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The InterMountain Rrpabllcaa
Eat Feb 12 1906
The Salt Lake Herald
Est June 6 1878
Only Republican Dally Newspaper la
Salt Lake City Utah
Terms of Subacrlptiont
cents one year 860
SfNDATOne year 100
SEMI WEEKLY In advance One
year = 160 six months 76 cents
Subscribers wishing address ef paper
changed must give former as wH as
present address
At papers are continued until expUctt
order Is received to dlcnonttniM All ar
rearages must be paid la every case
It the pioneer could make a home in
Utah the young man of today can get
rich here
H the old man could make a living
aid provide for a family taking condi
tions as he found them ae the desert
presented themthen the descendant of
that sire can make a fortune
If that old man and his wife could
establish residence in Utah and re
claim the land build irrigation ditches
improve hia livestock furnish the house
through all the years educate the chil
dren and pay their share of the cost of
hurch and civic establishment then
thee la no use for one of his sons or his
grandsons going into another state to
get a start
From Logan to St George there are
pattered numberless little monuments
to tve ability of the old men to make a
living They have left substantial im
provements on the land They have
bunded towns and roads and churches
and school houses They have planted
orchards and enjoyed the fruits They
iaa helped their feUow men They
lave discharged every duty of the citl 1
7ell and filled every obligation of the
state maker
Their boys cannot in fairness say
there is no chance here in Utah The
work of the old man disproves it
Senator Henry Gardner tells of the
jrmlly of young men who moved out of
Utah because they thought they would
have a better chance than they could
find in the valleys or on the hillsides of
the state In which their father tri
umphed It is the one thing of which
th state need be afraid There Is no
tether peril for Utah But it is peril if
the young men accept the doctrine that
they can better their estate by leaving
If those boys will use the same cour
are the same Initiative the same in
Ju try and honesty and virtue that their
fathers used and lived every hillside
from Brigham to Kanab will become a
field of plenty and every stream a vi
talizing force for irrigation
Maybe they will have to do some
things their fathers didnt do But they
should remember that their fathers were
unused to the tasks that destiny set
them here In Utah To tell the truth
about that most of the pioneers of Utah
een those who went to the valleys
circl made farm never were farmers
before they came here They were me
chanics for the most part They didnt
know what their boys know about seed
time and harvest And even those who
t re trained in agriculture found them
EPlvea on an untried soil They had to
learn by experience what was the best
treatment of the ground what the best
crops and how to secure them
Why the problem tor the boys isnt
a thousandth part of what the old men
confronted when they settled in Utah
And if those old fellows could make a
living here and they didtheir chil
dren ven to the third and fourth gen
eration should be proud and glad to
carry forward the frontiers of earths
conquest right here in the state which
gave them birth
Make Utah boys In no other way in
the world can you so honor the fathers
and the mothers who here began their
mighty work of state building
4 Generally when you say a man is a
guod fellow you mean that he drinks a
tittle more than he should and Is other
ie just a trifle lax in his morals
The good fellow isnt entirely ap
proved in the best society
You remember the story of the Qood
Samaritan He wasnt exactly indorsed
1 > y the first families either But he was
marked for approval by that Being in
whose honor all the Christmas effort is
put forth
Which may prepare you for the story
tt what the good fellows in Chicago are
doing this year They are making
rhridtnaaa a verity to ten thousand chil
d < n
At the very first of the month a man
who had been qualifying for the title
god fellow for a number of years
v i at to the Chicago Tribune and told
his story Last Christmas he concluded
to rend a part of his holiday jubilation
for the benefit of some one else He had
trinl every other sort of entertainment I
DIM wanted something new So he
liund a number of boys and girls who
diiat need any stockings so far as
hanging them up was concerned And
he took part of his revel money and
bought them presents He didnt try to
te d them He knew that would be
t It n care of by the charity society
But he did want them to get up Christ
mas morning with a wonder about the
blocking He conspired with the moth
ers or the fathers or the older brothers
of the boys and girls and he never was
bo happy In his life as in the knowledge
that he has kept Santa Claus alive a
little longer
When he told that the Tribune man
printed his scheme and then asked for
other good fellows to come forward All
u good fellow had to do Was write the
taper and say he would be Sata Claus
to as many children as bf arJ to take
care of The paper found tin children
wrote their name and addresses on the
good fellows letter and returned it to
him and In silt the rest
A thousul i > i > c tlvnl it is i lUtiiiiy I
true It rata J iMtuio iui uu l1uu J
sand little people who otherwise would
have been neglected by Santa Claus It
is one of the blessedest things we have
ever known of a newspaper And it is
much the beet thing any good fellow
ever undertook by way of celebrating
Then can be no reasonable objection
to the changing of inauguration day
from March fourth to some time in
Aprilor even in May A bill now un
der consideration in congress contem
plates the abandonment of the old date
and the selection of one not so likely to
produce pneumonia
Without doubt the date or the manner
of celebration should be changed So
long as thousands of people from every
part of the republic want to see the
President Inducted into office the cere
monies will have to be conducted in the
open air No house would be large
enough to accommodate them And the
people are likely to insist on attending
And since it cannot be managed with
in inelosure then some consideration
should be paid to the health and com
fort of the throngs who want to be In
Washington at the time
When March fourth was selected as
Inauguration day all the people likely
to be interested could be accommodated
hi a Philadelphia church It was only
because of his courtesy that Washing
ton stood on the front steps of the
treasury building in New York when he
took the oath He could have retired
into the lobby of the building and taken
his whole audience with him
Things are different now The seat
ing of a President is a visible evidence
of the peoples rule They see one I
man stop down and the President they
have selected step up They want to be I
there They want to go to the inaug
ural ball at night They want to tell
their children they saw the President
take his oath
And they cant do it on the fourth of
March It is too inclement in the mat
ter of weather April will be better Let
them make a change in the constitution
and see how quickly all the states will
ratify the new departure
It is easy for the public to know who
are the dealers that sell clean milk the
slaughter house men who offer clean
meat It is easy to know who if those
bringing food to the city are trying to
comply with the reasonable laws the
city has adopted And those who are
worthy should be encouraged
At least once a week there are pub
lished reports from the officers The
grade of milk la announced with the
name of the different dealers The re
port of clean market houses where dirt
and carelessness and disease were the
ruie beforeIs given You should know
which is the best milk Order it and
tell the dealer why you make the selec
tion You know which butcher is work
ing in a clean and sanitary place Tell
your grocer and market man you want
that meat and tell him why You can
advance the sentiment for cleanliness
and you should do it It helps take car
of yourself It helps protect the lives
of children
A start has been made Insist that
there shall be no retreat Make it clear
you are watching and that the activity
of officials is appreciated in the best
way possible by the intelligent follow
ing of the people in whose cause all the
labor of reform has been started
Almost every day the paper Is called
upon to chronicle the death of one of
the old menthe veterans who have
given their lives in labor and their serv
ice in honor the men who have left
boys and girls to carry on the work
which has been so capably begun
The passing of Stephen Stanford is
another Impressive reminder of the di
minishing company of the pioneers He
had exceeded the allotted three score
years and ten and had left a record of
fair dealing that blesses with its influ
ence and will to the end of time In
every department of life Mr Stanford
achieved the approval of the communi
ty And yet he realised the truth of the
Into each life some rain must fall
for the wife of his youth passed to her
rest even in the early summer of their
labor Years later he married again
and many children gathered about him
in body or In spirit as the twilight of
his life deepened Into night
They are passing away the old men
And the lesson of their lives cannot be
forgotten They brought industry and
honesty and character to the solution of
their problems And the sons and
daughters who follow after them seek
most to honor them by the emulation of
those virtues
Without doubt the situation in Cen
tral America is vastly bettered by the
resignation of President Zelaya of
Nicaragua The man has been a men
ace to the peace and a preventive of
prosperity for all his region His na
ture seems to have been peculiarly
adapted to a state of unrest so destruc
tive of the beet interests of all who
might come under his influence His
boast made at the time of the confer
ences of the Central Ameri < mn states
In nineteenaeven ridicule the
United States laugh at Germany spit
on England probably better expresses
the temper of the man than anything
else he has uttered
Just what shall follow the retirement
of the old leader just what shall be
meant In the selection of the new Is yet
to be determined It is unfortunate
that the power and organization of the
insurgents give so little promise for an
early return of peace They are from
all accounts against the government
without any very definite idea as to
what they want when that government
passes away Thy were far too strong i
to > b < subdued by Zelaya and yet they
appear to lack strength enough to re
store the country to that condition
made possible by the rule of the now
vanished dictator
The bet promise f a settled condi
tion m Nicaragua is that Mexico and 1
the United States move hand In JIang
for the counselling and the help otHhe
little nation Their influence will nat
urally be for peace and for the eleva
tien of a ruler who will consider the
good of the people rather than liq own
desire for conquest or riches However
it will be too much to expect a true re 1
public in either of those paper com
monwealths < < II I I
And after all the course of Secretary
Knox te justified What ha said of the
late dictator is established in the resig
nation of the man accused And the j
strong language will not be forgotten I
by the rw ruler that shall take Ze
layas place A wider scope of influence
for the United States a better guaranty I
of peace and justice in Central Amer I
ica will have to be conceded The ad
ministration at Washington has made i
no mistake And it will make none
even If it assumes a protectorate over
Nicaragua and helps those people to the
freedom the repose and the prosperity
to which they are entitled
A Salt Lake merchant had a carload
of goods shipped from New York to this
I city The goods came by water to Gal
veston and then by rail to its destina
Freight on the car of goods cost the
Salt Lake merchant thirteen hundred
and fiftyseven dollars
An allrail route from New York to
Salt Lake would have cost in freight
charges seventeen hundred and seven
tyfive dollars
A San Francisco merchant could
have bought the same goods in New
York and had them shipped by the all
rail route clear to the coast at a total
freight charge of six hundred and sixty
three dollars
Salt Lake in order to get as good as
the thirteen hundred dollar charge had
to assemble all its carload In New
York and suffer the delay consequent
on the partsteamer route
The San Francisco competitor could
have had an allrail route clear through
from New York for half the Salt Lake
Gentlemen it fart easy to make a
fairminded man believe that Is just
I And it is certain business men cannot
play against that handicapand win
The government has recovered near
ly three million dollars from the sugar
refiners who cheated at weights when
landing their Importations And the
criminal cases are still to be tried
That may be regarded as something
substantial in the way of effectiveness
for Collector Loeb and the head of the
treasury department
of >
Presently we shall have the moving I
pictures of the assassination of Prince I
Ito A moving picture man says hf
was all ready to take the meeting
between Ito and the Korean minister
and he caught every detail of th
murder And this just at a time when
fake fight pictures are being discussel
Lives of thlrtyfour hunters have
been lost In New England and eastern
Canada In the huntjng season just
closed Without stopping to Inquire i °
that many head of game were secured
we trust the record may be kept from
the people who have been fighting foot
ball because of ltd dancers
The new king of Belgium Is probably
a better man than his predecessor But
it will keep him busy to maintain his
country in any better condition than
did the grim old sinner who has de
The corporations dont care a whit
about the tat demanded by govern
ment But they do hate to think their
inmost secrets will become public prop
erty And that is what is going to
When mining stocks that pay fifty per
cent dividends go begging at half a dol
lar the people of Salt Lake must have
some mighty lucrative places to put
their money
They are talking of establishing life
saving stations for the benefit of miners
In Illinois If safety can be secured for
the men those hundreds who perished
at Cherry will not have died In vain
A good business man at the head of
affairs in Nicaragua would be a bless
ing to the little republic anda guar
anty of safety for the Panama canal
No matter what is done with Dr
Cooks records in Copenhagen nothing
can take away from him the money he
received in his recent lecture tour
The evidence in the Brokaw trial in
dicates that the defendant in the case
had a mighty smart wife before he
drove her to sue
If Zelaya Isnt a rich man it is his
own fault He has been bleeding the
people long enough
Captain but the bights are steep
Follow follow where I lead
Captain see The shadows creep
There is light for every need
Captain but the way is long
We must win the battlements
Captain see the hosts that throng
Near them we must pitch our tents
Captain I am sick and worn
Courage We must win the fight
I must rest until the morn
We must struggle through the night
Captain see the blood we spill
Yea tie blood to right the wrong
See we press them up the hill
Soon to hear the victors song
Yea but I am wounded sore
See the life blood ebbing fast
Captain I can fight no mare
Lo the battlement are passed
Celia Myrover Robinson In New
York Sun
Night and a cool sweet air
Stars in a velvet sky
Tie hard to part in a world so fair
Night and a breath of flowers
Floating oat of th dusk
Yhi + IHlri III tutared eyes and hours
Of musk
Careless the fireflies dance
And the insect orchestras play
Farewell penitence for a year per
HIAiuui Iuwtil In Gunter
ist as
I Saturday will be a strenuous i
5 day at z c M I m
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