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i I
Tiie InterMountain Republic
Bst Feb It 1906
The Salt Lake Herald
Est June 6 1870
Only Republican Dally Newspaper ID
S lt Lake City Utah
Term at SttMorffttleBt
cents OM year ISOO
StJNDA Y One year ttM
8BMI WXEKLY fin advance One
year 118 six won the 16 cants
Subscribers wishing address of paper
charged must rive fara er as well IU
present address
All papers are oenUnued until expttu
order hi relr to dfoeenWnue All ar
rearages mtiBt be paid In fvwy ease
L u
Then IB a curious quirk in the men
tal and moral makeup of oertaln peo
ple who get late active relief work at
tunas of great disaster quirk wntah
makes robbers of them The faot baa
been proven BO often that fairminded
men turn from the horror of sudden
death to the more discouraging horror
of infamy among the living
The thing was never more glaringly
illustrated than at the time of the
e on the istemi ef the Medi
terranean unless this reeeat fight
among the rescue forces at the St Paul
nnno near Cherry Dtlnols be a mere
astounding example
There the organize body of the
miners and the organised bodies of the
relief workers are quarrelling with
each ether aa to which shall handle the
very handsome sum of money that has
been contributed by the people of the
United States The relief people de
clare that the miners themselves will
not permit the mining laws to be en
forced The miners declare they oeuld
apply the contributed relief with dou
ble the efflotenoy at half the expense
And they are eharging each ether
vlth misappropriation of funds In a
manner that shows intimate knowledge
of crookedness on both sides
Writers say there is an especially hot
bell for certain offenders There surely
must be an especially base sort ef hu
manity whloh lives en horrorby set
ting the pines ef distributer ef alms
You cannot punish the rascals without
cutting off the supplies That weuid
stop them moat effectively ADd also
it would put an end to the work of re
lief For there are hundreds who need
help It is mightily discouraging to re
flect that this relief cannot be granted
without making theft possible to the
ghouls who manage te officiate as
From a distance and in the special
ase of the miners at Cherry it would
teem that the labor bodies themselves
an beet handle the relief funds Surely
t hey are just as honest as the charity
workers and they eertataty have a
i better knowledge of the needs of tht
dependent and the way to reach them
But cannot Americans devise some
better way of helping the afflicted
when horrors come 1 Is it always
11Pceseary to pile the Ones of plunder
n the Pelllon of sudden death 1
The objection to the woman as a
gambler is that she always wants to
Yc in And if you insist that the same
may be sM of men it shows that you
dont knew the paM Many men play
for the pleasure they get out of It
They dont oars to win Usually they
lose because always there is the man
In the game who is playing on cold
blooded principles and he doesnt pro
pose to lot anything slip which he can
But there are no fun players
among the women They are oenstl
tuted differently Because they are
women because they have so many of
the character trits that verge en the
heavenly they cannot dabble In these
smaller and lower things and maintain
their position as women
They dont like to lose It is against
nil feminine Instincts It is I against the
natural conservatism of the sex It is
TL direct violation of Uw feminine ohar
acterisUs Women want something to
show for effort expended They see no
profit in a pastime that is no more
than pastime If they give effort and
endeavor and nerve f roe and calcula
tion aad time they want something
for it Therefore they are bad losers
The thing is observed by eastern
raters In the matter of gambling with
shares on the stock market They hear
that it is easy to make fortunes in
Wall street and they ask their men
friends to give them a chance to make
some money When they have Invest
ed they expect to win And woe to the
tHan who gives them a tip that costs
them money They cannot under
hand that and they can never forgive
the mistaken monitor
The same thing is observed in their
card parties where prizes are played
ffi Women want to win and the
came Is most popular which gives the
neatest number a chance to quif with
toinethini more than they had at the
No C o1L is Foing to Quarrel with the
fct No one Is going to bewail the
tciilen y Women are not game losers
1 11 It is a blessed thing they are not
Vhe > ier they get where they can bet
and IO > and smile Heaven take care
ur the human race
i Utah is 1 to be honored by the
launches of the battleship that will
bar thC name of the state The Utah
ill presently be one of the fighting
forts of the nation It is a recognition
L somewhat tardy which Is abundantly
Utah w ill consider herself honored
with that addition to the fighting force
of the public and will comply with
the cut torn of other states and present
e silver < nke to the ship which is
I added tr tie American navy
And Tf i < c not a whit fearful that
the si r ring 111 name will 1i
honor U tE Lose flag she ilies
It that phip shall observe the Utah
pant oi loyalty to tnt repuolio of dll
alleu In I the business set before her
at an UMenquerabte spirit when the c
day of trial shall come of helpfulness
lor all her friends and charitable for
giveness for all her conquered ene
mies the Utah will bear herself with
all due credit wherever she may go
Just so long as the genius of the state
whose name she bears shall animate
the men and the officers of the Utah 1
the battleship will win the recognition
which is duo to the fighting force of
a great republic
It is something of a compliment to
the state this naming of a naval ves
sel for Utah Our people appreciate it
They realise that it is a step in that
recognition of Utah and her place in
I the nation to which she is entitled It
is an admission that the era of an
tipathy to Utah Is passing away that
all ever the country people are getting
a better conception of the state and a
better faith In her people
And in this launching of the battle
ship bearing the name of the state the
people of the state want to express
their entire unity with the rest of the
republic their fellowship with their
political brethren in every common
wealth between the oceans in all good
work in all battles for the honor of
the country and the glory of her flag I
In a little over a month the nation
will be celebrating another Lincoln
birthday It will be a hundred and one
years since his birth The fame of the
man grows greater as time passes In
speaking of Lincolns purpose in the
civil war Dean Harris cites the sec
end Inaugural address composition
which has not been exceeded in the
English language if in any other
Lincoln directed attention to the war
ring armies and the people behind
them He pointed out their common ac
ceptance of the same religion of sub
servience to the OM Gpd Then he
adds In words that never can be for
Both read the same Bible and pray
to the same God and each Invokes His
aid against the other It may seem
strange that any men should dare to
ask a Just Gods assistance in wring
Ing their bread from the sweat of other
mens faces but let us judge not that
we may not be judged The prayers of
both could not be answered that of
neither has been answered fully The
Almighty has His own purposes
Fondly do we hope fervently do we
praythat this mighty scourge of war
may speedily pass away Yet if God
wills that it continue until all the
wealth piled by the bondmans two
hundred and fifty years of unrequited
toll shall be sunk and until every drop
of blood drawn from the lash shall be
paid by another drawn with the sword
aa was said three thousand years ago
so still it must be said The judg
ments of the Lord are true and right
eous altogether H
With malice toward none with
charity for all with firmness in th
right as God gives us to see the right
let us strive on to finish the work w
are in to care for him who shall hav >
borne the battle and for his widow
and for His arphaa tO dp all which
may achieve and cherish a Jim an
lasting peace among ourselves and
with all nations
Sir Wilfrid Laurter premier of the
Dominion of Canada said of the pa
per I do not know hew you may re
gard It but it seems to me that these
last words sound the loftiest note that
can be struck in politics Lord Aber
deen said Its tone is not far from
the dignity of the ancient prophets
These passages have found place In
the foremost literature of all time
Language so simple so strong so con
vincing is the marvel of all the world
The nation will not forget the birth
day of Lincoln
Those women who conduct the free
kindergarten have only anticipated the
expression of the Christmas spirit They
have assembled their youthful charge
and made them happy That may not
have been a difficult thing but it la a
ble Md thing
There will be in twenty in thirty in
fifty years men and women some
where in the world who will remember
that on a Friday afternoon in nine
teennine they gathered about a
Christmas tree In a Salt Lake meeting
house and there received presents from
three women who had been kind to
them and who make the season a little
brighter and a little better because ot
the spirit of Christ abroad in the land
That is worth a good deal The
women who managed the little affair
will grow old and pass away They
will go the way of all the earth But
in every day of their lives however
long these may be they will be a little
richer because of the fact that the boys
and girls of the free kindergarten have
something nappy to remember through
their work
They have done a good thing Let
us hope that the scope of their work
may be widened that their success In
the past may be appreciated in the
future and that when snother Christ
mas season shall roll around they will
be only so much more happy as the
widening circles of their service to
childhood should make them
There is just about enough country
and Just about enough people for one
good republic in Central America
There is not enough for two or three
It Ia just possible the removal of Ze
laya is the first step in a reorganisation
for which the Latins have been looking
ever since the Spaniards were driven
I away There is enough strength in the
concert of action between Mexico and
the United States to help those people
Into a strong and cohesive government
to place at its head a man wise enough
to administer the affairs of all ana
honest enough to let the people keep
the fortunes which they make from
their marvelously rich land the treas
ures of their abounding resources
It needs no further proof that peace
Is impossible so long as there are many
little governments there They wilt
quarrel and fight so long as their petty
provinces are divided with varied
names and one condition with rival
leaders and one hope They nlll be
subject to the machinations of ever
soldier of fortune that sails the seas
regretting the sunset of the buccaneers
reign I
> The assembling of Guatemala Hon
duras Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica
and Panama undo one governing
body with one capital and one respon
sibility with the friendship of Mexico
and the United States will Insure peace
and prosperity to the people there a
people who have never enjoyed that
condition In the past
And anything lees than that will be
a positive source of danger to every
Interest on the western continent and
to good order throughout the world
Liberal leaders are telling Irishmen
that a victory of the liberal cause at
the coming election in Great Britain
will mean freedom for Ireland And
by that pledge they are going to get a
great deal of strength for the defeat of
the conservatives
Just how far that freedom win go
just how great a degree of selfgovern
ment it may mean is not known to the
world at large But that it will content
the Irishmen with anything loss than
a local parliament at Dublin not be
And there is a very general hope that
the Irish may one time govern them
selves Thoy have fought the battles
of the world in a manner which maker
reasonable the hope that they can fight
their own They have been faithful
even in the forces of the United King
And aheaa the scholar with rising joy
Said < vWe were at Ramllltea
We left our bones > > at Fontonoy
And up in the Pyrenees
Before Dunkirk on Landens plain
Cremona Lille and Ghent
Weve all over Austria France and Spain
Wherever they pitched a tent
Weve died for England from Waterloo
To Egypt and Dargal
And still theres enough for a corp or
Kelly and Duke and Shea
Well here la to good honest fighting
bleed i
Bald Kelly and Burke and She
Add to the Kelleys the Burkes and
i the Sheas such names as Arthur
Duke of Wellington and Lord Kltch
ener ef Khartum and you find that for
the past hundred years the Irish have
proved by their loyalty and their fight
ing quality that they are deserving
well of the empire They are not Ilk <
to be lees valuable in the future thai
they have been in the past And If
they have not won independence it Is i
not easy to see how any nation can
Either the president of the Red Cros +
society Is mistaken in his estimate of
the extent of the white slave evil or
there are grave doubts about thi
being a Christ a country Here is a
clipping from the California Christian
The president of the Red Cross so
ciety estimates that the white slav <
trade in this country has 640000000
nvested It required 67000 of these un
fortunate girls annually to fill th
ranks of those who die and arc sent t <
the asylum The annual cost Is about
Htt000000 to maintain the supply of
victims for this awful mill of vice
The average life lease of this army of
unfortunate women is five years
It isnt a tonic that lends Itself easily
to comment Maybe that is the reason
It has gained so strong a hold so surf
i footing People naturally are disin
clined to discuss the details of a prac
tice so offensive a business so essen
itally odious
Congress is asked by President Taft
In his message to take steps looking to
a breaking up of the evil In half a
dosen cities conditions are revealed
which make doubt difficult if not im
possible There seems no room for
question The evil ie frightful
I And admitting much even if not all
i of the charges of the reformers to bf
trUe the question at the beginning of
this article will be answered by the
success or the failure of the nation to
terminate the trade and adequately
punish the people who have been Itt
I agents
Experts tell us that tuberculoal
costs the United States three hundred
million dollars a year Also they tell
us that the disease te not inherited
that it comes from inadequate nutrition
and unsanitary conditions The work
of the fighters against the Great Whit
Plague is directed to healing such cases
as are still within the reach of possible
help but more especially to correct th >
conditions out of which tne sacrifice oi
human life la l made You can help them
by buying Red Cross stamps and
keeping the windows open at night
What we said about tho SanFranciscr
police force is retracted In Salt Lake
a lone thief has twice robbed the Brig
ham street pharmacy within two
weeks WaD up men with tho star
We want to believe you are better than
those club swingers down at the bay
There are few better weekly papers In
Utah than is the Coalvllle Times The
Christmas number of that paper is this
year In every way commendable And
I the beet features in it are those that
I wen made at home
Brigham and even Ogden are with
ether Utah cities either in the throes
of a oal famine ar they are anxiously
anticipating one And the admonition
to keep cool seems to be wholly un
Well if the turkeys are going to
have tuberculosis there is little left for
People who give sunshine never have
to beg sympathy
Life would leave us all fools but for
the lessons of affliction
Pessimism is usually another name
for habitual introspection
No man is fit for another world who
Is not efficient in this one
A man never improves his character
by posing for a reputation
There is a world of difference be
tween selfreverence and selfadora
tion I
tionThe sting of sorrow lasts as long
as we refuse to be sweetened by it
Many think that religion is a matter
of notions or emotions instead of mo
tives and motions Chicago Tribune
If All of the household serv
ants In the city who have se I
rurcrl their places pirousrh ads I
ir tiis paper were to po on a
strike a pretty widespread do 1
mes do paolo would follow
I1 i g B Y f
I The Final Rush Commences Tomorrow
I I l IM m WI ° I n iI r
1 F Y t II 1 I C M i
9 1
1 y I Do your trading the morning if possible
S as the day advances clerks become tired
r r
i H
o and the throngs of customers make it prac
i r tically impossible for you to get the same
I I i u r attention that you would in the morning
9 4 We also suggest that whan oonTonitnt small
r r l i
V parcels be taken with youin this way you
I s 1 ri fl avoid delay and possibility of your package
going astray
A fr r i
I 1 i
r i F 3 f Glove Gifts
I g I Always Welcome
it ra Finest qualities lowest possible prices expert fit
r ting If you are not sore of your friend rise
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Fabrics looking like silk are made
from wood
A fourhundredpound halibut was
recently displayed ia London
Factories in England use more than
onefifth of the coal produced
Warships require 1000 to 1460 feet
clear space to swing around in tidal
A now douse has just been rom
Shofford rnKland and It is
pctd at
bjjd to bp the first one built there in
fifty years
A bottle of milk containing a two
inch minnow was recently deli ered by
a Pitt field Mass milkman to one of
liK customers
A New York man who ate sixty buck
wheat cakes and tw ppunds of sausago
saul lip would hap done better if he
k i 001 I uriErry
i per itnp to its population more i
people earn a livelihood by seafaring
in Norway than in any other country
Britain comes next
Measurements made in London
schools prove that the children of the
welltodo are better grown for their
age than the children of the poor
The practice of cutting the claws of
the more ferocious animals of the Lon
don zoological gardens has recently
been greatly facilitated by chloroform
ing the jnnnals
Wireless ltgraph stations are to be
installed in Siberia which will enable
the war department of Russia to keep
in communication witH Cue eastern
most parts of the empire
Tom L Johnson omitted the word
obey from the marriage service when
called on to perform it as mayor of
Cleveland because as he aid he
would not help to make liars nf peo
A y < ri i tMok1 pit T i engine
has ifeu t d i i Rned r 1 Nailed t i over
come Wit MUiiiuUua Uuvu prevent
such engines being applied directly to
the shaft of a vehicle as in the case I
of the steam engine
The Buffalo board of education is
considering a proposition to introduce I
IB the public schools a text book on
Buffalo which will give pupils some
knowledge of the industries and in
stitutions of the city in which they
live I
liveNote to philanthropists from the i
Oakley Kan Graphic One thou
sand four hundred and ninetynine dol
lars dropped in our stocking Christ i
mas night would enable us to buy a i
linotype We have saved the other I
dollar In the last four years I
The total length of the streets i
cleaned In Berlin In 1907 wail 32f1 milts I
II The total working force was 2056 in j
cluding 500 street sweeping boys
I These boys ret from 47 to 5s cents a
I day tlia adult laborers get isb cents
and after three years 119 a day I
At this time last year the steel I car
builders had orders for sixty thousand
cars This year according to the Rail
way and Engineering Review orders
have amounted to 160000 and work
already contracted for will keep the
plants busy until next June
Mrs Sophie Mayer of New York is the
first woman lawyer to appear in the
courts of Austria Acting as attorney
of a New York tailor Mrs Mayer went
to Austria s ome time ago and obtain
permission from tije minister of justice
in Vienna to ai < p i < ST 8h won her
Tiiclttigf s shipbuilding establish
ment In Japan is the one at Nagasaki
founded by the government in 185f Ih
1884 however this card Was sold to
Baron Iwasaki it principal owner and
is now known as the Mitau Blihi
work When the undertaking was
Fold by tie injt ial authorties too
men were eiii lojtO Today i al Are
I employ end
IiIj c

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