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I i
Supply of Coal in City Would
Be Exhausted Within 48
Mliii but I frvi hundred tons of coal on
IiiiKil in the tvcral company arda bare
1 fiiifficient ti supply ft fortyeight
liurs I demand wee receipts to be eur
1 I < l or slut off Salt Lake is confront
d with net only a serious fuel shortage
i the thieit 01 a famine
Acfuding to 1ical dealers the present
i I situation is j becjming alarming in its
MMieft Tli mints are working to their
< aniity liit the receipts In the local
ruv fall far short of the demand The
Pt ircnt cold snap has caught many of
tli consumers unprepared and the past
v i k hIS deviMoprd an abnormal demand
iMn I the dealers Vith the torage sup
1 i nf coal cleaned out and with the total
Tniritu of lump coal only about 200 tons
11 i supolv th > usual consumption of
frin IJI tolow one for domestic pur
po s in Salt Lake the dealers have been
ford to aeieiit the run 1f mine coal
Kd tvrn under this condition are unable
tp siupe aft Unt to satisfy the demand
With the approach of the holidays tt is
< > niirrvt likely thatwfor a week or two
jit least the presint receipts will be di
rrj < hed
In Kpakinp of the matter yesterday one
cpf lie i coal dealers said
i he people dOl not realize the gravity
< f i In present fuel 1 situation We simply
I umur supply the t I demand and there are
no imMiuraKln signs for the immediate
futMi sal Take uses from 800 to 1000
tons of lump cofc I daily and all the yards
jvit toother Jiru receiving not more than
V Ions dally We hart been forced to
the the rur of mine coal and when th
itimers kik at the quality of coal
t J I art getting thev singly do not know
t t the dealr is i up against On Satur i
l light Tf liaii only alx tons of lump
i < il 1 II our yard and I know of anothr i
t 1 that was absolutely cleaned lln i
li I > there i fMne unlooked fr relief
> S thin two wook = till people will he glad
ti rke whiittAcr they CMI set even to
t k the fclmnitnation of the housewife
Supply for Two Days
f the bhipmnts were cut off today 1
0 beli Vi tlere If i coal enough on hand
h tho city to supply the demand for
1 hht hourri
irtH Lake is almost entirely dependent
1 u urboi UfltV for Its cia supply
3 little is received from Wvomine but
n ii a sufficient amount to afford any
f The mines at Keinnrrer Dia
TnorJvtlle 111 rimberland re used to
pii nc iy I atiO ttiriuch he Oregon Short
fii and Iii Inion Pacific points es
I Iidiy to ilv eastward tak1 up prac
Mllv the oltimt of Rock Springs
V > lih thfl Western Pneiflo hauling out I
vi j the lfrhborhrtod of almost 800 tns
r 1 almost iailv from the Utah Fuel
iiitiiiys mines in Carbon county th > i
> r fuirih i Set LaKe is I rfminlshed I
tn > iiifh the scarcity of available cars
1 Ii more < irs < r provded or ner
s until ln < reased railroad facilities1
furnishvl Sit Lake and the surround
rmr < rt j fl ikely be confronted with
T imis problem in the winter fuel
MI > ily 1
TvsvtP the sirait = In which the local
j Dealer finis himself thre seems
1 deposition to increase the present
f t u tn th = iiisiimev In Order to obtain
0 tmi of liiinn coal from the mine
1 i a it is i rdiv by the deal r three
i iiust be 1 hnndled reciulrii an In
e in ti cst of handling the coal
1 s t Iv resulting In some losses I
1 bf l coal itel 1
na hwiii vglected to storecoal for
i rtold i u in advance will have to
i k h d fhiic < vi now for a time Ht least
I kkmz > thf coal man will bring
r lift rei < f
Bed Crou Stamp Carrie Xemge of
Cluuity 18 fwfferers IK
The buy r of a Red Crow stamp
Thcther the purchase is one or a thou
Karii stamps is not only obtaining a
e rul holiday greeting to place on a
ht t I or psirei that la going to a rela
t c or a frind but is aiso making a con
rition to one of the greatest move
uf ever IV anized in America People
an I over th United States are buying the
tipS not only for the bright cheerful
mm itself bat albo to contribute to the
uts of tie American Red Cross In driv
J tie white plague out of the land The
ing of the Christmas stamp for this
cMsa begun last year when nearly
SHIKII were sold in thirtyfive states
c v York ld 1 the list of states by pur
hifing t i74 worth of the stamps or
l7liiV I > The people of Pennsylvania
d 1700n for the stamps and Maasa
trisetts bought 13000 worth
The mor widely people become ac
f lunted with the stamps the more read
they 811 and the Red Cross Christ
ni bt < unp gives every sign of being the
MI cottffpUuous factor not excepting
Santa Olaus during the holiday season
this yearn
In many cities the bill posters have be
roe cnthus ntlc over the Christmas
> i np cause and will post thousands of
rils that the stamp and its meaning
iiiiv be brought before the public eye
tlvnr the proceeds from the stamp sales
< > Into the Rod Cross warfare against
t > white plague in Utah and since the
siivis bring genuine Christmas cheer
i i the perFin who uses them the move
vlt is proving the most popular ever
Lynched in promoting a public cause
The stamp sales In this city are in
charpe of Mts = Jennings 49 North Second
Wet and stamps are on sale art the drug
stores book stores and dry goods stores
In ndditin to tlip Six Best Sellers
ve pet weekly shipments of the most
ynul1r anl 1 uptodate fiction as fast
I n it is I Slid I from the eastern press
Tivrs of h < idks fire picking them up
LLIIIY for liiliday trifts
0 I Main Street
You Can Make No Better
Present to Your Wife
or Children
Than one or more of our MORT
iwed in sums of 100 and mul
tiples thereof are doubly secured
by First 3 ortf ges on Salt lake
Heal Estate and our Capital and
Surplus and being nontaxable
yield 6 per cent net interest which
will be paid monthly qurterly or
semiannaally aa desired
SIt Lake
Security Trust
32 Up Mai Strt
Capital 30000000
Surplus 510000000
A private safe may be rented In the
fire and burglar proof vault of the Salt
Lake Security Trust Co 32 up Main
street 200 per year and upwards
Do you kodak We finish and also sell
the supplies Salt Lake Photo Supply
o 177 Man street
TribuneReporter Printing Co
K West Second South Phones 713
Pioneer Roofing
Furnished laid 3111 guaranteed by
2 <
Removal Sale
Big reduction In wall paper and I
framed pictures before moving to our I
elegant new store I
Eat your noon and evening meals at
the new Cafeteria Its growing popu
larity has necessitated the plargement
of the dining room Its new its con
venient Service excellent Food the
beat and properly cooked Its fine
The Annex 17 West South Temple
Clmnipagne Whisky
Port Claret Sherry
Beer or Ale I
If you need any of these
to aid you in celebrat
ing the holidays order
from us Youll find
everything of excellent
quality and twill be
delivered as soon as
you want it
The Never Substitutors
I Removal Sale
P4crn r v > j tiori = Ir wail rarer In
framed pi < tuivs ivfore moving to our
elegant new store
Two million dollnrs IIHuantpp1 tp
Oiinrv of i vcrv ftrstrrt mR i p hv th
il It lik I c iirti X 1rqt rv 32 Fr
f cXUi Ve ovsip own records I
C <
The Most
Acceptable Gift
you can make is jewel
ry We sell the most
acceptble jewelry j you
can get
We sell the best qual
ity and have afc much
cure for the price as
we do for the quality
Give Holeproof Sox
Weve prepared special Xmas boxes and Xmas gift cer
tificates Your friends may make their own selections of
size and color
Sample Certificate
This GrtifxaU entities bearer to
rfrjf tV tf
rJJ 3i J I lJf
t ti Redeemable upon demand at our store
Jp cypt
Zk1w Pr
150 200 and 300 the box
Mens Ladies and Childrens sizes
Xmas Gifts for Gentlemen
are hers in profusion Just the proper things at just the
proper prices
The Gentlemans Xmas Store
J D OWEN Mgr 245 Main 8 tree
tumewiCK 1 in assnipo < > r lit i titry isfcut 1 1 nt rurakl ti
I t > llcu n will bv found an rder for two setts at the orpheum theatre cnn
I > r lthr matinee or venin performsree on date < f tame The person wios
am appears this order will plea present a copy of the ad to The Br
I MRmubiiran nfflc before < oelork oday together with a poelttvt 4ei
atinn your ant iiitwriptUm rereO t will io Reed the iassMd adv
I I 10 bp
Sixroom brick bungalow with bath
an northeast bench Two car lint
i Furnace hot water cement basement
and laundry wtth stationary tubs gas I
I electric lights All modern Cheap rent
to right parties Address H 6 Herald
Kodak Finishing
ait Lake ijioio Supply Co 177 iiaiv si
I <
va matter what you
want it lor there is an
Acme Quality
for your purpose the beat tor I
the purpose tio
17 east First 14ttKta
This line surpasses in variety d
quantity any previous yeara tar
chases The titles authors itjlM WUl
prices are so numerous that we ouit
describe the line
6 Main Street
Dancing school
Lessons 25c Private lesaona by ap
pointment at Conservatory hall W P
O place every day and evening Fub
lie can secure hall for all occaaiona tc
dale Monday Thursday Saturday
Professor Wr > o < naw1 fntijetnr
want to be
p rSOllaJ but we
do think that tJaia
town is full of
North Poles
Cook and Peary
please note
Western Fuel Co
r tch w Richer A Kittle
I Cable Addreu Wesfuco I
I Phones 719 73 Main Street
> d < >
Old Men Slated for Water
works Street and Land
Only two appointment bars been
made by Mayor John So Branaford thus
far but I f expected that aeftral more
will be made this wek Harry Mercer
now a clerk In the city treasurers of
fice has been named aa humane officer
for next year and Dr S G Paul will
b the next health commissioner i place
of Dr M R Stewart
And in the passing of Dr Stewart one
of the most picturesque health boards In
the history JctUlu w become a
thing of the past The Duck Club Cab
inet will pass into history It h been
one of the prime requisites of the past
for an applicant to own at least p
hunting club dog and b a member of a duck
Dr Stewart was an ardent duck shoot
er and hunter F L Hansing chief
clerk has a string of Airdale terriers
was I duck man makes a business of
following pedigreed dogs
Some Changes
I is believed by Mayor Brausford and
a few others however that with Dr S
G Paul at the helm things will change
Thf appointments of J T Raleigh as
street suprvr Tom Hobday as su
perintendent of waterworks and Frank
Matthews as land and water commis
sioner will probably be made this week
by the mayor
Councilmen T R Black and Lorln J
Wood have been two very busy officials
for a few years trying to detach the
scalp of Raleigh but Black f now out
of the way and the street supervisor
does not have much fear of Wood Not
a few little traps have been laid for Ra
leigh which he has refused to walk Into
I was rumored about election time
that Prank Matthews would resign as
land and water commissioner S several
others started after the job which il
rather a soft one for eleven months out
of the year But FVank said he had
been misunderstood and has talked over
ben weather several times since election
with the mayor winding up with an in
quiry regarding the land and water com
missioners Job Wherefore It appears
that Frank Is still keen for th job He
wli probably stay
Mayor Bransford has not dropped 1
hint as to the next city engineer but
there is every indication that it will be
A F Doremus and that the present
city engineer George O Chaney will
drop tack to principal assistant Cha
ney became city engineer when L C
nfV Kelseys head dropped just before elec
tion time
I ton
Detectivei Believe They Have AI
other Member o the Yefg I
Gang I
men Go
Sunday afternun Detective Robert Gold
ing arrested a youth giving the name of
Frank Wiliard whom the police believe
of safecrackers
to be implicated with the gang
crackers that have been operating in Salt
Lake for some time and WhO rooms
were raided Saturday in which a lot
of burglars tools were found
The detectives are not ready to give out
any information regarding the finding
ay the tools and the arrest of John Phil
of tools and Phillips
lips The quantity tl PblUp
were found in a room somewhere in the
business district but the exact location
of which the police refuse t dIsclose
It 1f believed that the police have ev
idence which leads them to believe that
the room where Phillips Wa arrested was
the headquarters of an organized gang
hedquarin s
of safe crackers and yeggmen and until
they capture the other members of the I
gang are keeping its location secret
Willard who was arrested yesterday l I
seventeen old
only sventen years S ol Ii i
Commercial Club Committee
to Act After Circulation
As soon as committees composed of res
ident of the districts lying without the
city limits to the south have completed
a canvass now in progress and secured
the necessary signatures to petitions
seeking annexation they will meet in conference
ference with the promotion committee of
the Commercial club for the purpose of
perfecting the plan of action which will
bring these districts into the municipal
ity before th next census is taken
The Commercial club was asked for its
assistance in bringing about the exten
asslnc bring aut exen
sion of the city limits a short time ag
and the matter referred t the promotion
committee of which W P Cooper is
chairman After consulting with those
favoring the annexation ofr th outlying
districts it was decided that these resi
dents should first secure the necessary pe
titions before the club took up its part
of the definite work T petitions are
now nearly complete which ask fo the
extension of the city limits to at least
Twelfth South west of State street and
the joint meeting of the committees will
be held at an early date
Evangelist Tells Congregation That
love of G Is Better
Than Riches
There was a large congregation at the
meeting of Tom Hackey in the Volun
teers of America hall o Commercial
street last evening thSr the men gath
ered to hear w gospel and
to escape the set
Mr Macke S ast evening told
these unfortunate that money was
not all that wa to 1D in th
world that mosey was a failure and that
It had been t cause e many downfalls
He said that money Mds men to the
gaming tables to whisky and houses of
11tepute He said that money had
failed in many instances to keep million
rs from serving their tern tb
I prisons wfver conviction for their wrong
loinir H tod the men that the love of
ilpil liiol n vr failed and would keep
I I 1n from t hIs vices Which money
rvjulU iCipil tell ITp
Prof J E Talmage Reviews
History of Name Given to
Origin and right t the title o the
Church ofsr sus Christ of featterday
Saints was the general subject of an ad
dress given by Professor J K Talmage
at the afternoon session of the Salt Lake
stake conference at the Tabernacle yes
terday afternoon Special Christmas mu
sic was given by the choir and C W
Klbley presiding bishop spoke briefly on
the Mormon belief In Christ and the im
portance attached to his mission on
Professor Talmage began by outlining
the form of organization maintained by
the church in its division into stages and
subdivisions of wards with the various
officers in charge of the work These
officers he said including the president
of th church held their positions t
which they were appointed according to
divine revelation only at the acceptance
of the people of the church and they
might b rejected by the people who
would then take the consequences This
the sneaker said constituted an organiza
tion founded on true principles of democracy
racy a illustrated by its nam The
Church Saints of Jesus Christ of Latterday
At the time of h resurrection Profes
sor Talmage said Christ appeared to the
people on the western continent and es
tablished his church and made known
his wish that inasmuch as I was his
church i should oe known by his name
Again in the nineteenth century when i
the night of the great apostasy was
over the question of a name fo the
church came up again when I was founded
e by Joseph Smith There were other
churches at that time b said which bore
the names of Luther Calvin Wesley and
others and these churches were named
after great and worthy men who were
in every sense servants of G Then
he said there were other churches such
as the Presbyterian Methodist and episcopal
copl which were named for some tea
ture of their organizations
Did you ever stop to think that until
th advent of Joseph Smith there was
not a church on earth bearing the name
of Jesus Christ asked Professor T
Question of Names
He said if the church be Luthers
church Luther should not b robbed of I
the rightful honor and the same with
rihtful the Uesleys if the churches
were theirs they should bar their names
but if the church b Christs i should
bear his name In the same manner he
sid all those who followed Wesley Cal
vin or Luther should b with their i
churcnes but those who followed Jesus i
Christ should align themselves with his
church He said if his church was the
church of Joseph Smith i should be called
by his name o if it were Brigham
Youngs church i should bear the name
of Bsigham Young
I Profesor Talmage said there was lit
tie mystery about the theology of the
Mormon church for its members believed
that G was just as tangible 8 any on <
in th congregation possessed of a body
a real a any one earth and one from
which the body of man was patterned
a perfected being of the same race as
that to which b and his hearers be
longed He said the Mormons did not
believe in the metaphysical force which
some c led God The Mormon belief h
said was that man was more than mini
and matter for he also possessed a spirit
and I was the purpose of the church
to develop ard improve mankind along the
three lines physical mental and spiritual
He spoke of the bodies of men 8 the
graduation robes of the school of life
which would b assumed I the after life
As to heaven and hell Professor Tal
mage said no Intelligent mind could accept
cept the belief that there were only two
divisTtnn Tor classes unto which mankind
couTa be divided and when th accounts
were run dvie the divisions mde
sm with a small margin either way
some would b consigned to eternal punIshment
sme con81
ishment and others to eternal reward T
fact that God never made two human
beings alike he said bore out the claims
of the church regarding different degrees
of exaltation in after life
Reverence for Master
C W Nibley said he thought the name
of Jesus Christ was one which the Mor
mons more than any other people re
vered and adored and th people of the
church believed implicitly that Jesus
Christ rose from the dead and that he
shall reign king of kings anil lord of
lords forever and ever He said th Mor
mons more than any other people used
the name of Christ in opening all meet
ings with prayer in his name Children
were blessed and the sick administered
to and morning and evening prayers were
all offered in his name Although bap
tism ofer the name of the Trinity M
Nibley said nearly all of th ordinances
church were performed
of the Mormon wee prormd
in I the name of Christ He said the Mor
mons revered all of the prophets both
ancient and modern Esekiel Isaiah
Abraham and Moses were named And
the Monnone
so in latter days he said Monol
revered Joseph Smith a a great prophet
perhaps the greatest of all Brigham
Young and other leaders o th church
he said were held In reverence but when
i came to comparing them with Jesua
Christ he said the other prophet were i
if not insignificant of far less importance i
than Jesus Christ
The choir sang the anthem caNing
Star and Hallelujah the Lord Omnipo I
tent Reigns The opening prayer was
by William Asper and th benediction was
pronounced by D L Davis
S e
o r TE m m r
Religious Bigotry Is Nonsense
and Denominational Ego
tism Foolishness
Christianity a Practical Religion
was the subject of a sermon by Dr Fran
cis Burgette Short at the First Methodist
churcn lat night in whicn the pasioi
fepoke forcibly against bigot and nar
rowness m attempting t point out the
only enunii thruuyu whitn man may
reacn loa Dr biiort iouk ins text troui
James 127 Pure religion and uuaetiieu
betore o and the fatter is Ibis to
visit the Ictiuerless and th widows m
their aflct and to keep nimself un
spotted iron e world
lie saio m part
Christianity is the highest type of religion
ligion thus tar known I springs from a
pure source is actuated by pure motives
and I ever productive of pure results It
touches poverty and riches spring up
I pours its light into the dark piacs anu
they are fled with beauty i lays Us
pure heart against the heart of sin anu
it becomes wnlte i reacnes down and
takes hold of the weak lifts them upon
their feet and sends them away strong
Christianity Gods last and greatest
gift t men I sows beside all streams
extends its hands to all in need empties
itself for those that hate blesses those
that curse and gives comfort to them
that sit in sorrow Such is the religion
of mine Christ and such is your religion and
mineChristianity is ever active I has no
nights save the nights of sorrow i
knows no want save the want of a op
portunity to serve it has no care excepl
the care of Gods unfortunate children
it doth not clothe itself save in th gar
ments of purity and it bath n food
save that of doing the will of our Father
in heaven
Creeds are perhaps necessary for ex
pressing our belief formally but the i
creed is merely the husk inside of which
we should ever b able to discover the i
pure heart of our Christian religion Th ° i
variety of denominations simply illus
trates the variety of approaches which
men have set up in their desire to reach
G We are one in this that Wi dtslie
to reach 1 better beyond after we part
from this life Creds may b good and
creeds might even be bad But no creed
is the sole exponent of truth Again
we Hre nfl one in this belief that purity I
is the priviKfie and tie duty of all Re I
ligous bip try is non erse Denomina
tional egotism is fooishn ss
Mankind and not mere ilethodists belong
long to God The whole earth is the
I Lords and the fullness thereof and they
I thai dwell therein Ihe mission of Chris
tianity is io pour its Missings upon th
1Iri trh anr all its people It has I
acreiU 1 t mission and entered upon
is l t ii the song of victory upon
ilt t Ii i its Ivuilding hospitals caring
11 l I 1 o srtisring the blind cducat I
1 1 > la i ran iitlng thtis in prisjn
f dii h 1 1 l y i d caring for the
i < uhtTi > Io riiiir s 0
U I vi lt you Will b
dins tht h i < i r < much more Im
v t pt Uvjr iiff for your de
m < > t Mr 1 v M flit1O Pm is i
a 1 < > ii i ijk aju many ivs LA > < ng to
h 1 n wir 1 t J jjv shouting for
Thfir l r fvs j s ir L I Chris
Ihit I ir r V Mie i 1 Uail I
fletf t r 1 1 t t t ut <
rluL > nst1 in I aitiin TK l v rld i
hungry IIK h < 1 < It i til of tne Christian
rohgion urd it is j L I inc sisfiod with
1hfll J a th rnril ai > niiiiy time is
ii < L iinl vi must irilo1 hIt
i Th story is j told Uat then > onc
lived in lJ iiu Pru I n woman who gave
i her frvi r tit tro 1 ulo aiu i dangerous
i task of ssvirir i uiwnini niin Wh Tpvr
a blurm uos in mtri e read let rotn I
I dj t nsi cf ur tint UUT Income sll ip
i > vivcktil She svfd nuiit tli < iri M PT
suux frum < 1 watery nave Everytiody
iovvil Catheriiif Kkitldt Children
oowed to l tvr n ud kissed her skirts awl
the Bailors looked upon nor as their
guHrdiiij angil I
Out thtrir in the ITP of human
I strusgk oils rr uliia down down
down utless ClifiSiiatiy shall rr > scm <
thin Throw out t1n lifeline tdny
now hl rescue th 7 rthing Ooen
wiifr every church > < r welcome them
with a Oijrike iarity ann firc for
tin dying Church of Gl follower of
Christ there is much to K done CatCh
the spirit of your leader the Kavior of
men and go forth caring for the needy
pouring the riches of His grace Intu all
hearts heeding the cries of every discon
solate soul and winning for heaven every
wandering brother Christianity must
1eQ5 end Kivp tbp wnlp par h mus
Salvation Army Providing Ne
cessities to Many Families
in Actual Want
The want and privation of the poor and
destitute has been intensified with the
chill of the winter and the charitable la
bors of the Salvation Army have been
materially increased during the last wek
From two to four and five destitute fam
ilies have been given some measure of
relief from their pitiable condition each
day of the week and some of the In
stances coming td the attention of the
Army officers have been of a unusually
serious nature
In one case both the father and mother
were lying upon the sick cot lacking nec
essary care and nourishment while the
family of little children sat around the
bare room shivering from the chill and
crying in their hunger The distress of
the family waj relieved by the provision
of fuel food medicines and comfortable
clothing The suspension of some of the
laboring work on account of the cold
weather has caused suffering among the
poorer families dependent gn the wage
earners dally income for subsistence In
several of these cases th Army workers
have been able to procure other employ
ment for the men while giving temporary
assistance to the families
Te Salvation Army will mark the corn
ing Christmas with a mammoth tree
which Santa Claus has agreed to pay
special attention to age Yuletide
visit to Salt Lake Ensign Thomas Pits
has already prepared a list of more than
600 children of poor families who will
b invited to the tree which will b given
at the Army hall on East Second South
street Christmas night The admission
will b by ticket and those will he dis
tributed among the children during th
present week Each day the kettles
will be on the prominent street corners
for the purpose of receiving the contri
butions of the passing citizens who wish
to see Christmas cheer brought to the
noor children
Fifty children twentyfive boys and
twentyfive girls to he slectd by the
Officers of the Salvation Army from
among the more destitute fmirs will la
the special guests at a Chrsfmas treat
o be given bv Mr K M hv Jr nt hr
home gven iB Monday nigh follwini
Christmas Last Christmas Mrs Mehesv
ntertsincd twentvfive such children and
o apnrecatlve wer they that th ° num
ber to hr the roein nts of her benefac
tion win be doubled
The Rev Mr Paden Draws a
Lesson From a Practical
Subject Text
The Rev William M Paden in his dis
course at the First Presbyterian church
yesterday chose an unique subject for his
sermon The Spirit of the living Crea
ture to the Wheels The following ex
cerpts show how the subject was made to i
teach a lesson I
< This I an age of wheels or machinery
We carry wore wheels in our vest pock i
ets than the ancients carried in all the I
pockets of their civilization There la
more mechanism in a sewing machine
harvester or locomotive than in all the I
laborsaving appliances of antiquity This I
is also a day of organization The or i
ganization of our republic is as com I
pared with tl at of ancient Rome as that
of on of our locomotives compared with
that of one of Caesars chariots of war
and the organization of one of our great
mission boards is to the aggressive ma
chinery used by St Paul as one of the
coasters on which he sailed when com
pared with one of our great ocean steam
ers 01 as his postal facilities compared I
with our great international system
As I believe in the superiority of our
age a compared with all preceding ages
I believe in the value of wheels and or
ganizations They are one of the indica
tions St a high type of life As a man Is
more highly organized than an earth
worm his very frame being a combina
tion of cords and pulleys and lev rs so
ideal society must be more highly organ
ized than mudeating savagery The day
of individualism is past the day of col
lectivism ha come We cannot make tb >
most of our opportunities in any othr
way When gold was to be picked up in
the streams individual gold seekers
might make good wages each going h
own way but the day of placer mining is
wellnigh past In these latter days the
richest results must be mind and crushed
out of the mountains and to get thse
results we must have organized com
panies with expensive and powerful
plants we must have combinations of
men and machinery And this is more or
less true of the church especially In th
great centers of population To gt the
best results we must have efficient church
plants matter = d y strong communions
Spirit In the Wheels
But wheis and organizations are not
enough Tiiv spirit of the living creature
must be In the whe l otherwise the best
organization may be as inefficient a a
dead ttigin an incubus in the way instead
stead of a thing of life to help us on We
must have life s well a organization I
we do anything worth doing with our
wheels And Wi do well to watch the life
element most carefully The defective
work of a society or organism Is often
due to this vital deficiency The fault I
not In the machine but in our lack of
power to U I Dont break up your en
3 > ne without giving it a fair chance
What wrong with the locomotive Why
lont we get started Oh the locomo
wes all right answers the Scotch en
gineer Well then whats wrong
I gner enough water In your boiler I
guess Tut tut comes th answer
pprtty of water but Its n bUIn thats
wijs the mailer
We must not mistake wheels and or
ganization for spirit sometimes thy in
dicate the very dpposite Theres an
mgnliant gibe at Philadelphia which is
to triO > point One o my former fellow
townsman while contesting with a Bos
loiiiaii as to the comparative merits of
he two cities clinched his plea with the
imiiipliant assertion But you must ac
knowledge that Philadelphia is nid out
HId han Boston
Huh exclaimed the Bostonian just
wait till Boston is as dead as Philadelphia
and wv will lay It out just as beautifully
Now I have known churches in which
the t work was laid out like a cemetery
vin > 1ay schools which rattled through
riiK lime with the precision of Yankee
lucks and Endeavor societies which were
at once as lifeless and lively as a puppet
how You could find no fauit with the
rganizatlon but the spirit o th living
creature was not in the wheels
Real Work Count
I doesnt take much power to make
the wheels go round as long as you do
rut gear them down to real work You
may make your social meetings ast lively
as I case of St Vitus dance or a merry
goround or make the wheels spin like
an oldfashioned thresher fed with wisps
but hr > v much cornea of it You may
make your union meeting as brilliant as
a Christmas tree or your anniversary as
showy a an exhibition of tissue paper
posies and yet deceive no one a to the
utter saplessness and lack of vigor The
main thing the one thing needful life
is wanting The form being empty there
is no power Our verv activities declare
our weakness our fellowship degenerates
to so much chatter Newness of life is
the only hope But once Gods spirit is
pulsing through the souls of a community
once the spirit of life is in the wheels
slier will palpitate with power
the very Ile wi wih pwer
Yet you v t not be too hard or ar
tificial or wooden meetings The con
ventionalities of society have their own
LIttle place in your fellowship I is
someitmes necessary to give your wheels
a turn to find out that your machine is
a in working order An order of service
is worth what it cost as a fly wheel to
set or keep things going a rollcall may
limber up joints even though it some
times seems like a game of perfunctory
leap frog And I is sometimes necessary
to brighten d devotional meeting by
sowing i over with shining texts or fas
tening good fruit to its various branches
by stirring up men to their duty by pww
tals or coaxing good people to teach m
give Such an exhibition of life shows
good spirit somewhere but its blossoms
and fruit have usually but little relation
to the twigs thy art tied to
Must Keep in Order
The very complexity and efficiency of
a machine or organization only makes it
the more Ineffective when it gets out of
order or the power runs low An engine
may be crippled to uselessness by one
broken cog a whole mill may come to
a standstill through trouble with the en
gine a whole community may b left
unprotected through failure of courts and
executives a whole church may suffer
j > lie tncliou or iiactuie oi its organ
ation it is like the body when one
member suffers the whole body antlers
nr Tie more complete and tompiex
aie difciUiiiaLum the greater the nd of
power or
I Moreover the danger i greater if the
if of the organism runs down 1 do not
magine tha earth worms often die of
I naemia or blood poison but let a mans
i jiood get thin or become tainted and
i njrckwith he begins to suffer and die
i i And so the more complex and complete
> our machine the more
becomes if it get away A runaway
wheelbarrow would hardly be accounted
clangorous but a runaway locomotive is
apt to play smash Some of you may
recall the old magician machine in
I Phra and Phenician and how getting be
I yond his control It made havoc in his
i subterranean laboratory The devil him
I self seemed to have gotten possession of
I the machine contingency always to be
thought of The devil has no more cruel
instrument of church distraction than
I unconsecrated machines The best religious
gious organization becomes a menace to
Christ church the moment the good
I spirit of churh life not found in its wheels
Spirit in E Everything
Indeed this good spirit I almost every
Inde thi
thing With i we can do wonders
with the most primitive means without
w th with tne
we can do little worth doing
most approved methods and strongest as
sociations Richness of life will do more
with a poor organization than poverty
of life with a good organization A strong
soul will do more with the body of a
dwarf than a weak soul with the body
of a giant Laura Bridgeman got more
real knowleg through one sense than
many of her contemporaries would get
through five hundred Abraham Lincoln
a better education in a corner grocery
bter eucaton
than many a man gets in the best
equipped university M Beecher once
Introduced Dr Furness the great Uni
tarian to an orthodox audience with the
declaration Few ministers do better
work however much better their kit of
tools Good tools do not make a me
chanic or superior method of church
work a superior church worker A poor
method well worked often brings better
results that a good method worked poorly
We depend after all not upon the wheels
but upon the spirit of the living creature
in and over them
You have my message or rather the
message of the Inspired prophet Your
various societies and social circles are
cogs in a great and good organization
Such organizations as th Sunday school
the womens societies and the various as
sociations of the young people n r effi
cient helps to the church We rejoice in
the thought of their widereaching deeD
reaching growth Such associations If
wisely guided and kept full of the spirit
of life make the church of Christ a com
munion of saints they make the visible
church a visible communion of visible
saints But with your mighty opportu
ames you must look to the Lord of Life
otherwise instead of wheels strong as
tttovtdenee rolllns hither and yon at
the beck of the AllSeeing God your so
cieties will be as gathered globes of
dts i and snow ready to go M pieces
alaS or melt down nentli the heat of
t manners sun through lack of organic
I fie church organization Itself may
bMMSe ineffective There Is no hope
siN u you keep the snit of the living
crtetbre in the wheels
I Bishop Peter T Howe Delivers Addresses
dresses to Salt Lake Audi
d6 Slt Ie A
ences Yestentay
At St Marks cathedral yesterday
morning and St Pauls church in the
evening Bishop Peter Trumble Rowe
I bishop of Alaska delivered two Intensely I
interesting addresses both having as
I their theme the work In th mission fields
of the far north 1 graphic manner
I Bishop Roe portrayed the missionary I
work being done among the Alaska In
1 dians and the manner of its accomplish I
ment in the face of the innumerable dif I
I flcultles to be overcome at th same I
I I time throwing many interesting side I j
i lights on the little known people of the i j
i i frozen north j I
During h fourteen years service in I I I
Alaska Bishop Rowe has established i
twentyone missions th farthest north i j
being situated at St JohnslntheWil
derness one of the most northerly habi
tations The only communication be
tween many of the missions Is the slow
I wearisome trail of th ° eternal snow Th °
life at these missions and the work being
accompllshtd within their influence wre
I dpt during u course u of the ad j
Burglars Smash Till and S
cure 127 1 at Flour de Us
Climbing over a high back w w
a afoot ladder had t b u bargiars
entered the Fleur de Lls saloon
ent Flr d Lf 11 m I
Main street b a rear window early yes
terday morning and robbed the cash rag
later of mor c
The determined effort of the burglars ir
getting into the saloon b aafnnlahpq
the police Almost impassable obstruc
tions separate the rear wao o t
the back alley A lone ladder had bean
left on the roof of one of the adjotntBg
buildings probably b a painter IJ
masons and had practically been forgot
ten until it was found standing upright
against the back wall yesterday
When Fred Kuster proprietor of the
saloon made an investigation of his place
of business yesterday morning b fountl
the money drawer o the cash register
scattered on the floor torn to piece The
cash register is of the variety that can
be locked at the close of business so s
not to respond to the amount keys ami
the locks hold the drawers almoat with
the firmness of the lock in a safe
Finding that they could not manipulate
the kevs the burglars put a jimmy be t
tween the drawer and the upper MA of
the cash register and bent the aaak al
most into a semicircle Then they fotUHl
it necessary to tear the drawer to pieces
The amount removed represents die en
tin days receipts

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