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T Waltham Watches
1y 1
ID 2
MI t
A Wirnin1
The Waltham Watch Company
i in order lj preserve the reputption of
their watches and in order also to pro
test the people who buy Waltham
Watches hereby warn every one in
tending to buy a good watch Waltham
or any other that it is not sitfe to buy
a watch by catalogue from any of the
J mail order houses
Buy a watch from a jeweler or
watchmakerbecausea professional
watchmaker before he delivers you the
watch you have bought will overhaul
it correct any damage that may have
happened to it see that it is properly
oiled and in short get it running right
and keep it right The retail jewelers
own reputation is at stake when he sells
you a watch
It is very different when you sim
ply order from a catalogue send on the
money and get just a watch
Waltham Watch Company
Waltham Mass
N B When buying a watch
always ask your jeweler for a Waltham
adjusted to temperature and position
Headquarters for WALTHAM WATCHES
By studying the ads you may
be able to complete a larger gift
program than ever before
d t t
j 1 tt <
On Entire Stock of Ladies
Chesterfield Coats
14 Off Regular
Ls I J Price
This includes all imported heavy tweeds
mannish tailored broad cloth coverts
moreens English diagonals cravenette
cheviots etc They are of as superior
character as it is possible to select As
our regular prices are about 20 per cent
lower than you have been accustomed to
paying you can surely realize the bar
gains we are offering
1850 Coats 1385
2250 Coats 1685
2950 Coats 2215
3950 Coats 2965
258 South Main
> > y cJ t
y I
J 0 r r
McCornlck Co yesterday filed sui
in the district court against the Bing
ham Publishing company and T L
Holman to collect 600 on a promissory
note dated April 18 1909 and due ii
one month Holman gave 862 share
of capltiii took of the publishing com
pany to I < lck the note it is I aid an
the banking tinr any asks that this b
sold bj Un sheriff
Removal Salt
Big reductions in wall paper and
framed pictures before moving to our
elegant new store
Shall it be a Watch a
Ringa Bracelet 1
We have all the new things in fine
Jewelrythe snappy and origi
nal designs with that indefinite
touch which is the mark of good
Jewelry There are endless vari
eties of Cuff links and Signet
Rings Brooches and Bracelets
We sell nothing which we do not
guarantee and while this isnt the
only Jewelry Store it is one of
the best ones Your visit will be
rtlJeflR Q
59 East Third So St
Out of the High Rent District
Inward Piles Fullness of the Blood In >
the Head Acidity of the Stomach Nau
sea Heartburn Disgust for Feod Full
ness of Weight In the Stomach Sour
Eructations Sinking or Fluttering of th
Heart Choking or Suffocating Sensa
tions when In a lying posture Dimness
of Vision Dizziness in Rising Suddenly
Dots or Webs before the Sight Fever
and Dull Pain in the Head Deficiency
of Perspiration Yellowness of the Skin
and Eyes Pain In the Side Chest Limbs
and Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning < n
R adways I
It Pills
the Flesh A few doses of
Will fret the system of all the above
named disorders
25c a box At druggists or by mall
Insist having RADWAYS Pills
With best quality belting leather
soles trimmed With the beat manu
factured fur highest grade orna
ments in fact a slipper that
cannot be bettered at any price as
to style fit or service Special at
171 See revolving window dis
play Yours Shoely
118 a Main
A i
These tlnJ CAPSULES are superior
to Balsam of Copaiba
Cubebs Of I InjeclionsamJ Y
the same diseases with
out InconY5fllenoet
Sou ty all drsOplsl
Every Woma
if Interested and honld know
about wvnderfal
Marvel Whirling SprlJ
Ask roar drnggiit foe
It If he cannot apply
the MARVEL accept no
o4bcv bat lead tamp for mil ltkl
trated boekw led It rlTe fullltkl
artleolare aDd dtreetlolll IRninaWe
Wladlea MARVEL C0 44 E 23d St Hew ylil
e For sale by ScbrammJohnson drug stores
and Van Dyke Drug Co Salt Lake City
Obey the Impulse
If you see anything among our
four big specials you wish
Take It
On sale today only at these
prices in the great subway
999 mens sweater coats at 95c value 150
This is the last lot this season
500 dozen mens woolen hose five PAirS for
one dollar regular price 25c and 35c a
100 mens leather and corduroy reversible
coats at 575 values from 750 to
1000 mens flannel shirts at 95c values up
to 250
See show windows XTRAGOOD values
Half block West from Main on
Second South
v c
Christmas Special
As a special inducement to the many shoppers who will
doubtless be making their selection today we will lell a
dandy Wheelbarrow for
This is all iron and the most durable Barrow BM A
regular 100 value
We have an extra large stock of ShooFly and ue going
to offer them today for
75c each
Proportionate discounts on all children vefaieltt prd toys
25 Discount
on all Morris Chairs Turkish Rockers Leather Rockers
and Chairs Music Cabinets Ladies Desks etc
COOp Furniture Co
31333537 South Main Street
Lr3v THE DIAMOND BRAMJ JJH bnl 1M1 T3 Otfloea
ladlett Atlt year UrveeUt for The OlAMt aa Laaet
l Chtcheatera Ulto X Brand
1 Illll la Red and Oold ai aUk R Q DUN co
bates sealed with Blue Ribbon
Take no other Kyr of 3 eer ODORGB KUJT CkmnU v aaaaer
DI1IIAt AokforC IVUUTD I Utah KUho iadR sad M each
4s JeanknMJIestSafatA1bIIabIe I 00Mu ill 1i hit Lake
d T jIflt
0 1 0
I The Best Christmas I Have Spent I PJe n I I
Right off hand I can tell you the
beat Christmas I ever spent Mid I
Parley P Jenson yesterday afternoon
as he relapsed into a reminiscent mood
and wore that faraway gaze that men
usually wear when they look back into
It was not only the best I ever
pent but it was the first time I ever
saw Santa Claus and when I tell you
that he came to our house in a wagon
pulled by a pair of mules instead of in
a sleigh drawn by reindeers I am not
drawing on my imagination Its a
fact mules not reindeers
My brother and I had been sent
to bed at the usual time that Christmas
eve and we werent going to wait an
other year before we solved the Santa
Claus question either We didnt really
go to bed but sat up after we had hung
our socks in the accustomed place and
waited for developments
Pretty soon we heard a tinkling of
bells outside and we looked through
the frost hole on the window pane and
saw a real Santa Claus stop at the
front gate He was driving a pair
of mules Right there at least one
tradition of our young lives was shat
tered but the general Ideal remained
for Santa Claus himself was there We
were mystified about the incongruity
of a Santa ClaUs driving mules instead
of reindeers but as long as anta him
self was there we could overlook his
method of arrival
He jumped from the wagon tied the
team and came into the house Pretty
soon he came to our room and an
nounced himself
I am Santa Claus he said Just
as though we didnt know It He gave
us a good lecture in a fatherly way
asked if we had been good boys for
a whole year filled our stockings with
presents and nuts and candy and then
left He didnt go up the chimney
but went right back to the wagon and
drove away
We knew all the time that the
mules belonged to a man named An
derson who lived near our place and
we wondered what Santa Clans wry
doing with Andersons mules but we
knew that the old saint walt no re
specter of conventions since be some
times drifted down chimneys and over
housetops so we let it go at that anti
accepted the visit as bona fide
I wont forget the thrill of a visit
from the real Santa Claus Other times
we awoke to a realisation that he had
been there but had never seen him
But when he came this time in all the
regalia of a real saint we were tickled
beyond all description
J N Roberts Awakes to Find Wife
Beside Him Has Died Dur
ing Night
Mrs Nellie Roberts wife of J N Rob
erts formerly round house foreman for
the Denver A Rio Grande died suddenly
at her home Fourteenth North and Fifth
West streets at about 690 oclock yester
day morning of Brights disease
Mr Roberts said yesterday that his wife
bas been suffering from the disease for
several years but up until about six lays
ago her condition was not considered re
nous A physician vas In attendance
and Thursday night when Sirs Roberta
retired she was feeling much better and
was thought to be recovering At about
638 oclock Friday morning Mr Roberts
says his wife called to him and asked
him to lie down beside her ae she was I
not feeling very well lIe did so and 1
fell asleep waking at about 7 oclock I
When he spoke to his wife she did i ot
answer and when he put his hand on her
face he found she was dead I
Mrs Roberts is survived by four chil I
dren Henrietta Adelsa Frederick and
Evelina Roberts whose ages range from
7 to 13 years A son was born to Mrs
Roberts about one month ago but died
soon after birth and two other sons
Harry and John William jr died five
and three years ago respectively
The body will be on view at the under
taking parlors of J W Taylor between 5
and 8 oclock this afternoon and the fu
neral services will be held at the same
place Sunday The burial will be in Riv
erside cemetery
Head of Family Making Trip Over
Western Railroads
Reports from Denver say that Com
lius Vanderbilt who is now the head of
the Vanderbilt family will arrive in
Colorado within a few days on an Inspec
tion tour of the western railroad lines
in which he is interested
According to the report Mr Vanderbilt
Till visit Salt Lake on his trip and go
over the Western Pacific line to San
Francisco The local offices of the Van
derbilt line have as yet received no offi
cial information of Mr Vand rbllts visit
Theosophical Society Official Con
i ducts Service at Cemetery
I John Lloyd the veteran shoe dealer of
Salt Lake was buried with simple er
ic ° s yesterday afternoon In the city
cemetery The funeral was held at the
family residence 328 E South Temple
street A V Taylor president of the
I Theosophical society presided
Baker Divorce Hearing Brings Out
Another New lot of Accu
Another period of accusations by
father and mother were heard before
Judge C W Morse of the Third dis
trict court yesterday when the Baker
divorce case was being tried J A
Baker who is being sued by his wife
Pauline Baker for a divorce has
asked that the custody of his daugh
ter Nina and son LeRoy aged 4 be
taken from the mother and the fight
for the children has held the attention
of Judge Morse on Friday mornings for
several weeks The case has again
been continued until next Friday morn
ing Baker was on the stand all of the
morning session of court lie said his
wife tried to get him drunk often
and when they moved to Kendalls
court in Salt Lake she had sent out
for beer and had then tried to induce
him to drink it He said he bad tried
to keep his girls from the resorts but
the wife encouraged them he said
Baker said his wife said Rena was
one of the smoothest grafter In Salt
Lake when he and his wife were talk
ing of the children
The husband said Nina had been go
ing with McCornrack the bicycle rider
and that she had said she would tell
him he could not come any more
Baker found McCormack there one
night he said and was forced to eject
him It is said on the wifes side that
When Baker raised a rumpus about
McCormack that Nina got her hat and
left with the young man
The fight for the two children Will
probably take up another week or more
and later there will be a battle royal
over the divorce
Nelson Cable Sacoams to Heart
Trouble at the Home of a
Nelson C Cable a school teacher of
Taylorsville who has been boarding at
the home of Charles Quest in Murray
since August 11 this year died yesterday
morning at 830 at the home of James
Marsdena in Taylorsville of heart disease
Mr Cable who was about 32 years of
age has no intimate friends or relatives
in Utah He went home from the school
Thursday night apparently feeling In the
best of health but when he had reached
Taylorsville on his way to the school
house Friday morning he complained of
feeling sick and was taken to the home
of James Marsdens He lay down on a
couch thinking he would be able to get
up and go to the school In a few min
utes and no one considered his condition
as serious but after about a half hour he
suddenly passed away
His father and mother and several sis
ters live in Mulhall Okla and the body
is still at the home of Mr Marad > ns
awaiting a reply to a telegram which
has been s < > nt to his family Very little
Is known in Taylorsville or in Murray
about Cable Mr Guest with whom he
hoarded saving that he was reserved and
I quiet and had few friends
Belief Expressed That Western Pa
cific Is Behind Proposed
Eureka Cal is now speculating
whether or not the Western Pacific Rail
road company Is behind the movement
to build a line to that city from Sacra
mento Q L DiUman former chief en
gineer of the Western Pacific and
j I A D Nash are now in Eureka and
have made several trips over the line of
I the proposed route for the road which
I will connect Eureka with Redding and
Because of Dillmans activity in this
field it Is believed that the Western Pa
cific is at the back of the new line which
will either go by way of Redding or Red
Bluff Advices from California say that
construction on the line will begin early
I in the spring
Suits have been filed in the district
court at the rate of one every four
I hours during the last six months This
was shown yesterday when the
register of actions book in the county
clerks office which was opened on
June 8 last was completed and one
suit was filed in the new book The
register books contain 600 pages with
an action filed on each page
The filing of suits has been about
100 each month There are on an
average twentyfive working days
each month of eight hours each or 400
hours during the month This would
make one action for every four hours
during the six months
Checks agg egating about J600 re
ceived from corporations doing busi
ness in Utah were received through
the mail at the secretary of states of
fice yesterday and were ajl returned
by Secretary Charles S Tingey The
checks were in payment of the annual
corporation tax but the money should
have been in the secretary of states
office by December 15 according to
law So they were all sent back with
instructions from the secretary of state
I to add the penalty of 10 to each check
for the payment of the corporation tax
I to the state I
The Increased use of whiskey for colds
Is causing considerable discussion among
the medical fraternity It 13 the quickest
and almost infallible cure when mixed
with certain other ingredients and taken
properly The following is the formula
Mix two ounces of glycerine with eight
ounces of good whiskey and add oneMil
ounce of Concentrated pine compound
Take a teaspoonful or a taWeepoonfill ev
ery four hours Any good druggist bas
these ingredients or will get them from
his wholesale house and they are easily
mixed Concentrated pine is a special
pine product and comes only in half ounce
bottles each enclosed in an airtight case
but be sure it is labeled Concentrated
M K Parsons Wins in His Suit
Against B F White in Fed
eral Court
In the case of M K Parson against
B F White which has been before the
federal court for several days the jury
Friday morning returned a sealed ver
dict in favor of the plaintiff granting
him H2M91 the amount asked for in the
The suit which Mr Parsons brought
against B F White grew out of a cer
tain cattle deal which was transacted in
Oregon in June 1906 The plaintiff Par
sons had sold to White a number of year
ling steers and had taken in part pay
ment 206 3yearold steers When the de
livery of the 3yearolds was made it was
found that the former owner held a lien
on the cattle amounting to 335780 This
amount was paid by Parsons expecting
that White would deduct the amount from
the original purchase price White re
fused to pay the amount claiming that
he was not responsible
The case was given to the Jury Thurs
day evening but the verdict was not
reached until late and was not opened
until yesterday morning The case was
originally filed in the district court but
was later transferred to the federal
court Attorneys for the defense were
granted the usual 42 days in which to file
a bill of exceptions
Bat your noon and evening meals at
the new Cafeteria Its Drawing popu
larity has necessitated the enlargement
of the dining room Its new its con
venient Service excellent Food the
best and properly cooked Its sine
The Annex 17 West South Temple

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