I
and Chance for Local Men
to Invest
One who la vitally Interested in the
raamifactuwrt products of Utah calls
attention to the fact that while people
are investing fortunes in real estate and
other securities in Salt Lake and Utah
there In a Held for investment tht has
been practically overijoktu
I am referring to several manufac
turing concerns that are running along
modtBtly doing a mediocre business
said Le There art scores of concerns
In this itate that could treble heir out
put und increase their profits if they
had a little more operatm capital I
iynt need to mention any concerns but
I do know there are many iakiig oom
inodJUes and food products tbt are in
demand all the time and they are Utah
made goods of the nft order and
cheaper than the same class that comes
from other citIes
Investment in some of theae con
cerns is as safe and as certain of re
turns as in a majority of the real es
tate propositions Ir is as sure as irri
gation bonds and that means a lot I
believe that there is enough money in
salt Lake City to finance every manu
facturing proposition here that pre
serts a legitimate front I think that
many men with money could be inter
ested If their eyes were opene to the
possibilities The manufacturing busi
ness in Utah is yet an infant Industry
although Jt is growing steadily and
healthily each year Yet In tha next
few years more concerns will be located
here and outside capital will be making
the money
It is no argument in favor of a
closecldcor policy to aupgest that mere
money be placed back of the manufac
turers who are already in the Held but
such action would operate to the credit
of local capital and loLal men and the
inter st and dividends and profits would
main in Salt Lake where they be
Thompsons Plains Will Soon Be
Transformed Into Gardens
and Farms
Thompsons plains and the long
stretch of desert through which the
Denver Rio Grande passes between
Green River and the UtahColorado
line will be transformed from an arid
tract into farms of growing crops before
many years Over near Cisco the first
move of any importance in this trans
formation has been made by the Grand
Valley Fruit A Water company which
derive Its water from Cottonwood
Westwater and Bitter creeks
The company of which William F
Marrs is president George O Marrs
vice president and W M Marrs sec
retary it is known as the Marrs pro
ject have nearly 60000 acres 12008 of
which have been selected from the state
at 250 an acre The rest of the tend
is hinged upon a decision from the de
partment of the interior The company
is surveying for reservoirs the water
rights having been approved and be I
fore long a great area of land will be
thrown open for settlement at the east
ern border of the state
Ah innovation In warehouse building
is shown at Spokane where a piece of
property with a frontage of twentyfive
feet was bought for 8500 Upon this
lot a warehouse five stories high and
ninety fet long has been built A
warehouse of so slight a base with the
height of this one is a new idea In
building In the northwest There is a
demand for the storage room there
however and it is expected that the
promoters will realize handsomely on
their investment
Brick Work Begun on Building in
First West Street
Salt Lake will have a model black
smith shop when Philip Schonert fin
ishes the work begun Thursday on his
property in First West between Second
and Third South street The new shop
will l cost 4000 The plans were drawn
I by W H Lepper and the contract work
is being done by W J Kinsman i
Bids for Lillard Building Have Not
Yet Been Decided Upon by
J J Daly
Just what the proportions of the new
Lillard building to be erected by J J
Daly on the northeast corner of Fourth
South and Main streets will be is yet
undecided for the reason that bids have
not yet been accepted Mr Daly has
asked for bids on a threestory build
ing and on a fivestory building He
favors the taller structure but does not
yet know whether it will be built It
depends entirely upon the bids which
are expected to arrive shortly Archi
tects plans for a building of both slses
have been presented to Mr Daly but it
will be at least a week before he makes
up his mind
The building will have a length of 260
feet on Fourth South street extending
almost to Cactus street and will run ad
jacent to the Newhouse building It
will be one of the most modern office
buildings in the city no matter what its
The Oasis Land Irrigation compa
ny which has the disposal of 4311983
acres of land in Millard county has sold
about 10000 acres although water Is
available for only a part of the land
Dams and canals are being built at a
cost of 934000 and water has been
turned from the Sevier river upon a
part of it The state sells this land for
50 cents an acre to people who buy the
water rights and it is in demand More
bf the land will be opened for settle
ment during the coming spring and
Contracts Are Let for Construction of
Officers Quarters This Winter
Contracts for the construction of com
pany officers quarters and a quarter
masters storehouse involving a cost of
approximately 160000 and included in the I
general improvement of Fort Douglas I
were awarded yesterday The contract
for the construction of the officers quar
ters was given to A J McDonald
whose bid for the work amounted to 14
419 Carthey Dumbeck will install the
heating apparatus at a cost of 1296 and
the plumbing for 1379 The Meteor Elec
tric company seem ed the contract for the
electee wiring and installation of fix
tures the cost being J44
A A J McDonald will also construct
the quartermasters storehouse their bid
being 17581 and the Metor Electric com
I pany will wire the building for 74
f Standing in upper Main street and +
f looking at the buidings on the west f
f era side of the strtet can you see 4
f the skyliae of Iixi3 Can you im +
f agine it +
f Along Main street in those days the 4
+ sjitttaile was so different from that +
+ or today that not even the pioneers 4
+ who lived through the early growtn +
+ of Zion can cudgel their memories +
+ irto seeing it 4
f The postoffire was in upper Main f
+ th < n The postoffice was of adobe +
f om story high with a small door +
+ and siiittrrd windows And It 4
f didnt do as much business in a week f
+ as is done through the general de +
+ livery win low of the present post +
4 office in five minutes 4
4 Livingston Kinkald Co built a 4
+ Ftore next to the postoffice in 1857 +
4 aol it was an ideal locatIon as 10 4
f Ciiiions went in those days Being i
4 so close to the plac where the foiks 4
f came to get tht mail it is likly +
4 that th toro nu nopoliz 1 a large 4
4 share of the commercial business of 41
4 thv town 4
f In 1S63 when the accompanying 4
4 pktmv was taken the firm name 4
4 of the store was changed to Liv 4
4 ingston B > 11 Co and the follow +
4 ing yar tt parsed into the hands of 4
4 Hoopr iildredgc Conames that 4
4 still adorn one of Main treots big 4
4 business blocks In 1868 it became 4
4 known as Eldredge Clawson Co 4
4 I and two years later the Old Con 4
4 stitmion building replaced the site +
4 of the original store of Livingston f
4 Kinkaid Co 4
4 I The Z C M I came into power 4
4 on the site in 1869 and it remained 4
4 thus until 1885 when the Constitution 4
4 building was erected Today over 4
4 the same site is the building of the 4
4 Salt Lake Sefsritj Trust company +
4 i which moved inlh the Constitution 4
+ block and wipd out the old name 4
4 In this picture of today are auto 4
4 mobiles and trolley pols and light 4
4 wires and street car track and as 4
4 phalt pavement The comparison of 4
4 the new with the old Is disparaging 4
4 to say the least to the ancient as 4
4 I pect f the busiest mart of trade 4
4 in th intermountain country 4
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ip1 + + + f + + I
Children between the ages of 6 and 12
years are under the ban of apartment
houses in most cities although a few
years ago no children at all were tol
erated by the owners However a
philosophic view of children in a flat
is takfn by many who believe that chil
dren under 5 are not bothersome to
neighbors and that when they pass the
age of 12 they have sense enough to re
frain from running through the halls
and creating a disturbance that results
in neighbors moving into a Bone of quiet
Few apartment houses in Salt Lake
draw restrictions But where the rule
is made it rigidly enforced
Large Acreage Under Irrigation and
Ready for Settlement Next
Spring openings in irrigated lands
will be an attractive feature of the mar
ket this coming year and none will at
tract more attention than the opening
in the early part of the year of 12000
acres in Beaver county The Beaver
Land Irrigation Power company has
two reservoirs of 96000 acre feet in the
Beaver river and the value of the prop
erties Is 1100000
The project consists of 12000 acres of
private land 48000 under the Carey act
and 8000 of state lands The land and
water will be sold on installments
The company has been rushing the
work in Beaver county and when the
date of the opening is announced it Is
likely that there will be a general in
flux of settlers into that region
The sneak thief who stole a suit of
clothes from th room of W S Cooper j
213 West Second South street Friday
night overlooked S36 tucked away in one
of the pockets Cooper complained to the
police yesterday morning that a suit of
clothes had been stolen He had barely
left the station when J M Gartold an
inspector for the Denver Rio Grande
entered the station and turned the cloth
ing over to the police He said he dis
covered the clothes behind a billboard
near the Denver Rio Grande railroad
tracks A search of the pockets revealed
S3 in bills i
First Days df Desember Find Slump
in Building Activities in
Salt lake
Though Salt Lake realty has been ex
periencing somewhat of a boom lately
there is no reflection of this condition In
the building line for the two weeks
thus far in December have been among
the slowest cf the year For the week
just closed the building permits issued
by Building Inspector A B Hirth
amounted to only eleven representing
expenditures of 29600 For the two
weeks of the month there have been
thirtyfive permits representing 108
300 or an average of about 3000 for
each structure
It now seems certain that December
will be the poorest month of the year
and some scratching will have to be
done to reach the mark of 8000000 for
the year The aggregate amount repre
sented in permits at the end of Novem
ber was 7806520 With the two weeks
of December the total for the year is
now 7914720 or 85280 short of the
coveted eightmillion mark
There were no permits issued yester
day and unless a few fairly large ones
come in before the close of the month
Salt Lake will have to wait another
year before the mark of 8000000 is
reached The total of the building per
mits for 1908 was 4728380 and for last
December amounted to 471000 Decem
ber of this year will need only 193480
to make up the 8000000 which is now
the main fight of Building Inspector
Members of the St Marks Hospital
Charity association following the annual
charity ball passed a resolution of thanks
as follows
We the members of St Marks Hos i
pital Charity association wish to thank
the people of this city for their generous
patronage of our annual charity ball
To you the public press which so ably
supported us to you the business and
professional men whose unfailing cour
tesy and liberal patronage lightened our
work to you the merchants who aided
us In our arrangemwts and to you the
women who contributed so freely both
provisions and money and strength we
desire to express our deep appreciation
We realize that without your help our ef
forts would have been in vain and on be
half of the suffering ones whom your
generosity has made it possible for us to
relieve we most heartily thank you all I
By placing their poles In the center of i
the street in Murray the Utah Indepen
dent Telephone company Is endeavoring to
obstruct the work of the Ltah Light A
Power company in laying its tracks
through the city The city councilmen
have been discussing the question and
an examination of the franchise of the
telephone company will be made this
week The telephone company claims the
right of way through Murray
ct1 n ugrj
lrrT 4 F rrii
1lti a
I i i C
t IS I 5
I r I S
1 I a I
a 4
The newest apartment house and
rooming house combined and a little
out of the apartment house zone
though right at the edge of the busi
ness district is the Alexandria which
Bd McOurrln Is building in West Tam
pie street between Third and Fourth
South The building is one of the new
types aK well as one of the new styles
in apartnent houses It will be fin
ished about February I 1010
There are three floors with eight
apartments on each Four at the front
and four at the rear receive natural
light while a spacious corridor runs en
tirely through the house At the cen
ter of the building and on either side is
a light court which furiflshee light to
eight single rooms four on either side
of the corridor The apartments and
rooms will be furnished complete In at
tractive furniture and hot and fold
water as well as steam heat will be a
One of the most convenient attach
ments to apartment houses and an In
novation in construction In Salt Lake
is i the system of disposal or garbage
An aperture in the sink is provided
through which the garbage is sent to the
basement where it is burned Another
feature Is the mechanical carrier which
makes all1 deliveries to all apartments
This like the garbage carrier te built
for the accommodationand convenience
of the tenants
The building is erected at a cost of
60000 and the property upon which It
is situated cost 25000 D C Hart li
the architect who devised the plans and
Schuman Samuelson are the build
ers The structure is of brick and stone
reeling on a concrete foundJUJnn
Prediction of Stimulus in Values
Is Carried Out During
the Week
Two big deals in State street realty
were reported during the week and
while they were consummated upon a
speculative basis the figures show the
trend of sentiment and justify the pre
diction made in these columns a week
ago and two weeks ago that there would
be a stimulus along that thoroughfare
The HalloranJnoge agency closed a
deal that was hanging over from last
week by which four local men whose
names are withheld bought the north
west corner of State and Eighth South
streets from Henry Harris of New York
for 105 per front foot or a total of 24
255 This property has a frontage on
State street of 231 feet and runs ill feet
west along Eighth South There Is no
improvement on the property except
one or two old frame houses
Farther up the street between Sixth
and Seventh South and on the east side
of State the Utah Investment company
disposed of its I holdings to J C Penny
for 14000 The deal which was made
through the Richter agency is consid
ered one of the largest so far as front
age values are concerned that has been
added to the changes of ownership In
the new business district The property
sold at 170 a front foot Mr Penny
bought this place merely for specula
tion It has a frontage on State street
I of 824 feet and is 165 feet deep
Hatchtown and Piute Irrigation
Projects Attracting Atten
tion of Settlers
Aside from the Carey act projects and
the government reclamation project in
Strawberry valley there are two reclama
tion projects that have been conducted
under the direct supervision of the state
board of land commissioners and which
will be completed in the coming year and
the land thrown open for settlement
The state has 10 acres in Garfield
county which will be turned from desert
Into irrigable land In 1910 The water
from the Hatchtown state reservoir will
be ready by spring and the land sold at
not less than 250 an acre The water
rights will cost not to exceed 30 an acre
and the land will be disposed of at auc
tion by the state
There is no question that there will be
a demand for this land The reservoir
which the state has constructed In the
Sevier river has already coat 123000 and
an additional 25000 WIll be spent before
it is completed The new land is near
Hatcbtown and is by no means inac
The state is also directing the work on
the Flute reservoir project having se
lected 35000 acres of land west of the
Sevier river in Sevier and Sanpete coun
ties The storage reservoir on the Sevier
river is being constructed at an estimated
cost of 150000 The work on the dam
It being rushed and the land will be
opened for settlement in 1910 The land
will be disposed of at a low price and
the water at actual cost
Tha Flute project like the Hatchtown
has attracted a great deal of attention
and the opening of land will be awaited
with interest and anticipation by thou
sands of persons who propose to settle
there and improve the farm lands
To carry on the work at these projects
the state acquires title to the land from
the government gets water rights and
constructs Irrigation works to encourage
opening and settlement Under state
projects no proof of residence or cultiva
tion Is necessary for the water and land
are sold outright to the settler The
purchaser gets the alternative of paying
in full or 10 per cent down and the re
I mainder in ten annual Installments with
an additional 5 per cent on deferred pay
The state takes the money from the
re ervoir land grant fund and as fast
as projects are completed and the land
sold the money is returned to that fund I
to be used as a perpetual fund fur
reclamation purposes I
A N Humphries reports that during
the week he sold the following Sunny
side lots Three to Carl A Tucker of
Garfield three to Thomas O Durham
of Garfield tour to Alex Sneed of Bing
ham Canyon Also the following Idle
wild lots Four to Alex Bell Ouray
Colo and three to J McFarland of Salt
Lake During the week he also sold to
James Fennell a flverocm bungalow at
469 East Ninth South street for JiOOO
Utah National Declares Usual
Quarterly Dividends and
Others Are Ready
The first of the Christmas or New
Year dividends from the banks came
Thursday when the Utah Nationals di
rectors declared its usual quarterly divi
dend of 2 per cent and on December
15 the stockholder will receive 4000 to
sprinkle around the premises of Salt Lak
for Christmas presents The State Bank
of Utah will duplicate the de
claring stunt on December 15 and tiH i
money will be available about the first
of the year Other banks are getting
ready to declare dividends and all u
them will have dividends to declare u
fact which reflects a cheerful condition i
the banking business
The clearings so far this year have d
gregated 77WO 00 more than the balK
clearings of 1866 and this too show > i
strength of business and a strong under
tone of safety
The loan business of the week among
the banks has consisted chiefly of ILCJ
to sheep men who want to keep tl1 < i r
herds through the winter althouga otlir
loans have been placed readily hn
There continues to be sufficient capiui 1 tJ
floit any legitimate proposition in Sit
Lake and no one with good security hat
to wait for money
The large volume of business reflected
by the bank clearings has a formidaniu i
equal in the earnings of railroads and the
continuance of the activity in steel trail
Western construction of railroads street
car lines and buildings has given an im
petus to the steelmaking trade
Crop Values Large
Secretary Wileons statement that the
value of crops for 1909 amounted to
nearly nine billions of dollars or a billion
more than the output of 1908 not only em
phasizes the wonderful prosperity of tii
country but instills more confidence into
all branches of trade and brings the mer
chant the capitalist and the wage earner
up to the New Year with a feeling of joy
and thanksgiving
Utahs contribution to the countrys
crops from dry farming alone was uvr
a million dollars and this has not only
swelled the grand total but it has aided
materially in the feeling of confidence
that exists in this state
Wholesale and supply houses in Bait
Lake report a general increase in el
tnands The chief trouble is in gitting out
orders Prices are kept up and the de
mand continues to grow two factors that
enter into the prosperity of the man wlio
has something to selL The shipping or
ders to various parts or the iniermnan
tain west have kept freight overcrowded
and deliveries are slow
Lumber Orders Slew
As yet Salt Lake has suffered only I
slightly from the bad weather in the
northwest and the switchmens strike ai
tbough lumber orders chiefly affected
will be slow in arriving until early in the
spring when building material will bo
more plentiful tor tne construction or
homes and business blocks that will go up
with a rush at the first break in tho
The retail trade given a tremendous
Impetus by the approach of Christmas
continues at a brisk gait Downtown yes
terday the streets ware crowded with
shoppers and the stores were congested
to the limits of their capacity Tirl
clerks trudged homeward after 10 oclork
last night with the realization that there
never was a week ef far away from
Christmas when the people demanded
much of them In years gone by thev
had been used to a rather dilatory time
up to the very eve of Christmas but th
rul is different this year and the clerks
notice it Also the receipts of the rp
tailfrs have been far and away lieyrni
those of the corresponding period lat
Persons Looting for Investments Are
Seeking Sutarbttt Property
in City
Building lots in outlying additions have
not ceased to be choice morsels for in
vestors and prospective bidders accord
ing to the sales of the Hubbard Invest
ment company during the week Eighteen
I Jots were sold twelva in the Lake Breeze
addition and six in the Nyc addition
The twelve lots in the Lake Breeze ad
dition were sold to William Thomas who
expects to erect houses on them They
are close to the line of the proposed
street car extension and although west
of the Jordan river thy will soon be
brought into close communication with
the city The iots suld for 100 apiece
The Hubbard company proposes to raise
the price in a few weeks because of the
growing demand There are only about 30
lots left In the entire plat
Two Bingham men bought three lots
each in the Nye addition at Tenth South
and Stat ° streets paying 12 t HVKV for
them Tln price of these lots us advanc
ing commensurate with thu southward

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