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The InterHoujitaln Ilepnbllcaa
But Feb 12 1Mr
The Salt Lake Herald
< Bat Jane 4 1S70
BaitOny Republican Dally Newspaper In
Salt Lake City Utah
Terms of SubSCflptloR
edits one year JROO
NDAYOne year 160
SEMI WEEKLY On advance One
year LEO six months 75 cente
Subscribers wishing address r of paper
ehi red must give former as weh as
tne < ent addreM
ytM papers are eontnraed until escmlUI
order Is received to discontinue All ar
i eara cs must be paid in every ease
Many a Ume youth Is eattttened to
moderate its hastening rush and ra
re that Rome was not built in a
day Some people criticising the new
tariff law have forgotten the oldtime
Secretary MacVeagh Mid in a Boston
Breech the other night that the recent
aw is but one step in the direction of a
modern and better tariff system He
ointed out the difficnlttea that friends
tif fie country labored under and alas
ndicated the beneflta assured by the bill
hey finally enacted into law And he
h sped the country would see the wisdom
< if helping the friends of the American
Extern to move forward for a more per
< t scheme of national revenue
A good many critlos have found fault
vru the secretary for his speech as
trey had previously found fault with
the authors of the law But there is
little reason for their position Hers le
a nation of more than ninety million
jeopie l Their interests are varied al
most with the differences of all the
world Every Interest Is represented by
a citizen No one eitlsen is entitled to
Any more consideration than any other
ut in getting absolute and exact Jus
t e for all there will be times when an
apparent njustice is done to some And
i coming to that destination expressed
j n a perfect system there will be rea
uns and Instances where hardship will
uily fall
It Is not the purpose of the Republt
iln majority in congress to discriminate
against anyone The purpose of the
authors of that law is to move forward
t < > an Intelligent and uniform revenue
yst in for the nation one that rests on
t he broad and approved principle of
protection and that makes for the pros
pfty j of all the people One step has
n > n taken The general advance may
to > retarded or abandoned entirely by
iIP illadvisec action of insurgent clti
7ii But If the nation shall have the
patience to trust the leaders and doubt
the noisy disturbers within the ranks
there will bf in the end just what Sec
tary MacVeagh promisedan estab
1 hed system that will be of benefit to
ill and hardship to noneand thai will
i ruvlde in the most nearly perfect way
> 1 the revenues that are required for
pit t conduct of the greatest government
on earth
Patrick Henry you remember told
tiobf Virginia burgesses The war is
no liable And let it come I repeat it
let it come
They tried to howl him down but the
ir did come and he came out of it in
> tu r tape than the fellows who didnt
MU u hear him
Nov we are assured by the insurgent
> r t3 that there ia going to be war in
the Sixtyfirst congress ttt t the friends
uf LaFoltette and of CMfhiiln and of
F wler will make a whole lot oY trouble
with the leaders of the Republican par
ty in the present session
All right Let em Just open OM
liKr i and let them amy with their
homos and their h < tebets Let them
have every opportunity In the world to
make good their promises to take over
tbe conduct ot the nation
There will be a very pretty conflict
short and sweet and then the Insur
gents will find themselves just where
old John W Forney found himself a
go > i many year ago where Sumner
and Greeley found themselves after they
tad obscured their glorious record With
a record not so flue They will find
leinselves with suph men as Teller and
oakling and Pa mermen who have
been useful in the Republican party
and therefore in the nation and who
have lost their standing because of an
ambition that nothing less than im
perial dominance would have satisfied
Tt ia by no means a new thing In
surgents we have with us always And
when this latest group Of the species
hall have put themselves in the place
where in self respect they can do nothing
hut go home and cuss the majority
there will be a general reduction of the
tariff without them along the very lines
now contemplated by the leaders of the
partythe men who will continue to be
aders And all the nation will be sat
oh yes Let the war begin The peo
pr > who bring it on are the only ones in
any serious danger
From the beginning The HeraldRe
publican has jld to the belief that
judgment should be suspended in the
ease of Dr Cook and Commander
1uary and that not until the final ver
dict is renderedwould it be fair to ex
t Tess an opinion as to whether either or
both of them reached the north pole
Hut Dr Cook makes it increasingly
tiilieult to maintain that attitude He
is in such constant fire of criticism such
overwhelmingly cumulative evidence
against him and himself gives so many
reasons to doubt the honesty of his po
sition that one cannot but revert in
thought to the manifest inifrobability of
his story and fear that he has been
trying arU that in the basest and most
sordid wry to dfCIe the world I I
Against tm statement of half a dozen I I
reputable men stands nothing hut his
own word the he reached the summit j I
of Mount McKinley And one is bound
to concede that he does not look well In
that matter
Then here is the statement of a sea
captain who provided Dr Cook with
calculations that manifestly have been
drawn upon by the doctor In his lec
tures and have been used by him in
backing his assertion that he reached
the pole
And last of all he hides himself at a
time when he can have had no motive
that a frank and honest man might as
sign and when the very fact of his dis
appearance makes for disbelief in the
verity of his claim
Add to that the fact that from the day
he returned to the United States Dr
Cook has been coining money with hla
lectures that he began it swiftly at the
moment when it promised most returns
and quit it at the very time when dOn
Unuance was dangerous And you have
the materials of a probable case of
measureless deception
Against it stands nothing but the un
supported assertion of the doctor him
self It is hie word against his record his
word against the probabilities of the
case his word against the word of men
u credible as himself and with far less
motive for their statement than hi has
for his
Let us hope the people at Copenhagen
will not long delay their verdict in the
matter They are wise men over there
They know the value of the evidence
submitted They are not likely to be
It is a serious thing to claim to have
reached the north pole It is a still
more serious thing to make that claim
when it is not true And if there be any
thing more impressive it is the fact that
fair and thinking people cannot escape
the fear tbat Doctor Cook has lied
The reply brief of the Commercial club
traffic bureau for fair freight rates in
Utah is before us Also and that is
more to the pointit Is before the inter
state commerce commission the federal
body which will decide whether Utah
shall get relief from the greet railroad
companies or the discrimination that
has existed against the people of this
state shall go on uninterrupted
The argument is the joint product of
Mr C C Dey and Mr S H Babcook
and we believe it Trill be regarded as a
very convincing document It ie a sum
mingup of the case for the prosecution
a digest of the reasons believed to war
rant favorable action by the commis
sion and just enough of reference to
the briefs of the defendants to show that
the traffic bureaus counsel has weighed
the opposing argument and found the
The whole case of Utah ie summed up
In the following
L That the rates complained of are
unjust and unreasonable taking into
consideration the public interests as well
as the Interest of the carriers
2 That the preference In favor of
San Francisco is undue and the dis
crimination against Utah common
points Is unjust between Chios go Mis
sissippi river and Missouri river rate
territories and Utah common points in
both directions
And here is Just a sample of the ar
gument which seems to sustain that po
The preference In favor of San Fran
cisco in fact is undue and the dis
crimination against Utah in fact te
unjust because of eight hundred mHea
of intervening distance and much less
cost of service and fucther because the
Ban Francisco rates are now reason
able or approximately so and just and
reasonable rates for Utah common
points should be lea a
Separate and independent of any re
lation to San Francisco rates the rates
we complain of are relatively and per ge
clearly unjust and i reaaonmle fUr the
extent and valiw at the service per
That may not look good to counsel for
the railroad companies but to the aver
age citizen it seems a logical and plain
statement of a fact which even one of
the people can understand
A happy phase of the case is
that the traffic bureaus agents have
at no time contended for any
thing less than profitable carrying
charges for the railroad oompanlog
They have never demanded anything
less than the railroad conipanlB con
give and still retain a reasonable profit
And on the broad plane of fairness and
equity they have asked that Utah have
the benefit of a reduction which shall
give the people here fair freight rates
So much depends on the favorable de
cision of the commission that we are
very glad to commend the thorough in
telligent and workmanlike manner
which has marked the presenting of this
case Messrs Dey and Babcock have de
served success And even if they shall
fall which IB not likelythey will de
serve the warmest of commendation
because they have worked fairly even
to the Interests opposed to them
There is something heroic in the ath
tion of Mr Crocker the millionaire who
died recently in New York and left k
million dollars to pay for a battle
against cancer His own life was de
stroyed by the ravages of that terrible
disease as was that of his wife who
preceded him some years The man
couW not save himself but he made
provision so that if science can find the
weapon with which to combat the mal
ady it will be combatted
There is the moat merciless the most
savage the most relentlessly cruel of all
the ills that flesh is heir to There is
no other infliction so inescapably and
revoltingly terrible It possesses a very
demond of malignity seeming sen
sient purpose to search out the most del
Icate tissues and destroy them a den
ote determination to bring the sufferer
to the very verge of death and hold him
there through endless days and inter
minable nights of burning racking
hopeless inallelvable pain
So often its victims are women So
often it strikes at the very fountain I
head of life and creeps along the tender i
fibres that are so exquisitely attuned to
all sensation And there is men a
stealthy advance suoh a crafty escape I
from detection and cure Not the keen
est blade can search out the reaching t1
tentacle of its torture Not the wisest
surgeon can follow the secret pathways
of its perilous progress No medicine
can arrest its poisoning No power can
dull its fangs No sedative oan lull to
painlessness the quivering membranes
and the solid flesh that has felt the bit I
ing I of a cancer I r
If in the goodness of God there hides
In all the earth a cure for that curse of I
all the curses let those who have hearts
pry that it may be found And let the
blsinga of those who have suffered i
either In their own person or that of one
they lovod follow the man who has
made the study possible In the name I paq
of a Creator of Mercies let that mercy I
be revealed I m
Over at Theodore in the eastern part
of Wasatch county the Duchesne Rec Cill
ord is working for the section that sur
rounds It There fa a valuable factor in
the task of transforming the old Indian
reservation into a region of farms and
of helping to subdue all the rest of the
splendid country from the Wasatch
mountains to the Colorado line
There is the work of most value for
the country newspaper It Is the work
of most Importance for all the people of
the state There Is much good country
in the reaches east of the mountains
and every Utah man owes it to himself S
to the people who planted the state to
the thousands who are certainly going
to have their homes here throughout the
future to make the nation understand
the advantages of a residence in Utah
Spread it before tho readers Gather
and print the facts and the arguments
Spread the truth before readers In every
state of the great republic Convince
thinking and worthy and desirable men
that Utah has the best of offerings for
newcomers Bring them west and help
make homes on the land
And the people of this region in which
such papers ag the Record are printed
can find no better investment than to
aid the publishers in making an effec
tive fight for Utahs share in the growth I
and population of the west Every foot
of every state this side of the Rockies I
Is better for the earnest citizen than he
can find in the crowded sections of the I
east But of all the land there Is none
more sure of advance more profitable
for the pioneer them this which we call
the state of Utah
The Cheyenne Tribune says that a
colored man an evangelist is billed to
conduct a series of meetings in that
wild and woolly town and that the bur
den of his song will be There is a
worse place than hell And the Trib I
une is amiable enough to add that the
evangelist comes straight from Salt
But the Tribune is mistaken in its
clever suggestion that Salt Lake is the
other name of the place which will form
the topic of the reverend gentlemans
Also It underrates the courage and de
votion of the evangelist That man is
going where he Is most needed And he
hurries from Salt Lake where all the
sinners have been called to repentance
and establishes his engines of sins de
struction in the citadel most greatly in
need of salvation
He went from Salt Lake to Cheyenne
Congressman Mann wants a law safe
guarding the water power of the coun
try and compelling everyone who develops
velops it to give the government free
use of all the power it may happen to
need That is not a good measure The
government is able to pay for what it
gets and a provision of that sort would
be tI limitation of the capacity of any
enterprise Take ears of the water
power Thats all right But give fair
play to the man who transforms an
Idle stream into a beneficent agency for
the service of the people I I
Twentytwo per cent of the Yale stu
dent prefer walking to any other meth
od of athletics And they are right It
is theaaatural way for developing the
bodynd it is unfortunate that so
small a percentage of the students at
New Haven have not been convinced
Of course the advertisements are the
best part of the paper today Read
them and you will believe what we have
been telling you There has not in many
years been so good a time to buy goods
and that is true no matter what you
may happen to buy
And at the same time all good citi I
zens will be glad that the sheriffs office
has been able to capture the tall and
the short burglar even If the city police
were unable to do It Now let the good
work of making robbery unfashionable
go on
Senator Cummins IB going to try for
the enactment of a new Interstate com 1
merce Wwr We will tell him whether it
Is needed when we have road the de
cision of the commission in the matter I
of fair freight rates for Utah I
One of the sanest papers in the coun
try Is called the Voter and it is pub
lished in Chicago It is laboring for a
cleaner and a higher grade of citizen
ship and ie I making money In Chicago
Arent some of the school districts to
the south just a trifle inclined to quar
rel Is there any object to be attained
which warrants the constant conten
tions at the lower end of the county
Which is It Do the slaughterhouee
men and the milk purveyors need re
formation or do the health officers need
a press agent
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them on your letters to England
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ltlr It Itfij K1 ESTE 1P1AR1u
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11 ITH
I > 3B TBD
Notice to Contractors
ceived at the county clerks offiCe until
12 oclock m on Monday the 2 > tn day of
December 1801 for the construction of A
steel balcony in the clerks oific Pi r
and specifications can he ixanmu 1 at the
clerU office Th ° right IB i rtt ived to
rep ot any and all bid
By order of the b < ar a of scurry com
mission <
I Seal Count C leek

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