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Pastor of Phillips Congrega
tional Church Preaches on
Timely Subject
The preacher at Phllllpe church last
evening the Rev P A Simpkln pre
sented the thought of the aptrit that is
needed to make a true Christian Baring
his sermon on the word of Paul about
Jesus In the OalatUn letter wto gave
himself Mr Simpkin Mid
We are about to enter on the hardest
and most blessed week of the year Lights
and music and laughter toll and tears
and tremor or heart sighs and songs
will mingle as the world turns to face
It U the week wonderful when the
thought of all the world worth while
will be given to planning happiness for
young and old for the poor and broken
for sick and discouraged For a little
day the light that never was on land or
sea a thing abiding will break with mys
tic gleam and quiet beauty on all the
world In the grayest places for a HrTIe
day God will walk among men in the
figure of the Christ and the beauty of
him will be Visible In the lives of a mul
titude of simple men and women who have
T caught his agemessage and echo his love
song For a brief span the human soul will
reach to catch from the perfect day the
interest of the ages tears as It sets the
law of love into the forefront of service
It will be a wonderweek for more than
the children to whom the candlelighted
tree with its toys and tinsel will be
more glorious than a starfilled heaven
One beyond even the gladness of the old
for whom lifes keenest memories fade
to dimness who will find answered the
quavering song of age
Put your arms around me there Hke
I want a little petting at lifes setting
For tte harder to be brave when feeble
aw comes creeping
And find me weeping dear ones gone
Just a little petting at lifes setting
For Im old alone and tired and my lifes
long work is done
The poor and wretched who through
lifes misfortune or thriftlewness sit in
dark places will find the eclipse of loves
sun oer for a day and warmth and
plenty will make the grimiest comers of
life light and sweet
Bat the most wonderful thing will not
be the ring uf rapturekissed child faces
about the Christmas tree nor the poor
pinched faces that know for a day plenty
and love not the sparkling eyes of maid
or wife viewing loves gift Back of theIR
is the sacred fire whose gleam these
faces carry
Toe spirit that makes the Christmas
is the love that moves to give and to be
In the gift The true glory of the sea
son burns in the hearts that love and
feel and minister to need and sorrow as
well as to the hearts idols
Parenthoods Sacrifices
In the hearts of the mothers and
fathers whose very life gives a pinch of
itself In the sacrifices that make the day
a lovesanctuary there burns the true
fire The busy man of affairs altttni
in his office the bondservant of great
concerns that reach him by phone and
mail and cable the lawyer and physi
cian the banker and minemaster will
sit and once and again smile with I glad
ness and heartwarmth as he thinks of
the ministry his gift to the needy will
bring In the days as he gives to touch
the life of the community
There will be the glow the mirrored
light of Bethlehems star wherever lov
ing hearts are planning to make a bit
of gladness for the children of men That
i8 the wonderspring of Christmas
Earth has no human pledge of the
gciden day to be more perfect than this
1 vision of men copying God in acts ol
love help and tenderness
The Chriatmas wonder was and is
abidingly in the God giving of himself
o men God throned in a temple of clay
giving his life truth and love to men
is the Ideal And it is more ourselves
n sympathy with the poor and broken
than even our gifts a living spirit of
entering in to share life rather than
iur loaf that will make either a da
r an age of Christmas For Christmas
is I more than a merry feast In the calen
dar It Is the solution of all the worlds
maze and tangle as God taught us in
the angel song
It is this spirit that draws like a vast
Moulmoon the tide of life to surge in
mighty strength once in the year break
Ing in snowy foam about the feet of en
throned humanity
Is it too trite to say to our hearts
t hat happiness for us and the world about
us is only in this simple obedience to
the law Christ unveiled In his own giv
ing Only the miserheart can live in
continued joy at receiving and having
The Godlike find the satisfaction and Joy
that abide and purify as they break life
with prodigal hand for the worlds need
If for yourselves you would find the
days of Yuletide happiness your gift let
jour < hild your wife your friend your
poor brother know the remembrance of
gift but let your bread your warm gar
ments your toys or Jewels that speak
the hristmas joy carry a bit of your
self fr only on the golden threads that
read from your heart with your gifts
< an be carried to your soul or from it
the rich music that forever will echo the
angelsong to the heart that has learned
the lesson of true selfgiving
Prisoners at the county jail had a real
dinner Sunday when they were treated
to rabbit pie and rabbit stew the hos
pitality of Sheriff J C Sharp There
I were fiftyeight prisoners confined within
the nk of the county jail Sunday and
everoiit1 was given rabbit either In
stew < > r HP as suited his taste best The
bunnes were killed Saturday by Sheriff
Snaii and a number of friends ninety
two in all falling and the greater num
ber of which were used in yesterdays
dinner at the jail
DennIs Sullivan patrol driver of the
Salt Lake police department has writ
tn a letter in which he denies that Tom
4 Norton who recently died was a police
character Tn speaking of Mr Norton
Mr Sullivan says I have known the
dead mar for eighteen years and never
knew of his being arrested for drunken
ness or any misdemeanor
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nina times in tea wen the Ever u risk tin
IOGUC and bowels arc light
jeetr butfrm1ycom
pel a Uzy brer Ie
do its duty
Curd Con <
Headube and Distress after Eating
Small Pill Small Des Small Price
TiEVINE must bear signature
Specialist Now
Simple Mixture of New Drug
Balmwort Will Cure All
Kidney Bladder and
Rheumatic Victims
Get your druggist to mix the follow
ing ingredients Onehalf ounce fluid
extract Buchu one ounce of compound
fluid Balmwort and two ounces of sy
rup Sarsaparllla compound Shake well
and take a teaspoonful after each meal
and one when retiring Drink plenty
of water but little of any liquid at
meal times
The great urinary specialist Gaut
whose single fees range from 600 to
1000 acknowledges in his latest re
ports that this simple mixture is most
reliable and will cure all but the moat
complicated and aggravated kidney and
bladder affections and rheumatism
therefore it is well worth trying
Puffing under the eyes backache
headache and dizziness burning of the
eyes blurred vision extreme nervous
ness and insomnia all indicate urinary
trouble Many more symptoms couM
be named but the reader will surely
recognize them
John Stevens Courtship
this charming historical romance and
beautiful love story of early pioneer
days and the Echo Canyon War has led
the first of the Six Best Sellers of
modern fiction in Salt Lake during the
present month It Is written by Susa
Young Gates daughter of the late Pres
ident Brigham Young An appropriate
gift for any occasion
Price JlOO post paid to any address
6 Main Street
p has actually been changed
Th I e and Biscuit cultivated by Uneeda S
T 4 No longer are people sat
T asLe isfied with crackers taken
from the grocers box or
of the barrel exposed to dUff
UI U moisture handling
I They have learned that the
N a t Ion only crackers that are criip
tender always fresh and
really good are those pro
tected by a moistureproof
package These are the kind
they getas if just from the
oven when they ask for
I Uneeda
I Biscuit
salt Lake Iheatre teurge
Im the Adaa 8lnater of Sorrow
Bob Blake
Thursday Friday and Saturday I
Dec 23 24 25
Prices Evening 50c to 150 Mat
inee 25c to 150 Sale Tuesday I
lioth Ptiones 3669
Minnie Sellgmnn Wtn Bramnrell I
IClvrinu Harry Bounding Gordons
Jack McKay Bootblack Quartet
Cnrletta The Swing
Warbler I
The Kinodrome Orpheum Orchestra
Matinee priceslfic 26c SOc
Night prices 26c SOc lie
Sweet Innisfallen
Prices 25505el I
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday I
All seats reserved Uc and 5flc
Next week SIS I linpKiXS
East Third South St
I Sullivan Considine
Imperial Vaudeville
Matinee Today 230
TTTO Shows Tonight 7 80 V11
The Bent Show in Town Regardless
of Price
Aids Nature
The great success of Dr Pierces Golden Medical Dis I i
covery in curing weak stomachs wasted bodies weak I
lungs and obstinate and lingering coughs is based OB
the recognition of the fundamental truth that Golden
Medical Discovery supplies Nature with bodybuild
i3g tissuerepairing musclemaking materials in con
densed and concentrated form With this help Nature
supplies the necessary strength he stomach to digest
food build up the body and the JY throw off lingering
obstinate coughs The Discovery reestablishes the
S digestive end nutritive organs in sound health purifies
and enriches the blood and nourishes the nervesin
short establishes sound vigorous health
11 your dealer offers something II lust as good
It is probably better FOR HIRit pays better
But you are thinking of the cure not the profit so
theres nothing lust as IJood for yor Say so
Dr Pierces Common Sense Medical Adviser In Plain English or Med
icine Simplified 1003 pages over 700 illustrations newly revised uptodate
Edition paperbound sent for 21 onecent stamps to sever cost of mailing
only Clothbound 31 stamps Address Dr R V Pierce Buffalo N Y
I h iI
f4J lp I
1 I c Z I
I 4W I
J t
4 I T
Dont let this Christmas
go by without getting a
i Victor or a Victrola
I Take your choicea Victor for 10
1750 25 3250 40 50 60 or 100
a Victrola for 125 200 or 250
lYl1t not come in today and hear theac instru
ments no obligation to buy If you do want to
buy well arrange terms to suit
Consolidated Music Co
SUCCESSORS TO ClaytonDaynes Music Co
Beesley Music Co D O Caldera Sons Co Clay
ton Music Co DaynesEoraney Music Co The
Daynea Music Co
Electric Hot Point Iron
Why She
Wants One
i for
i Christmas
It saves n thousand steps ea IrttnlH May It ever burns It sate
time It balll n cool handle It sin be attaekhe to amy light seket U
money In fi el It make ironing a comfort iMrtead of dntdfrcrr IT
OUGHT nIa etamlw Christmas
Wrapped In holly paper and tied with tinsel e a
ma package that will delight her
Clip this ad It weans an Iris for 4 Wtore Christmas sad 1O on
January account
Utah Light Railway Co
Ind 777
Bell Ex 32
1I449 are appreciated They are the only factory in
f4II 4Y the western country who have shipped straight
IL carloads of chocolates etc An immense carload
Y was shipped last week to northern Idaho
I Say Startups Always
I S = = < r < f r
Fraternal Union of America
The card party social given by Ever
green lodge No 16 last Monday in place
of the regular meeting was a success
The large hall was crowded with lovers
of card shuffling and the evening was
spent moat pleasantly Everybody was
social and exhibited every evidence of
happiness The prize winners were as
follows Ladles first prise Mrs H S
Smith umbrella mens first prize N A
Sherman umbrella ladles second prize
Mrs Farrell Japanese cup and saucer
mens second prize Arnold Riser Ger
man stein After the games were over
and the prizes distributed the merry
crowd adjourned to the banquet room
where light refreshments were served be
force dancing
On Wednesday next December 22 the
lodge will give its annual Christmas tree
party for all members and their children
Santa Claus will be there in all his glory
and each child will receive a sack of
candy nuts popcorn etc and a prize
from the Christmas tree collection A
beautiful tree will adorn the hall All
members wno have children are expected
A good time for all a sack of candy
corn etc for all and a prise for all
Loyal Americans
Salt Lake assembly No 380 will hold
a social in Knights of Columbus hall
Wednesday evening December St AU
members are invited to attend and brinr
a friend If they wish Refreshments will
I be served
Foresters of America
Oourt Salt Lake No 1 held its regular
meeting last Wednesday evening in the
Knights of Pythias hall with a large
attendance Several matters of business
were transacted A communication was
received from the Knights of Columbus
stating that they were going to move
to their new hall 137 East First South
and it was decided by a full vote of the
court that Court No 1 Foresters of
America would also hold its meetings
in the new Knights of Columbus hall On
Wednesday evening January 5 the su
preme medical examiner will be here and
Court Salt Lake has planned a fine re
ception in his honor as soon as the bus
iness of the meeting has been completed
The whole court will adjourn to Youngs
cafe where a fine supper will be Ie ved
concluding with speechmaking
The regular meeting of the James B
McKean W R C will be held in the
I O O F hall on Wednesday Decem
ber 22 at 210 p m
Fraternal Brotherhood
The regular meeting of Utah lodge No
3ft Fraternal Brotherhood will be held on
Wednesday December 22
Sego Lily lodge No 32S2 T F B
will meet In regular session Wednesday
evening at 815 Election of officers and
many other things of importance for the
coming year will be up for discussion
Every member is expected to be present
The Social Session section met Wednes
day evening at the home of Brother and
Sister J H Thorne 921 Lake street Five
tables of nigh five and choice music fur
nished the amusement Those winning
prizes were Mrs W H Snyder a beau
tiful handpainted rose jar Brother J
W Sparks a beautiful silk tie made by
a popular sister Mister Minnie Brown
won a special loaf of bread eighteen
Inches long Mr Allen a set of cuff and
collar buttons The crowd moved to the
dining room artistically decorated for the
Christmas season It was to be a sur
prise on Sister Thorne but the table
decorations and banquet refreshments
suggested that the little bird had piped
something All present had a royal good
time and stayed for late cars
Pythian Sisters
Hermione Temple No8 Pythian Sisters
met Friday evening with a good attend
ance Brother Herrick was initiated The
temple decided not to have the New
Years entertainment all were rather
gloomy over the death of the beloved and
eve faithful friend and worker Past
Supreme Representative Margaret L
Jones Mothe Jones as many called
her was an old member and taught
many the beautiful teachings of P L
E and F The last sad rites were said
yesterday afternoon from the hall by the
order she loved and worked for while
life lasted The services were opened by
Unity quartet consisting of Miss Gael
Mills Mrs Pearl Jones Joseph Poll and
A G Mahan Rev P A Simpkin of
Phillips Congregational church paid a
beautiful tribute when he said She was
the epitome of sympathy for the sick
and afflicted Also that during the
last ten years he had met Mrs Jones
oftener than any other person at the bed
side of the sick and distressed Mrs
Edwards sang the selection as previously
requested by Mrs Jones Past Chief Kale
McCarthy read a beautiful tribute as
written and requested by the grand chief
I and also had charge of the services at
Mt Olivet cemetery The floral offerings
I were beautiful and profusely abundant
The sisters will all miss and long for
the words of advice and comfort from
the smilelit face May we all try to
follow In her footsteps for the benefit
of suffering humanity
Order of Owls
The next regular meeting will be held
December 22 at the Knights of Columbus
hall at 21 West First South street Elec
tion of officers will take place and a
large attendance is expected as some
racy trouble is expected for some of the
officers Brother White the secretary
received the death proof papers of the
volunteer benefit fund of which the late
Brother Charles Henderson was a mem
ber The death proofs were signed and
returned to George D Beroth of South
Bend Ind at once
Modern Woodmen of America
Thert was a good attendance at the
regular meeting of Great Salt Lake Camp
No 10071 last Tuesday evening At roll
call two officers were absent There
were many visitors present who were
cordially received There were five ap
plications presented The investigating
committee reported favorably on four ap
plications Four strangers appeared for
adoption and were given the work of
initiation in an impressive manner
There will be a regular meeting Tuesday
evening and all members are requested
to attend Visiting members are wel l
Excelsior camp had more than seventy
members present last Tuesday evening
when Consul Kluge opened the meeting
Five new applications were presented and
turned over to the investigating commit
tee Thirteen candidates were present
for initiation and the degree team and
Captain Berry were congratulated on the
excellent manner ui i which the work was
performed Escort Fowler again excelled
himself and the candidates werp much
mpresssa with his work A letter was
read from Head Consul Talbot asking
the members to each bring in a candi
date so that the 100000 new members they
started out to obtain at the beginning of
the year may be realized As many as
141366 new certificates were written up to
the end of November Excelsior quartet
rendered some beautiful numbers last
Tuesday and the camp Is proud of them
Two new singers were addedCarl
Weenlg and Ivor J Brlnd and they were
loudly applauded for their excellent solos
Charles K Crowton sang a solo Harry
Allen played the Excelsior Camp
March a composition of his own and
had to respond with another It was
the unanimous opinion of the members
present that they had never had a better
time Last week the writer of these
notes Inadvertently omitted mention of
the election of the escort It Is with a
great amount of pleasure that the re
election of Charles H Fowler Is an
nounced Neighbor Fowler has filled the
position with honor for four years and
a motion was unanimously passed to
double his salary There are several more
candidates for Tuesday evening and all
members are cordially invited to the
K of P hall Tuesday night at 815 The
sympathies of Excelsior camp are ex
tended to the family and relatives of
Sister Margaret Jones who died at St
Marks hospital last Thursday There
never was a better fraternallst in Utah
than Sister Jones and no matter what
society a person belonged to If sick or
In distress she would render all the help
In her power Every lodge has lost a
Women of Woodcraft
Woodbine Circle No 41 will hold Its
regular meeting Thursday evening De
cember 2J In I O O F hall All mem
bers are requested to be present as busi
ness of importance will be transacted
Silver Maple Circle No 106 met as
usual last Friday night with Guardian
Neighbor Mae Tall In the chair Visitors
from Woodbine circle were made welcome
There will be no meeting next Fri
day night On New Years eve there will
be a watch meeting also a drill for the
guards Officers In at the present time
will train those that have been newly
elected Regular meeting January 7
Banner hive No 11 will hold regular re
view Tuesday afternoon December 21 at
230 oclock in I O O F hall Every of
fleer and all members are urged to be
present to prepare for installation
Tent No 12 met in regular review on
Wednesday evening last one application
for membership being received and rou
tine business transacted It was decided
to give a card social on the evening of
December 38 for the benefit of Sir Knight
Michael Stack who recently lost his right
arm am who is in urgent need of as
sistance The tent was then turned over
to the entertainment committee who
agreeably entertained the sir knights
Tent No 2 met on Thursday evening
with two applications for membership on
the table The second and third degrees
were conferred upon two new members
The entertainment committee will have
charge on Thursday evening next
Improved Order of Redmen
Washakte tribe No 1 kindled its coun
cil fire last Monday evening and put on
both the adoption degree and warriors
degree The work was performed in a
most satisfactory manner They also
nominated officers to serve for the term
ending June 30 1910 1 The chiefs degree
will be put on tonight also election of
Royal Highlanders
There will be a regular meeting of Utah
castle 338 this evening All officers and
members are requested to assemble
promptly at 3 p m that there may be
no delay in starting It is expected that
there will be several candidates to Initi
ate as the certificates are back from the
executive castle Guards will report in
uniform for drill in Installation and ex
hibition drill work The dance given last
Monday was a very pleasant affair and
was well attended
Degree of Honor
Star of the West will hold its regular
meeting Thursday afternoon at 2 oclock
at Eagles hall Nomination and election
of officers will take place All those de
sirous of retaining their membership are
requested to attend as very mportant
business is to be discussed
Danish Sisterhood
Lodge Utah No 66 held Its regular
meeting Tuesday evening last Routine
business was transacted and balloting on
two new applications The lodge voted in
favor of the next convention of the or
ganization which is to be held in Coun
cil Bluffs Ia September 1910 and ap
pointed Mrs Dagmar N Lund as dele
gate to represent the lodge
The following officers were elected for
the coming term Expresident Mrs
Christine M Petersen president Mrs
Alma K Johansen vice president Mrs
Dagmar O Larsen secretary Thorvald
Orlob treasurer H M H Lund trus
tees Mrs Antonio Nllson Mrs Annie C
Petersen and Mrs Bothllda Miller con
ductor Mrs Louise B Johansen inside
guard Mrs Kate Smith outside guard
Sophus Petersen
On account of the Christmas tree cele
bration which is to be held at the Odd
Fellows hall December 38 the regular
meeting night the next meeting of the
lodge will be held January 11 1910 On
that night the installation of the new of
ficers will take place
Unimpeachable you were to see
the unequalled volume of unimpeach
able testimony in favor of Hoods Sar
saparilla you would upbraid yourself
for so long delaying to take this ef
fective medicine for that blood dis
ease from which you are suffering
Returns Must Be Made to In
ternal Revenue Collector
Before March 1 1
Notices have iferjecgved at the local
office of the coBecflnr of Internal reve
nues conveying the information to all
corporations that the recent law enacted
for the collection of revenues affected all
corporations for all of the year of 1M9
The local office has received many In
quiries both by letter and telephone
seeking to know when the new law be
came operative
All corporations are required to make
full returns on their net proceeds from
January 1 1908 to December II 1S09 and
although some of the corporations are
not yet ready to file their returns their
whole years business must be reviewed
regardless of their earnings
All returns must be made to the office
of the Internal revenue collector before
I March 1 1810 the law providing a line
of 1000 for failure to make returns be
fore that date This feature of the law
will be strictly enforced
I Victim of Holdup Submits to Opera
I tion at Hospital
Isaac Martin the bartender of the
Hurry Back saloon who was shot in
the right arm by a holdup man Satur
day evening was operated on at St
Marks hospital Sunday afternoon by Dr
F B Steele Martins condition is good
and it is not believed that he will lost
his arm as the result of the wouml The
poJe havf so far failed to discover
any clue of the wouldbe robber
With two clever playlets an equl
librist act of merit an unusually good
contortion act a comedy quartet and a
real Scotch comedian the bill which
opened at the Orpheum last night met
with instant favor with the large audi
ence One discordant note only Jarred
the harmony of the bill and that the
singing of the Swiss Quartet was to
use a slang expression so rank that it
was good
The opening act is that of Carletta
known as The Human Dragon A num
ber of feats n contortion never before
seen in Salt Lake were introduced A
feature of this act was shown with the
raising of the curtain Made up as a
dragon with fiery eyes and mouth Car
letta crawled over a Jagged rock much
the same as would the fabled creature of
If all singing in Switzerland is like that
of the Swiss Quartet last night that coun
try would certainly never win fame
through its vocalists The work of the
quartet was so bad that the audidnce in
kidding vein repeatedly called it back
only to laugh at the amateurish efforts
of the singers to please
Miss Edwina Barry and an excellent
company won many laughs in the do
mestic farce The Home Breaker Miss
Barry as Dolly Plumdaffy a servant
whose principal object in securing a job
seemed to be to cause domestic discord
by making love to the man of the house
is a comedienne of originality She
I cracked a numb of Jokes at the ex
pense of local people which were well
Jock McKay Scotch singer bagpipe
player and comedian got the audience
into a laughing mood immediately by his
quaint recital of jokes on his friend
McPherson His woik was good through
The Drums of Doom presented bj
Miss Minnie Seligman and William Bram
well 01 Co is one of the cleverest
playlet on the circuit Waiting for news
that the pardon issued at the eleventh
hour to her husband condemned to death
for murder had been gotten to the war
den of the prison In time In spite of
the angry mob that had collected only
to hear later that the pardon did not
reach the prison and that the husband
had been executed gave Miss Iigman
as Mrs Jim Kilbridge great opportunity
for clever emotional acting The act was
well received and loudly applauded
The Bootblack Quartet made a great
hit with the audience in the rendition
of a number of songs humerous and
otherwise They were encored repeat
The closing act of the bill is that of
the Three Bounding Gordons This trio
presents a series of original springs and
Jumps seen here for the first time As
an equilibristic act it is one of merit and
was well received
Bernard Daly the sweet singer of Erin
appeared last night at the Colonial in
his latest success Sweet Innlsfallen
The play is an Irish romance of the
type made famous by Chauncey Olcott
Mr Daly is heard in a number of Irish
songs which are most enjoyable features
of the performance His beautiful tenor
voice delighted the large audience and it
called for repeated encores The songs
I are Mr Dalys own composition and
the charming melodies were interpreted
with great feeling The favorite was
Sweet Innlafallen which describes the
island from which the play takes its
In Irelands fair clime by the lakes of
Theres a dear little spot Innl allen by
With its ould ruined shrine haunted
grottoes and fairies
Sure In sons and In stories youve heard
of Its fame
As you wander along through Its valleys
and dells
You can hear the sweet sound of the
monastry bells
Tolling a welcome for all to the gates
Of sweet Innisfallen the gem of the
Youth and an attractive personality
combined with his marvelously sweet
voice are advantages of which Mr Daly
is possessed and with his knowledge of
the technique of the stage he gave an
admirable presentation of the role of
Larry OConnell He appears as a wan
dering vagabond but the play discloses
that it is a part assumed for the purpose
of discovering the husband of his dead
sister who was married under an as
sumed name Larry also assists in free
ing an innocent man from the charge of
murder and in bringing the real villain
to Justice
The play itself though making an ad
mirable medium for the display of Mr
Dalys peculiar talents is loosely con
structed and it is not always easy to
follow the thread of the story It lacks
unity and clearness That it is a true pic
ture of Irish village life and is admirably
staged add to its effectiveness
The company presenting Sweet Innis
fallen is good The difficult role of
Miles Began as played by Victor Harvey
was exceptionally well done He de
scribed amurder in thrilling manner and
his own death struggle was a masterly
performance It was not unpleasantly
sensational but won applause for its
realism Squire Carlton by Norbert A
Myles was also well done and other
parts were acceptably taken except in
the case of Grace Moore played by Mar
guerite Hart It was utterly colorless
Sweet Innisfallen is on the whole one
of the most attractive productions seen
at the Colonial this season It will run
the remainder of the week with Wednes
day and Christmas day matinees
The company was delayed and the cur
tain did not go up until 913 i last night
This weeks bill at the Mission is prov
ing an exceptionally popular one the
many excellent acts coming in for un
stinted approval from the large audi
ences that are nightly packing the new
theatre One of the most wonderful and
at the same time beautiful acts seen in
Salt Lake is Jack G McLallan and May
Carson Americas representative team of
roller skaters They present an act fair
ly gleaming with novelty and the act is
without doubt unique among the skating
attractions on the stage The work of
Mr McLallen and Miss Carson embraces
pvery known style of skating Including
trick and many odd dancing conceits
I which they have originated The act car
ries special scenery depicting a scene in
toyland They appear as automaton
dolls After completing the Imperial cir
cuit the team enters into an engagement
I with William Morris and after complet
ing a tour of his theatres In this coun
try Mr Morris Intends to send the nov
elty to Europe
The Vagabond King which will be
the attraction at the Shubert for the
week opening December 2C Is one of the I
most delightful of romantic dramas with
plenty of action and bright and sparkling
dialogue There is a delightful scape
grace who usurps a crown stirring
scenes around a throne with a plot of
love and mystery It was for a time the
best vehicle of that sterling actor Dan
iel Ryan and in It he achieved a great I
success It has never before been pre
sented in Salt Lake There are many
beautiful stage pictures and in the com
ing production the romanticism of this
famous play Is fully carried out Miss
Lorfe Palmer the leading lady remem
bered here by her work in The Wolf
has a great part in this production as
has Alfred Swenson who plays the king
The piece will run at the Shubert all of
New Years week with matinees Wed
nesday and Saturday The company will
be one of the first to appear at the new
theatre of John Cort in Ogden on Christ
mas day and will come to Salt Lake on
the Sunday following
The Traveling Salesman James
Forbes latest comedy which Henry B
Harris will present at the Salt Lake the
atre next Thursday night monopolizes
the laugh market for the season inas
much as it has been designated by the
press and public as the greatest comedy
success of the last twenty years The
I faithfulness with which Mr Forbes has
depicted certain Incidents In the life of
a drummer on the road has brought com
mendation sufficiently so as to warrant
the endorsement of the United Commer
cial Travelers and the Travelers Pro
tective association
The play will bs presented here by a
company of prominent players that
helped make it a huge success in the
metropolitan cities of the east where it
ran for more than one year

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