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The InterMountain Republican
Bet Feb 12 1906
The Salt Lake Herald
Est June 6 1870
Only Republican DailY Newspaper In
Salt Lake City Utah
Terms of Subscription
cents one year JS60
SEMI WEEKLY In advance One
year 150 six months 76 eents
Subscribers wishing addree of paper
changed must give former as wall as
present address
All papers are continued until explleU
order Is received to discontinue All ar
rearages must be paM In every case
One time not many years ago a
battle girl wu sick in a Chicago hos
pital She had money enough to buy
everything she needed but she didnt
know a soul In Chicago Rod no one
else came to visit her She nearly went
mad with the loneaomenew of it And
when she got well she moved to New
York and organised a little circle of
hterup staters WHOM special mls
fiOI1 in life was to take care of con
They find many people preferably
oung people who have been Jll and
aie getting better and they write to
tnem They drop a little pressed flower
into every one of these cheerup notes
And the good they have done ha sim
ply overwhelmed them with a mission
They began with the purpose of glv
ng nothing or doing nothing that
meant a money outlay They were
going to show that the moat accepta
ble service in the world was that which
lost nothing and could be rendered by
any one They have established that
fait But then some rich people have
Stoered the value of that sort of
girl and the CheerUp society has been
luade the recipient of much money
With it they have taken convalescents
on auto rides and on steamers that just
utter around in the lower bay and
hunt for fresh air and sunshine and
Jollity Now they have money enough
to build a twentystory building which
shall be devoted to a convalescents
home Every patient will have a pri
xate room No one need pay unless
nble to do so The penniless child get
tng over the ravages of fever and In
need of being cheered up will be taken
lust as promptly ae the child of people
11 comfortable circumstances And
rjulcker because the latter would prob
ably be provided for in some other
That goes to show that there is good
ness in the world Those little notes
t < > the sick child the pressed flowers in
every one of them the activity which
results in providing happiness for
> oungsters just struggling back from
the brink of the Valley of the Shadow
all that is a blessed evidence of kind
liness of heart and the wisdom that is
expressed in service
Pretty good old world after all
Iu the curient number of the Carbon
< unity News Is a brief report of a re
< < nt trip through the Grand Canyon of
the Colorado from Green River Wy
oming to the Needles in California
The trip was made at the expense of a I
Mr Stone of Columbus Ohio and four
inon composed the party They had
tlireo boats aurt saved all of them One
in < ii Mr S So Dubendorf o Myton
Ttah reports the perfectly successful
irrigation of the wonderful stream
1itt they took two thousand views of
t > canyon shot six hundred rapids
rul found five that they didnt dare
t1 They were sixtyfive days in ac
t travel
Their story will be wonderfully In
listing when taken up in connection
xMtij the report made by Captain
Prwell who made the trip just forty
vMrs ago
But not every one can make that
trip There will be a better way when
tie men who own and build railroad
i > en the line from Marysvale south to
t hI canyon or from some point on the
Pi it Lake Route to the same destlna
tin Between the settled portions of
T ran and the Grand Canyon there la a
rglon of marvelous wealth There is
railroad and
1Om enough for one good
tie first to go there will reap a har
s i st of magical riches And when that
tiiiio comes the mar vela Mr Cooks
party found at the expense of months
if labor and danger will be accom
plished in A few hours And the most
amazing portions of the canyon will
be revealed to the eys of fifty thou
sand tourists every year
And that fifty thousand will go
through Utah
Here comes the annual report of the
United States Indian school at Carlisle
Pennsylvania And it Is a very in
Cresting human document
Daring its history the Carlisle school
ts sent more than four thousand edu
cated Indians into tlw world Some of
them > of course have gone back to the
ravage methods of their ancestors And
we are reminded by Superintendent
Frifdmans report that some white men
graduate from the best colleges and
then make abject failure of their lives
Put other thousands of the Indians
81 ix accounted for in gainful occupa
tions in homes of their own in all sorts
of trades and government employ and
the authorities are trying to follow th
areer of every graduate so that
nite facts nay be known as to the use
these wards of the nation make of their
Some ytats ago an attempt was
ti enlist Indians for service in the regu
ular army and keep them in separate
commands Tehe practice was aban
doned and While Indians now are en
listed they are mustered Into the al
ready established companies with the
white troop And they make pretty
good soldiers
There was onco a notion that Indian
girls returned to their tribes after
education at the government schools
like Carlisle sank to depths o f depravi
ty far more hopeless than that of their
sisters who never left the tribe
And yet human nature seems fairly
alike everywhere Surely these young
people aft better off with the education
they receive 13ven if some of them do
make shipwreck of life and of oppor
tunity there is a balance to the credit
of the government and of humanity if
even a few of them rise to the height
of their possIbilitIes
And here is the reeord that very many
of them do so
Now and again the editor of the Se
vier Valley Sun drops into moralizing
just as our old friend Mr Silas Wegg
used to drop into poetry And here le
the partial result of one of the Sun
mans ruminations
Why is it that it is so much easier to
do wrong than to do right Why is it
that those things that are of no value
in this life are the easiest to acquire
Why is that the rank and poisonous
weed flourishes without cultivation
Why is it that we can commit to mem
ory a comic song in five minutes while
it requires us three Months to do the
same with a chapter of scripture Why
is it that we always get a grease spot
on a new pair of pants while we wear
the old pair a year without a stain
Why is it that our bread always falls
butterside down
Why is it that awkward and illlook
Lag people are always untidy in their
dress Why are the moral and the good
punished while the immoral and the
bad live on the fat of the land and have
generally a good time Why does a
man with money make all kinds of
other money while those without can
not even get a start a stake of a single
It Is curious that an editor particu
larly an editor in the Sevler valley
should be pussled for an answer to
these questions It will be remem
bered that the wise man has said
The rain falls gently on the just mans
And on Tom Kearns more gently still
Also with a little paraphrasing it
will be recalled by the Sun man that
Rudyard Kipling has stated the case
in the following beautiful lines dedi
cated to the recent Danny Deover
What are us poor men sufferln fort
said FilesonParade
To try you out to try you out the
Color Sergeant said
What makes the Good Lord punish us
said FileeonParade
To see if you will stand the gaff the
Color Sergeant said
To be sung in a bass tone to slow
But why should even a good man
want all the beat of it 7 He goes
through the world with a character
seasoned with industry glorified with
sacrifice and emblazoned with hope
The easyrich have no such happiness
All they have is what they get as they
go along
And it shouldnt be forgotten that
the same rule applies to weeds Dont
you know there is more fertilising
quality in a bale of weeds than In a
whole stack of wheat straw or flower
Hume Things that are useful as they
labor things that add to the worlds
wealth of happiness accomplish their
mission Things that do nothing but
cumber the earth are worth their
weight in mining stocks when they
come to die It is then they begin to I
serve And then it Is too late for them i
to see how much good they are doing i
So that we can think of a number of
men who will be useful some time even
h they are not so now And the only
regret we feel Is that we cannot name
the date of the beginning of their ser
There are some hopeful signs of new
life in Russia The American consul
general at Moscow sends the following
statement to the government at Wash
Kherson a city of 60009 inhabitants
according to the last census is situated
close by
near the mouth of the Dnieper
the Black sea The mayor writes that
they desire to negotiate a loan of 4600
000 to SWOOW rubles JS000000 to 2
675000 for a period of fortynine
years at 5 per cent per anum It will
be used for the following purposes
Drainage system 426000 waterworks II
325000 electric trams 140000 seven
school buildings JllSfrW rebuilding
workhouse and municipal buildings po
lice stations city pawnshops slaughter
house street paving training school
hospital tot infectious diseases etc The
I revenue of the city for the past five
years has amounted to approximately
250000 per year
We do not reprint the data with any
intention of raising the loan here in
Salt Lake but because It indicates a
progressive spirit in a people who have
discouraged the whole world for ages
past with their absolute refusal to
catch step with the civilization of
If they are really ready and willing
to spend money for schools and sewers
and waterworks and electric lights and
street paving and hospitals there is
hope in the land of the czar
They will raise that money The se
curity is ample and the interest is
high With less inducement three na
tions have been Quarrelling for a share i
in the Chinese loan And when the
Russians have lived fifty years under
their new surroundings subject to
those uplifting influences tley will
never again be the spiritless creatures
who rave like maniacs and die like
martyrs Never again will they go to
Manchuria and give up battles instead
of fighting Never again after Kher
son proves the better way will sailors
at Sevastapol capture the imperial
fleet and then weakly yield it up again
The new system will make A new na
tion of the Russians
But what particular American genius
has escaped this country and spread
the rejuvenating magic of his enterprise
along the shores of the Black sea
They say that Reverend Newell
Dwight Hlllis pastor of Plymouth
church in Brooklyn has a hundred thou
sand dollars in money And he is a
Also they say that If he hadnt been
i afraid of riches he would be a mil
lionaire And still he Is a preacher
This is he way it happened
Some years ago Mr Hlllis bought a
little islatd up bj Prince Edward isl
and and last summer he found it was
nothing more nor less than a coal feet
It had more anthracite within its I
shore line than some whole states pos W4
sess There were miles of coal east
and west and hundreds of feet straight I I
up and down and it was worth mil
lions So that he sat down and shiv
ered In the imminent deadly fear ol
riches and then sold it as fast as he I
could to a couple of rich men who be
longed to his congregation
And then he got over his shivers
That may be the eastern way of
preachers But out here whenever a
minister of the gospel has a chance to
make a million dollars he always
makes It
Only up t o date none of them have
stood face to face with the chance
If there is any man in the world who t111
has been cussed harder and oftener
than the one who brought over the I
English sparrow it is the man who
brought over the German carp And
yet an eastern cook has dicoveretl a
way of utilizing the fish from the
vaterland And If the new plan proves
have I
successful the maledictions that
heretofore rested on the importer of
the original carp will be turned to
He says that the best way that has II
been discovered for cooking carp Is
Get a plank of wood such as is used I
for planking shad a soft but tough I P
and fibrous wood like basswood pre
ferred Clean the carp thoroughly in
cold water Split it through the back i
and spread it out on the plank cover
Ing it with plenty of seasoning In thc
way of salt and pepper Place the fish
on the plank in a slow oven and bake
for at least three hours Smother It
with melted butter and then when
ready for serving throw the fish away
and eat the plank
This new recipe comes with especial
value to the people of Utah since It
has recently been discovered that the
upper waters of the Bear the Weber
and the Provo are lined with an Inex
haustible supply of quaking asp which
Is recognized as one of the softest
woods that ever wore bark
Now all we need is the oven and the
The government gives seventy thou
sand pounds of chewing tobacco to the
sailors In the American navy every
year And a proportionately larger
amount to the soldiers
The tobacco represents half a dollar
a pound
The yearly tobacco bill for the army
and navy which Is In addition to all
other compensations of pay food and
medical attendance will amount to
over a hundred thousand dollars
It Is believed that the government
could make a better Investment with
that money by teaching soldiers and
sailors something of more value than
the mastication of the weed
Zelaya may whip Estrada and his
soldiers if he wants toand can But
he better not be rude to any of those
marines A repetition of the Cannon
and Groce incident would plant the
stars and stripes all the way from
Bluefields to Managua
If King Leopold the dead game
sport he has been represented he will
not object to die His milk has been
pretty near all cream and he has had
the freedom of the dairy for a very
long time
Well after all the Canyon Crest t
farm enterprise was not a failure No
sincere effort cf good women for the
betterment of boys can be called a
failure whatever Its outcome may be
Salt Lakes Santa Claus says that no
mother and three children need live In
a coal shed And the spirit which
prompts that sort of relief isnt confined
to the Christmas season either
Heres long life to Christopher Diehl
the oldest Masonic secretary He has
met every one on the level and has
parted with them on the square
What Is the good of being the official
contractor for the city If the forfeiture
clause is going to be enforced
The fastest train in the world Is a
I pretty slow train when it Is wrecked
Jerome S McWade the Duluth million
aire collector said at a dinner apropos
of the HudsonFulton celebration
These celebrations It is true are of
great financial advantage to a city but
It Is false to say that purely selfish mo
tives underlie them It Is false to com
pare a city giving a HudsonFulton celo
building Pike i
iration with the cairn J
county farmer Pike county is the ston
est one In the world Stones and rattle
snakes that is Pike And the farmer I =
allude to said to me one day
Never tolt yee Mr McWade how I
rid my farm o stones did 11 Wall an
Idear struck me wunst end I gathered up
a few stones in a bad field made a little
pile on em near the road and tuck up
a sign readln Cairn in memory of Lin
coln Wall the Wear caught on by gee
Every blasted hunter and fisher that
druv past climbed out and piously added
a few stones to my calm And when that
there field was all stoned by gee I
started a new cairn in the next field and
moved my sign over to It There aint a
stone on the farm today Mr McWade
exceptln them there big cairns There
aint a farmer in Pike county nuther
thats done his duty to his countrys he
roes by gee like I have with all them
monuments of mine
What matter that his crippled feet
About his room scarce carry hIm
His spirit finds adventures meet
In Fez FaahodR Suakim
lots can his world seem small and bare I
When his brown eyed so kind yet keen
May welcome friends from here and there
And Me in them what they have seen
When summer seethes in his confines
He dreams of woodlands cool and dim
I He strolls in Dantes haunts the pines
Of San Vitals sing to him
And yet at times when hours creep by
Measured by couch and crutch and
His cloistered body seems to ery
For the free world of Otherwhere
Ah some day when 1HI shall have drawn
The final Ineffectual breath
He will set out across the dawn
On that great Journey men call death
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