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Dr Brown Says Old Roman
Holiday Has Become a Habit
and No More
Some Interesting thing concerning the
Christmas spirit an4 its origin were ut
tered by the Rev William Thuraton
Brown at Tnity hall yesterday Follow
ing are txcerpts from the sermon which
set forth the ideas of the Rev Dr Brown
If a stranger from some other planet
should cum to our earth and stay with
us Just one year spending that year in
what are called the Christian nations he
would discover that the people of these
Christian nations mark cue day in the
> ear as they mark no other Among all
the many holidays which we men and
omen of these different nations keep
cne alone would stand out above all the
othersand that one would be what we
rail Christmas Such a stranger would
notice that this one day is marked Jr
tertaln ways as no other is marked On
that day all the people of all the Chris
tian nations regardless of creed or no
creed do certain thing which they do
not do on any other day in the year
they mark that day by gifts to those
whom they love It would seem to him
It very striking thing a wonderful re
markable thing And It is a wonderful
thing that all kinds of people good and
bad as we called them wise and ignorant
poor eud rich loving or unloving gen
erous or miserly all kinds of people feel
cannot help feeling the influence of this
widespread custom
If such a stranger should aak people
right and left why they make these gift
on that particular day perhaps a few
a very few would say
we are doing this In memory of the
savior of the world who was born on
this day
A very few might say that but it
would not be quite true Ninetenths of
us or more if we told the truth would
say We make these gifts and keep this
day because our fathers and mothers did
and their fathers and mothers and so on
back through hundreds of years We keep
Christmas we try to make children hap
py we do these unusual things because
it is a custom to do so We didnt make
Christmas we found it here
But this stranger from another plan
et might not be satisfied with such an
answer He might say
I want to know where this day came
from for to know how such a day came
into beta in the first place is far more
wondarlw simply to know that mil
lions of every year keep that day
without fiB < < any Qther reason for
doing se that it is an old custom
perhaps a very good custom
How Christmas Came
If then we shall think for a little
While today how Christmas came to be
In the first place it is not merely for
the purpose of learning a new fact as
we might do by reading some book but
rather for the purpose of finding out how
Christmas or any other day may be the
expression of a joy which we ourselves
feel and not merely something we have
taken from the hands of others More
and more are we finding out that we
ran have nothing by proxy
Suppose we think then today how
xvHat we call Christmas first became a
sacred beautiful joyous religious thing
In the lives of men A great many peo
ple are going to be surprised to learn
that the thing which has made the twen
tyfifth day of December what it Isa day
of sudl widespread gladness a day which
all sorts of men and women almost un
c onsciously accept as a religious event
does not date from the birth of Jesus
iloes nt have anything immediately to doI I
with Je > us
W know now that it was not till the
year j more than 3w years after Je
feus wa crucified that the 25th of I > e
rembfT was made the date of the Christ
mas lestival Why the 25th of Decem
ber Why not some other date There
wasnt the slightest reason for believing
that Jesus was born on that date not
the slightest That date was chosen be
cause it was the time of a very old fes
tival which the whole Roman world was
keeping which the Roman world had re
ceived from those who had preceded them
a festival that had come from times be
yond all records What was it that the
rulers of the Christian hurch did when
in the year 3S2 they called the 28th of
December Christmas and said it was to
be kept as the birthday of Jesus By
bat act they recognized the great power
over the hearts of the people of their old
The Christmas Spirit
Bv nur question today is Where did
the Christmas spirit come from and how
did it arise and how may it become as
real mid joyous and not merely a cus
tom to UIS Let us see What is it that
happens in nature about the 26th of De
cember What great beneficent thing
would those first men and women wit
ness at that time in the year They would
wltnek the apparent turning of the sun
northward The makers of the Christ
mas festival lived in the same zone in
which we live They saw the sun after
the last of June begin to descend lower
and lower Toward the horizon and the
days grow shorter and shorter With that
parent movement if the sun all the
vegetation of the earth seemed slowly to
fade and die The leaves I grew brown
and fell the fruit ripened and dropped
10 the earth the fields grow bare and
brown nnd finally the whole earth seemed
irozen and lifeless Those first men and
women did not understand that process
as we do All they iaw was the effects
They learned that as th > sun rose higher
and higher after the middle of winter the
whole tartli began to he again to put
lorth griih and leav and flowers and
fruit And when it began to go down
the opposite process fxik place We ran
undertaiid then with what feelings of
Joy aid gratitude tho hailed every year
the time I when the sin stopped in Its
downy < < t < 1 fiirse and hgan l to come back
agalii luipging leaf ml I grass and flow
ers I fruit in his trntn Right there
as H uiere else the Mint of religion as
well a the festival ol < hnatmsus had
Hi birth
I But the picture is not complete until
one hei fact is added And that other
fact J tlit all sorts and conditions of
men nd women shared equally in the
bene its Whit h the returning sun brought
with it and so all alike shared the feel
ing ct j 10 and attitude out of which this
lesth ill Krew up There were no master
and lIu laves That is a known fact the
result of scientific Investigation That
early world as all students of ths sub
ject agree was a world of economic
qualu much so as your family or
mine Every member of a tribe was the
economic equal of every other All ex
cept the simplest articles of dress and
the like belonged to the tribe and so
to every member equally If any person
in the tribe went hungry it was because
all the rest lacked food including the
How People May Know
How are we men and women of today
to know the feeling of Joy and gratitude
and reverence which they of that long
ago knew How may Christmas become
a religious festival to us As it is with
all that may be said by anyone in Its
favor it is only a habit It is no cus
tom which we have established It does
not flow annually out of the deep springs
of gladness and gratitude in us If we
had not found the custom here it would
be absolutely Impossible for us to create
it out of our own social consciousness
or our common life today We do not
exchange our greetings and our gifts be
cause we must because in no other way
can we find expression for the feelings
which the facts of the world or of our
life produce There can be no such sense
of Joy or gratitude with us in the
thought that the sun is coming back with
spring and summer in his train Why
not Not because we are so much wiser
than those men and women of the long
ago but because the return of the sun
does not and cannot mean to all of us
now what it meant to all then It Is
no longer true that the sun shines and
the rain falls equally for all In per
mitting the great forces and resources of
nature to be monopolized by and for the
benefit of the few we shall some time
discover that we have gone very far
toward drying up the very springs of
There is I only one way by which the
springs of religious feeling the springs
of reverence and gratitude and Joy can
again be set free for the gladdening of
the world and the enrichment of life
and that is exactly the way which Jesus
instinctively followed the way of brother
hood not the false and counterfeit
brotherhood which masks under the name
of charIty but the brotherhood of one
family the brotherhood of equals
Christmas is the festival of the family
and it Just as surely calls for the exist
ence of a world family a society family
a family that includes all as it calls I
for the smaller family of blood rela I
tionship I
Men and women you and I can make
no greater mistake In this or any other
world than that of thinking that it is
enough Just to take things as we find
them just do the customary things that
others do just slide along through the
world following the line of least resist
ance We can make no greater or more
disastrous mistake than to think that
our chief function is to be heirs of those
who have preceded us We never suc
ceed in living our own lives at all we
are simply weak and unthinking imita
tions of some one else mere manikins
and not men and women unless we reso
lutely determine to have a religion which
is our ownnot a religion made up of
precepts or beliefs or forms on tradi
tions but a religion which registers lt elf
in a sense of Joy and gratitude and rever
ence arising from what we know from
what we have touched and handled and
lived and tested We have no right to
take God for granted In religion we
may safely take nothing for granted We
must be able to say I know Our
religion be it little or much Is made
up solely of what we ourselves know
of what we feel of what Is real and
noble and beautiful and true to us
Do not you know every man and
woman of you that the kind of world
and the sort of life we are maintaining i
today cannot possibly produce and is not I
producing either any such vivid and up
lifting consciousness of divine reality as
flowed naturlly into the psalm of Israel
or any such exuberant and spontaneous
gladness as blossomed ages and ages ago
into a yearly festival so Joyous BO rev
erent so full of gratitude that it has
remained to this very day and consti
tutes altogether the sacredness expression
of our liven We deceive ourselves if we
think we can grind our moral or spiritual
grist with the water that in past We
defraud and pauperize our own souls if
we expect to make the mere customs of
other days afford us a medium through
which we may pour forth the worship
of our souls Forever must new wine be
put Into new bottles Forever must new
forms and new ways be created by whn h
the evernew religious vision and < on
viction and need of human life may glad
den and glorify the world We cannot
live in the world of yesterday if we would
We cannot wear the clothing or
sing the songs or pray the prayer
or think the thoughts or follow the ways
of any who have gone before us If w
try to do that we are faithless to our
most sacred trust Not backward but
forward must we travel Not anothers
religion or anothers God or anothers
feeling of Joy or gratitude or truth or
sacredness but our own must ire have
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Third Judicial district of the state of
Utah county of Salt Lake Margaret
Pickett plaintiff vs John H Pickett
defendant Summons
The state of Utah to the said defen
You are hereby summoned to appear
within twenty days after the service
o this summons upon you if served
within the county in which this action
I is brought otherwise within thirty
days after service and defend the
above entitled action and in case of
your failure so to do judgment will
be rendered against you according to
the demand of the complaint which
has been filed with the clerk of said
court This action is brought for the
purpose of dissolving the marriage
contract heretofore existing between
you and the plaintiff
Plaintiffs Attorney
P O Address 351 City and County
Building Salt Lake City Utah
Harold Nickel minor The undersigned
will sell at private sale an undivided 127
Interest in and to the following described
real property situate In the county of Salt
Lake and state of Utah described as fol
lows towit Commencing at the north
east corner of the northwest 1 of section
2 township 1 south range 1 east Salt
Lake meridian and running thence south
11659 rods th nce west 1587 rpds to the
center of the county road thence north
15H degrees west on the center line of
said road 584 rods to a point 504 reels
due south of north boundary line of ras se
tion 2 township and range aforesaid
thence east 986 rods thence north SB4
rods thence east 763 rods to the place of
beginning together with all water rights
appurtenant thereto on or after the SSd
day of December A D 1009 and writ
ten bids will b received at the office of
I boy A Hoppaugh room 400 Boyd Park
building 11 Main street in Salt Lake
1 City terms of sale at least 1 cash and
the balance upon credit not extending
beyond July 17 1910 deferred payments
evidenced by notes of the purchaser se
cured by mortgage with Interesct at the
rate of 6 par cent per annum
Dated December 1 A D 1909
Guardian of G Harold Nickel minor
Dey Hoppaugh attorneys for guar
dian gar
Read HeraldRepublican Wants
Consult county clerk or respective sign
ers for further Information
Notice to Creditors
Creditors will present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned at ilS Tem
piston building Salt Lake City Utah on
o before th 25th day of April A D
Administrator of th Estate of Franklin
B Smith Deceased
John M Cannon Attorney
Date of frt publication December SI
A D 109
Notice to Creditors
ceased Creditor will present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned at B and
1 Commercial building on or before the
30th day of March A D WKI
3h Marh 1
Executor Deceased of Estate o Emma J Wa
1908 Date of first publication Nov i A D
Walter W Little Attorney fO Executor
Third Judicial district of the State of
Utah County of Salt Lake Annie Mc
Intire plaintiff vs Thomas F Me In tire
otherwise known as Frank Mclntire de
fendant Summons
The State of Utah to the sid defendant
You are hereby summoned to appear with
in twenty days after the service of this
summons upon you I served within the
county in which this action is brought
otherwise within thirty days after serv
ice and defend the above entitled ac
ton and In cu of your failure so to
do judgment will b rendered against you
according to the demand of the com
plaint which has been filed with the clerk
of said court This action is brought to
obtain a decree of separate maintenance
of plaintiff by defendant
Plaintiffs Attorneys
Lake P O City address Utah 1121 Boston building Salt
Third Judicial district of the State of I
Utah County of Salt Lake Eugenia Rus
sell plaintiff vs Arthur Russell de
fendant Summons
The State of Utah to th said defendant
You are hereby summoned to appear with
in twenty days after the service of this
summons upon you If served within the
county in which this action is brought
otherwise within thirty days after serv
ice and defend the above entitled action
and In case of your failure so to do Judg
ment will be rendered against you accord
Ing to the demand of the complaint which
has been filed with the clerk of said court
The object of this action is to obtain a
divorce from the bonds of matrimony now
exsting between plaintiff and defendant
Plaintiffs Attorneys
P O address 1121 Boston building Salt
Lake City Utah
ty commissioners of Salt Lake county
Salt Lake City Utah D 7 D No
tice Notice Is hereby given that the
board of county commissioners of Salt
Lake county intends to purchase from
Peter Larson and wife for the sum of
three hundred 0 dollars for use a
a gravel b and for such other use and
purpose as may hereafter become neces
sary and advisable the following real estate
tate situated in Salt Lake county state
of Utah towit
Commencing 1207 feet east and 3 feet
south from the northwest corner of section
tion 2 T 2 S R S W Salt Lake base
and meridian thence south 495 feet
thence west 4125 feet thence south 495
feet thence east 4125 feet thence south
K feet thence east 40423 feet thence
north 165 feet thence west 40425 feet to
place of beginning and that said board
of county commissioners will meet to con
summate said purchase on Monday tb 3
day of January 1910 at 10 oclock a m
By order of the board of county commissioners
missioners of Salt Lake county Utah
< Sal County Clerk
Notice of Assessment No2
Ing Co principal place of business
Salt Lake City Utah Notice is hereby
given that at a meeting of the directors
held on the 24th day of November 1989
an assessment of two 2 mills per
share was leviedon all the Issued and
outstanding shares of the capital stock
of said corporation payable immediate
ly to the secretary of the company at
room 3 138 S State st or by mal
to P O Box No 1684 Salt Lake City
Utah Any stock upon which this assess
ment may remain unpaid on Wed
nesday December 29 1909 will be delinquent
linquent and advertised for sale at
public auction and unless payment Is
made before will be sold on Wednes
day January 19th 1919 at 1238 p m
at the companys office room 3 138 So
State st Salt Lake City Utah to pay
the delinquent assessment together
with the cost of advertising and ex
pense of sale
S W CARLSON Secretary
Salt Lake City Utah
Office room 3 138 So State street
First publication Nov 27 1909
Assessment Not
Ing company of Utah Principal place
of business Salt Lake City Utah No
tice is hereby given that at a meet
ing of the board of directors held
on December 1 1909 an assessment
of ten 10 cents per share was levied
on all the issued and outstanding
shares of the capital stock of said
corporation payable immediately to
the secretary of the company at room
402 Atlas block Salt Lake City Utah
or to Sprit Voll Co 312 Traction
building Cincinnati Ohio and that any
stock upon which the assessment shall
remain unpaid at the close of business
hours January 17 1910 will b delin
quent and advertised for sale at pub
lic auction and unices payment is made
before will be sold on Saturday Feb
ruary 5 1910 to pay the delinquent
assessment together with the cost of
advertising and expense of sale
G W BROWNING Secretary
City Office Utah 402 Atlas block Salt Lake
trict court of Salt Lake county Utah I
William Orson Howard sole surviving
executor of the last will and testament I
of Thomas Howard deceased plaintiff
versus William Davis Roy Davis Myrtle
Davis Hazel Davis alias Hazel Davis
Moyer and all unknown heirs and de
visees of Ellen Shires Davis deceased
who claim any right title or interest in
and to the real property hereinafter d
scribed the unknown heirs and devisees
of Samuel Shires deceased who claim
any right title or interest in and to the
real property hereinafter described and
all persons claiming any right title or
interest in and to the real property here
inafter described defendants Summons
The state of Utah to the said defen
dants You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within twenty days after service of
this summons upon you if served within
the county In up ch this action is
brought otherwise within thirty days
after service and defend the above en
titled action and In case of your failure
so to do Judgment will be rendered
against you according to the demand of
the complaint which has been filed with
the clerk of said court
Plaintiff alleges in his complaint that
he verily believes that there are persons
interested in the subject matter of said
complaint whose names h cannot In
sert therein because they are unknown to
him and that the interest of such per
sons Is as follows towit That they
and each of them claim an interest in
th real property hereinafter described
said alleged Interest being derived as
heirs and devisees of Ellen Shires Davis
deceased and of Samuel Shires deceased
This action Is brought to recover a
Judgment quieting plaintiffs title to the
following described land situated In Salt
Lake county Utah towit Beginning at
the northeast corner of lot I block I
plat A Salt Lake City survey and run
ning thence west 21 rods thence south
20 rods thencE east 2H rods thence north
BO rods to the place of beginning
Attorneys for Plaintiff
P 0 address 703 Itah Savings Trust
building Salt Lake City Utah
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What Will Your
I Rating Be
RATINGS rays prompt B good
but not prompt C promp slow D
doubtful E require cash F one or mot
judgments against G filed petition In
bankruptcy and Included bills for onl
nary necessities H have one or more a
counts against for collection U went
into bankruptcy and afterwards voluntar
4 ily paid tb bills V voluntary bankrupt
W always promises but ab often las I
excuses why could not pay X Invuhn
tory bankrupt Y pleads that bills an
r outlawed Z b habit of disputing bill
Copy fo ou new Rating Bok will x >
to ey printers in a few day s Those
knowing o error in th last rating boor
wtD confer a favor by advising us
w desiring a better rating than they
have heretofore had can secure It by pay
lag at once the claims w nave again
them Pay now
I Merchants Protective Association
Scientific Collectors of Honest Debt
Rooms 7778Sl839394 6M 7tl 9W Commercial Block
1oo Francis G Luke OeaI Mgr
Salt Lake City Utah Fanca Luke aa lt
Some People Dont Like Us
Consult county clerk or th respeattv
signers for further Infot
bate division in and for Salt Lake county
state of Utah
In the matter of the estate and guardianship
ianship of Joseph P Cutler et al minors
The petition of Heber S Cutler the
guardian of the persona and the estates
of Joseph P pl al minors for
confirmation Cter of the following de
scribed personal estate t wit
1000 shares Utah Cons mining tok
2500 shares Utah Cons mining stock
2000 shares Utah Cons mining stock
2009 shares Utah Cons mining stock
0 shares Sioux Con mining stock
For 500 the shaies sum of Sioux Cone mining stock 1131095
Commission for selling stock 4755
Leaving a net sum of Jl2634C
And upon the following terms to wit
Cash upn confirmation as appears from
Cfr Un appars
the return of sale filed in this court
has been set for hearing on Friday the
Slat day of December A D 1909 at 2
oclock p m at the county court house
of said court in Salt
in the court room sid cour Bt
Lake City Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
Witnes Jd
the seal thereof affixed this 17th day of
December A D 1999
Seal IARGARE Clerk
Sl P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Moyle Van Cott Atom for Pe I
bate division in and for Salt Lake county
state of Utah
In the matter of the estate and guard
ianship mater May Ferguson Isaac Ferguson
guson tice and Ernest Ferguson mlnon No
ticeThe petition of Isaac Ferguson ST
Te petton
praying for the issuance to himself of
letters of guardianship on the persons
and estates of Eva May Ferguson Isaac
Ferguson and Ernest Ferguson minors
has been set for hearing on Friday the
h bn hel
Slst day of December A D 1901 at 1
oclock p m at the county court bous
in the court room of said cu in Salt
Lake City Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this Uth C w o
December A D 1
Seal Clerk
sal P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Stewart Stewart Attorneys fa Petitioner
state bate division of Utah in and for Salt Lake county
In the matter of the estate of William
Parker deceased Notice
The petition for approval and atte
ment piton account of the executor o
the estate of William Parker deceased
and e8tat decree of distribution of the
real property and termination of the life
estate of Mary S Parker widow of said
deceased has been set for hearing on F
deeas 31st day of December A D 1981
at 2 oclock p m at the county court
house in the court room of said court in
Salt Lake City Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
th seal thereof affixed this 18th day of
December A D 1909
A 1
Sl P Palmer Deputy Clerk
David W Moffat Attorney for Peti
Notice to Creditors
Creditors will present claim wit
vouchers to wi undersigned at No 99
Commercial oucher bok unee Sl Le City Utah
on o before th tag of Apri 11A D
Administrator of the Estate of Merritt
I Frame
trator E A Walton Attorney for Admrals
Date of first publication De 6 1901
Notice to Creditors
Creditors will present clalm with
vouchers t the undersigned at No 1
Floral lane Salt Lake City Utah o o
before the 26th day of March A D 1910
Estate of Otto Hanson Deceased
Etat Nielson Attorney for Estate
Date of first publication November Z
A D 1909
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panys headquarters are at Frankfort
OnMain and under the plan of con
necting thirty German cities aerial
stations or depots are now being erect
ed at Berlin Munich and Strassbtrrg
The first line I believe is to be put
int operation between Munich and
Dresden by way of Nuremberg The
second line will b from Berlin to Pa
derborn and the third line from Ber
lin to Bremen and Hamburg Dirigible
balloons capable of carrying twelve
passengers and 2000 pounds of light
freight will b used at first and the
plans of the company contemplate
building larger airships capable of
transporting fifty or more passengers
If they can do that in Germany why
cant they do i in America I wont
be long I tell you until you take the
midair special to skim over the
towns on your route list
Hair of Chinese Women Worn
in Salt Lake Womens Rats
I wonder how many Salt Lake wom
en who practice the gentle art of de
ception In their coiffures know where
their purchased embellishment comes
from And I wonder if they did know
if they would admire i or feel asm
fortable in it do with
fortble wearing i as they Wih
out the knowledge I think its no
to both questions said Andrew
Metchler of New York at the Cullen
hotel last night
I i not commonly known he con
tinued but i is a fact that a large
percentage of the human hair import
ed into the United States comes from
China This hair is brought from in
terior points in China to Hongkong
and Ii there cleaned and sorted ac
cording to length and quality I is then
packed disinfected and stored to await
shipment and finally under rigid
quarantine regulations shipped to New
York In the metropolis the hair is
treated 8 that its color texture and
other qualities are changed almost
completely After this is done it is difficult
ficult to distinguish the Chinese hair
from the hair of the peasant girls of
France and Italy where most of the
other hair that Is imported into the
country comes from
Last spring when the demand for
hair goods increased many of the
New York importers sent represent
tives directly to Hongkong where they
purchased from the native dealers
Most of the New York houses how
ever buy through local export houses
In 1908 more than 200000 pounds of Chi
nese States hair were imported into the United
In fact most of the switches curls
puffs and rats that are used by wom
en in this country were once worn by
Chinese women and coolies in the form
of queues
Services In Memory of Mrs Margaret
L Jones I
Many friends and fellow lodge mem
bert were present at Castle hal Sun
day afternoon to pay their last re
spects t the late Mrs Margaret L
Jones The services were most impres
sive and the
floral offering beautiful
The services were conducted under
the Auspices of Hermione lodge No8 of
which Mrs Jones was formerly
wa supreme
chief The funeral sermon was deliv
ered by tm Rev P A Simkin Music
was furnished by the Unity quartet
The following members of the lodge
acted a pallbearers W P Cooper S
N Randolph James Terry T S Pen
dergrass F M McCarthy and F W
Decker vet Burial was made at Mt Oli
New Superintendent of Build
ings and Grounds to Be
A successor for George 1 Bridwell
who resigned about a month ago a su
perintendent of buildings and grounds
and new details in regard to the high
school bond election on January S will
b the chief features to be taken up this
afternoon at a meeting of the buildings
and grounds committee in preparing for
the special session of the city board of
education Tuesday night There are ten
or more applicants for the position of
superintendent of buildings among them
a number of prominent men and board
members feel they will have no trouble
In naming a strong man for the place
New buildings for the everincreasing
population and additions to the schools
already established will also come before
the committee looking to the increased
bonded Indebtedness I Is now almost
certain that the school board will ask
for 760000 instead ef 500000 in the vote
for bonds on the second Saturday in Jan
uary I is figured that half a million
dollars will be needed for the purchase
of more land and the building and equip
ping of a high school while the other
360000 will be necessary for new schools
and additions One school in particular
which is desired by board members is on
the boards property between Ninth and
Tenth avenues between E and F streets
The funeral of Simon Woolf was held
at the Temple BNai Israel at 3 oclock
Sunday afternoon conducted by the
Order of BNal Brtth Music was fur
nished by the synagogue quartet and
th sermon was delivered by Rabbi C
J Freund The pallbearers were Mor
Its Friedman Henry Barnett Albert
Qraupe Max Beaver H S McCann and
Albert Her Burial was at the BNai
Israel cemetery
The funeral of William F Suiter was
held at his home 1063 Est Second
South street Sunday afternoon and
was largely attended by friends and
members of the local posts of the Grand
Army of the Republic There were no
addresses only the ritual service of
the order being read The burial ritual
was read by the Rev C E Perkins
The pallbearers were Cot E A Tat
lock N D Curser R G Sleater Wil
lam Gaby James Justice and A B
Lawrence Interment was at I Olivet
Question Is Discussed From
Three Sides at Y M C A
When Shall a Young Man Marry
was the subject discussed from varied
standpoints by Dr N H Mayo Joseph
E Caine secretary of the Commercial
club and the Rev P A Slrapkin before
a large audience of young men at theY
Y M C A yesterday afternoon Dr
Mayo answered the question discussing
it from a physiological standpoint Mr
Caine discussed the material and
financial phase of the question and Mr
Simpkln spoke of the moral phase of the
Following an excellent musical program
Dr Mayo began his discussion of the
question from the physiological stand
point He gave an excellent talk on the
various organs of the body told of their
functions and showed what was neces
sary for the proper development of the
body Just the age that a young man should
mrry is a much mooted question de
clared Dr Mayo Most medical author
ities are of the opinion however that
the best age is from twentyfive to
twentysix At that time a young man
should be able to take care of himself
and one other Healthy individuals re
produce healthy individuals so that it is
necessary that great care should be taken
of th body
Discussing the question from the ma I
terial and financial standpoint Mr Caine
said it was a hard matter to decide Just
when a young man had enough money to
undertake the responsibilities of married
rules this
life There are no governing
matter said he The possession of
money alone does not qualify a man for
marriage To the contrary It very often
disqualifies him When a young man
asks a girl t marry him he should be
able to support her One of the first
considerations should be the conditions
under which the young woman has been
surrounded in her own home I a young
woman has been accustomed to all the
luxuries of life she naturally expects
them after she is married I she Is used
to having costly dresses and loves to
dress that way she will naturally expect
them after marriage
Concerning Sacrifices
Dont ask a girl to make too many
sacrifices when you ask her to bear
your name Continuing Mr Caine said
that sooner or later a woman wants a
home of her own even though I isnt
fully paid for While you should not
ask a girl t make to many sacrifices
still you have no idea how many she will
make in assisting to get a home of her
ownConfide in your wife was the advice
of Mr Caine to the young men My
experience f that a womans instinct is
worth ten times more than a mans Judg
ment in business matters
The real material consideration In th
question of marriage is not material at I
all The main things are love confidence
and absolute loyalty Unless your wife
1 your best friend on earth the marriage
is not a perfect marriage
The Rev P A Simpkln gave 8 strong
talk on the moral phase of the question
I dont believe in the marriage of any
man who is physically unfit and his
physical condition is dependent to a
great extent to his views on morality
Another thing I dont like is these fly
bynight marriages I like to have a fel
low come to me a month before the wed
cme we
ding with that timid look on his face
This shows that he is giving the matter
the consideration that Is due
In answering this question I will say
that i is of the most Infinite Importance
that you should hedge the woman about
with all the material benefits of life
The Marrying Parson maintained that
a young man should b pure In mind and
body when he asks a young woman to
share his name The question of morality
should enter strongly into the solution of
the marriage problem
Mr Slmpkin also maintained that a
young man had no right to marry a
woman unless he loved her with his
whole soul The man who goes Into
marriage no matter how solemnized with
anvthlng less than the whole love and devotion
votion of his being is committing a
serious crime he said
The funeral of Ir Mary Elizabeth
Wilding who died Friday of old age
was held at the Sixteenth Ward chapel
at noon Sunday The funeral was
largely attended and beautiful music
was furnished by th ward choir Burial
was in the City cemete

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