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Seburn Richards Writes a De
spondent Letter and Then
Discouraged and disheartened over
his studies at an Ogden business col
lege Seburn Rlchardn 23yearod son
of F 8 Richard of Sandy ts believed
Police are searching for him on the
ory that he committed suicide
to have committed suicide insout out
oftheway place where his body may
never be found Almost overcome with I
grief the father of the young man
called on Chief of Policy S MBarlow
jfsterday afternoon and aalnfl for as
MsUtnce i in determining q tber his
bun is ad or alive
In a totter written to his sitter Mrs
Mary Eiling McGill White Pine
county Nevada Dec 7 the day he left
the business college Seburn Richards
ays that it would be his last message
and that he would go somewhere and
kill himself because he was such a
Mo < ky and that he would go to a i
place where he would never be found I
to save funeral expense
The letter leceived by Mrs Epllng is
as follows
Dear Sister lame
I told jrou before I left UifK tfrmtj
was apt t kill myself alfeimt fwiy
time and it has come at last Before
this reaches you I will be beneath the
slid I hope
It isnt because I am busted it isnt
because I have done anything that I
am afraid to face It is simply because
I am tired of living
The man I am working for dont
want me to quit The manager of the
school doesnt want me to quit school
but I have become discouraged with
mv school work am such a blocky I
cant learn anything so have decided
to t nd it ail
1 will go to some place where I am
not known and do the deed but will
not tell you where It will save all the
turuTal expenses You have alway
thought I was about the beAtone in
the family but you dont know me
very well
It snowed about a foot here last
Sunday and today it has been raining
all day and makes it sloppy as hell
Now sister for my sake dont feel
bad over this affair Just think that
I am doing what is best for every one
iJt would have to be soon pp late and
perhaps later I would be married and
than It would be worse than ever Por
get me as soon as possible
Tell Tom and Wilburn goodby for
me and then I will bid you mylast
farewell forever and forever Loving
bro BURN
Mental Depressions
F S Richard father of the boy says
that his son had labored unaer peculiar
mental depressions since his 14th year
But regardless of his gloomy disposi
tion he had nursed ambitions while
working on the farm at Sandy With
money saved for an education he en
tered a business college at Ogden Au
gust 24
While In communication with the
Ogden police yesterday Chief Barlow
learned that Richards had not been a
blocky but he had displayed a bril
liancy and snap in his work which
caused his instructor to regard his
progress with interest
Finally Richards announced to tne
management of the business college
that he had determined to toss aside
his books Instructors argued with
him that he was getting along well
enough but he refused advice He left
his studies in the college December >
and simultaneously his position as ele
vator boy of one of the business blocks
of the town He had made his home at
M9 Sbcth street in Qgdan and aMMjipj
ing to the landlord he gave gaJKttp
Mis room December 11 and announced
that he was going to Salt Lake As
near as the police can learn he has not
been seen since that date
During the investigation Into the
strange case yesterday F S Richards
stated that his son was not addicted to
strong drink and that he had never
given young women any serious atten
tion i
Seburn Richards had a small deposit
of money In Zions Savings bank of
Salt Lake up tto the first week in De
cember when It was withdrawn
A Poem I
Who Had Pimples But Was Made
Pretty by the Simple Use of
Stuarts Calcium Wafers
A Trial Package Sent Free
Every one speaks of Penelope now
As Pretty Penelope Brown
And you see every day the people who
Shes say the prettiest girl in town
HIT skin is so fair and golden ber hair
And her face never harbors a frown
There was a time no one ever spoke
> f Pretty Penelop Brown
Although she had dimples she likewise
had pimples
Which made her continually frown
And she never was gay but would cry
every day
Would poor Miss Penelope Brown
But she read in a paper one day
Did sad Miss Penelope Brown
She read In a paper of the CALCIUM
And tt r face wore no longer a frown
And now every day you tan hear poe
That pretty Penelope Brown
K very pimple has gone from the face
Of pretty Penelope Brown
the pimples a way for
lcape by the road of the frown
5r > frown and the pimples no more
mat the dimples
Of pretty Feutope Brown
4 1 1
It Is a disheartening task to try to
loe pretty with the ace pimpled and
blotched with unsightly eruptions Th
very sweetest and prettiest face must
always he at a disadvantage with such
untoward conditions and it is too bad
powder and lotions deceive no one The
pimples tnev are there and are bound
to be in eidence
Of course the blood Is out of order
and th > one and only thing tor do is
to put ir in order THE CALCIUM
WAFKK Is a blood cleaner purifier
and irv isolator and when it has once
done it i uoik the whole system is
bettered and the skin has participated
in the betterment and become smooth
pimplle and satiny
It does not take no very long to see
the benefKial effects of the STUART
WAFKKS even the free trial package
makes a fair showing for Improvement
end bettti things This followed by
a few mure package sometimes one
Or two ae enough results In a com
plete cur There is nothing mysteri I
ous 01 magical about these wafers
they are simply a ivwerful forceful
blood purifier which HTmlllsh only
what tney are made ti > do
If yu are troub d with pimples
blotclies breaking ct dtlr on face I
Or body it Is I a pla n induction I that
your Mood > I needs treatment these are
the slgii the flags of distress that tfce
Hiost oltue are able to interpret
After the trial treatment which will
give Jon a 1 lda 1 what they arewhat I
fft 0 y I k lIke I i i I what they taste like
get lur Itinr ir ply from your
Druggist If WIll oha e j ou 50 cents
a box but 1 Ht tnil pa < knee ad
4reM J A Sart lJ v lffl 1
Jjutloiogr MarsbaB Michigan
Works Wonders
Undoubtedly the following pre
scription will work wonders for
that great class of men who
through dissipation of their nat
ural strength find themselves in
their second childhood long be
fore the three score and ten al
lotted to lifes pleasures and en
joyments are reached
It is presumed to be iafnUIle
and highly efficient itt qUickly
restoring in nervous e l dan
weak vitality melancho anall e
First get fifty cents h or
compound fluid balmwort In a
oneounce package ana three
ounces eyrup sarsapartlla com
pound take home mix and let
stand two hours then get one
oune compound essence cardiol
and one ounce tincture cadomene
compound not cardamom Mix
all in a six or eight ounce bottle
shake well and take one tea
spoonful after each meal and one
when retiring following by a drink
of water
By mixing it at home no man
need be the wiser as to anothers
shortcomings and expensive fees
are avoided
Lack of poise and equilibrium
In men is a constant source of em
barrassment even when the public
least suspects It For the benefit
of those who want a restoration to
full bounding health and all the
happiness accompanying it the
abov < j home treatment Is given It
contains no opiates or habitform
ing drugs whatever Mix it at horns
and no one will be the wiser as to
your affliction
I 77
Humphreys SeventySeven
Famous Remedy for Grip
A lady on the West Side writes
Kindly send me Dr Humphreys
Manual of all diseases I have used
Seventyseven for a Cold and it
worked like magic my cold disap
peared in no time I want to know
about the other specifics
Handy to carry fits the vest
pocket All Druggists 25c
Dr Humphreys Manual mailed
frro Sond for it
Medicine Co
B urn ii revs Homeo
for William and Ann Streets New
j Dont STAY out of a Job
i at this seasonadvertise aggres
1 slvelyl
Hamilton Place
Modern Bungalows
Hamilton Place is between State and Second Ewtt strwte aorth
from Sixth South The advantages of this central location are tp i
cially appreciated in winter In the days of storm and low tempera
ture and nights down to zero it is desirable to live close in wlere
you have every modern convenience and improvement
On Monthly Payments
Hamilton Place bungalows may be purchased for ouh or on
our monthly payment plan which means a comparatively small down
payment and monthly paymentslike rent Nine of these houses lunre
been sold and are now occupied as homes Only a few left pdoed
from 3350 to 3600
Modern Artistic Convenient
No two alikebeautifully finished in antique missionfive rooms
conveniently planned and furnished with every modern improvement
large bath room hall two clothes closets front and back porches
complete plumbing city water sewer connections electric lights and
gasa gas range in every houseready for occupancy
These bungalows may be purchased from us or through any first
class Real Estate Dealer in the city Ask your agent or call us
either will be pleased to show you these attractive modern homes
Salt Lake Security Trust Co
32 Up Main Street LL jiiafc Phones Bell Ex 38 Ind 142
1 I
of rheumatism
To all knowing
muscular or of the joints
lumbagos backache pains In the
atJca neuralgia pains to write to
kidneys or
which has re
her for a home treatment She
JSly cured all of these tortures
p It to all But
feels It her duty to
You cure yourself at home
Cerers FREE
no change
thousands wlll testifyno
IUI necery This simple
climate being the
banish uric acid from
dpcovery purifies
blOod loosens the stiffe Joints
blood and brfhtns the eyes
fies the
giving elasticity and cone to the Vle
systpm If the abov interns you
proof Dame
Mr M Summer Box R Notre
Attention Knights of Pythias
The funeral services of Sister Mar
garet L Jones wife of Brother John H
Jones will be held in Castle hall Sun
day afternoon 19th inat at 2 oclock
All friends and members of the K of
P and Pythian Sisters invited The re
mains of Mrs J H Jones may be
viewed at the residence of J H Jones
51t Wall street Sunday from 10 a m
until ip m S N RANDOLPH
K of R S Rocky Mountain No 8
Members B F rtixotto lodge I 0
R B are requester to attend the fu
neral of Brother S Wolf at Temp
Tsrpm 4 I T
Nt Pay until Cured
NoX Hay orot her
swzude An island
plant make the cure
A Tumor Lump or
Sore on the lip face or
anywhere six mnnth
PAIN until lart stage
LISP with teftimonitli 1 of
tbwwadi cured tt home
b CANCER and if neglected it will alway peon
on deep fland in the armpit and kll i cunk
Yl 747 > Io t successful S Main Cancer St LOS priali ANQCUS t livng CAL
Tickets on sale
Dec 18 23 24 25 and
31st and Jan 1st
Limit January 3d 1910
La1M1 II Jr br 5i for
CbItt4 M Sm
I hIM 18 Red MIl uw irLUll
bcic Mled with Blue Hibbo
i = Ta vU IIr Yee
I ltnMW Ask ICgI4jIg1 8
l I 1ILUI8 tHUam PIAS for 16
r 1SMaSISIIAlwsys Jlel l a
TwentyOne Volumes Will Be Added
to Shelves on Monday
The following thirtyone volume will
be added to the public library Monday
morning December SO 19M
Catholic Encyclopaedia vol C
Dictionary of National Biography TOta
IB and a
Dyer Compendium of the War of the
BangsReal Thing
Barker France and the French
Bown Studies in Christianity
BurrThe Autobiography
Call Everyday Living
CallNerves and Common Sense
CrothersOUver Wendell Holmes
Gunther ElectroMagnetic On Separa
tion KeyCentury of the Child
Loughnan New Zealand at How
McCVrk Ant Communities
Willson Norway at Home
Rower Lurf of the Dim Trails
Castaigne BillToppers
CttonVlBtful Years
1h < Ips Oath of Allegiaoo
YanVorst In Ambusn
Childrens Room
Planchard Four Corner Abroad
Church Story of the Odyssey
GaskIn Natures School
Gould Felicia
Herbertaon Heroic Legends
MurrayStory Land
PotterRichard In Camp
Ray Janet at Odds
Wikel Betty Bairds Ventures
WhitmanBasil the Page
New Types Are Coming in General
Use on Most Western
Announcement has been mad from the
generaloffices of the Southern Pacific
general at San Francisco that soon after
company 1 the larger number of trams
OT January that line will be made up of steel
ooaehes The Southern Pacific placed an
order about one year ago for 800 steel
and of this number there are now
can 1W oars in service on the various California
fornia The Del Monte Flyer is now a solid
train of steel cars and U now known as
the Battleship Limited
W H Scott acting general manager of
throid said that all trains would be
equipped with stpel cars as soon as they
were delivered to the road from the manufacturers
The Shasta Limited now car
ufacturers ries steel standard sleepers also steel
diners The Ovrland Limited train Op
erating from San Francisco to Chicago I
will be male up of steel cars in the
spring also Is now beginning
The Oregon Short Lln
the trains
ginning to use ste1 cars on
through Idaho while steel baJNse cars
and day coaches have bn common on
the lines oC the Union Pacific through
i Wvornng for a year Th Bouthrn Pa
wu also placed an order for st < i
< < iorule on lw electric s Tiurb a Race
H1 I
Doings of Westerners in East
ern Metropolis as Seen by
Special to The HeraldRepublican
New York Dec 18A number of the
prominent newspapers of New York
featured the arrival in New York of I
Samuel Newhouse of Salt Lake Mr
Newtouse arrived here on Dec 7 after
a record run from Chicago covering the
distance W2 miles in less than that
many minutes The run from Chicago
to Albany 842 miles was made in 630
minutes This speed breaks all former
records and exceeds the Twentieth
Centurys best time by fiftysix minutes
Mr Newhouse paid the New York Cen
tral 1960 for the special or at a rate
of about 2 a mile The reason for Mr
Newhouse taking the special train was I
that he was on a very hurried trip to
Paris to ba at the bedside of his broth
er Molt Mewhouse
Mr Newhouse sailed on the Lusitania
on the morning of the 8th and he ar
rived in Paris December 14
Dave P Rich deputy warden of the
Idaho penitentiary spent a few hours
in the metropolis December 10 Mr
Rich came east to escort a prisoner
back to the Idaho institution who had
violated his parole after which he had
forged a number of checks He was
caught by the chief of police at York
Pa to where Mr Rich went for the I
convict fter securing the prisoner
Mr Rich went into Washington where
he placed his charge in the hands of the
Washington authorities for safekeep
ing visited the capital for a day then
running up to New York for a few
hours where he was the guest of his
brother Ben K Rich
Registered at the WaldorfAstoria are
J B Perrine Louise Perrine and Louise
Spencer all of Salt Lake
In the evening of December 9 Thomas
A Deal was a guest at dinner given by
Dr Seligman professor of economics at
Columbia at his beautiful home at 324
West Eightysixth street
John T Smellie who was for many
years a resident of Salt Lake but who
for a number of years has been living
in Canada and who for the last few
months has been a missionary In Ver
mont having had charge of the work in
that state is now located in New York
where he expects to be for some time at
33 West One Hundred and Twenty
sixth street
Mrs Peter Goodnow cousin of Hyrum
Goff passed through New York Decem
ber 11 on her way to England where
she expects to visit her relatives for a
few months She sailed on the Arabic
George Hedger of Salt Lake has been
in New York for a number of days tak
ing in the many interesting sights of
this great place Mr Hedger has been
connected with the English department
of the University of Utah but who Is
now on his way to Europe where he
will enter the Heidelberg university
ranHa mgi Mr fler wan the gMst
of Mark Brown his old schoolmate
who is here attending thft medical de
partment of the Columbia university
Levi Young delivered an interesting
lecture before his classmates at the
Columbia university his subject being i
Early Explorations of the Rocky
Mr and Mrs George H Ogden of
Richfield Utah who have been living
In New York for the last twenty
months left for their mountain home
today They will go by way of Phila
delphia Washington St Louis Kansas
City thence to El Paso then up to San
Francisco from which point they will
go direct to their home Mr and Mrs
Ogden have been prominent in the
gatherings of the Utah people living
here and they will be greatly missed
Miss Alice Young who is in the city
attending school was a guest recently
of Mr and Mrs Bryant Welle at their
home on Governors island
Arriving on the Celtic which docked
on the morning of December 12 was a
company of Utahns including W G
Clarke of Tooele Utah who had been
doing missionary work in England and
his sister Miss Bessie S Clark who had
been visiting in England for the last
three months Joseph R Stringham of
Salt Lake g E Mitchell of Woods
Cross M M Batty of Vernal William
Barpes of Woods Cross William S
Smith of Glendale Orson F Christen
sen of Richfield and Jacob Peterson of
Murray also Joseph O Phelps of Mont
pelier and Leroy Hull of Whitney Ida
All of them have been doing missionary
work in Europe for the last two years
They remained in New York for two
days before leaving for their homes
Mrs Thomas AV Jennings of Salt
Lake arrived In New York December
15 She comes on an extended visit to
her daughter Mrs Bryant Wells Mr
and Mrs WeIls are living on Govern
ors island where Captain Wells has
been stationed
Ben E Rich left last week for an ex
tended trip through Pennsylvania and
West Virvlnia He expects to be gone
until December 22
Utahns living in New York are mak
ing arrangements to visit the ship yards
at Camden N J December 23 to see
the launching of the battleship Utah
From all reports Utah will be well rep
Miles Romney who has been in New
York for two or three weeks on busi
ness returned to Salt Lake one week
ago On Friday of last week he gave a
dinner at the Hotel York to a few of
his Utah friends
Services for Well Known Pio
neer to Be Held at the
Sixteenth Ward
The funeral of Mrs Mary Elisabeth
Wilding who died of old age Friday at
the home of her daughter Mrs T OARS
Poulton ot Iorst D < il > will 1 be held at
515 oluk I Iiday at the Sixteenth ward 1
meeting liuus I
Mrs Wilding was born in Clay county I
Indiana December 24 1S32 In her early I
outh she joined the Mormon church and I
was at Nauvoo at the Urn of the death
or Joseph Smith Her girlhood was spent
it Council Bluffs wher she married
George Wilding emigrating to Utah in
852 Like many others Mrs Wilding
ndured the hardships of that great
noyement A team composed of an ox
and a cow was the mode of travel used
Mr and Mrs Wilding settled down In
he Nineteenth ward and she lived there
until a short time before her death when
she moved to Forest Dale
Mrs Wilding was the mother of thir
teen children and ninetyfive grandchil
dren and fortyone greatgrandchildren
survive She is survived by her husband
and the following children Mrs William
Widdison and Henry Wilding of Sugar
City Ida Mrs George R Emery Mrs
J BurdPtte Mrs Charles Pettit and
Walter Wildfng of Salt Lake Mrs T O
Poulton Mrs S H Love and Mrs Mag
gie Timpson of Forest Dale
Theyre Going to Be Home for Xmas
and Start an Early
Hotel guests were divided into two
filled the ho
classes yesterday and they
tels One was the outoftown
meg shopper anxious to set tin before I
tile ruth tM ot Ctufetnaa weak sad to
tak admtage of the aatuniay IInd Sun
day m the city and the oUwr the com
mercial traveler manoftheroad and
the tourist anxious to get home for Christ
mas During the past few days the hotels
have had their steady stream of east
wardbound traveling men commonly
called drummers who after perhaps
months away from their homes and fami
lies arrange their tours so that the week
before Christmas always finds them with
in reaching distance of home The past
week has seen the eastern men starting
from the west to the
the long jump
middle states or the Atlantic coast
the present week will see the Pacific
homeward just as
coast men hurrying
Almost every town In Utah seemed to
be represented on the registers yester
kept swing
day and the hotel doors were
ing open for the messengers
of the outoftown shoppers
The purchases present holiday season is marked
with pre an unusually large number of out
oftown visitors and a consequent heavy
increase in that trade with the local mer
a S
George Chase Gets 100 for Captur
ing Burglar Who Entered
Jewelry Store
Detective George Chase yesterday re
ceived a reward of 1GO for the capture
and conviction of the thief who broke
the jewelry store of J S Jensen
Sons ind stole several gold watches and
a The gold Jesters Security alliance has a
membership of 6000 jewelers throughout
the country each one of whom displays
the brass shield in his show window offering
reward of two for the arrest
fering a
and the conviction of any person who
of the alliance
of the stores
b > aks into one
liance the signs were first displayed the
aHanle has made good Its reward In
alliance instance Nearly JMW9D has al
every ready been paid out in rewards This
noticeable check on
has caused a very
the robbery of Jewelry stores There are
ti5 in Salt Lake who are
twelve oV alliance the
members of the alliance and display
reward sign in their show windows
The crowds which nil the stores during
Include class
the holiday season always a
thieves who now and then accomplish
complish of their aims but the presence of
who know these miscreant
d ctvs
them in check In the shopping
crowds of KeithOBriens are a number i
of detectives who are on the lookout for
shoplifters and pickpockets
Special Indian Agent Illustrates Ef
fect of Abolishing Reserva
tion Saloons
W B Johns chief special agent of the
Indian department who has been en
gaged for several months In closing up
saloons In the WWbonainMinnesota
the Indian territory reports good success In
the opposition
his work notwithstanding
made at the beginning
that was
Special Agent Johns says that when he
first start 3d this work he was
much opposition on the part of the mer
chants In the territory who were of the
that the closing of the saloon
opinion would result in a general falling off of
their business and that the Indians would
their money elsewhere to spend It
carry He stated however that recently 180 In I
dians received their annuity from the
SoVrnment which amounted to about
sfiJO ov each but instead of spending this
for whisky as formerly they
traded money with the merchants for provisions
and clothing The merchants In the ter I
ritory say that their sales have Increased
15 per cent since the new drder prohibit
ing saloons went into effect
AN electricians torch carelessly left
burning in the attic of the residence
of J F Crowton 860 West Second
North street set fire to beams and
rafter yetserday morning and be
fore the flames could be brought un
der control they had created dam
age of 400 to the building and 10
to the contents 1
GEORGE GUTCH has tendered his res
ignation as clerk of the police court
to take effect January 1 He will
congenial position
then take a
the International Life Insurance com
been clerk of
Mr Gutch has
jpny I
the court for two and onehalf years I
TUB funeral of Major General W F
Suiter will take place at 130 oclock
this afternoon from 1063 East Sec
ond South street The Rev C E
Perkins of St Pauls Episcopal church
will preach the funeral sermon In
terment will be in Mt Olivet ceme
tery The funeral service will be
Under the auspice of J B McKean
post No 1 G A R and comrades
are requested to attend
TIlE Utah conservation commission will
hold a called meeting at the offices of
Governor Spryat 230 on the after
noon of Wednesday December 22
ViceChairman O J Salisbury will
announce thu engagement of their
daughter Ethel to Arthur T Burton
JUDGE C W MORSE of the district
the contested
court will fix the dates for
tested divorce cases next Thursday
afternoon as there are now
twenty cases which have been set
aside which are contested On Fri
day morning Judge Morse will have
a general setting of equity cases
THE Conolldated Wagon ft Machine
company hat signed with the H
Franklin Manufacturing company as
the dealer to handle Franklin
mobiles in this city during the season
of 1910
JOHN B MORETON councilmanelect
from the First precinct and
Holley reelected to the council from
the Third filed their bonds with the
recorder yesterday for 100 each
city Moreton and Holley are sureties for
each other and in addition to Hol
ley Moreton hag Frank Godbe and
the councilman from the Third has
bothMoreton and William McLauxh
represent Utah at a meeting to devise
vise ways and means to celebrate
fiftieth anniversary of the battle of
Gettysburg AM invitation to this
end was received by Governor
liam Spry yesterday A commission
as appointed by the state of Penn
sylvania Vas some time ago and a meet
ing will be held on the
on a date to be named later
LILA MAY SANFORD was granted
divorce by Judere George G Arm
strong of th < > district court yester
day on the showing that her uband
Herbert C Sanford bad deserted her
last June but had not supported her
since 1907 They were married on
October 25 1899 and have no chil
nrest Is now
man pr
tloned at St Marks cathedral Fntver
Alt is an
speaking German French and Italian
Members of this church who would
satisfy their religious necessities in
their mother tongue in the above
languages may call or write to Rev
Lawrence Alt at the bishops resi
dence 319 East South Temple street
J C DAILEY general superintendent
of the Denver A Rio Grande re
turned to Salt Lake yesterday from
Interest Being Shown in Examina
tions for Appointment to
Unusual interest is being shown by boys
of Salt Lake in the examinations which
will be held Monday and Tuesday for
the appointment of a cadet at the United
States naval academy at Annapolis by
Senator Reed Smoot The examinations
will beheld In the office of the state
board of education on the fourth floor
of Lire city and county building
Applicants will be put through a phy
sical as well as mental examination Dr
George F Harding baa been named to
conduct the physical examination and will
start at 10 oclock In the state board of
education room Following the physi
cal examination the mental test will be
held Monday and Tuesday The mental
examination will be in charge oT A C
kelson state superintendent of educa
tion D H Christensen city superinten
dent of schools and Dr J T Kings
bury president of the University of Utah
Boys must be on hand at 10 oclock
to take the physical examination
CLARKIn this city December 18
nOt Edna Clark aged 5 days In
fant daughter of Mr and Mrs Gray
Clark 17 Shelmerdln court
Interment will take place today Sun
day at 4 p m at Mt Olivet cemetery
WOOLFAt Golconda Nev December
17 Simon Woolf in his fiftyninth
Funeral year services Will be held at the I
I > wi8n synagogue 249 Routh Fourth
East street at > n m today December
19 Tntorment BNal Israel cemetery I
Funeral Notices
Funeral services of Walter F Suiter
aged 91 years will be held from the
residence of his nansrhter Mrs W J
Barrette 1043 East Second South street
at 1 30 p m sbarp today Sunday
December 19 under the auspices of
James B McKean poet No1 G A R
Interment G A R plot Mt Olivet oem
The funeral services over the re
mains of Ellen DmvM on Clennell aKi
14 years born in Newcastloonth
Tvne England and mother of Ellen D
Gray and George and William Ape
daile will be held today Sunday at
1230 p m from the family residence
rear 1376 South West Temple street
Friend are Invited to attend Inter
ment in City cemetery I
The fuaeral services over n the re I
mains of Mrs Annie Brewster who
died December 16 will be held from
the Twentyseventh ward chapel Sun
day at 2 p m Remains can be viewed
from 12 to 130 p m at the residence
830 Sixth avenue Friends Invited
Tom Xaekey Does Good Work
Aoq tlie fetn Md
The Volunteers of America held nine
meetings during the past week Evan
gelist Tom Mackey being the speaker tit
all of them and 49 new members wer
received into the Volunteers
The new free reading room and employ
ment agency is finding great favor among
the men out ox work in the city th
average attendance for the past SIX day
being 100 men each day Many men hav
teen found employment through the f n
employment bureau recently started by
the Volunteers
All of the employes In the reading room
and employment agency give their serv
Ices free of charge so that the expen
is small While a great many magazine
and periodicals have been received at th
hall from charitable persons the Volun
teers still find the supply unequal to ttio
demand and anyone having files of oM
magazines which they cannot use will
materially assist the work of the Vol
unteers in providing a temporary homo
for homeless wanderers by sending sum
reading matter to the hall on Commei
cial street
The employment bureau Is operator
free of charge and anyone needing mai <
help of any kind can secure a man tJ < >
calling up the Volunteers on either tel

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