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Well Known Globe Trotter
Tells His Experience in
Boer War
Cooper enthusiasts In Salt Lake
gained yesterday an Interesting con
vert to the new cult In L K Kilkenny
Boldler excowboy and globe trotter
who is stopping at the Lenox hotel
hue L K Kilkenny is the general
manager ol the Millar Publishing com
p < ui > and is well known in Los Ange
Its bail Francisco and Seattle whtrt
the company has orhcet Probably no
one has had a more interesting lite
than Mr Kilkenny who in his years ot
Hioue tiatung hd met exciting adven
tureS in most ot the iittle known cor
zrs ot the tarih
Duung the Boer war Mr Kilkenny
tlltU in the Transvaal had an expe
rt me which has now resulted in his
bung among the most enthusiastic fol
iovvcts of the new medical cult
I came out ot the trouble in the
liutisvaal without a scratch said Mr
Kilkenny last night J was through it
aJlthe long tramps sometimes all day
vithout a bite to eat the fighting the
turagmg expeditions We used to have
great uppers around the campfires
bmitimes and stuff like kids at
Thanksgiving Those were great times
S As I said I didnt get a scratch
the war but I got back to London with
the worst case of catarrhal inflamma
tion of the stomach on record Any
Way it seemed that way to me I
touldnt enjoy a mouthful I ate Food
instead of digesting fermented in my
etoiruuh and formed gas causing ex
t riu Kiting pains after eating I began
to have blinding headaches and life
S 1 < oked like a hard job at poor pay
S I tip the scales now at 307 pounds I
guis there Isnt a larger man in Salt
Lake today and I know there isnt a
htalthur one But fifteen months ago
i Was literally starving My stomach
Lad got so it wouldnt retain a bite of
iuiJ S and I was almost a skeleton I
tuuldnt sleep and was getting worse
cviry day A number of physicians
touted 1 me but couldnt seem to do any
permanent good
Then I came to New York and
there I met this Cooper He had New
Yk wild over his ideas and I had
uiuut lost faith in the old medical
tiu ones Well of course I wasnt
cured in a night but what that man
tiu j for me was almost as miraculous
I took his treatment and in a few
vnks I was almost my old self I
event had any relapses since and I
i I is well as I did when I was a boy
I < an eat anything I want to without a
lt of discomfort and as I said there
int a healthier man in Salt Lake
MY explanation of my success in I
ti eating cases like Mr Kilkennys is
simple said the Cooper stomach
man when interviewed at his head
quarters at Smiths Busy Corner
dim store The stomach is the vital
Iint in the human body Unless food
j turned into good rich blood the
vholt ystem will go wrong When a
TI Iill I has a mass of halfdecayed food
Ting in a stomach that cant dispose of
if h has n poison factory going right
ire it will do the most harm He is
I 1 unit to be sick
I have made a specialty of stomach
t > ubles My treatment simply tones
u I i the stomach changes it from a
qfft > dup sluggish worn out organ
1i ti a healthy vigorous one Nature
d i S S the rest A healthy stomach means
k IJ healthy blood properly nour
ili il nerves < wellfed muscles vigor
rii nn and enjoyment of life
Ai tirles of the Union Assay office
Wtr filed with the county clerk yes
tfidav showing a capital stock of 10
i < > m dollar shares The company
t keq over the Union Assay office at
i fouth West Temple street Offi
fts ao M S Hanauer president
J Y Sadler vice president and treas
< < 1 i i A Selby secretary these also
instituting the board of directors
Tic Utah Metal Mining company filed
a > p ot Its articles of incorporation
iv MI I it i the ecretary of state yesterday
U LS i qualifying to do business in Utah
ii t company is incorporated under the
las ot > Maine with headquarters at
jxuirr Me and has a capital stock of
S HI Hio A L Hoppaugh of Salt
l iivc is named as the Utah agent
Tp ocuipany takes over the Bingham
Mtdl Mining company at a valuation
< iOiooo the Bingham Central Min
fig company for 1500000 and the
1 III gila 111 Standard Copper Mining com
Iiiiv for 1500000 Walter B Farmer
iS r < fM4Mit and H P Clark is secre
try o f tho company
liio Virgin Valley Reclamation com
p i filed articles with the county
i ik yettrday The company has a
t pit < l I stock of 500000 400000 of
vii I 11 is profned stock at 10 a
s itc awl is held as treasury stock
nni 10000 slMiPs of common stock
ri I 1 iafh fullv subscribed Officers
nt J W Iml Y president DT Wll
h mi1 vce pit Mdont N T Porter sec
riinv and treasurer These are di
r < noi with Kudolph Konold J T
TMIIB m I > KIM P W Moffat George M
no if William Spry George W Mid
iMon John I Sevy and H F Button
WaL r rights tnd several thousand
an of landnoir Virgin City are taken
in fail payment of the capital stock
TK Yosemite Mines company or
iizp < i in Main and with bead of
fK P at Portland filed a copy of Its
srJ1ei i of orporatioii with the see
r tus of elate yesterday and named
ii IrPelt of Salt Lake as the Utah
ni > lit The company has a capital
f J niioOOO lames F Graves Is prs
ikit and George E Davis is seers
Fnding it without the help of
I t < Want ails takes too long I
This is i an intore tme issue l for
pd ntri ran 1 all elft buyers 1
should be watchers of the ads
+ I
t Highly Efficient
i Formula
t loNG AV03IBS O
X Coming from a source of un
X questioned authority on the ail 2
X ments of men it is presumed to i
A be infallible while the prolession 5
4i generally endorse the Ingredients 2
and prescribe them m many dit jj
terent forms ol various disease A
So The following formula Is highly y
Q efficient in quickly restoring In 4
< > nervous exhaustion melancholia O
4 anxiety timidity in venturing O
> dizziness heart palpitation
> tremoling limbs insomnia thin
s > new cold extremities tiredall x
v in feeling and general inability < j
G to do those natural and rational
T acts upon which depends a mans 5
< >
I success and happiness in social T
tv and everyday life 2
I The instructions for mixing at 2J
I A home secretly so that no embar A
rasment may be felt are as fol
4 lows First get three ounces of
9 syrup sarsaparilla compound and < >
< i > one ounce compound fluid balm
4 wort mix and let stand two 4
S hours Then add one ounce com 4
e pound essence cardiol and one >
j ounce tincture cadornene corn v
2 pound not cardamom and mix Y
T all together The directions are T
Y to take one teaspoonful after Jj
T each meal and one when retiring 2
A until bounding health and full A
2 strength are restored Even a
O few weeks will witness most A
wonderful results
4 Astonishing nervous force and < >
4 equilibrium follow the treatment 4
v no matter how serious the case 4
4 This contains no opiates what >
I 0 ever and may also be used by >
9 women who suffer with their T
nerves with absolute certainty of
prompt and lasting benefits
The Century Imprint on your printing
Is like the sterling mark on silver it
means the best Century Printing com
pany 5657 Postofnce place
As soon as you determine that
your buying and selling shall
be done to best possible advan
tage you come to be necessa
rily an advertiser and an an
swerer of ads
r IL 1
S Let
Hardings Shoes Decorate
The Christmas Tree
We have a suggestion for each member of the
family a gift that is usefulone that will
be appreciated
Imiles Comfy Slip
pers made of lilKli Like pleturo fur
Krndc felt I with padded trimmed er plain
From tHe bent
ded Innole beautiful felt eeottw foctarj
ly trimmed c l m IH the ewHHirj V I
brown or WIne < fltt fliRt IH nlwRK I
opreelatc14 1r6 to 50 I
Same in menlf
plain I1SII I
125 to 15150 i Kltte IvliI SIlp I
pers fer men all I
For Men colors I
Black 150 125 to 350
IIke picture In tan or
black viaterpredf strong
A new line just received
anil ensy buckle or plain
ceived for the Xmns
top This boot IH just nut
trarte Patent kid
l tlilnfi for the bey to plevr
L or sHede with or
through the unavr and
slush wltkoHt ankle IItrnttH
250 to 500 5125 to 250
Harding She Ca
214 Main Street
The WalkOver Store
i 1 swa I
l > >
t S
Sjrti F S
fiW 2 Sa
Cecoases Xbe vstem
Dispels cos cmd llcces
e ko Coo O
Aete oXxiy cwsAy QS
BesSor l1GWOmw oQGk
ctIotwua fl 04
To del Ws bxeJVca e5cts
aways mv He leu
manufactured by the
one size only regular price 50 < r per bottle
Salt t Lake Theatre D
I Xsr
SCllnhll MatiNee
In the New York and Chicago Mu
sical Success >
75 People Mtly GlrkJS
PricesEvening bOG to 150
Matinee ZC to 1 Seats now selling
Both Phone IM
The Great Calcedo Kens Wafeh tI
Hal Godfrey Metre
A CompMBr WllllaHM
ics Ed A Tucker < <
La Vine Ptrrr White
Lee Millar It C
The Kfnodrome Orpheum Orchestra
Matinee prices lie 2Ec SOe
Nteht nrllPI2ic We I Be
Opposite the Postofflea
Km WeekMatiNees
Wr lH ftHiay HIM XMMM
Sam S and Lee Shuberj
Inc Present
And the Original New
York Company In
H T C l > de Itell
S Seats on sale today
M Third outli St
Imperial Vaudeville
IlH r Ulilltf
Will Eossiters
McLallan Carsons
Scenic Novelty
X ere or the BHrHlBjc af KWMC
Two Shows tonight
Prices Night 10 25 30c matinees
10 2 V
Human Hearts
Prices25 50 75 100
Matinee Saturday all seats
reserved 25 and 50c
Next Week Bernard Daly
iTT 1 jj i o
RIIVEs1 l Salt La
iuMie the son of Mr and Mrs J A
Ft ° MS of this city in his eighteenth
Kiiural services will be held from St
Pll s Enisoouil chapel Fourth South
and Main strts on Friday December
17 it 2 p ni Burial will be In Mt Olivet
< i ntry
JiTlONAt M L street December 15
v iy of pneumonia Richard V Haltqn
uc of Sn Fr uicisfo a mining engi
ii r brother of Dr John H Halton
jllrn t August 8 1871 in Ireland
Pvate funeral services Friday at 11 a
m from thj funeral chapel of Juph Wil
lian Taylor 21 South West T mplo Mrfit
1 t i TH U will bf III Mt Oi t mdn
TLi funeral of Stepheii Staniurd who
lid Tutsday morning at his home 603
Vst South Temple strv et of heart dis
ill be hdtl l
4Ss < aged 77 > today at th
FnretTth wart mttiiifc hiis < crner oft
Eighth West nicl IV t Sn U t r It 2 o lck
Tht body w 11 I llt M e al ttl rest
dnre today i u > < a lie hvura of iJ J
and 130 p ra
Mayor Announces Appoint
ment of Successor to Dr
M R Stewart
As a reward for his faithful work
as assistant health commissioner of
Salt Lake Dr Samuel G Paul was
y terday named by Mayor John S
Bransford to succeed Dr M R Stew
art present commissioner as head of
the department after the first of the
year Dr Paul has been in charge
of the quarantine division of the city
bbard of health and has also had
charge of the work at the emergency
hospital though the city pays 75 a
month to Dr Frank B Steele to at
tend to this work
The appointment of Dr Paul means
a new era for the health department
according to those who have watched
the careless methods in vogue In the
past It is almost certain that F L
Hanslng clerk and Horseless Bill
Marietta chief of the garbage divi
sion will go out with the incoming
of Dr Paul and that a new system will
be started
During the last two years there has
been no end of criticism because of the
lax methods of the board of health
especially as affecting the garbags sys
tem Dr Stewart was again a candi
date for the office but Mayor Brans
ford decided to place Dr Paul at the
head of the department one of the
most important of the several branches
In the citys government
Dr Samuel G Paul is a graduate
of the medical department of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania and worked
in hospitals Philadelphia before re
turning to Salt Lake to take up the
practice medicine He was made as
sistant health commissioner and placed
in charge of the quarantine branch of
the work with the Isolation hospital
as one of the pet annoyances Dr
Paul though a young man Is well
known in Salt Lake and has attained
no small degree of recognition In his
profession He Is known as the lean
long lanky doctor who has done more
than any other man in the citys em
The appointment of Dr Paul as
health commissioner makes the second
announcement of Mayor Bransford in
handing out plums for the heads of
departments The other was that of
Harry Mercer as humane officer to
succeed Dr A S Kendall
With the Bunch of Kids as a head
liner the Mission theatre presents an un
usually strong bill which started last
night and will run for the week The
bill was presented before two large
houses last night and bids fair to estab
lish a record for the dainty new theatre
that will stand for some time to come
The Bunch of Kids have for their
leaders Will J Harris and Harry Rob
inson two young men who have a line of
good comedy that keeps the house roar
ing from the time they come on the stage
until they leave old Uncle Hiram on the
stage alone thinking of the joy of the
children There are six other boys and
girls with Harris and Robinson who can
sing and dance and round out a clever
act S
Howard Missmer William Walnwrlght
and J W Lucier present a fantastic com
edy entitled Mister Stranger which is
a clever bit of novelty acting that took
When it comes to real fancy skating
McLallan and Carson in The Awaken
ing of the Toys show they are premiers
in their line The stage setting is gor
geous and the novelties Introduced prove
Little Edith Haney is really what the
bill says a pocket edition comedienne
Her size appeals at first but that Is soon
forgotten in the clever wit and the new
line of jokes with which she entertains
the crowds
The work of Barney Williams mono
logist and sleight of hand artist is fairly
good Frank KiHlon and Dick Moore have
a clever turn especially in their done
song which brought down the house The
Mission picturesrraph showing the old
story of Nero and the burning of Rome
is particularly good In addition to the
vaudeville attractions the orchestra mu
sic under Professor r Mollerup was
most pleasing
Practically rapacity business Is the rule
each night at the Orpheum this week
The bill appears to be exceptionally pop
ular Even the matinees are unusually
large for the holiday season
The sterling melodramatic sensation
Human Hearts is pleasing the audi
ences at the Colonial this week The play
runs the balance of thee week with the
regular matinee Saturdaf
Bernard Daly In hjs new play Sweet
Innlsfallen will soon appear here Miss
Amy Leslie of the Chicago Journal says
of Mr Daly ax Dan OHara In Joe Mur
phys Kerry Gow Bernard Daly a
cleancut lithe young man with a lovely
falsetto voice played the blacksmith in
Kerry Gow yesterday BO well that it
roused a wonder why he should not be
moved up toward the star house where
the Irish comedians thrive As the black
smith Mr Daly wields the sledge not as
if to the manner born but ke makes his
horseshoe all right and sings betimes
melodiously So says one of the best
known of our dramatic critics Amy Les
lie Mr Daly will appearat the Colonial
all next week
Mr Hopkinson which was booked to
appear at the Shubert theatre hero this
week and was cancelled will be at that
theatre during the week ending New
Years day
In the early days of Fred Baileys
theatrical career he was with one of
the late Charles H Hoyts farcical
comedies His ambitions brought him
many trials and tribulations He was
greatly dissatisfied with the part he
was playing and learning Hoyt was
to produce a new piece wired him as
Charles H Hoyt New York I am
desirous of playing in our new play
Hoyt immediately wired the follow
Fred Bailey Chicago You are alone
In your desires
The Central Grand Concert company i
will appear tonight in Barratt hall
as HIP third numher on the Human Cul
ture Lyceum course Two members of
thlu listmfiruished company V > ave ap
pear pl in Salt Lake before Maximil
ian Dick the violinist will be remem
bered by man thousands of Salt
Lakf > r 1 s the artist who appeared with
Elltji ISoiih Yaw at the tabernacle I
about ten years ago scoring a remark
able success Miss Edith Adams who
as the star of the Schumann Grand
Concert company appeared here about
seven years ago at the Grand theatre I
with Helds band is the cellist On
hat occasion the attendance record fit
the Grand theatre was broken Stand
nef room only wa announced long be
fore tiP rrn < er1 onened Madam Aubie
Pearl Myer and Adolph Knauer ulan
lilt complete an aggregation of no
table artlsts the like of which is not
often assembled in one company
asked of the Boston Consolidated lIn
ing company by George Tsolikos for in
juries received while In the companys
employ on August 10 130 Suit was
filed in the district court yesterday
Tsolikos was a mucker for the mining
company at Bingham and says he was
badly Injured by a cavein for which he
holds the company responsible
H J DININNY city attorney and Ru
dolph AUf city auditor filed their bonds
with the city recorder yesterday The
city attorneys bond is for 5000 with
George W Mover and S K EsllnKer as
sureties The bond of Mr Alff is for
10000 with tho American Surety com
pany as bondsmen
TIlE Rio Grande Lumber company filed
suit in the district court against H S
Frederickson and others demanding
480 as still due on a bill of lumber The
lumber company asks that a judgment
for this mount be entered and that it
be a lien upon Fredericksons property
upon which the Salt Lake Security A
Trust company holds two mortgages
GEORGE FURGARD entered a plea 01
guilty to the charge of burglary when
arraigned before Judge T D Lewis of
the district court yesterday and wa
sentenced to serve four years in the
state prison Furgard broke into room
No 600 in the Kenyon hotel on the night
of December 2 The room was occupied
by C A Perry
PRINCIPALS of the city schools held a
short meeting in the board of education
rooms yesterday the last before the
Christmas holidays Superintendent D
II Christensen made a short talk and
routine business was transacted
J HENZI CO a new art and scenery
painting company in Salt Lake has
been awarded the contract for the deco
rations and art work in the new Louvre
cafe in the HolmesKnox building at
Second South and State streets The
local firm outbid a Chicago competitor
J Henzi > Is president F A Pfejffer
vice president and general manager and
J W Musser is secretary and treasurer
of the new company
THERE will be a setting of equity cases
before Judge C W Morse of the dis
trict court Friday morning at 10 oclock
T J TONNESEN has filed a petition In
bankruptcy in the federal court naming
his assets at 3W in personal property
and his liabilities at 37178
A C BURROWS traveling passenger
agent of the New York Central lines
with headquarters In Denver Colo ar
rived here yesterday on one of his peri
odical visits of inspection Mr Burrows
is expected to remain aboiit three das
before returning to Denver
T J WYCHE division engineer of the
Western Pacific road arrived In Salt
Lake yesterday for a conference with
officials of the road quartered here
THE FUNERAL of Mrs Helen Galla
gher was held at 2 oclock yesterday
afternoon from the home of her
mother Mrs B Parsons 732 South First
West street Rev Charles E Perkins
conducted the funeral services Inter
ment was In Mt Olivet cemetery
THE funeral of Samuel N Lees was held
at 11 oclock yesterday morning at the
funeral parlors of S D Evans 48 South
State street The Rev Charles E Per
kins pMSided Interment was In the
family lot at the City cemetery Lees
who formerly Jived in Salt Lake died
Sunday forenoon in Ely Nev Pneumo
nia was the cause of death
J HARRY YOUNG was arrested by the
sheriffs office yesterday charged with
having neglected the support of his wife
and family Young is said to have loit
ered about the streets as a vagabond
for nearly a month showing little at
tention to prospects of Work and utterly
disregarding his home
TIlE f passenger motor car of the In
ternational Smelting Refining com
pany is expected to arrive in town to
day The car will be used In the place i
of a steam train to carry workmen so
that the former may then be devoted I
exclusively to freight
P L WILLIAMS left yesterday morning
for Ithaca N Y where he will meet
his two sons who are at present attend
ing Cornell university and with them
spend Christmas in New York city Mr
Williams will return in about three
A W RAYBOlLD secretary of the lo
cal lodge of Elks Is the recipient of nu
merous Inquiries concerning the annual
excursion of the Elks to Los Angeles
next February and local Elks ail of
the opinion that more than 1000 excur
sionists will take the trip next year The
following committee has charge of the
affair J W Collins exalted ruler Sec
retary Rayhould E B Irwin F T Col
lins A J Davis and C F Warren
MAJ CHARLES HINE an official of the
department of organisation and meth
ods of the Union Pacific under Julius
Kruttschmltt with headquarters In
Chicago and the author of the recent
change In the Union Pacific system In
the authority of different officials which
permits them to hav general Jurisdic
tion so that officials authorized to han
dle important matters are present at the
more important stations along the lint
at all times arrived here yesterday en
route to the Pacitc coast
MRS J J BROUGHALL one of thq la
dles IP charge of the Christmas bazaar
recently held at St Marks cathedral
under the auspices of the Ladles guild
reports that the sum realized at the ba
zaar wa J1100 The purpose of the ba
zaar was to pay off a debt of 1WO In
curred by the recent renovating and re
painting of the danery of the cathedral
and only 400 of this sum remains to be
THE Salt Lake Symphony orchestra will
hold a rehearsal at M oclock this morir
ing at tho Odeon
J BURDKTTE parole agent for the
state Industrial I school was painfully
Injured vest rdav afternoon ne the
result of a kick from a horse Bur
dettp rcrplxed the blow on the Calf
of his leg I
White Slave Traffic Increasing
but It Is Fostered by Gov
ernments Abroad
Washington Dec 15The white
slave traffic which exists all over the
world is to be suppressed In the United
States as far aspossible and the state
department intends to ask foreign gov
ernments to aid in the movement It is
believed that bills to this effect will be
introduced in the next congress
That the state department will soon
address identical notes to certain Eu
ropean governments with which the
United States has treaties looking to
the suppression of the white slave
traffic is now believed to be certain The
notes though couched in dinlomatie lan I
guage wUl voice a vigorous protest at
the failure of these governments to live j
up to their treaty obligations l in this re
Traffic Increasing
Recent investigations of the white
slave traffic in European countrie and
in several of the larger cities of the
United States notably in New York has j
disclosed a deplorable condition of af
fairs Traffic in white slaves is in
creasing in this country rather than di
minishing as supposed the increase be
ing due in part to the negligence of
foreign governments to comply with the
terms of treaties with the United States
Those treaties provide that the signa
tories would mutually endeavor to sup
press the traffic
For several months agents of the de
partment of commerce and labor have
been in Europe and in large cities of
this country collecting evidence regard
ing the ramifications of the traffic
which will be used to correct the evil
conditions in the United States even if
European nations take no action
According to information just received
in Washington from these agents near
ly every European government betrays
a careless indifference to the traffic and
especially so if it relates to the shipment
of women to this country The agents
state that the traffic would never have
grown to its present appalling propor
tions in America had it not been for the
indifference of immigration officials at
European ports
European immigration officials it is
said in the reports deny that girls of
immature age are enticed over here by
the slave dealers they claim that the
word slave is misused They further
claim that the women are aware of the
life which they are to lead
Delinquency Abroad
The state department however is in
possession of information which leads
it to believe that officials of the Euro
pean governments some of them at
least are in full sympathy with the ne
farious traffic and wink at it It is re
ported that the police departments of
many large continental cities encourage
the trade as a ready and quick method
of getting rid of undesirable women of
the slums
Recent disclosures show that the traf
fic is carried OB on a gigantic scale Pro
curers by hundreds are busy air the time
in Europe while agents of the dealers
are actively at work over here in dis
posing of the women to American cities
This government will finally break up
the white slave traffic as far as the
trade is connected with other countries
Officials at the Ellis island immigration
station and other large ports of entry
receive from time to time information
from the bureau of naturalization and
immigration which it is believed will
soon reduce the immense volume of the
Subject of Diplomacy
Though officials of the state depart
ment refuse to discuss the steps that
are being taken now to end the business
it is known that the matter will soon be
the subject of diplomatic notes between
the United States and European gov
Information received here is to the ef
fect that the headquarters of the white
slave trade is located in Brussels and
that a majority of the women pent here
come from Belgium and France though
a great number are from the southern
countries of Europe particularly Italy
The identity of the kings of the white
slave traffic known to the agents of
the United States government and
those who reside in the United States
will soon be driven out of the country
or prosecuted and imprisoned A close
watch will be kept on the dealers in Eu
rope hereafter and immediate informa
tion of their movements furnished im
migration authorities of American ports
English officials are fully alive to the
great peril and It is understood in
Washington from recent Information re
ceived here that the BrituHi government
intends to keep the evil out of England
as far as possible
4 I
s a
5 5
S 2
S 5
The Duke of Marlborough who is in bad with King Edward while his wife
who was Consuelo Vandorbilt is gaining royal favor The duke is separated from
his wife which accounts for the kings displeasure When King Manuel was in
vested as a knight of the garter by King Edward all the other knights who at
tended the investure were invited to re main for dinner at the castle Marl
borough was not only not invited but was bluntly informed the king did not
desire his presence at the feast
Chicago Dec ISThe Western Golf as
sociation will change its name to the
American Golf association and will make
any organised golf club in North and
South America and islands pertaining
thereto eligible for membership if a re
port of the committee appointed to make
changes In the constitution is adopted oil
January 15
It is believed the amendments will be
Many Friends at Services Conducted
by the Rev P A Simpkin
The funeral of Mrs Karen S Larson
the mother of the wife of Deputy
Sheriff Axel H Steele took place yes
terday from tne Mpele home 925 East
Fifth South it p in
The Jtev p t Simpkin officiated at
the ceremniii s and spoke touchingly
of the life of Mrs Larson A large
number ot rnHhis Of the family were
present cot < l numerous I floral tributes
were reein The pallbearers were
J A Johnm Gus Ling C E Erick
son Nets Koisberg C A Erlckson and
J P Johnson The burial was in Mt
Olivet cemetery
ThIs Is lilt second death In the fam
ily of Mrs sieeie in three months her
father John Iarsoii having passed
away just three months ago
W Turner and H Wood both of
Murray were sUcesful in getting the
Tntract for tie instruction of Second
avenue in Murray The controversy
which has been existing for some time
has been flnh settled The bids
which have been accumulating in the
tmrdeis offlc were ordered opened
at the last session of the council The
bid of Turner uni Wood wa ft88S50
They will begin w rk on the new road
immediately JalJeB Wood city con
tractor at the bnielter city was the
successful biddei for the construction
of the new bridge which is to be in
stalled His bid was for 810
The next monthly meeting of the
Nauvoo Legion will be held Friday
night at k oclock in the presiding
bishops office in the new Administra
tion building at mhleh the nomination
of officers of the association for 1910
will be held
The secretary of the association
William M Brown requests the pres
ence of all members who can possibly

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