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Stomach Man Makes Some
Telling Blows at Modern
Day Methods of Living
The theories of the Cooper stomach
nan and his belief that the stomach
I the keystone of health have aroused
v k uUspreaC comment in Salt Lake City
Vlien interviewed yesterday another
ivoiicr Idea was launched which no
tiuLit will result in still further die
usiun fcuici the stomach man
I have proved in Salt Lake my the
ory that Sa per cent of all chronic ill
iKiilth is caused by stomach trouble
and nothing else People in all walks
iif UCtth > lawyer business man clerk
ana the man who works wltn his hands
they have all come to me since 1
fcuvr been meeting the people of this
tty at Smiths Busy Comer drug
tte Main and Second South streets
and in practically every Instance noth
ing has HuJI the matter with them but
iiomach trouble
Whtt h S the cause Modernday
IYU thods of living The prehistoric man
21 ver had stomach troible nor nerv
ous prostration nor kidney or liver
i mpiHlnt constipation or rheumatism
Why not lUcause he lived simply He
TUS like an animal The relic of the
prehistoric man exists today In the
> Mid man the savage the cannibal
Physically they are exactly like am
liials and they doctor themselves in
tin same way as the beasts If they
fVl anything IB wrong with their bodies
tity do not dose themselves with drugs
Nature great allwise Nature
oaves them into the fields to find heal
iiig roots ant barks Instinct watche
vr the animals and they couldnt live
th life the iviliaed man of today lives
they wanted to
The medicine which I have been
introducing here and which seems to
rA t become so popular is prepared on
dttly that principle It contains
11 tiling but roots barks and herbs
riil it forces Nature to to the real
v rk Although my remedy is primarl
j a stomach treatment it is a tonic
nl general health builder for the
hole 1 system
Continued From Page One
tirdgh the streets shouting for the
1 Ltd States Estrada and the revolution
H > Id in control for years by the strong
T t < 1 of Zelaya the people have been
the restraint when
t iik J to break through
was certain that the dictator could not
sc the till that had risen around
n In th later days Zelaya has re
d to mil known tricks and contriv
S to hl the people of Managua with
Report > of a Kovernment victory at
circulated and
Jna have betn freely
ors trrti a massacre of revolutionists
i i oecurreil were allowed to spread un
longed ind undented It finally ben
known that these were without a
n I
e i 1 of truth and they rebound like
L Imer
deputy and then another
First one
1 k up tlu denunciation of Zelaya
later the public
I 1e chiiinler and
ics and soon throughout the city
inonstrutions were held In which
i > i 1l revolt wa
Lt night however a proZelaya
session Of
ionstr uion marked the
grpss i iMit this had BO effect out
i the valis of the house The ris
than ever
marked todwr
> was more
side nt decided discretion to
c 1 the prsitleuit
the b tt part of valor and wIth
i ew fro i office
Dictators Career
Te Si l > ZElaya ha been In com
T I in 11 I < republic of Nicaragua for
with strong
s l 30 a t > lie ruled a
rd and bus been called the stormy
enifal I America He wallY
V V tl I u e t i 1a
jlviv nl Pot lor his cunning and bray
iiid s remirka too for his
r iity to vnrouiid himself with those
c were Ttiidy to do his bidding As
a nset ern e Kclaya in later year
v s an ri iiilute dictator
11 I ams wealth by taking to him
i a larg percentage of the profits
ill 1t coin ess ions and t > y forming a
1 01 men who aided him in ex
Mig niillions from the people Ze
u b iiK5 to the aristoci cy of
rouriux t 1 He received his educa
1 n in Jni hilt l his success was due
to 1 sword than to the peace
i metbxls 1 f civilisation Zelaya
he i the most
I yen I < dl and as
ted msiTi in South or entral Amerl
t tie t di is that he managed to
< io lHu after making so many
rmjes T Innumerable t attempts have
> n t iime gainst I I his life and in these
stood him
hi bravery has
t It < igfiin1 I
god stLd
A Pupil of Barrios I
Virn 1 comparatively young man
F > iaa tcfln aa agitation against the
i > rnmt and his action became so
lent ti n I he was expelled He went
t iluat nairi then rued by Barrios
j > thfi r Leived the training that
fited 1 hi i i fr his subsequent career
Ti tlie fly of Barrios he obtained
< vicc as after fighting for a num
1 r nf rs he reappeared in his Own
iitry I it tle head of a hand of in
F iixenti I II gathered strength as he
v rd nii 11 1 i final battle won for him
t i preiMcruy
> lay wealth is said to he enor
is 1 11 I own coffee plantations and I
Is on exclusive rights to many
IniliiHtrl fist present revolt in Nica
T crua Vijran early liiM month and
u IP as a clnax of a series of perse
iion inaugurated by Zelaya in
r idi i t i ecution of till Americans
f nrnon ml I nroce < was the most se
r s fa 1
Murder Charge Still Stands
V hlnctrro uc 161w8 of the res
IcMtion of Tisident Zelaya of Nicara
i wa f > I ei II with evident satisfac
11 at L 1 state departmnt and else
r hi 1 < > tiifjht but no comment could
Jd > cii I from any responsible office
ft ai i ation
t ian I s a Ii I with confidence that Ze
L r nation welcosiif as it is has
i 11 n removed him from the at
I lit ft I tL Kovtrnnint Secretary
k x 1 IttT of dismissal to S nor
I Irgu Narauafl i ciiic d affaires
Iy II at 1 the int ntion of the
I hd to hold JZelaya and his cir
I df a i S personally responsible for
klllIJK f Grooe and Cannon and no
1 < 1 lie night believes that Zclayas
t t eInen t niaterially mitigates his per
rd fin I i1 l as < a dfendant before the bar
t which Mr Knox ha rraigneu him
I < htantI r l on the charge oC murder In
t 1 first it
We are nit i asj to notify our pros
jvetive utoi < rs that tify can find n
fln assortment of plaid at No I3i
Piiith State i street where tht Nt vv York
Western Pluno company i holding
eale of shopworn pianos fr tho first
time In three and a half years There
has been no suh i bargains ever offered
to the pihlic in many years
I You cri now buy a HIGH ORANP
PIANO a little shopworn at I the price
of a meliiYt iati > It I will pay you i to
rome in saririe the stok Ktsy
No 130 South State St
A trial f TMrxr HiidsPck chrwin
roKin i = IhI c areurn nt that makes it
popular with i particular people I j
Pin contain the most active agents
known to science for the quick cure of
cough and colds This formula from a
noted physician will frequently cure the
worse cough or cold In a day Mix two
ounces of glycerine half oUnce concen
trated pine compound half pint of good
whiskey shake the bottle each time and
use in doses of a teaspoonful to a table
spoonful every four hours Any druggist
has these ingredients or will quickly get
them Any one can mix them But be
sure to get only Concentrated pine
which comes in half ounce bottles each
enclosed in an airtight case and plainly
Eat anything you want dont starve
yourself fearing it wont agree for Hol
lIters Rode Mountain Tea or Tablets
cleans the bowels and stomach and makes
digestion easy Satisfy yourself by try
Quick climatic changes try strong
constitutions and cause among other
evils nasal catarrh a troublesome and
offensive disease Sneezing snuffling
and difficult breathing and the foul dis
charge into the throat all are ended by
Elys Cream Balm This honest rem
edy contains no cocaine mercury nor
other harmful ingredient The worst
cases yield to treatment in a short time
All druggists 50c
If you prcfere to use an atomizer ask
for Liquid Cream Balm It has all the
good qualities of the solid torn of this
remedy and will rid you of catarrh or
bay fever No cocaine to breed a dread
ful habit No mercury to dry out the
secretion Price The with spraying tube
All druggists or mailed by Ely Bros
M Warren street New York
Where Men and Women Suffer
Both men and women suffer from
overwork and oveworry and so both
may be cured by using the same rem
edy The best remedy for such condi
tions is Sexine Pills no matter how
badly run down or how nervous and
irritable a person may be Sexine Piiis
are guaranteed to restore strength
health and energy Price 1 a box six
boxes for 5 fully guaranteed on the
moneyback plan Address or call F j
Hill Drug Co The Never Substltu
tors corner Second South and West
Temple streets
n T
168 South 748 on Both
Main St r S cott H ar d ware LO Phones
The Great Hardware Christmas Gift Store
I Boxing Gloves Carving Sets
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glove a splendid gift for the j1 4ft fli
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prices from 150 up to 600 a co E h + and bird aetc made by the great Henc
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Cigar Stores A choice
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tion with no obligation
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Ail j WK L v
t1 a S ii I r i
Raw Material Forced Up to
Such High Price That the
Trade Is I Suffering
London Dec ItThe cotton trade Is
once more sultertog < acutely from the
action of American gamblers In the
raw material who foreseeing a short
crop have been able to force up the
price Cotton spinners not only In
Lancashire but In the United States
and on the continent have found that
they carfnot run their mills full lime
profitably and abort time running has
been resorted to By reason of the In
ternational federation of master cotton
spinners this short time movement is
now more general than on previous
casions when Lancashire had to fight
against a cotton corner and the users
of American cotton throughout the
world are making common cause
against the present conditions which
are hampering traite
C W Macara president of the Indus
trial cotton committee at Manchester
yesterday received from the president
of the American Cotton Manufacturers
association a letter stating that the
consumption of cotton in the southern
territory of America at present is 20
per cent less than It was this time last
All Suffering Alike
In an Interview Mr Macara said that
from reports published In the press
the public might judge that Lancashire
was the only cotton center suffering
from depression Nothing could be
more erroneous Every cotton center
was suffering alike and the reason was
that an anticipated short crop of cot
ton and the action of speculators had
advanced the price of raw cotton near
ly 60 per cent and had made the manu
factured article so dear that trade was
restricted to the smallest possible lim
its The question of tariff did not enter
into the subject In any degree Only
by the continuance of shorttime run
ning could the evils at present existing
be averted
A telegram received here from Milan
last night states that as an outcome ot
the understanding with the English cot
ton industry Italian mill owners who
use American raw cotton to the extent
of 3000000 spindles have agreed to shut
down one day weekly during the next
ten weeks A further step towards reg
ulating the cotton output is the forma
tion of a syndicate there with a capi
tal of 800000 which will guarantee
surplus stocks with the banks so as to
reduce by about onehalf the actual
average production of nine pounds per
Popular American Duchess
The Duchess of Marlborough who Is
daily becoming more popular In London
because of her Increasing personal ef
forts to improve the condition of the
poor and especially of the children of
the slums the other day presided at a
meeting at her residence Sunderland
House Cunton street in aid of Dr Bar
nardos homes In an address she said
that It was a terrible fact that every
day the number of unfit and uncared
for children and the percentage of
parents morally and physically inca
pable of providing for their children
was growing to an alarming rate The
answer she thought to those who hold
the opinion that to take away children
from their parents was to undermine
parental authority was that no mother
who was fit to bring them up would vol
untarily give them up
Drink unemployment and the condi
tions of tenement life were to some ex
tent responsible for unfit parents but
the root of the evil lay deeper and to
he speakers mind was the want of
practical and technical education in the
schools Young people were taught to
read and write but the schools were un
able to make them healthy and useful
citizens The apprenticeship system
was dying out and we were now suffer
ing from the effect of being in a transi
tion state for our educational system
had not yet completed the equivalent
for apprenticeship It was the sound
mnrar and physical bringing up of the
children in Dr Barnardos homes and
the practical and technical education
given them that transformed them into
useful citizens
Ancient Colonnade Destroyed
Indignation was aroused among artists
and antiquaries some time ago by the
threatened destruction of the north side
of Bath street Bath with its line
Georgian colonnade in connection
with the rebuiiding of the Grand Pump
Konm hotel It was hoped that the act
of < vandalism had beenaverted but yes
terday morning a firmof local contract
ors acting under orders from the own
ers of the property commenced the
work of demolition
The Royal Institute of British Archi
tects the Society of Antiquaries the
Society for the Protection of Ancient
Buildings and the National Trust for
Places of Historic Interest had all op
posed the destruction In reply to the
criticism the Bath corporation issued
an official statement defending their
proposed action
To diminish the evil of the existing I
con ltion of child slavery in England
the British Constitution association at
its annual conference at Cambridge
proposed that an act be passed by par
liament raising the age fqr leaving the
public schools to 15 for children of both
R H Butcher M P thought it
could be carried out without any se
rious disturbance He mentioned that
of the 180000 children who now left
school between the ages of 13 and 14
only 40000 carried on their education
to some extent in evening schools This
left 140000 who absolutely ceased to
learn anything after the age of 14
There was surely a pathetic irony in
the fact that for a few years in life
when they were least fitted for labor
they had to follow some employment
while for the rest of their lives they
were either unemployed or unemploy
able For the most part indeed these
boys were in the downward grade for
the rest of their existence That wa
an evil so enormous that it was per
f vtiy clear that some remedy for it
tint be adopted
LIl I Darwin also appealed for sonv
liu iuvtnieut in our education system
which would tend to place young men
In a position to earn a livelihood and
furnish an efficient antidote for pau
perism Boys now were turned out into
the world having learned little or noth
nsr and forgetting even the little
knowledge > they had pnine1 In such
ircuuistancep thfy drifrd inevitably tp
unskilled labor and often ended by be
coming both unemployed and unem
ployable She Agreed with a Cambridge
= chonlrna ter who thought that two
fifths of school time should be devoted
to practical work
Reorganized Church of LatterDay
Saints Asked to Pray for Re
covery of JOIeph Smith
Spokane Wash Dec It The local con
gregation of the Reorganized Church of
Latterday Saints has been requested to
devote next Sunday to prayer and fast
ing for the recovery of Joseph Smith the
only surviving son of the Mormon
prophet He is reported to be dan
gerously ill at his home in Independence
Mo and all the churches of that denom
ination are requested to observe the day
of fasting
Independence Mo Dec 16 Joseph
Smith president of the Reorganized
Church of Latterday Saints is not se
riously ill but is suffering from a facial
ailment in the nature of neuralgia with
which he has been afflicted for eight
years He suffers great pain but he per
forms his official duties regularly Presi
dent Smith is 77 years old
PAY OVER 7000000
New York Dec ISThe common stock
of the St Louis San Francisco rail
road recently purchased by B F Yoa
kum and his associates from the Chicago
Rock Island Pacific railroad cost the
buyers 371h a share or in gross amount
Since the Rock Island 5 per cent bonds
issued to make the original purchase of
St Louis San Francisco require their
redemption at 917798267 Wall street
learned today that it had been necessary
for the Rock Island interests to make up
a difference of about 7000000 between
the cost of those bonds and the cash re
ceived for the sale of the Frisco com
mon stock collateral under the bonds
Frederick Greenwood
London Dec Frederick Greenwood
author and journalist tIled today
Inspector Church
Winnipeg Man Dec 16Inspector
Church head of the Royal Northwestern
mounted police at Regina Sask died
Hon Archibald Gordon
London Dec I8The lion Archibald
Gordon son of the Earl of Aberdeen died
today from injuries received in an auto
mobile accident He was born in 1884
Jacob Garrett
Kansas City Dec 16 Jacob Garrett 60
years of age who fought with General
CwsterIn his Indian campaigns and who
was a member of the Kansas cavalry in
the civil war died at his home here to
Last of the Mohicans
Vineland N J Dec IS01d Danny
Deerskin said to be tTTe last remaining
descendant of the famous Imjlan chief
MoMean who once rated the tribe that
inhabited south Jersey is dead Danny
Deerskin claimed to be about 160 years
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Washington Dec 16Samuel D Wil
cox has been appointed rural carrier on
route No2 at Logan Utah
Santa Fe N M Dec 16 Calling out
playfully see mother Its not loaded
the 12yearold eon of Mrs James Mc
Laughlin proprietor of a hotel at Ore
grande Otero county today shit the wo
man through the heart killing her in
Greensboro N C Dec 16 Twelve lives
is the death ton as a result of the wreck
of the Southern Railways RichmondAt
lanta local passenger train which was
derailed and plunged down an embank
ment at Reedy Fork branch yesterday
It is now definitely known that all bodies
have been recovered
Guthrie Okla Dec It Governor
Charles N Haskell left his bed for a
short period today the first time since
he was prostrated by an acute attack of
indigestion Tuesday night He also took
his first nourishment a glass of but
Kansas City Dec 1tThe proposition
to extend the franchise of the Metro
politan Street Car company which now
holds the traction rights of tlie city up
to 1925 twentysix yoarsor 42 years from
the present was defeated at a special
election today by a majority of 7091 < This
was the first election held under the ref
erendum law
Winnipeg Man Doe 16Before f
grain growers convention of the prov
ih I of Miinitoni tfliv Hon George
CaliiweH a 3d an aMrsa in whUh v
flfl11r 11hat 1 t L MtIlrha gcvern
bad luiaunieU oviiiriaiiii of all the grain i
elevators In the province
ET J r 1
Arreat of Casper Cohen Accused of
Robbing United States Malls
Paris Dec 16The police today arrested
named I
ed an American postal employe
Cohen who is accused of having stolen
registered letters from the San Fran
cisco poetofflce Cohen denies the
charges He will be extradited
San Francisco Dec 16A deputy
United States marshal left here several
weeks ago for Paris to take charge of
Casper Cohen the postal clerk who fled
from this city two years ago while under
bail to answer a charge of stealing from
the United States mulls
A worldwide search for him was made
but he was not heard of until he was
located in London several months ago
From there he fled to Parts
Commissioners Select List of Tax
payers to Serve in District
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Provo Dec J6 Following Is a list
of petit jurors drawn for the ensuing
year SantaquID A II Tletjen Nels W
Nelsen John Haladay Samuel R Gush
ing Frank Oreenhaulgh Andrew Ol
sen William B Higglnsen John C
Holman Alfred A Johnson William I
Openshaw John A Ahlin Charles L
Debois John A Johnson John L Open
shaw John Eckersley Isaac B Smith
Andrew Larson William L Hudson
Andrew Lofgran
Goshen George White James Jas
person Charles steel George A Pax
man Hyrum H Page William H Bur
riston John Firth John B Thomas
Ctto Anderson William Jasperson
Isaac Alien
Alberta C E Mulhollen H P Daley
PuysonJaper W Taylor Enoch
Mendenhall Philo Whitman Joseph R
Page Clarence W Fairbanks John
Zerker Charles Craven David P Mc
Dowell Frank F Finlayson John J
KopnU Joseph C McClellan Smith
Tanner R E Stevens Daniel D Moore
John Parker John W Kinder German
Kllsworth riarles E Cloward Joseph
W BU 1ul 1 > Amos J J Scharrer
Thomas E Reece Hyrum Larson
George A Perry C E Willis David
Schiller 1ofrii j S Bills sr Harry S
Tipion H privy Ni bekpr Carl C Chris
tensen lImry J A Huber Samuel E
Tivlor Kdwarl Hlmons George Pat
< ri Thotvns H Wilson John Stehll
Gcots Todd BurtOn H Phelps James
A Daniels Robert Kerr Frederick Wy
BenjaminThomas Richardson Wil
liam J Wall Alpheus Bingham Enoch
Ludlow A H Lundell Nathaniel Lud
low Tliomas E Herbert IlIac Hansen
Alfred undell Perry A Thomas
Lake Shore f GeorK Stewart Joseph
Arlamson Charles Barney John Alt
kin Joseph r Creer
Spanisi Fork 11yi am P Jones Hel
flcr P Johnson Knistus Evansen Paul
Johnson Edwin E Lewis Niel L Gard
ner William G Briggs David A Stone
Joseph Angus Alfred R N Beck Hub
hard Tuttle Oliver W Nelson John P
Johnson Jacob Robertson John Losse
Amlrcw < Ericberg John P Creer John
s nl k il i limiel It ewis John
V < StUin fthert L Hanks Alex
TVM lfC NVjH I Trfv n Nephi T5roail
1iprT Ki i 1 sen JacriVi HinsPn
Muiuiiii I > > Ytiliiiuii sitokcr A
H Vogal Andrew C Dahle Samuel S
H d
Roberts John Ellison John G Morgan
George A Hicks Richard Money John
Fl Brown Lorenao Thomas David
Chapple Alma Cox
TuckerJ E Stevensen Charles
Lindsay John S Ballard
Clinton I Hyrum Spancer
Thistle Joseph Martin John Thor
ColtonPo 8 Wood William F Cal
mer Sprlngyllle Andrew Pierce Philo
Woolf Don C Fuller Joseph Tuckett
Alpheus C Curtis Israel E Clegg W
M Huntington G P Smith John Brls
sell Robert Hatriek N H Packard
Daniel a Crandall N Rockwell Steven
D Johnson H P Alleman S C Whit
taker Mark Reynolds Joseph N Pax
man Amos A Brown Joseph D Bag
ley William A Clark Moses Johnson
Lewis N Sanford Ed W Brown George
R Roylance L S Barrett Josiah
Smith James H Holley Willis R
Johnson Alma H Spafford James
Giles Thomas Mendenhall Gomer Phil
lips J A Thorne William Humphrey
John S Boyer jr Cyrue W Sanford
James B Diamond Jacob A Packard
James Ellis Patrick L Ward Charles
E Bramell J W Curtis L G Metcalf
Moroni Miner G Frank Everet Samuel
Rowland Charles R Ostler William
J Allen
Mapleton A Jolley John H Man
waring John S Averet William I
Clegg B D Fuller J H Lewis Leon
ard A Hill Albert Roundy Silas W
Johnson David R Evans John Men
denhall John Davis William C Holey I
ley William A Worthing Leon Man
waring Edwin H Snow
ProvoWilliam Park Adolph G 01
pen Benjamin Johnson David Kling
Edward Dye Brig Johnson sr Joshua
Howe Ed L Hardln George Bennett
John Bott Jr William Probert Jr
Charles Maw Samuel Rlsbev R R
Irvine Jr Hyrum Ruper Julius Jen
sen Joseph Southwlck John E Ed
wards Sylvester Henline Arthur Buck
ley David Sutton J Leo Hafen J W
Baker Hyrum Hatten William H
Hurst Hyrum Harrison Thomas Leon
ard Myron C Newell Wllllnm T Wfl
hams Nutall Broad nt William J
Burgess Hyrum MIflenhal Frank C
Fuller Thomas Drvberry Frank
HInckley William Meldrum Andrew
Anderberjr Jarres E Smith A K
Farnsworth C W Penrod Charles E
Ton Joseph Clark Tnmes P Wood
George H McKinley Wat r J Wilde
Henry Brown WilllRm Fram Henry
C eatham Isaac B Nelson Christian
Jensen Tars Thorrpson Ben iamln
Shirt Join Richards Oar WilKii 1
Andpw Knndppi T J Massev J W
Godard Tames Fisher Charles K Cook
Joseph W Carter Thoma < > W Gammon
Satnn A RflUev Reed Scott John R
Loveless William H Goodman Samuel
Perry John Riche Walter G Taylor
N C Larsen G A Cluff Jnppb Kirk
wood Frank Tluffln J G Wilkinf
Gporpp V Bpan John r Snow jr
rporsp E HOSP Gporep A Startup
Joseph Jacobs Geor rp M Smith Tes Of I
Knight J M Christensen Philip i
Soeckart J H RoJeflETe Wilfred
PerryRobert Bee James Bullock L
ran G Hnldawv l O F Bpfkstpad D
C Wnld Richard Olsen L A Hoi
brook Rlchnrd Snow Pobfrt Board
man Wilfred F Giles Tliomas Board
man Oof F Kd ° nberK J W Tv < tes
Andrew r 0 prv = dnp Arthur V Tiy
lor lfpn1irnln H Roitprt Oporaf Tav
lot ar Lester Miupiun John J ra
pier Taster A Bird Orson G Bird
Herman Knudsen H W Startup H
G Blum nthHl J X Gulick John T
Tnvlor If E Honelnnd John T Olson
John T Martin M F Ri olh Charles
TV fltirero J luke Villiani rjsliv
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